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Movimiento LGBTT en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 28.01.2010 00:39

¿Por qué necesitamos un movimiento LGBTT en Puerto Rico?

MCG vs Propuesta de rep. Rodríguez

Puerto Rico, 28.01.2010 00:39

Pretenden enviar jóvenes acusados de delitos a la guerra

Nombramiento del presidente UPR

Puerto Rico, 28.01.2010 00:39

Denuncian amiguismo en nombramientos de la UPR


Poland, 27.01.2010 23:10

Jak co roku naziści z całej Europy będą wykorzystywali tragedię jaką było zbombardowanie tego miasta prze aliantów jako okazję do propagowania idei która kosztowała miliony ludzi życie i zrównała z ziemią w wojennej pożodze tysiące miast.

XP: New Police Cheif Influence on policy

Houston, 27.01.2010 17:09

Houston’s New Mayor Police Chief Search Will Set Tone for City’s Immigration Policy

Victory for Schools as Irish Independent Scraps Voucher Scheme

Ireland, 27.01.2010 12:09

Independent Newspapers abandons their “Building fo ...

What’s rotten about education?

Portland, 27.01.2010 06:38

Budget shortfalls, student ratios, and teachers' contract disputes hamper institutions' ability to educate students
Let's just say it: education is pretty messed up right now.
Oregon taxpayers now spend roughly the same amount of money to incarcerate 13,401 inmates as they do to educate 438,000 university and community college students. But spending on prisons is growing at a faster rate than education and other state services.

From the Newswire

Perth, 27.01.2010 05:09

Christmas Island Detention Centre a "ticking time bomb"

Focus on Israel: Harvesting Haitian Organs

Boston, 27.01.2010 05:08

Israel doesn't offer humanitarian aid

Immigrants' Rights Protesters Block 12th St, Independence Ave

DC, 27.01.2010 02:10

On January 26, several hundred immigration reform/immigrant rights activists from groups such as Casa de Maryland descended on the Department of Homeland Security to demand an end to the workplace raids and detention of immigrants. Both 12th st and Independence Ave were blocked by sitting, arm-locked protesters at different times before 24 people were arrested. Audio narration from the street blockades


Portland, 27.01.2010 01:38

Forty activists and homeless people from Portland joined newly-formed WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) protest in San Franciso for march down Market Street for housing rights and against 'crimes of status' with target of Nancy Pelosi's office. Organizers also helped with a picket in Ashland against US Bank over 66/67, and a forum on housing politics with JwJ/OA.
On January 20, 2010, the one year anniversary of Obama's Inauguration, hundreds of West Coast activists and poor people pooled their protesting energy in San Francisco and marched down Market Street in the rain to Nancy Pelosi's office, advocating for more housing funding and civil rights. WRAP, Western Regional Advocacy Project, with members from Sisters of the Road and Street Roots in Portland, endorsed by PSU Progressive Student Union, Tenant Rights Project and Transit Riders Union (among others) in Portland, and including groups from San Francisco and Los Angeles, like LA CAN -- organized this protest, with the theme "Housekeys Not Handcuffs."

How Liberals Strengthen the Right Wing

DC, 26.01.2010 23:10

The Democrats look around, blindly, after losing their long-held Senate seat in Massachusetts, and with it their Senate super-majority. They wrongly blame the voters, or their “populist” opponent, but rarely themselves. The Democrats’ claim to be “shocked,” but this scenario is now too familiar in the U.S. two-party system — that corporate-owned game of political musical chairs. Just when it seemed that the Democrats could finally “do something” — since they had a year of super-majority status in the Senate — a wrench was somehow thrown in the machinery.

Nuevo Estado Plurinacional en Bolivia

Argentina, 26.01.2010 18:39

Proceso de descolonización y hacia el socialismo

Nuevo Estado Plurinacional en Bolivia

Argentina, 26.01.2010 18:39

Proceso de descolonización y hacia el socialismo


CMI Brasil, 26.01.2010 17:07


Third NYC Encuentro for Dignity &amp; Against Displacement

NYC, 26.01.2010 16:38

An invitation to: Members and families of organizations, community members, and people of good conscience, who are fighting against displacement in their communities across NYC.

