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Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign continues efforts with direct action, town hall, galvanized campaigns

Chicago, 22.01.2010 19:09

The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign has vigorously continued its efforts to support lower-income Chicagoans who are fighting unjust evictions. In a recent video, Chicagoan Lenise Forrest and her family were evicted in thirteen-degree weater after her house was broken into. While Forrest was negotiating getting her belongings, a man was shot nearby.

On Thursday, January 14th, the Campaign held a town hall at Park Community Church near Cabrini Green to launch a series of townhalls to build momentum for the campaign and related campaigns. Among the campaigns in play: helping prevent homelessness among about 50 families in Cabrini Green, and taking on a corrupt slumlord in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood.

Previous coverage: Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign Launches with Successful Blockade

Chicago MLK Day Commemorated with Public Workers' March for Social Services

Chicago, 22.01.2010 19:09

The final three years of the life of Rev. Martin Luther King were increasingly devoted to economic justice issues, and it was in that spirit that the newly-formed Public Workers Unite coalition organized a march in protest, at which some 200 rallied and marched through downtown Chicago.

Much like Reverend King, who was fighting on behalf of public servers workers during his final days, Public Workers Unite rallied against a series of planned cutbacks and layoffs in public services — public transit, education, and other local services — and targeted corporate welfare (rallying at the Chicago headquarters of Boeing) which by contrast is on the increase.

Chicago Indymedia coverage: Photos: Hundreds march for jobs and public service on MLK Day | Public Workers Unite! MLK Day Video

Additional Coverage: In These Times: Chicagoans Demand Public Services, Public Jobs on MLK Day | WHPK Radio: Interview with Earl Silbar about Public Workers Unite

Free Mumia! Los Angeles Rejects High Court's Ruling

LA, 22.01.2010 18:09

LOS ANGELES, Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - Despite heavy rain, a group of about 30 people attended a demonstration for the freedom of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. The last-minute action was organized by anti-racist activists who were reacting to the overturning of a judgment that favored the condemned journalist.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals had overturned Abu-Jamal's death sentence, finding that the judge in the case had failed to properly instruct members of the jury to consider possible mitigating circumstances during sentencing. However, the Supreme Court overturned the lower court's decision, opening up the possibility that Abu-Jamal, who has always maintained his innocence, could return to death row. Full Report: Free Mumia! Los Angeles Rejects High Court Ruling by Rockero | | En español: ¡Libertad Para Mumia! Los Angeles Rechazó el Juicio de la Corte Suprema por Rockero

RELATED: FREE MUMIA! by Echo Park Community Coalition

Призыв к солидарности минской ФНБ группы

Belarus, 22.01.2010 15:37


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В субботу, 16 января «прошла» акция Еды Вместо Бомб на михайловском сквере. Почему в кавычках? Потому что нам пришлось уйти в другой сквер – в михайловском проявилось в лучшей своей ипостаси полицейское государство. В сквере запрещали находиться всем. Студент, рабочий, турист – с 13:00 до приблизительно 14:00 михайловский сквер держали полностью пустым и мусора в агрессивной форме просили покинуть всех публичное место.

В результате еду раздали в алее поблизости к скверу со стороны Динамо.
Это уже не первый и не второй, и не третий раз, когда мусора в агрессивной форме препятствуют проведению акции. Мы с этим мириться не собираемся и будем бороться с мусорским произволом, так же как и с репрессиями власти.

Мусора нам сказали, что ГУВД нас «заказало» – хочется ответить на это, что мы будем сопротивляться.

42 arrested in Guantanamo Bay protest-14 inside US Capitol

DC, 22.01.2010 06:10

On Jan 21, 42 people were arrested for protesting the continued existence of the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp, exactly one year after President Obama promised to close it within one year.


Arizona, 22.01.2010 05:07

Supporters Needed to Help Maintain Life, Land and Dignity of Traditional Resistance Communities

Tax Fairness Protest @ US Bank in Ashland, OR

Rogue Valley, 22.01.2010 01:09

January 19, 2010- Oregonians marched on US Bank in Ashland to protest the bank's disrespect for its unemployed customers. For the bank its nothing but greedy profit that drives its huge contributions to the NO on Measures 66 & 67 campaign. At the same time they spend big bucks to defeat these measures the US Bank gets money and unemployed customers because it has a contract with the State of Oregon to automatically receive unemployment compensation bucks from people who have been laid off from work. The bank actually stands to gain as unemployed ranks swell.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice organized this action. Protesters included 42 WRAP travelers mainly from Portland on their way to San Francisco for a west coast convergence calling attention to the national travesty of homelessness. Most of the travelers are without homes or jobs so the protest at the bank has direct implications for them. The WRAP travelers were joined by Southern Oregonians and the crowd of over 60 presented over 1000 names on a petition calling on US Bank to stop abusing its unemployed customers. Passing measures 66 and 67 will help the most effected in this recession.

