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Colombia, 01.12.2009 18:09

No to Deportations and Destitution

United Kingdom, 01.12.2009 17:39

In March 2007 the Home Office published "Enforcing the Rules": stating that its purpose was to ensure that for people seeking asylum, life "becomes ever more uncomfortable and constrained until they leave or are removed." From October this year they have stepped their efforts to make life hard for asylum seekers (and perhaps win some votes from the most ignorant and racist parts of the electorate). In particular: cutting asylum benefits to £5 a day for asylum seekers over 25; attempting (disastrously) to deport people to Baghdad, claiming that it is "safe" (one of the people on the demo had lost a friend to car bomb in Baghdad weeks before); making the process of claiming asylum even more of maze that it already is and announcing their intention to forcibly deport people to Zimbabwe by claiming there were "positive changes" there.

Sheffield's Zimbabwean community felt this attack on them should be resisted. They fled Zimbabwe to find safety here and there is no less danger in Zimbabwe now than before the latest "Unity" Government. Initiated by them and backed by the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) we decided to speak out against this latest stepping up of the Government's war against asylum seekers. So 100-120 people demonstrated outside the Town Hall: asylum seekers from Zimbabwe, Uganda, Iraq, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Chechnia, Uzbekistan and Sudan joined SYMAAG, Sheffield and Barnsley Trades Councils, ASSIST, No Borders, CDAS, Sheffield Green Party, the Bishop of Sheffield and council leader Paul Scriven to show our opposition. As well as speeches there was dancing from members of the Zimbabwean group. The demonstration received coverage from Radio Sheffield, Sheffield Live and The Star and passers-by took 200 leaflets explaining why we were protesting. We left, cold but proud that we stood up for asylum rights in our city.

Next SYMAAG meeting: Monday 7th December 7pm at Scotia Works, Leadmill Road, Sheffield S1 4SE

Links: Protest Notice | Protest Photos

Pickets Protest Election at Honduran Consulate in S. F.

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.12.2009 15:39

On November 29th, Honduras held elections and the next day Porfirio Lobo was announced as the next president. On the day of the election, a picket was held at the Honduran Consulate in San Francisco; protesters described the elections as a sham organized by a government installed by a military coup. They demanded that there be, "no recognition of the coup regime and its election." Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela, have refused to recognize the vote, and the UN, EU & the Carter Center, have condemned the electoral process as illegitimate & refused to send observers. The US, Peru, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica and Israel are the only nations to have publicly indicated recognition of the electoral process in Honduras & the future regime.


Colombia, 01.12.2009 15:39

Cooperación con EEUU o entrega de soberanía oficial?!

Letter from Leuthold Dairy Farm and M 66-67

Rogue Valley, 01.12.2009 15:09

I just received today's USPS mail and got this letter from Leuthold Dairy Farm and owner Carol Marie Leuthold. A second letter also from Leuthold is addressed to my wife and step-daughter. WOW, they must have really done some outreach. Then I look at my email and get this message from a friend upstate in Oregon who sends out a warning about this mass mailing which has been delivered to my home in Ashland.

The message from David Delk exposes this campaign to hurt Oregon. I'm forwarding important information below for you to see.



Colombia, 01.12.2009 14:09

No Más Violencia Contra Mujeres

Puerto Rico, 01.12.2009 11:40

Marcha en el Día Internacional de No Más Violencia Contra la Mujer

Laura Bush &amp; Rite Aid execs will face questions from workers at awards banquet

NYC, 01.12.2009 05:08

NEW YORK – Concerned Rite Aid employees from California are urging former First Lady Laura Bush to decline an invitation to appear at a midtown awards banquet that will honor Rite Aid CEO Mary Sammons on Tuesday, December 1st at the New York Hilton, 1335 Avenue of the Americas. Community supporters will gather in front of the hotel at 5:30 p.m. to meet Mrs. Bush and Rite Aid executives attending the event.

NRDC Protested For Greenwashing and Support of Carbon Trading and Coal!

NYC, 01.12.2009 05:08

Across the nation and in midtown Manhattan, the climate justice movement came alive. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the successful WTO demonstrations known as the "Showdown in Seattle," and is one week before UN climate negotiations begin in Copenhagen. Hundreds of members of Mobilization for Climate Justice (MCJ) turned out to unleash what environmental economist Charles Komanoff suggests is a "rebirth of the environmental movement based on environmental science and economics -- and not on deal-making with corporate polluters."

