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Anniversary of Hampshire College's Divestment from Israel's Apartheid

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.02.2010 18:38

February 7th marks the anniversary of Hampshire College's divestment from the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, the first institution of higher education to wash its hands of the systematic exploitation of the Palestinian people by the Israeli state.

Anti-Nuclear Vigil Continues in a Blizzard

DC, 07.02.2010 16:10

Part of the continuous 24-hour anti-nuclear protest at the White House, Washington DC. 2/5/2010

Campaign to save Victoria Baths takes fight to the council

United Kingdom, 07.02.2010 13:09

On Saturday February 6th, the Save Victoria Baths campaign held a demo in protest at the council's plans to shut Victoria Leisure Centre on April 1st. The event was well attended and attracted a fair amount of media attention. Although the council seems to have made its decision, campaigners believe the fight is far from over. They will hand over a petition against the closure on Monday February 8th.

The campaign has also announced on its website that users of the Victoria Leisure Centre have formally threatened legal action against the Council over its sudden announcement that the centre will be closing on April 1st. The legal action asks the Council to withdraw the decision and keep the centre open whilst the planning process is undertaken, echoing the appeals of the Campaign. Well known London public law firm, Pierce Glynn are acting on behalf of the users, seeking a judicial review, accusing the council of failing to take into account the fact that no planning application has been submitted, that this process will take at least several months, and failing to take into account the impact this will have on users, especially disabled ones.

Upcoming event: Monday January 8th, 1.45pm, meet at the Council House steps to hand petition to council.

On the newswire: Report from Save Victoria Baths demo 7/2/10 | Save Victoria Baths: Interview | Council does the dirty on the Save Victoria Bath Campaign

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Links: Save Victoria Baths | Petition | Nottingham City Council LOLs

Dresden: 13. Februar - Massenblockaden

Germany, 07.02.2010 12:09

Es könnte der größte Naziaufmarsch seit der Zerschlagung des Nationalsozialismus in Deutschland werden. Dreist soll die Geschichte umgelogen werden. Dresden im Dritten Reich: ein Hort der Harmonie und der Menschlichkeit - jäh unterbrochen durch "angloamerikanische Terrorflieger". Gegen diese groteske Form der Geschichtsverdrehung mobilisiert seit Monaten ein breites Bündnis von Gewerkschaften, Parteien, Kunst- und Kultur schaffenden, sowie ein Antifabündnis. Mittels Massenblockaden soll der Naziaufmarsch endlich verhindert und langfristig komplett abgeschafft werden.

Derweil reklamiert unter der Führung der Oberbürgermeisterin Orosz (CDU) die Stadt den 13. Februar zum Gedenken für sich und wehrt sich gegen die Vereinnahmung des Tages von „Extremisten“, während die Dresdner Sicherheitsbehörden vor allem gegen die Nazigegner aktiv wurden.

Links: Mobivideo - Schatten der Vergangenheit | Mobivideo - Massenblockaden | Mobiclip - Song + Plakatieren | Verwaltungsgericht erlaubt Nazidemo (5.2.) | Stand der Dinge (3.2.) | Probesitzen in Dresden und Berlin (30.1.) | Razzien wegen 13. Februar (19.1.) | Dresden im Januar was war was wird (17.1.)

Technix: wichtige Infos für den 13. Februar | twitter | Wap-Ticker (Handy) | Aktionsradio | Blockadekit

AFSCME Week of Action at UCSC Dining Halls, Feb 8-11

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.02.2010 22:09

On Monday through Thursday, February 8-11, UCSC staff and students will hold demonstrations at a different dinning hall for each of the four days, from 11:30am-1:30pmpm to protest the rising cost of student fees while student services are being slashed; major cuts to labor time while forcing workers to perform more labor; and workers, being rushed through their shifts, aren't able to thoroughly clean dining halls, resulting in unsanitary eating commons and an unsafe working environment.

