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Coalición hace llamado a luchar

Puerto Rico, 31.12.2009 10:39

Ante un gobierno sin rumbo, la esperanza está en la lucha

Juicio a los campesinos de Represa de Morales: El día de los inocentes

Argentina, 31.12.2009 00:09

Absolvierón a los hermanos José Luis y Alcira Godoy

Nazi-Onlineshop &quot;; gehackt

Germany, 30.12.2009 17:39

Wie ein Blog des CCC berichtet, wurde der Onlineversender "" gehackt. Die Kleidungsmarke ist in der Neonaziszene äußerst beliebt und dient als Finanzquelle für rechtsextreme Strukturen. In der Vergangenheit wurde rechte Versände und Foren immer wieder Ziel der so genannten Datenantifa. Der Hack auf das "Blood & Honor" - Forum sorgte bundesweit für Aufmerksamkeit.

Presse: Störungsmelder

Anti-mining activist slain in El Salvador

Rochester, 30.12.2009 00:07

On December 26, Dora “Alicia” Sorto Recinos was murdered in El Salvador—the second anti-mining activist killed in less than a week in the small community of Trinidad in the department of Cabañas. Sorto Recinos was eight months pregnant and carrying her two-year old child when shot after doing laundry at a nearby river. The child, who was also shot in the leg, is currently receiving medical attention. Sorto Recinos and her life partner, José Santos Rodríguez, were outspoken opponents of the El Dorado gold mine, which Pacific Rim, a Vancouver, B.C.-based company, is desperate to open despite widespread community and governmental opposition.

Three anti-mining activists from Cabañas have been assassinated—two in the last week: Alicia Sorto Recinos, Ramiro Rivera, Marcelo Rivera. Read the full article and take action!

Additional Information: Rights Action | Mining Watch | Who Killed Marcelo Rivera?

Another Protester of Pacific Rim Mining Corporation’s El Dorado Site Assassinated in El Salvador

DC, 29.12.2009 23:10

On December 26, Dora “Alicia” Recinos Sorto, age 32, was assassinated, the second anti-mining activist killed this week in the small community of Nueva Trinidad in the department of Cabañas, El Salvador. Recinos Sorto was eight months pregnant and carrying her two-year old child when she was shot on her way back from doing laundry at a nearby river. She and her husband, José Santos Rodriguez, were outspoken opponents of the non-operational El Dorado mine which Pacific Rim, a Vancouver-based mining company is desperate to reopen despite widespread community opposition.

Obama, the Fallen Messiah

DC, 29.12.2009 23:10

During a time of economic decline, persistent cultural strife, deepening American involvement in far-off military conflicts, and rapid environmental deterioration, is there any wonder that so many Americans believe in salvation fantasies promising them both a transcendent, everlasting future and violent retribution against perceived evildoers? A 2002 CNN poll found that 59% of Americans believed that the prophecies in the Book of Revelations would come true. The startling number reflected the still-fresh trauma of the 9/11 attacks, but I suspect that it has held steady, if not risen. Indeed, mainstream American culture is permeated by apocalyptic beliefs and the yearning for messianic deliverance; the success of the movie 2012 and the forthcoming schlockbuster Legacy are just two recent examples.

Trial of Cop for the Murder of Oscar Grant to Begin

LA, 29.12.2009 22:09

In Oakland, California, in the early hours of January 1st of this year, while Bay Area Rapid Transit passenger Oscar Grant III lay face-down on a BART platform with another officer's knee on his shoulder, BART police officer Johannes Mehserle drew his service weapon and shot Oscar Grant in the back, execution-style. This type of killing of an unarmed, young African American man by police is all too common in America. L.A. police are reported to have killed 310 people in the last ten years. Not surprisingly, the corporate media has done a terrible job reporting on the various hearings, generally parroting defense motions and testimony of BART cops verbatim with little to no critical analysis or reporting on evidence that refutes defense claims. Police accountability and media activists are currently organizing to ensure that the community is informed of the trial's proceedings and that justice is achieved for Oscar Grant.

