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1 ноября в Минске прошла акция, посвящённая международому Дню вегана

Belarus, 02.11.2009 22:07

Акция началась около двух часов пополудни в парке им. Максима Горького. Участниками заранее были подготовлены флажки, листовки, шарики, бесплатная веганская (без содержания веществ животного происхождения) еда, вегбургеры. Собравшись и подготовившись, участники двинулись по набережной Свислочи, развернув баннер "Вегетарианство - мир без насилия". После, постояв некоторое время на видном месте на набережной, пошли в сторону спортивного комплекса "Юность". Когда участники подошли к комплексу, из дверей выбежал работник милиции и потребовал свернуть баннер, однако на этом его требования закончились и акция была продолжена. Потом люди прошли по парку и двинулись по набережной в сторону центра, раздача листовок, флажков и шариков продолжалась возле МакДональдсов около Октябрьской площади и т.д. "На Немиге", а закончилась акция близ кинотеатра "Беларусь". Всего в ней принимало участие около 30 человек, в ходе акции было роздано около 900 листовок и буклетов, 300 флажков, 150 шариков и 100…

BAAM Issue 27 November 2009

Boston, 02.11.2009 21:09

The newsletter of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement


Rogue Valley, 02.11.2009 16:40

SWEATSHOP PAINTINGS ON DISPLAY IN ASHLAND CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS at 1175 E. Main St. -- November 3rd through 6th. Anyone attending the November 3rd 7pm City Council meeting will be able to view the paintings. The Council Chambers will be open to the general public for viewing November 5th and 6th from 11am to 2pm and for First Friday, November 6th from 5-7pm. November 6th is Ashland's monthly "First Friday Art Walk."

*Janet Essley Paintings*

Presente: “She is here with us.”
Honoring the Women Around the World Who Make Our Clothing is a series of paintings depicting women who sew the garments we wear every day.

Essley's paintings are an educational tool displayed to spotlight work Ashland is doing to ensure uniforms for police, firefighters and other public employees are free from sweatshop labor. The city first passed a sweatshop free resolution in December, 2008 followed by a procurement policy in June, 2009.

Arrangements for this exhibition have been made by the Ashland Sweatfree Campaign, a project of Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice. A special thanks for endorsement of this exhibit goes to Ashland's Public Arts Commission. An additional thank you goes to artist Janet Essley who has donated her wonderful paintings in order to raise awareness of this growing campaign.

The following Janet Essley paintings were photographed by Paul Woolery.

Get Out And March on Friday; But Marching Is Not Enough, Organise for a general strike

Ireland, 02.11.2009 11:39

Marching Is Not Enough, Organise for a general str ...

Conflicto docente provincial

Argentina, 02.11.2009 03:39

La clase

Conflicto docente provincial

Argentina, 02.11.2009 03:39

La clase

Response to: Queer Kids Say: Resist the Gay Marriage Agenda!

DC, 01.11.2009 23:09

This is insane. No serious examples and evidence of the claim that the gay marriage "agenda" somehow inherently "pits" gays against other people, or any of the other outrageous assumptions made here. Those claims are based solely, in fact, on exactly the sort of buying-into-the-system-definitions that the writers accuse the gay marriage "agenda" of doing. Would you argue that we shouldn't fight it if the government didn't give marriage licenses to black people?… And if you DO add your names to the list of those fighting against gay marriage rights, you will be considered an enemy of equality for gays, because you will BE an enemy of equality for gays. Full Response

Hard Right Republican Favored to be Next Attorney General of Virginia

DC, 01.11.2009 23:09

Ken Cuccinelli, a state senator from Virginia, is favored to be the state's next attorney general according to several reputable polls. The hard right Republican has radical views on a number of issues. The far-right Republican denies global warming exists. He told a group of William and Mary university students in late September that the climate is getting colder and it is a natural part of the Earth's climate cycle.

