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Argentina, 16.11.2009 17:09

Se incrementa la lucha por trabajo genuino

&quot;Tradicionalmente&quot; para a Terra Indígena Santuário dos Pajés em Brasília

CMI Brasil, 16.11.2009 11:07



Argentina, 16.11.2009 08:39

Se incrementa la lucha por trabajo genuino

La isla imposible

Puerto Rico, 16.11.2009 04:39

La Anti-República y sus anversos

Anti-Racists Steal the Show at White Supremacist &quot;Tea Party Against Amnesty&quot;

United States, 16.11.2009 03:07

Forty-five anti-immigration activists held a small rally outside the state capitol on Saturday. Counter-protest from members of Anti-Racist Action, Bash Back, the Minnesota Immigrants' Rights Action Coalition and others was frequent, vigorous and hilarious.  ("America is not for Russians!  America is not for Germans!  Europeans go home!") 

The cheerful crowd of immigrants' rights activists held a banner reading "Stop the raids and deportations".  In conversation with members of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform, the activists repeatedly pointed out that all non-native people in Minnesota are illegal immigrants--Minnesota was taken by force by whites from the native people who lived here for centuries before white arrival.  One activist, under the name "Robert Erickson," managed to get on the list of speakers and riled the crowd into a frenzy about the theft, murder and disease inflicted by illegal immigrants... from Europe, upon indigenous populations.  In a "Yes Men" moment, the anti-immigrant crowd sat in silence, trying to figure out what just happened (see video from Bluestem Prairie; transcript below; photos to come).

From the Newswire

Perth, 16.11.2009 02:09

Metal detectors for Perth train stations and Northbridge

Lo decidió el viernes el Consejo Directivo de esa unidad académica

Argentina, 16.11.2009 02:09

UNLP: Ciencias Naturales rechazó los fondos de La Alumbrera


NYC, 15.11.2009 23:39

Events related to the change in the operating lease for central park "Tavern on the Green" clearly illustrates the dangerous course that the privatization of public space and its gentrification is taking, with outsourcing and franchising taking control at the expense of the common person and his or her rights. In Central Park, the labor rights of workers are being mowed down by a powerful, privileged and connected few.

Victory! Holocaust Revisionist Event Canceled in NYC!

NYC, 15.11.2009 23:39

It wasn't difficult to figure out where David Irving, under a fictitious name, reserved space to spew his holocaust revisionism. And it didn't take too much explaining before the venue manager decided to cancel to event. Only a bigot would want this filth associated with their venue!

How David Irving Spent Friday the 13th

NYC, 15.11.2009 23:39

Friday the 13th doesn't always mean Jason is going to come out and slash you up. If you're Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving (that's starting to be his name around here) that might have been preferable to his New Jersey experience that day. Jersey doesn't like Nazis, and will do something about them when given the chance. That is probably why this was the first stop on his East Coast tour that Irving saw opposition. He held his speaking engagement at a Best Western in Pompton Plains, NJ, and antifa, who were told that another venue canceled him but went to check it out just to be sure, found out that the true location. If that wasn't bad enough, hackers zeroed in on his websites, giving antifa everywhere an early Holiday treat - information on all of his supporters. Today he is supposed to be in New York City, but he has to find another place there too. The original spot closed his doors to him once they learned who was coming his way. Antifa did good - damn good this evening, and even if you can't find what venue Irving duped into hosting him, you can most certainly now find a lot of the folks down with him. Works for us! David has his spin going on this one, saying, "We are puzzled that they (antifa) are so frightened by historical debate." Well, we are puzzled about you being puzzled, Dave. Debate can only be had when you have those you are debating in the same room with you, which you tried so hard to avoid and always do. This time it was in vain, and now a lot of you-know-what is going to hit the fan. See what happens when black (clad) cats cross your path on Friday the 13th, Dave?

In Violation of Labor Contracts and DC Law, &quot;All Hands on Deck&quot; Continues This Weekend

DC, 15.11.2009 23:09

A city under siege. All Hands on Deck forces all 3,800 MPD Pigs to roam our streets in a giant display of force for 48 hours. At 6:01 on Sunday morning, all should be 'calm'. Until then, lock your doors, don't go outside, and whatever you do, don't engage the pigs. They're armed, they're bored, and they're pissed off.

US Embassy Speaks Out (Sort of...)

