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Aksi Menolak Kenaikan BBM, Aktivis Bentrok dengan Polisi

Jakarta, 09.11.2009 19:38

Seorang mahasiswa Jambi ditabrak mobil patroli polisi Update: 25 Juni. Sekitar pk 17.30 WIB, dua aktivis Temu Aktivis Lintas Generasi (Tali Generasi), Jeffri Silalahi dan Musa, ditangkap oleh aparat berpakaian preman di Taman Matraman. Dalam penangkapan ini, para aktivis dikepung oleh belasan mobil. Pukul 20.30 ratusan mahasiswa yang melakukan aksi corat-coret pos polisi di bundaran senayan. Mahasiswa moncoreti pos polisi dengan tulisan "Polisi Pembunuh". Aksi ini dibubarkan polisi dengan tembakan gas air mata. Mahasiswa mundur ke kampus Mustopo. Dua mahasiswa ditangkap.Sampai malam ini pk 00.00 penangkapan aktivis terus berlanjut. Sekitar 65 aktivis telah ditangkap. 10 orang aktivis ditangkap di Bundaran Senayan, 24 orang di Stasiun Senen, 2 orang di Salemba, dan 29 aktivis ditangkap di Stasiun Jatinegara.Baca Juga: FNPBI: Batalkan Kenaikan Harga BBM | Aksi Damai Dibubarkan Polisi, 35 ditangkap | PRP: Mengecam tindakan represif Polisi | Aksi di Jambi di Represi Polisi | Pembentukan Tim Advokasi untuk Keadilan dan Kemanusiaan | Kekerasan Mahasiswa versus Kebrutalan NegaraFoto: 1 | 2 | 3 | 424 Juni 2008. Sekitar seribu aktivis dari berbagai kelompok yang sehari sebelumnya berkumpul di Tugu Proklamasi, pada Selasa 24 Juni 2008, bergerak melakukan aksi longmarch ke Gedung DPR/MPR. ...


Galiza, 09.11.2009 17:09


Plazo de 2 semanas para llevar a cabo el desalojo

Argentina, 09.11.2009 13:09

Inminente desalojo de "Las Ruinas"

betoging chauve souris

Oost-Vlaanderen, 09.11.2009 09:37

solidariteit met kraken: betoging chauve souris in Luik

Black is Back Coalition March: Photos

NYC, 09.11.2009 04:38

After a marathon rally in Malcolm X Park lasting over 5 hours, the Black Is Back Coalition led a march to the White House.

Sharing the pain?

Ireland, 09.11.2009 03:39

Since when does sharing the pain equate to someone ...

Refugee Rights Action - Perth

Perth, 09.11.2009 03:11

Refugee Rights Action - Perth

Mural to Commemorate Gary King Jr. Reborn

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.11.2009 01:39

A memorial mural of Gary King Jr was painted on a support column underneath the BART tracks on Martin Luther King Boulevard after Oakland police officer Patrick Gonzales shot and killed Gary King Jr at the spot in 2007. On September 24th, 2009, the mural was removed by BART employees. The new mural also includes images of Anita Gay, Andrew Moppin, Casper Banjo, and Oscar Grant — all murdered by police in Oakland and Berkeley.

Multitudinaria manifestaçom em defensa da nossa língua

Galiza, 08.11.2009 22:39

Multitudinaria manifestaçom a do pasado domingo 18 em Compostela em defensa da nossa língua. Miles de pessoas bloquearom as rúas da cidade numha marcha contra o oscurantismo do ideologema lingüicida do governo Feijoo.

Umha empoderadora demonstraçom popular que logrou reunir desde as multiplas e diversas entidades que se recolhem na Plataforma Queremos Galego até o bloco pola Hegemonía Social do Galego habitado por umha significativa representaçom de colectivos e movimentos de base, assim como Locais e Centros Sociais.

|Reportagem audiovisual da plataforma Queremos galego| |Bloco Galego Sempre Mais:galería de fotos| |Galería de fotos em Vieiros| |Cobertura na TVG| |Reaccións do PPdeG, PSdeG, BNG, Núñez Feijoo, Caamaño e Gloria Lago| |Televisom, manipulaçom| |Reportagem audiovisual:Bloco crítico polo monolingüismo social| |Artigo de opiniom em Galizalivre:Manifestaçom de Compostela confirma a força ascendente dos movimentos normalizadores|