Vigil For Olive Trees Cut by Settlers in The Hebron Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 14:39

On Thursday, October 29, Israelis and internationals joined Palestinians for a quiet protest against the destruction of olive trees near the village of Susya, South Mountain Hebron. The Hoshia family who own the land in this area, had more then twenty olive trees cut down by settlers in October. During the recent months settlers destroyed hundreds of olive trees own by Palestinians in the West Bank.


Colombia, 01.11.2009 14:09

Sussex Students Boycott Israeli Goods

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 11:39

Following a landmark referendum, students at Sussex University have voted to boycott Israeli goods. The decision will become part of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, which calls upon Israel to respect international law and end the occupation of Palestine. The referendum result mandates the Students' Union to remove all Israeli produce from its stores, and review its sources for food outlets. This makes Sussex Students' Union the first in the UK to implement a full boycott of Israeli goods. The vote was one of the largest and closest contested in the Union's history, with 562 votes for and 450 against the boycott.

Afghan Women Speak Out Against Occupation and Fundamentalism

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 11:09

On Sunday, October 25th, Zoya, a member of the radical underground organization Rawa, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, will speak in San Francisco. Zoya's talk is part of a national tour in the U.S. against the ongoing U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and the threat of fundamentalism posed by the Taliban.

Ezra Nawi to Pay Two Israeli Soldiers Who Accuse Him of Attacking Them

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 11:09

On Wednesday, October 21, Ezra Nawi was sentenced to 30 days in jail, a 750 Shekels fine (about 150$), 500 Shekels compensation to each of the two Israeli soldiers who accuse him of attacking them, and another 6 mouths in jail if he is convicted in the next three year of "illegal gathering". Illegal gathering can be declared by any police officer, and basically means that Ezra will not be allowed to keep doing his solidarity work in occupied Palestine.

Blue Shield Declared Crime Scene by Single Payer Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 11:09

More than two dozen protesters blocked the entrances to the San Francisco office of Blue Shield of California early in the morning of October 28. They were joined by close to 200 other single payer system health care advocates, who festooned the building with crime tape and chanted loudly. The demonstrators charged Blue Shield with crimes including murder, breach of contract, and subversion of democracy.

Phuong Ho Brutal Attack by The SJ Police Stirs Distrust and Resentment

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 11:09

Raj Jayadev, writes:,"On Oct. 24, the San Jose Mercury News released the video of a San Jose State math major getting beaten and tased by the San Jose Police Department in his home on Sept. 3, 2009. Police were called to the scene after 20-year-old Phuong Ho allegedly wielded a knife during an altercation with his roommate. All the viewer can hear, in between groaning cries of pain and calls for mercy, are the cracking sounds of the batons as they meet 20-year-old Phuong Ho's head and body, and the torturous zapping of a Taser gun. It is, in a word, disturbing."

Demonstraters Support of The Shministim- Youth that Refuses to Join the Israeli military

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 11:09

On Wednesday, October 21, youth in Israel marched through the streets of Tel Aviv in support of the Shministim- youth that is refusing to join the Israeli military. In Israel military service is mandatory at the age of 18, and the refusal to enlist caries jail sentences.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on The Protests Against Israeli Official

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2009 11:09

From a statement by The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine"Protests have recently greeted the leaders and representatives of the occupation state wherever they have traveled - in October 2009 in the United States, former occupation prime minister and war criminal Ehud Olmert has been chased from city to city, shouted down in every venue and exposed for his war crimes. Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon was protested and his speech interrupted at the London School of Economics on October 26, 2009. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salutes all of these protesters and calls upon all Palestinian and Arab communities and international activists for justice to shut down these war criminals, racists and oppressors wherever they go! protests against Israeli officials

Muslim Groups Demand Investigation into Death of Imam Luqman

DC, 01.11.2009 08:09

Muslim organizations are calling for an independent investigation into the FBI shooting of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a well known African American Muslim leader who headed the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque on Detroit’s west side. The FBI response was to invite condolences for 2-year-old Belgian Malinois dog shot on the scene. Imam Luqman was shot to death by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents on Wedneday October 28 2009 at a warehouse in Dearborn during raids by both federal agents and local police departments resulting in the arrests of 11 people. The raids were conducted based on criminal complaints that have no specific allegations of violations of federal law or acts of terrorism. Video: FBI Faces Claims It Spied on Muslims

Mad As Hell Doctors Tour Reportback On Public Access T.V.

