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The Indypendent Issue 147: Haiti Under the Gun: The U.S. Embarks on a New Military Occupation

NYC, 26.02.2010 23:38

Haiti may not be the center of the world’s attention anymore, but the United States hasn’t turned its eye away. In fact, the United States military has embarked on a new occupation of Haiti—the third in the last 16 years, the Indypendent’s Arun Gupta writes.

“Official denials aside, the United States has embarked on a new military occupation of Haiti thinly cloaked as disaster relief. While both the Pentagon and the United Nations claimed more troops were needed to provide “security and stability” to bring in aid, violence was never an issue, according to nearly all independent observers in the field.

The military response appears to be more opportunistic. With Haiti’s government “all but invisible” and its repressive police forces “devastated,” popular organizations were starting to fill the void. But the Western powers rushing in want to rebuild Haiti on a foundation of sweatshops, agro-exports and tourism. This is opposed by the popular organizations, which draw from Haiti’s overwhelmingly poor majority. Thus, if a neoliberal plan is going to be imposed it will be done at gunpoint.”

For more, see “The U.S. in Haiti: Neoliberalism at the Barrel of a Gun,” below.

Also in the latest issue of the Indypendent: an analysis of the recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC; what’s next for climate change solutions after the failure of Copenhagen; and a look at the upcoming Oscars.

For more, see below!

Experience Is The Best Teacher: Bronx School Fights to Save Building Trades Programs As DOE Pushes College Prep Over Hands-on Learning || Beyond Port-au-Prince: Grassroots Women’s Group Brings Aid to Remote, Hard-Hit Areas of Haiti || Legal Floodgates Open: Undocumented Haitians Now Have Chance to Live, Work Legally in U.S. || Compassion of the Church: Springing Faith into Action for Haiti || Students Say: ‘NO FARE!’ || SoHo’s Real Fashion Victims || Unhitched: Married Couples Get Unmarried to Support Gay Rights || Affordable Housing Victory in the Bronx || WEB EXCLUSIVE: Haitian Journal: Beneath the Ruins, The Indypendent’s Nicholas Powers Finds the Hopes, Fears, Dreams, Confusion, Regrets, Anger and Generosity of the People of Port-au-Prince || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || Corporations Unleashed: Landmark Supreme Court Decision to Allow Unlimited Spending in Federal Elections || A Race Against Time: Push for Regional Solutions to Climate Change Gathers Steam || The U.S. in Haiti: Neoliberalism at the Barrel of a Gun || The Godfather of Microcredit: Muhammand Yunus’ Vision of ‘Social Business’ Is a Curious Amalgam of Left and Right || Bolivia Organizers Counter-Copenhagen Summit || Wastelands: Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish Proved Poetry Can Be for the People || Your Own James: Caribbean Revolutionary C.L.R. James Left a Rich Body of Thought; A Marxist Polymath Who Rejected Leninism || Political Films to Test Oscars: Will the Blue People Win?

Alarm na Rozbracie!

Poland, 26.02.2010 22:40

W piątek 26 marca o godz. 10.00. przed sądem w Poznaniu odbędzie się licytacja Rozbratu, ściślej jednej z trzech działek należącej do firmy-bankruta - Darexu. Od kiedy na Rozbracie w styczniu 2008 roku pojawił się komornik, kolektywowi Rozbrat udało się poprzez działania prawne i protesty, zapobiec sprzedaniu i ewikcji skłotu. Jeżeli i tym razem 26 marca Rozbratu nikt nie kupi, następna licytacja będzie się mogła realnie odbyć za około 2-3 lata. Osoby związane ze skłotem podkreślają, że mamy zatem w tym wypadku do czynienia z krytycznym momentem. Dlatego apelują o udział w demonstracji w obronie Rozbratu 20 marca.


Colombia, 26.02.2010 20:09

Art and &quot;The Haunting of Mission Santa Cruz, Mexico&quot; in Old Villa de Branciforte

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.02.2010 18:39

The Diversity Center in Old Branciforte is proud to host the Art of Julia Elizabeth Lonergan, a local artist-activist-writer, called "Mexico-California in Pictures". The show has 12 Sufi, Saints, Native American Indians, and a Welch princess all protecting Capitola's Magnolia Rose Hotel. The show runs through March, and features Lonergan & A. Guerioli's new book on "The Haunting of Mission Santa Cruz, Mexico, 1708 to 1876", which deals with the California "land grabs" by a group of Radical Puritans and the real history of Santa Cruz and Branciforte when it was Mexico.


