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WA to introduce unprecedented powers to stop and search

Perth, 13.10.2009 04:21

WA to introduce unprecedented powers to stop and search

Pirate Healers Treat Sick Sea Lion Stranded on the Coast

Portland, 12.10.2009 19:08

While the community was expected to sit back and watch helplessly, a young sea lion lay dying on the coast near Seaside. Authorities were adamant that no treatment would be provided: They decreed that nature should take its course with the animal, and that they felt they needed to "keep humans out of the equation." This might have made more sense, had the sea lion not been sick and malnourished in the first place due to human interference in the ocean ecosystem. And nothing could be more hypocritical than the suggestion that humans must keep their compassion "out of the equation" on the coast while other humans have inserted themselves violently into the equation on the nearby Columbia - by killing sea lions for eating fish.

In Cascadia, though, we like to think for ourselves. We follow our hearts more faithfully than we follow the dictates of people who consider themselves to be "The Authorities." And so the people of Seaside began bringing fresh water to the sea lion dubbed Sadie by the nearby community.

WA to introduce tougher anti-marijuana laws

Perth, 12.10.2009 17:39

Barnett to introduce tougher anti-marijuana laws for WA

Champaign Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed 15 Year-old African American Youth

United States, 12.10.2009 17:07

On Friday afternoon, Oct. 9, 2009, Champaign police fatally shot an unarmed 15 year-old African American named Kewanne Carrington. The name of the Champaign police officer who did the shooting or how many police officers were involved has not been released. The Illinois State Police are currently investigating the death.

Champaign police responded to a call at 1:20 p.m. of an alleged burglary in the 900 block of W. Vine St. According to a statement from Champaign police at 5:30 p.m., they were “confronted” by two 15 year olds when they arrived. Both refused to obey the officers and get on the ground. A physical struggle ensued during which a weapon “was discharged resulting in the fatal wounding of one of the subjects.”... Read More

Related: Justice for Lonnie Graham & All Victims of Police Brutality

Ex presos independentistas José M. Sanches e Santiago Vigo receberám umha homenagem popular no próximo sábado 17

Galiza, 12.10.2009 15:09

Já há data para o recebimento popular aos ex presos independentistas Santiago Vigo Domingues e José Manuel Sanches Gorgas.

Ambos militantes galegos serám homenageiados no próximo sábado 17 de Outubro às 20:00 h. na Praça do Toral de Compostela depois de 659 dias privados de liberdade. A publicaçom da sentença da ‘Audiencia Nacional’ que os condena a 365 dias de prisom demonstra, mais umha vez, ao igual que no caso anterior de Giana Gomes, que o tribunal de excepçom e a ‘Dirección General de Instituciones Penitenciarias’ prolongárom o tempo de cárcere de ambos militantes por cima da condena fixada finalmente.

SF Protest on 8th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.10.2009 14:39

Over 250 people came out to the New Federal Building in San Francisco on the 8th anniversary of the war and occupation of Afghanistan. While the Obama Administration, the Pentagon Generals and Congress argue over the degree to expand the war they are losing, this protest called to end the war now.


Argentina, 12.10.2009 04:22

Miles de mujeres tomaron las calles de Tucumán

Militant GLBT Rights Advocates, Jesus Freaks, Rich Liberals Dressed As Penguins Convene At Convention Center Saturday Night

DC, 12.10.2009 02:10

RANTING BORN-AGAIN NUTCAKE COMES OUT AT BOISTEROUS PROTEST; ADMONISHES CROWD TO "STOP FISTING EACH OTHER" Granted, it wasn't exactly a "perfect storm", but it was a pretty good storm, well worth the price of admission if only for the satisfaction of seeing a gang of cops being faced down by some people picketing on a public sidewalk who actually had a frickin' permit, f'cripesake. A diverse range of opinions were on hand outside the Convention Center Saturday evening on the occasion of the Human Rights (a.k.a. "Human Whites") Campaign's annual banquet, which this year featured as its headline speaker US President and Nobel Idol Winner Barack Obama, a leader with a record of zero campaign promises kept so far for gay/lesbian/bi/trans citizens. Still photography by Wespennest, via Flickr. Video by Mike Flugennock: Congrats On The Prize, streaming out of YouTube, 07:40 Audio Coverage by WSQT Radio WSQT Audio coverage of next day's equality march

World boycott campaign to Chiquita for its support of the Coup d’ Etat in Honduras