Portland, 01.11.2009 02:08

Mad As Hell Doctors will be featured on the Public Access program "A Growing Concern," and provide a report back from their September Tour through the United States which culminated with a rally in Washington D.C.
Live call-in Friday, 10/30/09, 7:00 - 8:00 pm.

Mischief Night IMC Benefit Friday!

Portland, 01.11.2009 02:08

Hey, all of you mischief makers, please join us on Friday, October, 30th (THIS FRIDAY!) for the slam-jammin'-ist Indy Benefit Ever.
Featured bands include: LIST, COLD DEAD HANDZ, TANSY & TARWEED, RIOT COP. And....FREE tattoos, FREE store corner (bring cool stuff-get cool stuff), photo-op art (the kind with the face cut out), Anarchist Trivia, karaoke, food, beer, and more.
Proceeds go to purchase/repair Indymedia video equipment destroyed by cops. Portland Indymedia provides cameras to independent street reporters and distributes their content online all for FREE.
Friday, October 30 at 8:00pm, Circadia Art Center at 4705 ne Columbia Portland, Oregon (number 75 bus line)
All ages event, $donatations accepted, no one turned away due to lack of funds, Safer Space Policy.
More on Mischief Night IMC Benefit

End Mountaintop Removal Sit-in at the EPA

DC, 31.10.2009 23:09

Today we took our protests against mountaintop removal national. Decision-makers from in New York and Washington D.C. have been getting the message loud and clear that mountaintop removal’s end must come soon. Hundreds participated today with Mountain Justice, Rainforest Action Network, Energy Justice Network and other environmental groups in nationwide protests demanding an end to mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia.

Day Laborers Recover $10,000 in Stolen Wages

DC, 31.10.2009 22:10

Day laborers in DC scored another big victory on October 2nd: recovering over $10,000 in stolen wages for eight workers. Several members of the Union de Trabajadores de Washington, DC, a day laborer association, had been doing work on a DC public school building over the summer, and were paid less than promised. They reached out to DC Jobs with Justice and the DC Employment Justice Center, who quickly realized this public project entitled the workers to higher, “prevailing wages” for their work.

New Poster Art: &quot;Spirit Of '99&quot; Promotes Seattle/WTO Anniversary Events in DC

DC, 31.10.2009 22:10

Holy shit, has it really been ten years already? Phew, now that really makes me feel old. Luckily for me, fiftysomething is the new thirtysomething…or something.

Por Indymedia Honduras

Argentina, 31.10.2009 21:09

Zelaya podría volver al poder


Rogue Valley, 31.10.2009 20:39

Forest defenders in Oregon won a major victory at the Oregon Court of Appeals defending the constitutional right to protest

contra el abuso policial

Argentina, 31.10.2009 16:09

Das deutsche Superjubeljahr und Proteste dagegen

Germany, 31.10.2009 15:09

Anlässlich des 9. November 2009 unternimmt die BRD noch einmal eine letzte Anstrengung dieses Jahr, dem anstehenden Jubiläumskalender historischer Wendemarken "deutscher" Geschichte feierlich-staatstragend und "in Würde" zu folgen. Zur nationalen Befriedungssause Deutschlands soll es eine Fanmeile in Berlin geben, wo jeder mitmachen darf, kann und soll. Diesem "Fest der Freiheit", bei dem sich Deutschland anlässlich des Mauerfalls als freiheitsliebender Friedenstifter geriert, soll mit einer antinationalen Aktion begegnet werden, die eingebettet ist in einer von dem "Ums Ganze-Bündnis" initiierten Kampagne "STAAT.NATION.KAPITAL.SCHEISSE - Gegen die Herrschaft der falschen Freiheit!".