DC, 15.11.2009 23:09

The US has listed his name as an alias for the terrorist group Kach, putting Meir Kahane right next to Bin Laden as someone whose name is synonymous with terrorist violence. But when the Israeli Knesset contemplated holding a memorial for Kahane, the US embassy only complained that Kahane's legacy is "controversial" and doing so would be harmful to the peace process.

EA Hall Middle School MEChA Club Holds Concert in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.11.2009 22:38

On November 14th, students in the EA Hall Middle School MEChA Club held a free community arts event at the Brown Berets Bike Shack warehouse in Watsonville. The event was initially supposed to be held at the city owned Youth Center, however City Staff were opposed to a fee waiver for this event due to the "political nature" of the bands lined up to perform. This has created a stir with some conservative people in the community who are afraid of anything that promotes Mexican or Xicana/o identity.


Colombia, 15.11.2009 20:39

Hoods Unite with Immortal Technique, Cesar Cruz, and the Brown Berets

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.11.2009 20:08

On November 5th, Adisa Banjoko of the Hip Hop Chess Federation hosted a panel at O'Connell High School in San Francisco's Mission District that included Immortal Technique, Cesar A. Cruz and the Watsonville Brown Berets. The panel addressed issues on US imperialism, police abuse and murder, black & brown youth repression, indigenous resistance and hood liberation.

Komite Internazionalistak 30 a�os construyendo internacionalismo desde Euskal Herria

Euskal Herria, 15.11.2009 17:08

Komite Internazionalistak cumple 30 a�os. Y por ello felicitan a los movimientos sociales de Euskal Herria, a los movimientos que han trabajado conjuntamente con ell@s en el mundo, a l@s ex militantes de Komite Internazionalistak, a l@s brigadistas, a los medios de comunicaci�n alternativos, a l@s que reciben el bolet�n y a tod@s l@s Internacionalistas y a la vez nos invitan a un d�a de celebraci�n el pr�ximo 28 de noviembre

Ese d�a habr� la oportunidad de disfrutar de diferentes actividades: para ni�@s (hinchables, taller de graffiti...), albokalaris por el barrio, venta de materiales de colectivos, comida popular en el Gaztetxe de Kukutxa, acto pol�tico, concierto de Betagarri y Dj Makala... un mont�n de actividades para entre tod@s, para recordar los buenos y no tan buenos momentos, las risas, la tensi�n y sobre todo a los y las compas que hemos hecho en el camino hacia el internacionalismo y como no, tambi�n l@s que se han ca�do en este viaje.

Por que 30 a�os solo se cumplen una vez y por que adem�s de luchar y organizarse, hay que divertirse y celebrar, nos invitan a celebrarlo con ell@s: |Video|, |Ku�a|.

A Call for Days of Action against the Tuition Hikes

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.11.2009 13:38

From the imaginary committee : "University students and workers in California must organize immediately to occupy, blockade and strike on all campuses November 17-19. We call for a wave of occupations and blockades to bring the university to a halt. The proposed fee hikes of 32 percent, to be ratified November 17-19, are only the latest indication that the California university system is bankrupt. We cannot allow it to continue through the end of the term."

Freedom of the Press in Colombia: interview with a Colombian journalist

Ireland, 15.11.2009 12:08

Hollman Morris is a familiar name in Colombia, bot ...

Audiolivre: arquivo sonoro colaborativo con base nos movimentos sociais

Galiza, 15.11.2009 11:39

Audiolivre pretende ser un arquivo de audios con licencias libres. Os principios que rexirán a selección de contidos serán o anticapitalismo, o antiracismo, o antisexismo, o antimilitarismo, a defensa do medio, o idioma galego e o coñecemento libre.

Audiolivre preséntase en forma de podcast, no que se poden escoitar os audios na rede, ou baixalos cadaquén ao seu computador. A páxina permite facer búsquedas, ou escoller temas da nube de etiquetas. Todos os arquivos de audiolivre están aloxados en

Calquera persoa pode rexistrase e subir audios que considere interesantes sempre que respecten os principios enumerados anteriormente. Se queres colaborar no proxecto, facer algún comentarios ou suxerencia, ou simplemente tes un audio e non queres pasar o chollo de subilo podes contactar con nós a través do correo electrónico:

Hundreds protest against downland sell-off

United Kingdom, 15.11.2009 08:39

HUNDREDS of residents have protested in Worthing against controversial council plans to sell off downland next to Cissbury Ring.

