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En el 50 aniversario del Festival folclórico de Cosquín

Argentina, 10.02.2010 23:09

Marcha por un mundo sano e igualitario para todos y todas


Argentina, 10.02.2010 22:39


&quot;Ay! Haití la negra, llorando está&quot; / Pablo Milanés

Argentina, 10.02.2010 22:39

La nueva ofensiva imperialista en América Latina La jugada del Caribe

Eugene's Black Tea Society: Emergency Call to Action!

Portland, 10.02.2010 22:39

Recently intercepted communications from the neo-fascist/third-positionist Pacifica Forum indicate that the NSM ( National Socialist Movement, the new name of the American Nazi Party ) is planning on showing up in force to their next event. This we cannot permit. Therefore we, the Black Tea Society are putting out our own call to for anti-fascists from across the state to converge on our city on February 12th to confront the Nazi menace. The Northwest is front line of the the battle against the fascism, many of their ilk are hoping to make this part of the country where they make their stand, it is also where we and all students of history will put an end to them. ( we mean end philosophically of course)

Community Calls for Justice in Aaron Campbell Shooting

Portland, 10.02.2010 22:39

News Conference, Picket Line from Justice Center to County Courthouse Thursday, February 11, 10:00 AM

Members of the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA), other concerned organizations, and the community at large who are outraged at the death of Aaron Campbell by a police assault rifle in late January, will gather at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 11 at the west front steps of the Justice Center on SW 3rd Avenue in Portland to present community demands related to the case. From there, the group expects to hold a picket line around the Multnomah County Courthouse on SW 4th Avenue in support of an indictment for Officer Ronald Frashour who, in the words of Portland Police Association President Scott Westerman, "shot an unarmed black guy running away from us."

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anti-2010 solidarity: local company team sends three snowboarders to olympics

Portland, 10.02.2010 22:39

New Page 1

Local snowboarding-gear company "Grenade "Gloves" boasts on their website ( that three snowboarders from the company team, known as "the army," will be competing at the 2010 winter olympic games, to be held on stolen native land in St'at'imc & Squamish Territories. The three athletes, Greg Bretz, Scotty Lago, and Louie Vito, express excitement and eager anticipation for participating in the olympic games, with no apparent analysis of the harmful impact that the olympics will have on the people and the living environment where it's taking place.

According to, the snowboard and freestyle events for the 2010 games will be held on Cypress Mountain, located near north Vancouver. Cypress Mountain has suffered an onslaught of clearcuts to make room for the ski resort expansion to accomadate the olympics, including 9 new ski runs, 3 new chair lifts, a new lodge, and a "state of the art snow-making system."


In Related News

Indymedia Reporter Detained in "No Mans Land" on his way to Vancouver Olympics

Another independent journalist was turned away at the US-Canada border Tuesday on his way to Vancouver to cover protests at the 2010 Olympic Games. John Weston Osburn, a long time indymedia activist, drove 2,000 miles from Salt Lake City to cover Games with the Vancouver Media Cooperative. He was interrogated and denied entry into Canada, making him the second US journalist to be denied entry in the last four days.
VMC: After he was turned around, he went back to the US and tried to re-enter Canada, this time at the truck crossing, where he was again denied entry due to past convictions for misdemeanors. This time, he flipped on his video camera to record the experience. Stopped by homeland security, Osburn was again interrogated about the Olympic protests. When he told homeland security that he wanted to speak to a lawyer,


Also see this related story

Independent media reporter rejected at border, detained by border agents & denied contact!

Grecja: 24-godzinny strajk generalny

Poland, 10.02.2010 22:10

Dwa największe związki zawodowe pracowników sektora publicznego: ADEDY i GSEE zorganizowały dziś ogólnokrajowy 24-godzinny strajk, który sparaliżował cała Grecję. Na dziś zwołano też demonstracje pracownicze przeciw "antykryzysowym posunięciom władz" polegającym na wprowadzaniu drastycznych cięć wydatków na cele socjalne oraz planowanej reformie systemu emerytalnego. W Atenach protestujący starli się z policją, która tradycyjnie użyła do pacyfikacji tłumu ogromnych ilości gazu łzawiącego

Chamado para o ato contra o aumento da tarifa

CMI Brasil, 10.02.2010 19:37


Honduras Resiste!