Editoriais anteriores:|18-O: polo monolingüismo social| |Manifesto pela hegemonia social do galego| |A nossa língua em permanente perigo| |Conflito lingüístico na Galiza| |Crónica do 8-F| |Na Galiza em galego|

Convocatória para a criaçom dumha assembleia contra o Jacobeu

Galiza, 08.11.2009 22:39

Convoca-se umha assembleia aberta com a intençom de criar em Compostela umha Assembleia contra o Jacobeu. A ideia é agruparmo-nos distintas pessoas durante todo o ano para denunciar publicamente na rua as conseqüências que conleva esta celebraçom para a nossa cidade (e para toda a Galiza): a conversom desta num parque temático, a hiperturistificaçom, a mercantilizaçom cultural, a precariedade laboral, a especulaçom, a presença dos 8100 novos policias, o esbanjamento de dinheiro público, etc...

A cita é a Quarta-feira 18 às 20:30 na biblioteca da Gentalha do Pichel.

Campaign Launch to Roll Back Rents in East Palo Alto

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2009 17:39

On November 4th, tenants and community members gathered in front of East Palo Alto's West Park Apartments to hold the first in a series of actions to demand the roll back of rents that have seen drastic increases in the last few years. In 2006, Page Mill Properties began gobbling up rent-controlled housing and illegally raising rents with the nation's biggest public employee pension fund CalPERS as a principal investment partner. Tenants Together, California's statewide organization for renters' rights, is calling on CalPERS to adopt predator-free real estate investment policies that will prevent it from ever committing funds to Page Mill type schemes again.

Despidos en Vieques

Puerto Rico, 08.11.2009 17:10

Vieques se unió al luto de todo Puerto Rico

Mad As Hell Doctors Tour Reportback On Public Access T.V.

Portland, 08.11.2009 14:38

Mad As Hell Doctors will be featured on the Public Access program "A Growing Concern," and provide a report back from their September Tour through the United States which culminated with a rally in Washington D.C.
Live call-in Friday, 10/30/09, 7:00 - 8:00 pm.

Video: Report Back on Mad As Hell Doctors U.S. Tour
Report back from the September 22 city tour of the Mad As Hell Doctors Tour, featured on the Portland Oregon Public Access program, "A Growing Concern."

Report Back on MAHD Tour

New Content on PDX IMC Radio

Portland, 08.11.2009 13:38

A list of new content that you can stream is available in the text of the article. To get your own show o publish audio content send an e-mail to "pdx-audio(at)" with the subject line "RADIO" preferably. Check out the link to the radio page on this article.


Aktivis Berkumpul di Tugu Proklamasi

Jakarta, 08.11.2009 13:08

Temu Aktivis Lintas Generasi 23-25 Mei 2008 Ratusan aktivis dari berbagai kota, seperti dari Bandung, Solo, Malang, Bali, Medan, Jambi, Palembang, Kalimantan Selatan, Yogyakarta, Makassar, Maluku, Aceh, dll berkumpul di Tugu Proklamasi, untuk berkonsolidasi dalam Temu Aktivis Lintas Generasi (Tali Generasi) yang diadakan pada 23-25 Juni 2008. ...


Colombia, 08.11.2009 11:39

Battle to stop downland sell-off

United Kingdom, 08.11.2009 09:08

CAMPAIGNERS in Worthing, West Sussex, are battling to stop the local council from selling off two chunks of treasured countryside.

The land in question is on the slopes running up to Cissbury Ring, an Iron Age hill fort and much loved beauty spot.

A protest meeting is to be held at 11am on Saturday November 14, gathering at the Coombe Rise car park in Findon Valley, Worthing.

One of the speakers there will be Kate Ashbrook, general secretary of the Open Spaces Society, which is backing the Stop the Cissbury Sell-Off campaign.

Also addressing the rally will be Marion Shoard, a famous countryside campaigner and author of 'The Theft of the Countryside', 'This Land is Our Land', and 'A Right to Roam'.

The event will be followed by an optional country walk which will cross a council-owned field that has a statutory right of public access but has been closed to the public, contrary to the law, for the last four years.

Report from Sweatfree Labor Forum - D.C.

Rogue Valley, 08.11.2009 05:45

Local and national anti-sweatshop activists with SweatFree Communities gathered in Washington DC on November 6th for a policy forum on strengthening core labor standards through public procurement reform.