Portland, 11.10.2009 23:08

In response to the call made by the National Front against the Coup d' Etat in Honduras we are promoting a world campaign to boycott Chiquita which supports the Coup d'Etat in Honduras. Visit the web page of Chiquita's Headquarter in Cincinnati, OH (USA) and send them the following message: I DON'T BUY CHIQUITA BECAUSE IT SUPPORTS THE COUP D' ETAT IN HONDURAS

FACTS: On June 28, 2009, military commandos involved in the coup d'etat arrested the legitimate president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. They attacked his residence with machineguns, kidnapped him and took him to the US military base at Palmerola. The plane carrying the "president-prisoner" flew to Costa Rica, where he was abandoned in pajamas on one of the runways. It is a military-business coup d'etat, planned by the United States IV Fleet, which buries Honduras once again in its dark past of military dictatorships.

All of the international organizations of the American continent, the United Nations, the European Union, etc. condemned the Coup d'Etat and demanded Zelaya's return to the Presidency of the Republic, out of respect for the will of the Honduran voters. We have therefore launched the World Campaign to Boycott Chiquita, one of the corporations that most stridently oppose Zelaya's government and support the coup. It is urgent to strike back at the transnationals that, behind the scenes, finance and support the coup-installed government!

For further information: (spanish) | (english) |


BAA bows to third runway opposition

United Kingdom, 11.10.2009 22:39

Hot on the heels of Eon announcing delays on Kingsnorth, climate activists gained another major victory this week as BAA bowed to anti-aviation opposition of a third runway at Heathrow Airport. Following a seven year campaign, with a series of direct actions including mass action at Climate Camp 2007, the airport authority has said it will not yet be submitting a planning application to expand Heathrow.

In an unusal twist, BAA stated thay would not apply for the third runway before the general election, due to the possibility of the Conservative Party forming the next government (who claim to oppose the expansion). In which case they said they would give up the fight.

A spokesperson from NoTRAG said: "For over seven years, residents have pulled together, come together and campaigned together to stop a third runway. This may be our moment and a victory for future generations... If BAA can swiftly drop their plans following the party conference season then this clearly shows there has never been a compelling case for a third runway."

Emma Jackson, a spokesperson for the Climate Camp, stated: "E.ON and BAA know that the days of committing new climate crimes are over. Now we have to start shutting down existing coal-fired power stations, and that's why we're going to Ratcliffe-on-Soar next week." Climate Camp is calling for renewable energy to replace coal fired stations.

Links: NoTRAG | Plane Stupid | HACAN Clear Skies | Climate Camp | The Great Climate Swoop

Strykers coming to Tacoma October 20th (more or less)

Portland, 11.10.2009 19:09

The ship Green Point is bringing the 1-25th Strykers back from Iraq to be rebuilt at Fort Lewis. They expect to arrive around October 20th according to the Port of Tacoma's web site.

THEREFORE: I estimate that we're going to see a military load-in (incoming Strykers) at East Blair One on or about the October 18th - October 22nd time period and should make observations on the ground before that time to prepare for that eventuality.

Justice for Lonnie Graham and all Victims of Police Brutality

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2009 15:09

On September 23, two Fresno police officers shot and killed Lonnie Graham. He was unarmed. Police chief Jerry Dyer said his officers feared for their lives when Graham emerged from a house with a cell phone in his hand. A protest was held on October 9, 2009 in downtown Fresno.

New EPA study to finally examine atrazine health risks

United States, 11.10.2009 14:07

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today launching a new evaluation of the human health effects of the pesticide atrazine. According to an agency press release, "EPA will evaluate the pesticide’s potential cancer and non-cancer effects on humans," including "the most recent studies on atrazine and its potential association with birth defects, low birth weight, and premature births." Based on the findings, EPA says it will decide whether to keep the old standards or formulate new ones to better protect public health.

Atrazine --an endocrine disruptor sold as Lariat, Bicep and Shotgun-- is one of the most widely used agricultural pesticides in the U.S. The pesticide is now so commonly found in groundwater, lakes and rivers that technicians use its absence as a red flag that a water test has been botched.

Dr. Tyrone Hays, atrazine expert, says he's pleased by EPA's action. "I was very happy to see this response from the EPA. It is a clear indication that the new administration will finally start to emphasize environmental health, public health, and good science."

Police Attack on Funk the War Still Raising Issues

Rochester, 11.10.2009 08:07

Police Violence at the Funk the War Demonstration Wednesday has made continued to make headlines and spark debate throughout the week.