Dieser Artikel für Indymedia wirft einen Blick nach vorn auf den 9. November und einen doppelten Blick zurück. Zu Anfang geht es kurz um das anstehende "Fest der Freiheit" in Berlin um dann einen Blick auf die linken Proteste gegen die "Wende" von 1990 und auf die Kampagne "Staat.Nation.Kapital.Scheisse!" von "Ums ". Zu guter letzt gibt es ein kurzes Update zur Demonstration "Es gibt kein Ende der Geschichte" am 7. November.

Por Indymedia Honduras

Argentina, 31.10.2009 15:09

Zelaya podría volver al poder

Landelijke kraakactiedagen -&gt; Belangrijke informatie!!!

Netherlands, 31.10.2009 12:09

Komend weekend zullen de landelijke kraakactiedagen zijn.
Een weekend lang actie rondom het kraken! Er is een oproep gedaan aan iedere stad, dorp, kraakgroep of pand om tijdens de landelijke kraakactiedagen actie te ondernemen. Kraak dat pand wat al jaren staat te verkrotten, start een nieuwe ontmoetingsplek of pak die speculant aan. Kortom; gebruik je fantasie en kom in actie tijdens de kraakactiedagen.

STOP! the BU Bioterror Lab marched on the Boston University Campus

Boston, 31.10.2009 05:44

#media_17308;left# On Friday, October 30th, 2009 a determined group of 15-20 anti-authoritarians, anarchists and concerned citizens marched on the Boston University campus with a message to send for the students and faculty: STOP the BU Bioterror Laboratory NOW! Beginning around 2:30 in the afternoon and ending several hours later, a group consisting of the infamous Raging Grannies, people dressed in laboratory containment suits, and walking zombies came to life and marched all over the Boston University campus playing music, and chanting, "The Bio-lab ain't no good! We don't want it in our neighborhood!" along with other chants made upon the spot. The group was accompanied by people handing out leaflets with information about the BSL-4 Bioterror lab that was built during the Bush (W) years and with the full support of the current Mayor Menino. A bullhorn shouting information into the crowds of seemingly stunned BU students as they moved between classes along Commonwealth Ave in the afternoon. Boston University administrators (who refused to give their names) were on-scene to make sure that the non-violent demonstration was carefully watched by a mixture of different law enforcement agencies. The campus police were the most visible but they were joined by Boston police and what looked like federal officers driving in circles around the group with their black cars with tinted windows taking pictures of the demonstrators as they chanted and made their way up and down Commonwealth Ave engaging every passerby with information and some music. #media_17314;left#

Vote on 287g in Harris County

Houston, 31.10.2009 02:39

Harris County commissioners court approves 287g agreement


Colombia, 30.10.2009 23:09

Mayor Gabriel Bonilla, subcomandante del ESMAD en Cali debe ser juzgado por homicidio


Colombia, 30.10.2009 23:09

no se puede terminar imputando responsabilidad al jóven fallecido

How are we to handle police intelligence with care?

Ireland, 30.10.2009 17:09

Thanks to the publication of a British police inte ...

Sede da FAG é invadida pela Polícia Civil

CMI Brasil, 30.10.2009 17:07


Support the EDO Decommissioners

United Kingdom, 30.10.2009 16:09

The decommisioners are six activists on trial for direct action taken against the massacre in Gaza. On January 17th, as the bombs rained on Gaza, they destroyed hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of machinery owned by EDO MBM, preventing the factory from manufacturing bomb racks and arming units for Israeli F16s.

