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Bob Barker Brigade protests sinking of Sea Shepherd ship

DC, 07.01.2010 01:10

On Jan 6, in response to the PT109-style ramming and sinking of the Sea Shepherd ship Ady Gil, the Bob Barker Brigade protested at the Embassy of Japan, warning that Sea Shepherd could be provoked to sink the whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru.

dance party WBC

Houston, 07.01.2010 01:09

Anise Parker is inagurated and dance party defeats homophobes

231 femicidios en el 2009

Argentina, 07.01.2010 01:09

“A ellas nadie quiso escucharlas”

231 femicidios en el 2009

Argentina, 07.01.2010 00:39

“A ellas nadie quiso escucharlas”


Athens, 06.01.2010 23:09

O αποκλεισμός των ελεύθερων πολιορκημένων παλαιστινίων συνεχίζεται...

OIympic torch protests: challenging a deceitful tradition

Rochester, 06.01.2010 22:07

In December, members of Genesee Valley Earth First! and others from Rochester participated in demonstrations against the Olympic torch relay in Canada. We did so because environmental destruction knows no borders, and the games have a sordid history of displacing the poor while legitimizing colonialism and authoritarianism. The torch relay itself was born in Nazi Germany to spotlight the fascist government’s supremacist propaganda.

Resumen de noticias del Indymedia Alto Valle

Argentina, 06.01.2010 20:09

Miami's 12th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Tobacco Road - Jan 16

Miami, 06.01.2010 16:37

Miami's 12th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Tobacco Road - Jan 16

New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban Likely at Santa Cruz City Council Meeting

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.01.2010 09:08

The Santa Cruz Planning Commission passed 5-2 a new medical marijuana dispensary ban recommendation in mid-November, essentially rubber-stamping the staff's proposal. It mirrors the 'Reefer Madness' hysteria of other cities, eager to demonize and limit marijuana sales.

Brothers Arrested at Fresno City College After Incident With Skateboard

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2010 08:39

According to witnesses, Greg Moultrie was walking on campus with his skateboard in his hands when he was stopped by a campus police officer. The officer ordered Moultrie to hand over his skateboard. When he did not want to comply with what he felt was an unreasonable request, the incident escalated. The two brothers, arrested at Fresno City College on September 25, 2009, are still in the Fresno County Jail for an incident involving a skateboard. Demone Moultrie will soon be transferred to Chino State Prison. His brother Greg is in solitary confinement.

Facebook Removes Cannabis Culture Page and a Marijuana Proponent's Account

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2010 08:39

For reasons unknown, Cannabis Culture Magazine's Facebook page has been disabled by the popular social networking site. The page, which had over 25,000 fans, disappeared on December 23, 2009. Shortly afterward, administrators of the page received an email notification stating that the page violated Facebook's terms of use. According to Cheryl Shuman, Executive Director of Beverly Hills NORML 90210, her Facebook account was removed the same day.

Mother Jones Article Promotes Corporate Agribusiness Astroturfing

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2010 08:39

A poorly researched article on California water, the "New Dust Bowl," is online and appeared in the November-December edition of Mother Jones magazine, a publication known for its investigative reporting. Dan Bacher, an Indybay contributor and editor for Fish Sniffer, critiques the article, stating, "The 'New Dust Bowl' sounds just like a headline from the Sean Hannity Show or Fox 'News' - and the article reads like a propaganda piece for growers on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley."

Cuts to KPFA's Flashpoints Spark Outrage

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2010 08:39

On December 17th, 2009, KPFA Flashpoints producers Nora Barrows-Friedman, Miguel Gavilan Molina and Dennis Bernstein gave a report to a rally in front of the Berkeley-based Pacifica station about management's violation of the union contract and efforts to eliminate the show.

