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Rickard Becker in Ashland 11/09

Rogue Valley, 05.11.2004 09:46

ANSWER Coalition International Steering Committee Founding Member Richard Becker will explore the future of the peace movement in his discussion "After The Election: What Next for the Anti-War Movement?" next week at the Meese Auditorium.

Richard Becker
Live at the Meese Auditorium
7pm Tues. Nov. 9, 2004

The Election was Stolen; How we know &amp; Why it matters

Portland, 05.11.2004 09:31

If you've been following the news on the U.S. indymedia network this week, you know that a free and fair election was not held on Tuesday. In Ohio, Florida, and elsewhere Republicans attempted to throw out voter registrations on claimed legal technicalities or toss people off the voter rolls for alleged crimes. In precincts populated by the money-poor or people of color, long lines resulted from too few voting machines, and the machines broke down. In areas with electronic voting machines, voters reported "malfunctions" that switched their choices from Democrat to Republican. Most tellingly, exit polling varied -- often wildly -- from the final "official" counts, often most in Bush's favor in those areas with electronic voting machines installed by private companies with Republican ties. On CNN, exit polls were changed to match.

Greg Palast and Thom Hartmann are both pointing out that this election was stolen, and they've got the cred to back it up. The OpEdNews and New Zealand's Scoop also dug right inm but don't expect to see anything in U.S. corporate media, of course. But you don't have take anyone's word for it: Check the numbers yourself.

read more >>The Myth of VotingThe whole political party system - the Democrats and the Republicans - is no doubt one in the same. The whole voting process is a deceptive ploy, a very effective way to give us the illusion that there is democracy in america and that people have the power. People often become irate when they hear that someone does not use their democratic right to vote, but in light of the last two elections, what difference did it make? read more >>

New Orleans, LA; St. Petersburg, FL; Toledo, OH; Columbus, OH; Beloit, WI; and Milwuakee, WI. Other reported voting problems posted to IMCs include Felton, CA; Nashville, TN; Michigan and Ohio; Portland, OR; Boston, MA; Pittsburgh, PA; Florida and Pennsylvania; St. Louis, MO; Tulsa, OK; Manhattan, NY; Urbana, IL; Brooklyn, NY; and elsewhere

related: [ The Ghost Votes in the Machine: Voting Snafus Across the Nation | 2004 COLLECTED VOTE FRAUD STORIES | Stop Being Paranoid Portland - The Voters Have Spoken! | Ban Machine Voting ]

Outrage in Ohio: Angry residents storm State House in response to massive voter suppression and corruption

Michigan, 05.11.2004 07:11

November 3 - Toledo, Ohio Hundreds of angry Ohio residents marched through the streets of Columbus—Ohio’s Capital—this evening and stormed the Ohio State House, defying orders and arrest threats from Ohio State Troopers. "O-H-I-O ! suppressed democracy has got to go,"they chanted. After troopers pushed and scuffled with people, nearly a hundred people took over the steps and entrance to the State’s giant white column capital building and refused repeated orders to disperse or face arrest. People prepared for arrests, ready to face jail—writing lawyers phone numbers on their arms, signing jail support lists and discussing non-cooperation and active resistance (linking arms, but not fighting back).


Arizona, 05.11.2004 06:46

TPD officer P. Tosca fires pepper spray bullets into crowd

Low-wage Service Workers at UCSC Need Your Support to Win a Fair Contract!

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.11.2004 06:02

On Wednesday November 10th, the Members of Local 3299 AFSCME will be having a major rally when UC representatives come to the campus for state-wide bargaining. The rally will take place at 12:00 noon in front of the Baytree Bookstore on the UCSC campus.

Over 7,000 UC Service Workers and Local 3299 AFSCME Members serve food; clean bathrooms, dorms, labs, offices, and hospitals; drive shuttle buses, and park cars at the nine UC campuses and five medical centers. Their contract with UC expired June 30, 2004, and UC has so far rejected all proposals to improve it. Workers are demanding more support for the quality services that we provide, a fair pay system with steps that respect our years of experience, and a real chance to advance.