The demonstration took place during a wind and rain storm. Protesters chanted loudly: "We got sold out. Banks got bailed out." A bank manager refused to accept the petitions so they were taped to the teller window.

Keep reading for more & click on any photo to make it larger...

CUCPJ Delivers Petition With More Than 400 signatures, But Rietz Refuses To Drop Charges On Jeshaun

United States, 22.01.2010 01:07

On Tuesday morning, Jan. 19, Champaign-Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice delivered an online petition with 377 signatures to State’s Attorney Julia Rietz asking her to drop the charges on Jeshaun Manning-Carter, the 15 year old who was with Kiwane Carrington when he was killed by Champaign police. A hard copy of the petition with another 60 signatures was also presented. Jeshaun is being prosecuting on felony charges of resisting arrest.

A juvenile hearing was held at 2 p.m. with about 15-20 supporters showing up at the Champaign County Courthouse, although they were not permitted in the courtroom as is routine in juvenile cases. State’s Attorney Rietz appeared in court and local African American attorney Alfred Ivy represented the defendant. Attorney Ivy asked Judge Heidi Ladd for a continuance, saying that he and the State’s Attorney were working toward a resolution. Rietz had no objection, stating that according to Principal Richard Kelly of the READY Program where Jeshaun goes to school, he was attending class and doing well. Yet despite this good record, Rietz was still willing to drop the charges.

FAU Berlin: de-Facto-Gewerkschaftsverbot

Germany, 22.01.2010 00:39

Dieser Bericht bietet eine komplette Übersicht und versucht, den mehr als weitreichenden Komplex des Arbeitskampfes der FAU Berlin und das noch weitergehende jetzige de-facto-Gewerkschaftsverbot und seine Hintergründe möglichst linear darzustellen. Er resümiert die wichtigsten Geschehnisse im Arbeitskampf chronologisch, bietet Einsichten in die Zusammenhänge, beleuchtet die juristische wie die politische/syndikalistische Dimension und lässt die Beteiligten aus dem Babylon selbst zu Wort kommen, die ihre Sicht noch einmal eindrucksvoll darlegen. Wir hoffen das Fragen, wie das „wozu und warum das Ganze?“ im Nachhinein klarer gesehen werden können. Am Ende finden sich Verweise auf, und ein Überblick über bereits geplante Ereignisse in und um die Aktionstage der FAU Berlin für Gewerkschaftsfreiheit. Ein Exklusiv-Beitrag für Indymedia.

Long Time Community Activist Passed Over Tuesday

Portland, 22.01.2010 00:38

Long time community activist Paul McAdams passed over this week in Medford Oregon.

Paul has been active in the Portland community for at least 30 years, participating in protests and working with community media. He photographed for the Portland Alliance and crewed for too many programs to mention at both Portland Community Media and Metro East Community Media.

Most noteworthy was his support and contributions to Native American issues and culture through the years.

There will be a memorial pot luck dinner at Portland Community Media tomorrow evening, January 22, 2010 from 7 - pm. Everyone is invited to attend and share in the memorial. Portland American Indian Movement drum will be in attendance.

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Happy Anniversary, Obamabots!&quot;

DC, 21.01.2010 23:09

Well, here we are, a year into this glorious new post-racial, post-partisan Hope'n'Change Era, so let's just pause to take stock of all the momentous Change that President Booker T. Obama has brought us… Cassetteboy vs. Obama: We Are The World, an Obama speech mashup, 1.6mb mp3

Voices with Vision 2010-01-21 US 'Democracy' from Mumia Abu Jamal's Case to the Fate of the Iraqi Refugees

DC, 21.01.2010 23:09

While all eyes are on Haiti, and many in the USA have forgotten that Iraq is still occupied, the US High Court tosses ruling that overturned Mumia Abu Jamal death sentence and the UN says 60,000 Somalis displaced since first of the year…

