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Cobertura del Paro Nacional

Puerto Rico, 20.10.2009 20:40

Paro Nacional: El Expreso es Nuestro

Marcha No Desalojos

Puerto Rico, 20.10.2009 20:40

Declaración y marcha de comunidades en peligro de desalojo

Lobbyists for Honduras coup plotter gets office protest

DC, 20.10.2009 19:10

A little after noon on Oct 19, several dozen protesters descended on 1850 M St, where Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Associates have an office. This lobbying firm has accepted $300,000 from the coup plotters in Honduras to boost their US image. Audio coverage by WSQT Radio Call for online action with more background information

Video: NUJ protest to defend INN radio jobs

Ireland, 20.10.2009 17:39

More than 50 NUJ members and supporters came down ...

Daily Mail loses advertising revenue after homophobic Gately article backlash

Ireland, 20.10.2009 17:39

Today's edition of the English newspaper "The Dail ...

Mainstream Media Absent as Activists Against Racism Movement Delivers 700 Signatures

Rochester, 20.10.2009 16:07

October 18, 2009 - On Friday, October 16, 2009, (14th anniversary of the historic Million Man March and 150th anniversary of John Brown's insurrection at Harpers Ferry, WV) AARM members and supporters delivered approximately 700 signatures of Rochester city residents to Federal Prosecuting Attorney Douglas E. Gregory's extravagant home, located in one of Penfield, New York's plushest neighborhoods (24 Dundas Road) --- that is, neighborhoods where houses routinely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The petitions denounced the current racist and absurd use of the RICO statute in a case against 24 poor African-American men and women from one of Rochester, New York's poorest neighborhoods (located in the so-called Northeast Crescent).

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.10.2009 06:39

Spokesperson for the Tamils stranded in West Java reveals a potential bombshell


Colombia, 20.10.2009 01:39

La censura no debe ser de parte del gobierno

SDS vrs 287g

Houston, 19.10.2009 17:09

SDS works to build student support against 287(g) program in Houston/Harris County

resumen de noticias Nº 11

Argentina, 19.10.2009 16:09

La negacion a tratamientos desde el Estado

Argentina, 19.10.2009 16:09

¿Cuánto vale caminar?

Resumen de Noticias

Argentina, 19.10.2009 13:09

Campesinos y agronegocios


Athens, 19.10.2009 12:39

Δεν θα νικήσει ο τρόμος... θα νικήσει ο δρόμος!

STOP PATOLOGIZAÇOM (A Corunha, 17 de outubro)

Galiza, 19.10.2009 11:10

O passado sábado 17 de outubro, a rede internacional pola Despatologizaçom Trans coordenou umha convocatória global que finalmente se desenvolveu em 38 cidades do planeta. Em Galiza tivo lugar umha intervençom lançada polos coletivos TransGaliza e Maribolheras Precárias na cidade d´A Corunha.


Colombia, 19.10.2009 11:09


Colombia, 19.10.2009 04:38

Photos / Video Boston Anti-War Afghanistan Protest

Boston, 19.10.2009 04:21

Boston, MA-Oct. 17, 2009: About a thousand activists rallied and marched through downtown Boston to protest the US wars against Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. October marks the 8th anniv. of the US invasion of Afghanistan. video at: additional photos at:

Earth Liberation Prisoner - Steve Murphy

LA, 19.10.2009 04:21

Earth Liberation Prisoner - Steve Murphy

San Gabriel River Clean Up

LA, 19.10.2009 03:38

San Gabriel River Clean Up

Christopher Columbus Protest in Santa Barbara

LA, 19.10.2009 03:08

Christopher Columbus Protest in Santa Barbara

New Yorkers join worldwide protests for freedom for Mohammad Othman

NYC, 18.10.2009 23:09

On Saturday forty New York human rights advocates rallied on a cold fall day at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli settlement mogul Lev Leviev to demand that Israel release jailed Palestinian boycott activist Mohammad Othman. Othman, held without charges and in solitary confinement since September 22nd, is from Jayyous, a West Bank village where Leviev’s company Leader is building the Israeli settlement of Zufim. The protesters also called for an end to Israel’s wave of arrests of Palestinian activists from Bil’in, another West Bank village campaigning against the construction of settlement homes by another Leviev company, Africa-Israel.

