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Ogan Ilir Membara : Dor Dor Dor Brimob, 13 Petani Terluka

Jakarta, 10.12.2009 18:38

Putusan MA, Warga Adalah Pemilik Lahan yang Sah Inilah wajah Darurat Keadilan di negeri ini, warga menuntut pengembalian lahan mereka yang dirampas oleh PG Cinta Manis dan PTPN VII berbuah berondongan peluru Brimob yang menyebabkan 13 warga terluka. Padahal menurut Hasani dan Muchlis (keduanya korban penembakan) seperti dilaporkan Kompas Mahkamah Agung dalam putusannya tahun 1996 telah menyatakan warga adalah pemilik lahan yang sah. ...

Aksi Melawan Korupsi

Jakarta, 10.12.2009 18:38

Menuntut pengusutan skandal Bank Century 9 Desember 2009, bertepatan dengan Hari Anti Korupsi Sedunia, sekitar 20ribu massa dari berbagai organisasi melakukan aksi demonstrasi di depan Istana, Jakarta. Aksi di Jakarta ini dikoordinir oleh organisasi Gerakan Indonesia Bersatu. Selain di kawasan Istana dan Monas, aksi demontrasi lainnya juga berlangsung di depan gedung KPK. Ratusan mahasiswa dari organisasi Gerakan Mahasiswa Bersatu juga melakukan aksi konvoi keliling kota.Aksi lainnya juga berlangsung serempak di 33 kota di Indonesia. Aksi ini mengusung isu anti korupsi, menolak pelemahan KPK, pemberantasan mafia Hukum, dengan isu utama menuntut penuntasan skandal Bank Century. ...

31 Arrested in Protest at Chevron Headquarters in San Ramon

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.12.2009 17:09

Chevron employees arriving to work in the early this morning of December 7th were met by nearly 100 people who gathered in protest of Chevron's global destruction of communities, the environment and the global climate. Protesters interrupted business as usual at Chevron headquarters in San Ramon, blocking several entrances. 31 people were arrested.

Tras la constante movilización de organizaciones

Argentina, 10.12.2009 15:38

No se trató ni trataría el nuevo código de contravenciones

Lugar y cronograma

Argentina, 10.12.2009 12:08

Hidden in Plain Sight: Media Workers for Social Change, Chapter 2

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.12.2009 07:08

This is the second in a series of profiles of activist and alternative media workers in the Bay Area by Indybay contributor Peter M. Featured in this profile is Bradley, who works with Santa Cruz Indymedia. Bradley spoke about his life as a student, his work, and his connection to Mexico.

Somos millones

Argentina, 10.12.2009 06:38

Somos millones

Argentina, 10.12.2009 06:38

Elecciones en Bolivia: el Aymara Morales ganó en 6 de los 9 departamentos

Argentina, 10.12.2009 03:09

Arrasó Evo y se profundiza el proceso de cambio

En defensa de los bienes naturales

Argentina, 10.12.2009 02:09

XI Encuentro de la unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas


Colombia, 10.12.2009 00:39

Dìa Internacional de los derechos humanos

No al bloqueo en Mayagüez 2010

Puerto Rico, 10.12.2009 00:10

Reclaman unos Juegos Centroamericanos sin bloquear a Cuba

La prostitución como fenómeno social

Argentina, 10.12.2009 00:09

Primeras Jornadas Nacionales Abolicionistas sobre Prostitución y Trata


Athens, 09.12.2009 22:39

Μαζικές-επιθετικές διαδηλώσεις η απάντηση στην τρομοϋστερία και την καταστολή


Argentina, 09.12.2009 22:09

Polícia do DF reprime brutalmente manifestação FORA ARRUDA.

CMI Brasil, 09.12.2009 21:37


Fascists rally in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 09.12.2009 19:09

The English Defence League (EDL) are a small fascist organisation which has been demonstrating against "Islamic extremism" in towns across the UK in recent months. Anti-fascist organisations say the group is anti-Muslim and fascist.