CMI Brasil, 10.02.2010 18:37


Visiting A Modern Day Slave Plantation--An Interview With St Paul Professor Nancy A. Heitzeg

United States, 10.02.2010 15:08

"Despite the supposedly benign tour at Angola, both students and I were horrified. There is a cavalier attitude, a blasé’ acceptance of capital punishment, mass incarceration and of course little critique of the class and race dynamics of the inmate population—80% of whom are black and nearly all of whom were poor, under-educated and dependent on a public defender at trial. There is passive acceptance and even sometimes celebration of Louisiana’s harsh sentences—it has the highest incarceration rate in the US—and of the fact that 90% of the inmates will die there and 80% will receive no visitors after 5 years."

Read more of the interview with St. Catherine Professor Nancy Heitzeg by Angola 3 News HERE


Athens, 10.02.2010 14:39

Democracy prejails because of a finger-print on a plastic bag


Athens, 10.02.2010 10:39

Fascistic attack against YFANET Fabrica Squat

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Shut Down in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.02.2010 06:10

On Monday, February 9, police arrested Rick Morse, the owner of Med Mar, the last medical marijuana dispensary in the City of Fresno. Morse was arrested for violating a court order, which closed about one dozen dispensaries in January.

Bloomberg’s Dilemma: What if the Numbers Don’t Work?

NYC, 10.02.2010 05:44

Whether it is policing or educational testing, political policy cannot be made by numbers alone. And statistics cannot be used to justify the level of violence that was unleashed on African-American and Latino communities in this city in the 1990s. The names of the victims remain with us – Baez, Diallo, Dorismond, Louima and many more – and so to do the policing strategies that produced them.

Chicago journalist and anti-Olympics activist Martin Macias deported from Canada

Chicago, 10.02.2010 05:09

From the newswire: "Martin Macias, Jr., a credentialed freelance journalist who contributes to, the online and new media outlet for Chicago Public Radio, was turned back from the Canadian border late Saturday night.

"[Macias] was a lead organizer for No Games Chicago, the all-volunteer citizens group that opposed the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics. Martin was part of the No Games delegations that went to the International Olympic Committee's international headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and then to Copenhagen, Denmark to deliver materials documenting the reasons why Chicago should not have been awarded the games. Martin was an invited guest a conference critical of the 2010 Vancouver games and the Olympic industry."

Quoting Macias: "I was in the passport line in Vancouver and I told them I was a radio journalist and a student a Malcolm X College. The agent put a big circle and x on my ticket. I was pulled out the line and questioned aggressively for two hours. They wanted to know what I was going to do in Vancouver, who i was meeting with, who organized the conference and what they looked like. They took all my contact information and business cards of journalists and other people I was to connect with while in Vancouver." When Macias demanded to know what his rights were, he was told: "You don't have any." Read more

Additional Coverage: Vancouver Media Co-op: Anti-Olympics organizer and journalist denied entry to Canada | No Games Chicago | Portland Indymedia | Democracy Now!: Canada Blocks Olympic Critic from Entering Country

Past Indymedia Coverage on No Games Chicago: Chicago Opposition to 2016 Olympics Bid Ramps Up | Chicago Rallies Against 2016 Olympics with IOC Vote Looming | Chicago Public and Community Organizations Relieved by Lost Olympic Bid | From The Trenches coverage of April 2 IOC rally in Chicago | Chicago Independent Television feature on No Games Chicago

Visiting A Modern Day Slave Plantation --An Interview With St Paul Professor Nancy A. Heitzeg

United States, 10.02.2010 03:37

I was at Angola with a University-level off-campus class I was teaching on Racism in the Criminal Justice System. Students and I were in New Orleans for a week where we met with Sister Helen Prejean and did some work for the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana. I had been to Angola once before and both tours were comparable.

