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Guantanimo Bay protested on 8th anniv of opening.

DC, 13.01.2010 05:10

Eight years ago on Jan 11, hundreds of men descended into the hell of the US prison at Guantanimo Bay, Cuba. On Jan 11, 2009, protesters demanded Obama keep his promise to close it down. Video on Youtube WSQT Broadcast Audio

SOU M66 and M67 Panel Discussion

Rogue Valley, 13.01.2010 01:39

Saturday, January 9th League of Women Voters and Associated Students of SOU (ASSOU) co-sponsored a panel discussion about our upcoming election on Measure 66 and 67. It took place at the Southern Oregon University Stevenson Union. Senator Alan Bates and Representative Peter Buckley presented the “Yes” position and answered questions from the audience.

Stonebridge City Farm under threat

United Kingdom, 12.01.2010 19:39

According to reports, Nottingham City Council are considering using green space at Stonebridge City Farm in St Ann's for a car park. A consultation of 31 local residents found that just under 50% of them were in favour of a scheme that would use up 10% of the farm's land for a car park. People involved in the farm have set up a petition to protest the move.

Stonebridge City Farm is an urban farm in the heart of St Ann's that has gardens open to the community. The farm actively involves people with disabilities and mental health problems in volunteer roles and grows food that local people can buy. The farm is the result of many years work of committed individuals. According to one supporter, the Council's attitude shows that they are unreliable partners and are not genuinely concerned with environmental issues. "[A]fter the effort has been put in over many years they will think nothing of putting people's work under tarmac."

Newswire: Hands off Stonebridge City Farm | Transition Market Launch Saturday 12th December 11-3 Sneinton Market

Links: Stonebridge City Farm | Hands Off the Land at Stonebridge City Farm (petition) | Transition Nottingham


Argentina, 12.01.2010 16:39

Nuevo atentado a FM Arco Iris de Loncopué

Happy New Year, For Tenants Nothing's Changed!

NYC, 12.01.2010 16:38

Unfortunately, 2009 proved for many big-city tenants that the golden rule was promiscuously traded for gold. Why would 2010 be any different?

Gus Ganley Wins $70,000 Settlement Resulting From August 2007 Critical Mass

United States, 12.01.2010 14:37

Another legal victory!  The Minneapolis City Council Ways & Means Committee has just approved a $70,800 settlement in a case filed by Gus Ganley and his attorney, Jordan Kushner, resulting from the August 31, 2007 Critical Mass ride.

That was the Critical Mass ride one year before the RNC, which the Minneapolis Police decided to use as a test case, beating, arresting, tasering, and macing a number of the participants for no cause.  Gus was among those arrested, maced and abused.  He was held overnight and eventually charged with assaulting a police officer and obstructing the legal process using force - both gross misdemeanors - and fleeing a police officer, a misdemeanor.  On April 14, 2008 he was acquitted of all charges, after a one week trial and five minutes of jury deliberation.  Videos and testimony showed that the cop who arrested him was lying.

PDF of Settlement/Background Info from City Attorney's Office

Police Murder Trial: Community Demands for Justice for Victim Oscar Grant.

LA, 12.01.2010 04:39

The first hearing of the Mehserle murder trial in Southern California took place on Friday January 8, 2010. The 7am gathering and press conference in front of the L.A. Superior Court Building was in many ways a meet-and-greet between the newly formed LA Coalition For Justice for Oscar Grant and representatives from Oakland.

The Oakland coalition originally formed itself out of a spontaneous rebellion when Mehserle, a BART police officer, shot Oscar Grant in the back execution style last New Year’s day. The coalition and the Oakland community insured, through a relentless effort, that the cop would be tried for murder and not a lesser charge.

When the trial was moved to Los Angeles after the Mehserle defense argued that he couldn’t obtain a fair trail in Alameda County, the Los Angeles community banded together in a show of strength to show solidarity with the Oakland coalition and the family of Oscar Grant in order to guarantee a conviction of the police officer.