On Saturday 300-400 EDL members descended on Nottingham where most were held in a police pen near the castle all day. Their presence was opposed by a number of organisations including Notttinghamshire Stop the BNP and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) who rallied in Market Square and then marched down Friar Lane. A large number of autonomous fascists and local youths managed to avoid being kettled by the police.

The EDL demonstration repeatedly attacked police lines on Castle Boulevard but failed to escape their escorts. Fighting also broke out several times outside pubs in which EDL members were drinking, and photographs have been published showing EDL demonstrators urinating against the walls of Nottingham Castle.

On the newswire: Running Rings Round the EDL | Piss-Poor EDL Defending England's Heritage | Saturday and the EDL: Whose Streets? Our Streets! | The EDL & The Far Right | EDL Violence In Nottingham | Can Police or BBC Count? | EDL: soldiers of the state? | EDL Nottingham - Photos | report from anarchists in nottingham who fought fash today.... | Wetherspoons (and the Police) Allow Drunken Nazis Onto Roof | Confronting the EDL - our historic duty! | Weatherspoons warned not to host EDL | Why do the police accept the EDL/CU line? | Weatherspoons Advised dont hold EDL demo in Notts! | We WILL be in Market Square! | Police tell UAF to change anti EDL demo | Saturday's Events and The Stop the War Coalition | Join us and stop the EDL in Nottingham, Sat 5th Dec | Nottingham Stop the EDL march: Useful info and tactics | EDL in Nottingham: Information for Action

Links: Antifa England | Nottingham Stop the BNP | Unite Against Fascism

El Pacto Social

Puerto Rico, 09.12.2009 18:40

“Pacto social”: ¿oportunidad o desvío?

Obama: A Presidency of Hope or Failure?

Ireland, 09.12.2009 15:09

A critique of the Obama Presidency A critique of t ...

Leslie Parks Illegally Locked Out of Her Home by IndyMac/One West Bank

United States, 09.12.2009 13:37

On Tuesday night, Dec. 8, in a freezing blizzard, Leslie Parks returned from her job to find that IndyMac/One West had changed the locks to her home (3749 Park Ave. in Minneapolis).

Locking Leslie Parks out of her home is illegal. In fact it is beyond illegal, given the struggle that Leslie Parks is waging to keep her home. It is a cynical breach of what all assumed were good faith negotiations on the part of IndyMac/One West.

After the start of national call-in week to IndyMac officials, IndyMac informed Leslie, in writing, on Nov. 25 that they were rescinding both the foreclosure and the sheriffs sale. According to Ms. Parks, “I got an email from IndyMac stating, and I quote, ‘In an effort to work with you and your mother and come to a resolution, we have started the process of rescinding the Trusteed Sale which took place on May 29, 2009.’

resumen de noticias

Argentina, 09.12.2009 03:39

resumen de noticias

En defensa de los bienes naturales

Argentina, 09.12.2009 03:39

XI Encuentro de la unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas


Argentina, 09.12.2009 03:39

Hoy 12:30Hs en 7 y 50

Argentina, 09.12.2009 03:39

Nueva movilización para detener la aprobación del código civil de Scioli

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 09.12.2009 01:38

Thursday, high noon 700 SW 6th Ave.
We will once against stop at the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit located at Pioneer Square to see if our "Torture Judge" has resigned, been impeached or arrested for crimes against humanity. Come and spend some time with us who keep the watch. The weather will be cold, but our hearts and souls will be warm. We will only be there for one hour this week because of the cold winds.
On Friday I intend to be on the Hawthorne Bridge about 0800-0900 announcing there will be Heroes protesting in front of the White House and calling on the president to stop Empire. David Swans, Cynthia McKinney, Granny D, (100 yrs old) and others will stand in the cold of DC and talk about peace on Saturday at 1100, December 12th. Please send them good thoughts and let them know we are with them in spirit.

