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noguera juicio

Colombia, 03.03.2010 01:09

analisis y transmisión


Colombia, 03.03.2010 01:09

SDAC Announces Anticapitalathon (TM) Games

Boston, 03.03.2010 00:09

From April 23rd through 25th, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) will hold their annual spring meetings in Washington, DC. The IMF/WB are responsible for saddling struggling economies with unmanageable debt, driving billions into deeper poverty through the imposition of (badly misnamed) “poverty reduction” programs, and threatening countries who refuse to follow their austerity programs with economic blacklisting and isolation.

California On Notice: March 4th Strike

DC, 02.03.2010 23:10

Students and Education Workers Gear Up for March 4th In anticipation of the statewide strike and day of action on March 4th, activists have stepped up their actions with a renewed round of occupations in California. In the East Bay, strikes and walkouts are planned to converge in downtown Oakland and an evening rally is planned for San Francisco. Other actions are planned at universities, colleges, and high schools across the state. After several months of protests, occupations, walkouts, due to mandated tuition hikes of over 30%, layoffs and cuts affecting all schools and all services in California, the Berkeley campus again has become a focal point. Indybay || Berkeley Pre-Game Communiqué (That's Not The Sky, That's The Ceiling) || WSQT Direct Action Radio Interview Broadcast version of WSQT Interview (better audio)

Banner dropped at Umass Boston

Boston, 02.03.2010 18:09

On the first school morning of March, activists representing the UMass Boston Committee to Have Fun dropped a banner from the Wheatley building reading “No Paycuts or Tuition Hikes. March 4th!” as a sign of things to come this week as schools across the country prepare for the March 4th day of action to defend public education.

The Olympics' Shady Side

Miami, 02.03.2010 17:37

The Olympics' Shady Side

Patois - 7th annual New Orleans international human rights film festival

New Orleans, 02.03.2010 06:10

Patois - 7th annual New Orleans international human rights film festival

Is Reform Possible?

New Orleans, 02.03.2010 06:10

Is Reform Possible in the New Orleans Police Department?

Chicago Independent Television for March: Kimbark Tenants, Fred Hampton, Workers Republic, Zombie Health Care

Chicago, 02.03.2010 05:09

The March episode of Chicago Independent Television features tenants from the Kimbark Housing project taking on Chicago City Hall, commemorative events in Chicago around the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Black Panther Fred Hampton, a trailer from the forthcoming film "Workers Republic" about the famed Republic Windows and Doors sit-in strike, and a short film called "Zombie Apocalypse" about a Chicago perspective of the health care debate of 2009.

Read more about Episode 55 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube

Se viene el aniversari de Indymedia Córdoba

Argentina, 02.03.2010 02:39

MTA, City &amp; State to Students: Drop Dead

NYC, 02.03.2010 00:38

Now that it's $2.25 and rising, there's a pretty penny to be made from 585,000 new fares, not to mention planned cuts to Access-A-Rides for the disabled, at least 1,100 layoffs of MTA workers, and maybe another fare hike for good measure. It's all about "gap closing," as the MTA's 2010 Budget coins its program of deficit reduction via service reduction. Yet there are other gaps, other deficits that recent events have brought to the attention of the public (and they implicate the City and the State as much as the MTA).

About Portland Indymedia

Portland, 01.03.2010 21:38

Portland IMC is a multimedia news service with a social justice focus. It is part of the international network, "Independent Media Center", also known as "Indymedia" or "IMC" for short. The mission of Portland Indymedia volunteers is to empower everyone to be the media by providing and maintaining the tools & audience using an anarchist model of organization. Portland Indymedia encourages and PULLS content from local, first-hand experiences through OPEN publishing. Instead of pushing content like traditional media. In other words, we provide direct access to media.

Once upon a time, a few years before the invention of blogs and Twitter and social networking sites, Indymedia revolutionized the way media is made. Back then when corporations & powerful institutions, like the IMF, wanted to black out insurrections and dissenting voices it was relatively easy to do so. They had exclusive influence on the media. Then here came this wild idea. This Open publishing program, written in fancy new code that enabled comments to articles! The news content was USER driven. And...

Click here for the video of this speech and others from the E-law direct action panel

Come to PSU on the 4th to defend public education!

Portland, 01.03.2010 21:38

Hundreds Gather at the Education is a Right Rally!

In the defense of Education on March 4th A National Day of Action

WHO: Students, community leaders, and activists will rally to defend education in coalition with thousands from across the country on March 4th, A National Day of Action on behalf of Higher Education. Our local coalition is composed of the Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU), Students for Unity (SFU), International Socialist Organization (ISO), Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER), Pan American Solidarity Organization (PASO), Radical Women, Faculty members, and volunteers through Jobs with Justice.

