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Judge Orders Mehserle to Be Tried in Los Angeles County

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.11.2009 22:09

On Thursday, Novemember 19th, Superior Court Judge Morris Jacobson ordered that Johannes Mehserle's trial for the murder of Oscar Grant be moved to Los Angeles County. In the hearing to decide if the venue should be held in San Diego County or Los Angeles County, the determining factors were: pretrial publicity, relative hardship to parties, conservation of judicial resources and public funds, and demographics.

Mientras sigan Fumigando, seguira la resistencia

Argentina, 27.11.2009 22:09

Tiros y detención para l@s vecin@s que se oponen a las fumigaciones

Comunicado dos ocupantes da FUNAI em defesa do Santuário dos Pajés

CMI Brasil, 27.11.2009 20:07

Santuário dos Pajés

Anti-War Demonstration on Thankstaking Day

LA, 27.11.2009 17:38

Anti-War Demonstration on Thankstaking Day

Photos/ Video--40th Native American Day Of Mourning

Boston, 27.11.2009 15:09

Plymouth, Mass.-Nov. 26, 2009: The 40th annual National Native American Day Of Mourning took place Thanksgiving Day 2009 in Plymouth, Mass.

Carta dos Guarani Kaiowá sobre a retomada de Kurussu Ambá

CMI Brasil, 27.11.2009 14:37

Ten Years Later: Still No to the WTO!

United States, 27.11.2009 14:07

In late November and early December, a series of events will be held across the US commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the historic protests against the WTO in Seattle in 1999, and opposing the upcoming round of WTO meetings in Geneva, Switzerland. These talks are scheduled to take place November 30th through December 2nd — ten years to the day after the Seattle gathering. At these talks, government officials and corporate lobbyists will be promoting the expansion of business-as-usual trade policies as a solution to, rather than a cause of, the global economic and environmental crises. The commemoration also coincides with an international day of action on Nov 30 in advance of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place in Copenhagen Dec. 7–28. From the Newswire: Northwest still says No to the WTO | D5 in Portland | Southern Oregonians are Heading to Portland | WTO Anniversary Events (Seattle) | Seattle + 10: MN Week of Action! | New Poster Art: "Spirit Of '99"

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Colombia, 27.11.2009 13:09

Día de No Comprar

Puerto Rico, 27.11.2009 04:39

Contra el consumo, el Día Sin Compras

Anti-War Demo on Thankstaking Day

LA, 27.11.2009 03:38

Anti-War Demonstration on Thankstaking Day

Anti-War Demo on Thankstaking Day

LA, 27.11.2009 03:38

Anti-War Demonstration on Thankstaking Day


CMI Brasil, 26.11.2009 23:37



Oost-Vlaanderen, 26.11.2009 23:07

Opinietekst: Het wij-zij denken in de antifascistische beweging

cop 15

Oost-Vlaanderen, 26.11.2009 16:07

Landbouw Axie Dag: Het Verzet is Rijp!

Erneute Repressionswelle im Baskenland

Germany, 26.11.2009 08:39

In der Nacht zum Dienstag (24.11.) kam es in den zu Spanien gehörenden baskischen Provinzen Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia, Araba und Nafarroa zu 34 Festnahmen und 92 Hausdurchsuchungen durch die Polizei und die Guardia Civil.

Info-Baskenland | Indymedia Baskenland (es/eu) | junge Welt | Gara (es/eu)


Argentina, 26.11.2009 03:39

Residencial Chavier en Ponce

Puerto Rico, 26.11.2009 03:10

Nuevo video "violento" del combo de Arístides Chavier

Eighteen Arrested as Hundreds March to Save City Jobs

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.11.2009 03:09

On November 23rd, members of SEIU Local 1021 blocked Market Street at the peak of rush hour, protesting San Francisco Mayor Newsom's plan to eliminate more city jobs. The protest shut down automobile traffic and Muni lines were forced to make detours. Eighteen people were arrested by the San Francisco Police Department.

Transgender Memorial Dedication in West Hollywood

LA, 26.11.2009 00:38

Transgender Memorial Dedication in West Hollywood

Dhoruba Bin Wahad and Naji Mujahid racially profiled and denied entry into the Occupied Palestinian Territory

DC, 26.11.2009 00:09

On Monday, November 23, 2009 Dhoruba Bin Wahad and Naji Mujahid attempted to enter Palestine to attend a conference in Jericho on Palestinian Detainees in Israel. They were held at they themselves were detained at the Israeli/Jordanian border crossing at the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge and held for 11hrs until calls from their Attorneys, Robert Boyle and Thomas Ruffin Jr. (sadly not calls from "Black leaders") facilitated their release. They were subsequently denied entry and sent back to Jordan.