The median wage for UC Service Workers is $12.05 per hour, and 22% earn less than $10 per hour. Here at UCSC, 93% of the 550 Service Workers earn less than the living wage for Santa Cruz County of $16.88 as determined by the California Budget Project. And like many UC workers, they are laid off during holiday and summer breaks.

coverage from 5/20/04: UC Workers Hold Statewide Marches

Estudantes manifestam-se contra política de desinvestimento no superior

Portugal, 05.11.2004 04:30

Estudantes manifestam-se contra política de desinvestimento no superior

Estudantes manifestam-se contra o aumento de propinas.

Portugal, 05.11.2004 04:15

Estudantes manifestam-se contra o aumento de propinas.

Boston Death Sparks Call For Less Lethal Moratorium

Boston, 05.11.2004 03:58

Controversial Weapons Increase Violence, Despite Police Claims Boston - On Thursday, November 4, the Boston Area Faculty Group on Public Issues, the National Lawyers Guild and the Save Our Civil Liberties (SOCL) Campaign issued a public demand for an immediate moratorium on police use of so-called “non-lethal” and “less-lethal” weapons. The press conference, held at the Emerson College campus, highlighted the recent death of Victoria Snelgrove during a Red Sox celebration as an example of the misuse of less lethal weapons by local, state and federal law enforcement around the country.

How the Homeless voted in Philly

DC, 05.11.2004 03:17


Colombia, 05.11.2004 02:58

"Bush, la edad de la mentira"

Cascadia Resistance Movement

Portland, 05.11.2004 02:53

In the coming months we will use this website to organize resistance to the bush corporate war machine. Do not Despair, Organize.

In the coming months we will post actions to help people stop collaborating with the corporate takeover of the world.

Here are just a few of the events that we are discussing and organizing now.

  1. An event in which the war resisters league tells people how to stop paying federal taxes. Including ideas for pre-tax contributions to local community non-profits who benefit the resistance and the people of Cascadia.
  2. An event to openly discuss the legal ramifications of helping Cascadia cecede from the facist america.
  3. An event to help people reorganize their lives to stop collaborating
  4. Helping us organize from the neighborhood up... to better respresent the will of the people.
read on >>

related articles: [ Things to do-our new civil war | A Message For The Coming Days... ]

A brainstorm on protest & action strategyMany people have written expressing their frustration with the Nov. 3 (and other recent) protests, namely the extreme control the police have over the crowd. They wield this control with ease, despite our often vastly superior numbers and (hopefully!) superior intellect.

This is an attempt to start a dialogue to address this problem.

If the police have a plan and we don't we're clearly fucked, unless we're all in a remarkably good and clear head space. Unless we are content being corralled on the sidewalk, split into 6 groups, and eventually semi-dispersing due to mass confusion we must come more prepared to deal with the police behavior. It's so sad to here the chants, "this is what democracy looks like" and "whose streets? our streets" when the reality is so clearly the opposite!

Being prepared for the police involves several components, which I detail below:



Arizona, 05.11.2004 02:52

Local corporate media downplays the march

Portland, 05.11.2004 02:50

I bounced back and forth between local channels just out of curiosity at 5 am to see how they would slant what took place tonight. I was quickly reminded of why I never watch TV, much less trust its so called news programming. We all know there were 700 to 1000 of us last night, and Channel 8 had it at 100 or 200. Channel 6 used the headline "peaceful?"; implying that we were somehow not. Channel 12 called us a "mob". Every channel painted the police as "just trying to protect the public, keep the streets safe and traffic moving". Every channel portrayed the presidency as validly won... read more >>

[ pdx indymedia "media criticism" page ]

Sad March, Happy Mass

Portland, 05.11.2004 02:33

If you were underwhelmed by the march, you should have seen our Critical Mass.

Our arrival at CM was greeted with little fanfare. Many folks in the Park Blocks had spent the last couple hours, like us, dredging down the sidewalk murmuring chants of dissent. Food Not Bombs was there to provide much needed nutrition. Chewing my kale like cud in order to wash down the bean and noodle concoction (LOL, FNB), I surveyed the park. More people were arriving, but no one knew what was going on. I joined my cyclivist friends on the grass. We all concurred that this demonstration was just as mopey as the last one. So, we mused, what the hell are we going to do about it? Strategize.