An Educational Event With the Olympic Resistance Network

Portland, 09.12.2009 01:38

The Olympic Resistance Network will be in Portland to teach about the devastating legacy and impacts of the Olympics as well as describe the state of movement that is building militant resistance to the Five Ring Circus. Come learn how we in Portland can stand in solidarity with our neighbors to the north!
The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place on unceded indigenous land in the Coast Salish Territories. Far from being simply about 'sport', the history of the Olympics is one rooted in displacement, corporate greed, fascism, repression, and violence. Those with the most to gain from the Olympics are the political and corporate elite - from real estate developers to private security corporations.

Seattle Inter-praxis

Portland, 09.12.2009 01:38

In the back of a truck on a rainy winter day we pull off I-5 into Seattle. High in the distance a banner hangs from a crane building condos. WTO this way, Democracy that. A guy holding incense flashes a victory sign greets cars as they go into downtown. We find our friends, the house we would be staying in for the week of the convention. This house near downtown became our trenches. We ate from cans of beans with pocket knives.
I was here to take pictures. I had been part of demonstrations in the months leading up to the WTO. I had captured images on film with an old Nikon-F that my father had given me. On our first night, we plastered a Starbucks with political posters. These protest posters were tokens of the revolution. This was before 9-11 so things felt hopeful. Environmental activists and Union activists coming together in unity, in solidarity.

Grecja, 7 grudnia: kolejny dzień protestów - aktualizacje!

Poland, 09.12.2009 00:10

Dziś po raz kolejny doszło w kilku greckich miastach do protestów uczniów i studentów przeciw brutalności policji i bezprecedensowym represjom władz i ich służb wobec demonstrantów; po raz kolejny doszło też do starć z oddziałami prewencji. Związek zawodowy nauczycieli i ADEDY (jeden z głównych ogólnobranżowych związków zawodowych) zorganizowały 3-godzinny strajk by umożliwić ludziom udział w demonstracjach.

African Union Ambassador to the UN in Brooklyn

NYC, 08.12.2009 23:38

In the spirit of Pan African unity, the December 12th Movement International Secretariat hosted a reception for African Union Ambassador to the United Nations Tete Antonio at Sistas’ Place in Brooklyn last week.

Release Fund Benefit for Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.12.2009 21:09

Jeffrey Luers was originally sentenced to 22 years and 8 months for the burning of three SUV's in Eugene, Oregon to make a statement about global warming. In 2007 Jeff won his appeal and his sentence was reduced to 10 years. He is scheduled to be released this December. A final San Francisco benefit for Jeff to raise funds to help him as he transitions back to life on the outside will take place on Tuesday, December 8th starting at 8pm at El Rio.

Анархисты атаковали казино в центре Минска

Belarus, 08.12.2009 21:07

Сегодня, в 6.40 утра группой минских анархистов была предпринята атака на "VIP" казино "Шангри Ла" на улице Кирова. Вход в казино был закидан ламопчками с краской и пиротехническими факелами, а на стене рядом оставлена надпись "ТЕБЯ УЖЕ ПРОИГРАЛИ".

Об открытии нового казино на деньги российских капиталистов несколько дней подряд вещали наши СМИ, добавляя при этом, что минимальная сумма для игры в этом казино - 5 000 долларов ( Пять тысяч долларов... Вспомним, сколько в нашей стране получает средний молодой специалист, или просто трудящийся. В Минске это - 600-700 тысяч рублей, в регионах: 400-500 тысяч. По ряду специальностей люди получают еще меньше. Выходит, за один вечер российский или местный бизнесмен спускает в казино как минимум ДВУХЛЕТНЮЮ зарплату трудящегося, чтобы потом отправиться на BMW или Lexus-е в свой кабинет директора или топ-менеджера, рассказать рабочим, что работают они…

“Freeway” Rick Ross Speaks at the Boys and Girls Club in Champaign

United States, 08.12.2009 14:38

RickRoss 026.JPG

One of the biggest drug kingpins from the 1980s, “Freeway” Rick Ross, spoke on Thursday night, Dec. 3, 2009, at the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club in Champaign. Ross appeared for the first time with a Chicago educational group called Hip Hop Detoxx, led by Enoch Muhammad and featuring MCs Phenomenon and Awthentik. The event was organized by CU Citizens for Peace and Justice in the wake of the police shooting of Kiwane Carrington. Ross was released from a federal prison just nine weeks ago. He delivered a powerful message of redemption to a gymnasium full of people from all ages.