From: Movement for Justice in El Barrio

Haiti Quake Survivor

Houston, 26.01.2010 15:38

I am still very traumatized from seeing that many dead bodies. Stories from Haiti.

Piracicaba - começa uma nova luta por moradia

CMI Brasil, 26.01.2010 13:07



Galiza, 26.01.2010 11:39

Galiza Non Se Vende sae de novo á rua coa II Caravana de concertos e actividades por cidades e vilas galegas.

Independent Reporting and Mutual Aid Initiatives in Haiti Continue; Supporters in US Hold Vigil

United States, 26.01.2010 07:37

As the situation in Haiti remains dire, with hundreds of thousands feared dead and a city in ruins, independent voices and media are as important as ever.
» Dispatches from David L. Wilson, who was in Port-au-Prince with a delegation when the January 12 earthquake struck: Singing and praying at night in Port-au-Prince | "Young Men with Crowbars" | MORE>>
» Dispatches from NYC Indypendent reporter Nicholas Powers: Fear: The Real Aftershock in Haiti | On the Ground in Haiti: The Burial | MORE>>
» Dispatches from Austin IMC reporter Ansel: Haitian radio broadcasters are doing their best to stay on the air in the quake’s aftermath without any outside support. Kudos to BBC for making its broadcasts available in Creole for free. Didn’t get a chance to check out Signal FM, but the Committee to Protect Journalists has an interesting account of how they stayed on the air during the quake. MORE>>

Relief Team Report from Boston IMC: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti Team 1 has landed safely in Haiti and established themselves in the World Harvest compound... MADRIH is now recognized as an official NGO by the UN, which gives them access to medical supplies and possibly an ambulance. Read Reports: Jan17 | Jan20

Solidarity Vigil Report from Los Angeles IMC: Despite the heavy rain, 24 people took part in an emergency vigil for Haiti at the Downtown Federal Building... Signs said “Haiti – Help Not Occupation. Return Aristide,” and asked people to question “Where is the Red Cross?” and to consider supporting earthquake victims through Many signs simply called for humanitarian aid to take precedence over a U.S. Military presence. Others condemned the ongoing occupations in both Haiti and Honduras. Read More

Related: Aid to Haiti Hopelessly Inadequate, Poorly Organized | Editorial Cartoon: "Greetings From Haiti!" | Indymedia.US Jan15 Roundup


Colombia, 26.01.2010 02:09

Pre-Olympics Street Medic Training in Bellingham, WA

Portland, 26.01.2010 01:08

The Rosehip Medic Collective is holding a 20 hour basic Street Medic training in Bellingham, WA on the last weekend in Janurary, with a focus on training medics for the Anti-Olympics Convergence. In these trainings we seek to empower people to provide
quality emergency care in situations pertinent to activists. We will train you in giving a basic assessment, in offering friends and allies life saving first aid, discuss strategies for dealing with police weapons and violence, and many other awesome things.

This training will be the weekend of January 29-31, 5pm-9pm on Friday and 9am-6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. We ask for a $20 donation to cover the cost of materials, supplies, and travel, but no-one is turned away for lack of funds. We're not from Bellingham, but we can help to coordinate housing for people coming from out of town. Our priority is to get as many people trained as possible, and we will prioritize anyone planning on providing medical support at the Olympics. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to make this training accessible for you.

Join us for a presentation on animal consciousness.

Portland, 26.01.2010 01:08

Can fish feel pain? Are birds stupid? Is all animal behavior just instinct? Science has come a long way from the days when it was thought that only humans had emotions, could think, or were conscious. Join us on January 28 for a special presentation on the cognitive and emotional lives of animals....

The forest behind the trees: what’s behind the US occupation of Haiti?

Ireland, 26.01.2010 00:09

Anyone judging from the huge numbers of troops mob ...