Hamburg: „Recht auf Stadt“-Bewegung (Teil 1)

Germany, 06.02.2010 13:09


Im Laufe des Jahres 2009 hat sich in Hamburg eine vielfältige und breite Bewegung gebildet, die sich gegen Prozesse der Gentrifizierung und Stadtumstrukturierung richtet und ein „Recht auf Stadt“ einfordert. Die zahlreichen Initiativen, die sich u.a. aus Künstlerinnen, Kleingärtnern und Teilen der außerparlamentarischen Linken zusammensetzen, haben es nicht nur geschafft, über Besetzungen, Manifeste und Störaktionen eine große Öffentlichkeit herzustellen, sondern bereits jetzt erste konkrete Erfolge erzielt. Ein Überblick über die Konfliktfelder der Stadt.

Teil 1: erste Ansätze, Empire St. Pauli, Komm in die Gänge, Centro Sociale.

WhiteChapel’s Community Spaces

Boston, 06.02.2010 05:09

Words and Photos by Kassie Carlson Whitechapel is an incredibly progressive area of London home to countless radicals and open-minded individuals. Once the home of the infamous Jack the Ripper and anarcho-syndicalist writer Rudolf Rocker, Whitechapel is commonly known for its local bars and restaurants, but also as a central area for community-based activism. Some centers include the London Action Resource Center, an anarchist-publishing house called Freedom Press and a local Food Not Bombs. Whitechapel Anarchist Group circulates a free newsletter called W.A.G. that can be seen in the hands of locals and radicals alike.

War on the Poor. . . Continues in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2010 03:39

A new Fresno ordinance would ban homeless people from standing on medians and asking for money. The Fresno City Council gave tentative approval to the measure at its meeting yesterday. Nonprofit community groups wanting to solicit money from median strips would have to get a permit. Homeless people and their advocates called the measure discriminatory. Photo below: Al Williams and Carissa Phelps hold sign asking for help.

Protest at the Southwest Museum

LA, 06.02.2010 00:09

After indicating that the Southwest Museum would fully reopen, the Autry, which owns the facility, recently closed the museum store and discontinued the monthly NELA Art Gallery Walk. Also, various community events, which had been free, are now $10 for non-Autry members. Autry closed the exhibit space in 2006 to allow for some earthquake retrofitting (which was completed last summer). The gift shop closed in December '09.

The demonstration on Wednesday afternoon was well-attended and occurred on Marmion Way, just outside the museum grounds and adjacent to the Gold Line's Southwest Museum Station. Thus, many rush hour commuters, whether they were in cars or trains, could see the event.

Story and pictures Protest at the Southwest Museum, its Future More Uncertain by Ross Plesset


Colombia, 05.02.2010 22:39


Colombia, 05.02.2010 22:39

What's up with Notts Police?

United Kingdom, 05.02.2010 21:09

Concerned about underperformance by Nottinghamshire Police Force, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) have taken the unusual step of sending in an "elite squad" to review the force's practices. Zoe Billingham, the Inspector for the eastern region, explained: "We're concerned about the enduring issue of Nottinghamshire Police's under-performance. There has been improvement in the city, but crime is not falling as fast as in other areas of the county. People in Nottinghamshire don't feel safe in some areas."

The team's work will reportedly cost £75,000. The six person team includes two serving chief constables and, bizarrely, Tony Wilkinson, former chairman of discount store Wilkinsons Ltd.

This move comes at the end of what diplomatically might be described as a "difficult" year for Nottinghamshire Police.