From the Newswire:
by Anna Kunkin
LA Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant Press Conference, 1/8/09: photos and full audio by dave id

The Iranian Nuke Forgeries

DC, 11.01.2010 20:10

CIA Determines Documents Were Fabricated U.S. intelligence has concluded that the document published recently by the Times of London, which purportedly describes an Iranian plan to do experiments on what the newspaper described as a "neutron initiator" for an atomic weapon, is a fabrication, according to a former Central Intelligence Agency official. The Times of London story published Dec. 14 did not identify the source of the document. But it quoted "an Asian intelligence source" - a term some news media have used for Israeli intelligence officials - as confirming that his government believes Iran was working on a neutron initiator as recently as 2007.

Aboriginal Rights

Perth, 11.01.2010 15:40

Australians no longer need to hide their racism -

Protesta contra Guantánamo

Puerto Rico, 11.01.2010 15:10

Manifestación hoy contra centro de detención en Guantánamo

A Workshop on the Construction of Whiteness, White Privilege, and Settler Privilege

Portland, 11.01.2010 14:39

Gayge of Setting The Record Straight will be facilitating a workshop on the construction (and deconstruction!) of whiteness, white privilege, and settler privilege. The workshop will utilize participatory learning and guided discussion.

The workshop will be at the Piedmont Deli at 7 pm on Monday the 11th, and is hosted by the STRS collective.

The Piedmont Deli is located at 441 N. Killingsworth, across the street from the North Portland Library.

Censored: Forgotten People on Black Mesa

Portland, 11.01.2010 14:39

January 10, 2010 - The mainstream media continued aiding and abetting the dirty coal industry this week, in the genocidal targeting of American Indian lands for toxic and polluting industries that the rest of the world doesn't want in their backyards.

Hopi and Navajo fighting Peabody Coal mining on Black Mesa celebrated a victory this week when the US Interior Dept. rejected a mining permit for Peabody Coal. It is a victory that the majority of the mainstream media is ignoring. Hopi and Navajo have made it easy for even the laziest journalist, or the newspaper without a dime for travel, to cover the story. There are press statements online with abundant quotes from the Hopi and Navajo who took the action and live on the land. Their phone numbers are also on their press statements, so the mainstream media has no excuse. Censored News will even send the judge's order by e-mail to anyone that requests it.

It seems the mainstream media doesn't want to admit the truth about mining on Black Mesa. Journalists do not want to take the time to understand the facts.

 link to

&quot;Take Back the Night&quot; March through Ashland

Rogue Valley, 11.01.2010 14:10

Sunday January 10th here in Ashland a "Take Back the Night" march and candlelight vigil took place. There were 75-100 women, men and children in the march which started out at Triangle Park and made it's way down Siskiyou to the Downtown Plaza.

Reclaman el comienzo de las actividades en todos los municipios

Argentina, 11.01.2010 13:39

Nueva movilización por cooperativas sin punteros

Reclaman el comienzo de las actividades en todos los municipios

Argentina, 11.01.2010 13:09

Nueva movilización por cooperativas sin punteros

Protest at Tesla Motors' Menlo Park Dealership

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.01.2010 09:39

On January 9, the Raging Grannies joined worker safety advocates in protesting plans by Tesla Motors, Inc. to build an auto assembly plant in Downey, California. Downey is the location of a major film studio built on the site of a former NASA plant that produced spacecraft for the Apollo moon missions. Despite cleanup efforts meant to protect workers from the toxic residue of aerospace experiments and manufacturing, dozens of film production workers have developed severe health problems while working in Downey. Some have never recovered.