Protesters greet Sarah Palin at book signing

Rochester, 25.11.2009 23:07

Former Vice Presidential candidate, Governor and Mayor Sarah Palin was in Rochester November 21. A crowd of a thousand or more lined up outside Border's Books and Music in Henrietta to get an autographed copy of her new book Going Rogue: Life in America. Some had camped out overnight to obtain a copy. Those in line had some company. A loud and lively group of 75 protesters gathered to call attention to Palin's hypocritical and even dangerous policies. One marcher was even playing a tuba! The protest was largely peaceful. There was some heckling from both sides. One person was arrested after a verbal altercation with police.

Especial Día contra la violencia de genero

Argentina, 25.11.2009 20:39

No es crimen pasional es violencia de género

150 dias de resistência!

CMI Brasil, 25.11.2009 20:07


Em Tefé (AM) polícia militar espanca quem anda de chinelo.

CMI Brasil, 25.11.2009 19:37

WTO Anniversary Events

Seattle, 25.11.2009 19:08

Reclaim the spirit of Seattle 99! Join us for a Week of Action (Nov 27 – Dec 5) on the 10th anniversary of the WTO protests and in advance of the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.


Colombia, 25.11.2009 18:39

action on climatw change

Perth, 25.11.2009 17:09

ACTION: Protest the emissions trading scheme


Argentina, 25.11.2009 15:39

Una herida que no cierra… una historia de más de 500 años

Argentina, 25.11.2009 15:39

La vida campesina versus el desarrollismo infinito

Hundreds of Chicagoans March to Mourn Slain Gay Puerto Rican Teenager

Chicago, 25.11.2009 04:08

Jorge Steven Lόpez-Mercado, an openly gay teenager in in Caguas, Puerto Rico, was slain in November 2009. Lόpez-Mercado was decapitated, dismembered and partially burned, and his assailant claimed to be motivated by "gay panic". Many are drawing comparisons to the 1998 slaying of University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard.

Activists in a number of American cities held public gatherings to mourn the death of Lόpez-Mercado and to protest against the continuing climate of homophobia which spawns hate crimes. In Chicago, the Gay Liberation Network, along with representatives from Orgullo en Accion and Boricua Pride/ALMA held a march in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood.

Chicago Indymedia coverage: Photos — Hundreds gather to mourn slain trans youth activist | Learning from the lynching of Jorge Steven Lόpez-Mercado | March/Vigil for Burned and Decapitated Gay Puerto Rican Teen

Dispatches from IWW Delegation to Palestine

United States, 25.11.2009 03:07

Below are two recent dispatches from the IWW Delegation to Palestine that just arrived a few days ago. The delegation includes several activists from Philadelphia.

Selection from Nov.22 post: We were welcomed into the Federation of Independent Unions of Palestine office by Mohammed Aruri and his colleague Ghareeb formerly a worker at a pharmaceutical factory, now a volunteer of the union. At this small meeting, delegation members learned a bit about the Federation of Independent Palestinian Unions, which, as it turns out, is incredibly similar in mission and structure to the IWW... Read More

Stay tuned for more at

Buy Nothing Day?

Rogue Valley, 25.11.2009 02:09

Buy Nothing Day (Friday, November 27th) is upon us again. Once again people are going to be out in large numbers, way too early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving just to get a deal. Is it really worth it?

The concept of “Buy Nothing Day” is lost on us so instead I propose the people make it “Buy Local Day”. Ideally we would fold that dollar back up and put it back in our wallets, but most of us know that will not happen. I say if we are going to spend money should it not be on something that will creating a lasting effect for our local economy and money that will stay within our communities.

When bigots attack, we fight back!

United Kingdom, 25.11.2009 00:39

After Liverpool City Council forced an anti-homophobia march to stick to the back streets, an angry group set off on an alternative, unapproved, route through the heart of Liverpool's shopping centre

Powerful Weekend Resisting Violence &amp;amp; Oppression

DC, 24.11.2009 23:10

This weekend was a truly inspirational and powerful gathering made possible only by the collective work of thousands of activists like you. Washington, DC resident Michael Walli and three other Line-Crossers Arrested; Hundreds of Demonstrators Penetrate Police Barricades

&quot;Lieberman Five&quot; Arraigned in DC Superior Court

DC, 24.11.2009 23:10

ACTIVISTS ARRESTED DEMANDING END TO INSURANCE-INDUSTRY PAYOFFS TO CONNECTICUT SENATOR Five of us — Brittany, Linda, Danielle, George and myself — who were arrested at Senator Lieberman's office on November 5th, appeared together in DC Superior Court today in order to be arraigned. My fellow defendants and I were forced to plead 'not guilty'. I wanted to plead "no contest", but the Judge would not allow that… it is just not how the system works here.