Colombia, 26.02.2010 18:09

Showing of 800 Mile Wall and Discussion with Filmmakers

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.02.2010 17:38

The Resource Center for Nonviolence, la Liga de la Comunidad, the ACLU of Santa Cruz, and other local organizations will host a special screening of the new documentary film, "The 800 Mile Wall," on Friday, February 26, at 7pm at the First Congregational Church in Santa Cruz; at 7pm on Saturday at the Lutheran Community Church in Watsonville; and, at 2pm on Sunday at the Peace Resource Center in Seaside. The screenings will be followed by a panel discussion with the film's director, John Carlos Frey and the film's producer, Jack Lorenz.

"The 800 Mile Wall" highlights the construction of the new border walls along the U.S.-Mexico border and the lethal effects on migrants trying to cross into the United States. Migrant deaths have soared since enforcement and security measures were implemented by the U.S. beginning with Operation Gatekeeper in 1994.

Dignity not Detention Launch

Houston, 26.02.2010 17:09

“Dignity Not Detention" Campaign Calls for Closure of South Texas Detention Centers


Argentina, 26.02.2010 05:56

Reutemann, “la reserva moral del país”


Argentina, 26.02.2010 05:08

Reutemann, “la reserva moral del país”

Cana-de-açúcar: trabalho escravo, danos ambientais e violência contra indígenas

CMI Brasil, 26.02.2010 02:37


UCSC Banner Drop to Mobilize for March 4th

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.02.2010 23:08

On January 25, a banner was placed on the Humanities 2 building at UC Santa Cruz displaying support for the upcoming March 4th strike. The banner reads "Strike March 4. Stop Privatization!" and criticizes the trend the UC has taken of prioritizing building construction over student instruction. The action also serves to mobilize protestors for March 4th, the statewide day of action against the privatization of public education.


Athens, 25.02.2010 21:09

Καταχρηστική αντί-συνδικαλιστική απόλυση στις εκδόσεις ΑΓΡΑ

Building Bridges Radio: Restaurant Workers ROC the Nation

NYC, 25.02.2010 21:08

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

3 april: opruimingsactie kernwapens Volkel

Netherlands, 25.02.2010 20:09

Alle kernwapens de wereld uit!
12.30 uur – Hoofdpoort Vliegbasis Volkel

Op zaterdag 3 april 2010 organiseren Ontwapen! en Akties tegen
Kernwapens een manifestatie en actie bij kernwapenbasis Volkel in Noord-Brabant, in het kader van een internationale actiedag voor ontwapening. De jaarlijkse Paasmars voor Vrede en Ontwapening sluit zich hier bij aan. Na een bijeenkomst met sprekers en muziek aan de hoofdpoort, volgt een grootschalige ‘opruimingsactie’ op de basis.

Ontwapen organiseert een infotour over de actie in Volkel. Tijdens deze infotour zal Ontwapen! ingaan op de functie van de NAVO en op het gebruik en de aanwezigheid van kernwapens.
Daarnaast zal een belangrijk gedeelte gaan over de aankomende actie, wat er in Volkel georganiseerd wordt en wat je zelf kunt doen.

De infotour komt op de volgende plaatsen:
3 maart in Zwolle:
6 maart in Den Bosch:

The People vs. Johannes Mehserle: Second Los Angeles Hearing

LA, 25.02.2010 00:09

The latest in the ongoing trial of Johannes Mehserle, accused of shooting Oscar Grant in the back early New Year's Day 2009. Mehserle is the first police officer in California history to be tried for murder committed while on-duty. The Grant-Mehserle saga has sparked unrest and rebellion in the Bay Area, leading to the transfer of the trial to Los Angeles, where social justice advocates have placed immense pressure to ensure that the truth comes out and that the structures permitting this type of injustice are challenged.

