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Portland Families In NE

Portland, 23.11.2009 21:39

lets get together and build a community. its takes a village! for a long time i have been wanting to build a community of families that do child care exchange. potlucks, carpooling,free schooling/un-schooling support groups, community gardening, grocery exchange and more. i know it is so important to have support and love from a community of friends when raising a child. it is not an easy task and not one that anyone should do alone. i feel it is about time that we come together and start supporting one another. childcare is outrageous the school systems are failing us and lets face it we all need someone to give us a hug here and there. if anyone out there is interested in getting together for playgroups, trading childcare, staring a homeschooling collective then lets get together! for now
here is a list of events and happenings that happen and resources for families in the inner NE/N/E ( becasue that is where i live and if i included all of Portland it would be an endless list) and close biking/busing distance from there. FEEL FREE TO ADD THINGS as long as they are ongoing for that day and have fun!

D5 in Portland - 10-year anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle

Portland, 23.11.2009 21:39

D5 plans for Portland - events start at 12:00 noon at Waterfront Park

As part of the global days of action against the new World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial, people from across the Pacific Northwest will be converging in downtown Portland to speak out against the proposed expansion of failed "free trade" policies and to demand the prioritization of human needs over corporate greed.

That week, the World Trade Organization will be holding its largest negotiations on international trade and investment in many years. During the new WTO conference, government officials and corporate lobbyists will be promoting the expansion of business-as-usual trade policies as a solution to, rather than a cause of, the global economic and environmental crises. On their agenda is the expansion of pacts that would:

* Cause further offshoring of local jobs
* Prohibit new banking regulations designed to prevent the next financial crisis
* Force global warming policies to conform with restrictive commercial agreements
* Expand agricultural practices that push small farmers off their land and force migration
* Require countries to accept imported foods and consumer goods that fail to meet local safety standards

We need to fight back. This latest WTO Ministerial -- only the fourth in the past decade -- falls on the exact 10-year anniversary of the hugely-successful Seattle WTO protests.

A censura que desponta na Grécia: Indymedia ameaçado

CMI Brasil, 23.11.2009 21:37


Andrea Lewis, Host of the Sunday Sedition and the Evening News Co-Anchor, Dies At 52

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.11.2009 20:09

On November 15, Andrea Lewis died in an apparent heart attack at her San Francisco home. Andrea came to KPFA in 1999 as a co-host of the Morning Show and later became the host of the Sunday Sedition and the Evening News Co-Anchor.

Cop15 Climate Conference: System Change, Not Climate Change

United Kingdom, 23.11.2009 19:09

The UN Cop15 Climate Conference is due to take place in Copenhagen from 7th-14th December. Billed as the last chance to save our future, is it any wonder that people are getting angry? Recently the campaign clearly represented people's desire to dramatically reduce emissions across the world, yet we've seen such mass displays of political expression before, such as the global anti-war demonstrations in 2003 which seemed to have little impact upon Governments. But it's not just about emissions. Those in the global south who have contributed least to the problem are now facing the effects. Increasingly climate campaigners are saying that we cannot trust the market with our future and that we must not rely upon 'false solutions'.

As the world watches Copenhagen, thousands of people will participate in protest marches, direct action and alternative forums. In Denmark new repressive laws have been proposed to discourage protests including extending preventitative detention from 6hrs to 12hrs, significantly increasing fines for public order offences under Danish law, and increasing the penalty for not dispersing when ordered to do so by police [see 1 | 2]. Meanwhile in a clear display of political policing, four uk activists on their way to an organising meeting in Copenhagen were detained and questioned under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 [2 | 3].

Despite this hundreds of people from the uk will head to Copenhagen to participate in the protests, actions and the Klimaforum. The uk Climate Camp is organising coach transport and has joined the Climate Justice Action network which is co-ordinating some of the protests, in particular the Reclaim Power! action on 16th December, which aims to push into the conference area and hold a "People’s Summit for Climate Justice". They are supported by a wide range of groups, including members of Climate Justice Now, a network formed in Bali during Cop13 and including many groups and networks from the global south, such as Via Campesina. Other planned actions focus on food sovereignty, migration, corporations and 'business as usual'.