83 detenidos y un muerto por la represión

Argentina, 01.12.2009 04:39

Honduras: Altísima abstención en elecciones bajo la dictadura militar

83 detenidos y un muerto por la represión

Argentina, 01.12.2009 04:39

Honduras: Altísima abstención en elecciones bajo la dictadura militar

Canal 13 Comunitario de Mendoza

Argentina, 01.12.2009 03:39

100 horas de TV comunitaria

Canal 13 Comunitario de Mendoza

Argentina, 01.12.2009 03:39

100 horas de TV comunitaria

Urgente convocatoria

Argentina, 01.12.2009 02:39

Movilización contra el código de faltas: Jueves 16:00hs Legislatura

Viviendas, agua y tierras para una vida digna

Argentina, 01.12.2009 00:39

Tiros y detención para lxs vecinxs que se oponen a las fumigaciones

Argentina, 01.12.2009 00:39

Mientras sigan Fumigando, seguira la resistencia

Against Honduras Elections

Houston, 30.11.2009 21:39

No Fair Elections under Military Coup - Protest of Honduras Elections

Cop15 Klimakonferenz: Systemwandel statt Klimawandel

Germany, 30.11.2009 20:39

Die UN Cop15 Klimakonferenz findet vom 7. - 14. Dezember in Kopenhagen, Dänemark statt. Angekündigt wird die Konferenz als letzte Chance unsere Zukunft zu retten -ist es da verwunderlich das viele Menschen wütend werden angesichts politischer Ignoranz und leerer  Versprechen? Im Oktober hat die Kampagne klar den Wunsch nach dramatischen Emissionsreduktionen wiedergespiegelt. Die Mobilisierung weltweit war enorm aber es steht zu befürchten, dass die politischen Eliten den Wunsch großer Teile der Bevölkerung ebenso ignoriert, wie während der Proteste gegen den Irak Krieg 2003. Es geht aber nicht nur um die Reduzierung von Treibhausgasen. Die Menschen im globalen Süden leiden am meisten unter den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels, obwohl sie selbst am wenigsten dazu beigetragen. Immer mehr KlimaaktivistInnen sind der Meinung, dass wir dem Markt nicht unsere Zukunft anvertrauen können und die  'falschen Lösungen' des grünen Kapitalismus werden als Lügen entlarvt.

Unabhängige Berichterstattung: Indymedia DK [en] | Climate IMC [mehrsprachig]| Imcuk Cop15 Section [en] | Act For Climate - Twitter [en]

Oregon BLM Herbicide Use Plan Needs Comments by December 1st !

Portland, 30.11.2009 18:38

[This is really horrific; please take a few minutes to let the BLM know that Oregon water-dependent species will be irreparably harmed by all the action alternatives, and that herbicide use should be phased out, instead of tripled.]

The Oregon Bureau of Land Management is currently proposing to increase toxic herbicide use on BLM public lands in Oregon from about 17,000 acres of herbicide spraying a year to control invasive plants to almost three times as much -- 45,000 acres a year, and to increase the number of herbicides used from four to 12 herbicides on the west-side of the Cascades and 16 on the east side... claiming that there is higher public acceptance of herbicide risks east of the Cascades. The BLM offers a narrow range of alternatives, rejecting public suggestions to increase the use of non-herbicide control methods... and to prohibit use of the very potent Acetolactate Synthase-inhibiting herbicides (Chlorsulfuron, metsulfuron methyl, sulfometuron methyl, imazapic, and imazapyr) which are particularly risky to use in aerial spraying or boom spray applications. Failing to incorporate or combine any of these public proposals and the suggestion of only using herbicides as a last resort, the BLM is offering 5 alternatives, four of which use herbicides, with alternative 1 being no herbicide use, which they admit they are not taking seriously, saying it is for comparison purposes only.

*Mail comments (today) to: Vegetation Treatments EIS Team, POB 2965, Portland, OR 97208-2965, or email (but confirm receipt) to:

Rally for Peace in Medford

Rogue Valley, 30.11.2009 15:10

Dear Friends of Citizens for Peace & Justice,

President Obama's expected message to the nation next Tuesday that he will escalate the war in Afghanistan by sending tens of thousands more US troops there has had one positive effect -- it has re-energized the peace movement.

For perhaps the past five years or so, CPJ has sponsored a Rally for Peace from 12 noon to 1 pm on the 4th Saturday of each month in Medford. Often, only three to six people attend these rallies for peace and to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But this month was different. On Saturday some 25 to 30 folks turned out (there was some coming and going during the hour). Check out the attached photos by Ivend Holen, who is a constant participant in almost every progressive activity in this valley.