Up to 400 people gathered at the Coombe Rise car park in Findon Valley today (Saturday November 14) for a rally staged by campaign group Stop the Cissbury Sell-Off (SCSO).

They then filed up on to the land itself, waving banners and placards, and let off distress flares to draw attention to the threat.

Some then continued for a four-mile guided walk around Cissbury Ring and the surrounding area, despite gale force winds and lashing rain.

The event was hailed as a huge success by SCSO, which has already forced Worthing Borough Council to look again at its plans.

Why Is A Leading Feminist Organization Lending Its Name To Support Escalation In Afghanistan?

DC, 15.11.2009 06:09

WAGING WAR DOES NOT LEAD TO THE LIBERATION OF WOMEN ANYWHERE — EVEN IF YOU CALL SOLDIERS "PEACEKEEPING FORCES" Years ago, following the initial military success of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and the temporary fall of the Taliban, the people of Afghanistan were promised that the occupying armies would rebuild the country and improve life for the Afghan people. Today, eight years after the U.S. entered Kabul, there are still piles of garbage in the streets. There is no running water. There is only intermittent electricity in the cities, and none in the countryside. Afghans live under the constant threat of military violence. The U.S. invasion has been a failure, and increasing the U.S. troop presence will not undo the destruction the war has brought to the daily lives of Afghans.

VIDEO: Bike For Art

Portland, 15.11.2009 05:50


He's just an ordinary, out-of-shape individual and he left home without a dime in his pocket
This week Terry is riding through Olympia and Tacoma on his way to Seattle. He is depending on community members and organizations to meet all of his needs for food, shelter, and cappuccino. We are also asking for five million dollars in donations along the way.
Besides being the overweight, amateur cyclist, Terry is a community member with twenty years experience in community building. He has a professional background in writing and film. And he is spreading a message of community action and solidarity. He has made a commitment to ride around the country until we raise five million dollars. Announces Victory: Lou Dobbs to Leave CNN

DC, 15.11.2009 03:09

On the announcement Wednesday that Lou Dobbs will leave his post as a longtime anchor on CNN, Roberto Lovato of said, “Lou Dobbs – who has a long record of spreading lies and conspiracy theories about immigrants and Latinos – does not belong on the 'Most Trusted Name in News.'" "We are thrilled that Dobbs no longer has this legitimate platform from which to incite fear and hate." The campaign, a national Latino-led coalition, was launched in mid-September, after Dobbs broadcast his radio show from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) conference, founded by white nationalist John Tanton. FAIR is designated as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

II Encontro de Comunicadores Populares do Médio Solimões

CMI Brasil, 15.11.2009 03:07



Argentina, 15.11.2009 00:09

Video: Arthur Scargill - 25 Years after the Miners' Strike

Ireland, 14.11.2009 20:09

Video of Arthur Scargill's recent talk in Unite, D ...

Study-in at UCSC's Science and Engineering Library

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.11.2009 20:08

On November 13th, students at UC Santa Cruz conducted a study-in at the Science and Engineering Library. Due to budget cuts, both of the large UCSC libraries have severely reduced hours which detrimentally affects employee pay and students with study needs late at night. and the EFF successfully fight back against bogus FBI subpoena

Rochester, 14.11.2009 16:07 is happy to announce that we've managed, after nearly a year of legal action on our behalf by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to successfully fight back against a bogus subpoena request issued by the FBI in conjunction with a grand jury investigation. The request demanded we turn over all IP address logs for a day in June of 2008 - not only did object to this blatantly illegitimate and overly broad request, but, per accepted Indymedia best practices, we do not keep such logs in the first place, in order to maximally ensure the privacy of our site users. Also troubling was the fact that the sysadmin who received the subpoena was also bound by its gag order provision, making her unable to discuss the legal issue with the broader network of collectives cooperating on the site. We're happy that the EFF was ultimately able to get this demand for silence shown to be illegitimate as well —- one can only wonder how many ISPs silently capitulate to similarly broad and unconstitutional requests. Rochester Indymedia does not log IP addresses or any other information about users when they visit our site. This story is why!