The preliminary hearing on February 19, 2010 dealt with four main things: the reduction of bail, the removal of the Alameda DA, a ruling made by Judge Espinoa, and the schedule of the case. Full report: The People vs. Johannes Mehserle Second Los Angeles Hearing by Traci and Erinn

RELATED: Lessons from the Oscar Grant Tragedy – We Need to Get to Work by Kokayi Kwa Jitahidi

Don't Let Israel Ballet Tiptoe Around Apartheid!

DC, 24.02.2010 20:10

Peace and social justice groups to boycott the Israel Ballet performance at Montgomery College on Friday, February 26th at 7:00 pm.

Uranium Mining Begins Near Grand Canyon

Arizona, 24.02.2010 18:07

Thousands of Claims Threaten Public Health & Sacred Lands


Rogue Valley, 24.02.2010 16:40

On Thursday, Feb. 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Bellview Grange, David Cobb and Riki Ott will be visiting Ashland to lead a community dialogue about the recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United that gives corporations individual's rights, and how we can join the movement to abolish corporate "personhood."

"The Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to politicians has many of us scrambling to do something to protect democracy."--Vanessa Houk

Animal Teeth Swallow Up Bank Cards at Bank of America and Wells Fargo

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.02.2010 08:09

Four of the nation's biggest banks--Bank of America, Citibank, Chase and Wells Fargo--are ruining the American economy, say activists who are taking to the streets this month to urge bank customers to "break up that affair with your big bank." In the San Francisco Bay Area members of the Raging Grannies launched a culture jamming action at banks in three cities to give the message some "real teeth".

Dakota Activists Drop Banners to Challenge Proposed Funding for Fort Snelling

United States, 24.02.2010 02:37

St. Paul, Minnesota, February 15 --- About 20 Dakota activists and supporters interrupted the Minnesota Historical Society’s "Rally for History" this afternoon at the state capitol.  Protesters are challenging the proposed funding for the renovation of Historic Fort Snelling, the site of a 19th century concentration camp where several hundred imprisoned Dakota people died of starvation and disease while 1,600 were held by US troops during the winter of 1862-1863.   Protesters say that by choosing to preserve the fort, Minnesotans are choosing to celebrate a symbol of violence against native people.

Activists with the Take Down The Fort Campaign unfurled several banners above and in front of the podium, and denounced Fort Snelling as a symbol of genocide while the speakers pressed on with their rally. More & Video

Related: Realizing Justice in Minisota: Imagination and Action at U of M 2/24

Activist Coalition Tells Israel Ballet: Don’t Tiptoe Around Apartheid!

United States, 24.02.2010 02:37

Troupe Associate Director Replies: “Nothing” Was There in 1948

February 20, 2010 – The Israel Ballet’s recent performance of Don Quixote was protested by a coalition of activists who sought to highlight the troupe’s role in the Israeli government’s attempt to whitewash its record of war crimes, violations of international law, and other atrocities through promotion of its country’s artistic and cultural workers. Read More | Video

Related: Student Group Advocates Boycott of Ballet | Dancing, Singing New Yorkers protest, calling for boycott of Israel Ballet | Israel ballet interrupted in Burlington, VT

As Afghan War Continues, SF Vigil Marks 1000 US deaths

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.02.2010 23:09

The day after the 1000 US soldier was killed in Afghanistan a vigil was held in front of the War Memorial in San Francisco to draw attention to the growing loss of life for the US war drive. All 1000 names were read as well as a represenative of the unknow number of Afghanis who have been killed during the occupation of their country. The event was organized by the American Friends Service Committee and Veterans for Peace

Photos/ Video-Boston Protests 1000th US Death In Afghanistan War

Boston, 23.02.2010 22:09

About 75 anti-war protesters gathered outside Park Street T station in Boston on Feb. 22 to protest the 1000th US death in the Afghanistan war.

Chamado do MPL Curitiba

CMI Brasil, 23.02.2010 20:37


JOMO-&quot;what is this broader vision of queer liberation that marriage is a reform toward?&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.02.2010 12:10

Via Gathering Forces JOMO writes: "In the past two years, the issue of gay marriage has dominated the scene of queer struggles. Some of us are actively supportive, others, grudgingly supportive, and more others who rail that yet again, queer struggles are being monopolized by assimilationist, middle class versions of normality and family: "We are the same as you, except for in bed."