Mikey Weinstein on Religious Freedom and the Military

Rochester, 08.11.2009 05:43

Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and author of the book “God on our Side” spoke at the Rochester Institute of Technology on October 17th. He emphasized that the greatest threat to our national security was the Dominionist Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian take over of our military.

Mr. Weinstein also spoke about the proselytizing that goes on within the military, not just amongst the US military personnel, but also in the countries that the US now occupies. Mr. Weinstein stated and that American Fundamentalists Christians had been embedded with the US solders and that they had distributed over 1.8 million of their bibles while in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Video: Mr. Weinstein at RIT

Additional Information: Military Religious Freedom Foundation's Urgent Issues

The Indypendent Issue 142: Our Water At Risk

NYC, 08.11.2009 02:38

Plans for natural gas drilling in New York State have been widely criticized as dangerous and environmentally irresponsible. Now, the proposal for drilling in the state has come to a head. Jessica Lee reports, “For more than a year, a swelling movement of landowners, politicians, individuals and environmental organizations has been pressuring New York State to strongly regulate — or even ban — a natural gas drilling process that could wreak havoc on the environment.”

Opposing them are big energy companies throwing around hundreds of millions of dollars to snap up land leases in the state so they can tap huge natural gas reserves thousands of feet underground.

At stake are freshwater sources for millions of people in Philadelphia, New York and the countryside, as well as watersheds that replenish environmental treasures from the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River to the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay.

The issue has now come to a head. After the state released a much-awaited environmental impact statement, opponents blasted it as incomplete and said it was unacceptable that only 60 days were allotted for public comment.”

For more, click on the link below to, “Drilling Deep Into Controversy.” Also included in this issue: a review of two exhibits at the New York Historical Society on John Brown and Abraham Lincoln; reports on how homeless shelters in New York City are at capacity and on legislation on the table to provide paid sick days to all New York workers; and an on-the-ground analysis of public sector strikes in Puerto Rico. For more, see below!

Drilling Deep Into Controversy || The Boom || Cough Up the Sick Days || Homeless Shelters at Capacity || Tenants’ Voice: Tenants Get an Edge || Hate Crime Collision || Right Wing Radio Rage || Paterson’s Proposed CUNY Cuts Prompt Protests || It’s Time to Cross That Bridge || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || The People’s Lawyer: Money as Speech || Puerto Rico Strikes || Rethinkin’ Lincoln || Three Windows Into the Same Room: Documenting the Global Economic Crisis || The Beautiful Struggle: A Review of Revolutionary Suicide

Fort Hood Shooting

Houston, 08.11.2009 01:39

Joint Statement from Under the Hood Café and Fort Hood IVAW on shooting at Fort Hood

Problema t�cnico solucionado

Euskal Herria, 07.11.2009 21:39

La pasada semana, por cuestiones t�cnicas y actualizaciones que se alargaron un poco, no pudimos hacer uso de Indymedia Euskal Herria. Las noticias y mensajes enviados a lo largo de esos d�as, aunque con cierto retraso, se pueden leer ya en la columna de publicaci�n abierta.

La semana que entra se va a actualizar alg�n programa m�s para que este espacio pueda ofrecer un servicio mejor y m�s seguro. Este cambio es mucho m�s sencillo y no esperamos que haya ning�n problema. Como en ocasiones anteriores, trataremos de hacerlo sin que os cause molestia alguna. Muchas gracias por vuestra paciencia y disculpadnos por los inconvenientes!

Ya basta!!

Euskal Herria, 07.11.2009 21:39

El Movimiento pro amnistia llama a participar en las movilizaciones de denuncia frente a las operaciones policiales de ayer.

Informaci�n y llamado

Bilbao Open Day 2009

Euskal Herria, 07.11.2009 21:39

La plataforma Arte Libre Digital organiza los d�as 22, 23, 24 y 25 de octubre el Bilbao Open Day 2009, un evento de cultura libre con una agenda completita. Durante los 4 d�as que dura el evento, se ofrecer�n charlas, debates, talleres y exposiciones sobre diversa tem�tica de inter�s: software, hardware, 3D, juegos, v�deo, audio y licencias, etc. con una organizaci�n distribuida por diferentes puntos de la ciudad.