In the interests of CM's continuing success, I will not disclose all the details of our strategy. Suffice to say, we avoided the initial police escort that traditionally harasses CM. We proceeded to overtake most major roads on the east side, growing from 50 to 70 bikes strong, picking up curious cyclists all the way. We were even joined by a couple of skateboarders. We cruised by a pack of motorcycle cops that were inside a Wendy's choking down post-protester-pounding bacon double cheeseburgers (Biggie Sized, I'm sure.) Had my view been better, I'm certain there would be cola visibly spewing from all their snouts as they saw us pedal by, chanting with enthusiasm and ringing our bike bells. Finally, after nearly 2 hours of harassment free riding, the fuzz caught up with us.

Update on Portland arrestees; Witnesses of pepperspray and other police strong-arm tactics requested

Portland, 05.11.2004 02:26

It is 5:30am and four of the arrestees from yesterday's post election action has been released. We do not expect all to be released tonight/this morning, at least one is being held til their scheduled court date, today in the afternoon, Nov4. Volunteers are still going strong at the jail support office and down at the justice center. We will continue to staff the office until all arrestees have been released and/or court dates have been scheduled.

If you were arrested and did not see one of our volunteers, please contact us. If you witnessed an arrest at the event, please call us.


UPDATE (3:02 pm): The three people still in custodty from last night should be out between 7and 12m tonight. Portland GDC greaters will be waiting for them. Friends and supporters welcome. We will be inside the justice center until 10pm and then waiting out front from 10 till midnight.


call for witnesses: [ Pepper-Spraying Non-Protestors ]

General Defense Committee/Jail Support: (503) 234-4518

From Manila Indymedia Newswire

Perth, 05.11.2004 01:59

Bloodbath in Southern Thailand

SF Action Shifted Focus to Healthcare

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.11.2004 01:54

November 3rd Actions Beyond Voting

Vancouver: Report from Esther Short Park

Portland, 05.11.2004 01:52

Yesterday there was to be a peace and justice rally and/or vigil in Esther Short park in Vancouver at 2:00 pm, as was announced on KBOO and listed on indymedia. What happened was that 5 people showed up, and one of those was just passing by. The event was in some ways national, and was partially cancelled due to lack of noticeable election fraud right away. In Ohio, there was still apparently some rallies or demonstrations planned.

So five area dissidents gathered for about an hour to discuss the mild form of fascism that the U.S. has wholeheartedly endorsed--mild at home, brutal abroad. Actually, two of the people there were there just in case anybody did show up, so that they could tell people that the event had for the most part been called off.

Arafat On Verge Of Death

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.11.2004 01:30

Future Unclear As Palestinian Leader's Condition Gets Worse

Power conceding nothing without demand, as usual

Michigan, 05.11.2004 01:26

Because voting is not a demand.

The easy smile on Kerry's face as he conceeded to Bush should have made a few things clear. There are reasons why Kerry conceeded so quickly, there are reasons why he never mentioned a single instance of voter fraud or intimidation throughout the day on November 2nd as widespread evidence of disenfranchisement was surfacing (at least through independent media outlets) and there are reasons why he didn't use his concession speech as an opportunity to articulate even mild opposition to Bush policies.

An Open Letter to George Bush

Madison, 05.11.2004 01:00

Frankly, I didn't expect Kerry to win. We both know that the Democrats are more impotent than a pre-Viagra Bob Dole. But I expected to be able to go to bed last night with the illusion that we wouldn't have to face four more years of backwards-ass policy decisions. No such luck I guess.

Sydney Peace Prize

Sydney, 05.11.2004 00:54

Peace Prize awarded to Arundhati Roy


Scotland, 04.11.2004 23:58

Demonstrators are set to take to the streets of Scotland's cities and towns if the expected ground attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah goes ahead.

forum 2004 (ca)

Barcelona, 04.11.2004 23:07

així acaba tot???