Judge Denies Peabody Expansion

Arizona, 11.01.2010 00:37

Environmental Groups Gain Victory Over Peabody Coal on Black Mesa

Judge Denies Peabody Expansion Plans

Arizona, 11.01.2010 00:07

Environmental Groups Gain Court Victory Over Peabody Coal on Black Mesa


Argentina, 10.01.2010 21:39

nuevo atentado a la FM Arco Iris

Gaza Freedom March in Cairo On the first anniversary of the assault on Gaza

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.01.2010 11:09

On the first anniversary of the Israeli military assault on Gaza, the Gaza Freedom March, trapped in Cairo, marched not only against the Israeli siege on Gaza, but on the Egyptian blockade as well. On New Year's Day 2010, GFM delegates ratified the historic Cairo Declaration, launching a globally-unified boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israeli apartheid.

RogueIMC offline for maintenance

Rogue Valley, 10.01.2010 07:39

The RogueIMC server will be taken offline Sunday morning (Jan 10, 2010) for routine maintenance.


Argentina, 10.01.2010 05:49

Se profundiza el conflicto en Cotar


Argentina, 10.01.2010 05:49

Se profundiza el conflicto en Cotar

Take Action Now to Stop the LNG Bill

Rogue Valley, 09.01.2010 01:09

Take Action Now to Stop the LNG Fast Track Bill!
Work Session for "LC 85" Scheduled for Next Week

In the last Oregon legislative session we worked hard to successfully defeat House Bill 3058, the LNG Fast-track bill. That bill that would have undermined property rights and threatened natural resources by allowing pipeline and utility companies to get permits to fill wetlands on private lands without landowner permission, thereby hastening the permitting process for LNG-related pipelines. Now, Senator Metsger is proposing the same bill for the February Special Session and we need to tell our elected leaders that this is not acceptable!

Mumia; Knastarbeit + Todesstrafe: VA Bericht

Germany, 08.01.2010 21:09

Während sich in den letzten Wochen viele Auseinandersetzungen um den Weltklimagipfel und die neuesten Rechtfertigungsversuche der Konzerne und ihre Regierungslobbyisten kreisten, fand im "verlassenen" Berlin am 16. Dezember eine Veranstaltung über politische Repression und die Angleichungen zwischen den USA und Europa statt. Schwerpunkt bildete dabei ein weiteres Mal der Fall von Mumia Abu-Jamal, allerdings anders als auf der 2009er Mumia-Infotour. Verschiedene AktivstInnen hatten sich in der Ladengalerie der Tageszeitung Junge Welt getroffen, um vor und mit ca. 60 ZuschauerInnen zu diskutieren.

Zur Repression nach den Anti-Nato-Protesten

Germany, 08.01.2010 21:09

Im Folgenden wollen wir einen stichpunktartigen Überblick zu den Ereignissen während des NATO-Gipfels in Strasbourg im April 2009 geben. Oft wird vergessen, dass die Repressionen für die Betroffenen noch lange nach dem eigentlichen Protesten spürbar sind. Immer noch stehen Prozesse aus und Menschen sitzen im Knast. Dies sollte kein Thema sein, an dem sich einzelne Gruppen speziell abarbeiten, vielmehr sollte Solidarität aus den politischen Aktivitäten aller hervorgehen und allgegenwärtig sein.Auch die aktuellen Beispiele in Kopenhagen zeigen, dass die Unterdrückung von Protest mit staatlichen Mitteln jeden Menschen treffen kann. Die einzelnen europäischen Polizeibehörden arbeiten immer besser zusammen und tauschen „Strategien zur Aufstandsbekämpfung“ aus und nennen es „Managing Crowds“. Demzufolge ist es offensichtlich, dass Antirepressionsarbeit besser vernetzt werden muss und nicht den Charakter eines Events haben kann. Ein Denken in Schwarz-Weiß-Schemata, bezüglich unterschiedlicher Protestformen und darauf folgende Repression, erübrigt sich bei mehr als tausend Festnahmen. Die Null-Toleranz-Einstellung der EU-Polizeien und Behörden ist deutlich geworden, lasst uns ihr entschlossen entgegentreten.Feature | Augenzeugenbericht

The Leaning Tower of Pizza And How T.J.’s Came Tumbling Down

Boston, 08.01.2010 21:09

This article is reposted from Issue 7 of the Nor'easter, the quarterly journal of the Northeast Anarchist Network.

