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VIDEO: Report Back from the October 22nd Protest Against Police Brutality

Seattle, 30.10.2009 04:08

Seattle's 14th annual national day of protest to stop police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of a generation was marked by a march and speakers.

VIDEO: Polar Bear Disrupts Business-As-Usual

Seattle, 30.10.2009 04:08

Squad cars and police from Seattle and Homeland Security surrounded the federal building in Seattle on Saturday, responding to a protest against cap-and-trade by Climate SOS and One Earth Climate Action group.

Contra a violência do agronegócio e a criminalização das lutas sociais

CMI Brasil, 30.10.2009 04:07



Colombia, 29.10.2009 18:09

Healthcare Activists Stage Sit-in at CIGNA Office, 7 Arrested

LA, 29.10.2009 17:39

Healthcare Activists Stage Sit-in at CIGNA Office, 7 Arrested

No New Coal. Actions at Power Station and Open Cast Mines.

United Kingdom, 29.10.2009 08:39

Update: At 4:30 am after 48 hours of protest, the remaining 10 came down from the roof of Didcot Power station and were arrested.

Early on Monday morning, activists entered a NPower coal fired plant in Didcot. A group chained themselves to the coal conveyor, and prevented coal from entering the power station, although a report indicates that those chained to the conveyor were cut loose and arrested. Others erected tents on the roof and have climbed chimneys, and have spent two nights up there.

In associated actions, work was stopped at two open cast mines on Monday. Twenty activists entered the site at Shipley which provides coal to Ratcliffe-on-Soar, and climbed onto vehicles, which they occupies, stopping work on the site for 4.5 hours. Mainshill, site of an ongoing protest camp was blockaded for seven hours. After action to stop night time felling on Monday, another blockade was mounted on Tuesday.

Imperialist Invasion of Afghanistan Enters 9th Year

United Kingdom, 29.10.2009 08:39

Billboards around the country have been subtly subvertised to display anti-war messages calling for the troops to be brought home and for Tony Blair to be prosecuted. As the imperialist occupation enters its ninth year, a YouGov survey found 62% of the public want British troops pulled out this year and 48% think that victory is impossible. Countless thousands of Afghans have perished and many Western soldiers have gone to Afghanistan, only to come home in body bags.

On Saturday 24th October, thousands of people gathered in central London to protest against the continuing conflict. Organisers, 'Stop The War Coalition', claimed there is growing resentment among the lower ranks who feel locked into a military occupation with no clear justification or exit strategy. Soldiers and their families joined the estimated 5,000 marchers who gathered in Hyde Park.

London March:1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Analysis: The Risks of Regional Conflagration
From the Archives: First Oil and Gas Licensing Round | Die-in for NATO's Victims | Wedding 'Die-In' Protest | Reading the names of the dead |

Activists Denounce Wellpoint Influence on Healthcare Reform, Nine Arrested

NYC, 29.10.2009 05:38

Today nine people were arrested outside of the corporate headquarters of Wellpoint, the largest provider of private health insurance to individuals in the country to protest their inordinate influence on the healthcare reform process. This is a part of a third wave of civil disobedience actions demanding Single-Payer Healthcare.Todays action was one of eleven taking place today. Eight more actions are expected to take place this week.

Mercenary trade assn gets protest at Farragut Sq

DC, 29.10.2009 05:23

On Tuesday, Oct 27, the IPOA, a trade association of mercenaries or "Private security contractors" as they prefer to be called today, met near Farragut Square in DC. They were met by protesters from a number of groups objecting to their role in supporting US and European domination of Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Huivestingsdebat opengebroken

Netherlands, 29.10.2009 03:09

Guerilla huisvestingsconferentie
Ook al probeert het toenemende verbale en fysieke geweld van de verschillende overheden zowel de media als de publieke opinie iets anders te laten geloven, toch gaat de essentie van kraken nog steeds over woonstrijd.

De ad hoc actiegroep "Breek het Debat open" is een samenwerkingsverband tussen krakers, huurders en academici die het debat rond kraken weer willen terugvoeren naar waar het eigenlijk om gaat: de basisbehoefte aan huisvesting en de manier waarop daarin voorzien moet worden. Op zondag 15 juni organiseerden zij een geslaagde "Guerilla Huisvestingsconferentie" in 3 bezette woningen aan de Derde Oosterparkstraat in Amsterdam.

Er werd gedebatteerd over kraken en de media, gentrificatie en sociale controle, bewonersorganisatie en bewonersverzet en het slotdebat had als titel "Van wie is de stad?"