Additional Information: From EFF's Secret Files: Anatomy of a Bogus Subpoena —- How the Government Secretly Demanded the IP Address of Every Visitor to Political News Site | DeclanMcCullagh: Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists | List of previous incidents of legal repression of Indymedia centers | Interview with Indymedia sys admin Kristina Clair | US-Behörde wollte illegal an Nutzerdaten von gelangen | Interview with EFF lawyer Kevin Bankston | Other links

Related Coverage: PCJF wins settlement in illegal arrest case in D.C. | Second Subpoena Issued for Iowa Grand Jury | The FBI Comes Calling, And The Struggle Continues…….

Read more; Click here!

RCSD Parent Speaks Out Against Teacher/Police Misconduct

Rochester, 14.11.2009 16:07

On Monday, October 26th, Shaiasia Williams, a student at Edison Tech, was defiantly walking the halls of her school when she was subsequently sent to the In School Suspension room. That particular day in the ISS room, Williams was there with five other students, when, allegedly, the teacher in the room, Mrs. Mezzola, found her cell phone missing. Instead of Mezzola taking the proper protocol of reporting her lost cell phone to the principal, security and/or the school resource officer, she phoned her husband who happens to be an officer of the Rochester Police Department.

Read the full letter from Shonda Hannah—the mother of Shaiasia Williams—by clicking here. The letter describing this egregious abuse of power was sent to RCSD Superintendent Brizard, Mayor Duffy, Darryl Porter, Chief Moore, Adam McFadden, RCSD Officials, and many others.

Related: Rochester Calls for New Independent Civilian Review Board After October 7th Police Riot | Counter-Recruitment Activists Organize to Protect Student Privacy

Proyección, Música (en vivo) y Fiesta.

Argentina, 14.11.2009 12:39

Direct Action To Remember Barry Horne

United Kingdom, 14.11.2009 08:38

Barry Horne was an animal liberationist who died in a UK prison hospital on November 5th 2001. He had been sentenced to 18 years in prison for a campaign of economic sabotage, carrying out criminal damage and arson attacks against companies involved in the vivisection, leather and fur industries. His actions were allegedly claimed in the name of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and sometimes the Animal Rights Militia (ARM), taking place in Bristol and the Isle of Wight

In prison he went on hunger strike several times in protest against government support for the vivisection industry, and their broken pre-election promises about animal experiments. The third of these hunger strikes lasted 68 days, and Barry never fully recovered. From this protest he generated worldwide publicity, and initiated a huge uprising of animal liberation activity, the effects of which are still being felt even today - eight years since his death.

His memory has been remembered every November, for being an inspiration to the movement and giving his life to animal liberation. This year actions have been dedicated to Barry from as far afield as Latin America, with dozens of deer returned to freedom by the ALF in Spain, 17 rabbits freed from a university in Uruguay (Video), four sheep rescued from a farm by the Igualdad Animal's Open Rescue Team in Spain (Pictures) and a Max & Co fur shop and leather shop painted red by the ALF in Italy and Chile. The Mexican ALF also rescued four ducks and two hens from a breeding farm (Pictures) and caused dirsruption to Novartis with a bomb hoax in the capital for Barry. There was also a protest outside HLS in rememberance of Barry in Occold, Suffolk by SHAC campaigners.

Related Articles: Fitwatch Press Release on AR raids | New Animal Liberation Prisoner (Europe) | Corporate Watch on Sean Kirtley's Release | Fight Speciesism! #7 - In memory of Barry Horne | Mexico: Alleged ELF Anarchist Arrested | Butane is in the eye of the bomb-holder | Wave of Anarchist Bombings | Emergence of an Unexpected Threat

Links: Bary Horne Memorial | Remember Barry | Barry Horne: ALF Tribute | Bite Back Magazine

Artistas contra el silencio

Puerto Rico, 14.11.2009 05:47

Nos sobran las razones

Italian Judge Convicts 23 CIA and Two Italian Agents Over Kidnapping of a Muslim Cleric

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2009 20:39

On November 4, 2009, an Italian judge convicted 23 CIA agents and two Italian agents over their role in the 2003 kidnapping of a Muslim cleric. Milan judge Oscar Magi sentenced former Milan CIA station chief Bob Seldon Lady to 8 years and 22 other agents to 5 years in prison for their role in the abduction of Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, also known as Abu Omar. Also convicted was Air Force Colonel Joseph Romano who was responsible for the CIA kidnapping team's flight to Egypt from a U.S. air base in Italy.