From the newswire: Southern California: First Cop on Trial for Murder in History of State Is Headed Your Way by dave id

From the calendar: Planning meeting for Justice for Oscar Grant 5:00 Sunday, January 3, 2010 at Chuco's Justice Center | | Johannes Mehserle murder trial begins 8:30 AM Friday, January 8, 2010 at Los Angeles County Superior Court

Another World Is Possible, a revolutionary anarchist podcast with a NEW WEBSITE and NEW PODCAST FEED!

Boston, 29.12.2009 11:09

INTRODUCING: 'Another World Is Possible', a revolutionary anarchist podcast originating in Boston, MA. VISIT OUR NEW SITE-->   Offering over  63  EPISODES and more than  24  HOURS of revolutionary and anarchist recordings home-made right here in Boston MA, the "Another World Is Possible" podcast is still growing and has surpassed even our own expectations! With over 2000 subscribers via iTunes, and other social-networking sites we've out-grown our old website. We will be uploading the George Orwell classic, "Homage To Catalonia" in its entirety by the end of the week! All 14 chapters will be available for download or available to our subscribers at Here's some of the latest audio recordings we've published: -'White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" by Petty McIntosh -Anarcha-feminist essays and spoken word -Essays by Malatesta, Kropotkin, 'Fire To the Prisons', Crimthinc, and more -A short story published in 'Rolling Thunder' -'The god Pestilence" by Johann Most -The entire book, "Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs" -The book "ABC of Anarchism" -An excellent article on Security Culture -letters and poetry from several political prisoners both in Massachusetts and around the US and much much more... If you haven't checked us out yet, DO IT NOW at 

Entrevista a Orlando González Claudio

Puerto Rico, 28.12.2009 20:40

Orlando González Claudio: El clandestino, el despedido


Athens, 28.12.2009 16:10

Πολιτικό άσυλο και καμία δίωξη στον Τούρκο πολιτικό πρόσφυγα Ridvan Celik (Rido) Τώρα !

Twin Cities Bash Back!…Again and Again and Again

United States, 28.12.2009 05:07

Dear Diary, Sorry we’ve been too busy to write.  We’ve got three more actions to catch up on…

On the afternoon of October 31st, 2009 — a night that would go down in Bash Back! TC history as “Halloqueen”– a crew of radical queers dressed in our most fabulous costumes and convened at the Lake Street light rail station. Scary costumes abounded,  with folks dressed as clipboard-wielding HRC representatives, Hillary Clinton/Barrack Obama worshipping liberal lesbians, and camo-clad DADT military gays!

Once our posse assembled, we boarded a train bound for the most terrifying place in the Midwest -the Mall of America- the setting for a racistly named event called “Nick or Treat” put on annually by Rosie O’Donnells childrens media conglomerate Nickelodeon. Read More | First Diary Entry

Interview with Linda Nathan of Boston Arts Academy

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.12.2009 00:09

On December 14th, Teachers for Class War interviewed Linda Nathan. She's the author of "The Hardest Questions Aren't on the Test: Lessons from an Innovative Urban School," about her experience as founding headmaster of Boston's only public high school for the visual and performing arts, the Boston Arts Academy.

Remember Gaza

United Kingdom, 27.12.2009 23:09

From December 27th 2008 to January 18th 2009 Israeli bombers pounded Gaza. The Israeli assault was the most violent since the occupation began in 1967. On the eigth day of the attack Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) entered Gaza and remained there for two weeks. Throughout the 22 days of the assault civilians were delierately targeted, hospitals were attacked, schools were bombed and 1400 people were killed, including at least 318 children.

The international Palestine solidarity movement is calling for January 2010, the first anniversary of the massacre, to be a month of solidarity actions in support of the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. One such call has come from the Free Gaza movement, whose volunteers broke the siege in order to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza during the massacre.

On December 27th demonstrations, commemorating the first day of the massacre, were held in Brighton, Sheffield, Liverpool and Birmingham while a thousand strong demonstration was held outside the Israeli embassy in London. Manchester's Target Brimar campaign has called for 22 days of waging peace, incuding several actions against Manchester based Brimar, Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called for a week of action, from the 9th to the 17th of January, against supermarkets selling Israeli goods, a mass 'die in' is planned in Trafalgar Square on the 16th and Smash EDO have called for a mass demonstration against EDO MBM/ITT, now ITT Integrated Structures, who supply components for F-15s and F-16s used by the Israeli military.