Neo-Nazis Recruiting At Gun Show in Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2010 08:39

The latest National Alliance Membership Bulletin has a detailed cover story about the Sacramento unit's recruiting activities at local gun shows. In the article, the unit leader brags about his success at signing up neo-Nazis at these events.This notorious hate group intends to have several tables at the Cal Expo Center this weekend, January 2nd and 3rd.

One-Year Anniversary of Oscar Grant Murder Marked in Oakland

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.01.2010 08:39

On Friday, January 1st, two events took place in Oakland to commemorate the murder of Oscar Grant by BART police on New Year's Day 2009. The first was a vigil at the Fruitvale BART station organized by Oscar Grant's family. In the evening, the community gathered at the Humanist Hall in Oakland for an artistic, cultural and inspirational night dedicated to networking and education. In Los Angeles, community activists are planning for a strong presence at the court house on January 8th. It will be the first hearing for Johannes Mehserle since his murder trial was moved out of Alameda County.

Camp for Climate Action WA 2009

Perth, 06.01.2010 06:39

Climate Camp WA 2009

Re'Anita Burns Looks Back on a Decade of Activism in East Palo Alto

United States, 06.01.2010 01:07

After Re'Anita Burns and other members of Youth United for Community Action helped shut down hazardous waste disposal company Romic Technologies, The Nation hailed their action as one of the top 10 youth activism victories of 2007. As 24-year-old Re'Anita enters a second decade of organizing in her community of color, she fights for tenants who need relief from illegal rent increases. She says she is not sure what changes the next ten years will bring to East Palo Alto, but she knows one thing for certain: she will never stop being a community organizer.

Fire your bank!! Put $$ in credit unions

Rogue Valley, 06.01.2010 00:40

Too-big-to-fail banks are profiting from bailout dollars and government guarantees, and growing bigger.

WE can make the difference. It is time to “fire your bank” and put money in your local credit union. I’ve used the Rogue Federal Credit Union (RFCU) since they started in a house on Peach Street in Medford, Oregon back in the early 70’s… They rock!

Last year after getting upset with these banks that were “too big to fail” and had received OUR taxpayer money to bail ‘em out I did some exploration about the RFCU to find out about its investments. I went up to a teller at the Ashland branch of the RFCU and said, “I want to talk to the most important person here” and before the day was over I was on the phone with the credit union’s CEO Gene Pelham. Not long after I was able to interview Mr. Pelham on my radio show at KSKQ here in Ashland, Oregon.

On the Brain Labor Report for March 30, 2009 we interview Gene Pelham, President and CEO of the Rogue Federal Credit Union, a credit union which focuses on Southern Oregon > > > Listen or Download Here:

Contra aumento de peaje en puente

Puerto Rico, 05.01.2010 21:39

Aumento en Teodoro Moscoso enfrenta denuncias y movilización

Regresan las subVERSIONES

Puerto Rico, 05.01.2010 21:39

subVERSIONES: Villas del Sol se Respeta

Environmental Activists killed by Mining Companies in Latin America

United Kingdom, 05.01.2010 19:39

On 26th December, Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto became the third victim of a wave of violence against environmental campaigners in the Cabañas Region of El Salvador, where community members are protesting against the re-opening of a Gold Mine by Canadian Company Pacific Rim.

Dora Alicia was a member of the Cabañas Environmental Committee, and had been active in opposing the mine. She was eight months pregnant when she was shot dead, and her two year old son was also wounded in the attack.

Her murder comes six days after the fatal shooting of Ramiro Rivera Gomez, Vice President of the Cabañas Environmental Committee, who had survived being shot eight times in August this year. In June, another environmental campaigner, Gustavo Marcelo Rivera Moreno, had been tortured and killed. Many other members of the community have received death threats, including youth workers and journalists for the local community radio station Radio Victoria, and the local priest Father Luis Quintanilla narrowly escaped an attempted kidnapping.

In Mexico, Mariano Abarca Roblero campaigned against the environmentally destructive open-pit Barium mine Blackfire, a World Bank project. He was shot to death on the evening of November 27, 2009, in front of his house in Chicomuselo, Chiapas.