In the countdown toward Cop15, there has been an upswing in direct action around climate change. On September 12th hundreds of people protested and took direct action at Hazelwood coal power station  in Victoria, Australia. On 26th September, hundreds of protestors in Denmark took direct action, breaching the fences at Amagerværket coal-fired power station (owned by Vattenfall) in an action called "Shut It Down" [reports 1  | 2 | video]. In the uk on 17th October around one thousand people protested at Eon's Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal power station, repeatedly breaching fences [pics]. On 26th October, activists in the uk occupied parts of Npower’s Didcot power station, blockaded an access road at Mainshill Wood where Scottish Coal plans a new coal mine, and climbed onto machinery at Shipley opencast coal mine stopping work [collected reports]. On October 28th activists from the action group Climate Alarm! blockaded the entrance to the Business Europe Copenhagen conference in Brussels [video 1 | 2 | 3 | pics]. At the start of November in Barcelona at the last preparatory session before Copenhagen, protestors marched, blocked roads and blockaded entrances to the meeting, whilst inside delegates from the African bloc staged a walk-out of the discussions [reports 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]. Whilst on 23rd November in Australia around two hundred protestors blockaded Parliament House in Canberra.

Ahead of Cop15, demonstrations are scheduled in Geneva alongside the WTO, and on November 30th the Mobilization for Climate Justice has called for a global day of action coinciding with the 10 year anniversary of the famous Seattle WTO protests. Linking the WTO to the Cop15 mobilisation is the Social & Climate Justice Caravan, with 60 representatives from global movements from the South travelling two routes from Geneva to Copenhagen, arriving 9th December. In London, a large pre-Cop15 protest march called "The Wave" is planned by a coalition of NGOs on December 5th, meeting at the US Embassy before marching off at 1pm to encircle Parliament. Earlier there is a Climate Bike Ride meeting at 10am at Lincoln's Inn Fields, and a Climate Emergency Rally at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park at midday. See also Pre-Copenhagen Local UK Events Listings

Listings of Events + Protests: 1|2|3
Latest Logistics (accomodation etc) | Legal Advice / pdf | Medics and Trauma Support | Google Map
Climate Camp UK Coaches (11th-19th Dec) - (Book by 25th Nov) | Other Coaches from European Countries

See coverage at: Indymedia DK | Climate IMC | Imcuk Cop15 Section
Recent: Bolivian COP-15 Delegate's Call Video | 300-350 Show: Civil disobedience for climate justice
See also:Why Climate Change is Not an Environmental Issue (pdf) | Deal or No Deal Newspaper (pdf) | 350 Reasons Why Carbon Trading Won't Work (pdf)  |  Carbon Supermarket Comic by Kate Evans   |  More Background

On &quot;Black Friday&quot;, Bay Area Native American Call on People to Boycott Emeryville's Mall

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.11.2009 19:08

On Friday, November 27, a protest at the Emeryville's Bay Street Mall will call on people to boycott the mall and to respect the sacred Ohlone site. The Bay Street Mall was built on top of an ancient Ohlone burial site after years of protest actions by the local Native American community. The construction of the mall unearthed thousands of human remains, many of which were taken away to landfill in the name of consumerism.

Cesare morto? CESARE LIVRE!

CMI Brasil, 23.11.2009 19:07

Ato Político-Cultural pela Demarcação da Terra Indígena Santuário dos &gt;&gt; Pajés na Reserva Bananal.

CMI Brasil, 23.11.2009 18:37

26 de Novembro de 2009

Archivo de Casos 2009 de Personas Asesinadas por la Fuerzas de Seguridad del Estado

Argentina, 23.11.2009 18:09

La represión como politica de Estado

Archivo de Casos 2009 de Personas Asesinadas por la Fuerzas de Seguridad

Argentina, 23.11.2009 18:09

La represión como politica de Estado


Oost-Vlaanderen, 23.11.2009 18:07

Lappersfort herbezet!

