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Transitioning to Linux/Report on the 2009 Linux Expo L.A.

LA, 14.12.2009 00:38

Transitioning to Linux and a (Late) Report on the 2009 Linux Expo L.A.

Climate action

Perth, 13.12.2009 17:09

Mass arrests in Copenhagen: Perth Indymedia reporter detained

Medford Walmart heads towards Oregon Supreme Court

Rogue Valley, 13.12.2009 14:09

Medford, Oregon, December 11, 2009--Medford Citizens for Responsible Development (MCRD) has not given up on the fight against powerful Walmart's legal team and the Superstore planned for South Medford. The fight continues and so do the worries about traffic congestion. Building such a monster store will bring on a super traffic nightmare, yet Medford refuses to do a traffic study which is required in their code. The area is already becoming a traffic nightmare even without building a Walmart Superstore.

MCRD has now petitioned the Oregon Supreme Court requesting a review of the earlier Court of Appeals Decision to Overturn a LUBA Ruling in the Matter of Requiring a Traffic Study for the Wal-Mart Superstore. (LUBA is Oregon's Land Use Board of Appeals)

We anticipate a decision by the Court to consider our appeal within 30 to 60 days.

Attached below is the petition for review delivered by MCRD's attorney to the Oregon Supreme Court earlier this week.

Masowe zatrzymania w Kopenhadze

Poland, 13.12.2009 11:39

Dziś po południu w trakcie masowej demonstracji klimatycznej "Our Climate, Not Your Business", w której wzieło udział ponad 100 tys. osób, policja zatrzymała ponad 1000 demonstrantów.Funkcjonariusze otoczyli legalny protest i uwięzili bez powodu setki przypadkowych osób.

Once You COP You Just Can't Stop

United Kingdom, 13.12.2009 11:39

Going to COP15? Wondering which pair of socks to bring? A space-hopper and a peace flag or a gas-mask and a bag of transit wheel nuts? Ask no longer as SchNEWS brings you our prepare-for-action guide to the week long climate protest in Denmark, a country which professes itself to be a 'key developer of climate solutions'. Let's hope they're right. Read on for yer essential what's-what: border checks, police tactics, and probably most importantly, what will the weather be like?

See or click 'full article'

Workers Stand Up Against Wage Theft in Portland

Portland, 13.12.2009 06:38

The Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA) helped stage a second solidarity action today, Friday, Dec. 11th, against recently opened restaurant Toast and Pho, to regain back wages for three employees. The wage claims were denied, and a third action is planned for tomorrow Dec. 12th.

Marcha oeste LGBT

Puerto Rico, 13.12.2009 04:09

Marchamos por la Equidad en la Diversidad

Derechos LGBT

Puerto Rico, 13.12.2009 04:09

Exigen un Código Civil para tod@s

At Least 8 Arrested at UC Berkeley After Concert &amp; March

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.12.2009 03:09

Students at UC Berkeley re-grouped Friday evening to protest the early morning raid on the Open University at occupied Wheeler Hall. A rally at Wheeler was followed by a concert and a march on the north side of campus. Police dispersed the marching crowd and arrested at least 8, who are being charged with "riot vandalism." Among the eight, who are still being held, was at least one Indybay photographer covering the event and who likely showed up to cover it shortly before he was arrested.

Mixing It Up with the Mayor on Freak Radio Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.12.2009 00:39

Newly-elected (by his own City Council) Mayor Mike Rotkin will cross verbal swords with Robert Norse in the Free Radio Santa Cruz studio on Sunday, December 13th at 10:30am on 101.1 FM and online. Topics are expected to include the proposed ban on new medical marijuana clinics and growhouses, recently installed anti-homeless architectural changes downtown, the Sleeping Ban and more.

DC FBI Field Office Head Joseph J. Persichini Resigns; Caught Cheating on Test

DC, 13.12.2009 00:09

Effective Christmas Day, Joseph J Persichini resigns from his post as Head of the Washington DC FBI Field Office! Why do you ask? Because this dumbass cheated on an open book test!

Worker Safety Activists Tell Tesla: Don't Build on Toxic Dump Site in Downey

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.12.2009 22:39

Having received a $465 million low-interest loan from the US Department of Energy, Tesla Motors will soon be deciding on a site to locate their electric car manufacturing plant. On December 10th worker safety activists visited Tesla's world headquarters in San Carlos to report on the continuing contamination and dangerous working conditions at a site in southern California under consideration. They asked that Tesla not choose the site in Downey for their new plant.