Colombia, 08.12.2009 14:09

Southern Californian Solidarity with Atenco--Freedom Demanded for Political Prisoners

LA, 08.12.2009 09:08

Southern Californian Solidarity with Atenco--Freedom Demanded for Political Prisoners


Colombia, 08.12.2009 03:09

Climate Camp Western Australia 2009

Perth, 08.12.2009 02:39

CLIMATE CAMP WA - DEC 17-21 2009

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.12.2009 02:39

Walk Against Warming 2009 - 12 DEC PERTH

Portland Slumlord Hires Lawyer Instead Of Making Repairs

Portland, 08.12.2009 02:38

The $33,000,000 per year, so-called nonprofit corporation, Central City Concern, at the direction of $100,000 per year CEO and slumlord Ed Blackburn, has hired a lawyer -- instead of making needed repairs, adding staff to improve building security, and fixing persistent pest control problems. Tenant activists organized an initial picket, and are planning a second winter picket for December.

Portland's Fur Cruelty Awareness Campaign

Portland, 08.12.2009 01:38

The last year has been a strong one against the last fur shop in downtown Portland. However there are lapses with people unable to go for many reasons, and last Friday when I showed up at 3pm there wasn't a protest. If there is an opportunity in your schedule to make it, even for only an hour, please support the anti-fur outreach and make a difference to thousands of innocent lives.

Monday-Friday, 1-5pm, SW 12th & Yamhill @ Nicolas Ungar Furs

Transitioning to Linux/Report on the 2009 Linux Expo L.A.

LA, 08.12.2009 00:38

Transitioning to Linux and a (Late) Report on the 2009 Linux Expo L.A.

Seattle N30 Commerative Rally at Westlake Park

Portland, 08.12.2009 00:38

I was there for the Peoples Summit in Seattle last weekend. I made a camcorder journey of the rally on Monday, November 30th. I'd say a couple hundred people showed up to protest and commemorate the 10 year anniversary of The Battle in Seattle. Two people were arrested in a lock down, A contingent of people went to their congressman and protest Fair Trade agreements. Another group went to a Seattle employer and protested the firing of immigrant workers. Speeches were made as well as theater. The Yes Men were present as well. I made a 26 minute video of that rally.

Audio and Photographs from D5

Portland, 08.12.2009 00:38

The D5 event was enthusiastic and well attended, with information tables, creative signs, puppets, music and theater. I'd say about 700 people met underneath the Hawthorne bridge to get acquainted and prepare the march to PSU.

Along the way there was a tug of war between the people and the wealthy at the Federal building, and at Hoffman Hall, wealthy men with cigars collected money and stuffed it into their pockets, dolling out pennies to the people.

At the Hall, various speakers addressed issues within the theme of Fair Trade.
Speakers at the Rally were: Lori Wallach (Global Trade Watch), Francisco Lopez (CAUSA Oregon), Barbara Byrd (Oregon Apollo Alliance), Brent Foster (Oregon Department of Justice), Ken Allen (Oregon AFSCME). The gathering was also entertained by musical acts Jim Page and Dr. Atomic's Medicine Show.

All praised the victory over the World Trade Organization (WTO)and the corporate Free Trade Agenda in Seattle in late 1999. But, Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division, went further, saying that stopping the WTO, in Seattle and other places, is only the first step. The next and most important step would be "to turn it around."

