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a 34 años del golpe de estado

Argentina, 23.03.2010 00:09

Mientras policía sigue matando pibes pobres, Protestar es un crimen

a 34 años del golpe de estado

Argentina, 22.03.2010 22:39

Mientras policía sigue matando pibes pobres, Protestar es un crimen

Rama Carty Mistrial

Houston, 22.03.2010 20:39

Mistrial for Immigrant Rights Activist Rama Carty

March 20 Antiwar report

Houston, 22.03.2010 20:09

Report on Anti-War Rally at Mason Park

IIRSA - Iniciativa para la Infraestructura Regional Sudamericana

Argentina, 22.03.2010 19:39

Se recicla el saqueo a nuestros pueblos

Sea Lion Defense Brigade Sets Up 24 Hour Mobile Monitoring Station at Bonneville Dam

Portland, 22.03.2010 18:39

Six sea lions have already died at the hands of the ODFW this year, added to the tremendous death toll from the past two years. This is the reality and the fallout from the government's War on Nature that is taking place up at Bonneville dam. Aside from the state-sanctioned murders, inside sources tell us that the death toll associated with illegal vigilante killings has skyrocketed since the lethal removal program began - apparently angry fishermen feel it's open season now that the government has given its tacit wink and nod to the killing of protected marine mammals. Sea lion defenders are tired of the killings, tired of government lies and cover-ups, and tired of excuses for negligence and cruelty. So last week, the Sea Lion Defense Brigade launched Sea Wolf One, a mobile monitoring station set up to keep an eye on the Columbia river sea lions and their would-be nemeses.

Protest at Anthem Blue Cross Office as Health Care Reform Bill Weakens

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2010 16:39

On March 21st, Congress approved legislation designed to extend health care to tens of millions of uninsured Americans and crack down on some insurance company abuses. Members of Direct Action for Single Payer, who continue to push for a system where everyone in America would receive comprehensive medical benefits under a government run organization, pointed out that the bill falls far short of addressing some of the worst abuses of the insurance company industry. They protested inside the building at Anthem Blue Cross offices in San Francisco just days before the legislation passed.

Hollywood Protest Marks Seven Years of US Occupation of Iraq

LA, 22.03.2010 16:39

LOS ANGELES, March 20, 2010 - Hollywood Boulevard was the scene of an anti war protest marking the seventh year of the war in Iraq. It was well attended with thousands of people in the street. Groups such as Iraq Veterans Against the War, Anarcha LA, AnswerLA, Code Pink, KPFK, Goldstar Families, Military Families Speak Out, the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union and others were there making their case for the quick cessation of America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speeches given at the end of the march focused on the immorality, imperialistic motivations, illegality, the cost to each American taxpayer and the profiteering aspects of these adventures. Speakers such as Ron Kovic, Margaret Prescod and Ryan Endicott gave fiery and impassioned testimonials.

Reports from the Newswire: Los Angeles Stages Protests Marking Seven Years of American War by Robert Stuart Lowden | | STOP THE WAR, BRING OUR TROOPS HOME, NOW! by Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP)

Defender a realização da Marcha da Maconha é defender a liberdade de expressão e de manifestação

CMI Brasil, 22.03.2010 16:37

Marcha da Maconha-SP e Coletivo DAR

Radford community on the march

United Kingdom, 22.03.2010 15:39

Saturday 20th March saw over 100 members of the Radford community march from the threatened Radford Unity Complex to Market Square. They were protesting City Council plans to close the building which is currently home to a number of community groups.

The Council says it is saving £140,000 per year by closing the building and says it has a buyer. They have offered the affected groups premises at the closed Douglas Road Primary School. However, Joginder Singh of the Sikh Community and Youth Service said that the new premises are "many times worse" than those they have at the moment and that the groups have been "treated like parasites" by Jon Collins and the City Council.

The groups are angry that they were not consulted about the plans before being served with an eviction notice and that they are not being given an opportunity to buy the building themselves. They are considering taking legal action against the council over the way they have been treated.

