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Community Groups Mix Art and Protest in Four Corners Block Rebellion

Boston, 11.03.2010 04:09

March 10, 2010 City Life/Vida Urbana and Greater Four Corners Action Coalition are planning a unique protest this weekend that will kick-off what they calling a block rebellion in Dorchester’s Four Corners neighborhood. According to the groups, the neighborhood was chosen because it has a high number of housing units under foreclosure and many tenants and home owners face eviction in the near future.

Sweeping victory for SEIU reformers

Portland, 11.03.2010 03:39

IN A stunning upset, union reformers in Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021 swept to victory in their local's first-ever elections--an outcome that will rattle the top leaders of the 2 million-member union. The reformers in Local 1021 were expected to do well given the Northern California local's poor performance in defending jobs and public services, and local officials' seeming inability to resist concessions.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the state, reformers in SEIU Local 521 captured a number of seats on the local's executive board after an uphill fight. The Voices of the Members slate had to battle an army of paid union staff. The reformers were unsuccessful in winning any of the officers' positions, but their gains, coming alongside the win in Local 1021, signal growing dissatisfaction with the SEIU's bureaucratic methods.

Movement for Living Wages, Community Space, Grows at Queens Center Mall

NYC, 11.03.2010 01:08

The coalition fighting for living wages and community space at the Queens Center Mall confronted the mall owner, the Macerich Company, Monday demanding a meeting to begin discussions on how to transform the publicly subsidized poverty wage center into a responsible development that pays employees a living wage and benefits the community.

Via Campesina ocupa Usina Cupim no Norte Fluminense

CMI Brasil, 11.03.2010 00:07


The Sixth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week 2010

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.03.2010 22:38

The 6th International Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is taking place across the globe from from March 1st to the 14th. Since it was first launched in 2005, IAW has grown to become one of the most important global events in the Palestine solidarity calendar. Last year, more than 40 cities around the world participated in the week's activities, which took place in the wake of Israel's brutal assault against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. IAW continues to grow with new cities joining this year.

Pascual Pichun

Argentina, 10.03.2010 21:39

3ª Ação Internacional da Marcha Mundial das Mulheres

CMI Brasil, 10.03.2010 19:37



Argentina, 10.03.2010 16:09


Irish citizen harassed on Dublin street by Israeli security operative

Ireland, 10.03.2010 11:39

Harassment of Irish human rights activist on Dubli ...

Community Resists Construction of Desert Rock Power Plant on Navajo Land

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2010 09:39

For over three years, a community has resisted the development of a massive coal-fired power plant in the Navajo Nation called Desert Rock, blockading roads and occupying a permanent campsite. On March 17, Elouise Brown, president of the Doodá Desert Rock committee, will launch an 11-day tour of California to speak about the dangers posed by the coal industry, the exploitation of indigenous land by energy companies, and the ongoing struggle to stop development of Desert Rock.

Low Wage UC Service Workers Pressure Regent Richard Blum

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2010 08:39

On March 9th at Golden Gate National Recreational Area's Fort Baker in Marin County, nearly a hundred UC service workers, students and supporters from UCB, UCSF, UCSC, UC Davis entered the hired meeting space of Blum Capital Partnership, the Cavallo Point Lodge at Fort Baker in Sausalito, and picketed the street in front. Richard Blum is a UC Regent and the husband of California Senator Diane Feinstein.

‘Gaza Hungers for Justice’: Hundreds Demonstrate At Waldorf

NYC, 10.03.2010 06:38

While the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were holding a $1,000 a plate fundraiser at the ritzy Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan, hundreds of Palestine solidarity activists from a wide array of organizations took to the streets to protest Israeli war crimes, the blockade of Gaza, and the occupation of Palestine.