Stanislaus County District Attorney Criminalizes Harm Reduction and Public Health Service

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2009 20:09

On Monday, November 10th, the Stanislaus County District Attorney was not interested in anything less than a misdemeanor conviction against two volunteers arrested for offering syringe exchange, and harm reduction services in the Airport District of Modesto, California. In an act of criminalization public health service, the District Attorney had the audacity to offer the defendants a "deal" that included: 1) jail time, 2) three years probation, and 3) a "Stay Away Order," requiring them to stay out of the park where they were arrested. The stay away order was added the day after defendants began conducting syringe clean-ups and public education about safe disposal in the Mono Park area.

Community Groups Protest Against Fresno Police Chief

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2009 20:09

On Friday, November 6th, 2009, the Fresno Brown Berets and California Prison Moratorium Project organized a march and rally in protest of what they say is "Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer's corrupt and racist administration." They called for his resignation or termination as police chief. Fresno police have killed nine people this year.

28 Quilombolas foram Detidos no ES

CMI Brasil, 13.11.2009 17:37


Agua, Sal si puedes

Argentina, 13.11.2009 17:09

Un dinosaurio quiere tragarse la tierra

Cristina Valiente y su familia firmes en la lucha

Argentina, 13.11.2009 16:39

Cinco meses acampando contra la mafia de los desarmaderos and the EFF successfully fight back against bogus FBI subpoena

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2009 16:09

A police fishing expedition has been fought successfully over the course of the past year by one of the server admins and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), largely in secret due to dodgy gag orders. Earlier this year, U.S. attorneys issued a federal grand jury subpoena to a administrator Kristina Clair demanding "all IP traffic to and from" for a particular date, potentially identifying every person who visited any news story on the Indymedia site. The EFF argued that the overly broad demand for internet records not only violated federal privacy law but also violated Clair's First Amendment rights, by ordering her not to disclose the existence of the subpoena without a U.S. attorney's permission.

Maine Voters Reject Same Sex Marriage; Rochester Activists Demonstrate

Rochester, 13.11.2009 16:07

Protesters chanting “Hey Obama let mama marry mama” and “LGBT we demand equality” gathered in front of the Federal Building on November 4 to condemn actions in the nearby state of Maine. Earlier in the year, courts in Maine determined that marriage was a civil right under the state's constitution and extended that right to all couples. Those rights were then taken away by a close ballot referendum on November 3. The protest was organized by the Civil Rights Front and participants included the Gay Alliance, Pride At Work, International Socialist Organization and Students For A Democratic Society. Read more; click here!

Video: From the Maine Video Activists Network: Gay Marriage and Petitioning

Additional Information: Chicago IMC: Maine: Analyzing Failure #31 | Seattle IMC: November 14th: Victory! Approve 71 Thank-You Rally

CRP Founder Returns to Medford

Rogue Valley, 13.11.2009 14:39

Sasha Crow, co-director of Collateral Repair Project, has spent the last 5 months working among the Iraqi refugee community in Amman, Jordan. She returns to Medford on Nov 13th to report back to the community and fundraise for CRP.

The Art of Scargill:

Ireland, 13.11.2009 10:39

An Audio Interview With The Man Himself. When it ...

Unibesetzungen in der BRD

Germany, 13.11.2009 10:09

Eigentlich sollte es erst am 17. November richtig losgehen mit dem Bildungsstreik. Nun rumort es an den Universitäten aber bereits seit einer Woche. Beeindruckt von den seit mehr als zwei Wochen anhaltenden Besetzungen in Österreich, gingen Studierende in verschiedenen Städten spontan dazu über, Hörsäle zu okkupieren. Sie protestieren damit gegen schlechte Lernbedingungen und vor allem den sogenannten Bologna-Prozeß, der die Bildungspolitik in Europa angleichen soll.

Der Bildungsstreik in der BRD nimmt Fahrt auf: 3 Unis in Bayern streiken. Besetzungen von Unis und deren Hörsäälen fanden statt zwischen dem 9. und 11. November an der FU, an der ASH und an der HU Berlin, an der Uni Bielefeld, in Mainz, in Essen und Duisburg, in Münster, in Dresden, an der Dualen Hochschule in Schwenningen, in Hamburg, in Coburg, in Tübingen, in Aachen und in Mönchengladbach. Schon am 7.11. fand eine Demonstration in Berlin und am 11.11. eine Sozialismus?-Veranstaltung an der FU Berlin statt. Solidarisch zeigten sich u.a. AktivstInnen aus in Lublin (Poland). Erste Räumungen gab es am 12.11. in Tübingen (2).
Unter Uni-Besetzung in Wien... finden sich laufend aktualisierte Ergänzungen...

