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Victoria, 07.11.2004 00:58

911 - A War of Terror


Victoria, 07.11.2004 00:58

911 - A War of Terror


Victoria, 07.11.2004 00:56

The Days After


Victoria, 07.11.2004 00:56

The Days After

The Highway to Halliburton

Urbana-Champaign, 07.11.2004 00:36

Keep on truckin', y'all. (In the other direction, I mean.)

National Organization of Women President Kim Gandy Addresses Tennessee Chapter

Tennessee, 07.11.2004 00:35

Seventy conferees attended this year’s Tennessee National Organization of Women state conference held in Nashville, Tennessee. Cynthia Bennett, State President of Tennessee NOW said the purpose of this year’s conference is to “Take the energy from the election and put it into action. We want to take the righteous anger of women in Tennessee not just at the loss of the presidency but on other key issues and put that anger into action in a way which will positively affect the lives of women in Tennessee and their families." This year’s conference is also building toward Tennessee NOW’s hosting of the 2005 National NOW conference. Over 1000 conferees are expected to attend the National NOW Conference July 1-3, 2005 in Nashville.

Post-Election Protest Erupts in Burlington, VT

New Hampshire, 07.11.2004 00:32

Almost 200 people took to the streets in disgust today in response to the presidential election which put George W. Bush into power for his second term.

Results from the NH Election Commission

New Hampshire, 07.11.2004 00:28

First image: The results for presidential race Second image: results the gubernatorial race.

Little Patches of Blue

New Hampshire, 07.11.2004 00:21

Post election plans for a new nation...

Laing O'Rourke Workers Strike

United Kingdom, 07.11.2004 00:17

Workers employed by construction giant Liang O'Rourke have refused to sign a new pay and condition deal which halves their pay, while making it so that the pay is subsidised by bonuses, but the company can choose to whom they can give bonuses, in which their holiday pay is cut by £20 per day, and where they will have to bring in a medical certificate for one days absence.

Reports: [1] [3] [4] [5]

Photos: [1] [2]

See also: Schnews, Labournet.

Small Comfort: Comiserating Over the Election, Now What Do We Do?

Tennessee, 06.11.2004 23:07

Election night revealed two very different Americas, one red with anger and righteousness, the other blue, sad and mournful. I have been trying to keep myself above such extremes of the happy/sad continuum and to remain instead centered on analysis determined to figure out where to go from here. My wife started looking for a place in Canada, a peaceful nation for the most part with a real healthcare system. But we both know it is a fleeting notion as this nation of ravenous epigones begins its assault on all such niceties world around. No sense becoming a victim of US foreign policy, so we will remain in the belly of the beast soon to be victims of Bush’s domestic policy.

BREAKING NEWS: Direct Action

Manila, 06.11.2004 23:05

Big Oil Firms in Manila Attacked

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 06.11.2004 22:13

Noticias destacadas

Argentina, 06.11.2004 22:03

IMC Multi-Media Extravaganza Benefit Party!!

Atlanta, 06.11.2004 21:03

IMC Multi-Media Extravaganza Benefit Party!! Door Prizes! Music! Films! Fun! Join us for an evening of multi-media art, independent film, live music and visual chaos at Hev'n Haus this Saturday November 13, doors at 8pm. $5 suggested donation, proceds to benefit the Atlanta Independent Media Center [MAP] #media_7178;left#

Intro to Indymedia

Melbourne, 06.11.2004 20:17

Indymedia 101

On building a resistance movement

Melbourne, 06.11.2004 20:05

Margaret Hassan - a message to Iraq

Who needs another US base

Melbourne, 06.11.2004 19:51

US may trial dumb bombs in Australia?

Action in Baltimore's Streets: Nov 2 &amp; Nov 3 2004

Baltimore, 06.11.2004 19:39

This is a consolidation of articles covering the November 2 "Reclaim the Streets" action and November 3 Post-Election action.


Argentina, 06.11.2004 19:26

El camino de la restitución territorial conduce a Roma

Gloria Steinem on the Struggle Beyond the Ballot Box

Madison, 06.11.2004 19:19

Last Saturday, feminist activist Gloria Steinem spoke at Madison's Barrymore Theater, urging that election-related organizing continue past November 2. Here's an excerpt from her address.

Sac Beyond Voting

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.11.2004 16:30

Sacramento Goes Beyond Voting

What Now?

