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Antiwar Activists March In Response To Obama's Announcement

Rochester, 07.12.2009 15:07

Antiwar activists numbering over 200 once again took to the streets of Rochester, NY to voice their disapproval of continued US involvement in Mideast wars. The march was called in response to President Barack Obama's announcement on December 1 that he was sending 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan

top Kopenhagen

Oost-Vlaanderen, 07.12.2009 10:37

Climate justice now! over de anti-klimaattop in Kopenhagen

Solidarity with Greek antiauthoritarians

Boston, 07.12.2009 06:09

December 6th, 2009, 5pm: Statement of the Spontaneous Assembly of Boston Anti-Authoritarians remembering the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, in solidarity with our Greek comrades in the struggle for freedom.

Festival por 2 años de políticas antipopulares en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Argentina, 07.12.2009 05:09

Convocatoria de la Coordinadora “La Dignidad No Se Privatiza”

Festival por 2 años de políticas antipopulares

Argentina, 07.12.2009 04:39

Convocatoria de la Coordinadora “La Dignidad No Se Privatiza”

Festival por 2 años de políticas antipopulares en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Argentina, 07.12.2009 04:39

Convocatoria de la Coordinadora “La Dignidad No Se Privatiza”

Fur protest joins forces with protest against racial bias at Bloomingdales

DC, 07.12.2009 03:10

On Sunday, Dec 6, animal rights protesters made the usual rounds of protests at Dior, Saks 5th Ave, Bloomingdales, and finally Neiman-Marcus. At Bloomingdales, people were already there protesting racial discrimination in employment at Bloomies. Both groups agreed to protest simultaniously for maximum impact at Bloomies.


Argentina, 07.12.2009 02:39

Анархисты атаковали казино в центре Минска

Belarus, 07.12.2009 00:37

Сегодня, в 6.40 утра группой минских анархистов была предпринята атака на "VIP" казино "Шангри Ла" на улице Кирова. Вход в казино был закидан ламопчками с краской и пиротехническими факелами, а на стене рядом оставлена надпись "ТЕБЯ УЖЕ ПРОИГРАЛИ".

Об открытии нового казино на деньги российских капиталистов несколько дней подряд вещали наши СМИ, добавляя при этом, что минимальная сумма для игры в этом казино - 5 000 долларов ( Пять тысяч долларов... Вспомним, сколько в нашей стране получает средний молодой специалист, или просто трудящийся. В Минске это - 600-700 тысяч рублей, в регионах: 400-500 тысяч. По ряду специальностей люди получают еще меньше. Выходит, за один вечер российский или местный бизнесмен спускает в казино как минимум ДВУХЛЕТНЮЮ зарплату трудящегося, чтобы потом отправиться на BMW или Lexus-е в свой кабинет директора или топ-менеджера, рассказать рабочим, что работают они…

Los limites del modelo

Argentina, 06.12.2009 21:39

Burocracia y represión, una formula para contener las luchas

Na żywo z okupowanych Aten.

Poland, 06.12.2009 19:10

Tłumaczone na żywo wiadomości z bloga nt. dzisiejszych demonstracji i protestów w związku z przypadająca dziś rocznicą zamordowania nastoletniego Alexisa Grigoriopoulosa przez policję.

estuvo 48 horas desaparecida

Argentina, 06.12.2009 17:39

¿Travesura o nuevo caso de trata para prostitución?

Federica Anconetani de 12 años estuvo 48 horas desaparecida

Argentina, 06.12.2009 17:39

¿Travesura o nuevo caso de trata para prostitución?

Rubén Carballo, de 17 años, aún se halla internado.

Argentina, 06.12.2009 15:39

Por justica y esclarecimiento por la represión en el recital de Viejas Locas

GAZA: a Grass-roots Report

Rogue Valley, 06.12.2009 15:09

GAZA: a Grass-roots Report

Lynn MacMichael, long-time peace and justice activist from the Bay Area, will present a first-hand report from Gaza on Wednesday December 9 at 7 pm in the Rogue River Room, Stevenson Union, at SOU.

She has just returned from spending about a month in the Middle East with the Interfaith Peace Builders. The group assisted Palestinians with the olive harvest, and planned to accompany children so they can go safely to their school outside of Hebron.

Lynn has made at least eight trips to the Middle East, including Israel/Palestine and Iraq, with various peace and justice groups in the past 20 years.