Rede de comunicadores em apoio à reforma agrária

CMI Brasil, 10.03.2010 03:07


Save community tv

Portland, 09.03.2010 23:09

Take steps now to preserve community access television and free speech. At the city of Portland budget hearing yesterday, Commissioner Amanda Fritz said that if people are concerned about public access television (Portland Community Media) and want to prevent more budget cuts and in fact restore funding to PCM, they can make a difference by showing their support for community access by contacting all of the city commissioners. So if you want to protect your first amendment rights of free speech for all, and continue to have a platform to air your concerns about animal rights, the environment, the arts, politics, neighborhood livability, etc, contact all of the city commissioners and tell them to fully fund community media. Right now PCM's budget has been cut so much that the facility is relying on volunteers to keep it open. Please contact the commissioners and use your voice to protect this vital community service.

Rede de comunicadores em apoio à reforma agrária

CMI Brasil, 09.03.2010 23:07


Montrose land Defense vrs HEB

Houston, 09.03.2010 22:09

Montrose Land Defense: Where goes the neighborhood?

Potential Ban on New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.03.2010 20:39

The Santa Cruz City Council will hold an afternoon session on Tuesday, March 9th at 3pm. On the agenda is item #17, the "Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Personal Medical Marijuana Use Ordinances." Though the law will have a second reading and vote in two weeks, any meaningful discussion needs to happen on the first reading, since the City Council is loath to make changes after it votes the initial law.

Se realizó una kermesse por el día de la mujer

Argentina, 09.03.2010 17:09

"este 8 de marzo desatamos nuestros placeres"

A causa de la lluvia se suspendió el acampe previsto

Argentina, 09.03.2010 17:09

Conflicto en la Dirección General de Cultura y Educación y paro de ATE

Stop the Stop and Search laws

Perth, 09.03.2010 16:40

Stop the Stop and Search laws - Forum

Shaw's Workers on Strike

Boston, 09.03.2010 16:09

On March 7, 2010, by a vote of 228 to 8, the workers of the Shaw’s Supermarkets' Methuen Distribution Center, represented by UFCW Local 791, voted overwhelmingly to reject a final contract offer by Shaw’s Supermarkets and voted to strike following the expiration of the current contract at midnight on March 6, 2010.

Update - G20 appeal win and the LRAD experts in Pittsburgh

United States, 09.03.2010 14:37

A few thoughts on last week’s G20 appeal hearings

Last week, I was in Pittsburgh again to deal with my appeal on my summary offense conviction of “disorderly conduct”. At this time, there were also a few other appeal hearings from other G20 arrestees for similar offenses. So on March 1st, I went into a hearing of four other G20 Arrestees to get an idea of how the summary appeal process works in Pennsylvania. There were three students and one non-student – all of whom were either arrested on the evening of September 25th near the University of Pittsburgh or the day earlier at Lawrenceville during the un-permitted march.

While none of these appeals had anything with the “failure to disperse” charge, the testimony that the Commonwealth gave focused on the Long-Range Acoustic Device (aka the sound cannon/LRAD), the location of LRADs, alleged dispersal orders, and generally alleged “anti-police” rally that evening. Sgt. O’Neil from the Pittsburgh PD stated that their intelligence indicated that a “anti-police rally” was taking place in Schenley Plaza and that they deployed the LRAD to disperse people from this area.

Woonstrijd optocht door Utrechtse binnenstad

Netherlands, 09.03.2010 02:39

De Woonstrijd! optocht voor een sociaal huisvestingsbeleid en tegen het kraakverbod is vandaag door de Utrechtse binnenstad getrokken.
Met een opkomst van ruim 500 mensen is de organisatie erg tevreden over het statement dat is neergezet mbt. de huisvestingproblematiek en het aankomend kraakverbod.


13.45 - Bij het verzamelpunt wordt een voordracht gehouden over het opkomende kraakverbod en de afbraak van sociale huisvesting.

14.00 - Een stoet van ongeveer 350 mensen is vanaf het zonnige Domplein te Utrecht vertrokken om hun onvrede over het woningbeleid te uiten.

14.30 - Inmiddels is de optocht gegroeid tot circa 500 mensen en is zij aangekomen bij het Vredenburg. Pal voor het voormalig gekraakte pand 'De Dump' wordt een toespraak gehouden door de Weggeefwinkel Utrecht, die hier begon.

