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Once horas de transmisión de televisión comunitaria

Argentina, 04.12.2009 04:10

Este sábado se cocina la Papa... Negra!

Comunidades quilombolas de MG ocupam INCRA e denunciam descaso com a política de titulação dos territórios quilombolas.

CMI Brasil, 04.12.2009 01:07



Argentina, 03.12.2009 21:39

ATILRA Rosario: A un año del brutal ataque


Argentina, 03.12.2009 21:09

ATILRA Rosario: A un año del brutal ataque

Chasing JP Morgan

NYC, 03.12.2009 20:39

At least 30 homeless and housing activists rallied outside the headquarters of banking giant Chase December 2 to demand that the bank utilize their ownership of vacant property in New York City to create housing for poor people and the homeless.

Masa krytyczna niedz 10 stycznia 2010r.

Torun, 03.12.2009 20:07

Masa krytyczna niedziela 10 stycznia 2010r.

więcej info

Where is our strike and what are ICTU up to?

Ireland, 03.12.2009 18:09

On the cancellation of the Dec 3rd strike and the ...

Boston Protest Against Afghanistan War-photos and video

Boston, 03.12.2009 18:09

About 200 anti-war activists rallied on Boston Common to protest Obama's escalation of the Afghanistan war.

Nova Injustiça Contra os Moradores do Jardim Toca/Pq Cocaia I, Grajaú.

CMI Brasil, 03.12.2009 17:07


Nerve 15 - 2010 Resistance Calendar

United Kingdom, 03.12.2009 15:39

“Until the lions have their own story-tellers, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.” - Nigerian proverb

Walking The Talk

Rogue Valley, 03.12.2009 15:09

Women In Black standing silently for peace on December 2, 2009.

Ocupação da Camara Legislativa do Distrito Federal

CMI Brasil, 03.12.2009 14:07


Corrupción en Educación

Puerto Rico, 03.12.2009 09:09

Pretenden nombrar un corrupto para Finanzas del Departamento de Educación

VIDEO: Honduras PCASC Press Release is greeted by Homeland Security

Portland, 03.12.2009 07:38

A small group speaks to the independent press in front of the Federal Building regarding the recent fraudulent elections in Honduras. In solidarity with the people of Honduras who are under media suppression as well as the silencing of their democratic opposition voices in Honduras with out fear of being killed.
About a dozen people on Monday 11.30.09 gathered in front of the Federal Building in Portland Oregon to publicly make a statement against the illegal elections in Honduras. PCASC (Portland Central America Solidarity Committee) and others stood outside and delivered two speeches asking for solidarity and respect for human rights as well as demanding justice and to reinstate President Zelaya and to denounce the fraudulent elections in Honduras.

Black Mesa Caravan of Support Report Back

Portland, 03.12.2009 07:38

Caravan in Support of Communities On The Front Lines Of Resistance at Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ.

The legacy of genocide suffered by America's indigenous nations is ongoing, too few United States citizens realize, even while making mortgage payments on stolen land. The Dineh (Navajo) are presently resisting relocation and are constantly harassed by tribal government cops from the neighboring Hopis. Previous to Peabody Coal's profitable interest in mining Big Mountain there was intermarriage and peace between the Hopis and Dineh.

Tenants Confront East Palo Alto City Council Members

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.12.2009 05:09

East Palo Alto residents surrounded city council members as they entered City Hall on December 1st. Residents of Page Mill Properties and their supporters rallied in front of the building to attempt to secure the support of council members in the tenants' long battle against the mega-landlord. Page Mill, East Palo Alto's largest landlord, has been in dispute for years with tenants. In September, Page Mill failed to make a $50 million payment and a judge appointed Ward Realty Advisors to take control of their 1,800 rental units in the city.

Jesse James Is Out of Jail

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.12.2009 05:08

On December 1st, Jesse James Forrey, who served two and a half months in a Ramsey County, Minnesota jail for "damage to property" during the 2008 RNC in St. Paul, was released. Jesse and his co-defendant have a court date on Thursday, December 10th concerning restitution, and they still need financial support.


Athens, 03.12.2009 00:39

Ένας χρόνος από τη κρατική δολοφονία. Ο αγώνας συνεχίζεται...

Más tropas a Afganistán

Puerto Rico, 03.12.2009 00:09

Denunciamos el aumento en tropas militares a Afganistán

Afghanistan: Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace?

Ireland, 02.12.2009 23:09

Obama's War After more than three months' delibera ...