[ full report | UpsideDown World 1,2, 3 | cispes | Share - El Salvador | Waves of Change | Chiapas Anti-Mining Organiser Murdered | Germany Indymedia ]

INFORME DE PRENSA – Asamblea Socio Ambiental del NOA

Argentina, 05.01.2010 18:09

La causa contra el vicepresidente de Alumbrera sigue abierta


Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.01.2010 15:07

Suezcide 2010


Colombia, 05.01.2010 01:09

BLAST FROM YER PAST: A16 &quot;Coming Out Party&quot;, April 08 2000

DC, 05.01.2010 00:10

PUPPET PARADE BUSTS OUT OF CONVERGENCE SPACE, MARCHES TO MALCOLM X PARK Time once again to fire up the old IMC TARDIS, and check out this blissful early spring afternoon of pre-Bush antiglob reverie, back in the days when The Movement™ wasn't gun-shy about protesting against a Democratic Party administration. Check out some fun footage of the A16 convergence space, and the puppet parade to Malcolm X Park. Video by Mike Flugennock, streaming out of YouTube, 07:44


Argentina, 04.01.2010 22:09

Restitución territorial, ¿la auténtica repatriación?


Argentina, 04.01.2010 20:09

BAAM #29 Released

Boston, 04.01.2010 16:09

The 29th monthly newsletter of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement is out! Available here as always for free as a PDF and in plain text. Also, look for free hard copies in all the usual places. In this issue: Angelica workers win strike By Jake Carman Iran: Stand Up! Fight Back! By Joseph Caye Capitalists, Global Warming, and the Climate Justice Movement: Reflections on COP15 By James Herod Anarchists and Workers Put Greek Government in Tight Spot By Sublett December 6th: Boston Stands with Greece By Jeff Reinhardt The 9th NEAN Assembly: A Report By Dykonoclast Harvard Workers Confront Racism By Geoff Carens, Union Rep. HUCTW/AFSCME Local 3650 Sabaté: A Short Memorial of a Man for whom Defeat Meant Nothing By Jake Carman

Prison Action News Volume 3, Issue 1 Now Available

Boston, 04.01.2010 16:09

Please download, print and distribute widely.

Lebanon: Rebellious rhymes against post-war misery

Boston, 03.01.2010 15:09

The hip-hop beats ringing through the muddy, unlit streets of the burnt-out Palestinian refugee camp Nahr al-Bared seem incongruous. But the rhymes are camp-grown - and courageous.

Iran's Revolution vs. the Democrats

DC, 03.01.2010 03:10

On Sunday in Iran, mass protests were drowned in blood by government authorities; at least ten reportedly have been killed with hundreds injured. The events have been given ample coverage in the U.S. media, with the intention of further demonizing Iran’s repressive government. Absent in the American media are the deeper implications of the protests, which, to anyone paying close attention, constitute a powerful revolutionary movement. This movement has grown exponentially in a very short period of time. Although only beginning in June over allegations of voter fraud, the movement is now endorsed by millions of combative Iranians, demanding “death to the dictator,” while they waive an Iranian flag that’s missing the Muslim insignia. Massive demonstrations in the streets and university campuses have directly confronted police repression and in some cases have overcome it. The New York Times describes a scene found only in instances of revolution: “There were scattered reports of police officers surrendering, or refusing to fight. Several videos posted on the Internet show officers holding up their helmets and walking away from the melee, as protesters pat them on the back in appreciation. In one photograph, several police officers can be seen holding their arms up, and one of them wears a bright green headband, the signature color of the opposition movement.” (December 27, 2009).