BLASTING HALTED: Tree Sit in West Virginia

DC, 21.01.2010 23:09

Protesters associated with Climate Ground Zero and Mountain Justice halted blasting on Coal River Mountain today with a three-person tree-sit. David Aaron Smith, 23, Amber Nitchman, 19 and Eric Blevins, 28 are on platforms approximately 60 feet up two tulip poplars and an oak tree. The mountain has become a rallying point for local activists, representing for many the cleaner, more sustainable possibilities of wind energy. Their banners state: “EPA Stop the Blasting”, “Windmills Not Toxic Spills”, and “Save Coal River Mtn.” UPDATE: GROUND SUPPORT HAS BEEN ARRESTED, MASSEY FELLING TREES AROUND SITTERS, POLICE HAVE LEFT SCENE

Призыв к солидарности минской ФНБ группы

Belarus, 21.01.2010 21:37


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В субботу, 16 января «прошла» акция Еды Вместо Бомб на михайловском сквере. Почему в кавычках? Потому что нам пришлось уйти в другой сквер – в михайловском проявилось в лучшей своей ипостаси полицейское государство. В сквере запрещали находиться всем. Студент, рабочий, турист – с 13:00 до приблизительно 14:00 михайловский сквер держали полностью пустым и мусора в агрессивной форме просили покинуть всех публичное место.

В результате еду раздали в алее поблизости к скверу со стороны Динамо.
Это уже не первый и не второй, и не третий раз, когда мусора в агрессивной форме препятствуют проведению акции. Мы с этим мириться не собираемся и будем бороться с мусорским произволом, так же как и с репрессиями власти.

Мусора нам сказали, что ГУВД нас «заказало» – хочется ответить на это, что мы будем сопротивляться.

Medea Benjamin on &quot;Toward a More Peaceful World&quot; - Jan. 31

Baltimore, 21.01.2010 21:08

Medea Benjamin will present The 8th Annual Ric Pfeffer Lecture on “From Afghanistan to Gaza: Working toward a More Peaceful World.” Sunday, January 31st, 7:00-9:00 pm

Haiti: Por que a ajuda vem armada?

CMI Brasil, 21.01.2010 20:37


Призыв к солидарности минской ФНБ группы

Belarus, 21.01.2010 20:07


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В субботу, 16 января «прошла» акция Еды Вместо Бомб на михайловском сквере. Почему в кавычках? Потому что нам пришлось уйти в другой сквер – в михайловском проявилось в лучшей своей ипостаси полицейское государство. В сквере запрещали находиться всем. Студент, рабочий, турист – с 13:00 до приблизительно 14:00 михайловский сквер держали полностью пустым и мусора в агрессивной форме просили покинуть всех публичное место.

В результате еду раздали в алее поблизости к скверу со стороны Динамо.
Это уже не первый и не второй, и не третий раз, когда мусора в агрессивной форме препятствуют проведению акции. Мы с этим мириться не собираемся и будем бороться с мусорским произволом, так же как и с репрессиями власти.

Мусора нам сказали, что ГУВД нас «заказало» – хочется ответить на это, что мы будем сопротивляться.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 21.01.2010 16:37

Red de Pastorie

Hidden in Plain Sight: Media Workers for Social Change, Chapter 3

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.01.2010 03:09

This is the third in a series of profiles of activist and alternative media workers in the Bay Area by Indybay contributor Peter M. Featured in this profile is Bill Hackwell, a photographer/activist who lives in Oakland. His career spans four decades.

Report Confirms FBI Misuse of Authority to Obtain Phone Records

DC, 20.01.2010 23:10

The Washington Post reported today that the "FBI illegally collected more than 2,000 U.S. telephone call records," using methods that FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni admitted "technically violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act when agents invoked nonexistent emergencies to collect records."

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief for Haiti Team on the Ground in Haiti

Boston, 20.01.2010 22:09

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti Team 1 has landed safely in Haiti and established themselves in the World Harvest compound. Their internet access is intermittent, but the latest available updates can be found at Boston IMC's previous story on Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is at They have enough supplies for immediate operations, but will need to restock soon. They now have a Creole translator. Get more information and donate at

The Indypendent Issue 145: Prophet and Loss: Obama's First Year

NYC, 20.01.2010 21:09

January 20, 2010 marks one full year since President Barack Obama made history and became the first African-American ever to reside in the White House. He came into office riding a wave of hope and change, promising to transform Washington.