Manifestaçom: por um ensino em galego!

Galiza, 08.01.2010 19:40

21 de Janeiro de 2009, 12:00hh. na Alameda de Compostela

A Assembleia da Mocidade pola Lingua convoca para o vindeiro 21 de Janeiro à toda a mocidade do âmbito estudantil a manifestar-se a pé de rua por um ensino em galego.

A actual situaçom do galego na mocidade, cumha espanholizaçom histórica, na que a gente nova tem por primeira lingua o espanhol, e os continuos ataques por parte das instituções com o fim de aniquilar a nossa lingua no âmbito juvenil que é o nosso futuro, leva-nos à necessidade dumha movilizaçom constante, em favor da nossa lingua.

Por amor al arte: fotos mani-fiesta-acci�n de hoy en iru�ea

Euskal Herria, 08.01.2010 19:39

Diversos colectivos de la cultura navarra se han unido esta tarde en una mani-fiesta-acci�n celebrada hoy en Iru�ea con el objetivo de reivindicar un "un plan cultural s�lido que trabaje a largo plazo y no est� a expensas de la aprobaci�n de unos presupuestos anuales">

Han reivindicado una cultura que aprecie los contenidos y no s�lo los continentes, que no est� a la merced de los grupos pol�ticos que gobiernen, que no s�lo trabaje para una fecha en concreto, como el 2016, sino para todos los a�os futuros. En su manifiesto solicitaron "apoyo a las actividades culturales y festivas", con el fin de que la cultura "no s�lo alegre el interior de teatros, salas o museos, sino tambi�n el paisaje urbano". |M�s imagenes de la protesta|.

YA BASTA!! Todos los derechos para todas las personas!!

Euskal Herria, 08.01.2010 19:39

En la noche del lunes al martes, la Policia Nacional Espa�ola en una operaci�n conjunta con la Guardia Civil detuvo a 34 j�venes en diferentes localidades de Euskal Herria. Tan pronto fueron detenidos, el juez de la Audiencia Nacional Grande Marlaska les puse bajo la ley antiterrorista y siguen incomunicados. Las reacciones y movilizaciones que se han sucedido se han extendido por innumerables pueblos y ciudades de Euskal Herria.

Los j�venes independentistas publicaron una nota antes de sus detenciones reafirmando su compromiso. Por otro lado, familiares y amigos de los j�venes detenidos han puesto en marcha un blog para recabar apoyos y han hecho un llamamiento a participar de la manifestaci�n que se celebrar� este pr�ximo s�bado en Bilbao, partiendo de la Plaza Aita Donosti a las 5 de la tarde.

Izan direlako gara, garelako izango dira. Recuperar la Memoria hist�rica para construir el futuro

Euskal Herria, 08.01.2010 19:39

Del 7 al 12 de diciembre se podr� visitar en la Casa Xenpelar de Orereta-Errenteria la exposici�n Recuperar la memoria hist�rica. Para construir el futuro para seg�n los organizadores, "recuperar la memoria hist�rica de la guerra y postguerra de 1936 en nuestro pueblo". El programa completo, que fue presentado en Xenpelar Etxea (Rueda de prensa: |Grabaci�n|, |Fotos|), comenzar� el lunes 7 de diciembre, con la inauguraci�n de la exposici�n y consta de actividades toda la semana:

  • Lunes 7 a las 19 horas en la Casa Xenpelar, conferencia de con el tema "Hacer memoria. Hacer justicia" por la asociaci�n Ahaztuak 1936-1977.
  • Mi�rcoles 9 a las 19:30h conferencia de Iosu Txueka, profesor de la UPV, con el tema de "La represi�n franquista. Entre el sufrimiento y la solidaridad". Ser� tambi�n en la Casa Xenpelar.
  • Jueves 10 en la Casa Xenpelar, a las 19.00 horas, habr� una conferencia del historiador I�aki Ega�a titulada "El franquismo en Orereta-Errenteria".
  • Viernes 11, proyecci�n de la pel�cula "Desafectos", que servir� de introducci�n para tratar el tema de "Los esclavos de Franco". Ser� en la Sala Reina de la Casa Xenpelar a las 18.00 horas.
  • S�bado 12 finalizar�n los eventos con un acto p�blico en la Alameda en reconocimiento a las personas y organizaciones que lucharon contra el alzamiento franquista. Ese mismo d�a tendr� lugar una comida popular y a las 19.00 horas en el Auditorum Niessen habr� un acto de homenaje a todas las personas que vivieron en directo estos hechos.

Adem�s, para enriquecer la exposici�n los organizadores han solicitado a todas las personas que quieran contribuir con documentos, testimonios y objetos, que se pasen por la propia Casa Xenpelar. |Entrevista realizada en Zintzilik Irratia|.

Egunkaria Libre!

Euskal Herria, 08.01.2010 19:39

Desde el cierre de Euskaldunon Egunkaria, se ha ido consolidando en Euskal Herria un movimiento social a favor de la libertad de expresi�n y el Euskara. Esta lucha ha contado con el gran apoyo de mucha gente desde que en 2003 fueran detenidos y torturados 10 trabajadores de Egunkaria acusados de pertenecer a ETA. Grande tambi�n ha sido el apoyo recibido por proyectos que surgieron despu�s (como Egunero o el actual Berria).

Ahora, s�lo con las acusaciones particulares de AVT y Dignidad y Justia, la Audiencia Nacional de Espa�a someter� a Xabier, Txema, Jose Mari, I�aki y Martxelo a un juicio que comenzar� la pr�xima semana. En la medida en que este proceso y lucha nos incluye a todxs, con la intenci�n y deseo de volver a reunir a multitud de gente, los imputados por el caso convocan a una Manifestaci�n Nacional para el pr�ximo 19 de diciembre en Bilbo. Sum�ndose a la convocatoria, habr� movilizaciones en otros lugares. Est� por ver si se har� en Madrid donde, continuando en la represi�n a la libertad de expresi�n, el Gobierno Civil ha prohibido la manifestaci�n que all� se iba a realizar.

Estos a�os ha sido enorme el trabajo de hormiga que se ha hecho para unir e informar a la gente tanto dentro como fuera de Euskal Herria. Mediante encuentros y charlas que han realizado pueblo por pueblo, a trav�s de numerosas y concurridas concentraciones y eventos, entre otras actividades, las adhesiones y la solidaridad han ido en aumento. Para recoger y sistematizar toda la informaci�n sobre el caso, gestionan y mantienen una p�gina totalmente actualizada. Para dar a conocer esta informaci�n tambi�n a nivel internacional, han abierto recientemente Berria, por su parte, tambi�n dar� cobertura especial y continua al juicio.

M�s informaci�n: | Seguimiento que se hace del juicio en Sustatu|, |Manifestaci�n hist�rica de 2003, |Manifiesto|, |Informe del cierre realizado por Behatokia|, |Plataformas a favor de Egunkaria Catalu�a, Madrid, Arag�n|.

Egunkaria libre! Participa, difunde, escucha... en directo!!!

Euskal Herria, 08.01.2010 19:39

Estos d�as se ha puesto en marcha la iniciativa que por medio del trabajo colectivo anima a que todxs participemos a favor de Egunkaria, con fotos, mensajes, informaci�n, grabaciones, im�genes, opiniones o lo que se ofrezca. Sum�ndose as� a otros esfuerzos que se han ido dando. Se quiere hacer una cobertura especial de la mani de Bilbo al estilo de lo que se hizo cuando la huelga general de mayo. Participa!!! Se proponen distintas formas de echar la mano. Para organizar lo que se vaya a hacer se ha quedado a las 12.00 en Kafe Antzokia de Bilbo y despu�s... todxs a la manifa!