I should say that it is surprisingly simple to get a tour at Angola – just call the Museum, fill out a form and just turn up. No background checks, no IDs and no trips through metal detectors—which, of course, I have experienced at other prisons even when I was an invited speaker. You can and we did even drive our own vehicle through the grounds on the tour with a tour guide who rides along. Of course matters would be much different if one was at Angola to visit an inmate.


Athens, 09.02.2010 23:09

Φασιστική επίθεση στην κατάληψη Φάμπρικα ΥΦΑΝΕΤ

All out against the 2010 Winter Olympic Games – Why the resistance?

Miami, 09.02.2010 18:38

All out against the 2010 Winter Olympic Games – Why the resistance?


Portland, 09.02.2010 17:39

At its regular meeting tonight, the PPS Board will vote on whether to accept Resolution 4214, a $320,000 revenue contract for the StarBase program, an educational program funded by the Department of Defense. Students in Starbase get 25 hours of so-called science, math and technology instruction at local military bases. A growing number of Portland parents and community members strongly oppose the StarBase program, because it is used as a recruitment tool by the military and heavily targets low-income youth. They are urging the Board to vote down this contract.

"We oppose the militarization of our children through a science curriculum," says Jessica Applegate, mother of two PPS students. "This program is funded out of the Department of Defense recruitment budget and takes place on military bases."

UPDATE: The StarBase discussion has apparently been pulled from tonight's School Board agenda. The discussion is being postponed till the next School Board meeting on February 22 or March 8.

You will be kept informed.

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Bark About to Fish Creek

Portland, 09.02.2010 17:39

This area is a microcosm of many issues that Bark is working on in the National Forest, and we will be discussing them in relation to the proposed Palomar Pipeline. The current route of the Palomar Pipeline will run through Fish Creek, damaging old growth, reopening closed roads, and placing water quality at risk for both salmon and people.

What better way to make Mother Earth your Valentine than by getting to know her better and learning how to protect her. See you on the trail!

Carpools meet at the Hollywood Trader Joe's, 4121 NE Halsey in Portland. It is across the street from the Hollywood Transit Center, near the I-84 exit 2. If you would like to meet us between Portland and the forest, please call the Bark office in the week before the hike to arrange a meeting location.

anitfa actie

Oost-Vlaanderen, 09.02.2010 15:38

taart voor het NSV

Stop the Stop and Search Bill

Perth, 09.02.2010 13:10

Withdraw the Stop and Search Bill

Periferia scutului anti-racheta

Romania, 09.02.2010 11:08

Am rasfoit, intr-o stare vecina cu nevroza, cateva din judecatile dedicate scutului anti-racheta. Ma opresc la a comenta doar cateva mostre care prezinta situatia ca atare.

Unul din articolele megalomanice se numeste „A avea sau nu scut american. O problema de barbatie. Si o decizie istorica” [de gasit aici : ], scris de Mihai Gotiu. Chiar din primele randuri observam preocuparea autorului fata de argumentele contestatarilor, printre ele numarandu-se :

Haiti’s Earthquake Coverage - video updates

Miami, 09.02.2010 10:38

Haiti’s Earthquake Coverage - video updates

Forbes declares Monsanto “Company of the Year” (Has Forbes Gone Psychotic ?)

Miami, 09.02.2010 10:38

Forbes declares Monsanto “Company of the Year” (Has Forbes Gone Psychotic ?)

Peaceful protesters roughed up, arrested outside Vanderberg AFB in California

Miami, 09.02.2010 10:38

Peaceful protesters roughed up, arrested outside Vanderberg AFB in California

City of Milpitas Joins In Commending Free Gaza Activists at Public Ceremony

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.02.2010 08:39

Three pioneers of the Free Gaza Movement received city and congressional awards for their humanitarian work last month. The city of Milpitas, one of the country's largest locations of computer equipment manufacturing and software programming, was represented by Vice Mayor Pete McHugh. The public ceremony was sponsored by the San José Peace and Justice Center.