Newswire: Interview with Leonie Meikle of Erondu about the Radford Unity Centre | Radford community on the march | March to stop the eviction of community groups from the Radford Unity Complex

Previous features: Protests against county council cuts | Campaign to save Victoria Baths takes fight to the council | Stonebridge City Farm under threat

Links: Petition | NCCLOLs on the closure | SCYS | Nottingham Teaching College | Shiefton Youth Group and Supplementary School

Nationwide Protests Mark 7th Anniversary of Iraq War

United States, 22.03.2010 14:07

Marking the 7th anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across the country. From Portland to Washington, D.C., to Chicago, anti-war activists called for the end of the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In D.C., a number of arrests were reported during the demonstration. Corporate media, who focused on the “Tea Party” protests there against the Obama administration’s health care bill, largely ignored the much larger anti-war protests taking place across the country. Also in D.C., "Camp Out Now" on the lawn of the Washington Monument is facing an expected eviction Monday at Noon.

Local Reports:
Chicago IMC || Twin Cities IMC || DC IMC || Portland IMC || Rogue Valley IMC || Philadelphia IMC || Bay Area IMC

3/20/10--Iraq War Anniversary in Medford, OR

Rogue Valley, 22.03.2010 13:10

3/20/10--Two hundred people converged on Alba Park in Medford to call attention to the 7th anniversary of the war on Iraq and the ongoing occupation.

Here is the original Rogue Indy post calling for action on this day:

Below find some photos which show this historic event. The pics were taken by Wes Brain and Allen Hallmark

Click any photo to make it larger

photos/video-ANSWER Anti-War Protest In Washington DC

Boston, 22.03.2010 12:09

Washington, DC-March 20, 2010: Thousands of anti-war protesters converged on Washington, DC to oppose the Iraq and Afghan wars; including a full bus of 55 prople coming from Boston.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.03.2010 10:08

Lappersfort gekapt: de strijd gaat door!

comenzó el 18 y hoy podría extenderse a más unidades

Argentina, 22.03.2010 05:39

Huelga de hambre en la Unidad Penal Nº 9 de La Plata

¿Ya nada será igual?

Argentina, 22.03.2010 05:09

Fusilada por lesbiana

comenzó el 18 y hoy podría extenderse a más unidades

Argentina, 22.03.2010 04:39

Huelga de hambre en la Unidad Penal Nº 9 de La Plata

CD Release Benefit Party for Tarek Mehanna

Boston, 22.03.2010 03:09

The Tarek Mehanna Support Committee presents: The Free Tarek! CD Release Benefit. April 24th, 6-10pm @ Spontaneous Celebrations Live music! Raffle! Food!

The Indypendent Issue 148: Bringing Hope to Haiti: NYC Doctor Melissa Barber, trained in Cuba, shares her inspiring story

NYC, 22.03.2010 02:39

Indypendent reporter Renee Feltz reports on the incredible story of a Bronx doctor trained in Cuba who traveled to Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake there:

After the Jan. 12 earthquake that devastated Haiti, Dr. Melissa Barber received a call asking her to help treat people left injured and living in squalid conditions.

“There was no question,” said Barber, 30, who was born and raised in the Bronx and worked in quality assessment at St. Barnabas Hospital in the heart of the borough. “I actually resigned and I made plans to go to Haiti for a month. That is how much it’s ingrained in me to help the underserved communities when they are in need.”

Barber’s sense of service stems from her training at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba (See sidebar). Like thousands of fellow graduates from poor and indigenous communities in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, she received a full scholarship to attend the school in exchange for a commitment to work in areas that lack adequate access to healthcare. Haiti no doubt fit that definition before the earthquake, and even more so afterward.

So Barber joined six other Cuban-trained doctors from the United States — all of them women — who packed their bags full of donated medical supplies and arrived Jan. 26 in the Dominican Republic, beginning a commitment that could last for years.

For more, see the link to “Hope for Haiti: Trained in Cuba, Bronx doctor Melissa Barber drops everything to help earthquake victims.”

Also in this issue: a photo essay on Elda Malpera, a woman “living positively” with HIV; a review on NYPD beat reporter Leonard Levitt’s book; community media in the Global South; and the immigration movement.

For that and much more, see below!