Computer vision, robots, Opensim, ropa DIY, licencias, construcci�n de instrumentos musicales electr�nicos, avances y nuevos medios de comunicaci�n social, software libre en el marco empresarial y m�s? A todo esto conviene a�adir algunas actuaciones nocturnas y de ocio para redondear unas jornadas cargadas de contenidos libres. Como dicen los propios organizadores: si eres un amante de la cultura libre, no puedes perd�rtelo. Indymedia Euskal Herria, estar� all� .

|Cartel del BOD2009 |, |V�deo del BOD2009|.

Badator elkartasunez tourra

Euskal Herria, 07.11.2009 21:39

Ya tenemos aqu� el elkartasunez tourra que desde el pr�ximo 23 de octubre en Llaudio y acabando el Internazionalista Eguna el 7 de noviembre en Altsasu, recorrer� los pueblos de Euskal Herria con conciertos, mesas redondas, cine y bertsos para continuar y hacer crecer las redes de solidaridad y trabajo conjunto ente Palestina y Euskal Herria.

DAM, Basel Zayed, Nabil Monsour, Ahmad Naamnah y Muhammad Zoabi junto con multitud de grupos, bertsolaris y solistas de Euskal Herria (Arrebote, Stockholm, Mikel Urdangarin, Petti, Uxue Alberdi, Jon Maia, Txuma Murugarren, Fredy Paia, Anje Duhalde, Miren Artetxe, Amets Arzallus, BAD Sound System, Indarrap, E�aut Elorrieta, Joseba Tapia, Sustrai Kolina, Jexux Mari Irazu, Igor Elortza, I�igo Izagirre, Gargardogura, Fermin Muguruza checkpoint-rock, Porrotx, Fermin Valencia...) impulsaran la campa�a de boikot a Israel que desde hace a�os se lleva a cabo a nivel internacional. |Manifiesto|, |Video|.

|Programa|, |Para firmar el manifiesto de apoyo|, |Video elkartasunez tourra|.

Celebrando 10 a�os de Indymedia y +

Euskal Herria, 07.11.2009 21:39

Diez a�os desde que las im�genes y noticias que llegaban de Seattle sorprendieran al mundo. Diez a�os desde que la convergencia de diferentes agentes (radios libres, hackers, webs alternativas, periodistas independientes,..) construyeran una verdadera revoluci�n en la forma de entender la comunicaci�n desde los movimientos sociales. Una alternativa horizontal, autogestionada y tecnol�gicamente punta que permit�a dar voz a los que no la ten�an, y a ser una alternativa al hasta ese momento intocable lobby de los mass-medias.

Y desde estas p�ginas hemos vivido muchas cosas, muchas buenas, algunas malas. Y muchos cambios, sobre todo en Internet donde los avances y las alternativas surgidas han desbordado en algunos aspectos las previsiones y las capacidades del trabajo voluntario de la comunidad de Indymedia. En este sentido, 10 a�os de Indymedia global, y unos pocos menos de Indymedia Euskal Herria son buen momento para repensar, mejorar y ver como Indymedia puede seguir aportando su grano de arena a ser m�s libres, a los procesos de construcci�n social, y a tener una comunicaci�n y una manera de informar-informarnos diferente. |Encuesta de indymedia global (en breve en Euskera)|, |Indymedia 3.0 (Byte)|, Indymedia 2.0 (proposamena): |1|, |2|.

[Luxemburg] Aktionen gegen Abschiebungen

Germany, 07.11.2009 19:39

Nachdem in der ersten November-Woche 49 Angehörige der serbischen Minderheit nach Kosovo abgeschoben wurden, gab es verschiedene und vielfältige Protestaktionen, die nicht weniger intensiv weitergehen werden. JedeR ist aufgefordert, sich daran zu beteiligen, oder auf Distanz seine Solidarität zu bekunden.

Weitere Artikel zum Thema (Anti-)Rassismus: | | |

Inauguración de TV desde el Cid Campeador (Cap. Fed.)

Argentina, 07.11.2009 19:39

Antena negra "en el aire"

Protesta discrimen y despidos

Puerto Rico, 07.11.2009 13:09

Piquete contra el Discrimen y los Despidos: ¡Por una sociedad inclusiva!

Fort Hood Massacre: A Brief History of American Violence

DC, 07.11.2009 02:09

It’s hard to pinpoint what’s the most shocking thing about Major Malik Nadal Hasan’s shooting rampage in Fort Hood, Texas. I’ll start with this: there’s nothing all that ground-breaking about it. Happens all the time, it’s just that we’re a nation of amnesiacs who forget all the unpleasantries, and refuse to learn the valuable lessons. [Just this morning, another "going postal" office massacre in Orlando, leaving at least 2 dead and 17 wounded. Early reports say the shooter was an employee.]