On Friday, Rochester SDS gave a press conference in front of the public safety building (audio report, text of the statement) in order to correct police and media misinformation about the events. At the conference, they discussed the connections between the police violence on Wednesday, the police brutality experienced daily by people of color and poor people in the city, and the military and economic violence inflicted around the globe.

Another topic discussed at the SDS Press conference is the ongoing police surveillance and harassment of Rochester SDS and others associated with the demonstration. While SDS prepared for their press conference, around a dozen police officers parked next to the building they were at. The officers questioned the activists, videotaped their activities, and collected license plate numbers. The police presence lasted for nearly two hours.

Over the week the police have given many different justifications for their actions, including the following: protesters attacked the cops with drums, protesters blocked a fire truck, protesters pushed officers. Some of these justifications are contradicted by video evidence taped by Rochester IMC (video).

Finally, we have released interviews with quite a few activists present at the protests:

SDS Afghanistan teach in

Houston, 11.10.2009 02:39

Houston SDS hosts teach in on Afghanistan, one of 25+ actions against the war

Contra la LGE

santiago, 11.10.2009 02:09

Paro Nacional Estudiantil

Red and Black Cafe 9th Birthday Bash!

Portland, 10.10.2009 23:09

Come party down with the Red and Black Cafe as we celebrate our ninth year as a radical / community space. There will be live music by:

Tansy & Tarweed (jazz / punk inspired anarcho-folk)
Slow Teeth (raucous vaudevillian folk)
Disemballerina (cello, guitar and viola doom, epic and beautiful)
The Dapper Cadavers (PDX favorite, punk-tinged old time)

In addition we will have TWO TYPES of kombucha on tap for sale, courtesy of local business Herbucha, as well as beer on tap. There will also be rad t-shirts, buttons and posters for sale, and literature / info tables by some local activist groups.

The event will be held at LIBERTY HALL on [Thursday} October 15th. It will all start around 7pm. Liberty Hall's address is: 311 N. Ivy Street.

Obama, the Nobel Prize, and What Peace Means

DC, 10.10.2009 22:09

I guess to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee it means presiding over the further destruction of the population of three countries that didn’t harm anyone. I guess it means voting for every war-funding bill while one is a Senator. I guess it means continuing the use of the obscene and immoral drones. I guess it means continuing torture and building larger prisons to pre-emptively and indefinitely detain suspected “terrorists.” Jesus Christ, why didn’t they just give it to George Bush?


Argentina, 10.10.2009 14:39

Bombas de gás para iniciar o diálogo

CMI Brasil, 10.10.2009 14:07


Слушания по ОВОС АЭС не состоялись!

Belarus, 10.10.2009 11:37

9 октября в Островце должны были пройти общественные слушания по оценке воздействия на окружающую среду белорусской АЭС. Подходы к киноконцертному залу, где проходили слушания, были перекрыты металлическими ограждениями. По периметру распологались контрольно-пропускные пункты с людьми в штатском и ОМОНОвцами, тщательно досматривающими проходящих. На этих пунктах незаконно конфисковывались документы, содержащие критику ОВОС. По словам представителя оргкомитета Свирида, данные материалы были запрещены оргкомитетом к распространению на слушаниях.

Работников государственых учереждений свозили на слушания автобусами. Насильно согнанная публика была зарегистрирована заранее, что является нарушением регламента. Значительную часть зарегестрированных участников в зал не пустили. Для них в холле был заранее установлен экран. Слово дали меньше, чем половине выступающих. В основном выступали работники госучереждений, вынужденные высказываться в поддержку строительства АЭС. Очередность…

Clinic Defense

LA, 10.10.2009 09:09

Clinic Defense twitter integration project

Protests and Arrests Mark 8th Anniversary of Afghan War

United States, 10.10.2009 05:37

While the Obama administration reportedly ruled out a withdrawal from the eight-year long war in Afghanistan, which has killed over 860 U.S. troops and thousands of Afghan civilians, anti-war activists around the country held demonstrations marking the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan. The demonstrations came as President Obama and his foreign policy team are debating whether to escalate the war by sending 40,000 more troops.

Protests were held in various parts of the country, demanding an immediate end to the occupation and war in Afghanistan. Arrests were reported in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Rochester, New York.