Living Positively with HIV: A Photo Essay by Amelia H. Krales || NYPD Loosens Cuffs on Bloggers || Haitian Students Find Local Safety Net: An Interview with Flanbwayan Director Darnell Benoit || Finding a Road Through the Recession: An Interview with Make the Road New York Organizer Julissa Bisono || Face-off in Georgia: Undocumented Students Confront the Sheriff || Immigration Rally to Pressure Obama March 21 || In Defense of Education || Peace Warrior: Marking 1,000 U.S. Soldier Deaths || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || ‘Not Our Kind’: Responding to the Black anti-abortion Movement || Hope for Haiti: Trained in Cuba, Bronx doctor Melissa Barber drops everything to help earthquake victims || Participatory Radio: Lessons from the Radical South || International News Briefs || Through the Lens: An Exploration of New York || The City of Monsters Confronts Its History: A Review of El Monstruo || NYPD Memoir Expose: A Review of NYPD Confidential || Dreaming of the Netroots: A Review of Beyond the Echo Chamber || Living Positively with HIV: A Photo Essay by Amelia H. Krales

liberaciones 2010

Colombia, 22.03.2010 01:39

El protocolo esta firmado, esperamos todo el respeto para conseguir la liberación de dos personas más, que vuelven a la vida


Colombia, 22.03.2010 01:09

Tácticas de perpetución del horror

Liberaciones 2010

Colombia, 22.03.2010 01:09

El protocolo esta firmado, esperamos todo el respeto para conseguir la liberación de dos personas más, que vuelven a la vida

Chicago Protests Foreign Policy Injustice on Iraq War 7th Anniversary

Chicago, 22.03.2010 00:09

From the newswire: "More than 1,500 people rallied and marched on March 18 — the 7th anniverary of the beginning of the Iraq war — and to oppose US-bankrolled war and occupation from Afghanistan and Palestine to Colombia and Honduras."

As in past years, Chicagoans marched down Michigan Avenue to protest the miasma that comprises U.S. foreign policy. Unlike in past years, police presence seemed to be comparatively light, perhaps a testament to the Daley administration's recent "change of heart".

Chicago Indymedia coverage: PHOTOS: Chicago protest on 7th Anniversary of the War | VIDEO: M18 - 2010 Chicago Anti War Protest

Additional antiwar actions: Peace activists stage civil disobedience on 7th anniversary of beginning of Iraq war | More anti-war activities | Malachi, We Remember

Additional coverage: Fight Back News | Reddit | TruthOut | Huffington Post | Community Media Workshop | Video: Anti-war and Occupation Protest

Chile: &quot;Der Kapitalismus ist die Katastrophe&quot;

Germany, 21.03.2010 16:39

Santiago de Chile. In den frühen Morgenstunden des 27. Februar erschütterte ein Erdbeben weite Teile Chiles. Mehr als 500 Menschen kamen dabei bisher zu Tode, Tausende werden nach wie vor vermisst. Das Beben ließ ganze Städte in Trümmern zurück, Hunderttausende wurden obdachlos. Die Grundversorgung im Krisengebiet ist zusammengebrochen und in weiten Teilen nach wie vor nicht wiederhergestellt. Ein Tsunami verwüstete zahlreiche küstennahe Städte.

27 e 28 de MARÇO | Mostra de Vídeo CMI - Trangênicos e Alimentos

CMI Brasil, 21.03.2010 16:07


Students Respond to Racial Tension at CSU Monterey Bay

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.03.2010 06:16

On Wednesday morning, March 17th, the words "f**k black people" were found chalked on the sidewalk outside the Otter Express at CSU Monterey Bay. This follows an incident the night before where an African American student was called the N-word by a student she did not know who later claimed to be "joking." The hateful words of Wednesday morning underscore that racial insensitivity is never a joke. By Thursday night, members from all racial communities came together in solidarity with the African American community that was the target of this particular racist incident.

Homeless Couple Victorious Against Contempt Charges in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.03.2010 05:39

Homeless musicians Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon faced jail for allegedly defying laws against sleeping in Santa Cruz. The city had tried to argue that the pair were in contempt of court as they had been seen by police with blankets and all their possessions. The pair had an injunction preventing them from camping. At a court hearing on March 19th, Judge Timothy Volkman disagreed that the reports showed the pair were intending to camp. For homeless, people taking a nap with your belongings during the afternoon is not the same as camping.

Exigen puestos de trabajo

Argentina, 21.03.2010 02:39

Cooperativas sin punteros

SchNEWS: Tit Top

United Kingdom, 20.03.2010 20:40

Well blimey. Against all the odds it looks like Titnore Woods has been saved from the developers' evil clutches.

The decision made by Worthing Council's planning committee to reject the development plans for the new housing estate on the ancient woodland site on Monday (15th) had everyone shouting with joy and dancing in the public gallery. The crowd were so beside themselves they even gave the bloody councillors a standing ovation.