Honduras, Acordo fracassa e a luta continua.

CMI Brasil, 07.11.2009 00:37


Primeira reunião para barrar o aumento da tarifa de ônibus em São Paulo

CMI Brasil, 06.11.2009 23:07


Mumia Abu-Jamal faces new execution threat

United States, 06.11.2009 21:07

Pennsylvania prosecutors, twice rejected in their efforts to impose the death penalty on Mumia (in 2001 and 2008), may have found new support in the U.S. Supreme Court. It appears that the court’s delay in ruling on the validity of Mumia’s original execution sentence was due to its decision to grant oral arguments in the Ohio case of Smith v. Spisak, a case that might re-write or reinterpret the nation’s laws to make it easier to obtain jury verdicts calling for execution. The Court heard Ohio prosecutor’s arguments for Spisak’s execution on October 13, 2009. A ruling is expected in the year ahead.

RELATED: Legal Intelligencer series about Mumia: April 7, October 12, October 14 II NOVEMBER 12! COME TO WASHINGTON TO DEMAND CIVIL RIGHTS FOR MUMIA!

FMPR vs Ley 7

Puerto Rico, 06.11.2009 20:09

Federación de Maestros anuncia Plan de Lucha contra la Ley 7


santiago, 06.11.2009 19:09

En Medio de Protestas se Aprueba la LGE

Iguales derechos iguales oportunidades para todxs

Argentina, 06.11.2009 19:09

Sobre la detención de vecino de Andalgala

Argentina, 06.11.2009 19:09

"Es una lucha por la vida de todos los vecinos y contra la contaminación..."

Sleep-Out on Boston Common Continues Despite Police

Boston, 06.11.2009 19:08

[Boston, MA] Scores of college students and community members gathered on Boston Common in front of the Massachusetts State House yesterday evening to call on Governor Patrick to introduce a bill that will re-power the Commonwealth with 100% clean electricity by 2020. They were joined by Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Minister and President of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ.

The Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza Strip

Romania, 06.11.2009 19:07

The great similarities between the fascist policies of the Israeli government in the Gaza Strip and the past atrocities of the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto

From the Newswire

Perth, 06.11.2009 18:39

Nyoongar Elders fear quarry work will destroy sacred sites in the Darling Range

Rochester Calls for New Independent Civilian Review Board After October 7th Police Riot

Rochester, 06.11.2009 18:07

On October 7th , during a march down Main St. commemorating the 8th year of the American military occupation of Afghanistan, several units of Rochester, NY police maneuvered non-violent anti-war protesters into a trap on a bridge over the Genesee River. RPD then beat up local members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other participants who had nowhere to disperse (video link In the aftermath of the police riot, a cry from the Rochester public rose for an independent civilian review board for the police—a real civilian review board—not the current one run by BY the police at Rochester's Center for Dispute Settlement (RCDS).

Rochester Indymedia's investigation of the history and current status of civilian review boards has uncovered a disturbing trend nation wide, in which the original social justice movement for oversight of police by citizens in civilian review boards has been hollowed out and co-opted by police departments around the country. Such is the case in Rochester. The complaint process here, according to review board representative Frank Liberti at RCDS, involves the Center taking sworn statements about police misconduct and brutality, and then shipping the paperwork directly to police internal affairs. The Center for Dispute Settlement does have nice offices outside the police department in the Reynolds Arcade, but attractive amenities aside— in Rochester, the police are in charge of policing the police.

Additional Information: Police Brutally Attack Funk the War | Police Attack on Funk the War Still Raising Issues

Related: The FBI Comes Calling, And The Struggle Continues……. | Community Organizing Meeting to Discuss Collective Strategies Against Police Brutality | Cop harassment while driving home tonight

Convocan a una conferencia de prensa en el Hotel Bauen a las 18hs

Argentina, 06.11.2009 16:09

Policias hieren al hijo de Nestor Segovia, delegado de la línea C

La lucha globaliza cada día: Justice and Dignity For Lorenzo Sampablo Cervantes and Fong Lee