Workers Stand Up Against Wage Theft in Portland

Portland, 12.12.2009 22:39

The Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA) helped stage a second solidarity action today, Friday, Dec. 11th, against recently opened restaurant Toast and Pho,to regain back wages for three employees. The wage claims were denied, and a third action is planned for tomorrow Dec. 12th.

Impacts of Cars on Our Social Lives and What Can Be Done

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.12.2009 22:39

On Thursday, December 17th at 6:30pm in the Santa Cruz High School Auditorium, Joshua Hart and Bruce Appleyard will address the impacts of cars on our social lives and what can be done about it. Admission is free and open to the public.

transmision de 11 UAC

Argentina, 12.12.2009 21:09

trens de la UAC/cba

Argentina, 12.12.2009 21:09

12/11/09 Update on Imprisoned People's Lawyer Lynne Stewart

NYC, 12.12.2009 18:39

Your holiday cards to framed and falsely imprisoned workingclass lawyer Lynne Stewart and financial contributions to her legal defense are needed now. Your letters are also needed as she faces a new sentencing hearing on April 22. Her high blood pressure at age 70 is sufficient grounds to free her as it is deadly. Here are the latest updates from her website.

Immigrant Workers Strike in Somerville, Need Help

Boston, 12.12.2009 18:09

Somerville, MA- Over 400 immigrant workers of Angelica Textile Services in Somerville initiated a strike on Thursday, December 10th at 11:00 am.


Argentina, 12.12.2009 16:09

Arrancó la 11º UAC

en defensa de los bienes comunes

Argentina, 12.12.2009 16:09

Arrancó la 11º UAC


CMI Brasil, 12.12.2009 14:37

Direitos da Mulher

O presente está em jogo. O futuro é incerto. Manifesto “Copenhaga, por um planeta, livre, justo, Comúm”

Galiza, 12.12.2009 12:09

O presente está em jogo. O futuro é incerto.
Entre o 7 e o 18 de dezembro terá lugar em Copenhaga (Dinamarca) a
Conferencia sobre o Cambio Climático auspiciada pola ONU e sustentada
globalmente no paradigma do “capitalismo verde”.
No plano mediático esta-se a simplificar a cimeira dentro do marco da
redefiniçom das emissons de CO2 a nivel global. Por desgraça, a agenda da
cimeira COP15 e a realidade do planeta é muito máis complexa. Complexa
pois atopámo-nos no tempo objetivo da crise económica e financieira e
semelha que, com a governanza climática do planeta em jogo, grandes
reajustes podem vir dados em Copenhaga desde xs poderosxs da terra para
perpetuar um sistema produtivo, um modelo de consumo e umha estructura de
dominio que nos tem levado a caminhar no umbral da modificaçom radical do
mundo e da natureza até agora conhecidos.

Contaminación en Vieques

Puerto Rico, 12.12.2009 05:45

Científicos advierten sobre peligro en intenciones de la Marina de quemar vegetación en Vieques

Precaución por la vacuna de gripe porcina

Puerto Rico, 12.12.2009 05:45

¿Es efectiva, necesaria y segura la vacuna contra el AH1N1?

Plan B on Climate Change-an Ark rises on the Mall

DC, 12.12.2009 05:09

With lobbyists from sHell and Exxon infesting the global climate conference in Copenhagen, DC area activists from Avaaz have started building an Ark on the Mall for the rising seas sure to come.

Uni Frankfurt im Ausnahmezustand

Germany, 12.12.2009 01:09

Die Goethe-Uni in Frankfurt befindet sich derzeit im Ausnahmezustand. Am Montag hatten Studierende das Casino am I.G.-Farben-Campus besetzt, um dort „Zeit und Raum für kritische Bildung und Kritk“ zu schaffen. Die Studierenden hatten ein einwöchiges Programm mit über 70 Workshops vorbereitet, die u.a. von Lehrenden der Goethe-Uni, Studierenden oder politischen Gruppen organisiert wurden. Am Mittwoch lies dann der Uni-Präsident Werner Müller-Esterl auf Grund von Sachbeschädigungen das Casino räumen.


Argentina, 11.12.2009 22:09

The Clash in Copenhagen

Boston, 11.12.2009 20:09

Anarchists, climate justice activists and foes of global capital are converging on Copenhagen to resist the UN COP15 climate talks that are aimed at creating false hope while in fact continuing business as usual. This space will have the latest updates from that struggle.