WHAT: In commemoration of the protests in California last year on UC campuses across the state, students return to continue to protest lack of an accessible, affordable education. Hundreds will gather to take a stand that education is a right!

WHERE: Portland State Park Blocks on the Center Stage

WHEN: Rally and speakers at 1P.M. Followed by a march and bands until 3 P.M, March 4th 2010

National Front humiliated in Derbyshire

United Kingdom, 01.03.2010 20:09

Following the effective takeover of the National Front by suspected state asset Eddie Morrison, the NF have sought to capitalise on the perception amongst many hardcore racists that the BNP is now too mainstream, describing the larger organisations decision to "allow" non-white members a "sell-out" and explicitly calling for BNP members to jump ship. Unfortunately, the Front's credibility in the eyes of fellow members of the master race cannot have been helped by news that they have been chased out of Ripley in Derbyshire without even token resistance.

Hoping to create a bit of a stir, the Front had said they would be selling papers in Heanor, Ripley and Ilkeston as part of a so-called "day of action". They didn't even bother showing up in Heanor and only five 'warriors' of the 'master race' actually made it to Ripley town centre. There, anti-fascists confronted the tiny group and, without any struggle, they gave up their flag and large stacks of racist literature before legging it out of town, followed by taunts and abuse. They made a brief trip to Ilkeston later on but had turned tail and run home before anti-fascists were able to catch up with them.

On the newswire: National Front lose their flag and chased out of Ripley | NF Gaffe! | Eddy Morrison & The NF Split by Malatesta | 2010: The BNP, NF & EDL by ‘Malatesta’ | Fuhrer Eddy Morrison Takes Over NF by ‘Malatesta’

Previous features: BNP difficulties in Notts | EDL riot in Stoke | Fascists rally in Nottingham | Anti-fascists challenge BNP's return to Derbyshire | BNP candidate "would revel at causing some havoc"

Links: Antifa England | Love Music Hate Racism | Notts Stop the BNP | Unite Against Fascism | Notts Indymedia anti-racism newswire

KPFT's 40th anniversary

Houston, 01.03.2010 19:39

Four decades of peace on Houston's airwaves. The 40th anniversary of KPFT

Hundreds Caravan to Desert Mining Town To Support Locked Out Miners

LA, 01.03.2010 19:39

BORON, CA - February 24th - A caravan of four big rig trucks and around 150 cars carried over 200 people and $30,000 in food to support lock out miners in the town of Boron last week. The miners have been lock out since January 31st by the Rio Tinto Corporation, a giant foreign-owned mining firm that operates one of the world’s largest borax mines near the town of Boron in California’s Mojave Desert.

Miners were lockout and scabs bused in from out of state after new contact negotiations with Rio Tinto broke down. The situation, although barely mentioned in local corporate media, has drawn international attention in what many see as a clear case of illegal union busting. At stake is the livelihood of nearly 600 families. Reports from the newswire: Caravan to Rio Tinto to support miners locked out | | UFCW Delivers Food to Locked Out Miners in Desert

Erris Rally of Solidarity with 'the Chief' Pat O'Donnell.

Ireland, 01.03.2010 15:09

100 cars gathered today at noon in the fishing vil ...

Jornada a 3 años del femicidio de Sandra Ayala Gamboa

Argentina, 01.03.2010 04:39

Sandra Ayala Gamboa: Femicidio impune

Rogue Valley International Women's Day parade and celebration March 6, 2010

Rogue Valley, 01.03.2010 04:09

The community is invited to the 3rd annual Rogue Valley International Women's Day parade and celebration.

On Saturday March 6 beginning at 11:30 am, the Rogue Valley community is welcome to take part in a march for women's reproductive rights. You are invited to meet in Triangle Park and the group will march in a parade together down Siskiyou Boulevard towards the Stevenson Union at Southern Oregon University.

Once the group reaches the Stevenson Union, Ashland's mayor John Stromberg will read a proclamation in support of local women activists and leaders. Following the mayors words, the celebration will begin with a free international food fair, music and dance.


Colombia, 01.03.2010 01:39

DC City Council Considers Banning the Wearing of Masks While Protesting

DC, 01.03.2010 00:10

On February 4, 2010, Councilmember Mendelson held a hearing on Bill 18—63, the Residential Tranquility Act of 2009, aka the "Mask Prohibition Act of 2009" (pdf), making it illegal to wear a mask at a protest, due to frequent animal rights protesters demonstrating at individual DC resident's homes. Councilperson Cheh is a sponsor of this bill.