United States, 06.11.2009 15:07

Paramilitary repression and police brutality continue unabated on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border three years after the assassinations of Lorenzo Sampablo Cervantes in Oaxaca, Mexico and Fong Lee in Minneapolis, MN

By Steven Renderos & Sylvia González, November 1, 2009

Two different people – different stories, different places, – separated by nearly 2,000 miles, were connected three years ago when their lives were cut short by gunfire. Fong Lee and Lorenzo Sampablo Cervantes suffered a death inflicted by the gunshots of police and paramilitary officials. For Cervantes, it was one gunshot wound to the chest; for Lee, three gunshot wounds in his back, and five more to the front. Cervantes died seeking justice during the popular movement in 2006 in Oaxaca, Mexico, while Fong Lee died as a result of deeply rooted racism and police brutality in communities of color across the United States.

Este sábado en el Espacio del Cid (Capital Federal)

Argentina, 06.11.2009 14:39

Lanzamiento público del Canal 4 "Antena Negra"

Oil companies left with egg on their faces

United Kingdom, 06.11.2009 11:39

Both BP and Shell had their flagship recruitment events at the Randolph Hotel hijacked by protesters in the last few weeks. Linking the global issues of climate change and exploitation to local attacks on people and the environment, campaigners from Thames Valley Climate Action took over stages, heckled, asked awkward questions, unplugged display equipment, leafletted and chatted with audiences.

The actions were amongst the first in a new grassroots campaign against the extraction of Tar Sands oil in Alberta, Canada. Shell are massively involved there, whereas BP are still in the process of getting involved; it's hoped that by targetted them early on we might be able to put them off. You can find out more, and hear first-hand stories from touring indigenous activists at the talk on Monday 16th November at Science Oxford, and at the film screening of H2Oil on Sunday 22nd November at Oxford Action Resource Centre.

[ Shell action: 1 | 2 | Video ]
[ BP action: 1 | 2 | Video ]
[ Tar Sands background: 1 | 2 | 3 | UK tour | film screening ]
[ Thames Valley Climate Action | Shell To Sea | Hands Off Iraqi Oil ]


Portland, 06.11.2009 11:38

November 13, 6-8p, Smith Memorial Union Hall, PSU

Max Rameau is the founder of the Miami-based organization Take Back the Land. In 2006, the organization seized control of a vacant lot and built a shantytown called Umoja Village. Take Back the Land then began a campaign of taking over bank-owned foreclosed homes and moving homeless families into them.

&quot;Мастерская&quot; - фильм о минском сквоте

Belarus, 06.11.2009 11:37


Фильм “Мастерская”

Фильм “Мастерская” – это результат обработки своеобразного
видео-дневника деятельности минских активистов и активисток с мая по
октябрь 2008 года – время, когда мы поверили в сквотирование в Беларуси
и были охвачены новизной и радостью порой нелегкого опыта.

Эйфория от происходившего давно прошла. Мы проанализировали ошибки и то,
чему научились, учли критику, сделали выводы. Мы не очень активно искали
пустующие здания последний год, но не отказались от совместных действий
- Мастерская сплотила многих из нас.

Но мы всё ещё осознаем небходимость автономных пространств, физического
места активности в нашем атомизированном обществе, и намерены воплощать
свои желания в разных формах.

Мы рады делиться этим опытом с вами, и будем рады если кого-то он
вдохновит на любые коллективные начинания, основанные на желании менять
себя и жизнь вокруг к лучшему!

Сквотируй мир! Еби систему! :)

Перевод: Русский (Звук+Субтитры), Английский…

Contra el abuso policial

Argentina, 06.11.2009 07:39

Definen estrategias colectivas de resistencia y lucha

RVTV/SOU Censorship

Rogue Valley, 06.11.2009 04:09

In the october 30, 2009 Ashland Daily Tidings is an article regarding a decision by SOU to censor and suspend RVTV producers who have been indicted on child pornography charges.
The supposed wrong-doing of the producers was not germane to the subject matter. It seems that the provost in charge believes that two wrongs can make a right?

Charles County Sheriffs Shoot, Kill Unarmed Cornelius Maurice Warren Half a Mile from his Home

DC, 06.11.2009 00:09

On October 2, 2009 at 3:25 in the afternoon, Officers Eric C. Leukhardt, Stephen Miller and John Freeman of the Charles County Sheriffs Department shot and killed unarmed Cornelius Maurice Warren. He left behind a family of 7. He was 44.

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