The Viva Palestina convoy was supposed to arrive in Gaza today, breaking the siege and bringing much needed medicine and rebuilding materials. However, the convoy has not been allowed to enter Egypt and has been in Aqabah, Jordan, since December 25th. On the 27th the convoy members began a hunger strike calling for the Egyptian governmnet to allow them to enter. Activists are also arriving in Egypt to join the Gaza Freedom March, a march from Egypt into Gaza and to the Erez crossing. Freedom marchers have already suffered repression from the Egyptian authorities with dozens arrested (and then released) and a Gaza massacre memorial in Cairo shut down.

Links: Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign|Smash EDO|Target Brimar|Gaza Freedom March|Viva Palestina|Free Gaza Movement


Arizona, 27.12.2009 19:37

Demonstrators gather in Tucson and Phoenix, demand justice for Marcia Powell

Indígenas exigen aplicación de las 3 R´s

Venezuela, 27.12.2009 19:37


Trabajadores de Sanitarios Maracay obtienen victoria

Venezuela, 27.12.2009 19:37

Trabajadores de Sanitarios Maracay conquistan providencia administrativa que ordena reenganche y pago de salarios caídos, a tres años de ardua lucha contra la patronal y la burocracia estatal.

Resistance Against Checkpoints

LA, 27.12.2009 18:09

Law enforcement agencies have declared they will hold 300 "DUI" checkpoints during the holiday season statewide. Furthermore, they have declared 2010 "the year of the checkpoint." Checkpoints are a military tactic that violate the Fourth Amendment and condition society to passivity toward police interference in daily activities. They disproportionately impact immigrant communities, who face deportation due to 287(g) agreements, which deputize local law agencies to enforce federal immigration law. For these reasons, resistance to "the checkpoint society" has been fierce, and has included lobbying local officials, holding vigils and marches, creating communication networks, and actually being present at checkpoints to warn passing motorists and document abuses. Follow reports from the struggle:

Op/Ed: Checkpoints Violate the Fourth Amendment and Normalize the Police State by Rockero

From the newswire: Pomona anti-checkpoint action by Direct Action Claremont | | Documentación de un caso de injusticia ejecutada en un retén policial por Rockero | | Protest LAPD Stealing Cars from Raza during Xmas Season!! by Unión del Barrio

This week's checkpoints: Retenes navideños / Christmas checkpoints (25/dec-2/ene) by Checkpoint response

Eighty-seven Souls: Reflections on Tough Times and Tight Choices in 2009

United States, 27.12.2009 14:07

On Monday, December 21st people across the city remembered the eight-seven souls that died in this last year either living on the streets or in shelters. Eight-seven people! This is a dramatic rise from the previous year and it is shameful.

&quot;Peace on Earth&quot; vigil 2009

LA, 27.12.2009 05:48

This was the sixth consecutive year (a conservative count) that the Northeast LA Radical Neighbors have held vigils on December 25. The last several vigils have been a joint collaboration with the weekly Montrose Peace Vigil.

Locations of our December 25 vigil have changed over the years. Yesterday, we had it in Eagle Rock. Six of us turned out. While many passersby were non-committal, many others gave us peace signs (and we exchanged waves with a police car). A few even thanked us for being there.

Many of ours signs addressed the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, but support for same-sex marriage was also prominent.

Story and photos"Peace on Earth" vigil 2009 by R of the Northeast LA Radical Neighbors

Bower sin basura y campesinos juicio

Argentina, 27.12.2009 01:09

Google/Paypal Owners Building &quot;Green&quot; Electric Car On Downey Toxic Dump Site?

LA, 27.12.2009 00:39

Google/Paypal Owners Building "Green" Electric Car On Downey Toxic Dump Site?

Transit Riders Union Pickets Portland Business Alliance Wed Dec 30th @ 9am

Portland, 26.12.2009 23:38

On Wednesday, Dec. 30th, at 9 a.m., transit activists, anti-oil war activists, clean air advocates, anti-global warming organizers, and others, are picketing (bring you own picket signs, but we will have some, as well!) Portland Business Alliance over PBA's ongoing push to cut and gut TriMet's Fareless Square.