Corrección no rehabilita

Puerto Rico, 28.02.2010 19:09

Simulan rehabilitar con puño de acero

MSS logra aumento en convenio colectivo trabajadores de Pepsi

Puerto Rico, 28.02.2010 19:09

Trabajadores de Pepsi logran aumentos en convenio colectivo

Coloquio educativo sobre comunidad gay

Puerto Rico, 28.02.2010 19:09

¿Del otro la'o?: Coloquio sobre la comunidad gay en Mayagüez

3ra Jornada contra la homofobia

Puerto Rico, 28.02.2010 19:09

Convocatoria 3era Jornada Contra la Homofobia

Radio del MAS

Puerto Rico, 28.02.2010 19:09

Onda Alterna: 1era edición

Conservatorio de Música y Ley 7

Puerto Rico, 28.02.2010 19:09

El Conservatorio Neoliberal

subVERSIONES en Claridad

Puerto Rico, 28.02.2010 19:09

Siguen las subVERSIONES en Festival de Claridad


Colombia, 28.02.2010 17:09

From The Trenches radio for February: Olympics activism, McKinney and Gaza, Michael Tillman and media

Chicago, 28.02.2010 07:08

The February episode of Chicago Indymedia's radio program "From The Trenches" features a report from the Vancouver Media Co-op of Chicago anti-Olympics activist Martin Macias, who was stopped at the U.S. Canada border; Cynthia McKinney, who spoke in Chicago about her involvement in progressive politics and in Middle East activism; and an interview with freelance journalist Jessica Pupovac who spoke about how a story she wrote helped lead to the release of Michael Tillman, a Chicago man unjustly jailed for 23 years.

Download February episode | Chicago Indymedia's radio page | CIMC / FTT Radio podcast feed

no reelección

Colombia, 28.02.2010 04:09

ceso la URIBE noche

peña transmisores

Argentina, 28.02.2010 03:39


Colombia, 28.02.2010 03:39

Ceso la URIBE noche

Students and Education Workers Gear Up for March 4th

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.02.2010 00:39

In anticipation for the statewide strike and day of action on March 4th activists have stepped up their actions with a renewed round of occupations in California. An occupation of a construction site at UC Berkeley resulted in a "mass riot" on Telegraph Avenue with hundreds of youth fighting the police. March 4th actions are planned throughout the Bay Area, California and beyond. In the East Bay strikes and walkouts are planned to converge in Downtown Oakland and an evening rally is planned for San Francisco.

Fue convocada por la conducción legítima del SUTEBA La Plata

Argentina, 28.02.2010 00:39

Asamblea docente repudió el acuerdo paritario

Declaración de la Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Argentina, 28.02.2010 00:09

Sobre la criminalización y judicialización de la protesta social Contra el saqueo, la contaminación y la militarización de nuestros territorios

Declaración de la Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Argentina, 28.02.2010 00:09

Sobre la criminalización y judicialización de la protesta social Contra el saqueo, la contaminación y la militarización de nuestros territorios

Declaración de la Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Argentina, 27.02.2010 23:39

Sobre la criminalización y judicialización de la protesta social Contra el saqueo, la contaminación y la militarización de nuestros territorios


Portland, 27.02.2010 22:38

Bob Williams, along with another Portland, Oregon, TriMet transit agency board member, quit this week in the face of recent protests and pickets over austerity measures by this $2.5 billion transit agency -- including gutting downtown Portland's so-called free zone, 'Fareless Square.'

Scott DeMuth’s Hearing Held Tuesday; Carrie Feldman Still in Segregation

United States, 27.02.2010 22:37

[Tuesday] morning, over a dozen supporters from Minneapolis and the Quad Cities joined Scott DeMuth, indicted for conspiracy under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), in the Federal Courthouse in Davenport for his arraignment for the new indictment that was issued last week. There was also a hearing on numerous discovery-related motions for his upcoming trial. Scott’s attorney, Michael Deutsch, argued that the prosecution has failed to produce the discovery that the defense is entitled to under the rules. Judge Shields took the arguments under advisement and is expected to issue a ruling within the next few days.