Links: Save Titnore Woods | Protect Our Woodland | Titnore Blog

On the Newswire: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Toruń: masa krytyczna sobota 20 marca 2010r. 15.00g

Torun, 20.03.2010 15:07

Masa krytyczna sobota 20 marca 2010r. 15.00g

więcej info

Battle for Bluefin Looms as Ban Fails

United Kingdom, 20.03.2010 11:09

The United Nations wildlife conference in Qatar this week, where delegates from 175 countries gathered to make decisions on the protection of recently endangered species has pulled grey clouds over the world of conservation. The CITES meeting failed to add the threatened Atlantic bluefin tuna to the Appendix I listing of the CITES legislation, which would have resulted in a ban on the international trade of the fish. In the last century over 15% of the bluefin tuna population has disappeared as a result of industrial overfishing. If this incredible creature, which is also referred to as the tiger of the oceans, is not protected by some kind of international measure soon, it will soon be no more.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has announced it will take aggressive action against tuna poachers in Southern Europe this summer. Their ship, the Steve Irwin, which recently returned from the anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica, is currently under way to Europe, where actions will start in May. Last year Greenpeace took action against tuna fishermen in Malta. The fishermen responded aggressively when activists attempted to board their ships. Conservation group Oceana which has been monitoring illegal fishing practices in the Mediterranean for the last few years might also return this summer.

On the newswire: Paul Watson announces aggressive campaign to clear Mediterranean of illegal fisheries | We Need to Stop Eating the Oceans | Top of the Food Chain

Links: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Oceana | Indymedia Ocean Defence page

Compostela, 21 de marzo, ás 12:00 na Alameda: MANIFESTACIÓN CONTRA A DESTRUCIÓN DO TERRITORIO Ás 17:00 na Sala Nasa Úl

Galiza, 20.03.2010 10:10

Cando se cumpre un ano do cambio de goberno da Xunta, comprobamos que goberne quen goberne, gaña o produtivismo. O goberno do PP, como os anteriores, segue o imposibel camiño do crecemento indefinido: producir máis para consumir máis, quimera inviábel nun planeta con recursos limitados.

Os recursos naturais son postos ao servizo dos intereses económicos e das grandes empresas, subvencionadas con cartos públicos, mentres que aumenta o desemprego e pechan os pequenos negocios.

Intentan manter un modelo que non serve, que nos espreme como persoas, destroza o medio ambiente e agranda as diferencias económicas entre os pobos e entre as persoas.

A nosa lingua e a nosa cultura son menosprezadas e atacadas por un goberno que se avergoña e renega delas. A Sanidade vai camiño da privatización total. O transporte público é escaso, caro, ineficaz e está en mans privadas. As infraestruturas viarias baséanse no transporte privado contaminante e insustentábel. O noso litoral entrégase ás construtoras para o seu grande negocio especulativo. As nosas rías seguen acumulando recheos e naves industriais en primeira liña de costa e uns alarmantes niveis de contaminación. Grandes zonas costeiras son cedidas ás multinacionais piscícolas, ao mesmo tempo que a pesca industrial arrasa os océanos e o marisqueo e a pesca de baixura tradicionais van sendo desmantelados. Cultívanse transxénicos nas nosas leiras, mentres se fomenta a desaparición do noso agro. A ordenación do territorio é inexistente, o que provoca graves difrerencias entre o interior e a costa. Louseiras e mineiras estragan as zonas mellor conservadas. A política forestal promove os cultivos de especies alóctonas e invasoras que sementan o país de incendios. O urbanismo caótico proxectase en función dos intereses económicos. A xestión de residuos basease na contaminante incineración. Industrias perigosas e contaminantes seguen funcionando irresponsabelmente...

Funk The War Paints Recruiter, Sets Banner On Treasury Dept 2nd Floor Ledge

DC, 20.03.2010 04:09

On March 19th, the 7th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, Funk the War scored a direct hit on the military recruiter at 14th and L sts with a paint projectile, and two activists climbed to the second floor ledge of the US Treasury building and held a banner.

Estudantes da USP ocupam a Coordenadoria de Assistência Social - COSEAS

CMI Brasil, 20.03.2010 02:37


Don't Wreck The Wrekin

United Kingdom, 20.03.2010 01:09

Anti-coal campaigners have set up a protest camp in Shropshire to fight the establishment of an open cast coal mine in an area of outstanding local beauty.