Passing of Pam Dashiell: New Orleans Fighter

New Orleans, 02.12.2009 22:39

Passing of Pam Dashiell: New Orleans Fighter

The Hint of a New World at RTS

New Orleans, 02.12.2009 22:39

The Hint of a New World at RTS

Photos from Mario Ramos of Sunday's action at DC coup elections

DC, 02.12.2009 20:09

It was actually quite a scene. A crowd of golpistas, led by an incredibly hostile, obviously wealthy sampedrano representative of the National Party by the last name of Talbot who was really aggressively harassing me in the morning as I sat quietly by myself (I asked him to please leave me alone ten times, and he only did so when I called 911), tried to get a rise out of the protesters by shouting at them, claiming that Chavez and Patricia Rodas and Castro had paid for the protest, and rather desperately singing the national anthem.

Nuevo acampe de organizaciones sociales

Argentina, 02.12.2009 20:08

Reclamo por cooperativas sin punteros políticos

Nuevo acampe de organizaciones sociales

Argentina, 02.12.2009 20:08

Reclamo por cooperativas sin punteros políticos

Obama Escalates War In Afghanistan

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.12.2009 18:09

On December 1st 2009, US President Barack Obama announced that he would send an additional 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan in the coming months, bringing the total number of American troops occupying Afghanistan to nearly 100,000. Describing the war as "not just America's war," Obama vowed to start bringing the troops back home by the middle of 2011.

A protest is scheduled for December 2nd at 5pm at Powell and Market in San Francisco.

Golpiza y suspensión a lxs trabajadorxs que luchan

Argentina, 02.12.2009 16:08

Exigen que se respeten los derechos sindicales


Argentina, 02.12.2009 15:08

Extienden por tres años la Emergencia Territorial

November 30th: Happy Birthday Indymedia!!

United Kingdom, 02.12.2009 09:09

Ten years have passed since the first Indymedia site came to life in November 30th 1999. Media activists came together for the first time during the amazing anti-WTO summit protests that took place in Seattle (US), kick starting the emergence of a global 'movement of movements' that has spent this decade struggling against neoliberalism, war and environmental destruction.

Global Day of Action on Climate Crisis on November 30

Portland, 02.12.2009 08:38

Major demonstrations, teach-ins and civil disobedience actions are taking place today in nine cities around the U.S.—in Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Burlington, VT and two cities in Maine, and Washington DC, as well as several other countries—one week before the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen open, and on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protest in Seattle in 1999.

Cop Killings and Reasons

Portland, 02.12.2009 08:38

Now, I'm not advocating the killing of any police officers. I don't condone what happened to those four officers in Tacoma. I'm sure they all had families who are missing them, and it's sad that this happened. But I've got to say, I think I understand it. And I'm not so sure I could hold the person who shot them accountable for the killing. If I were on the jury, I think I would be very hard pressed to do anything but acquit him. Why? Is that really a question?

Reports pouring in from n30 day of climate justice action! Compilation here!

Portland, 02.12.2009 08:38

Today, on November 30, one week before the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen open, and on the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protest in Seattle in 1999, major demonstrations, teach-ins and civil disobedience are taking actions place in cities around the North America.

Aftermath RNC Riots

Portland, 02.12.2009 08:38

These stories stem from the events that happened at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul, Minnesota. Although these actions took place in the summer of 2008, the repercussions and trials continue. The outcome of the State versus the People of Minnesota is not yet known. The battles fought between independent journalists and police were the catalyst of what it means to be a citizen journalist in America and how mainstream media portrays your message. What happened here and the outcome of the trials are of the utmost social importance.

&quot;Where's Molly?&quot;, A Story About Institutionalization Of People With DD

Portland, 02.12.2009 08:38

The Fairview Training Center was once known as the "Oregon State Institution for the Feeble-Minded." It was established in 1908 and housed thousands of residents with disabilities for close to a century. During that time, these residents suffered from inadequate staffing, poor training, serious health hazards, restraints, forced sterilization, rape, torture and neglect. Many of the residents were brought to the Center as small children and lived their entire lives in the confines of this prison masking as a hospital.

December 2nd: Action Against Escalation in Afghanistan!

Portland, 02.12.2009 08:38

End the US Wars and Occupations! The American People Say NO to Troop Escalations in Afghanistan!

5:00 PM, Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
Federal Building
SW Madison & SW 3rd, downtown Portland

This Wednesday, December 2nd, one day after the expected official announcement by President Obama that the US will send an additional 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan, local peace and social justice organizations will gather at the Federal Building in downtown Portland to protest the decision to escalate the war and occupation. The demonstration against sending additional US troops will begin at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, December 2nd, at the Federal Building at SW Madison and SW 3rd in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Union Reps &amp; Transit Activists Unite Wed Night At PSU

Portland, 02.12.2009 08:38

Two members of the ATU (TriMet drivers union) and Lynn Lehrbach (with the Teamsters in Portland, and a TriMet board member) are expected to attend and talk at this Wednesday night's 6 p.m. Transit Rider Union meeting, on Saving Fareless Square coalition and direct action organizing. 1,500 transit riders have signed petitions to Save Fareless Square, and despite Lynn (on the TriMet board) voting with us, TriMet continues to ignore democracy, the public interest, clean air, global warming, oil wars, and transit equity.