Prison Sentences of Six Months for Direct Action Opposing the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC)

DC, 25.01.2010 21:10

Human Rights Advocates Given Maximum Federal Judge Finds SOA Watch Activists Guilty for Carrying Protest against the SOA/WHINSEC onto Fort Benning, Issues Arrest Warrant for Michael Walli for Refusing to Appear for the Trial. On Monday, January 25, 2010, U.S. Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth sentenced three human rights advocates to six months in federal prison for carrying a protest against the School of the Americas onto the Fort Benning military base in Georgia. This school, re-named the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, is a controversial U.S. Army training school for Latin American soldiers. More Info


Argentina, 25.01.2010 20:09

Movilización y solidaridad en Villa La Angostura

Urgent action for Notts family facing deportation

United Kingdom, 25.01.2010 19:09

Campaigners are mobilising to make a final attempt to stop the deportation of Brian, Chelsea and their mother Selina Adda to Ghana

Selina Adda a national of Ghana and her two children aged five and nine years, residents of Nottingham for the last five years; are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Wednesday 27th January 2010 @ 14:50 on British Airways flight BA0081 to Accra.

Their asylum claim and all further legal avenues have been rejected.

Previous features Anti-deportation campaign for Notts family

Newswire: Sanctuary for the Adda Family | Sanctuary for Brian, Chelsea & Selina

Action: Petition | BA Customer relations

Links: Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum | National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigners

No Clean Feed

Perth, 25.01.2010 17:09

Your Internet connection will be censored

EDL riot in Stoke

United Kingdom, 25.01.2010 17:09

An estimated 1,500 English Defence League (EDL) supporters gathered in the pubs of Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday. Their stated aim was to rally against Islamic extremism, although the crowd heckled the EDL's own non-white speakers, fought with police and rampaged through a predominantly Asian area samshing windows and damaging cars. There was also a fight between rival football firms in the Wetherspoon's pub in which the EDL had gathered.

Once again, racist chants and Nazi salutes were witnessed indicating the presence of a significant contingent of racists and fascists. The EDL were opposed by a rally of around 300 anti-fascists, including some from Nottingham, on the other side of the city centre. Seventeen EDL were arrested and they injured four police officers.

Many supporters were disappointed by the behaviour of the EDL. One forum poster wrote "Stoke today was a disaster. We rioted. We throw bottles. We attacked police. Some people were racist." The EDL's next rally in England will be in Dudley on 4th April.

Previous feature: Fascists rally in Nottingham

Newswire: The Anarchist / Indymedia reaction to the EDL is not working | EDL Riot In Stoke by ‘Malatesta’ | EDL Stoke | Hardcore Nazis of the EDL | The EDL In Stoke | “F*** the p***s” – meet the EDL’s anti-racist poster boy | Stop the EDL in Stoke - 23rd January

Links: Pits n Pots | Antifa England | Unite Against Fascism | Notts Indymedia anti-racism newswire

Refugee Rights Action - Perth

Perth, 25.01.2010 05:09

Adrift on a Troubled Sea: RRAN AUSTRALIA DAY ACTION

Cascadia to Caracas Report Back at Red n Black 1.24.10

Portland, 25.01.2010 00:39

Starts at 6:00 PM Sunday 1.24.10


.Video 1 introduction of delegation arriving at peace rally in Caracas
.Video 2 various scenes, bus, community council, media, protest march, street interviews
.Discussion on community councils and media in Venezuela
.Video 3 media in Caracas
.US intervention in Latin America discussion
.Video 4 Iraq Veterans speak on Telesur TV in Caracas
.Discussion on Military base buildup
.Video 4 Peace Rally in Caracas

Location: Red n Black Café


Protest the Reed College Chicken Slaughter!

Portland, 24.01.2010 23:38

PDX ADL will be bearing witness and protesting the Reed College chicken slaughter starting at 11:00am. Please come around 10:30 if you are interested in letting Gabriel Holt know that his murderous lifestyle will not be tolerated as a college course. Let's let the public know what is going on and let Gabriel know that he can not murder without consequence Sorry this is last minute everyone,

What: Witness and Protest the Chicken Slaughter at Reed
When: 10:30am
Where: 3908 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Why: Because taking the murder of farm animals into one's own hands is a false solution to animal suffering. Because these chicken's lives will be in the hands of inexperienced persons with a predisposition to killing. Because we will never give an inch!