Assembléia Constituinte não é incluída no acordo sobre a restituição de Zelaya

CMI Brasil, 18.10.2009 23:07


Tacoma PMR Antiwar Protest

Seattle, 18.10.2009 21:38

When: Wednesday, October 21 @ 5:00 PM
Where: Wapato Park (South 72nd between Alaska and Sheridan Streets) Tacoma with march to Tacoma Mall Recruiting Center

Help build the anti-war movement and put a stop to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!
5:00 rally at Wapato Park and march to the Tacoma Mall Recruiting Center at 5:30 PM. Bring family, friends, banners and signs.

Mehserle's Trial to Be Held Outside of Alameda

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.10.2009 21:09

On October 16th, Superior Court Judge Jacobson ordered Johannes Mehserle's trial be moved outside of Alameda County. Judge Jacobson attempted to distance himself from the racism in Mehserle's change of venue motion, but by granting the move, he has in effect given credence to defense attorney Michael Rains' assertions that due to news coverage and protester's actions the citizens of Alameda are not qualified to be impartial jurors. A final venue will be chosen within about two weeks.

U.S. out of Afghanistan now! - DEMONSTRATE Saturday, October 17 @ 1pm

Seattle, 18.10.2009 19:38

Date: Saturday, October 17
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: Seattle Central Community College (Broadway & Pine)

Tacoma Port Militarization Resistance!

Seattle, 18.10.2009 19:38

Strykers are coming in!!! Let’s get together to chat and see what we’d like to do about the militarization of our port!

Good Cop, Better Cop: Code Pink's San Francisco Lame-Out

DC, 18.10.2009 18:10

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, shown above, really double-teamed old Obie recently in San Francisco, with a fiendish nutcracker strategy. Medea said nice things about him out on the street, while Jodie handed him a big check inside: Benjamin said she was disappointed Obama wasn't being seen outside high-priced political events. "It would have been good for the president to hear from the Bay Area, and it would have helped to release his inner progressive," she said. "We know it's there somewhere…"

En todo el país

santiago, 18.10.2009 18:09

Paro Social por la Educación

Climate Camp WA

Perth, 18.10.2009 17:09

Climate Camp WA 2009 - Organise!

Protesters shout down Ehud Olmert at the University of Chicago

Chicago, 18.10.2009 15:09

From the newswire: "[On Thursday, October 15, a]pproximately 30 activists — mainly students from area universities — disrupted a lecture given in Chicago by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday which was hosted by the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy. While Olmert's speech was disrupted inside the lecture hall, approximately 150 activists protested outside the hall in the freezing rain.

"Protesters inside the hall read off the names of Palestinian children killed during Israel's assault on Gaza last winter. They shouted that it was unacceptable that the war crimes suspect be invited to speak at a Chicago university when his army destroyed a university in Gaza in January. They reminded the audience of the more than 1,400 Palestinians killed during the Gaza attacks and the more than 1,200 killed during Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 2006. Both invasions happened during Olmert's premiership. With interventions coming every few minutes throughout his appearance, Olmert had difficulty giving his speech and often appeared frustrated. At one point he appealed for 'just five minutes' to speak without being interrupted." Read more

Additional Coverage: Watch Video | Chicago Maroon coverage: Jeers Stifle Olmert's Speech


Colombia, 18.10.2009 12:39

A los pueblos del mundo, al pueblo venezolano

Venezuela, 18.10.2009 06:37

Es un hecho histórico de las últimas décadas la insurgencia de los pueblos indígenas en la escena política de América Latina.

Health Care and Peace Top Topics When Obama Comes to Town

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.10.2009 04:23

While President Obama spoke inside the St. Francis Hotel on October 15, thousands of protesters turned out to deliver messages of their own. Health care was just one of many topics as people gathered from the left and right, rubbing shoulders and competing for space for their placards in the crowd. A large group of single payer health care plan advocates supported by physicians and nurses wielded some of the largest banners and drew a heavy turnout.

The Indypendent Issue 141: Labor Pains: In an Economic Recession, Where is the Labor Movement?