Eight people are currently on bail and one is on remand, currently in Lewes Prison. All are charged with conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

Between the 16th and the 23rd actions were held across the UK and in Palestine in support of the decommissioners. On the 16th, in Manchester, a demonstration was held outside Brimar, a factory making display units for the Israeli Apache helicopter, launching a new campaign. Several of the decommissioning defendants were arrested at the demonstration gfor breach of bail but later released. On Monday a demonstration was held at Brighton Town Hall calling on Brighton and Hove Council to debate the presence of EDO MBM in Brighton, a petition will be handed in to the council meeting in December. On Wednesday some of the names of those killed during the Gaza massacre were read outside the EDO MBM factory in Brighton. On Thursday two pickets of the Foreign office were held and a petition calling for an end to arms exports to Israel and in support of the decommissioners was handed in. On Friday the Palestinian village of Bil In dedicated its weekly demonstration against the apartheid wall to the decommissioners.

Reports of Target Brimar Demonstration 1| 2| Target Brimar Campaign Statrement about Arrests of Decommissioners| 3| SCHnews - It's Brim Up North

Foreign Office Picket

Bil In Support the Decommissioners Demo

Video of Decommissioning

Links:Smash EDO|Support the Decommissioners|Bristol ABC|Anti-Militarist Network|

Click here to download 'If I had a Hammer' , a 32 page booklet explaining why the decommissioning was necessary.

One decommisioner is still on remand: Elijah Smith, XP 7551, HMP Lewes, Brighton Road, Lewes, BN7 1EA. Letters of support are always appreciated. If you want to support financially postal orders can be made out to HM Prison Service with prisoner number and your name and address or make a donation to the campaign at Please tag donations as ‘prisoner support’,

Convocação para &quot;resposta ao crime&quot; libera polícia do Rio para execuções e torturas

CMI Brasil, 30.10.2009 15:37


A 60 años de “El Segundo Sexo” Feria Simone de Beauvoir

Argentina, 30.10.2009 14:39

Austria: 10 dzień studenckiej rewolty

Poland, 30.10.2009 13:09

Wczoraj minął 10 dzień protestów studentów w Austrii, które rozpoczęły się w zeszłym tygodniu okupacją wiedeńskiej Akademii Sztuk Pięknych i szybko rozszerzyły na cały kraj.

Również wczoraj 4 tysiące osób wyszło na ulice w Graz na południu kraju by zaprotestować przeciw stale pogarszającym się warunkom nauki i życia. Wczesnym popołudniem sala zebrań wydziału nauk społecznych na Uniwersytecie w Innsbruck została zaskłotowana przez studentów. Oznacza to, że obecnie wszystkie główne austriackie uczelnie są okupowane przez studenckich aktywistów, za wyjątkiem małej akademii górniczej w Leoben.

XXIV ENM de Tucumán

Argentina, 30.10.2009 13:09

Los ataques de la Iglesia

Reflexión sobre la toma del expreso

Puerto Rico, 30.10.2009 07:09

La Generación Incipiente

FMPR denuncia cierre de escuelas

Puerto Rico, 30.10.2009 07:09

Departamento de Educación se propone cerrar escuelas

No a la homofobia y la violencia que genera

Puerto Rico, 30.10.2009 07:09

Acabemos los crímenes de odio…

Thousands Converge in Chicago to Oppose Major Bankers' Conference

Chicago, 30.10.2009 07:09

The U.S. economy has been brought to the brink of collapse thanks to the failure of shoddy and dubious financial instruments, and kept afloat only thanks to major infusions of taxpayer cash. The major banking institutions, who have been raked over the coals of public opinion, saw their main public lobby, the American Bankers Association, assemble in Chicago, only to face the wrath of organized public outrage.

Thousands of activists and citizens also converged to take the ABA to task, thanks to the organizing efforts of National People's Action in an effort called Showdown in Chicago. Protesters entered the lobby of the Sheraton Chicago to face the ABA directly. This was followed by marches through downtown Chicago where thousands voiced their concern and called for accountability and positive change.