On the newswire: Christmas Appeal - Spare some coppers for a Copper | Another shoplifting copper caught with their trousers down | Police dog handler on trial | Demo against Notts Police & £700,000 bill for arresting 114 enviro activists | Taser Frenzy in Nottingham | Another young, black man dies in a police cell | Police spent £700.000 on climate action bust operation | Heroes of law and order

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Call to Action: Funk the War 9: Bad Romance

DC, 05.02.2010 20:10

Washington, DC. March 19, the 7th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. Student mutiny against the War on Terror: Fund Education, Not War & Occupation. Obama's got us singing like Lady Gaga, “I want your love and all your lover's revenge.” Thousands of anti-war youth fell in love with Obama and dropped everything to build his campaign. We've been together a while now and Obama keeps expanding the War on Terror in the Middle East and Central Asia. He's taking advantage of record youth unemployment and skyrocketing college costs to drag young people into a war we've got nothing to gain from. More soldiers trapped in the War on Terror are committing suicide than ever before. Obama, “Baby, you're sick…” UPDATE: Antiwar America Shaking Off Torpor; ANSWER Coalition announces March On Washington for M20


United Kingdom, 05.02.2010 20:09

Ever keen to get an up close and personal look at the world's most troubled regions, SchNEWS was fortunate enough to sweet-talk Brightonian Al Jazeera journalist, Medyan Diarieh, recently returned from reporting in Afghanistan. As someone who grew up in Palestine, studied in Iraq and worked in Turkish Kurdistan, he's a man with a useful perspective on events on the ground in what's become Britain's longest war since the days of Empire. Medyan has become a well known figure amongst pro-Palestine and anti-war protesters, informing the public in the Arab-speaking world of the UK's solidarity movements.

Interviewer: So what was it like arriving in Afghanistan?
Medyan: When I arrived in Kabul I could see even from the plane that it is a very poor city. When you walk from the airport you can see Turkish army and American armies, but the airport is very small and the electricity is cut off for half an hour at a time. Once I went to the street, I knew everything about this country. There is no life at all. The electricity is sometimes on sometimes off, no clean water, no sanitation at all. And this is in Kabul. Outside the city is nothing, most people don't know what a cooker is - they just cook on wood. Most of the roads in Afghanistan have not been concreted. The water you see on the street is sewage water coming from the houses since no proper sewage system is in place. Some of the streets I visited have a stream of dirty water running, and they are really hazardous. The houses are very poor. This is Afghanistan.

Also in SchNEWS 708:

Interview: Solidarity with Haitian people, not occupation

Ireland, 05.02.2010 19:09

On January 28th, we had the chance to have a telep ...

A Escolha do padrão de Rádio Digital

CMI Brasil, 05.02.2010 17:07


Alexis Hutchison, a Single Mother from Oakland, is Facing a Year in Military Prison

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.02.2010 10:39

Alexis Hutchison, a single mother from Oakland, CA. is facing up to a year in military prison for refusing to leave her son in Georgia Foster care, while being deployed to Afghanistan.


Athens, 04.02.2010 23:39

Προφυλάκιση συλληφθέντα για ένα αποτύπωμα σε πλαστική σακούλα

Children for Profit

Ireland, 04.02.2010 23:09

In January 2009 Independent Newspapers, in the fac ...

Organizaciones Comunitarias Demandan a la Ciudad de Costa Mesa por Violar Derechos de Trabajo

LA, 04.02.2010 22:39

COSTA MESA - La Unión de Libertades Civiles Americanas (ACLU), el Fondo Educacional de Defensa Legal Mexico-Americano (MALDEF) y la Red Nacional Organizadora de Jornaleros (NDLON), interpusieron el martes pasado una demanda ante la corte federal del distrito central de California contra la ciudad de Costa Mesa, por aplicar una ordenanza que viola los derechos civiles de las personas que buscan trabajo en las calles.


Rally to Declare Unity and Support For The Iranian People and The 1979 Revolution

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.02.2010 19:39

On Saturday, February 6, a rally in support of the Iranian people and a marking of the 31st anniversary of the Iranian 1979 revolution will be held at 1pm at the Plaza De Cesar Chavez, San Jose. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 stopped short of establishing a democratic government. But today, after enduring more than three decades of renewed repression, Iranians are protesting once again to complete a mission that was left unfinished.