15.00 - De optocht is aangekomen bij het gemeentehuis aan de Ganzenmarkt, alwaar ook kraakpand de Ubica gevestigd is. Hier zijn twee toespraken gehouden, door SASH (Stop Afspraak Sociale Huisvesting) en Groenlinks Utrecht.

16.00 - De optocht is op het eindpunt aan het Lucasbolwerk aangekomen. Een totale menigte van ruim over de 500 mensen zit hier in het park na te genieten van een succesvolle demonstratie.

STAY HOME FOR THIS ONE, KIDS: Dems' Front Groups Readying &quot;Citizens' Mass Arrest&quot; of Health Insurance CEOs in DC, March 9

DC, 09.03.2010 01:10

FEAR & LOATHING AT DUPONT CIRCLE? DONKEYCRATIC ASTROTURFERS GEAR UP FOR ANOTHER TIMEWASTER Folks, cast your minds back to about a year ago: the PowerShift feel-good "go green" event featuring Democratic Party honchos, the creepy-looking rally of college kids in toy green construction helmets in front of the Capitol — and, most distasteful of all, the CCA and their phony civil disobedience which was all civil and no disobedience, just a big fat photo op so they could say "hey, look at us blockading the Capitol Power Plant" before going back to their rally and leaving all the real direct-action activists twisting in the wind. Well, gang, it looks like the same kind of crowd is going to be in town on March 9th at 10:30am, only this time it's some phony "Citizen's Posse" claiming to be readying a "Citizens' Mass Arrest" of health-insurance company CEOs after rallying at Dupont Circle. This outfit and their hangers-on practically give themselves away with their mindless, slavish support of the current healthcare "reform" bill — you know, the hospital, pharmaceutical and insurance company giveaway combined with taxed benefits and mandatory corporate health insurance purchases for even the brokest of the broke — and their ties to tired old Liberal/Democratic outfits like MoveOn, The Nation, the AFL-CIA — uh, CIO, and the NAACP. So, let's follow a few Web links and check out the gory details on these tools, and find out why the People may "have a posse", but these hucksters aren't it.

Court Allows Torture Suit Against Former Defense Sec't Rumsfeld

DC, 09.03.2010 01:10

CHICAGO – Federal Judge Wayne R. Andersen issued an historic ruling today allowing a suit charging former Defense Secretary with authorizing torture. Rumsfeld asked the court to dismiss the case because he is a high-placed governmental official and argued that he was immune from suit even for allegations of torture. Mr. Rumsfeld also argued that due to his position, the Constitution permitted him to order interrogation techniques that are widely considered by human rights experts to be torture. The Court rejected both of Mr. Rumsfeld's arguments and held that high-placed placed cabinet officials can be held personally liable if they authorize the use of torture. While many previous civil suit attempts to prosecute Bush-era cabinet officials for authorizing torture have failed, the suit brought by Chicago-based Loevy and Loevy Attorneys at Law, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel v. Donald Rumsfeld, United States of America and Unidentified Agents, will now proceed to discovery and a trial. More

Jeff Golden enters race for commissioner seat

Rogue Valley, 09.03.2010 01:09

Former Jackson County Commissioner Jeff Golden will enter the race for the seat now held by longtime Republican commissioner Jack Walker. On Wednesday, March 3rd, Golden's announced his candidacy for Jackson County Commissioner at the Jackson County Democratic Headquarters in Medford, Oregon.


Houston, 08.03.2010 23:39

Israeli Aparthied Week at UH March 8th to 12th


Colombia, 08.03.2010 22:39

Forced labour for Jobseekers

United Kingdom, 08.03.2010 22:09

Despite high levels of unemployment due to the recession jobseekers in Greater Manchester will be forced to work up to 40 hours a week as part of the Work for Your Benefits (WfYB) pilot scheme. The region is set to be the trialling ground for a government initiative that will see unemployed people put into mandatory work placements for up to six months just to hold on to their Jobseeker’s Allowance.