In 2007 UK Coal submitted plans to Telford and Wrekin Council to open cast mine 900,000 tons of poor quality coal from an area at the foot of the Wrekin in Telford over 32 months. The plans included destroying parts of an ancient woodland and will be responsible for a minimum of 1,500,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. The Wrekin is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

After discovering last week that many of the trees had already been felled signaling that work was due to begin imminently, West Midlands Climate Action and a coalition of local groups and activists last week swooped upon the Huntington Lane Surface Mine Site to claim the land.

As part of Fossil Fools Day, West Midlands Climate Action are putting on a weekend gathering at the newly established Huntington Lane Camp from April 1st to 4th. The weekend will include a ramble over the proposed Surface Mine Site, Banner drops, campaign planning and most importantly carrying out any work on site that needs doing to help establish a permanent base on site. They are calling on people to attend the weekend, and to support and defend the camp in any way they can.

West Midlands Climate Action | Defend Huntington Lane
Previous actions against open cast mines: Ffos-y-Fran | Mainshill Solidarity Camp | Broken Cross | Shipley

Secret Service Agent Found Liable for Violating Fourth Amendment at the DNC

Boston, 19.03.2010 23:09

Last Friday, March 12, a federal jury found Secret Service agent Darin Czellecz liable for violating the Fourth Amendment rights of Vijay Shah at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Boston in July 2004. Shah had filed a civil suit against two agents, Czellecz and JW Holloway, as a response to being detained and interrogated without reasonable suspicion during a march protesting the DNC. Quoted in an article on, Shah said “All of a sudden, two guys grabbed me from behind and shoved me into an alley, then forced me to sit down on some steps and handcuffed me.” Shah was held for about five hours while being interrogated. John Pavlos, a lawyer, intervened with the police on Shah's behalf, but was not allowed to be present during the interrogation. Pavlos also represented Shah in the lawsuit.


Poland, 19.03.2010 22:09

W sobotę o godzinie 17.30 na pl. Adama Mickiewicza rozpocznie się demonstracja w obronie poznańskiego skłotu pod hasłem "ROZBRAT - DECYDUJĄCE STARCIE". Będziemy ją relacjonować na bierząco. Informacje moża wysyłać na indymediowy numer 888 740 280. Na miejscu będą obecni wolontariusze Indymediów, którym też można przekazywać informacje.

We Are an Image from the Future U.S.A. Tour

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.03.2010 20:39

On March 14th, Greek anarchists from Athens, along with an American who has been living in Barcelona, spoke about the Greek uprising of December 2008 at the 11th annual Anarchist Theory Conference held at UC Berkeley. They addressed where the rebellion came from and where it is now. More than just presenting the story of Greece, their talk was about sharing ideas that could be useful to the social struggles in England, Barcelona, and the U.S.

Justice for Palestine, Rachel Corrie, and Tristan Anderson

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.03.2010 20:09

Friends and colleagues of Tristan Anderson rallied on March 15th at the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco to demand that the Israeli government take full responsibility for shooting and critically injuring Bay Area activist Tristan Anderson on March 13, 2009. Israel recently released its official report of the shooting which has been called a cover-up of crimes of Israeli forces by those who witnessed the shooting of the high velocity tear gas cannister that nearly took Tristan's life.

Animal rights gathering in Notts

United Kingdom, 19.03.2010 17:39

On the weekend of 12-14 March, Nottingham Animal Rights and Veggies hosted the national animal rights spring gathering at Nottingham's Sumac Centre. This was a weekend of networking, workshops, discussions, actions and social activities and well attended by activists from across the county.

This included a city-wide (and beyond) Day of Action on Saturday 13 March, with campaigns against shops selling fur, foie gras and KFC, Greyhound Action, a demo against the 'great' British Circus, a vegan free food giveaway & McDonalds demo and a mass hunt sab. Following the day's campaigning, French Living have pledged to discontinue the sale of foie gras and thanks to the presence of Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs and many friends, no foxes were killed by the Grove and Rufford Hunt, on the last day of their season. Meanwhile residents at Waddington, near Lincoln, have pledged that the Great British Circus will never return.