Open Letter to the Governor concerning OHSU's treatment of Women

Portland, 08.12.2009 00:38

This is a call for informed consent reform and the criminal prosecution of medical staff who participate in the "medical rape" of patients. ALL Oregon Rape victims are directed to OHSU for rape exams, even if they live hours away. Many simply accept the emergency care at their local hospital and go home. Women who are raped and make a mistake of going to OHSU, may suffer a second rape. Now I know folks do not like to call any sort of "medical care" rape, but times are changing and the laws need to change with them. Raped women who do not want to suffer a rape kit, or not with males present are forced, rather than accommodated, that is by any reasonable woman standard a second rape. OHSU may call the police, as if they have the right to give them permission to violate a patient's rights, or they may just sedate her and move forward. Now one might say, they need to catch the rapist, but OHSU has another, perhaps more influential motive for this second rape.

What Really Happens When You Take Your Dog to the Pound

Portland, 08.12.2009 00:38

Every year, thousands of people turn in their dogs and cats to county animal shelters. They all have their... "reasons." They will tell you how they "just couldn't care for him anymore," how they are moving, how they are having a baby, how they are downsizing, how the cat is peeing outside the box, how the dog has become a "handful." And they will tell themselves, and you, that it was the right thing to do, that it was for the good of the animal, that it is the best thing. They stupidly think the dog or cat will get a "good home."
If this is you, pull your head out. Let me tell you what really happens when you take an animal to the pound.

Let's talk about the Multnomah County Animal Shelter, but it could be any pound because they are all pretty much the same. The Multnomah county animal shelter has a kill rate of roughly 50% for dogs, and 75% for cats. That means that one out of every two dogs, and two out of every three cats who come through their doors will not get out of there alive. And that's only part of the story.

Protect public land: Tell NW Natural No Palomar Pipeline for LNG

Portland, 08.12.2009 00:38

The new Hey NW Natural Campaign is uniting gas customers with farmers to hold NW Natural accountable and protect our public lands. Over 1500 private landowners, two state forests and Mt. Hood National Forest are threatened by the pipeline. You can take action to protect Oregon farmers and public land.
Oregon gas giant, NW Natural, was recently forced by federal court to release the list of names of the 1500 Oregonian's whose land is threatened to be condemned for a right-of-way for the Palomar gas pipeline. Steve Wick was one of these names - Steve is an old time Oregonian who raises filberts and hopes to start raising grapes -- but now his plans are put on hold because of the threat of the pipeline.
He is not alone. This project poses an imminent threat to the land and livelihood of everyone on that list, at the direct hand of fossil fuel expansion and the desire for corporate profit. The 1500 named landowners along the pipeline route are not the only people impacted by the pipeline.

Related Article: Oregon Landowners Deliver Petition to NW Natural


Colombia, 07.12.2009 23:39


Colombia, 07.12.2009 19:39

11 enc de la UAC

Argentina, 07.12.2009 16:39

Анархисты атаковали казино в центре Минска

Belarus, 07.12.2009 15:37

Сегодня, в 6.40 утра группой минских анархистов была предпринята атака на "VIP" казино "Шангри Ла" на улице Кирова. Вход в казино был закидан ламопчками с краской и пиротехническими факелами, а на стене рядом оставлена надпись "ТЕБЯ УЖЕ ПРОИГРАЛИ".

Об открытии нового казино на деньги российских капиталистов несколько дней подряд вещали наши СМИ, добавляя при этом, что минимальная сумма для игры в этом казино - 5 000 долларов ( Пять тысяч долларов... Вспомним, сколько в нашей стране получает средний молодой специалист, или просто трудящийся. В Минске это - 600-700 тысяч рублей, в регионах: 400-500 тысяч. По ряду специальностей люди получают еще меньше. Выходит, за один вечер российский или местный бизнесмен спускает в казино как минимум ДВУХЛЕТНЮЮ зарплату трудящегося, чтобы потом отправиться на BMW или Lexus-е в свой кабинет директора или топ-менеджера, рассказать рабочим, что работают они…

Die-In at the Ferry Building Protests Healthcare Bill's Abortion Ban

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.12.2009 15:09

On December 5th, women and men protested the Stupak amendment to the US Congress health care bill with a march and die-in in front of San Francisco's Ferry Building. Demonstrators wore black and rallied for full access to reproductive services, including abortion on demand.

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