[enkele foto's|video]

[Breek het debat open|Teksten persconferentie|Steunbetuiging SASH|steunbetuiging Assadaaka|programma zondag]

Freedom Socialist Party letter on the 2009 NYC elections

NYC, 29.10.2009 00:38

Freedom Socialist Party Open Letter on the 2009 New York City Elections

Three Years Later, Brad Will is Still Dead

NYC, 29.10.2009 00:38

Murdering Journalists in Mexico

Senator Chandler Files Bill to Prevent Surveillance Abuses

United States, 28.10.2009 23:37

In 2004, then-Gov. Romney established the "Commonwealth Fusion Center", making our state part of this national effort to centralize and expand the government's ability to collect and retain personal information on anyone, for the professed purpose of preventing terrorism.

According to the ACLU of Massachusetts which is organizing support for the legislation introduced by Senator Chandler, Senate Bill 931 will prohibit law enforcement from collecting information about individuals' political and religious views, associations, or activities, unless it relates directly to a criminal investigation"

Racism at Harvard

Boston, 28.10.2009 22:09

Rally for Ravi Raj! Thurs. 10/29, 12 noon 1737 Cambridge St (aka CGIS Knafel Building) Cambridge MA Read on for the details of Ravi's case.

Marcha de las Antorchas

Argentina, 28.10.2009 18:39

Córdoba / Juicio por estafa a Ramona Bustamente

Argentina, 28.10.2009 18:39

Jornada decisiva en los tribunales de Dean Funes


Oost-Vlaanderen, 28.10.2009 18:07

Klimaat Alarm! Activisten verstoren Europese Business Conferentie

Movilización en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Argentina, 28.10.2009 17:09

Día Internacional de la Soberanía Alimentaria

Juicio por estafa a Ramona Bustamente

Argentina, 28.10.2009 13:39

Jornada decisiva en los tribunales de Dean Funes

International Day of Climate Action

LA, 28.10.2009 05:20

International Day of Climate Action

International Day of Climate Action

LA, 28.10.2009 05:20

International Day of Climate Action

Navy's New Sonar System Suspected in Blue Whale Deaths

LA, 28.10.2009 05:20

Navy's New Sonar System Suspected in Blue Whale Deaths

Explota Refinería Gulf

Puerto Rico, 27.10.2009 20:40

El 9/11 de Fortuño: Fuego de la Gulf en Cataño

FRONTEX ne apara de imigranti. Cine ne apara de FRONTEX ?

Romania, 27.10.2009 20:37

Unul din dezavantajele democratiilor reprezentative actuale este discrepanta intre agenda cetateanului de rand si agenda elitelor politice, a conducatorilor. Pe masura ce obiceiurile democratiei directe pierd teren in fata sistemului elitist-dominant de luare a deciziilor, interesul oamenilor pentru justetea politicilor statului scade, iar criticile fata de actul guvernarii sunt de obicei izolate si mai mult simbolice decat mobilizatoare.

Rising Tide DC stages PEPCO fight between coal and wind power

DC, 27.10.2009 14:10

On October 26 a little after noon, Rising Tide DC showed up in front of PEPC's headquarters on 9th st, for a showdown fight between "Pepcoal" representing PEPCO's 53% share of electricity from coal, and a windmill, champion of the mountains.

Carta aberta do Santuário Sagrado dos Pajés sobre os tratores que começaram a sua destruição

CMI Brasil, 27.10.2009 12:07

Questão Indígena

A 3 años del asesinato de Brad Will

Argentina, 27.10.2009 06:09

Proyección de "una noche más en las barricadas"

Solidaridad con Sabino Romero y el pueblo Yukpa

Venezuela, 27.10.2009 05:37

EL colectivo de Indymedia Venezuela se solidariza con la legítima lucha del pueblo yukpa y sus dirigentes caciques en defensa de la demarcación de sus tierras, derecho constitucional que aboga el derecho a la vida y a la dignidad de los pueblos originarios.

Banner Brad 2009

Argentina, 27.10.2009 01:09

&quot;Não acreditamos que o professor Chrystian Paiva tenha cometido suicídio&quot;

CMI Brasil, 27.10.2009 01:07


Public Forum on the UC's Financial Sources &amp; Priorities

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.10.2009 00:38

UC Financial Crisis: Big Picture and Practical Actions is a public forum occuring at UCSC's Classroom Unit 2 on Thursday, October 29th from 7-10pm. Two of the featured speakers, Stanton Glantz and Robert Meister, have been particularly devoted to investigating the University of California's finances.