Editorial Cartoon: Decision 2012 (pardon my Herblock)

DC, 06.12.2009 06:10

Oh, gaahhhdddd! Not only another damn' 2012 election cartoon, but a cartoon with items metaphorically labeled, old-school! Jeez, I can hear my pal Gregor yelling right now… "Goddammit, Mike! Herblock is DEAD!" Yeah, y'know… once the election ideas get going, it's pretty much hopeless. The usual Repuglican "stars" are already making noises about running, we're hearing about Sarah Palin possibly running (sigh), and Newt Gingrich (spit) — and even Dick Cheney (double spit) on Joe Scarborough's program this morning (triple spit).

Fenty Fundraiser in Georgetown Draws Noisy Protest

DC, 06.12.2009 06:10

On Saturday, December 5th, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty held a combined birthday party/campaign cash fundraiser at 1821 Hoban Road NW, a developer's model home off Resevoir Road. Just like last year's similar campaign cash party, dozens of protesters under the name "Take back DC" turned out in the snow to protest the mayor's agenda of gentrification, privatization, and displacement.

Burocracia y represión, una formula para contener las luchas

Argentina, 06.12.2009 03:09

Los limites del modelo

Philly Protesters Seize Street to Demand Housing Rights

United States, 06.12.2009 03:07

Police watched as more than 100 people blocked a busy intersection at 6th and Market yesterday, near the Federal Building, to call attention to the nation's housing crisis.

The Anti Raybestos Manhattan Campaign

Ireland, 06.12.2009 02:09

Community activists and workers against the Irish ...

Fred Hampton, Jr. Speaks About the Assassination of His Father

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.12.2009 02:09

On December 4th, 1969, the FBI, working with the Chicago police department, assassinated the Chicago Black Panther Party Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton in his bed as he slept. Along with the murder of Mark Clark in the same apartment that night, the "raid" was one in a long line of illegal actions taken by the FBI as part of its COINTELPRO war against the social justice and anti-war movements. Fred Hampton Jr., now Chairman of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC), embarked on a speaking tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the assassination of his father.

After 15 Months, Drum Circle Defender Case Resolved

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.12.2009 00:39

After fifteen months of court, more than a dozen court appearances, three major motions, four rejected plea deals, two district attorneys, and nearly a thousand hours of defense work, the case against drum circle supporters, Wes and Jack, is finished.

50,000 in Climate Change Protest + Climate Camp Occupies Trafalgar Square

United Kingdom, 06.12.2009 00:09

Around 50,000 people took part in 'The Wave' demonstration in London on Saturday 5th December ahead of the Cop15 Climate conference - see Indymedia London Feature reports.

Following the Wave events and demonstration the London Climate Camp invited people to the COP Out Camp Out action - which took over Trafalgar Square, setting up a camp for an intended 48hrs to highlight the issues around the Cop15 mobilisation, summed up in the phrase "System Change not Climate Change. See Climate Camp Feature reports.

For coverage see Indymedia London Timeline
See also Liveblog archive | Twitter Tag search | Twitters: climatecampldn | copoutcampout

Help report what's happening by sending your reports from the streets.

See: The Wave Demonstration | Bike Ride | Climate Emergency | Climate Camp Action
Also see: Indymedia London | Imc uk Cop15 Section
For Cop 15 coverage see: Indymedia Denmark | Climate IMC

2009 Cuba Caravan Report Back in Seaside

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.12.2009 23:39

On Sunday, December 6th at 3pm at the Peace Resource Center in Seaside, three members of the Watsonville Brown Berets will present about their experiences with the 2009 Pastors for Peace 20th annual Caravan to Cuba. The Caravan is a nonviolent direct action that brings literally tons and tons of aid to the island nation in open and direct defiance of the US embargo and travel ban against Cuba.

No Dia dos Direitos Humanos, Lutamos por Justiça, Reparação e Liberdade!

CMI Brasil, 05.12.2009 23:37

Direitos Humanos

Sheriff Joe gets slapped

Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

House Judiciary Committee calls for review of Maricopa County Sheriff


Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

Despite harrasment, activists refuse to allow law enforcement entrance


Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

Marchers block traffic, demand that government deny permit to mine the Santa Rita Mountains


Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

Thousands are expected to join Phoenix march on Feb. 28 to demand an end to racist policing, abuse and state terrorism in Arizona


Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

Tucsonans Call on Participants in the Attempted Raid of Activist's Home to Apologize


Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

Tribes and Others Call for Congressional Action to Protect Sacred Places


Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

13 Humanitarian Volunteers Ticketed on the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge


Arizona, 05.12.2009 22:07

Sheriff Walks Out After Interrupted by Singers, Protesters Occupy Lobby

Interview with PVUSD Trustee Sandra Nichols

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.12.2009 21:38

On Monday, November 30th, Teachers For Class War spoke with Sandra Nichols, a school board trustee for almost ten years in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District. Sandra talked about why she ran for the elected office, and the political battles waged over the course of her time on the board over issues like bilingual education, transparency, budget priorities, military recruitment, and more.