Cracks in Mumia’s case

United States, 11.12.2009 19:37

A clear case of open-and-shut guilt is how Philadelphia police and prosecutors describe the first-degree murder conviction that sent journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal to death row over a quarter century ago. However, just a quick peek underneath the surface of this case reveals a litany of errors and wrongdoing by police, prosecutors and judges that implode all claims of Abu-Jamal’s absolute guilt. Read More & Video by Linn Washington, Jr.

RELATED: Philadelphia events for Mumia Abu-Jamal this week Photo from December 2008 Report

Editorial Cartoon: Oaf Keeper

DC, 11.12.2009 19:09

WHEN THE TEABAGGERS JUST AREN'T WHACKED ENOUGH Between the Teabaggers and the Birthers, I'd thought I'd pretty much seen the pinnacle of evolution for Rightist nutcakes. Then, the Oath Keepers showed up, a bunch of current and retired military and cops howling about the new dangers to the Constitution they've sworn to uphold with all the bluster they can muster on a Web site which, like all similar right-wing sites, is hopelessly swimming in military and Revolutionary War-era metaphor and imagery. Oh, and don't forget to check out their video, in which they declare their intent to disobey their Top Ten Unjust Orders with a lush backdrop of inspiring patriotic and military imagery and overwrought music. Yeah, you might think we Lefties get a bit over the top, but for sheer Drama Queen goodness, you can't beat the Right Wingnuts…

Feingold on War Constitutionality, Israeli Nukes, CBO Scoring Single Payer

DC, 11.12.2009 19:09

The Washington Stakeout (video) takes a weekly look at the Sunday talk show guests and tries to ask good questions of the guests we think we have a chance of questioning. On Sunday Dec 6, 2009, after a snowy Saturday, Sam Husseini, director of cought up with Senator Feingold-Select Committee on Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committee… Here is a transcript of highlights of the conversation on War Constitutionality, Israeli Nukes, CBO Scoring Single Payer…

DC Truancy Cops Harass Private School Students When Only Public Schools Open

DC, 11.12.2009 19:09

DC's truancy cops are demanding that private school students whose schools are closed when public schools are open carry notes from school AT ALL TIMES – or risk arrest. This sort of police misconduct is the sort of thing one would expect in Occupied Palestine.

A Scrooge &quot;Merry Christmas&quot; to Kennedy-Warren Tenants

DC, 11.12.2009 19:09

KENNEDY WARREN LANDLORD B.F. SAUL ATTEMPTING TO SUBVERT EVICTION PROTECTIONS FOR TENANTS! The landlord "power that be" at The Kennedy-Warren are coercing tenants to agree to "temporary evictions" in order to make what it claims are "necessary repairs" (under the 501(f) "relocation" provisions of the law). According to some tenants, because of clogged sinks and blown fuses, Saul is claiming the need to tear open the walls of all units, install clothes washers, lower the ceilings, alter closet space for cable installation, and of course, to evict the tenants to do such "pressing work". Threats to implement huge increases for utilities and other improvements face tenants who refuse to sign on the dotted line or who assert their rights.

DF - A mobilização continua até a queda de Arruda

CMI Brasil, 11.12.2009 18:07


Children Face a 'Black Christmas'

Ireland, 11.12.2009 16:41

Minister Lenihan Slashes Child Benefit Children fa ...

Em seminário na Câmara, catadores de São Paulo repudiam incineração

Brasil, 11.12.2009 16:40

Camponeses interditam terminais de Petróleo no Norte do ES por mais de 30 horas

CMI Brasil, 11.12.2009 16:07


COP15: Akcje solidarnościowe w całej Europie

Poland, 11.12.2009 14:09

Przed szczytem klimatycznym ONZ i w trakcie rozmów w Kopenhadze, dziesiątki tysięcy demonstrują w Europie domagając się Klimatycznej Sprawiedliwości. W Kopenhadze, duńska policja prowadzi największą akcję w swojej historii. Budżet na zabezpieczenie miasta i fortyfikację "Bella Center" szacowany jest na około 122 milionów dolarów. By zapobiec brakowi miejsc w aresztach, władze Kopenhagi zamieniły opuszczony magazyn piwa w prowizoryczne więzienie dla "niepokornych" demonstrantów z kilkudziesięcioma stalowymi klatkami mogącymi pomieścić ok 350 osób.