But disappointment and disillusion have set in among progressives and the left. President Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan, his health care plan is a big giveaway to insurance companies, the United States remains in Iraq, and the economy is still in tatters.

Indypendent writers Stanley Aronowitz, Arun Gupta and Nicholas Powers examine Obama’s first year in office.

Aronowitz writes, “For many who voted for Obama, 2009 has been a year of deep disillusionment. The degree to which the Obama administration revealed its basic war and big business orientation was first shown by his major cabinet and staff appointees. Robert Gates, Bush’s defense secretary, was retained; Hillary Clinton, perhaps the Senate’s leading hawk, became secretary of state; the crucial position of treasury secretary went to a Federal Reserve bureaucrat and Wall Street ally, Tim Geithner; and Lawrence Summers, Bill Clinton’s last Treasury head, became Obama’s chief economic advisor.

What was obscured by Obama’s rousing campaign and nimble rhetoric has become brutally apparent in the aftermath. The Democratic Party has, since the end of World War II, been the favored party of finance capital. That mantle once belonged to the Republicans — the fabled party of the rich and wealthy. But the GOP has sunk into a right-wing party of opposition and no longer pretends to be a party of government. Its cast, begun as far back as the Goldwater takeover in 1964, is anti-internationalist, narrowly ideological and administratively incompetent. Meanwhile, the Democrats live a glaring contradiction: on the one hand, they rely on labor and the new social movements of feminism, ecology and black freedom both for votes and for a large portion of their political cadres. On the other, they need hundreds of millions of dollars to oil the party apparatus and run 535 national election campaigns. Aside from the unions, most of this money comes from corporate sponsors and wealthy individuals.”

For the rest of this article, see “Let’s Break from the Party of War and Wall Street” below.

Also included in this issue: John Tarleton on how Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to close schools is drawing anger; Sam Alcoff on the case of Syed Fashad Hashmi; and more!

Victory in the Bronx: Community Insists on Living Wage Jobs || Hand ‘Em Over ! Court Order on Secret RNC Spy Docs Raises Questions about NYPD Intel Unit || Bloomberg School Closings Draw Ire || Recipe for Change: Food Groups Ready to Remake School Meals Program || Facing 70 Years in Prison for Clothing || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || Let’s Break From the Party of War and Wall St. || Waiting for the Rapture || Hope Has Left the Building || The Old, New Right || Stubborn Hope || All Things Considered: Climate Change From Different Angles || Artists Reclaim Public Space: A Conversation with Public Ad Campaign Founder Jordan Seiler || Activist Café Celebrates 30 Years

Victoria Baths axed early in city budget

United Kingdom, 20.01.2010 18:39

After a long period of silence from the council the Save Victoria Baths campaign have learnt that the authority intend to close Victoria Leisure Centre on 31 March 2010, despite having no approved plans for development and no planning permission to demolish what is already there. The campaign allege that the council intends to relocate staff in February, making it more likely that it will close earlier than then.

Council plans to close Victoria Leisure Centre first emerged in 2008 and generated considerable public opposition. Although campaigners were unable to prevent the closure, they did manage to get the council to promise to keep it open until 2011 and agree to build a (very expensive) new leisure facility on the site. Campaigners are concerned that the council may now go back on both promises leaving the community without a leisure centre.

On the newswire: Council does the dirty on the Save Victoria Bath Campaign | 2008: Victoria Leisure Centre Public Meeting to Oppose Closure | Save Victoria Baths from closure, Demo at the Council House | Council propose to shut Victoria Baths, Sneinton | City Council intends to Close popular leisure facility

Previous features: Credit crunch hits Notttingham | Nottingham City Council: Mired in Corruption | Council Under Fire From Campaign To Save Leisure Centre

Links: Save Victoria Baths | Petition | City council: Budget consultation

Haiti - a history of intervention, occupation and resistance

Ireland, 20.01.2010 18:09

As predictions for the death toll from the Haitian ...

釜ヶ崎〈暴動〉| resistance action against police in Kamagasaki

Japan, 20.01.2010 17:38

釜ヶ崎では、西成警察署員による労働者への暴行と拷問に対する抗議行動が続いている。これは90以来18年ぶりの「暴動」として記憶されることになるだろう。 12th June, just in the afternoon before the G8 Finance Ministers Meeting had began in Osaka with amount of guards and excessive security, one of daily labours in Kamagasaki tortured by police. From the next day 13th, many of daily labours and neighbourhood youth began to resist against the police repression &amp; violence. Most of Japanese mainstream media just copied the official announcements by the police and reporting this as a "riot" for the first time after 18 years from the last one in 1990.