New York, NY: Two Arrested at NYC Demonstration Marking 8th Anniversary of Afghan War | | | Rochester, NY: Police Brutally Attack Funk the War | | | San Francisco, CA: SF Protest on 8th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan | | | Twin Cities, MN: Minnesotans Oppose Afghan War on 8th Anniversary | | | Washington, DC: Funk the War Storms Blackwater Lobbyists After Recruiter Gets Paint Job | Commemorating Those Killed in Afghanistan: A Cry for Peace | Hundreds Protest Afghan War, 61 reported arrested

10; 11 y 12 de octubre

Argentina, 10.10.2009 04:39

Cobertura de medios alternativos

Trabas para juzgar a genocidas

Argentina, 10.10.2009 04:21

Juicio postergado y sin fecha de inicio

Actividades 12 de octubre

Argentina, 10.10.2009 02:09


Argentina, 10.10.2009 00:39

La lucha por los puestos de trabajo en el Gran Rosario


Athens, 10.10.2009 00:09

Όταν η "αντεξουσία" αναλαμβάνει την εξουσία!


Argentina, 10.10.2009 00:09

La lucha por los puestos de trabajo en la región


Argentina, 10.10.2009 00:09

Ituzaingo 60 Bis

Ángel y claudia

Colombia, 09.10.2009 21:09

Ayuda de memoria


Colombia, 09.10.2009 21:09

Encontro de Rádios Livres 2009

CMI Brasil, 09.10.2009 19:37

rizoma de rádios livres

Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres XXIV

Argentina, 09.10.2009 17:39

No estamos: nos fuimos a Tucuman!

Слушания по ОВОС сфальсифицированы

Belarus, 09.10.2009 15:07

Сегодня, 9 октября, в Островце состоялись общественные слушания по вопросу строительства АЭС. Подходы к кинотеатру, где проходили слушания быи перекрыты ОМОНом и кишели людьми в штатском. Документы и раздаточные материалы, содержащие критику ОВОС были незаконно конфискованы на подходах как имеющие сомнительное содержание. Работников государственых учереждений свозили на слушания автобусами. Насильно собранная публика была зарегистрирована заранее, что является нарушением регламента. Значительную часть зарегестрированных участников в зал не пустили. Выступать давали только работникам гос. учереждений, поддерживающим строительство АЭС, остальным было отказано. Отказ мотивировался тем, что они якобы прошли регистрацию позже. Таким обрзом, процедура слушаний не соответствует норме, а результаты не могут быть признаны независимыми.

Российский антиатомный эксперт Андрей Ожаровский был арестован утром по обвинению в мелком хулиганстве. В данный момент над ним идет суд.В зал пустили…

Новости из Островца

Belarus, 09.10.2009 13:07

Что происходит в Островце прямо сейчас(11.30): В кинотеатр, где проводятся общественные слушания по поводу строительства АЭС запустили лишь ограниченное количество людей, не пропускают даже журналистов, предварительно регистрировавшихся. Для тех, кто не попал в зал, в хол вынесли телевизор, который якобы должен показывать происходящее в зале. Но большинство людей не попали даже в хол. Город кишит ментами, людей на улицах дотошно проверяют.

Climate Camp: Camp for Social Justice

Ireland, 09.10.2009 12:39

The Climate Camp held recently in Shannonbridge, C ...


Oost-Vlaanderen, 09.10.2009 08:37

Debat "Stop de pornocultuur"

Aust government accused of disempowering Aboriginal peoples

Perth, 09.10.2009 02:40

Australian government accused of disempowering Aboriginal peoples

Eon announces delay on Kingsnorth

United Kingdom, 09.10.2009 01:09

With just a week to go until climate activists converge on EOn's Ratliffe on Soar coal power station, the company has announced that it is delaying plans to build a new coal fired power station at Kingsnorth until at least 2012. Climate Camp promised to return to Kent to stop a new power station being built at Kingsnorth, and this summer launched 'Tipping Point' a social centre in Gillingham to bolster the local campaign. The project has been busy making connections and doing direct action training expecting a long drawn out battle, but on Wednesday 7th of October Eon announced it was dropping any immediate plans to replace the existing power station with another coal-fired power plant.