Emergency Vigil in Support of Haiti

LA, 24.01.2010 21:39

Despite the heavy rain, 24 people took part in an emergency vigil for Haiti at the Downtown Federal Building, Thursday eve, Jan 21. The vigil's purpose was asking people "to donate money to go to grassroots women and their families, and therefore communities, rather than to thieving elites and their corrupt NGOs." One very dedicated participant had been waiting for us since noon when the weekly vigil for Haiti usually takes place.

Signs said “Haiti – Help Not Occupation. Return Aristide,” and asked people to question “Where is the Red Cross?” and to consider supporting earthquake victims through Many signs simply called for humanitarian aid to take precedence over a U.S. Military presence. Others condemned the ongoing occupations in both Haiti and Honduras.

It was reported that other emergency vigils for Haiti were being held around the world including ones also organized by the Global Women’s Strike in London and in Philadelphia protesting that survivors are dying as the US military blocks food, water and medical supplies from getting through, and calling on the US to prioritize getting help to grassroots communities. And Haiti Action Committee has called a vigil in San Francisco on Monday, January 25.

Full story and photos: Emergency Vigil in Support of Haiti by Ross Plesset

San Francisco is Pro-Choice and Proud

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.01.2010 17:39

January 22nd marked the 37th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The January 23rd "Walk for Life", was smaller than in past years. By its own estimate, the group against reproductive choice was 20,000 to 30,000. However the San Francisco Chronicle estimated the size at "several thousand", not the "tens of thousands" that the pro-lifers claim. More than 200 pro-choice activists, while a smaller group, had a significant presence with music by Brass Liberation Orchestra, the Raging Grannies, a great pro-woman rapper on stage.

Bitter death in a chocolate factory

Torun, 24.01.2010 09:07

Factory puts profit over safety.

In May 2008, Krzysztof Pruszewicz would have been 21. He was killed on April 16 in an industrial accident in the Vobro Chocolate Factory in Brodnica, Poland.

Krzysztof had been working on the chocolate mixing vat for just 16 days. He fell into the machine and was crushed. Krzystof's family, devastated by the accident, found no justice afterwards. Initially they did not want to publicize the incident for fear of being accused of libel; the management of the factory apparently convinced many that the accident was the result of worker carelessness. After much consideration, Krzystof's sister wrote a heart-wrenching report which was published on the website "CIA". Below are the main details of the case. We hope to have the whole report translated into English shortly.

The job in the chocolate factory was Krzysztof's first. Krzysztof had finished a vocational school as a dietician. In the small city of Brodnica it can be difficult to find a job in your…

Rustbelt Radio for Dec. 28, 2009

Pittsburgh, 24.01.2010 02:39

Rustbelt Radio for Dec. 28, 2009

Rustbelt Radio for January 18, 2010

Pittsburgh, 24.01.2010 02:39

Rustbelt Radio for January 18, 2010

Editorial Cartoon: &quot;Greetings From Haiti!&quot;

DC, 24.01.2010 01:09

Y'know, I hardly know where to start with this. Perhaps I could start with the gob-smacking sight of ex-Presidents Bubba and Chimp, both smiling their most smarmy and smug smiles as they accept the position of Special Envoys in charge of the Haitian relief effort. That's right, ex-President I Invaded Haiti In The '90s and ex-President Heckuva Job Brownie have been placed in charge of Haitian earthquake relief, and the bastards are frickin' smiling…

WAMM Remains Vigilant While Settling Case Against Feds

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.01.2010 00:38

The Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), a collective providing cannabis under California's 1996 Compassionate Use Act (Prop. 215), along with the city and county of Santa Cruz, have reached a settlement in their unprecedented lawsuit against the federal government. WAMM's case was prompted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration's raid of their medicinal garden in Davenport on September 5, 2002, in which armed agents terrorized residents and patients, and seized more than 160 cannabis plants.