Militantes do MPL protestam contra aumento nas tarifas e pela tarifa zero dentro da Secretaria de Transportes

CMI Brasil, 27.10.2009 00:07


10th March to Abolish the Death Penalty

Houston, 26.10.2009 23:39

10th annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty takes place in Austin

medea say what?

Houston, 26.10.2009 22:09

Off-Message: The Founders of Human Rights Watch and Code Pink

Uni Wien besetzt

Germany, 26.10.2009 21:39

An der Uni Wien besetzen Studierende und ihre UnterstützerInnen seit heute den Audimax.
Die Proteste richten sich gegen die österreichische Bildungspolitik und die hierfür verantwortlichen Akteure.

Überblick Aktionstag am Tag X im mg-Prozess

Germany, 26.10.2009 21:39

Im Rahmen des bundesweiten dezentralen Aktionstages zur Urteilsverkündung im mg-Prozess gegen drei berliner Linke hat es in mehreren Städten Aktionen gegeben. Im folgenden soll ein Überblick über die gelaufenen Demonstrationen, Kundgebungen und militanten Aktionen gegeben werden. Weitere Infos unter >>> sowie der Aufruf zum Aktionstag “Feuer und Flamme und Repression” >>>

LA Indymedia To Host 10-Year Anniversary Party for the IMC!

LA, 26.10.2009 21:39

LA Indymedia To Host 10-Year Anniversary Party for the IMC!

medea say what?

Houston, 26.10.2009 21:09

Off-Message: The Founders of Human Rights Watch and Code Pink

Queer Kids Say: Resist the Gay Marriage Agenda!

DC, 26.10.2009 20:10

It’s hard for us to believe what we’re hearing these days. Thousands are losing their homes, and gays want a day named after Harvey Milk. The U.S. military is continuing its path of destruction, and gays want to be allowed to fight. Cops are still killing unarmed black men and bashing queers, and gays want more policing. More and more Americans are suffering and dying because they can’t get decent health care, and gays want weddings. What happened to us? Where have our communities gone? Did gays really sell out that easily?

NAZIS GO HOME! Spit and Swastikas Clash in Riverside

LA, 26.10.2009 18:39

NAZIS GO HOME! Spit and Swastikas Clash in Riverside

Navy Sonar Killing Blue Whales off California Coast

LA, 26.10.2009 16:09

Navy Sonar Killing Blue Whales off California Coast

Climate Activists Rally by the Ocean, the Redwoods, in Cities and Suburbs

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.10.2009 16:08

On October 24th, activists calling for worldwide action on climate issues rallied throughout Northern California. In Santa Cruz, marchers carried placards through town to the clock tower where they held a mock trial of the automobile. In Humboldt County, demonstrators chose the ancient redwood forest in Richardson Grove as their protest site because it is threatened by Caltrans' proposal to widen highway 101. In San Francisco, city folks filled Justin Herman Plaza with an enthusiastic crowd while in nearby suburbs residents held informal gatherings to share planet-saving tips with neighbors.

Fresno State Students Walkout, Take Over 4th Floor of Library

United States, 26.10.2009 14:37

On October 21st, Fresno State saw one of its largest mobilizations since the 1960s. The student walkout was in protest against the recent fee increase of 32% (fees go up almost every year typically by around 10%), class furloughs (pay more get less), over-crowded classrooms, faculty layoffs, staff layoffs, a corrupt administration, and a corrupt Associated Students, Inc., which refuses to represent the students. The California State University master plan from the 60s promised free education to all, but the university is now run like a for-profit corporation.

La plata

Argentina, 26.10.2009 03:09

1er Foro Nacional de Arte, Diseño, Cultura y Política

Movilización en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Argentina, 26.10.2009 01:39

Movilización por el Día Internacional de la Soberanía Alimentaria


Argentina, 26.10.2009 01:09

Nación será querellante en el crimen de Chocobar


Argentina, 25.10.2009 23:39


Athens, 25.10.2009 22:09

The terror will not win... the road will!

Poznań: Demonstracja związkowa w obronie miejsc pracy

Poland, 25.10.2009 17:10

Blisko cztery tysiące związkowców na wezwanie Solidarności manifestowało dziś w Poznaniu w obronie miejsc pracy. Pretekstem do protestu były masowe zwolnienia w zakładach Cegielskiego. W proteście uczestniczyli również działacze i działaczki Inicjatywy Pracowniczej i ruchu anarchistycznego.


Perth, 25.10.2009 15:39


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