Two Minneapolis Marches Snake Through Skyways; In Cairo, Gaza Freedom March is Still Stuck

United States, 02.01.2010 22:37

On Wednesday, December 30, about 100 people marched through the Minneapolis skyways in solidarity with the Gaza Freedom March. During the demonstration, some people spoke on the phone with Minnesotans in Cairo, Egypt, where the Gaza Freedom March is being obstructed from entering Palestine. Nearly 2,000 internationals have intended to enter Gaza through Egypt to join an estimated 50,000 Palestinians on a march ending a mile from the Israeli border wall.

At the same time and place on Wednesday in Minneapolis, SEIU local 26 held a similarly-styled rally promoting green jobs and justice for downtown janitors. (See photos of both marches below.)

Related at TCIMC:
Tuesday: Five Minnesotans Detained in GFM | GFM Update from Minnesotan in Cairo | Stop the Deportation of Ryan Olander, Minnesotan Arrested in Sheik Jarrah | Minnesotans to Join GFM | All stories tagged Palestine, Gaza | Buffalo IMC: As Buffolonians Protest, Gaza Freedom March Attempts to Enter the Strip | DC IMC: Vigilers Mark Anniversary of Israeli Invasion of Gaza, Demand End to US Aid | Houston IMC: Gaza one year later | More: GFM featured on KFAI evening news (Audio) Were you at one of the marches in Minneapolis? Publish your own photos or video or add a comment to this article!

Gaza 1 year later

Houston, 02.01.2010 19:39

Gaza one year later. Coverge of the December 27, 2009 demonstration

Sex Positive Show Will Be Back Next Week-Live!

Portland, 02.01.2010 19:38

If you missed last night's Sex Positive radio show, it is now archived!

All you sex positive lovlies,

Last night's show was not live due to tech difficulties. We will be back LIVE on 01/08/10, sorry about the confusion. Please keep sending us your question, comments, and ideas at
contact us during show times (Fridays between 7-8pm) at (503)477-6887 or IM us at portlandimcradio.

Thanks to everyone for all of the great show ideas and questions. Have a sexy 2010!

Listen Here


Colombia, 02.01.2010 18:39

Obama New Years Eve.gif

DC, 02.01.2010 08:10

Obama New Year's Eve

SE Portland Urban Farmers Announce 2010 Pepetual Seed Kit

Portland, 02.01.2010 04:38

SE Portland Urban Farmers seek help with seed increase in conjunction with a larger project to breed superior varieties and have enough seed on hand, no matter what happens, to feed town. For a 100% sliding scale contribution, you can help out and have a garden for life - check it out, be part of the project, and help your local farmer out.

It's scheming, planning and assessing time for farmers once the hard freeze comes, as it did on 9 December. Your humble Urban Farmers haven't been totally idle during these shortest of days: I got a darn good idea. I've spent the last few weeks fleshing it all out and securing the necessary support from the other farmers to make it happen. The SE Seedbank Project will involve folks in ways that go way beyond keg parties w/ the 2010 Perpetual Seed Kit. This came out of an idea of Calliope's called the Neighbourhood Foodshed Alliance, where we go even further to reduce travel distance for food by connecting folks w/ their neighbourhood farmer.

But, that's neither here nor there! So....

JAN 3 - Portland - Stolen Land, Stolen Lives: 2010 Olympic Resistance Event

Portland, 02.01.2010 04:38

Featuring presentations by indigenous filmmaker Chris Francisco, Director and Associate Professor of Native American Studies Dr. Cornel Pewewardy, and a representative of the Olympic Resistance Network from Canada... Documentaries will also be shown and there will be free food, childcare, and opportunities for networking.

When: January 3rd, 2010. 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Where: Native American Student and Community Center, Portland State University, 710 SW Jackson Street, Portland, OR 97201.

Tomorrow, Liberty Hall's last show

Portland, 02.01.2010 04:38

ROUGH schedule, there may end up being more acts playing, and times are not precise.