New Report--Tax $$ goes to Sweatshops

Rogue Valley, 11.12.2009 14:09

"Toxic Uniforms: Behind the ‘Made in USA’ Label" is a new report released on December 10, 2009, International Human Rights Day

This report is highlighted by the Ashland Sweatfree Campaign who successfully worked with the City of Ashland, which first adopted a sweatfree resolution and followed up with a no-sweat-shop policy for the procurement of uniforms & garments for city employees. In April, 2009 the campaign brought to Ashland a speaking tour with Rafael Irizarry, a garment worker at Propper International in Puerto Rico, who is featured in this new report. Photos of Irizarry taken during his Ashland visit can be viewed below.

Ongoing educational work by the Ashland Sweatfree Campaign has included an art exhibit of women garment worker paintings on display in the Ashland Council Chambers in November, 2009. The Campaign is a project of Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and its ad-hoc committee is composed of the following Ashland residents: Pam Vavra, Rich Rohde, Brenda Gould, Steve Ryan, Eric Navickas, Jason Houk and Wes Brain.

Two photos taken April 4, 2009 during speakers' tour at Southern Oregon University- In the first photo Rafael Irizarry holds up a garment made in his Puerto Rico workplace for the United States military. The second photo shows Rafael Irizarry front row on the far right.

Click photo to make it larger

trasmision UAC y Juicio Menendez

Argentina, 11.12.2009 14:09

Nine arrested at sit-in targeting Sen. Schumer

NYC, 11.12.2009 05:45

On Monday Senator Schumer (NY) announced his support for an expansion of Medicare to those 55 years old and older. Activists say this is not enough. The Mobilization for Healthcare Now launched another wave of protests in its campaign demanding a national single-payer system in the US. On Thursday December 10th, demonstrations occurred at the office buildings housing Senators offices in 16 states. Not including today 35 sit-ins have been organized in a two month period. Video is available at

Six Mayan leaders

New Mexico, 11.12.2009 03:09

In Their Own Words, An evening with Mayan farmers

Short Films about the Border

New Mexico, 11.12.2009 03:09

Short Films about the Border, ABQ Center for Peace and Justice, Wed July 23, 7pm 202 Harvard SE

En defensa de los bienes comunes

Argentina, 11.12.2009 01:38

XI Encuentro de la Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas en Córdoba

En defensa de los bienes comunes

Argentina, 11.12.2009 01:38

XI Encuentro de la Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas en Córdoba

Famílias despejadas no Capão conseguem desapropriação de terra

CMI Brasil, 10.12.2009 23:07


Students Occupy Business Building at SFSU

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.12.2009 22:39

Students occupied the business business building in the morning of Wednesday, December 9th to protest higher tuition, massive layoffs, hundreds of classes cut, millions for administration salary. Hundreds of students linked arms at various points throughout the day in solidarity against the complete dismantling of the education system in California. Students drew connections between layoffs and cuts in other public sectors, billions spent on war and millions of people without healthcare. Just before 4am the next day, riot police rushed the building, breaking a window to gain access, and arrested those inside.

Rochestester's New Police Acountibility Coalition

Rochester, 10.12.2009 20:07

A new coalition is forming between many activist groups in Rochester to push for greater police accountability in the city. Initially started by Rochester Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the coalition immediately grew to include members from Activists Against Racism movement (AARM), Rochester International Socialist Organization (ISO), Rochester Against War (WAR), Rochester Declaration of Peace, and more. I talked with members of the coalition about why they joined, what their goals were, and how they view the police.

The name of the coalition is "RPAC", Rochester Police Accountability Coalition. To see what the group is about, come down to the next meeting, Saturday Dec. 12th, 2pm at the Flying Squirrel Community Space, 285 Clarissa St.

New PDX IMC Radio Show, &quot;Sex Positive&quot;, Fridays, 7-8pm

Portland, 10.12.2009 19:38

New radio show wants your questions/comments, ASAP!

Sex Positive Radio, Fridays, 7-8pm Radical feminist perspectives on sex, relationships, and the politics that
surround intimacy. We will explore and discuss issues of sexuality and
relationships in a safe and open forum with real feminist-activists. Callin your questions/comments during show time at (503) 477-6887 or e-mail us

We are also looking for guest interviews, so if you have a passion for passion or are a bit of a "sexpert" on a subject, contact us.

Pritchard Fires Janitor

Houston, 10.12.2009 19:09

Pritchard Fires Janitor Just Days After She Speaks Out About Working without Pay

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