Action at Simcoa

Perth, 23.11.2009 17:39

Action at Simcoa - Bunbury

D5 Mobilization to Portland against the WTO

Rogue Valley, 23.11.2009 16:40

Vans & Autos will car-pool up and back the same day ($30. roundtrip on a van includes pizza).
Call NOW to reserve a seat 541-482-6988 or email

D5: Mobilization Against the World Trade Organization

Saturday, December 5th * March & Rally * Downtown Portland

12:00 Noon - Gather at Tom McCall Waterfront Park (under the Hawthorne Bridge)
1:00 pm - March to the World Trade Center, Federal Building and Wells Fargo Building
2:00 pm - Indoor Rally and Concert at Portland State University

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;2012: They Were Warned&quot;

DC, 23.11.2009 16:10

It's the end of the world as they know it… but they feel fine! Those of you who've followed my work for any length of time will remember my complaints about the early start of the Presidential "election" cycle (John Edwards announced on Christmas Week, 2006) in the form of the four-part "Jackass Slate for 2008". So, here it is, at least a year before the "official" start of the 2012 Presidential campaign season, and here I am already doing a '12 Election cartoon…

Human rights up close and personal

Ireland, 23.11.2009 16:09

A visit to Amnesty prisoner of conscience Raul Her ...

&quot;Asalto&quot; MINH en Plaza

Puerto Rico, 23.11.2009 08:39

Exitoso “asalto” del MINH a Plaza Las Américas

Scott DeMuth and Carrie Feldman Targetted by Iowa Grand Jury

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.11.2009 08:38

On October 13th, two Minneapolis, MN activists were subpoenaed to appear before an Iowa Grand Jury, ostensibly investigating a November 2004 Animal Liberation Front raid of a University of Iowa psychology department animal laboratory. Twice they refused to testify and were then ordered jailed for contempt by a federal district judge on November 17th. On November 19th, Scott DeMuth was additionally charged with conspiracy to commit animal enterprise terrorism in Davenport, Iowa federal court.

Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign Launches Campaign with Successful Blockade

Chicago, 22.11.2009 18:09

From the newswire: "On Tuesday, the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign kicked off its first day with a successful blockade at the home of Lenise Forrest, a community member and mother of two. At 9AM on November 17, supporters began arriving to blockade the house from eviction, and with the increasing police presence circling the block, many people were wondering what would happen next.

Supporters were prepared to stand between Lenise's family and the police to prevent the eviction of the family. Then, just as the corporate news arrived, the police suddenly disappeared. After the press conference the police stayed away most of the time, and the threat of eviction dwindled. In all, the eviction blockade turned out to be not a clash with police, but instead a great community building event in which people from all parts of chicago came together in solidarity.

Read more | Watch video | coverage

Students Takeover CSU-Fresno Library

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.11.2009 04:38

Saturday, November 21, 2009 - Students at CSU-Fresno took over the university library, keeping it open for 24 hours from Friday - Saturday morning. About 100 students and supporters occupied the second floor of the Madden Library, demanding that more university resources go towards keeping the library open for more hours. Ali Espinoza, one of the student leaders who helped organize the takeover, said the university keeps their bowling ally and pool hall open more hours than the library.

DeMuth Charged with &quot;Animal Enterprise Terrorism,&quot; But Could Possibly Be Released Next Week

United States, 22.11.2009 03:07

Thursday morning, Minneapolis grand jury resister Scott DeMuth was charged with conspiracy to commit animal enterprise terrorism in Davenport, Iowa federal court.  He is currently being held in the disciplinary block at the Muscatine County Jail after he was found to be in civil contempt of court for refusing to cooperate with the grand jury that convened in Davenport on Tuesday.  Because the civil contempt charge was later dropped, on Friday he attended a hearing to decide on his possible release on unsecured bond; a final decision has not yet been made by the court.  

Late Friday, Iowa corporate media reported that DeMuth also pleaded not guilty at the hearing.  The article also reported that Assistant U.S. Attorney Cliff Cronk cited items seized from DeMuth during a raid before the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Since the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA, an expansion on a previous act) in 2006, the law has only been used twice before yesterday: once in California and once in Utah.  The act criminalizes and brands as "terrorism" actions which injure no one - such as like leafletting and sidewalk chalking - and are routinely undertaken by non-radical activists and ordinary citizens.  The only criteria is whether the act "damag[es] or interfer[es] with the operations of an animal enterprise," such as by affecting profits.  In the California case, one of the alleged crimes, reads the indictment there, was "us[ing] the Internet to find information on bio-medical researchers at the University of California."