The US, Mad Cow and Korea-Japan Consumers

Japan, 20.01.2010 17:38

by Paul Arenson


Regarding Mad Cow Disease and the push by the US government to force Korea to accept untested cattle, it has been very frustrating to read mainstream US reports which claim that Koreans are being irrational in the face of purported scientific evidence from the OIE (World Organisation for Animal health) that US beef represents a low risk.

The implied conclusion is that countries like Japan or Korea are unjustified or simply emotional in banning or restricting the import of beef. Our instincts tell us that something is being omitted. That either the OIE is not as impartial as it is made out to be, or that the report is being used by pro trade groups to justify the assertion that imports are ok.


Japan, 20.01.2010 17:38



Japan, 20.01.2010 17:38

Welcome to Japan! | [useful map] [Events Directory]
protest! one artivist of indymedia Japan was unjustly arrested. -> International call for solidarity actions against G8 repressions [watch video]
Protest statement against J5 police suppression / 7・5弾圧抗議声明
Indymedia Japan is one of the co-ordinating organizations for G8MediaNetwork, every indymedia activists can access to the CMC West18 (Nishi18choume). Please register online here preparatory | 事前登録 [日本語] | [locations]

Background / 背景: [Movements around the G8 Summit (2008) : the Situation in Japan] [G8サミット取材に関する緊急声明 / urgent statement protesting unreasonable detainment of independent media] [Questions and Answers: Legal information for temporary visitors to Japan]

Schedule / スケジュール: [Summary of the Anti-G8 Japan Action and Logistics|反G8活動のスケージュルとリソース] [NO! G8 Action Events Schedule|イベント・スケジュール] | July: [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

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Indígenas de Todo o País Ocuparam a Funai

CMI Brasil, 20.01.2010 15:07


Akcje pamięci S. Markielowa i A. Baburowej

Poland, 20.01.2010 13:39

Wczoraj w Moskwie Komitet 19 stycznia (zrzeszenie aktywistow z różnych opcji politycznych) zorganizował demonstrację antyfaszystowską upamiętniającą dwójkę działaczy anarchistycznych: adwokata Stanisława Markiełowa i dziennikarkę Nastię Baburową zamordowanych rok temu przez neonazistów.

Do podobnych akcji doszło także w innych miastach i krajach, w tym w Krakowie:

i w Poznaniu:

Заявление белорусских анархистов о ситуации в антифашистском движении России и акции 19 января.

Belarus, 20.01.2010 10:07

Мы, анархисты и антифашисты Беларуси, считаем нужным отреагировать на призыв российских товарищей провести акцию солидарности 19 января 2010г. и на происходящие в российском антифашистском движении процессы. Как мы видим, сейчас некоторыми участниками движения проводятся активные попытки отделить антифашизм от политики, с чем мы согласиться никак не можем. Мы считаем, что борьба с фашизмом это прежде всего борьба с экономическим и социальным неравенством, с иерархией и конкуренцией между людьми, т.к. именно всё это и порождает фашистские настроения в обществе. Таким образом, мы рассматриваем антифашизм как политическое движение, которое неотделимо от борьбы с государством и капитализмом.

При этом мы понимаем, в каких условиях существует антифашистское движение в России и не отказываем ему в нашей солидарности и помощи. Только в этом году мы провели концерт в поддержку семьи Федора Филатова, несанкционированное шествие в годовщину убийства Тимура Качаравы, акцию памяти Ивана…

КГБ вызывает людей на приватные беседы

Belarus, 20.01.2010 10:07

Cпустя месяц после протестов в Копенгагене беларуские спецслужбы по запросу интерпола начали проводить «личные» беседы с людьми, задержанными в Дании во время саммита по вопросам изменения климата.