Greece's Trial of the Century

Boston, 09.02.2010 05:09

On January 22nd, in the remote mountain town of Amfissa, Greece, the trial began of Athens police officers Epaminondas Korkoneas and Vassilis Saraliotis. Korkoneas murdered 15 year old anti-authoritarian Alexandros Grigoropoulos on December 6th, 2008, and Saraliotis is being tried as an accomplice for encouraging the killing. The shooting sparked more than a month of full-blown insurrection, and though it occurred in central Athens, authorities postponed the trial from December 2009 to January 20th, 2010, and moved it 125 miles northwest from the Greek capital in hopes of avoiding more civil unrest.

Revelaciones DAS

Colombia, 09.02.2010 03:09


Aafia Siddiqui: Victimized by American Injustice

NYC, 08.02.2010 21:08

a human tragedy and gross injustice

Demo at Ungar Furs report back

Portland, 08.02.2010 20:09

This winter has seen a decline in active protesters outside of Portland's last fur store at the same time as an increase in seasonal shopping for fur coats. This past week however brought the spirit of resistance back to life for me as I saw many friends and comrades showing solidarity for the countless victims of animal torture.

Radical Botany: Skillshare - Spring plants in Cascadia - Nettles and the potherb

Portland, 08.02.2010 18:39

It is the time of year to begin harvesting in the wild. Spring tonic plants are available due to our warm winter weather. Also, plants used for basketry and fiber are available. Go out in the woods and connect!

here a number of native plants that are very important to health, nutrition and ecosystem support. This is the time of year to start looking for basket-making plants.

Nutritional - Medicinal

There were a number of plants that were known by First-peoples of Cascadia that helped humans survive starvation and nutritional imbalance. Know by Europeans as "Spring tonic" plants, these plants with their new shoots are full of nutrients that are helpful to our well being. For instance- stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) when picked young, can be steamed and eaten in February and March. This plant has been known to alleviate muscle pain, depression and tiredness. Because of the unusually warm weather this winter in Cascadia, I have already begun to harvest young Stinging Nettle. Stinging nettle is often found in semi-wet well drained areas. The plant is often found near Horse Tail (Equisetum arvense).

Independent media reporter rejected at border, detained by border agents &amp; denied contact!

Portland, 08.02.2010 18:39

Martin Macias Jr., an independent media reporter from Chicago travelling
to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, has been rejected by
Canadian border agents and held without outside contact for at least 7
hours (as of 9pm) today.

Macias arrived in Vancouver from Chicago (via Minneapolis) on a 11:30am Delta Airlines flight on Saturday, February 6, 2010. He was detained for hours by Canada Border Services agents in the Vancouver International Airport and questioned about his plans during the Olympics. Ultimately he was refused entry to Canada. He was then put on an Alaskan Airlines flight to the Seattle / Tacoma Airport (departing at 2:40pm). As of 9pm he had not been able to contact legal counsel or his travelling companion since before his rejection at the border. The information on his rejection was only made available through the US Consulate. It is routine for people rejected at the border to be interrogated by both Canadian and US border agents; he may well still be detained for questioning in the USA at this point.

Community Power at the Rossport Solidarity Camp

Ireland, 08.02.2010 18:09

DIY wind power course review From Wednesday th ...

Medics, Mediators, Cooks etc. still needed for EARTH FIRST! OC/WR in SB Feb. 11-15!!!

Portland, 08.02.2010 17:09

This is a quick shout-out to let everyone know that the EARTH FIRST! Organizers' Conference and Winter Rendezvous is still happening next week in Santa Barbara.

All are invited, but people with skills are especially needed to come down and help make this party a reality.

PLEASE COME TO THIS PARTY! The Organizers' Conference portion will occur from Feb 11-13 and the Winter Rendezvous portion from Feb 13-15th. For details on where it is, what to bring and other valuable information, check out

thanks for reading this, and may the forest bewitch you. hope to see y'all in Santa Barbara!