Rainforest Action Network Targets General Mills, Cargill Over Palm Oil

United States, 23.01.2010 14:08

Minnesota-based General Mills' brands--including Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Nature Valley and Progresso--are some of the most trusted by mainstream America.  But around 100 of their products include palm oil or palm oil derivatives purchased from Cargill, the country's biggest private multinational.  That makes General Mills complicit in the rainforest destruction, land theft, and human rights violations brought about by palm oil production.

On Tuesday morning, 42 Twin Cities activists and the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) paid General Mills a visit at their Golden Valley headquarters, unfurling a seventy by thirty foot banner reading "Warning! General Mills Destroys Rainforests."  They held the banner over a frozen pond for about half an hour, while a helicopter circled overhead taking aerial photos.  After getting the photos, they left with no trouble from security.

RAN's Cargill Campaign | The Problem With Palm Oil | RAN Twin Cities | Cheerios Maker Linked to Rainforest Destruction || Previously: Holiday Petition Delivery to Cargill | Orangutan Activists Visit Cargill (Video) | See below for more photos (Aerial photos by: Mercury Miller/RAN)

Related: BLASTING HALTED: Tree Sit in West Virginia

Recertificación de Maestros

Puerto Rico, 23.01.2010 10:39

Exigen la recertificación de miles de maestros

Derecho al aborto

Puerto Rico, 23.01.2010 10:39

El derecho al aborto y los roles de género

Indymedia Reporting At Smash EDO's Remember Gaza Mass Demo

United Kingdom, 23.01.2010 10:09

On Monday 18th January, the first anniversry of the final day of the Israeli massacre in Gaza, Smash EDO are holding a mass demonstration in Brighton against arms manufacturer EDO/ITT. Indymedia will be running an up to the minute timeline of events for the day.

Be the Media:Phone or text in your reports from the demonstration to Indymedia Dispatch on 07943685168 (from Monday morning).


Arrests - So far we know of four people who have definitely been arrested. Three have been released on police bail until March. Those who live in Brighton have been given bail conditions restricting protest at EDO/ITT, non-Brightonians have been bailed away from Brighton. It seems that the police have been deliberately targeting action medics.

Update on the Squat raid - Reports have come in that the police who raided the squat last night were armed with tasers and at least one gun. The person who was arrested has been released without charge.

If you were affected by police tactics on the demo call Emotional Support on 07985211033

19.26 - There have been four or five arrests in total. Several for breach of section 14 and one for threatening behaviour. Legal support are outside the police station waiting...

Smash EDO Press Release for the Demo

17.59 - There are reports of one more arrest in the North Lanes. If you witnessed an arrest or need support call legal support on 07805125940.

17.43 - Police have snatched two people, including an action medic, out of the cordon on North Rd.

17.42 - People have attempted to reach Barclays on North St. Some people made it.

16.17 - The demo is now marching alongside St Peter's Church toward the Old Steine. People are beginning to disperse.

16.10 - The demo has reached the Level and is crossing it.

16.10 - A crowd of about 300 has reached the junction between Lewes Road and Elm Grove. The police are attempting to prevent them from going further. A kettle may be forming.

16.00 - Reports are coming in that EDO/ITT has closed for the day

15.52 - The demo is now moving again, with the police in front, toward Brighton on the Lewes Road. There are about 150 people in the main section. No arrests so far

15.46 - One person has been hit with a police baton

15.45 - Cops now blocking Lewes Road at Comet. Some people are corralled in the car park of Brighton university. Lines of riot police in front of lines of riot vans are at the front of the demo.

Click here to view the rest of the timeline

Information for Action:Spot of bother with the Old Bill? We recommend Kelly's Solicitors – (01273) 674898 –**Witnessed an arrest or need advice? Legal Support – 07805125940** Need somewhere to crash? Accommodation – 07805125965**

Links:Smash EDO's Remember Gaza webpage|Directions to the Demo Meeting Point|Some notes on masking up|Smash EDO on Dissident Island Radio|SchNEWS - Wild at Heart

Mainshill Solidarity Camp digging in to resist eviction

United Kingdom, 23.01.2010 10:09

The Mainshill Solidarity Camp is holding a pre-eviction gathering this weekend till Tuesday

After seven months of occupying woodlands in South Lanarkshire the Mainshill Solidarity Camp is preparing for an eviction on Monday the 25th. The camp called a pre-eviction gathering after receiving a tip-off.