So far, only Lynn Lehrbach, on the TriMet board, has voted with the 1,400 transit riders who turned in petitions against cutting Fareless Square, to the unelected TriMet board, to save Fareless Square and fight other transit service cuts (TriMet is cutting both bus and MAX service, even as they keep building more light rail and streetcar lines, prioritizing capital projects from Obama stimulus money over providing bus service to workers, unemployed, students, seniors and the poor).

Just say no to TriMet and PBA's war on the poor -- Save Fareless Square!

Irish in Xmas humanitarian bid to break siege of Gaza hindered by Egypt

Ireland, 26.12.2009 23:09

The Israeli siege of Gaza must end Following s ...

END:CIV Fundraiser w/ Franklin Lopez, Ward Churchill, Derrick Jensen, John Zerzan, + more

Portland, 26.12.2009 22:38

December 27th brings us an amazing event, live, at Muddy Waters Collective Cafe. Ward Churchill, Derrick Jensen, John Zerzan, David Rovics, Franklin loppez, Seth Martin, Medicine For The People and more will be sharing the evening on stage at the cafe on Belmont and 27th for the cause of raising funds to finish the filming of END:CIV, an important and radical film by Submedia.

COme on down as B.U.R.N. welcomes all these awesome guests to share the cause of raising funds for this film. 6:00 PM start time, at Muddy Waters. Sunday the 27th of December!

phone: 503 853 9603
address: 27th and Belmont

VIDEO: Torture Protest - Interview with The Lone Vet

Portland, 26.12.2009 22:38

On 12.17.09 I stopped at the weekly protest for the arrest or Impeachment for Judge ByBee. This vigil is held in Portland in front of the federal court where ByBee is one of the judges who sits on the Ninth Court of Appeals. [This is] An interview with The Lone Vet outside the Ninth Circuit Court. He describes what the protest is and talks a bit about the spirit of doing goodwill to all men and peace on earth. In this video clip the Lone Vet explains what the protest is and why there is a group standing in public demanding accountability, the reward for ByBee's arrest and more.

Judge ByBee thinks torture and pain inflicting abuses done to prisoners in US custody is fine. So each week at noon a handful of individuals for justice stand in public, in front of a court he sits on, to bring attention to the Torture memo writing Judge. The group is also sponsoring a 3,000 dollar reward for the arrest of this judge, paid for in pledged donations.

This ongoing protest (outside of the ninth circuit courthouse) continues with a slight 2 week break for the holidays.


Radical Writer's Guild Gathering

Portland, 26.12.2009 22:38

"Walking On Water: Reading, Writing and Revolution" inspired me to share Derrick Jensen's take on education (and seduction).
We'll be reading a couple or few chapters every week...

My hope is for these gatherings to couple authors and editors, to join friends in exploration of creative expression. As Derrick describes the role of a teacher "to praise [students] into becoming who they are, But if I see someone misusing power to harm someone else, it's just as much my responsibility to stop them, using whatever means necessary." Everyone benefits when converging to share (un)common interests and skills, so I hope you'll show up too.

Every Saturday night, even the night after giftmas day (bring that junk from the in-laws you would not ever imagine wanting and let's do a white elephant gift exchange!), at 7pm.

This weekly event will be held at the People's Co-op upstairs in the community room. If possible bring your own writing materials, if not please still come. Donations to help cover the rent are welcomed.

Owners Building &quot;Green&quot; Electric Car On Downey Toxic Dump Site?

LA, 26.12.2009 22:09

Google/Paypal Owners Building "Green" Electric Car On Downey Toxic Dump Site?

&quot;Peace on Earth&quot; vigil 2009

LA, 26.12.2009 22:09

"Peace on Earth" vigil 2009

Televisão no meu busão, não!

CMI Brasil, 26.12.2009 20:37



Argentina, 26.12.2009 15:09

Acciones vecinales Contra el Saqueo y la Contaminación

Um ano de GRUDEs e contando...

CMI Brasil, 26.12.2009 01:37


Christmas at the Day Worker Center in Mountain View

United States, 26.12.2009 01:07

Christmas is bittersweet for Maria Marroquin this year. Only fifteen percent of the workers who show up have been matched with jobs on any given day. Gifts from the community supplement the meager incomes earned by those who come to the Center every morning...and wait. As Executive Director of the Day Worker Center of Mountain View, she looks back at the financially bleak 2009 with high hopes for the promise 2010 holds.