Athens, 04.02.2010 18:39

Οι φασίστες σηκώνουν κεφάλι; Να τους το κόψουμε!

Chamado de uma ocupante da Josué de Castro

CMI Brasil, 04.02.2010 16:37


Pan African Unity Triumph! Black New Yorkers Deliver for Haiti

NYC, 04.02.2010 15:39

A delegation from the December 12th Movement and the Friday Haiti Relief Coalition departed from Kennedy Airport destined for Haiti on Monday morning. In the wake of the tremendous earthquake that shook the island nation, Black people throughout New York came together to begin their contribution to the relief process.

AID to Haiti! Not armed intervention!

Boston, 04.02.2010 15:09

The combination of an imperialist and racist mindset with defense of capitalist-imperialist material interests has led to refusal to save many thousands of dying people who could have been saved. It’s murder.

CBS to Air Ads Attacking Abortion During Super Bowl

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.02.2010 05:47

On February 4th, demonstrators for women's reproductive rights will protest in front of the CBS affiliate in San Francisco. They will rally from noon to 1:30pm in front of the station at 855 Battery near Broadway to protest the network's plan to air a commercial from a right-wing anti-abortion group during the Super Bowl on February 7.

A rally for reproductive rights is also being scheduled to take place in front of the CBS affiliates in New York City the same day. The Raging Grannies of South Florida made a short film giving the acronym CBS a new, unflattering meaning; the song they wrote will debut in public at the rally in San Francisco.

El algarrobo de Andalgalá

Argentina, 04.02.2010 05:09

Haiti: Canada's New Imperialism? (Haiti Reconstruction Conference in Montreal)

Miami, 04.02.2010 01:38

Haiti: Canada's New Imperialism? (Haiti Reconstruction Conference in Montreal)

United We Stand Celebration brought hundreds together to emphasize diversity and GLBT safety

United States, 04.02.2010 01:07

By Jenna Piasecki

On January 20th, over 300 people gathered at Babeville to show support for hate crime victims Lindsay Harmon, the 20 year old gay man who was attacked at the Galleria mall, and the victims of unreported hate crimes that take place in Buffalo annually.

The Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus sang a very upbeat and cheery number to start the evening which carried on with a bit more serious tone.

Petitions circulated before the event online and in paper form calling for a BPD GLBT hate crime liaison, more lighting on Allen between Franklin and Main, and a camera on the corner of Allen and Main. Mayor Byron Brown spoke at the even and promised those requests would all be taken care of, with a camera up and operational in the next two weeks.

read more

RELATED: Take Back the Night GLBT March in Allentown | What's more effective: Bash Back! or conventional responses to anti-gay hate crimes?

Призыв к акциям солидарности с антиатомным движением Беларуси с 19 по 21 февраля 2010.

Belarus, 04.02.2010 01:07

В конце 2008 года правительство Республики Беларусь приняло решение о строительстве собственной АЭС. Учитывая политический режим в стране, созданный пятнадцатилетним правлением одного и того же человека, неудивительно, что общественное мнение по данному вопросу не было рассмотрено. Строительством будет заниматься российская корпорация “Атомстройэкспорт”. Проходить оно будет в сейсмически активной зоне, в нескольких десятках километров от озера Нарочь – крупнейшего озера в Беларуси. Стоимость проекта оценивается в 9 млрд долларов, хотя по оценкам ученых данная стоимость может вырасти в разы.