Reports: |Actions Escalate Against Eon|Adopt a contractor|Eon PR company hit|Construction firm hit|Climate Camp at Kingsnorth 2008|E-on F-off begins|

Responses in the Newswire: |Analysis| WDM| KCAM
  • Climate Camp: |1|2|3|

Low-Power FM/Community Radio Bill Ascending Through Congress

DC, 08.10.2009 20:10

Low Power Radio Triumphs over Big Broadcasters in Washington; Local Community Radio Act Sweeps House Subcommittee in 15 to 1 vote The Local Community Radio Act was passed out of the House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet this morning in a sweeping 15 to 1 vote. The Act would allow for the creation of hundreds of new, low power FM (LPFM) radio stations that would broadcast community news and local perspectives to neighborhoods across the country…

Push for LNG pipeline from Oregon's Coos Bay

Rogue Valley, 08.10.2009 19:39

Coos Bay is the frontline in the struggle to protect the west coast from another intrusive corporate energy product, where Jordan Cove, PG&E and other consortium members plan a pipeline with linear clearcuts across Oregon to the CA border near Malin, OR. However, the net results of the investment into this very expensive project is as unstable as the liquified natural gas being imported to OR for the sole purpose of export to CA energy markets.

Student Movement Against Teacher Layoffs Continues To Build

DC, 08.10.2009 19:10

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 More students took to the streets of DC yesterday to protest teacher firings. Two hundred students from Spingarn High School marched to the DC District Building during the Council's legislative session to demand the reinstatement of teachers fired last Friday. Students joined Washington Teachers' Union President George Parker in testifying about overcrowded classrooms, overworked teachers, college applications that aren't followed up on because the school counselors have been fired and entire disciplines summarily scrapped. The students are expected to join labor, community and faith leaders at the WTU/AFSCME Council 20 mass rally to save public education this Thursday at 4:30p at Freedom Plaza. -

Juicio postergado y sin fecha de inicio

Argentina, 08.10.2009 17:09

Trabas para juzgar a genocidas

Pisgah House - A Sheffield Social Centre for a Week

United Kingdom, 08.10.2009 12:39

The long planned, public occupation of a derelict, University of Sheffield owned, listed building as a progressive social centre lasted less than a week after the Sheffield establishment moved swiftly to evict the squat. Despite the short stay a lot of political activity took place in Pisgah House and the collective have now moved on to 10 Northumberland Road [photos] and the events that were planned for Pisgah House will now take place there.

The case that the University made against the Pisgah House occupation was overtly political, they were unable to cite complaints about noise or disruption to the residential area or damage to the building to justify the eviction, rather they claimed that the occupation would give a bad impression to political dignitaries; "there are plans for a number of University Open Days and a visit from the Leader of Sheffield Council and senior Liberal Democrat Party politicians including Lord Ashdown and Nick Clegg during October. The University has concerns that these could be disrupted by the occupation and events stemming from it and a very bad impression given to visitors of the University. This could affect student numbers and University revenue in the future."

Photos: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Articles: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 ]

HIghlights of Food and Fun at 10th Annual World Veg Festival 2009

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.10.2009 09:39

Putting a spotlight on some of the biggest movers and shakers of the vegetarian world, Bay Area residents and visitors celebrated World Vegetarian Day with a weekend-long festival on October 4 and 5. The 10th annual World Veg Festival featured cooking demos, free samples, and international vegetarian delights to pique every appetite. Entertainment included the Red Panda Acrobats and a sing-along of tunes in defense of animals.

Tucumán: XXIV Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 08.10.2009 06:09

En la tierra de Manuela Pedraza

Funk the War storms Blackwater lobbyists after recruiter gets paint job

DC, 08.10.2009 04:21

On the night of Oct 6, someone hit the 14th and L recruiter with a whole lot of red paint. Then, on Oct 7,the 8th anniversary of the start of the Afghan War, Funk the War stormed the single common building containing the Xe(Blackwater)lobbying office as well as Clear Channel, Shell, Chevron,and United Technologies. Video via Youtube

Commemorating Those Killed in Afghanistan: A Cry for Peace

DC, 08.10.2009 04:21

Boots and shoes placed within sight of the White House to commemorate those killed in Afghanistan and to protest for peace.

Chicago Independent Television for October: Unlympics, RNC, Air and Water Show

Chicago, 08.10.2009 04:20

The October episode of Chicago Independent Television features a film by the Unlympics Committee, a Chicago grassroots group asking critical questions (and organizing fun activities!) about Chicago's recent bid for the Olympics. That is followed by two segments pertaining to the 2008 Republican National Convention — one in which a St. Paul prosecutor comes to Chicago to face a protest, and another which covers one year since the infamous 2008 crackdown in St. Paul against RNC activists. And finally, we'll visit peace activists who make their presence felt at the 2009 Chicago Air and Water Show.

Read more about Episode 51 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube

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