NYC, 18.10.2009 01:38

Hard times don’t seem to be going away fast. Unemployment continues to rise and there has been no ebb in foreclosures. Wall Street continues to reap astronomical profits, and inequality increases with it.

Yet there is no widespread labor movement in this weak economy. Businesses continue to shed jobs, and the Obama administration has reneged on a key provision of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Abby Scher, a sociologist and editorial director of the progressive think tank Political Research Associates, writes, “Despite the urgent need for labor law reform and the fact that labor reportedly pumped $350 million into the Democrat Party in 2008, enabling its sweeping electoral victory, the business lobby has pressured congressional Democrats to back away from EFCA one by one, like Blanche Lincoln of Wal-Mart’s home state of Arkansas. Senators like Lincoln have bargained away what was once the heart of EFCA, called “card check.”

Card check would let workers form a union if a majority sign cards saying they want one. This would take away employers’ ability to ignore the cards and demand secret ballot elections. Many government workers currently organize through card check. The Hawaiian legislature just gave this option to farm workers and others in the state not covered by federal labor law.”

For the rest of the article, see the link below for “Fighting for the Union Label.” Also included in this issue: Jessica Lee and Mike Burke highlight the grassroots actions being taken by environmentalists around the world in the lead up to the Copenhagen summit on climate change in December; Stanley Aronowitz, noted author and professor at CUNY, writes on the death of neo-conservative Irving Kristol; and Karen Yi and Jaisal Noor uncover police harassment of day laborers in Jackson Heights, Queens.

For all that and much, much more, see the rest of the issue below.

It’s No Walk in the Park for Day Laborers || Working for Change: An Interview with Dan Cantor, Executive Director of the Working Families Party || Ridge Gets Schooled || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || Fighting for the Union Label || Stella Workers Hoping for a Miracle || Countdown to Copenhagen || Labor Needs to Bring the Street Heat || Kristol, NeoCon Man || Music to Take You to the Streets || The Weather Will Kill Us All: A Review of The Dark Heart of Meteorology || Labor Debates Its Dilemma: Democracy or Power? A Review of Embedded With Organized Labor

Die reaktionären Märsche der &quot;Lebensschützer&quot;

Germany, 17.10.2009 20:39

Für 24. Oktober planen reaktionäre "Lebensschützer" einen Aufmarsch in München. Bei vielen dieser Märsche, auf denen sie ihr völkisch-rassistisches und ultra-sexistisches Weltbild propagieren, gab es schon massive Gegenaktionen. Auch in München werden sie nicht ungestört laufen können.

Köln: Her mit dem Autonomen Zentrum

Germany, 17.10.2009 20:39

Am kommenden Samstag gehts rund in Köln: Pyranha lädt zur Demo unter dem Motto "Her mit dem autonomen Zentrum". Doch es wird noch mehr geboten: Im Anschluss findet in Kalk ein Autonomes Straßenfest statt mit Konzerten, Vorträgen, Film, Vokü und jeder Menge Action und Unterhaltung.


frühere Indymedia-Artikel (Auswahl)

VIDEOS: Homeless Protest at City Hall

Portland, 17.10.2009 18:38

I stopped by the "NO Camping Law" Protest, at Portland City Hall, and not expecting to see anyone I find about 20 people who are "protest/camping" around the building to demand changes regarding sleeping in a safe place without arrest at night in Portland.

The protest and some of the problems are discussed in the four short vidoes. The restroom issue was something I feel needs better attention by the city especially now that they closed the city hall rest room and there seems to be not much available from what I hear.

The protest seems respectable yet poignant in its demands. With winter quickly approaching and with others being criminalized for sleeping outside the city is being pressured to step things up.

Photographs from Olympia Protest Against War in Afghanistan

Portland, 17.10.2009 18:38

October 7, Olympia, Washington

About 300 or so people rallied and marched to mark eight years of war in Afghanistan.

VIDEO: Human Rights Commission October Meeting Portland

Portland, 17.10.2009 18:38

This video is from the monthly Portland Human Rights Commissions Meeting
Filmed on the first Wednesday of the month and open to the public

12 Arrested at Regence Sit-in!

Portland, 17.10.2009 18:38

Healthcare activists and their supporters, take over the campus of Regence-Bluecross, in an attempt to meet with their CEO, and have demands heard, but are denied justice, and refused entry.