El Forum ha acabat i el proper serà a Monterrey on ja estan avisats de l'operació especulativa que els hi ve al damunt. Aquí a la Barcelona insostenible ens volen fer creure que ja està, malgrat que molta gent ha expressat la seva oposició al Forum, com en la darrera manifestació del 26 de setembre (fotos 1-2) o al pregó de la Mercè (fotos 1-2) i que l'ajuntament reconeix que el Forum no ha calat en la ciutadania. Però l'ajuntament continua amb el seu monòleg i no es planteja les seves responsabilitats davant les múltiples demandes de dimissió de Clos. Falsejarà els comptes com va fer al Mundial de Natació? Per ara ja han adelantat 42 milions dels nostres diners per a deixar dèficit 0 i netejar la seva imatge. També han utilitzat personatges venuts com Susan George, Ignasi Ramonet i Bernat Cassin (a diferencia d'Attac que no va participar) per amagar que moltes altres organitzacions es van negar a col·laborar amb aquesta gran mentida. I si fora poc, damunt es subhasta el poc que quedava per ser utilitzat més tard per la gent. Vols fer quelcom respecte a que el Forum hagi forrat als espavilats de sempre!!???
Cada dia pots demanar la dimissió ::: no et conformis!!! @rt col·laboratiu :: crida per a campanya :: clos dimissió

Joc del Fotut 2004 ::: demana dimissions!!!

+info:: >>>Fòrum 2004

forum 2004 (es)

Barcelona, 04.11.2004 23:07

¿¿¿así acaba todo???

El Forum se ha acabado y el siguiente será en Monterrey donde ya están avisados de la operación especulativa que les viene encima. Aquí en la Barcelona insostenible nos quieren hacer creer que ya está, a pesar que mucha gente ha expresado su oposición al Forum, como en la última manifestación del 26 de septiembre (fotos 1-2) o en el pregón de la Mercè (fotos 1-2) y que el ayuntamiento reconoce que el Forum no ha calado en la ciudadanía. Pero el ayuntamiento continúa con su monólogo y no se plantea sus responsabilidades ante las múltiples demandas de dimisión de Clos. ¿Falseará las cuentas como hizo en el Mundial de Natación? Por ahora ya han adelantado 42 millones de nuestro dinero para dejar déficit 0 y limpiar su imagen. También han utilizado personajes vendid*s como Susan George, Ignasi Ramonet y Bernat Cassin (a diferencia de Attac que no participó) para esconder que muchas otras organizaciones se negaron a colaborar con esta gran mentira. Y por si fuera poco, encima se subasta lo poco que quedava para ser utilizado más tarde por la gente. ¿Quieres hacer algo respecto a que el Forum haya forrado a los espabilados de siempre!!???
Todos los días puedes pedir la dimisión ::: no te conformes!!! @rte colaborativo :: llamamiento para campaña :: clos dimisión

Juego del Fotut 2004 ::: pide dimisiones!!!

+info:: >>>Fòrum 2004

Kerry Won, here are the facts

San Diego, 04.11.2004 22:11

Bush won Ohio by 136,483 votes. Typically in the United States, about 3 percent of votes cast are voided—known as “spoilage” in election jargon—because the ballots cast are inconclusive. Drawing on what happened in Florida and studies of elections past, Palast argues that if Ohio’s discarded ballots were counted, Kerry would have won the state. Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports there are a total of 247,672 votes not counted in Ohio, if you add the 92,672 discarded votes plus the 155,000 provisional ballots. So far there's no indication that Palast's hypothesis will be tested because only the provisional ballots are being counted.

&quot;Day After&quot; Election Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2004 21:14

Bay Area Kicks The Hangover

Community and students protest fake 'election', occupation

Michigan, 04.11.2004 20:30

Lansing, November 3 - Standing on playground equipment and shouting into a bullhorn, community members of Urbandale neighborhood, were joined by MSU students and activist group Direct Action to protest the Bush regime, occupation, and government Wednesday night at Foster Park.

Europeans Report on Elections Obervation Mission

DC, 04.11.2004 20:29

Listen to learn about the Europeans report on election observation in the US.

why i burned my ballot

DC, 04.11.2004 19:35

the people i vote for never, ever win. this time, i decided to burn my absentee ballot as a protest of my lack of choice, and send the charred remains to the election board to count as my vote

ΝΑΟΥΣΑ: Κατάληψη εργοστασίου

Thessaloniki, 04.11.2004 18:33

Υπό κατάληψη το εργοστάσιο της Τρικολάν

ΝΑΟΥΣΑ: Κατάληψη εργοστασίου

Thessaloniki, 04.11.2004 18:32

Υπό κατάληψη το εργοστάσιο της Τρικολάν

A Stolen Election in Ohio?