Davenport Grand Jury support site | | Listen to EWOK! on KFAI's Catalyst: Politics and Culture | Previously @ TCIMC: Feldman and DeMuth Jailed for Contempt |  New Support Info | Press Release from EWOK!, Statements from Carrie and Scott | Video: Feldman on Grand Juries & Luce Guillen-Givens on the Green Scare

RELATED: Fur Trapping Season Starts December 1st

Solicitaban su inserción en el Programa de Cooperativas de trabajo

Argentina, 22.11.2009 01:09

Represión y detenidos en Esteban Echeverría

The Railroading of Tariq Mehanna Continues

Boston, 21.11.2009 19:09

The U.S. legal system says we are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but Tariq Mehanna joins the many defendants who have not enjoyed this presumption. In our post-9/11 world, it is a widely accepted notion that devout Muslims are conspiring to commit acts of terrorism and violence. The legal system, backed by public opinion, can easily hold Muslims for crimes that are connected to the defendants with little or no evidence, and Massachusetts is not immune to this pattern.

Washington DC Protest Demands “Justice for Mumia”

United States, 21.11.2009 16:07

Over 25,000 letters calling on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct a civil rights investigation of the 28 year conspiracy to execute death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal were delivered to the doors of the Department of Justice in Washington at the end of a spirited march and rally on Nov. 12.

Slum-TV DIY Media in the heart of Mathare

Ireland, 21.11.2009 11:10

The 21st of November marks the United Nations ‘htt ...

Ataque a Chávez

Puerto Rico, 21.11.2009 07:39

Gobierno lanza campaña sucia contra Hugo Chávez

Health Care Justice Forum at Dryden Theater

Rochester, 21.11.2009 06:07

Dia Internacional de la No Violencia Contra la Mujer

Argentina, 21.11.2009 03:09

Una mujer, miles de mujeres...

La APDN convoca

Argentina, 21.11.2009 03:09

Jornada por la seguridad de todos nuestros pibes y pibas

En estos momentos hay una concentración frente a la comisaría 1º de Monte Grande

Argentina, 21.11.2009 03:09

Detenidos y heridos tras represión policial en Esteban Echeverría

The Northwest still says No to the WTO

Portland, 21.11.2009 02:38

In late November and early December there will be a number of events across the Northwest commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the historic protests against the WTO in Seattle in 1999. As well as opposing the largest round of WTO meetings in years, which are scheduled to take place November 30th-December 2nd in Geneva, Switzerland. Ten years to the day after the Seattle WTO protest!

Statement from a portion of the Citybikes Board

Portland, 21.11.2009 02:38

A statement expressing our reaction and process regarding the Tim Calvert/ Valdas Anelauskas situation.
Making consensus decisions on immeasurably difficult issues is not something that comes easily to our cooperative. Members of the coop have been working from June until now, and this is what we wish to express.

Cop who KILLED JIM CHASSE and then shot a 12 year old girl with bean bag: STOP HIM

Portland, 21.11.2009 02:38

I just saw the video footage. Office Christopher Humphreys, a dickless little man who repeatedly feels the urge to prove himself by beating and hurting people who are smaller than himself and unarmed, has struck again. And not just him, either. A LOT of people have reason to feel shame tonight.
In the video footage, a cluster of armed police officers can be seen brutally attacking and beating a 12 year old girl. Officer Humphreys actually takes out a bean bag gun and shoots the pre-teen at close range, all for the crime of "riding the max when she wasn't supposed to."

And just as clearly, in the video footage, we can see the max train parked next to the scene, filled with hundreds of people passively watching from the windows of the train. A few people step off the train to get a better look, but NO ONE LIFTS A FINGER to stop the attack. No one does a FUCKING THING.

What is wrong with us, that we're so disabled by a uniform and perceived authority, that we will allow a little girl to be beaten, bludgeoned, and finally SHOT, right in front of us, and NOT ONE PERSON lifts a finger to stop it???