Related: Eighty-seven Souls: Reflections on Tough Times and Tight Choices in 2009 | Protect Sacred Sites / Defend Human Rights

Titnore Woods Need You

United Kingdom, 26.12.2009 00:09

With the threat of development on Titnore Woods fast approaching now is the time to rise up and resist the destruction of our natural environment by corporate greed.

Campaigners have been camping in Titnore Woods, in resistance against the development, since 2006.

West Durrington Consortium, which consists of Persimmon Homes, Taylor Wimpy and Heron Homes could be given the go ahead to build a 1250 home development and a road in the new year. Previously the consortium had planned to build 875 homes. The project is estimated to cost over 3 billion pounds to build and take 6 years to complete which is utter madness when Worthing is reported to have over 1000 empty buildings! If the development goes ahead West Durrington will no longer home a semi- ancient woodland with it's rich diversity in rare species, flora and fauna or it's surrounding farmland but a massive housing development, road and a giant Tesco.

Links:Protect Our Woodland| Tinore's Blog|The Pork Bolter|Time out at Titnore - By SchMOVIES

Previous Indymedia features about Titnore Woods: [1|2|3|4|5|6|8]

Protesta en bicicleta

Puerto Rico, 25.12.2009 20:39

BiciProtesta: La manipulación del deseo o 10 planetas

Imprensa cúmplice da barbárie de Rio Alto ataca LCP

CMI Brasil, 25.12.2009 18:37


Minnesotan activist arrested, to be deported for solidarity work in Occupied East Jerusalem

United States, 25.12.2009 16:37

Imprisoned American citizen and Minnesota resident Ryan Olander to be deported to the US after being arrested in Sheikh Jarrah, Occupied East Jerusalem, whilst visiting Palestinian family whose house has been taken over by Israeli settlers.

Ryan was visiting the al-Kurds in the tent the Palestinian family built in their own backyard, after the recent setter take-over of a section of their house. At 1.15pm, 6 Israeli police walked into the tent, where Ryan was talking to the family members and drinking tea, and took him for questioning at the Russian Compound police station in west Jerusalem. Read More

Gaza Freedom March - Minneapolis Solidarity March December 30, 2009 | Minnesotans to Join Freedom March Through Egypt and Gaza | Israel's Palestinian Prisoners - America's Other Guantanamo | From DC-IMC: Maybe the Apple corporation would want to run an ad about this....

Miami's 28th King Mango Strut Parade, Sunday, Dec 27th in Coconut Grove

Miami, 25.12.2009 09:37

Miami's 28th King Mango Strut Parade, Sunday, Dec 27th in Coconut Grove

Oração Natalina para a Virgem dos Desejos

CMI Brasil, 25.12.2009 05:43


NYC, 25.12.2009 00:09

Why is the Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union, a labor organization with a 62 year history of signing low wage union contracts, suddenly so interested in "living wage jobs"?

AntiFascist Hackers Release Info from 11 Neo-Nazi Message Boards

Portland, 24.12.2009 17:08

In a massive blow to fascist organizing, hackers are in the process of formatting data taken from 11 neo-Nazi message boards, including private messages, email addresses, and passwords. Neo-Nazi's ability to propagandize and recruit is always hindered when examined with a critical lens, because their ideological arguments simply do not stand up on their own.

Antifascist hackers have released information from the websites of the following neo-Nazi groups and projects: Volksfront International--a white power skinhead crew founded in here in Portland, Aryan Front, Blood and Honour, the Creativity Movement, East Coast White Unity, the ENationionalist forum, Final Stand Records, Hammerskin Nation--whose 20th anniversary festival slated to happen in the Willamette Valley in October of 2007 was shut down by the Ad-Hoc Coalition Against Racism and Fascism, NorthEast White Pride, and the White Revolution Forum.