Second Subpoena Issued for Iowa Grand Jury

United States, 13.11.2009 09:07

Almost a month after Twin Cities activist Carrie Feldman was subpoenaed to an Iowa grand jury, another activist was served a subpoena on the same street corner at the same time and same day of the week.  Late Monday afternoon, Scott DeMuth's car was surrounded by a gaggle of local and federal unmarked vehicles on 31st Street near Powderhorn Park.  Several men got out, nervously walked to the car, and handed DeMuth the subpoena requesting his fingerprints.

Both activists have been asked to appear next Tuesday before the Davenport, Iowa grand jury that appears to be investigating a 2004 Animal Liberation Front action targeting vivisection at the University of Iowa.  At the time, Feldman was a 15-year-old high school sophomore in Minneapolis. Read More | | | Related: Statement from DeMuth/Support Info | Thursday: Grand-Jury Send-off Potluck and Hip-hop Show @ Seward Cafe | 10-14: Local Activist Subpoenaed to Grand Jury in Iowa | Solidarity Rally Also: Bogus Subpoena Against US Indymedia

November 14th: Victory! Approve 71 Thank-You Rally

Seattle, 13.11.2009 05:08

Thanks to the community for making history this election day. 31 states have tried to win marriage equality on the ballot and 31 states have lost. We became the first state in the country to put legal protections for same-sex couples and the ballot… AND WE WON. Now it’s time to celebrate our historic victory.

Join in celebrating our historic win and thanking the community for their dedication and support. MC’d by Aleksa Manila; Featured speaker: Lt. Dan Choi. Also featuring Marsha Botzer, Eduardo Brambila, Josh Castle, members of the Approve 71 Campaign and LGBT couples whose rights we defended!

Westlake Center
Saturday, November 14th, 12-1:30 pm

November 13th and 14th: Commemoration of the 1919 Centralia Tragedy

Seattle, 13.11.2009 05:08

The Centralia Tragedy of 1919 is a major event in U.S. labor history. On November 11, 1919, there was a showdown in Centralia, WA between members of the American Legion and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Four Legionnaires were killed and an IWW organizer, Nathan Wesley Everest, was tortured and lynched. Eight IWW members were sentenced to 25-40 years in prison for shooting the Legionnaires, but no community members were ever brought to trial for the lynching of Everest.

2009 marks the 90th anniversary of this tragedy. Lewis County residents, the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association, regional labor unions, the Labor Center, staff and faculty from Centralia College, and rank-and-file union workers have put together a series of events to commemorate the Centralia Tragedy and to honoring the struggle we in the working class continue to fight against those who put profits before people.

Dialogues Against Militarism Report From Palestine

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2009 04:39

From Dialogues Against Militarism , "On Saturday, November 7, About 25 of us trudged towards military prison 400, just outside of Tel Aviv, coils of razor wire and lookout towers looming above us, fields of mud and dry grass to our right. we began setting up the sound system and preparing for the day's goal of reaching earshot of Or Ben-David, a young Israeli being held in prison for refusing the army draft." reports from Palestine


Colombia, 13.11.2009 01:39, eff, subpoena

Houston, 13.11.2009 00:39

Indymedia Folks Had No Idea We Were Being Subpoenaed! What the EFF?

PCJF wins settlement for 2002 Illegal Arrest and FBI Interrogation of Activists

DC, 12.11.2009 23:09

Peaceful protestors targeted for wearing black The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) is pleased to announce a victorious settlement on behalf of eight people who were illegally arrested following April 20, 2002 lawful anti-war and IMF/World Bank protests. In this landmark case, the arrestees, who were never prosecuted for the false arrests, were politically targeted by law enforcement, in part based on the black clothing that some were wearing. Following their arrests, they were interrogated about their political beliefs by a secret intelligence unit of the FBI. The case, which has been litigated for six years by attorneys at the PCJF, was about to go to trial. The case of Bolger, et al. v. District of Columbia, et al. Civil Action 03-0963, United States Court for the District of Columbia, has been settled for $450,000 and changes in police procedures and policies. D.C. to pay $450,000 to war protesters over 2002 interrogation

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