1. Lindsey Walker 5:00
2. Scum Grease 5:45
3. Nun Chuksky 6:30
4. The Hand that Bleeds 7:15
5. Fogatron 8:00
6. Boot City Blood Sox 8:45
7. Honduran 9:30
8. Riot Cop 10:15
9. White Fang 11:00
10. A Coin in the Coffer 11:45
11. David Rovics 12:30
12. Brenna Sahatjian from Riot Folk 1:15

This is a fundraiser to pay the last of our expenses, so donations are encouraged.
phone: 503-249-8888
address: 311 N Ivy St (1 block South of Fremont, 2 blocks West of Vancouver)

Editorial año nuevo 2010

Puerto Rico, 02.01.2010 02:10

Indymedia Puerto Rico: Nosotros Todos

Comunicado del MAS en año nuevo

Puerto Rico, 02.01.2010 02:10

Socialistas anticipan un año de luchas sin cuartel

NYC Immigrant Advocates: Stop Deportation of Activist Jean Montrevil

NYC, 02.01.2010 02:09

Greencard-holding Father of Four and Immigrant Rights Leader Ripped from Family and Detained for Deportation during Holidays. Press release from NYC New Sanctuary Movement | Emergency Rally, 1/1/10: "Stop Taking Our Parents Away"

Detroit cops pull guns on Black crew filming story of anti-drug activist Hayward Brown

United States, 02.01.2010 00:37

From the newswire: This story, a portion of which was published in the Michigan Citizen, details a police attack Nov. 5 on a BUP Films crew working on "Vigilante: the Story of Hayward Brown." Hayward Brown, Mark Clyde Bethune and John Percy Boyd fought high-level drug dealers and the notorious Detroit police STRESS unit in the 1970's. Boyd and Bethune were later killed by police. After an outpouring of public support, Brown was acquitted of charges but later killed in 1984. The film crew is headed by Brown's cousin Sean Brown.

Brown said actors and crews from BUP Films, co-founded by his uncle George Brown, have been all over the country for ten years making movies. But he said they have never experienced such treatment, even in Lapeer, Livonia, and other largely white areas in the state, where portions of the film have been shot. He expressed particular gratitude to the police department in Lapeer, where officers actually acted in the film. Read Full Report by Diane Bukowski

Photo: Allen as Mark Clyde Bethune, Brown as Hayward Brown, Desmond Williams as John Percy Boyd

ABC Fundraising Dinner, Feb 14th (Valentines Day)

Boston, 01.01.2010 20:08

Join the Boston Anarchist Black Cross for A Saintless Valentines Day

Photos/ Video-Boston Gaza Freedom March Support Action

Boston, 01.01.2010 16:09

About 100 protesters gathered in the New Years Eve cold in Boston's Copley Square. They were there to support the Gaza Freedom March-1400 international activists trying to deliver humantarian supplies to Gaza.

Notts Indymedia: Review of 2009

United Kingdom, 01.01.2010 13:39

The past year has been a a busy one for activists in Nottingham, a city which continues to find itself on the frontline between movements for social change and the forces of the state. This was rarely more obvious than around the arrest of the Ratcliffe 114. In a different sense the student occupation in solidarity with Gaza, one of a wave across the country, was notable for the particularly violent manner in which university authorities brought it to a conclusion, particularly compared with the successes which had been achieved elsewhere.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 01.01.2010 13:07

Feestgedicht voor Oud en Nieuw

Marcha del Cairo a Gaza

Puerto Rico, 01.01.2010 00:39

Valentía, Violencia y Muerte en la Marcha de la Libertad de Gaza

O risco de um golpe hondurenho no Paraguai

CMI Brasil, 31.12.2009 19:07


Reportback from Chinatown Gaza vigil

DC, 31.12.2009 13:09

One year ago, Isra-hell invaded Gaza, Palestine in the notorious "Operation cast lead" that killed over 1,400 people. On December 30, over 100 people gathered by the Chinatown arch and MCI arena to remember the dead and demand an end to US support for such horrors.

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