Matria abre centro Iansá

Puerto Rico, 04.02.2010 00:40

Inauguran centro de ventas Iansá: Tienda Solidaria

Mensaje del gobernador 2010

Puerto Rico, 04.02.2010 00:40

MST se une a convocatoria Piquete al Mensaje del Gobernador

Policías agreden pareja homosexual

Puerto Rico, 04.02.2010 00:40

Exigen cuentas al Superintendente tras culpabilidad de agentes por abuso policíaco

Fotos de galenos en Haití

Puerto Rico, 04.02.2010 00:40

Movimiento Amplio de Mujeres apoya a periodista Dianne Cabán Arce

Estatus de comunidad LGBT en PR

Puerto Rico, 04.02.2010 00:40

Comunidades LGBT en estado de desigualdad y discriminación

FMPR contra Carta Circular #8

Puerto Rico, 04.02.2010 00:40

FMPR denuncia intenciones de la nueva Secretaria de Educación

2da asamblea del FASyL

Puerto Rico, 04.02.2010 00:40

FASyL celebra su segunda asamblea de delegados

Marie Mason Vegan issues update

Portland, 03.02.2010 22:39

Hey All,

As many of you know Marie has been having problems receiving Vegan meals since entering in the Federal system almost a year ago.

We recently received a phone call from Marie during which she asked that friends and supporters write the new warden at Waseca and politely request she be given consistent and nutritionally adequate vegan meals. The hope is that with the help of outside support the new Warden will be more understanding of her situation then his previous counterpart.

A sample letter is included below.

In the Struggle,
Got Your Back Collective

Obama Plagiarist Shepard Fairey Has A Legal Posse

DC, 03.02.2010 22:10

"LARGELY RANSACKS LEFTIST HISTORY AND IMAGERY WHILE THE ARTIST LAUGHS ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK," SAYS ARTIST MARK VALLEEN Artist Shepard Fairey is facing a Grand Jury probe for falsifying evidence in a copyright case. Fairey was suing Associated Press over the use of an copyright image Fairey had used as the basis for a popular Obama election poster. To the dismay of the Boing Boing crowd, Fairey turned out not to be a "copyrighting" hero, but a freetard fraud. Fairey lied about the photograph he'd used, falsely submitting a similar AP photo from the same event, rather than the identical one that truly provided the basis for his derivative works. He maintained the fiction for eight months, before admitting the deception in October. AP has asked for damages to go to its emergency relief fund…

Aboriginal Rights - Lack of government support for Ward family a disgrace

Perth, 03.02.2010 16:10

Lack of government support for Ward family a disgrace

The Powerful Testimony of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

Boston, 03.02.2010 16:09

Aafia Siddiqui is a Pakistani neuroscientist who was educated at MIT and Brandeis. She was kidnapped by Pakistani intelligence agents and US soldiers in Pakistan in 2003, and held at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan for five years, where she was repeatedly tortured. Now she is on trial in US federal court for allegedly seizing a soldier's rifle and attempting to shoot him during her abduction. Her fate is now in the hands of the jury, but the prosecution had some difficulties during the trial...

Port Richmond Philadelphia Community Rallies Against Police Officer in Fatal Shooting

United States, 03.02.2010 16:07

The community of Port Richmond has come together and rallied against police officer Frank Tepper after he killed Billy Panas Jr, this past November in Northeast Philadelphia. Port Richmond is in the part of Philadelphia adjacent to Fishtown and Kensington and is one of the more working class sections of the city. This community has mobilized against a police shooting where support for the police is usually very strong. Report by John Kalwaic

Призыв к акциям солидарности с антиатомным движением Беларуси с 19 по 21 февраля 2010.

Belarus, 03.02.2010 12:07

Призыв к акциям солидарности с антиатомным движением Беларуси с 19 по
21 февраля 2010.

В конце 2008 года правительство Республики Беларусь приняло решение о
строительстве собственной АЭС. Учитывая политический режим в стране,
созданный пятнадцатилетним правлением одного и того же человека,
неудивительно, что общественное мнение по данному вопросу не было
рассмотрено. Строительством будет заниматься российская корпорация
“Атомстройэкспорт”. Проходить оно будет в сейсмически активной зоне, в
нескольких десятках километров от озера Нарочь – крупнейшего озера в
Беларуси. Стоимость проекта оценивается в 9 млрд долларов, хотя по
оценкам ученых данная стоимость может вырасти в разы.