Additional Coverage: Labor Beat — Video 1 | Labor Beat — Video 1 | Photo gallery | 5000 March Against Bankers in Chicago | Democracy Now! coverage of Showdown in Chicago

Advocates for Universal Health Care Target MVP Insurance

Rochester, 30.10.2009 05:19

Advocates for Universal Health Care from the Rochester region joined with communities from all over the country on Wednesday October 28th in day of Action demanding health care for all. In a protest targeting "MVP healthcare" at its office on Alexander Street in Downtown Rochester, 30 activists rallied along the sidewalk with the message that Medicare for all is the best solution to the health care crisis. Meanwhile, inside the building, 4 activists who had intended to deliver a letter they prepared for the vice president of MVP- Lisa Brubaker, were unable to gain access to the offices. When it was clear security would prevent them from entering, the activists sat outside the MVP offices in a courtyard cafe and ordered coffee. They were approached by 10 Rochester police, 6 building security guards and were asked to leave. When they responded that they would stay and finish the coffee they ordered, the 4 activists were arrested. Read the entire Story Video of Demonstration and Interviews with Participants

VIDEO: Merry Mural March

Seattle, 30.10.2009 04:08

Despite the rain, people came out to dedicate the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural (ORSMP) on October 17th. The Community Samba Drummers led a procession through downtown Olympia, ending at the mural, celebrating the connection between the people of Rafah and Olympia.

The Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project is a public art project that crosses borders and recognizes the unique relationship that exists between the people of Olympia, Washington, the people of Rafah, Occupied Palestine, and all people who struggle and work for justice. ORSMP is co sponsored by the Middle East Children’s Alliance, the Gaza Community Mental Health Program, and Olympia Salvage Company.

The ultimate goal of the project is to use culture and technology in innovative ways to increase the strength and visibility of movements working for social change in Palestine, Israel, the US and the world.

November 20th: OLYMPIA GenderJam: LAD.I.Y. &amp; TRANS FEST 2009

Seattle, 30.10.2009 04:08

GenderJam will participate in the Trans Day of Remembrance on the evening of November 20, with a special event at the Procession Studio starting at 8 p.m.

All three days will feature skill-sharing and performances by GenderJammers from throughout the Northwest. Skill-sharing topics include book-binding, astronomy, comics, drag performance, massage techniques, self defense, acrobalancing, piercing and tattoos, portable stove making, ICE Resistance, how to pants the cops without them knowing, making earrings, square dancing, songwriting, screen printing, and more!

PMR Vigil

Seattle, 30.10.2009 04:08

PMR Vigil at Percival Landing. People are complicit in acts of aggression when the military uses their municipal ports for shipping. Long live the Resistance. No to imperialism.

November 10th: No Olympics on Stolen Native Land

Seattle, 30.10.2009 04:08

Beginning in mid-November, 2009, organizers from No2010, an Indigenous anti-Olympics organization, will travel down the West Coast of the US to conduct a speaking tour on the resistance to the 2010 Olympics, to share their experiences, and to promote an anti-colonial & anti-capitalist convergence that will coincide with the opening days of the Games in February, 2010 (Feb. 10-15, the Olympic Games begin Feb. 12).

November 10th, 7:00 PM
Cascade People's Center
309 Pontius Ave N
Seattle, WA

VIDEO: On Trial for Speaking Out: Wyking Garrett

Seattle, 30.10.2009 04:08

The Coleman School in Seattle, WA was occupied in 1985 by a group of black men who demanded it be preserved and transformed into a community center for the community. As consistently happens, the government along with the Urban League of Seattle turned the building into a condominium with an excuse for a 'museum' on the first floor.

If you truly support self-determination, reparations, grassroots community development, pay very close attention to this case and the larger politics surrounding it.

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