Colombia, 08.03.2010 22:09

Nottingham remembers anti-Poll Tax struggle

United Kingdom, 08.03.2010 21:09

On March 5th 1990, Nottingham City Council, then as now Labour-led, met to set the Poll Tax rate for the city. Protesters burst into the council chamber dressed as Robin Hood. Several councillors were custard pied and the campaigners were arrested by the police. Despite expert evidence that custard pies were not dangerous, the Magistrate failed to see the funny side and two of the campaigners were sent down. This action was part of a wave of protests, disruptions and riots at council meetings across the country which set the scene for the famous riot in Trafalgar Square at the end of March, the day before the tax was to come into force in England and Wales.

To mark the 20th anniversary of this event, Nottingham Radical History Group organised an event to look back on the struggle. This is part of a wider project to make available documents from the time and to record interviews with some of participants in the struggle so that the lessons of the campaign are not lost.

Upcoming event: Wednesday March 31st 3pm Trafalgar Square to commemorate 20th anniversary of Poll Tax Riot. "Open loud hailer, top speakers, Class War, misty-eyed memories, pub afterwards!"

On the newswire: The Poll Tax: twenty years on

Links: The Sparrow's Nest | Nottingham anti- Poll Tax 1989-91: press cuttings, newsletters & leaflets | Notts Indymedia History newswire

[P-ń] Akcja FA na Targach- są zatrzymani!

Poland, 08.03.2010 20:09

Dzisiaj na terenie Międzynarodowych Targów Poznańskich odbywa się Kongres 20 lecia samorządu terytorialnego. Z tej okazji Federacja Anarchistyczna/ Kolektyw Rozbrat zorganizował akcję przeciwko neoliberalnemu zarządzaniu miastami nastawionemu jedynie na zysk ekonomiczny, w obronie zagrożonego skłotu Rozbrat.

Libertad para Rubén González

Venezuela, 08.03.2010 13:37

El encarcelamiento arbitrario del dirigente sindical de Ferrominera del Orinoco, Rubén González, quien fue secuestrado por cuerpos policiales la noche del 20 de enero, sin una orden del tribunal encargado de su caso, y luego incomunicado por más de 48 horas, es un acto ilegal e inaceptable, que se constituye en un ataque contra toda la clase obrera y contra las libertades democráticas.

Students Shutdown UC Santa Cruz for March 4th Day of Action

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2010 09:39

Students, faculty, and workers gathered at UC Santa Cruz on March 4th to protest the privatization of public education in California. They used their bodies to block the streets at the intersections of High & Western, Hagar & Coolidge, and the west entrance of campus. UCSC was shutdown throughout the day, with traffic prevented from going up to campus. As of 7am, hundreds of students, faculty and workers had gathered at all entrances to campus.

March 4th Rally at Cabrillo College

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2010 08:39

As part of the March 4th day of action for public education, hundreds of students and supporters rallied at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. On February 11th, around 40 students, faculty and staff met to discuss how Cabrillo would get involved in the movement to defend public education. There was overwhelming support for the March 4th protest against the budget cuts in the California public education sector.

March 4th Day of Action for Education in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2010 05:08

On March 4th, the Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, along with Viernes Cultural, parents, students, and community partners, held a rally in the Watsonville plaza and a symposium to support public education and bring the community together to call for "No more cuts to education!"

March 4th at CSU Monterey Bay

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2010 04:09

March 4th at CSU Monterey Bay started out with a banner drop at the library. Around noon, students, staff and faculty participated in a walkout and marched from either end of campus to a rally in front of the Student Center. Students, staff, and faculty members spoke about cuts to public education and related issues, from spending money on wars and prisons, to the systemic injustice that prevents so many people from attaining higher education.

International Women's Day in Ashland

Rogue Valley, 08.03.2010 03:39

This past Saturday the Third Annual Rogue Valley Celebration of International Women’s Day took place at Southern Oregon University. It began with a parade which started at Triangle Park and ended at the SOU Student Union. The parade was led by three large puppets as it made its way down Siskiyou Blvd with about 150 people participating.