Hudson Mohawk, 04.11.2004 18:30

Harvey Wasserman wrote the week before the Ohio election: "The Republican "November Surprise" to steal the 2004 election is in full force here in Ohio. With polls showing a dead heat, the GOP is staging an all-out attack on a fair vote count in the Buckeye State." Ohio State Senator Teresa Fedor said today: "There was trouble with our elections in Ohio at every stage. There is a pattern of voter suppression; that's why I called for [Ohio Secretary of State] Blackwell's resignation more than a month ago. Blackwell, while claiming to run an unbiased elections process, was also the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio"

Looking Backward: Another 21st Century Coup For Neo-Conservative America

Michigan, 04.11.2004 17:57

DETROIT, 4 November, 2004 (PANW)--Despite the proclamations of the political pundits over the corporate media outlets that the elections held on November 2 provided a broad mandate for the further implementation of the right-wing agenda of George W. Bush and his allies in the ruling elites, in actuality these developments illustrate the desperate character of the American empire and its increasing escape from the realities of the modern world.

No Privaticen

Colombia, 04.11.2004 17:48

Para defender a EPM:
Medellín luchará unido a toda Colombia

Subvertising spotted at pharmaceutical conference in DC

DC, 04.11.2004 17:42

The ad-van adverising some new drug was subvertised this past weekend, so as it drove around the convention center in view of delegates to the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, the van read "A new drug from the makers of POISONOUS STARLINK CORN" and "Aventis: overcharging you for drugs for over 100 years. (See pictures below)


Colombia, 04.11.2004 17:20

Uruguay: triunfó el Frente Amplio

Breaking news from November 3

Michigan, 04.11.2004 17:03

See below for a log of breaking news from November 3.

Lucha mediática en Santiago del Estero

Argentina, 04.11.2004 14:02

Jueves 04 de Noviembre 2004 | INFORME SOBRE EL 4º PODER
Poder y lucha mediática en Santiago del Estero

Lucha mediática en Santiago del Estero

Argentina, 04.11.2004 13:44

Jueves 04 de Noviembre 2004 | INFORME SOBRE EL 4º PODER
Poder y lucha mediática en Santiago del Estero

Blue State Secession: The Only Solution

Madison, 04.11.2004 13:02

Link to tongue-in-cheek maps suggesting that "blue states" join Canada or Mexico, and leave the "red states" to fend for themselves. Also an optimistic look at presidential second terms. This is a joke, but there are a few developments that could prevent the "blue states" from joining Canada and Mexico.

thailand massacre

QC, 04.11.2004 10:03

Protesters hold Thai PM Thaksin accountable for Narathiwat massacre

In Portland: &quot;This is What American Democracy Looks Like, And It Sucks!&quot;

Portland, 04.11.2004 08:29

"Bakunin" writes: I was out in the streets tonight. About 1,000 people showed up to protest Bush, the war in Iraq, and the election results. The spirit was good, and so was the turnout.

Unfortunately the police had us almost completely in control. They blocked streets at every red light, effectively dividing the march into sections. The section of the march I was in - towards the back - never took the streets, or even tried to. On several occasions the cops completely divided the march, not allowing those of us in the back to join our comrades on the other side of the street. There have been reports of a few arrests (six at this point) and the use of pepper spray. By 6:30 a couple hundred people made their way back to the Square, while another several hundred gathered at the intersection of 5th and Morrison. It was around this point (around 6:50) that I used my transfer to come home.

"christ" writes: Just got home from the Portland protests and am feeling a little... disheartened. Things started out well- nice to see the feminists, queers, radicals, progressives, anarchists, etc. all in one place and pissed off. We began marching ON THE SIDEWALKS, which sorta defeated the whole point of the march. At first, not many cops around... I think we could have taken the streets and dunno why we didn't.

It immediately became obvious that folks marching had many different ideas about what we were doing. The chants were random and short lived, some wanted to shout FUCK BUSH while others wanted to sing THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE. But, I wondered, is this what democracy looks like? Marching ont he sidewalks? Waiting for the lights to change before we cross the street?