Barefoot Host Dawn Zuppelli Detained at Canadian Border

Rochester, 23.02.2010 00:08

Rochester Indymedia journalist, Dawn Zuppelli, was interrogated and detained for over an hour by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) on her way to cover protests at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Upon arriving at customs at the Vancouver International Airport, she and her colleague Ted Forsyth, also with Rochester Indymedia, were asked the obligatory questions as to why they were coming to Vancouver. Zuppelli was tagged for further interrogation and funneled off to a check point area sometime around 12:05AM on February 10. She was released sometime around 1:15AM. She was taken into a separate room with other agents and passengers. The room was outfitted with sterile metal desks, two sided mirrored window rooms, and plenty of customs officers donning bullet proof vests and latex gloves.

Additional Information: Indymedia Reporter Detained in "No Mans Land" on his way to Vancouver Olympics | Independent media reporter rejected at border - Feb 6

Indy TV #33: Community Education Task Force on Proposed Mayoral Takeover of Schools

Rochester, 23.02.2010 00:08

Indy TV #33 deals with the issue of the proposed Mayoral Takeover of the Rochester city schools. Our roundtable consists of members of Community Education Task Force, which formed to oppose Mayoral Control and to put forward alternatives. Dan DiClemente is president of the Union BENTE (Board of Education Non-Teaching Employees. Ryan Acuff is with Rochester Students for a Democratic Society. Bishop Tillman is with Mission Consortium of Churches International.

I represent a lot of the members in this community, non-teachers who work for the city schools and also send their children and grandchildren to city schools. The majority of my members live in the community and when you're talking about taking away their voting rights, which is what is happening here— they are looking to remove a school board that was recently elected by the public, they want to remove that voice they have in education and replace it with one person who would have control and say over all the issues in the city school district… We don't believe that rolling back on civil rights issues is the way to go. -Dan DiClemente BENTE

We agree that there's a lot of issues with the education system, but the problem isn't that we need to have less democracy, but if anything we need more democracy and moves towards ways that empower the community more… more community control over schools not less. So moving towards different reforms such as non partisan elections, participatory budgeting, ways that the community can be more directly involved. -Ryan Acuff, SDS

I'm in opposition to Mayor Duffy being in control of the schools because he does not have the background… Neither have I seen the qualified consulting of people who can help him make such a decision of changing over one of the most important systems in Rochester… that system that trains and educates our children. -Bishop Tillman

Watch Show Here

Indy TV #33 Extra! Interviews with the Community Education Task Force

Demonstrators Demand End to Abuse at Erie County Holding Center

Rochester, 23.02.2010 00:08

On Wednesday Afternoon, in the midst of a blizzard, about 30 Buffalonians came out to protest conditions at the Erie County Holding Center. Today's protest was exceptionally emotional as it comes the weekend after another inmate committed suicide, the 5th hanging suicide since 2007 and the 11th overall in the center since 2003. The inmate was a 26 year old heroin user in withdrawal named Dan Nye.

How the Regional Zine/Craft Fair Came to Be

Rochester, 23.02.2010 00:08

In October of 2008, Caitlin Holcombe, Ted Forsyth and KT Schwartz took a trip to Toronto, Ontario for Canzine. With self-published zines proudly gripped in their hands, they made their way through the crowded, bustling Gladstone Hotel to their assigned table upstairs. Tucked away in a corner, they quickly set up their booth and took turns meandering through the densely packed building.

They were impressed with the sheer volume of participants and guests.

They accumulated a pile of zines to take home with them, and at the end of the day, were glad to have been a part of the event.

Months later, Caitlin and Ted lamented the lack of a cohesive zine community in Rochester, and within upstate New York in general. While, they could both order and trade zines with relative ease through online distros (distributers who buy zines at wholesale prices and make them available through websites & print catalogues) they craved physical contact with their counterparts. At Canzine, they had been able to meet the authors of zines they loved and create more tangible connections. They knew that in cities like Portland, Toronto and Philadelphia there was a greater concentration of zine writers and readers and that these zinesters' enthusiasm for the medium fueled the organization of zine festivals and libraries.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