Подобное решение очень важно для каждого гражданина Беларуси. После
того, как стало известно о планах правительства, часть людей стала
активно препятствовать их реализации. Было проведено множество различных
акций и информационных кампаний: ежегодный «Чарнобыльскi Шлях»,
несанкционированные акции на…

San Francisco Police Violently Raid Student Benefit

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.02.2010 08:39

Shortly after midnight on January 31st, San Francisco police and fire marshals raided a benefit party for student arrestees from recent campus occupations. The party was organized by students to help raise money for fines issued during last semester's spate of demonstrations. Eleven people were arrested. One person remains jailed on felony aggravated assault charges. Several party-goers received physical injuries from police.

pobles (eo) - grècia

Barcelona, 03.02.2010 05:08


La kondemna verdikto kontraŭ la greka anarĥiisto Ilia Nikolaŭ, kelkaj tagoj antaŭ la unujara datreveno de la flegma murdo de la junulon Aleksandros Grigoropulos far policano kiu ”ĉasumadis” , estis la komenco de la nova ribelo trairanta la stratojn de multaj urboj en Grekio kaj de la ĉefurbo Ateno. Ju pli proksimis datreveno des pli okazadis atakoj de faŝistaj grupoj kunlabore kun policanoj kontraŭ hejmoj kaj anarĥiistaj grupoj kaj tio plitensigis la etoson. Post la registara ŝanĝo antaŭ kelkaj monatoj kaj la granda ŝuldo de la greka ŝtato, oni starigis novan politikon pri “sekureco” kiu, sub la devizo “demokratio kaj fera mano”, pretendis preventi eblan popolan ribelon, la datrevenajn okazontaĵojn pro la murdo de Aleksis kaj la rezultojn de la strikoj. La respondo al tiu situacio pli vastis ol pasintjare. Manifestacioj, okupadoj, alfrontadoj policanojn, atakoj kontraŭ policejojn, marŝoj kaj alispecaj agoj ripetiĝis samtempe al pluraj kaptoj far la polico.

La apogaj kaj solidaraj elmontroj [ 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 ] por la ribelo en Grekio kaj la kaptitoj estas internaciaj kaj la memoro pri Aleksis resurstratigis la spiriton insurekcian.

Bankkonto apoga al kaptitoj

+ infoj::: Liberecana Grekio ::: Indymedia Ateno ::: Popoloj

La empresa despidio a 150 personas

Argentina, 03.02.2010 03:39

Conflicto laboral en Diario Crónica

La empresa despidio a 150 personas

Argentina, 03.02.2010 03:39

Conflicto laboral en Diario Crónica


LA, 03.02.2010 02:39

January 28, 2010 Severe Ice Storms and Freezing Temperatures Have Knocked Down 3,000 Utility Poles – Tribal Residents Have Been Without Electricity, Heat and Running Water for Six Days.

EAGLE BUTTE, S.D. – The Chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has declared a State of Emergency in central South Dakota, an Indian reservation approximately the size of Connecticut with nearly 15,000 Tribal members. The Tribe is still awaiting Presidential disaster declaration.

Days of ice storms and strong winds have downed over 3,000 utility poles across the reservation. Thousands of already impoverished tribal residents have been without electricity or heat for five days, with wind chill factors well below zero. Experts estimate it may be as long as a month before all areas have electricity restored.

“Making matters worse,” said Tribal Chairman Joe Brings Plenty, “the loss of electricity has also knocked out the Reservation s aging water system. We have no running water on the entire Reservation, it is also affecting of Reservation communities such as Faith, whose water is supplied from pipes running through the Reservation.”

Help needed.

More information: DISASTER DECLARED ON THE CHEYENNE RIVER SIOUX INDIAN RESERVATION IN SOUTH DAKOTA by Larry Smith | | More on American Indian Airwaves (February 1, 2010, 8pm). Go to KPFK Audio Archive and find the show by title and date.