This is Martha Perez, reporting to you live from SW Portland, where about 50 healthcare advocates are gathered for a non-violent, peaceful sit-in, rally and march around the campus of Regence Bluecross, home to one of the largest healthcare insurers in Oregon state. I am being told the building now is in lock-down, and will remain so, for the time being, in response to this latest action.

Final Jeff &quot;Free&quot; Luers Benefit

Portland, 17.10.2009 18:38

Final "Free" Free Benefit (we hope)
Support Political Prisoner Jeff Luers during his tansition out of prison after 9.5 years

Vegan Benefit Dinner at the Morning Glory Cafe (450 Willamette St., Eugene)
Saturday November 7th, 2009
6:30-10:00pm (Seatings at 6:30pm and 8pm only)

Reservations Required!
Four-course gourmet vegan dinner plus beverage and
live flamenco guitar music!

How to Help the people of Honduras

Portland, 17.10.2009 18:38

Join the Honduras Solidarity Committee this Sunday October 18, 4pm at Liberty Hall as we unveil our campaign to educate and mobilize our community to take action is support of the restoration of democracy in Honduras. Given the recent failed negotiations between representatives of Zelaya and the Michiletti government, and with "elections" slated for the end of November, it's important too take action now!

Update From Local Grand Jury Resister Carrie Feldman

Portland, 17.10.2009 18:38

Today I had my first appearance before the federal grand jury in Davenport, Iowa. I was represented by a federal public defender (although he could not be present in the grand jury with me). After reading a brief statement expressing that I would not testify, I was released with a subpoena to reappear before the grand jury again on the 17th of November at 9:00 A.M. It is likely that at this time I will be held in contempt of court for continuing to remain silent, and could face jail time up to the length of the grand jury (it convenes for 12 months total, which leaves 11 remaining after my November appearance). We are still looking into legal questions regarding how long they could hold me.

11 listopada - zaproszenie na demonstracje

Poland, 17.10.2009 17:09

11 listopada w związku z rocznicą odzyskania przez Polskę niepodległości odbywają się nie tylko oficjalne uroczystości, ale też demonstracje środowisk nacjonalistycznych. W związku z kolejną z nich środowiska antyfaszystowskie zapraszają na kontrdemonstrację do Warszawy. Poniżej odezwa organizatorów.

Activists to Call for The Persecution of Israel's Former Prime Minister for War Crimes

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.10.2009 13:09

On thursday, October 22 , Ehud Olmert, a war criminal and Israel's former Prime Minister will be speaking at the Westin St. Francis Hotel for the World Affairs Council. During his last weeks as Prime Minister of Israel, Olmert unleashed a horrific war on the people of Gaza, that left over one thousand dead, a majority of them unarmed civilians, and hundreds of them children. It destroyed thousands of homes, leaving tens of thousands homeless. A demonstration calling for Olmert's prosecution for war crimes will be held at Union Square at 5:30 PM.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.10.2009 10:37

Stop de deportaties

14 Arrested at New York Sit-In Demanding “Medicare for All”

NYC, 17.10.2009 05:38

New York, NY – On Thursday October 15th, advocates for “Medicare for All” in New York engaged in civil disobedience at UnitedHealth Group, resulting in 14 arrests. Nationally more than 100 risked arrest to disrupt business as usual at the nation’s largest health insurance companies, including UnitedHealth Group, WellPoint, Humana, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, and UnitedHealthcare. At least fifty-four protestors have been arrested, with Phoenix not yet reporting. Another wave of protests are planned for October 28th.

Gen. McChrystal to Request 80,000 More Troops

DC, 17.10.2009 02:10

Army General Stanley McChrystal, Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, will request 80,000 additional troops for the war in Afghanistan, as the the so-called "low risk option" that Gen. McChrystal presents to President Obama.

Health Care for All Activists Stage Sit-in, 12 Arrested

LA, 17.10.2009 02:08

Health Care for All Activists Stage Sit-in, 12 Arrested


Colombia, 17.10.2009 01:39


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