What the Frack?! Free Speech Shakedown on Paterson's Campaign Trail

Rochester, 23.02.2010 00:08

Just yesterday, I heard about Governor Paterson coming to Rochester to announce his bid for reelection. A few concerned friends who are working to raise awareness of the dangers of hydrofracking in the Marcellus shale brought it up, and two of us were able to get over the union hall in time to get seats. We brought signs that simply had the word "FRACK" in a circle with a line through it, and we put them under our seats, waiting patiently for the public event to begin. Within minutes, an organizer asked us to bring our signs and speak with her, saying "you're not in trouble." She explained that this was a "happy event" and they wanted to make sure it stayed "peaceful," then offered us a couple of minutes with the governor after the speeches if we allowed her to take our signs away during the event. Surprised by the direct request, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk it over, but she said no, we had to relent right then, and she did not present us with other options. Another aide came over, saying "this isn't the time or place for you to bring up your issues." I disagreed, pointing out that clean water is a critical issue for as long as we exist, and this is an important time to take a stand for it. But we gave up the signs.

Photos: 1 | 2

Additional Information: Shaleshock | Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force | Letter from an EPA whistleblower concerned about fracking contaminating underground aquifers | Congress Launches Investigation Into Gas Drilling Practices

Dancing, Singing New Yorkers protest, calling for boycott of Israel Ballet

NYC, 22.02.2010 22:39

Forty-five human rights activists called upon fellow New Yorkers to boycott the Israel Ballet at its performance Sunday at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts. Accompanied by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, protesters performed ballet, sang, chanted, and handed out mock programs to bring attention to the Israel Ballet's role in the Israeli state's use of the arts to whitewash its crimes against the Palestinian people. The demonstration was the third to take place along the Ballet company's U.S. tour in as many days. Hundreds of people entering the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts were handed mock programs that, when opened, described the connections between the Israel Ballet and Israeli apartheid. Outside of the venue, attendees could hear protesters chanting "Pas de deux or arabesque / The occupation is grotesque" and "A little tutu cannot hide / Your support for apartheid!" Dave Lippman of Adalah-NY commented, "We are here to let the Israel Ballet know that it cannot tip-toe around apartheid."


Athens, 22.02.2010 22:09

Άρση ασύλου για ψύλου-πρύτανη πήδημα

DREAM Week of Action Kicks Off

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.02.2010 21:39

A National DREAM Week of Action kicked off on February 22nd and will last until Friday, February 26th. Students across California and 16 other states are organizing in support of the DREAM Act, a piece of federal legislation that would provide a pathway to legalization for undocumented students educated in the U.S. Every year, 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools, but these students face serious barriers to higher education.

DON'T GET MAD, GET EVEN: Mexican Foxconn Workers Retaliate for Unpaid Overtime, Burn Down Factory

DC, 22.02.2010 21:10

SOUTH OF THE BORDER, SHOWING WUSSY AMERICAN WORKERS HOW IT'S DONE There's a lot of hostility swirling around Foxconn these days. First, Foxconn security assaulted a photograph-snapping reporter in China. Now there's a report that workers at a Mexican Foxconn factory burned the joint down after being forced to work overtime.

La jornada y la marcha se pasaron para el viernes

Argentina, 22.02.2010 21:09

A tres años del femicidio de Sandra

Activist Coalition Tells Israel Ballet: Don't Tiptoe Around Apartheid!

Boston, 22.02.2010 21:09

TROUPE ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR REPLIES: “NOTHING” WAS THERE IN 1948 by BDS Activists, Boston, MA Contact: Worcester, MA, February 20, 2010 – The Israel Ballet’s recent performance of Don Quixote was protested by a coalition of activists who sought to highlight the troupe’s role in the Israeli government’s attempt to whitewash its record of war crimes, violations of international law, and other atrocities through promotion of its country’s artistic and cultural workers.

BDS Activists from US and Israel Interrupt Israel Ballet Performance in Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.02.2010 19:10

On February 20, 2010 - The Israel Ballet's recent performance of Don Quixote was protested by a coalition of activists who sought to highlight the troupe's role in the Israeli government's attempt to whitewash its record of war crimes, violations of international law, and other atrocities through promotion of its country's artistic and cultural workers. Only two days prior, activists in Burlington, VT succeeded in disrupting the Israel Ballet's actual performance with a banner saying "No tutu is big enough to cover Israel's War Crimes".