Tech-savvy antifascists are in the process of formatting the data to make it more easily accessible, and WikiLeaks has requested help with this project. For any of you Indymedia readers interested in opposing white supremacist organizing, this would be one great way to help. And if you find any information that might be useful, sharing it with Portland's chapter of the Anti-Racist Action Network (Rose City Antifa) might be a place to start. They have both a voicemail--971.533.7832--and an email address:


Argentina, 24.12.2009 06:39

Primera condena a genocidas en Santa Fe


Argentina, 24.12.2009 06:39

Primera condena a genocidas en Santa Fe

Juventud Popular reprime FUPI

Puerto Rico, 24.12.2009 02:39

Mayagüez: Repudian actuaciones de populares en el RUM

Senate Speech Heralds New Social Movement

Rogue Valley, 24.12.2009 02:09

If you do only one more political thing this year as we put 2009 to bed--RIP, let it be to listen to Bernie Sanders on the floor of the United States Senate speak about Health Care Reform which boots out corporate greed! Sanders speech is being heralded the "New Social Movement" and this couldn't come at a better time...

For 2009 reflect for just a minute on all the garbage we have been subjected to pertaining to Health Care Reform and realize that from the start the campaign has been designed by the corporate greedy who literally buy reform that makes them lots & lots more money. Profit over people wins again. The campaign for healthcare reform loses, but out of it we have the "New Social Movement"

So let us do put 2009 to bed and permanently behind us. It has been a horrible year, however we deserve to end it on a high note. We need this. If you do only one more political thing this year listen to Bernie Sanders uplifting speech describing a wonderful vision for 2010. Not a campaign, a movement!--In solidarity, Wes Brain, Chair, Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, CARRY ON!

The Bernie Sanders speech is at:

Following distributed by "All Unions Committee For Single Payer Health Care--HR 676" "Senate Speech Heralds New Social Movement" by Margaret Flowers and Andy Coates. Keep on reading....

Klamath Justice Coalition Halts Logging on Karuk Sacred Sites

Portland, 23.12.2009 21:38

The Klamath Justice Coalition organized a blockade in northern California this week, to stop a U.S. Forest Service logging contractor from damaging any sites held sacred by the Indigenous Karuk Nation.

Before daybreak on December 16, members of the indigenous-led Coalition gathered at Orleans Mountain Lookout Road within the Six Rivers National Forest and set up a large fire in the roadway.

Fortunately, the logging crew took the moral and legally responsible path and turned back without involving the police.

"This morning's small but important victory marks the beginning of our campaign to defend Karuk sacred sites and protect the health of our forests," says Karuk Ceremonial Leader Leaf Hillman, in a Press Release issued after the protest.

Maybe the Apple corporation would want to run an ad about this....

DC, 23.12.2009 19:10

"I was sitting on the deck overlooking the Red Sea… Moments later a man came outside and introduced himself as the manager on duty. And then, “I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop.” Video from TheDailyNewsEgypt DC Vigil for Gaza: December 30th, 5 to 7 pm, at the Chinatown arch in DC (Corner of 7th and H St, NW)

Dreptul la azil climatic in era ecocidului

Romania, 23.12.2009 18:07

"Schimbarile climatice sunt o problema ce tine si de migratie din moment ce oamenii din Sudul Global sufera si sunt reprimati de frontiere", asa a inceput discursul ce a dat startul demonstratiei organizate de reteaua No Borders pe 14 decembrie la Copenhaga

Fallo a favor de libertad de prensa

Puerto Rico, 23.12.2009 16:09

Sentencia a favor de fiscalización en la Comisión Estatal de Elecciones

10 Jahre indymedia-CMS

Germany, 23.12.2009 15:39

Nach zehn Jahren ist das Indymedia-Content-ManagementSystem (CMS), welches uns die Seiten täglich produziert in die Jahre gekommen. Am Anfang stand Indymedia mit "Free Speech" alleine da, heute droht es zwischen den unterschiedlichsten kostenlosen Angeboten für Blogs und Co unterzugehen. Der Spam und die Kritik an den Mods nimmt zu, die Beteiligung ab. Die Lösung: Die NutzerInnen der Seite mehr Möglichkeit der Betiligung einräumen! Nur wie? Ein neues CMS muss her...

Actuaron más de 60 matones armados

Argentina, 23.12.2009 02:38

Patota de la CTA desalojó la sede de Suteba La Plata

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