Многим людям, читающим индимедию или просто интересующимся происходящим в мире, вполне известно то, что в декабре произошло в Копенгагене. Новости большинства медийных компаний (даже корпоративных) пестрили заголовками о неимоверных нарушениях мусорами прав человека на улицах датской столицы во время протестов.
Для нас это давно уже не секрет, что власти в случаях опасности могут поджимать так называемые гражданские свободы ради сохранения своего статуса. В Копенгагене «демократическая» машина запада показала, на что она способна (подобное происходит так же очень часто в США и прочих странах, однако не придается такой огласке из-за значительно меньших масштабов происходящего)

Cort Guitar Workers Action

LA, 20.01.2010 05:38

This week, workers fired from the Cort guitar plants in Korea came to Southern California to demand their jobs back with a series of actions targeting the NAMM trade show, a global trade show for the musical instrument industry. Cort, known as a midrange guitar brand, is also a contract manufacturer for many well-known guitar brands, like Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, and others, producing budget-priced guitars for the global market. The work was carried out in sweatshop conditions - and when the workers organized a union, the company shut down their Korea factories, offshoring manufacturing work to Indonesian and Chinese factories owned by Cort.

In Los Angeles, they gained the support of world famous guitarist Tom Morello, as well as rapper/activist Boots Riley, MC5's Wayne Kramer, SOAD's Serj Tankian, local Asian American artists Skim, Shin Kawasaki, David Tran, and other artists. The workers also got labor solidarity from United Steelworkers 675, the Korean Metalworkers Union, individuals from LA and OC unions. They also achived meetings with representatives from Gibson and Fender guitar companies.

Cort Guitar Workers Action - main activist site.
Video: The ugly truth behind Cort
KPCC: Tom Morello Plays Concert for Korean Guitar Workers
Paper Planes
Guerilla Radio
Cort Guitar Worker Support Event at Nanum Cultural Center K-Town


Portland, 19.01.2010 22:38

On Thursday, January 14, Josh Schlossberg and the Civil Liberties Defense Center filed a lawsuit against Eugene Police Department Officer Bill Solesbee, Chief of Police Pete Kerns, and the City of Eugene regarding a March 13, 2009 incident where Schlossberg was falsely arrested, injured, and jailed by Eugene Police Department Officer Bill Solesbee while Schlossberg was legally distributing brochures from the edge of a public sidewalk in front of Umpqua Bank in downtown Eugene.

Workers Call on Starbucks to Honor Dr. King with March and Rally

NYC, 19.01.2010 20:39

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch here held a march and rally at Starbucks to call on the corporation to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the federal holiday commemorating his birth. The Starbucks Workers Union of the IWW is demanding that Starbucks pay a holiday premium to baristas who work on MLK Day just as the Seattle-based chain does for five other federal holidays.

Days 1 and 2: Eyewitness Reports from Port-au-Prince

NYC, 19.01.2010 20:39

[The author was in Port-au-Prince with a delegation when the January 12 earthquake struck the city. Because of limited electricity and internet connection, he was only able to send the first report out before he got back to New York the morning of January 18. ]

Defizitkonjunktur in Staatsregie

Germany, 19.01.2010 19:39

Exzessive Staatsverschuldung ersetzt durch die Finanzmärkte finanzierte private Verschuldung der letzten Dekaden. Die Auswirkungen sind ähnlich: Staaten erzeugen Nachfrage auf Pump, um Kapitalismus aufrecht zu erhalten. Die finanzmarktgetriebene Defizitkonjunktur, die im Zuge der Krise zusammenbrach, wird somit de facto verstaatlicht.

Hands off Planned Parenthood

Houston, 19.01.2010 17:39

Hands off Planned Parenthood

Salta: 7 herdios/as y 1 detenido/a

Argentina, 19.01.2010 13:39

Tazzer, palos y gases por aumento del boleto

Salta: 7 herdios/as y 1 detenido/a

Argentina, 19.01.2010 13:39

Tazzer, palos y gases por aumento del boleto

SDAC Calls for Phone-in to Shut Down American Renaissance Conference

DC, 19.01.2010 01:10

SHUT DOWN THE RACISTS! The white supremacist newsletter American Renaissance (AmRen) is holding their 9th annual conference at the Dulles Airport Westin in Herndon, VA on Feb 19-21. The conference is thinly disguised under the name of the New Century Foundation, AmRen's sister organization. In response, we are asking for everyone to call the hotel and demand they cancel the conference.

Video: Bark Hike To Proposed Nestle Bottling Plant

Portland, 18.01.2010 23:38

Currently, Nestle is proposing a new bottling plant in the town of Cascade Locks on the Columbia River, capturing the pristine water of Oxbow Springs. This video is from the January 2010 Bark Field Trip to the proposed Nestle bottling site.