Another victory for anti-fur campaigners

United Kingdom, 22.02.2010 18:09

The ongoing Fur Free Nottingham campaign against shops that sell fur has claimed another victory. Vintage Warehouse, on Lower Parliament Street, have agreed to adopt a fur free policy. The company follows Kitsch, Baklash and Cow who have all adopted fur free policies following protests outside their shops by Nottingham animal rights activists.

Over 50 million animals are killed every year for their fur and there are virtually no legal controls for the welfare of animals on fur farms. Animals on fur farms are caged raised and killed using methods such as neck breaking, anal electrocutions and gassing. Animals are sometimes skinned alive for their fur.

The protesters are now vowing to step up their campaign against Cashe and Flannels, the few remaining clothes shops in Nottingham that sell fur.

Newswire: Anti fur demonstration with a difference at Cashe Nottingham | Vintage Warehouse adopt a fur free policy during protest | Nottingham Animal Rights into the Teenies | Flannels protest after recent successes with local anti fur campaign. | Cow sign anti-fur pledge

Previous feature: Nottingham Animal Rights get active

Links: Campaign for a fur free Nottingham | Nottingham Animal Rights | Notts Indymedia Animal Liberation newswire

New to vegetarianism? Register for Veg 101 classes, sponsored by Northwest VEG.

Portland, 22.02.2010 18:09

Confronted by global climate change, health concerns, and disturbing news about the treatment of farmed animals, many people are switching to a flexitarian or vegetarian lifestyle. If you find yourself wondering about the impact of dietary choices, now is a great time to sign up for the Spring 2010 sessions of Veg 101, offered by Northwest VEG.

Veg 101 classes will run from 6:30-8:45 PM every Sunday from March 7 to April 25. Each class features a one-hour lecture and one-hour cooking class, with samples served. View the complete course description at

Northwest VEG is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) group that supports healthier, more sustainable, compassionate food choices. Join us for the 2010 Portland VegFest, which will be held on September 18 and 19 at the Oregon Convention Center.

For more information about Northwest VEG, visit

Lone Vet Report and Karl Rove

Portland, 22.02.2010 18:09

Portland, Oregon Tells Karl Rove To Go To Jail.

The World Affairs Council of Oregon arranged a debate between Karl Rove and Dr, Howard Dean on the 10th day of February 2010 in Portland, Oregon. Almost 100 protestors, most outside and some inside brought the message to Karl Rove that he should be before a judge and not making millions of dollars on a speaking tour with Dean. There were many who also had a message to Dr. Howard Dean, "You are enabling this man to become rich, and you must stop it now."

Outside there were representatives from Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, the Pissed Off Grannies, Individuals for Justice, and other groups. Inside there were about a half dozen members of Individuals for Justice who pooled their money to buy a $47 ticket, (each) and confront the man we call traitor. One by one we stood up and yelled from the balconies...

Blockade of Golden Ears Bridge, Unceded Katzie Coast Salish territory

Portland, 22.02.2010 18:09

As part of the No 2010 Olympics Convergence, members of Katzie First Nation and supporters took part in blocking the Golden Ears Bridge spanning the Frazer River between Pitt Meadows and Langley B.C. - Coast Salish Territories. Early this morning [February 13, 2010] members of Katzie First Nations and supporters took part in blocking the Golden Ears Bridge for 10 minutes in protest of the creation of this unwanted infrastructure. Its purpose is to transport stolen resources from other sovereign native nations, to be shipped out throughout Asia, and ship in unnecessary sweatshop made merchandise for chain stores. This bridge has desecrated a traditional site that dates back over 3000 years, and negatively impacts our sacred food source, the salmon. My people have been told when to fish and how big our net can be since our book of rules (Indian act) in 1896. My family has been arrested for fishing when they were not allowed.


Vancouver Media Coop

28th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Feb. 25 - 28 in Eugene

Portland, 22.02.2010 18:09

Continuing economic uncertainty is merging with environmental and social degradation, and humanity faces both a mounting crisis and a dawning opportunity. As environmental activists, we must recover from the damage inflicted on our communities, our nations, and our planet, renew our determination for and commitment to positive change, and reimagine how we shall move forward into the new century and toward future generations.