Indymedia Portugal relançado, 10 anos depois do início do Indymedia global

Galiza, 05.12.2009 19:09

Um centro de informação livre e independente, que funciona para que as pessoas possam tornar-se elas mesmas meios de informação livres e independentes. O CMI Portugal pretende pôr em prática todos os mecanismos da imaginação que nos permitam, em conjunto, criar, aqui e agora, fragmentos de um mundo melhor.

RIP Ivan

Houston, 05.12.2009 16:09

Houston action in memory of murdered Russian antifascist


Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.12.2009 13:37

De Sint vraagt jouw hulp!

Fundamentalistas mienten

Puerto Rico, 05.12.2009 10:39

Defienden libertad de expresión pero denuncian retórica de odio de fundamentalistas

At Leviev Store, Protesters Surprise Israeli Business Leaders' Breakfast

NYC, 05.12.2009 04:38

25 New York City human rights advocates caught the Israel Business Leaders Delegation to the United States by surprise this morning with a noisy protest outside their “breakfast reception amidst the Leviev jewelry collection” at the Leviev store on Madison Avenue. Groups worldwide have conducted a successful campaign for the boycott of Leviev’s companies due to their involvement in Israeli settlement construction in violation of international law, and human rights abuses in the diamond industry in Angola. In addition to businesspeople, among the guests present at the breakfast was TV personality Dr. Ruth Westheimer who tried unsuccessfully to avoid notice as she left.

Grecja: rośnie napięcie przed rocznicą 6.XII

Poland, 04.12.2009 09:39

Strajki, marsze, blokady, okupacje i nocne starcia z policją przygotowują w Grecji grunt pod protesty planowane na nadchodzący weekend - pierwszą rocznicę zamordowania Alexandrosa Grigoropoulosa przez policje i powstania jakie wybuchło w jego następstwie.

Remember, remember 6th of December

Poland, 04.12.2009 08:39

On 6th of December 2008 Alexis Grigoropoulos was killed by policeman in Athens.

Mobilizacja przeciwko szcztowi klimatycznemu w Kopenhadze

Poland, 04.12.2009 08:39

Pomiędzy 7 a 18 grudnia odbywa się w Kopenhadze szczyt klimatyczny ONZ. Ma wtedy dojść m. in. do uchwalenia międzynarodowej konwencji na czas po 2012 roku,po wygaśnięciu protokołu z Kioto. Emisja gazów cieplarnianych jest przedmiotem negocjacji w ramach ONZ już od 17 lat. Zgodnie z protokołem z Kioto powinna ona zostać znacznie obniżona w stosunku do stanu z 1990 roku, jednak główni jej sprawcy w ogóle nie podpisali protokołu, lub też wstrzymują się z jego ratyfikacją. Jednocześnie za pośrednictwem handlu uprawnieniami do emisji zanieczyszczeń do atmosfery powstał kolejny dochodowy rynek. Okazało się, że przy temacie zmian klimatycznych retoryka państw biorących udział w międzynarodowych spotkaniach tego typu znacznie odbiega od ich faktycznych działań.

Poniżej zaproszenie organizatorów.

Chicago Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Fred Hampton

Chicago, 04.12.2009 08:09

Fred Hampton, a former high-school leader and NAACP activist from the Chicago suburb of Maywood, became the Illinois chair of the Black Panther Party in 1967 at age 19. Hampton was noted for his effectiveness as a diplomat and organizer, channeling south side Chicago gangs into political activist cadres, and working with the Panthers' efforts in community development, job training and placement, breakfast-for-children programs, and opposition against police brutality.

Hampton and the Panthers fell smack into the FBI's Counter Intellgence Programs ("COINTELPRO") which sought to destroy the U.S. radical left in the 1960s and 1970s. The Panthers were decimated by COINTELPRO, and Hampton, in the pre-dawn hours of December 4, 1969, was gunned down in his bed at 2337 West Monroe Street in Chicago by FBI and Chicago police. Hampton's own bodyguard, William O'Neal, was an FBI infiltrator who mapped out floor plans and routes of attack with Chicago police in a downtown restaurant prior to the attack; O'Neil also drugged Hampton with a tainted glass of Kool-Aid. Police stitched a line of bullets through the wall of the room where Hampton slept which injured Hampton, and then fired two bullets at his head at point-blank range.