Hike is led by Loriann Burd of the forest advocacy group Bark and Julia DeGraw, of Food and Water Watch

Food and Water Watch Fact Sheet

24 minute Video Of Bark Hike
Sign the petition!

Article from the Bark Site

Bottling a hundred million gallons annually, Nestle is seeking to turn a profit on our most valuable public resource.

Pacifica Forum: Nazis &amp; Anti-Semites Off Campus!

Portland, 18.01.2010 23:38

An anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi sympathizing group called the Pacifica Forum uses a loophole that allows them to meet on the U of O campus. Now a group of students and community members is standing up and saying enough - get this organized hatred off our campus!
On January 8, 2010, University of Oregon students, activists and community members confronted and demonstrated against the Pacifica Forum, a documented extreme right wing hate group, during one of their meetings on the U of O campus.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center which monitors hate groups nationwide, the Pacifica Forum was founded nearly 17 years ago by longtime pacifist and retired U of O professor Orval Etter. The Pacifica Forum started as an informal group whose stated aim was to "provide information and points of view" on "war and peace, militarism and pacifism, violence and non-violence." The group was considered to be left wing.

Students and Faculty Occupy Building in opposition to SWAT POLICE training on WSUV campus

Portland, 18.01.2010 23:38

We the student and faculty members of the Center for Social and Environmental Justice and Social and Environmental Justice Club on the campus of Washington State University Vancouver are now meeting in our building of work and learning.

We are here today as a direct response to the police, sheriff and SWAT training that has been scheduled to occur in our building concurrent with the campus's prescheduled Martin Luther King Day events happening elsewhere on campus.

We feel that this training is in direct opposition to the strategies and philosophy of Martin Luther King. We know that if he were here with us today Martin Luther King would challenge the claim that this type of militaristic civil drill is an effective avenue for addressing acts of violence.

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Rurais de Venceslau e Marabá diz que foi preterido de assembléia convocada por usina

CMI Brasil, 18.01.2010 23:37


Aid to Haiti Hopelessly Inadequate, Poorly Organized

Boston, 18.01.2010 22:09

US aid to Haiti has been a tiny fraction of what is needed. With hundreds of thousands injured, and more without food and water, President Obama's feeble efforts have been aimed mostly at rescuing tourists and diplomats, with little consideration given to the people of Haiti. In addition, what assistance has arrived is being mired in bureaucratic red tape and military intransigence. Check this article for the latest updates.

Schnews: Ships in the Fight

United Kingdom, 18.01.2010 17:09

Since Japanese whalers sliced Sea Shepherd vessel the Ady Gil in two last week, the marine conservationists have faced a propaganda onslaught accusing them of lying, polluting and preparing to attack the whalers with bows and arrows.

The Ady Gil, with the Bob Barker, had been chasing the Japanese fleet’s mother ship, the Nisshin Maru, away from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the Antarctic and had succeeded in bringing whaling operations to a standstill.

The confrontation began when activists hurled stink bombs of rancid butter onto the deck of the Nisshin Maru. The whalers responded by trying to force the Ady Gil away with high powered water canons. According to Captain Chuck Swift on the Bob Barker, harpoon ship the Shonan Maru No. 2 then started up suddenly and rammed the stationary Ady Gil, shearing off a eight foot section of the hull.

The six crew members were rescued by the Bob Barker, but the boat could not be saved. Despite the crew of the Bob Barker’s round the clock efforts it had taken on too much water and three days later had to be left to sink. Before abandoning , the crew boarded the boat and pumped out the fuel before it leaked into the sea.

Also in SchNews 705: Wild at Heart|Pyramid Schemers|Gaza Arrests Witness Callout|Funky Gibbons|Frisky Business|X-Mas Size Attack|Cat on a Squat tin Roof|And Finally...

BBC on Brandon and Guantanamo

Houston, 18.01.2010 00:09

Brandon from Houston IVAW featured on BBC: Reconciling Guantanamo

Gringoyo Films in Houston

Houston, 17.01.2010 23:09

Jan 22nd: Masked Mexico In the Age of Anxiety

Community Education Task Force Press Conference Opposing Mayoral Control of RCSD

Rochester, 17.01.2010 22:07

The Community Education Task Force was formed as follow-up to a parent and community speak out held at the Rochester Museum & Science Center on January 9, 2010, which was attended by at least 150 parents, community activists and others.

It became clear to us that a large group of those who attended the September 9th speak out oppose mayoral control of the Rochester City School District.

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