Rogue Valley, 06.11.2004 12:15

George W. Bush was re sElected president of the United States of America on November 2nd, amid widespread voter disenfranchisement, and concerns about electronic voting systems. Across the nation people took to the streets in protest. In Columbus Ohio, people stormed the statehouse, In San Fransisco, 5,000 people took to the streets, In DC a hundred people had a snake march through downtown, and in Portland police used pepper spray on the more than one thousand people who took to the streets. People protested in dozens of other American cities.

Locally, over 50 people gathered in Ashland on November 3 to discuss the implications of the 2004 election and to plan future events.

A series of events is planned for next week to further discuss and strategize our community's response to the events of this week. Read on to see what is happening in our community...

Nader/Camejo Challenge Electronic Voting Results in New Hampshire

Portland, 06.11.2004 08:58

Washington, DC:The Nader/Camejo campaign has filed a challenge to the voting results in New Hampshire after receiving numerous complaints from voting rights activits. Below is Nader's letter to New Hampshire requesting a recount. Also, below is Nader's view on electronic voting without a paper trial. In addition, the Nader/Camejo campaign offered our campaign to poll watchers who wanted to be credentialed to be inside to monitor electronic voting. Hundreds of democracy activists in Maryland working with were credentialed to monitor polling through the Populist Party which was created by Nader-Camejo supporters in Maryland. read more >>

[ The Election was Stolen; How we know & Why it matters ]

Sem tecto tentam ocupar 11 prédios em São Paulo

Portugal, 06.11.2004 08:37

Sem tecto tentam ocupar 11 prédios em São Paulo

From the Newswire

Perth, 06.11.2004 08:24

Warming In Antarctica: serious cause for concern

NT Police State protects racist killers

darwin, 06.11.2004 06:49

Attorney General Peter Toyne, bring Douglas' killers to justice

NT Police State protects racist killers

darwin, 06.11.2004 06:49

Attorney General Peter Toyne, bring Douglas' killers to justice

From the Newswire

Perth, 06.11.2004 05:31

Arundhati Roy collects Sydney Peace Prize

Green Party Advances

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.11.2004 05:16

November 2004 Election Analysis from Fresno

What Now?

Houston, 06.11.2004 05:13

What Now?

Post Election Relocation? Put your passports away and hook up your jail support.

Portland, 06.11.2004 02:46

Many of my fellow Americans today are now refugees in their own country. The national queer community has been discriminated against, and those of us who oppose the government are sure to face further harassment and increased jail time for our beliefs. But for those of us who are cursing the rest of the nation while simultaneously packing our bags, we must face this dark time with reflection and strength. Let me remind the costal states (aka the "blue states") that although many of those in the "heartland" may indeed have prayed for another four years of a Bush regime (ooops did I say that?) I would not hesitate to call Election Fraud. A history lesson please.

Serbia, 1999. With Milosevic gaining power after NATO bombed Yugoslavia, a small resistance group headed by students dubbed themselves Otpor! ("Resistance" in Serbian), and with financial help from the US and parts of Western Europe, they began an underground movement of non-violence to take their country back. With concerts, graffiti, humor, education, the internet and a great willingness to participate in civil disobedience, the group lead primarily by twenty somethings, recruited all over the country to stop Milosevic's oppressive regime. Determined to preserve their democracy, Otpor worked around the clock to monitor voting and to stop election fraud in 2000 (How many young people did we have invested in that this election?). As the election results came back, the country was outraged as Milosevic nullified the undeniable election of the 18-party coalition called the DOS, claiming that he had in fact won. Knowing from the independent watchdog groups all over the country that the DOS had been victorious, Otpor sprang into action. When Milosevic refused to abdicate the presidency, tens of thousands of Serbians marched on Belgrade on October 5th where they caused Milosevic to flee while they entered then burned down the government buildings. He now stands on trial for war crimes. But what we should remember and the most visually striking image that came out of October 5th, is the tens of thousands of falsified ballots that floated down from the windows of the parliament building, as dissenters found more and more rooms full of them. The youth movement had reclaimed their stake in politics and had been shockingly successful. Otpor is still active today and has members elected to parliament.

Did the voting machines trump exit polls? There’s a way to find out.

New Hampshire, 06.11.2004 01:04

America: We have permission to say No to this. It is our right. We call on every candidate not to concede. Don't play along. It is your right.