Forty years later, Hampton's assassination remains a chilling example of the lengths that officialdom will go to destroy effective political activism. COINTELPRO was ostensibly dissolved by the FBI in 1971 when the term itself became public, and the Black Panther Party effectively dissolved as an organization shortly thereafter, but official harassment against those carrying on the Panthers' legacy continues, including attempts to rename the portion of West Monroe Street which was the locale Hampton's assassination after Fred Hampton. But resistance on behalf of Chicago's African-American community continues, and on the week of the 40th anniversary, Chicagoans are holding a panoply of events, memorials, rallies, vigils, and commemorations.

Additional Video: Fred Hampton: Death of a Revolutionary | Death of a Black Panther: The Fred Hampton Story

Vegan Dinner Bike Ride

Portland, 04.12.2009 06:38

What what: Vegan Dinner Bike Ride!
When: Friday 12/4 meet at 6 pm
Where: Col. Summers covered area, SE Taylor & SE 19th
We will leave at 6:15 sharp for great food and then head to a bar or cafe afterward for dessert or drinks as the group decides.
Who: You don't have to be vegan to join us, but please do not bring any meat to our tables.
Follow us on twitter! @VeganRide

Building A &quot;Failed State&quot;: Trimet Shows How

Portland, 04.12.2009 06:38

Our public agencies and officials are hard at work building a "failed state." I would define a "failed state" as one that does not meet the minimum requirements for attaining a measure of public legitimacy based on serving broad social needs. Such a state can only maintain authority through brute force. A state will "fail" once it stops serving the needs of a critical mass of its citizens.

How To &quot;Opt Out&quot; Of School Military Recruitment/Testing/Hassling

Portland, 04.12.2009 06:38

If Obama wants to send more troops anywhere, make sure our kids know they don't have to go. I grew up in a city that is next to a u.s. army base, a u.s. air force base, and the headquarters of several major military contractors. All within ten miles of my grade school. I was raised in a NW city that has relied heavily on the money it receives (in all sectors) on military dollars. The pressure to "join up" was both huge and understood as one of the only options post-graduation for many, many students.

Video Report Back From Demonstration Against Escalation of Afghanistan Occupation

Portland, 04.12.2009 06:38

With very short notice, a couple hundred people showed up at Terry Schrunk Park in downtown Portland this evening, December 2, 2009, to protest President Obama's decision to escalate the Afghanistan Occupation by 30,000 more troops.
As one sign said quite clearly, "the honeymoon is over." Well, at least it might be for those who swallowed the campaign rhetoric and convinced themselves that this particular politician is different, that he isn't the typical political face dancer, that he would regard their opinions and honor his word.
Turns out he is a cut from the same common cloth as all politicians. These elected officials who regard the bankers and financiers on Wall Street, the Generals in the Pentagon and they who occupy the Corporate Suites as the true America. Not the workers whose toil built and sustains the economy; not the soldiers who volunteer their lives and limbs to insure corporate profits; not the people, the fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, who in every facet of their lives provide the United States with its common wealth.

Vigil for Victims and Survivors of Recent Murder-Suicides

Portland, 04.12.2009 06:38

On Friday, December 4, 2009 community members, service providers and surviving family members will come together at the Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland to honor the ten victims of domestic violence murder-suicides and attempted murder that have taken place over the last 5 weeks. Together, they will honor the memory of the recent victims of domestic violence and reach out to survivors in the area. The Portland Women's Crisis Line, in partnership with the Family Violence Coordinators Council, the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and the Portland State Women's Resource Center, hope to spread the message that anyone who is experiencing or witnessing domestic violence should REACH OUT to safe supports and service providers.

BAAM Issue 28 December 2009

Boston, 04.12.2009 06:09

The newest issue of BAAM's monthly radical newsletter. This month we have a review of a decade of uprisings across the globe.

On the University's Perversion

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.12.2009 05:50

On November 19th the University of California Board of Regents approved a 32% fee increase in undergraduate fees, pushing fees to over $10,000 a year. "The UC administration say it is the state that is to blame," notes gazuedro group. "They tell us to bring our fight to Sacramento to demand a bail-out for public education. To that we say, THAT'S YOUR FUCKING JOB!"

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