Transmisi�n de radio en directo desde Bilbo

Junto con e tambi�n de manera colectiva y participativa se emitir� en directo tanto en FM como por Internet, a trav�s de Bilbo Hiria irratia todo lo que vaya ocurriendo, a partir de las 17.00 por las calles de Bilbo.

|Fotos de la mani: 1,2|, |Video,

A un a�o de la masacre, crece la solidaridad con Palestina

Euskal Herria, 08.01.2010 19:39

Se cumple ahora un a�o de la operaci�n "Plomo Fundido" lanzada por el Estado de Israel contra la Franja de Gaza entre diciembre de 2008 y enero de 2009 y que produjo la muerte de 1.416 palestinos y miles m�s heridos, desplazadas o con sus hogares destruidos. Para que este ataque no se olvide y como homenaje a las victimas y al pueblo palestino que sigue en lucha, durante estos d�as se realizan varias iniciativas

Por un lado, y partiendo de una iniciativa a nivel internacional este final de a�o nos trae la Marcha por la libertad de Gaza, que acercar� a este territorio ocupado y aislado a cientos de militantes que intentar�n romper el cerco al que Israel somete a este territorio. Desde Egipto, desde el Sina�, desde los territorios ocupados,... m�s de mil personas intentar�n entrar en Gaza y llevar la solidaridad internacional a este pueblo castigado. Se pueden seguir las noticias en este blog: Solidarios en Gaza. Tambi�n desde Euskal Herria tenemos gente participando en esta iniciativa.

Cr�nicas desde la Marcha: |2 de enero, en la frontera con Gaza|, |30 de diciembre|, |Manifestaciones en Al Cairo (30-31 diciembre): 1, 2 |, |Saliendo hacia Rafah (martes, 29)|, |Decenas de internacionales secuestrados por la polic�a egipcia en Al-Arish|, |domingo 27 de diciembre|, |s�bado 26 de diciembre|.

Por otro lado, el 18 de enero, d�a que finalizaron los ataques de Israel, se llevar� a cabo una iniciativa para proyectar el documental "To shoot an elepphant (TSAE)" en el m�ximo de lugares posibles, un screeening global. Grabada en los d�as del ataque, el documental narra, desde el interior de la Franja de Gaza, lo ocurrido durante aquellos d�as. Convertido en narraci�n directa y privilegiada de los bombardeos quiere ser herramienta para hacer frente a la propaganda israel� y al silencio internacional. Desde IndymediaEH animamos a participar a cualquier kolectibo o gente y mostrar tambi�n desde Euskal Herria, nuestra solidaridad con el pueblo palestino. Las copias del documental se pueden conseguir a trav�s de la p�gina web o enviando un correo.

Adem�s de su valor narrativo y de denuncia, TSAE es ejemplo de trabajo colectivo, horizontal y aut�nomo, que pretende innovar en las maneras y modos de llevar a cabo trabajos audiovisuales, tanto en el propio proceso de producci�n como en su distribuci�n y comunicaci�n. Apostando deliberadamente por herramientas de trabajo colectivo y licencias Creative Commons queremos que el documental trascienda los l�mites de quienes lo producen y que se convierta en material de quien lo ve.

Texas sends metally retarded to death row

Houston, 08.01.2010 16:09

Cracked - Texas continues to send mentally retarded prisoners to death row

CulturaS | Entrevista con La Modernidad

Argentina, 08.01.2010 14:39

“Falta gente con ganas de escuchar músicos que se quejen”

How the Grinch Stole my Overtime!

NYC, 08.01.2010 08:08

A recap of RAP's Holiday Action.