Collective Action Wins Worker’s Back Wages from Toast &amp; Pho

Portland, 21.11.2009 00:38

David Sokolowski was excited by the promise of starting a full time waiting position at the recently opened Vietnamese/American restaurant Toast & Pho. Toast & Pho, located at 103 NW 21st Ave., opened Sunday, November 1. By Monday Sokolowski was fired, and left unpaid for nearly two weeks of work. On Sunday, November 8, Sokolowski confronted his former employer, and with help from workers involved with the Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA), Sokolowski received his due.

The Red and Black Cafe is now an Official IWW shop!

Portland, 21.11.2009 00:38

You all may remember a few months ago when we announced our collective decision to become an IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) closed shop. This meant that all workers at the cafe, current and future, are and would be union members. It was an act of solidarity and an appreciation of our roots, some of which lie within the union. After we were approved by the Portland branch to become an official union shop, the motion then went to the General Executive Board and was approved. So we are now Portland's official (and only) IWW cafe!

VIDEO: Armistice Day in Portland Oregon

Portland, 21.11.2009 00:38

On this day, a group of 100 people gathered with fellow veterans and their family & friends in Pioneer Square.

Also known as "remembrance day" this event was remembered in Portland Oregon with respect to those who have lost their lives in war. We all gathered and listened in quite, to taps played as we reflected on the tragedy of all war.
The date was declared a national holiday in many nations, to commemorate those members of the armed forces who were killed during war.

Children's Peace Fair This Saturday

Portland, 21.11.2009 00:38

This Saturday, there will again be the annual Children's Peace Fair sponsored by a number of local anti-war activists and peace groups. This event is particularly important in light of the increased attempt to militarize youth. It offers families a chance to celebrate peace in community. The Children's Peace Fair has been a Portland tradition for at least a decade and traditionally takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Portland Woman To Live On Wild Food Foraged In Portland For Thanksgiving Week

Portland, 21.11.2009 00:38

From Friday Nov. 20 through Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 26, urban forager Rebecca Lerner will attempt to survive exclusively on wild food she gathers from sidewalks, parks, wilderness areas and yards in the city of Portland, OR. There will be no Dumpster diving, mooching from gardens or picking from cultivated fruit trees. In an effort to highlight wild food, Lerner's unusual menu will include thistle, sumac, dandelion and other weeds; fat she gathered from a roadkill deer; the root vegetable wapato; acorns, chestnuts, hazelnuts and black walnuts harvested from city trees; mushrooms; stinging nettles; hawthorn berries; yellow dock seeds; cleavers, and more.

"Foraging is a fun and free way to get healthy local food," Lerner said. "It's also a survival skill that can come in handy in an emergency, and a way to get in touch with our roots as hunter-gatherers."

Fur Trapping Season Starts December 1st

Portland, 21.11.2009 00:38

Oregon fur trapping begins 12/1 and runs through 3/15. During the '08-'09 season, 765 active trappers (out of 1133 licensed) killed 19,148 animals using leg-hold traps, neck snares and Conibear traps. In calendar '08, the APHIS (Dept. of Agriculture) killed 8,342 animals using the same plus leg snares (mostly on bears), cages and gas canisters (mostly M44). Nearly all these animals suffered a protracted and torturous death.
While the relentless slaughter by the US Government can only be stopped at the federal level, fur trapping in Oregon can be stopped by its citizens.

Contagious Love Experiment Bike Journey

Rogue Valley, 21.11.2009 00:09

Last Month Josh Stieber and Conor Curran made a stop here in Ashland, Oregon as they bicycled & walked across the United States on their own personal mission of peace.

They have left the west coast and will soon complete their trip at the School of the Americas in Georgia.

Read letter from Josh and Conor below and see how you can further help the Contagious Love Experiment.

Lynne Stewart Sent To Prison

Portland, 20.11.2009 23:38

Her indictment was an outrage. So too was her conviction. The fact that this seventy year old veteran civil rights attorney has been sent to prison is a crime itself. She is serving a 28 month sentence although the Court of Appeals has remanded her case back to the original trial court with the hope that her sentence will be lengthened. The Bush Justice Department had sought a 30 year sentence.