PIELC has become the premier annual gathering for environmentalists from across the globe, and is distinguished as the oldest and largest conference of its kind. The four-day event includes more than 150 panels, workshops, and multimedia presentations addressing the entire spectrum of environmental law and advocacy. This year's panel topics include: fighting coal power plants and mountaintop removal mining, responses to Copenhagen, water law and dam removal, sustainable architecture and design, grassroots environmental activism, recent environmental litigation and legislation, new developments in species and habitat protection from the U.S. and around the world, and many more.

View the whole panel schedule at:
Read more about the keynote speakers:
Register for the conference:
Ride and housing boards:

phone: 541-346-3828

Ungár Furs Report Back 2.19.10: Resistance and Repression

Portland, 22.02.2010 18:09

It has been over two years since Nicholas Ungár Furs has become the focus of animal rights protest and demonstration. The demonstrations continue with perseverance even though they have become a target of political repression. This Friday, February 19, a minimum of 10 compassionate activists voiced their outrage at Nicholas Ungár Furs about the 50 million animals killed each year for vanity and status. The protest was positive and effective. Several people welcomed the activists' presence and engaged in conversation about fur and other animal issues.

The first surprise of the day was the discovery that a trash can in the underground parking garage of the Portland Clinic has become home to a "clandestine" video camera. No, the camera was not thrown away as trash. Rather, it was installed inside of the body of the trash can and pointed directly at Nicholas Ungár Furs and the protest activity. (Photos and video follow). Interestingly, that is not where the discoveries ended. Activists also learned that the FBI has begun questioning businesses in the area about protest activity.

*for more information about the fur industry: or

Death Row Dogs Get Sanctuary Thanks to Ananda and Olympic Animal Sanctuaries

Portland, 22.02.2010 18:09

Last summer, two pit bulls were seized from a known dog fighter by the name of Eduardo Jose Ribaya in Columbia County, and the case wound through the courts for 8 months. Ribaya is a well-known top organizer of large-scale dog fight rings in at least three states. He has been convicted three times in California and Washington for the crime of fighting dogs. Ribaya was caught last July with the two Columbia County dogs, dog fighting equipment, a pit cut into the brush around the property he was using, and dozens of pot plants. For some reason, the County elected not to prosecute Mr. Ribaya but instead condemned the two pit bulls to death. Thanks to Ananda Farm Sanctuary and the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, the dogs will get to live after all.

You can reach Ananda Farm Sanctuary at AnandaFAR(at)gmail(dot)com.

You can learn more about the Olympic Animal Sanctuary by visiting

Indymedia y Radio Estación Sur transmitirán en vivo la conferencia

Argentina, 22.02.2010 02:09

A tres años del femicidio de Sandra Ayala Gamboa

&quot;Creating A Bridge Toward Peace&quot;

Rogue Valley, 22.02.2010 01:10

Creating a Bridge Toward Peace
“Talking with the Troops”

Talk and Discussion with Gerry Condon of Project Safe Haven
With Special Video Appearances by GI War Resisters

Wednesday, February 24th, 7 pm
SOU Commuter Resource Center
(SOU Stevenson Union–Room 202, Main Fl., Ashland)
This Is A Free Event

Gerry will talk about why it is so important that we re-build a movement that can effectively resist wars and occupations. He will also be speaking about the role of GI’s, the role of veterans and civilians, and how to overcome obstacles to talking with one another and uniting our various efforts for peace.

Gerry is the founding director of Project Safe Haven, a group of Vietnam-era resisters who are supporting GI resisters today. You can read Gerry Condon’s war resister blog at

Indymedia y Radio Estación Sur transmitirán en vivo la conferencia

Argentina, 22.02.2010 01:09

A tres años del femicidio de Sandra

Ali and Ashanti

Houston, 21.02.2010 21:40

Houston hosts Ali Abunimah and Ashanti Alston

Open Shuhada Street- Global Day of Action February 25, 2010

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.02.2010 21:10

On 25 February 2010 activists and organizations from around the world will join together in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of Hebron/ al Khaleel, through local protests that demand for the opening of Shuhada Street to Palestinians and an end to the Israeli occupation. In San Francisco, a participatory, theatrical nonviolent demonstration, will be held at Union Square from 4-6 pm.

¿Soberanía con el PPD?

Puerto Rico, 21.02.2010 18:40

Soberanía e Independencia

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