Athens, 30.11.2009 12:39

Δίκη του αναρχικού Ηλία Νικολάου στις 2 Δεκέμβρη


Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.11.2009 11:07

De nieuwe Nar is uit

WTO: Relacja z protestów

Poland, 30.11.2009 10:39

Jeszcze w piątek - w ramach solidarności z protestami przeciwko liberalizacji i prywatyzacji studiów, pod hasłem 'Edkukacja nie na sprzedaż!' rozpoczęła się okupacja uniwersytetu w Genewie. (Więcej info )

Podczas sobotnich demonstracji doszło do starcia protestujących z policją. W początkowej fazie manifestacja przebiegała spokojnie, policja też nie była specjalnie aktywna. Później doszło do starć: stawiano barykady, płonęły samochody, policja użyła gazu łzawiącego.

CHOGM Perth 2011

Perth, 30.11.2009 10:09

CHOGM farce to hit Perth 2011

Poder, Cuerpo y Género

Puerto Rico, 30.11.2009 05:45

Yo, víctima de violencia


Argentina, 30.11.2009 05:44

Lucha y denuncia sobre la situación de las mujeres

Endangered Black Cockatoo killed by developer

Perth, 30.11.2009 02:39

Endangered Black Cockatoo chicks !killed by developer

IPSC Report on Week of Solidarity (9 - 16th Nov 2009)

Ireland, 30.11.2009 00:09

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign ...

Slave Labour (pretty much) in Mexico

Ireland, 29.11.2009 20:39

Migrate or Die: Mexico's Hdden Crisis of Migration ...

Anti-Militarists take on Barclays

United Kingdom, 29.11.2009 20:39

On Saturday 28th November protests took place in Brighton, Wrexham and Cambridge as part of a day of action marking the launch of Smash EDO's'Target Barclays' campaign.

Smash EDO have been calling for autonomous actions against Barclays Bank to force them to stop providing 'market maker' services for ITT Corporation on the NYSE. Smash EDO's site states 'Bankers and institutional investors are the glue that finances the state terror wreaked by the arms trade. Companies like EDO do not operate in a vacuum but are propped up by the networks of corporations and investors which constitute the global capitalist system which puts profit before peace, greed before people.'

As ITT’s market maker, Barclay’s acts as a ‘middle man’, purchasing shares from a seller and holding them until such a time as a buyer becomes available. This ensures the stability of ITT’s share price by allowing shareholders to sell off their assets at any time, even when a buyer is not immediately available, and vice versa. Barclay’s also profits from this enterprise, by selling ITT’s shares at a small markup, which nevertheless generates a considerable income when spread across large sales.

Just after the Target Barclays campaign was announced three Barclays cash machines in Hemel Hempstead were sabotaged in solidarity with the resistance against the NATO parliamentary assembly in Edinburgh

On the 28th a large demonstration was held in Brighton outside the bank's North Street branch, a letter was handed in to the branch manager, thousands of leaflets were given out and two Barclays customers, after reading the leaflet, told picketers that they would close their accounts. A Barclays spokesperson, speaking to the Brighton Argus, said “Barclays Group provides financial services to the defence sector within a specific policy framework." One can only guess that framework is to generate as much profit as possible for themselves

In Wrexham a picket was held outside the new local branch of Barclays and in Cambridge on the night of the 27th November a group of anonymous pixies scaled scaffolding above there local Barclays branch and carved the words "Barclays - £7bn in the Arms Trade" in six foot letters into tarpaulins. The message was still visible on the evening of the 28th.

Target Barclays webpage| Smash EDO Press Release| Smash EDO website| Anti-Militarist Network

Smash EDO's next big mobilisation is the REMEMBER GAZA SMASH EDO MASS DEMO JANUARY 18TH. Assemble at 1pm, Brighton, wear black.

25 de Noviembre día Internacional de Lucha contra todas las formas de Violencia sobre la Mujer

Argentina, 29.11.2009 18:39

¡Basta de Violencia hacia las Mujeres!

25 de Noviembre día Internacional de Lucha contra todas las formas de Violencia sobre la Mujer

Argentina, 29.11.2009 18:39

¡Basta de Violencia hacia las Mujeres!

Escândalo deve por fim no governo Arruda

CMI Brasil, 29.11.2009 18:07

Corrupção sem fim

Bildungsproteste werden global

Germany, 29.11.2009 17:39

Seit ein paar Jahren schon rackern sich Studierende der Protestbewegung für ein freies Bildungssystem ab, dass die weltweiten Proteste sich auch weltweit vernetzen. Seit dieser Aktionswoche scheint es als sei dieser Aufruf auch in Deutschland angekommen. Die Bildungsproteste gehen mit weltweiten Unibesetzungen in eine neue Phase über. Ein Themenfeature eines seit 2003 Aktiven.