"lkae" writes: I'm a middle school teacher who could not stay at home with my depression and gloom and needed to be out with other angry folks. I have been saying for months that if he steals the election again we need to have riots in the streets. I have a five year old and a teaching job, so I don't feel like i can be a leader in this and serve jail time but we need to have the message sent that we are pissed. On one hand I am pleased with the way people abided the law and took the "high road" when confronted by the police. On the other I am wondering where the fuck is the rage?


PHOTOS: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Video of speakers at Pioneer SquareAt the Square, various people took the mike, giving their viewpoints about the Bush Administration, the Election, and what the people must do in order to correct the radical swerve to the right our country is taking. Angry, yet thoughtful; raw, yet respectful of each other; boistrous, yet non violent, this first part of the evening, at the Square and afterwards for about an hour, saw much outrage, much condmenation of Bush policies and equally as much creative insight on how to achieve the change everyone was in the streets to generate.

This video gives a window into the mood of the crowd, some words of the speakers, most of whom seemed to be speaking spontaneously and eloquently from the heart of their outrage and disillusion. Mostly young people, but not only young people comprised the majority of the gathering.

[ DSL/Cable stream | 56k stream | read more ]

pdx indy coverage archives: [ the web radio broadcast | the Breaking News ]

related: [ Protest - Help me understand | If you need a safe place to go (if things get crazy) ]

background: [ oregon elections I national elections I us imc: national actions I nov 3rd actions I dont just vote mp3 ]

Report from Eugene: &quot;My Protest Today&quot;

Portland, 04.11.2004 06:47

Today, I had planned on attending the vigil here in Eugene, mostly for photos and perhaps a story since I feel that it is important to document the dissent that is happening so that people know that we are not all conceding. I was not happy that Bush was going to continue in his charade as the president, but I didn't vote for Kerry either, so I would not be up in arms about Kerry's defeat like I knew a lot of those at the rally would be. To me, it seemed more than likely that Bush would be president for another four years given the great pains that he and his administration went to in putting their agenda into place, so the election results came as no surprise. My vote went to truth, to Nader.

With a little time to spare before the rally, I went to a park close to where I work, with camera in hand. Being in nature always righteously aligns me, especially this time of year with the glorious bounty of autumn color. To my surprise one of my favorite creatures was there in the small bubbling brook running parallel to the McKenzie River. Gracefully poised in the late afternoon sun was a magnificent Blue Heron. I was standing so close to it, much closer than I had ever gotten to one before. As I approached her to take photographs, she started moving as if readying to fly and after a few moments, sure enough, off she went. The sight of a Blue Heron in flight is about one of the most majestic there is. And the sound of those wings...


[ Other stories by peace rebel girl ]

Breaking News From Anti-War Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2004 06:47

"Day After" Election Protest

it's just fuel for the fire

San Diego, 04.11.2004 05:30

Tonight's VOTE AGAINST WAR action went extremely well. Around 150 people turned up to voice their re-affirmation of their absolute rejection of the war on Iraq. After hearing speakers from the SD Coalition for Peace and Justice, American Friends Service Committee the Able Minded Poets and more, the crowd took the streets for a large and loud march down broadway.

Breaking News From &quot;Day After&quot; Election Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2004 05:14

Corvallis Oregon Vigil swells to over 50 people

Portland, 04.11.2004 05:11

I've been there, but not often. Tonight, I attended what I believe to be the longest standing vigil group in Oregon. I went to the Benton County Courthouse shortly after 5:PM. Hugs, extra signs and music were available. This was the support I was seeking and kept me committed until 6:pm in spite of the chilly north wind.

Across the street from the vigil group were about twenty Bush supporters. (minus the man with an American flag and the word, "victory" pasted atop who boldly joined us "nowar" demonstrators).

I'm not familiar yet with this year's election numbers but Bush won in Benton County four years ago in this conservative college town. Tonight's commuter response showed strong support for the Bush/Cheney group.

San Diego IndyMedia Planning Meeting

San Diego, 04.11.2004 04:42

View the minutes of November 3's IMC general meeting and find out how to follow up!

San Diego IndyMedia Planning Meeting

San Diego, 04.11.2004 04:41

View the minutes of November 3's IMC general meeting and find out how to follow up!

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