Dia internacional de la mujer trabajadora

Argentina, 08.03.2010 03:39

Digna: un nombre de mujer

Protest at UC Santa Cruz Resonds to Systematic Racism in the UCs

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.03.2010 03:38

A protest was held on February 24th at UC Santa Cruz in response to racially themed parties held at UCs San Diego and Santa Barbara, and in response to the state of diversity at UCSC.


Argentina, 08.03.2010 03:09

Estado chileno apresa a periodista mapuche

Dia internacional de la mujer trabajadora

Argentina, 08.03.2010 03:09

Digna: un nombre de mujer


Colombia, 08.03.2010 02:09

Ellas, nosotras, ustedes, todas


Colombia, 08.03.2010 02:09

Las mujeres conmemoran y se movilizan

8 de março (1910-2010): Imos queimar a Conferencia Episcopal!!

Galiza, 07.03.2010 23:39

O passado sábado 6 de março um grupo de umhas 60 mulheres organizadas em diverssos grupos ao longo da geografía do país (assim como individualidades) participamos numha macro-pintada na avenida de lugo compostelá. Com o lema "Imos queimar a Conferencia Episcopal por machista e patriarcal" demos começo a umha campanha de visivilizaçom e protesta ante a opressom ejercida pola Igrexa Católica sobre os nossos corpos e vidas, assim como pola súa colonizaçom dos cartos e espaços públicos.

Deixamos também diverssas ligaçons a outras acçons descentraliçadas acontecidas ou convocadas para estes días: |8 de março:actos MMM na Galiza| |Comunicado assembleia mulheres de vigo no 8 de março| |8 de Março todos os dias(Assembleia de Mulheres do Condado)| |100 anos celebrando, toda unha vida loitando!!(A Corunha)| |Estranhas anti-abortistas em Lugo| |Lugo: 8 de março| |Março feminista em vigo| |Fotos acçom 25 novembro-rede feminista galega| |Vídeo do colectivo Recdeiras|

|Rede Feminista Galega|

Editoriais anteriores: |8 de março:feminismo e repulsa fronte á homofobia| |28-J:jornadas de libertaçom sexual| |Desgenere na GZ| |8 de março: aborto livre e gratuito|

BREAKING: Court Allows Torture Suit Against Former Defense Sec't Rumsfeld

Chicago, 07.03.2010 19:09

CHICAGO – Federal Judge Wayne R. Andersen issued an historic ruling on Friday in Chicago, allowing a lawsuit that charges former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with authorizing torture to go forward. Rumsfeld argued that, as a high-placed government official, he was immune from allegations of torture and that the Constitution allowed a person in his position to order interrogation techniques that are widely considered by human rights experts to be torture. The Court rejected both arguments and held that high-placed cabinet officials can be held personally liable if they authorize the use of torture. Read more.

Philadelphia Rallies Against Mountaintop Destruction

United States, 07.03.2010 17:07

This Monday, Philadelphia community members rallied outside the Philadelphia Region 3 EPA Office to stop mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia. Mountaintop Removal permits are reviewed in Philadelphia and Atlanta EPA Offices.

The crowd chanted "Ending MTR, who has the say? Region 3 of the EPA!", while myself and fellow Rising Tide activist Josh Yoder attempted to enter the building with a letter for senior Region 3 Administrator Shawn Garvin. Read More | Photos

Coming Up: 5th Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week in Washington | Related: Deadline for Public Comments on Natural Gas Fracking

Critical Mass Miami: Tweed Ride Coral Gables March 20th at 9 am

Miami, 07.03.2010 08:37

Critical Mass Miami: Tweed Ride Coral Gables March 20th at 9 am

Translations with Father Charlie: The Making of the Video

Miami, 07.03.2010 08:07

Translations with Father Charlie: The Making of the Video

International Women's Day

Perth, 07.03.2010 06:19

International Women's Day

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