Surveillance Camera Sabotage Claim in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.12.2009 08:38

An anonymous post to the newswire reports, "In late July and late October, 2009, attacks against intersection and freeway surveillance cameras took place in Santa Cruz County. Thirty cameras had their cables cut, rendering them inoperable. This was done as an act of resistance against increasingly pervasive surveillance technologies."

&quot;Where My People At?&quot;: A Forum at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.12.2009 08:08

The Student of Color Collective will host a forum of education and dialogue on Friday, December 4th from 3-5pm at UCSC's Stevenson Event Center where people can collectively address how individuals and communities are directly impacted by budget cuts.

Oficializada a farsa eleitoral em plena ditadura militar

CMI Brasil, 02.12.2009 03:37


Hondurans and supporters protest coup election at DC polling place.

DC, 02.12.2009 02:10

Honduran law, like US law, allows citizens to vote while abroad. The coup government set up a polling place on 16th st for their supporters in DC to vote-while Zelaya supporters and progressive Hondurans either stayed away or protested in front of the polling place.

Obama &quot;surge&quot; speech nets protest at White House

DC, 02.12.2009 02:10

As Barrack "O-Bomber" prepared to make his announcement that he is sending 35,000 more troops to Afghanistan, protesters gathered in Lafayette park to voice their opposition to continuing this futile war of aggression.


Colombia, 02.12.2009 00:09


&quot;Melted glaciers&quot; dumped at DC offices of lobbyists bound for Copenhagen

DC, 01.12.2009 23:40

Ten years ago, a great battle was fought in the streets of Seattle to defeat corporate power. On the tenth anniversary of this victorious fight, DC climate activists delivered "melted glaciers" to the offices of "Climate Criminals." Rough video of Bank of America melted glacier delivery

Southcoast Indymedia Revamp

United Kingdom, 01.12.2009 23:39

Southcoast Indymedia is three and a half years old. Since Southcoast Indy began its been a place where local activists can report their news. Southcoast has hosted reports on the growth of the Smash EDO campaign - 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10||11|12|13|14|15|16|17, the battle for Titnore Woods 1|2|3|4|5|6|8, Battles over freedom to protest in Brighton and Worthing - 1|2|3|4, The Gatwick and Calais No Borders camps - 1|2|3, Sussex students' struggles, the South East mobilisation for the G8 in Gleneagles, the campaign to free Omar Degahyes and Binyam Mohammed, Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Southcoast Indymedia was set up with the aim of "of providing a readily accessible source of news and information on the Kent, Sussex and Hampshire area of the south of England...We will be extending an invitation to all kinds of community groups and campaigns (well, almost all - racists and fascists are not welcome here!) to use South Coast IMC as their own site, a place where they both post news of their own and catch up with others'.

Almost four years on we would like to renew the creative process that drives Indymedia and relaunch the Southcoast collective

On Sunday 6th November, from 2-3.30pm, at the Cowley Club in Brighton, there will be a workshop to discuss a revamp of Southcoast Indymedia. The session is for anyone who wants to contribute content, tech support, graphic/web design or has any skills or experience to share, etc.

New ideas and general curiosity are very welcome on the day, get involved!

Para no caer en &quot;El cuento de la buena soja&quot;

Argentina, 01.12.2009 23:39


Colombia, 01.12.2009 23:39


CMI Brasil, 01.12.2009 22:37

Exigen que se respeten los derechos sindicales

Argentina, 01.12.2009 21:09

Golpiza y suspensión a lxs trabajadorxs que luchan

Prorroga 26.160

Argentina, 01.12.2009 21:09


Torun, 01.12.2009 21:07

image 6003

Nie dla u.s.amerykańskiej tarczy antyrakietowej !

W nocy z 9/10 lipca 2008 w Toruniu na moście samochodowym zawisł transparent o treści “NIE DLA TARCZY” !

Akcja jest wyrazem niechęci środowisk wolnościowych wobec planów lokalizacji na terenie Polski elementów u.s.amerykańskiej tarczy antyrakietowej.

Chcemy wyrazić sprzeciw wobec instalacji na terenie Polski, a dokładnie w Redzikowie pod Słupskiem, u.s.-amerykańskich baz wchodzących w skład tak zwanej ,,tarczy antyrakietowej’‘ National Missile Defence. Uważamy, że “tarcza antyrakietowa” to anachroniczne politycznie i destabilizujące strategicznie podejście do zapewnienia bezpieczeństwa międzynarodowego. System obrony antyrakietowej nie polepszy obronności Polski…

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