Coalition Details Hebron Fund's Connections to Extremism before Citi Field Event

NYC, 20.11.2009 23:08

One day before the Hebron Fund's controversial fundraising dinner at the New York Mets' Citi Field, a coalition of civil rights and peace organizations released new details about extremist statements by individuals associated with the Hebron Fund, and about its fundraising for illegal purposes. The statements were made by Yossi Baumol, the Executive Director of the Hebron Fund, Rabbi Dov Lior, the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish settlers in Hebron, and Noam Arnon, an honoree at the upcoming dinner. Other examples of racist, violent and illegal activities supported by the Hebron Fund were included in a November 3rd letter to the Mets.

Related Story from Adalah: New Yorkers Tell Baseball Commish: 'Strike Out Israeli Settlements!'

Notts remembers the dead

United Kingdom, 20.11.2009 20:09

The annual remembrance celebrations in Nottingham are traditionally associated with some manufactured controversy or another. This year was no different with the subvertising of a poster featuring Mansfield serviceman by anti-war campaigners.

In Nottingham, campaigners held a march from the city centre to the grounds of the castle where they laid a wreath in memory of the uncounted Afghanis who have died in the present conflict at a memorial to British soldiers killed in an abortive attack on Afghanistan in the 1870s.

The county council meanwhile, has taken time out from laying off staff long enough to rearrange the Spanish Civil War memorial so as to hide its political content.

On the newswire: Remembering Afghani Dead - Pictures | Remembering the Afghani Dead | Notts County Council rewriting history?

National feature: Remembrance conflict

Links: Nottingham Stop the War Coalition | White Poppies

Lynne Stewart: Heroic Human Rights Lawyer Jailed

Boston, 20.11.2009 20:09

The US criminal justice system betrayed this heroic woman

NYC Students March in Solidarity with Occupations in CA, Get Beaten by NYPD

NYC, 20.11.2009 19:38

At night on 19 Nov., approximately 75 (non)students from the New School, NYU, CUNY, and other university-factories in NYC marched from Washington to Union Squares and back in a gesture of solidarity with the wave of occupations that has swept the University of California system in response to the 32% tuition hike, budget cuts, and the reproduction of students as consumer-commodities ready to work for spectacle-subjects.

Lynne Stewart: Heroic Human Rights Lawyer Jailed

NYC, 20.11.2009 19:38

The US criminal justice system failed this heroic woman

Scotland in Resistance

United Kingdom, 20.11.2009 18:09

Protests against the NATO parliamentary assembly in Edinburgh culminated in its the disruption on Tuesday morning [ Summary report]. Six Trident Ploughshares activists were arrested when blocking the entrance to the Edinburgh Conference Centre. On Saturday, hundreds of protesters, including some NATO delegates, marched to the Edinburgh conference centre under the banner of the Stop the War coalition, whilst antifascists resisted a SDL rally in Glasgow. < br/> The Nato Welcoming Committee called for action at the opening of the NATO meeting on Friday, but first the group was kettled by police before the protesters individually and spontaneously rallied in front of the assembly's meeting place.

About a week beforehand the access to the G20 finance meeting in St Andrews was blockaded by five students and later in the day more than a hundred protesters marched to the Fairmont Hotel against the G20's policies.

Meanwhile the direct actions against the opencast coal-digging at Mainshill Solidarity Camp</> continue. [ Report | Weekend of Actions and Workshops | round-up ]
< br /> The City of Edinburgh Council has also seen a lot of different grassroots groups campaigning against their policies, such as the privatisation of health and support services [latest update], a bin workers "work-to-rule strike and overtime ban" [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ], manual workers dispute, parents group resisting the closure of schools, fight against funding cuts for community projects and opposition to the regeneration of the lower part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site [ Save our Old Town ] and the initiative to Save Meadowbanks .


Colombia, 20.11.2009 18:09

Otro de lo falso positivo de la Justicia Colombiana

Etapa baiana da Conferência Nacional de Comunicação

CMI Brasil, 20.11.2009 18:07


“ Sed. Invasión gota a gota ” en Villa Allende

Argentina, 20.11.2009 13:39

Comisión organizadora de la UAC y también vecin@s de la zona de las Sierras Chicas

Este sabado 21 de noviembre desde las 12hs

Argentina, 20.11.2009 13:39

Segunda FLIA La Plata

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