Colombia, 24.11.2009 22:09


Una herida que no cierra… una historia de más de 500 años

Argentina, 24.11.2009 21:39

La vida campesina versus el desarrollismo infinito.


Colombia, 24.11.2009 21:39

The People of Bir al-'Id Return Home, Attacked by Settlers in Less Then a Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2009 21:09

David Shulman, writes: "I've been trying to explain in my talk why I keep going down to the South Hebron hills when, after all, our impact on the situation there is so minimal, so pointillist, the task so Sisyphean, the sense of futility so overwhelming. I claimed that despite all this, there is something good about being there, in those landscapes and with those people, and that it had something to do with the difference between truth and falsehood."


Argentina, 24.11.2009 20:09

Protesta discrimen y despidos

Puerto Rico, 24.11.2009 19:10

Protestan violencia homofóbica del Estado contra trabajadores LGBT

Kate Kibby Not Guilty

Houston, 24.11.2009 17:39

NOT GUILTY: Twelve reasonable people, and how the state tried to ‘Aunt Sally’ Kate Kibby

Wearing of the poppy

Ireland, 24.11.2009 17:39

The view of the National Graves Association on the ...

The Indypendent Issue 143: Neo Earth: Can Climate Justice Activists Stop the Geoengineering of the Planet?

NYC, 24.11.2009 17:08

International talks on climate change and solutions to global warming will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 7-December 18. But already, the prospect of a politically binding agreement coming out of the summit are dimming, and activists have deemed the Copenhagan talks a failure before they have already begun.

The Indypendent brings you an in-depth package on climate change, the climate movement and Copenhagen, with Arun Gupta tackling the "shoddy fixes" of geoengineering and the market, Robert Eshelman on mountaintop removal in West Virginia and the fight for wind energy there, Jessica Lee on the diverse social movements planning to converge on Copenhagen, and Bryan Farell on how a growing climate justice movement has emerged.

Gupta writes, "Don’t believe that politicians and corporations lack the will to address climate change. They have the will to deny the science of climate change, the will to sabotage negotiations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the will to foist half-baked schemes on us to address global calamity.

This is why Copenhagen will not be a failure. It will be a stunning success. The wealthy and powerful have succeeded in blocking, for now, the shift to a society, economy and polity that sustains the vast breadth of humanity and the planet."

For more, check out the links below. Also included in this issue: Arun Gupta interviews author and activist Raj Patel about his new book; Juan Gonzales and Steven Wishnia take on Bloomberg's third term; and John Tarleton writes on why the Seattle 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization still matter.

Bloomberg Busts Out the Cash || The Stakes Are High || Council Members to Keep an Eye On || H20hhhhhhh, No You Don't! || Bronx Bakery Buy-Out Crumbles || Stuy-Town Win Could Have Ripple Effect || Cashing in on the Housing Crisis || A Fresh Education Threatened || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || The Hot Topic: A Growing Climate Change Movement Emerges || Why Seattle Still Matters: 1999 WTO Protests Exposed Deep Flaws in Global Capitalism That Remain Unaddressed || Convergin on Copenhagen || At the Energy Crossroads: The Battle for Wind Energy in the Heart of Appalachia || Puppets and People Power: An Interview with David Solnit || Hacking the Planet Colombia Set to be Pentagon’s Covert Hub || The Ideology of Hope: An Interview with Raj Patel || The Goodwill of Wal-Mart Women: A Review of To Serve God and Wal-Mart: The Making of Christian Free Enterprise || Stepping Out: A Review of Precious || Growing Up as History: A Review of The Lesser Seductions of History


CMI Brasil, 24.11.2009 15:37



Argentina, 24.11.2009 06:09

“La militancia y la coherencia pudo más que el aparato del rectorado”


Argentina, 24.11.2009 05:45

“La militancia y la coherencia pudo más que el aparato del rectorado”

Rustbelt Radio for November 23, 2009

Pittsburgh, 24.11.2009 04:39

Rustbelt Radio for November 23, 2009


Argentina, 24.11.2009 03:09

Red and Black Cafe PDX Guide

Portland, 23.11.2009 21:39

All of us here at the Red and Black are proud to announce our PDX Guide! This guide is available on our website, and is our selection of the many resources available in Portland. This includes worker co-ops, bike shops, local media and publishers, affordable health care and more. We hope you'll consider it one of your stops as you acquaint yourself with our lovely city. And if you have any suggestions about other places to put in the guide, we'd love to hear from you. Shoot us an e-mail!

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