Arctic to Melt, Sea Levels Rise

Melbourne, 06.11.2004 00:53

Arctic Sea Ice Getting Thinner as Climate Hots Up

El Temor a la Protesta

Peru, 06.11.2004 00:16

El Temor a la Protesta.

Selección 2004

Puerto Rico, 05.11.2004 22:23

Victoria total de las grandes empresas y del gobierno de los Estados Unidos en Puerto Rico

Selección 2004

Puerto Rico, 05.11.2004 22:22

Victoria total de las grandes empresas y del gobierno de los Estados Unidos en Puerto Rico

No Privaticen

Colombia, 05.11.2004 21:59

Para defender a EPM:
Medellín luchará unido a toda Colombia

The 'right' to drive is not a licence to kill

Melbourne, 05.11.2004 21:58

Bikers protest car licence leniency by Magistrate

N6 - oder Protest gegen die Bundesagentur

Germany, 05.11.2004 21:49

Im Zuge des heissen Herbstes gegen die radikalen K�rzungen kam es in N�rnberg am 6. November zu einem starken Ausdruck des Protests gegen eine neoliberale Kahlschlagpolitik, die sich durch Hartz-IV, 1-Euro-Jobs und Arbeitslosengeld-II manifestiert.
Zusammenfassung: Die Demonstration verlief, entgegen der �berzogenen Gefahrenanalyse der Polizei, bis auf einige f�r Bayern �bliche Ausnahmen ruhig. Sie endete bei str�mendem Regen vor der Arbeitsagentur im N�rnberger S�den etwas fr�her als geplant, obwohl sich der Demonstrationszug erst versp�tet in Bewegung gesetzt hatte. Der Ermittlungsausschuss meldet f�nf Ingewahrsamnahmen. Die Anzahl der DemonstrantInnen �bertraf laut SozialforumssprecherInnen mit insgesamt 7000-10.000 Menschen die Erwartungen weit. Positiv dabei ist auch, dass diese Mobilisierung �berwiegend ohne Parteien und Gewerkschaften erreicht wurde.
Berichterstattung ist wie immer zu finden bei Radio Z - weiter Pressespiegel, Fotos, Bericht, Video von �bergriff


Puerto Rico, 05.11.2004 21:41

subVERSIONES - Cineforo Independiente

Pepper Spray Photos And Video Needed

Portland, 05.11.2004 21:38

Alan Graf, head of The National Lawyers Guild chapter here in Portland Oregon, and The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center is sending a call out for video and photos documenting police using pepper spray to disperse protesters on November 3rd.

"If you have photographs and or videos of police using pepper spray to disperse protestors, Please contact me. I want to see them. We can use these photos and videotapes against the police in litigation. Good videos along with witness names and phone numbers WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

"I am also interested in talking with witnesses and people who were sprayed and/or injured by pepper spraying or police brutality from yesterday's protest."

To contact Alan Graf, information is below:

Alan Graf
1020 SW Taylor St., Ste. 230
Portland, Oregon 97205

US Attack on Falluja

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.11.2004 19:52

US Seals Off Falluja as Assault Begins

under god

Victoria, 05.11.2004 18:58

One Nation Under God - The End of the Enlightened Experiment

US Attack On Falluja

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.11.2004 18:57

US Seals Off Falluja As Assault Begins

Democrats to Elect Pro-Lifer as their US Senate Leader

Hudson Mohawk, 05.11.2004 18:48

We are always told that the bottom line issue to vote for a Democrat for President is to ensure that the Supreme Court doesn't overturn Roe v. Wade. While a clearly pro-life justice could not be approved without the agreement of the Democrats, who still have enough votes to block confirmation, the Democrats are poised to elect Sen. Harry Reid, a prolifer from Nevada, as the Senate Minority Leader to replace Tom Daschle, who was defeated in South Dakota.

Earth Beat - Food and Global Warming

DC, 05.11.2004 18:43

under god

Victoria, 05.11.2004 18:36

One Nation Under God - The End of the Enlightened Experiment

Ann Arbor police won't respect medical marijuana passage

Michigan, 05.11.2004 18:32

The Ann Arbor City Attorney, Stephen Postema, has declared that the medical marijuana measure which passed with a 74% majority is “invalid”, according to the Ann Arbor News, and Police Chief Dan Oates has instructed his officers to continue enforcing state and federal marijuana laws in the same manner as in the past.

desde la base

Colombia, 05.11.2004 16:33

Iniciativa contra el hambre en Bogotá

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