Entrevista con La Modernidad

Argentina, 08.01.2010 06:09

“Falta gente con ganas de escuchar músicos que se quejen”

Rede Contra o Aumento realiza ato em São Paulo

CMI Brasil, 08.01.2010 00:37

Rede de Luta Contra o Aumento

A un año de Fortuño

Puerto Rico, 07.01.2010 22:10

Protestan el primer año del gobierno de Fortuño

Japanese Whalers Sink the Ady Gil

Portland, 07.01.2010 20:08

The Sea Shepherds' stealth ship, the Ady Gil, was just sunk by Japanese whalers in the Antarctic ocean.
The Ady Gil was idling near Commonwealth Bay,south of Hobart, when it was suddenly approached and intentionally rammed by the vessel Shonan Maru. This vessel had been accompanying the whaler Nisshin Maru, deployed to prevent the Sea Shepherds from interfering with the killing of whales.
The Ady Gil was cut in half, and sunk into the ocean. Thankfully, all hands were rescued from the sea.

This Friday! January 8th! Protest Nazi supporters!

Portland, 07.01.2010 20:08

This Friday, January 8th at 3:00 p.m in the Walnut room of the U of O campus will be host to a Pacifica Forum meeting.
This group in particular has been labeled as a white supremacist organization and not without reason. In the past they have hosted Holocaust deniers and supporters of the "National Socialist Movement" a known Neo-Nazi organization.
In they're last meeting, speaker Jimmy Marr invited all those in attendance to join him in giving the Sieg Heil salute. Marr also showed video footage from a National Socialist Movement demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona.

Clare Bayard Writes on The Ethnic Cleansing in East Jerusalem

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.01.2010 16:09

Clare Bayard, from Dialogues Against Militarism, writes: In Silwan, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem adjacent to the Old City, Palestinian families sometimes demolish their own homes when the notice comes because they can't afford to pay the fines levied upon people after the army bulldozes their houses. Sometimes the eviction notice gives them days, and other times a few hours to pull out several generations' of possessions before the house is demolished. Sometimes people are given 15 minutes to get out of their house before tear gas is fired through the windows.

Albertsons Illegal Coupon Food Stamp Tax

Rogue Valley, 07.01.2010 14:09

Ashland, Oregon Albertsons charges an Oregon mom tax for using coupons and paying with food stamps.

The extra charges happened randomly and never added up to much, but fifty cents here and a dollar there eventually started nagging at her conscience. Why was an Oregon mom charged a "tax" at Albertsons when she used coupons and paid with food stamps? She tested several theories and finally concluded that this "tax" was charged only at the Ashland, Oregon store when she used manufacturer coupons and Catalina coupons.

Buffalo Woman Stabbed in an Anti-Gay Hate Crime

United States, 07.01.2010 08:37

(much of the information has been passed on through the "please help support lindsay harmon and stop hate crime" facebook group)

On December 31st, 2009 Lindsay Harmon was stabbed by a white female that was walking with a group of 4 black males, and 1 other white female. They were walking down main street in front of Roxys complex towards Virgina when they decided to harass and assault Lindsay and the women who were accompanying her, using hateful words towards gays, and lesbians, while then the situation turning into a physical confrontation. Lindsay was stabbed in the right eye, right cheek, and left arm causing very serious injuries. read more

SIMPLE CP: Ochroniarze biją ludzi

Poland, 07.01.2010 08:09

Opis napaści pracowników ochrony na aktywistę podczas pikiety anty-futrzarskiej w Galerii Jurajskiej w Częstochowie.

Earth First! Roadshow Traveling Through California Jan. 12th - 24th

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.01.2010 08:08

The first annual Earth First! California Roadshow will be traveling through the state this month to build connections between bioregions and different ecological resistance groups, and to promote the upcoming Organizers' Conference and Winter Rendezvous in Santa Barbara. About a dozen events are scheduled, including stops in Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Fresno.

Anti Whaling

Perth, 07.01.2010 07:10

Japanese whalers ram Sea Shepherd - catastrophic damage

Irish cross into Gaza: Viva Palestina aid convoy has finally arrived in Gaza!

Ireland, 07.01.2010 04:39

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPS ...

2009 year in review

Houston, 07.01.2010 01:39

A round up of Houston Indymedia features from 2009

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