Related: Feldman moved to Muscatine County ... | ... And then to Dubuque County, IA | Updates from the Scott/Carrie Support Committee | Events: Political Repression and State Violence with Dhoruba Bin Wahad | Star Tribune: Stuck Three Months in Iowa Jail For Refusing To Testify

Mother Recounts Lead-Up to Murder of Her Son by OPD

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.02.2010 22:09

Anita L. Wills, mother of Jerry Amaro, writes: "This is a blog written in response to the death of a young man in Oakland California. The courts have cleared the way for his mother to sue, the City of Oakland. He died after being beat by Police in Oakland California. Two of the Policemen involved in the incident, were also involved in the wrongful prosecution of my son in 2001. The blog is about my son, the events that transpired, and how the Police and Courts figured in his wrongful conviction.

BAAM # 31 Released

Boston, 27.02.2010 21:08

We're proud to announce the release of the 31st issue of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Newsletter. Download the PDF for free:

27 e 28 de Febreiro: Xornadas Galegas de Soberanía Alimentar

Galiza, 27.02.2010 20:39

Os días 27 e 28 de Febreiro celebraranse en Santiago de Compostela as Xornadas Galegas de Soberanía Alimentar, organizadas pola ISAP (Iniciativa pola Soberanía Alimentar dos Pobos) con financiamento da Cooperación Galega. Será no Salón de Actos da Faculdade de Filosofía da USC, situada na Praza de Mazarelos. Nesta Praza, ademais, haberá unha Feira pola Soberanía Alimentar Domingo 28 de 10:00 a 14:00 e de 16:00 a 20:00 horas. Para unha mellor organización das Xornadas prégase confirmación de asistencia en info(a)

Fue convocada por la conducción legítima del SUTEBA La Plata

Argentina, 27.02.2010 20:09

Asamblea docente repudió el acuerdo paritario

I xornadas Galegas da Edición Independente (do 2 ao 5 de marzo. compostela)

Galiza, 27.02.2010 18:09

I xornadas Galegas da Edición Independente, do 2 ao 5 de marzo. Biblioteca Ánxel Casal-Compostela.

Say NO To Starbase!

Portland, 27.02.2010 17:08

This is a notice of a rally and testimony to the Portland School Board scheduled for Monday, March 8. The Starbase program is a Pentagon program that abducts elementary school children from public schools and brings them to military bases. This militarization of younger and younger children has got to stop.

Please come to the rally and meeting to support the school board toward making the right decision to say no to the military. It's bad enough that in order to get financial aid a young person must register with the Selective Service, and it's bad enough that the military recruiters have access to our high school students as a condition of federal funding. This is going way way way too far. Help! If we don't protect our five-year-olds, what does that say about us???

Click here to see a related story

Protest Descends on Israeli Ballet Performance, Calls for Boycott

DC, 27.02.2010 16:10

On Feb 26, dozens of activists descended on the Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring Performing Arts Center performance of the Israel Ballet, asking people to boycott the event. Audio report via WSQT Direct Action Radio, 88.1 FM

Combativa e reivindicativa greve geral na Grécia

CMI Brasil, 27.02.2010 15:37


Protests against county council cuts

United Kingdom, 27.02.2010 15:09

In the early hours of February 26th, Nottinghamshire County Council voted to endorse a controversial budget which will see jobs cut, care homes sold off to the private sector and the cost of services for the elderly and disabled increased. Campaigners opposed to the plans, rallied in Mansfield and outside County Hall to show their anger at the proposals and council workers are currently being balloted for industrial action (but not a strike) against a related attack on terms and conditions.

The county council's programme of cuts comes in a political climate in which all the main political parties have expressed their belief in the need for cuts to public sectors in light of the economic damage wrought by the banking collapse and subsequent bailout. The Labour-run city council are also planning to cut staff as well as closing Victoria Baths along with libraries in Wilford and Beechdale.

On the newswire: County Hall budget protest: Report | Demo against council cuts: Thursday 25th | Notts council workers rally for jobs

Previous features: Local Government Workers in Notts Join National Strike | Public service workers out to protect pensions

Links: Fair Pay Action Group | GMB Notts General Branch | Notts County Unison

SchNEWS: Greek Fire

United Kingdom, 27.02.2010 13:39

Greece has once again been rocked by protests, strikes and civil unrest. This time in response to a series of swinging government cutbacks aimed at bringing the country into line with neo-liberal dogma and reducing it's budget deficit. In response to proposed attacks on worker's rights and pensions, virtually the entire country came out on strike on Wednesday. 30,000 marched through Athens and violently clashed with police. There is widespread anger at the governments attempts to deal with the economic crisis by dipping into the pockets of the poor. Marchers in Athens shouted, "No sacrifices! Make the rich pay for the crisis!”

2008 Greek protests – SchNEWS 659 | 662
Indymedia 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Occupied London

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