Valparaiso, 08.02.2010 16:38



Valparaiso, 08.02.2010 16:38



CMI Brasil, 08.02.2010 14:37


Battlin' Phoenix:

Arizona, 08.02.2010 06:08

OSABC Statement on the January 16 Day of Action

Houston Immigration Convention

Houston, 08.02.2010 04:39

Houston Immigration Convention: Uniting For A Common Goal


Colombia, 07.02.2010 23:39

Debate Uribe vs Académicos en la U. Tadeo

The Indypendent Issue 146: Fighting for Their Schools: Bloomberg's Latest Round of School Closings Sparks a Revolt Against Mayoral Control

NYC, 07.02.2010 22:39

The Panel for Education Policy’s decision to close 19 public schools across the city has ignited a widespread revolt against mayoral control of education. The panel, where the majority of its members are handpicked by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, voted 9-4 to close the schools January 26 even after hundreds of testimonies against the closings and protests leading up to the Panel for Education Policy hearing.

The tensions that arose at the hearing were the product of long-simmering grievances directed at Mayor Bloomberg and Joel Klein’s running of the education system, writes Indypendent reporter John Tarleton.

“Critics say the two men have exercised their power in an arbitrary and reckless manner — reorganizing the system’s administrative structures to be more remote from parents, spending millions on high-priced consultants and no-bid contracts, pushing high-stakes testing regimes that lack a sound pedagogical basis and closing scores of neighborhood schools.

When the DOE announced its proposed school closings in December, it struck a nerve. It was the largest rounds of school closings to date and it hit large high schools that have anchored their neighborhoods — Maxwell and Robeson in Brooklyn, Jamaica and Beach Channel in Queens and Columbus and Alfred E. Smith in the Bronx — especially hard.”

See the links below for all of the Indypendent’s education coverage in this issue.

Also in this issue: Arun Gupta, Nicholas Powers, Jaisal Noor and Isabel MacDonald on Haiti after the earthquake; Raj Patel reviews the movie Avatar; and Karen Yi reports on immigrant college students walking 1,500 miles from Miami to Washington, D.C. For that and much more, see the rest of the issue below!

Taking the Public Out of Schools || Inside Columbus High School || The Faces of School Reform || Bloomberg’s 12 Step Method to Close Down Public Schools || New York City Schools By the Numbers || First Person: Stealing the Best and Brightest from Public Schools || City Cracks Down on Illegal Hotels || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || Walking the Dream: Immigrant College Students Push for Reform || The Value of Work: An Interview with Journalist Gabriel Thompson About Immigrant Labor || History Loses Its Own: Howard Zinn Dies, 87 || History: Cruelty and Compassion: Howard Zinn In His Own Words || Same Old Interests Have ‘New Plan’ for Haiti || Haiti: How to Turn Disaster Into Catastrophe || Remittances to Haiti Fill Funding Fractures || Haiti In Aftershock Gaza, One Year Later || Dances With Space Smurfs: A Review of Avatar || A Faith Driven Renaissance: Performers Highlight Muslim Art and Culture

The Right To A Fair Defense Cannot Be Controversial: The Case of Fahad Hashmi

NYC, 07.02.2010 20:39

We must consider cases such as Fahad Hashmi's, which illustrates the overreaching powers that have come to characterize the Federal Government, the intelligence community, and the American justice system through the War on Terror.

Reducen presupuesto de la UPR

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2010 18:40

APPU denuncia que Junta de Síndicos aprobó reducción al presupuesto de la UPR

Contra Plan de Fortuño

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2010 18:40

Rechazan Plan de Reorganización de Fortuño

Elecciones sindicales en la UIA

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2010 18:40

Carta abierta a la matrícula de la UIA

UPR: Comité de Acción de Humanidades

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2010 18:40

UPR: Acampados en papel, en tierra y en pared

Jornada de Amor por la Tierra

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2010 18:40

Amor por la Tierra: Acto de Conciencia para Nuestra Isla

Respuesta a acusaciones machistas

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2010 18:40

Ni desahogo ni venganza

UPR Privatizada

Puerto Rico, 07.02.2010 18:40

UPR: "No vaya al colegio mi vida"

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