Mobilization for Climate Justice to Hold National Day of Action Against Climate Criminals

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.11.2009 11:09

On November 30th, the 10th anniversary of the global justice movement's successful non-violent shut-down of the WTO in Seattle, activists will expose some of San Francisco's worst climate criminals, demanding that they stop financing climate change and standing in the way of climate solutions. Protesters will Meet at Justin Herman Plaza and go from there to a mass action and non-violent civil disobedience at the Bank of America on Pine and Kearny.

Silent protest at PPS board meeting!

Portland, 29.11.2009 05:44

Advocates silently stand in protest during a board meeting of Portland Public Schools, trying to bring attention to the issue of military recruiters on PPS school campuses.

This is Martha Perez, reporting to you tonight from the Portland Public Schools Administration building at 501 N Dixon, where a spirited group of over a dozen advocates from peace and anti-war organizations, is currently conducting a silent protest of school policies, that allow military recruiters to provide information to students.

The main issue, is that the information being given, is one-sided, and only explains to students about the benefits of joining - but that it fails to disclose the risks & realities.

Video of Sea Lions on the Columbia River

Portland, 29.11.2009 04:38

The State began putting sea lions to death on the Columbia river last spring. On the day that the killing program began, Sea Lion Defense Brigadiers began chronicling the struggle to save them.


Argentina, 28.11.2009 23:39

G. Melesaine, Film Review of The Movie Precious

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.11.2009 20:09

G. Melesaine, writes: "When I saw the trailer for the new film "Precious" I cried. This film made me think alot about an old life I was too familiar with. It made me think about alot of women that I am close to. It made me think about my sister in her Tenderloin days, about that loud funny girl in class that smacked her gum too loud, about that girl in West Point who had AIDS and everyone stayed away from her, about that girl walking up and down Folsom pretending she has somewhere to go, about that teacher I use to have a crush on in middle school, about women. "Precious" women. This was their story."

11th Annual San Francisco Transgender Day of Remembrance

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.11.2009 19:09

On Friday November 20, 2009 many entities from the Trans community in San Francisco collaborated and held an event at the API Wellness Center in San Francisco called the 11th Annual San Francisco Transgender Day of Remembrance. Many people turned out for the event including Alexandra Byerly from El la program, Senator Mark Leno, Theresa Sparks and plus the many many speakers from the community who simply wanted to pay tribute to all the TG men or women who have been killed.

Lynne Stewart In Jail After a Federal Court Ruled on Her Appeal Last Tuesday

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.11.2009 17:39

Lynne Stewart, the much admired civil rights attorney who is struggling with cancer, has had her bail has revoked, and she is now being held in jail after a Federal Court ruled on her appeal last Tuesday. On November 23, demonstrators in San Francisco protested against the ruling.


Athens, 28.11.2009 10:39

Κάτω τα ξερά σας από τις καταλήψεις

FBI Making Visits in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.11.2009 05:08

An article anonymously published to the newswire on November 26th reports that the FBI has been showing up at peoples' workplaces and homes, asking questions about some or all of the AETA 4, as well as other groups and movements to their interest.

Solidaridad de Madres de Mayo

Puerto Rico, 28.11.2009 04:39

Madres de Plaza de Mayo repudian Ley 7

El etanol y sus peligros

Puerto Rico, 28.11.2009 04:39

Agrocombustibles: ¿inocencia o cinismo?

Defeat Obama's insurance industry bailout!

Rogue Valley, 28.11.2009 02:40


Single Payer Action calls on Congress to defeat the Obama insurance industry bailout bill.

Start from scratch.

And pass single payer for the American people.

"I'm lining up with Representatives Greg Walden and Dennis Kucinich on this one. Please join me in encouraging Oregon's Senators to vote down Obama's horrible bill. Thanksgiving should not be about giving more to the death squads"--Wes Brain, Chair, Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

A Litany of Abuse, Abuse, Abuse – Part 1

Ireland, 28.11.2009 01:09

Report by Commission of Investigation into Catholi ...


Argentina, 28.11.2009 01:09


Colombia, 28.11.2009 00:39

Cooperación con EEUU o entrega de soberanía oficial?!

In Bicoastal Action, Immigrants Demand Room at the Healthcare Reform Table

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.11.2009 22:09

On November 23rd, immigrant rights groups held actions in San Francisco and Washington D.C. to expose the unjust treatment of immigrants in both Congressional and Senate health care bills. In San Francisco, hundreds of people joined a vigil at House Speaker Pelosi's office to urge her to fight against anti-immigrant amendments to the bills. The same day, a group of Asian Americans and Latinos confronted staff in the office of US Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

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