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 02.02.2010 21:09


La condemna en el judici contra l'anarquista grec Ilia Nikolaou, dies abans de complir-se un any de la mort a sang freda del jove Alexandros Grigoropoulos a mans d'un policia que va sortir de caça, va ser l'avantsala de la nova revolta que va tornar a esclatar en els carrers de nombroses poblacions de Grècia i en la seva capital Atenes. A mesura que s'acostava la data, s'havien produït continus atacs de grups feixistes en col·laboració amb la policia, a cases i grups anarquistes, el que va incrementar la tensió. Després del canvi de govern mesos abans i l'enorme endeutament de l'estat grec, es va instaurar una nova política de "seguretat" que, sota el lema "democràcia i mà dura", pretenia anticipar-se a una possible revolta popular, als esdeveniments derivats de l'aniversari de la mort d'Alexis i a les repercussions de les vagues. La resposta davant aquesta situació, va ser major que la de l'any passat. Manifestacions, okupacions, enfrontaments amb la policia, atacs a comissaries, marxes i tot tipus d'accions, es van anar reproduint al mateix temps que practicaven nombroses detencions.

Les mostres de suport i solidaritat [ 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 ] amb la revolta a Grècia i els detinguts, han cobrat dimensió internacional, i el record d'Alexis a tornat a dur als carrers de Grècia l'esperit de l'insurrecció.

Compte de suport detinguts

+ info::: Grecia-libertaria ::: Indymedia Athens ::: Pobles

criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 02.02.2010 21:09


Desde la prisión de Aachen, Gabriel Pombo da Silva y Marco Camenish, desde la cárcel de Suiza, lanzaron una propuesta de huelga de hambre, del 20 de Diciembre 2009 al 1 de Enero del 2010, como gesto de amor insurrecto en recuerdo de todxs lxs compañerxs que han dado su vida/libertad en el combate. Esta propuesta es secundada por un grupito de rebeldes encarcelados en diferentes prisiones a lo largo del planeta y es un acto de afirmación hacia la creciente internacionalización de la lucha informal anarquista que se está produciendo en algunos países de latino-américa, hacia la revuelta griega, hacia lxs compañerxs italianxs que están siendo objeto de represión y hostigamiento, hacia las diferentes luchas contra las prisiones en Alemania, Francia, Italia [ 1 , 2 ], Grecia y España; hacia Tamara, compañera anarquista recientemente apresada, hacia la resistencia del pueblo Mapuche enfrentado contra los estados chileno y argentino y contra las grandes multinacionales del capitalismo internacional; hacia las diferentes comunidades mexicanas que se levantan frente a esa genocida guerra a fuego lento y hacia todas aquellas personas que luchan contra el capitalismo y lo resisten [ 1 , 2 , 3 ]. Las muestras de solidaridad [ 1 , 2 , 3 ] no se han hecho esperar.

En el estado español, coincidiendo con el fin de año, se han realizado diferentes actos de apoyo hacia las personas presas. A los comunicados y convocatorias en Euskal Herria [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ], hay que sumar las ya tradicionales marchas de antorchas por lxs presxs políticxs catalanes [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ] y las que se realizan cada fin de año en recuerdo de lxs presxs o por el cierre de los centros de internamiento de inmigrantes, en distintas localidades del estado español [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ].

AMADEU CASELLAS NO INICIARÁ LA HUELGA DE HAMBRE QUE HABÍA ANUNCIADO EN SU ÚLTIMO COMUNICADO. La campaña por su libertad continua adelante: 23 Enero 2010 Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris
URGENTE, Viernes 15 de Enero 2010, nueva audiencia en la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos, sobre la petición por parte de la fiscalía de Philadelphia para ejecutar sin audiencia a MUMIA ABU-JAMAL.

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