They are calling for people to come to the site and prepare to resist the forced removal by the notorious National Eviction Team, who visited the site late last year. The land they are occupying belongs to the Earl of Home who plans to allow Scottish Coal to extract 1.7m tonnes of coal ear marked for Drax power station in Yorkshire.

In September clear felling and test drilling of the site restarted since the woods were first occupied and since then a relentless campaign has been launched by the camp to disrupt it, including lock-ons and sabotage (see a round-up of actions here).

Local opposition to the coal mine has solidified, especially since the release of a health study revealing the health impacts of the open cast already spread across South Lanarkshire. Practical support for the camp has continued since the site was taken and locals are currently bringing down supplies for those holding the site against eviction.

Numbers on site are growing as activists from across the UK to stand in solidarity with the residents of the camp and the communities in South Lanarkshire, but campers say more people are still needed.

Mainshill Solidarity Camp | Pre-Eviction Gathering Details | Coal Action Scotland | Directions to the camp | Indymedia Scotland

From the Newswire

Perth, 23.01.2010 06:09

All Out Against The 2010 Winter Olympics


Argentina, 23.01.2010 04:39

On One-Year Anniversary of Obama Presidency, Homeless Advocates Demand Real Change

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.01.2010 00:09

Despite threatening thunderstorms, hundreds of people gathered in San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza on January 20 to demand that the Obama administration provide significantly increased HUD funding in the federal budget to eradicate homelessness. Following a music filled rally in the plaza, they marched to Nancy Pelosi's office and on to Civic Center, making their way through puddles left by the recent downpours.

The Indypendent in Haiti

NYC, 22.01.2010 23:08

As the situation in Haiti remains dire, with hundreds of thousands feared dead and a city in ruins, independent voices and media are as important as ever.

Indypendent reporter Nicholas Powers is currently on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, reporting on the aftermath of the recent earthquake. See below for his reports.

Fear: The Real Aftershock in Haiti || On the Ground in Haiti: The Burial || On the Ground in Haiti: Need and Survival in Port-au-Prince

The Indypendent is a New York-based free newspaper published 17 times a year on Fridays to our print and online readership of more than 100,000.

[GDAŃSK] Skandal na Radzie Miasta

Poland, 22.01.2010 20:10

W czwartek 21 stycznia mieszkańcy Gdańska, wśród których byli także
uczestnicy trójmiejskiej sekcji Federacji Anarchistycznej przeprowadzili
happening w trakcie sesji Rady Miasta Gdańska. Zanim jednak mogli wejść na salę obrad musieli przedrzeć się przez kordon Straży Miejskiej, która na polecenie prezydium Rady próbowała bezprawnie uniemożliwić mieszkańcom udział w obradach.

Schnews: Haiti - The Aftershock Doctrine

United Kingdom, 22.01.2010 19:39

As the rescue effort winds down and the body count piles up, SchNEWS takes a look at why this earthquake hit so many so hard, and how the international aid effort is being subverted by military and corporate power.

As Haiti’s total estimated dead hovers at around 200,000, the earthquake has hit the country so hard that it’s dropped a whole digit off its former population of 10 million. It’s almost a law of world injustice that the poorer the country, the more vague the body count.

Haiti is a unique place. The only nation to be founded by a slave rebellion, its angry population of African slaves managed to defeat the French back in 1791. Renamed as Haiti - the original Arawak name for the island - it was the Cuba of its day- an inspiration to enslaved peoples the world over and a thorn in the side of the imperial regimes.

Also in Schnews 706: MOBS AND COPPERS Smash EDO demo runs rampage - again | STOKING THE FIRES English Defence League counter demo on January 23rd | LANARKY IN THE U.K Mainshill site has pre-eviction gathering | GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN Anarcha-feminist gathering at Brighton's Cowley Club

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