On Sunday, Notts Stop the BNP got news that Nick Griffin was to speak at the Nag's Head, Sutton-in-Ashfield. Due to the short notice only a few campaigners were able to make the hastily organised protest. Fortunately, three minibuses of animal rights activists arrived from the gathering arrived to show their opposition to the BNP.

Upcoming event; Animal Rights Summer Gathering, 27-30 August, near Northampton.

On the newswire: Report on protest against BNP Sutton meeting | KFC protest | Free Vegan food Giveaway at the AR Spring gathering | Nick Griffin vs animal rights | National Animal Rights Spring Gathering

Previous features: Another victory for anti-fur campaigners | Busy year for Nottingham hunt sabs | Nottingham Animal Rights get active

Links: Fur Free Nottingham | Greyhound Action in Nottingham | National Animal Rights Gathering | Nottingham Animal Rights | Nottingham Hunt Sabs | Notts Stop the BNP | Veggies | Notts Indymedia animal liberation newswire

SDAC Releases Schedule for Anticapitalathon

Boston, 19.03.2010 17:09

The Self Described Anarchist Collective is pleased to announce the schedule of events for the inaugural Anticapitalathon (TM) Games. The events will be held from April 23 through April 25 in Washington, DC, and are timed to coincide with the annual spring meetings of both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

A Special Gig for Pete

Rogue Valley, 19.03.2010 14:10

Talent, Oregon (3/15/10)--I don't watch mainstream TV much so couldn't have even told you that "Americas Got Talent" is a network program (ok, i admit it, i'm not up to speed on such happenings)... However this TV show got my attention when I learned that Southern Oregon's own Pete Herzog was gonna be filmed while he performed his music in downtown Talent, Oregon today. Attached are a couple photos to prove it happened.

Keep reading to see the notice sent out announcing "A Special Gig for Pete."

Local immigrant rights advocates to march on Washington for passage of CIR ASAP reform bill

United States, 19.03.2010 12:07

Immigrants' rights organizations are mobilizing for the Sunday, March 21 action in Washington, D.C. in support of CIR ASAP, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act for America's Security and Prosperity.  CIR ASAP offers a chance to reduce raids and deportations, provides paths to residency and citizenship for undocumented immigrants and creates a wide range of provisions for keeping families together throughout the immigration process.  What's more, it's a bill that treats immigrants as reasonable people coming to the US for reasonable and appropriate purposes, breaking with the usual US myths of immigrants as dangerous and other.  Naturally, it has the xenophobes and white supremacists frothing at the mouth.

Local activist groups Centro Campesino and the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network are raising funds to go to DC so that immigrants themselves and their allies can lobby directly for the bill.  MIRAc is hosting a discussion of the campaign on Sunday afternoon at 2pm at El Colegio Charter School. The bill is a complicated one, pairing citizenship opportunities for undocumented immigrants, labor rights and greater security for immigrant families with increased border militarization and closer connections between federal, state and local police.  

Related: MN Mujeres en Liderazgo driver's license bill facing critical hearing Thursday


Argentina, 19.03.2010 09:09

"Exigimos la cárcel para los asesinos de Chocobar"

From the Newswire

Perth, 19.03.2010 04:39

The Copenhagen Fiasco: An Eyewitness Report

&quot;Jail for Sleep&quot; Hearing for Two Homeless Musicians

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.03.2010 04:38

Homeless musicians Anna Richardson and Miguel de Leon face 15 days in jail, 240 hours of community service, and fines of thousands of dollars for violating a court order banning them from sleeping at night after 11pm (the City's Sleeping Ban) in the downtown area of Santa Cruz. A contempt of court hearing is being held on Friday, March 19th at 9am, three months before the formal hearing on a permanent injunction.

March 28 Indybay Orientation

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.03.2010 04:08

On Sunday, March 28, Indybay will hold an orientation from 4-6 p.m. at Wheeler Hall Room 220 on the UC Berkeley campus. The orientation is intended to be for those interested in learning about the site and getting involved in media production and editorial work. Volunteers will demonstrate how to publish text, photos, audio, video, and much more, including how stories get made into center column features.

Latino Media Collective Show 3-17-10

DC, 19.03.2010 01:10

DHS Attempts to Implement "Secure Communities" Program in DC Downloadable Audio

Why Teachers Unions Matter

DC, 19.03.2010 01:10

OBAMA'S "RACE TO THE TOP" PICKS UP WHERE BUSH LEFT OFF, "CARPET-BOMBS" PUBLIC EDUCATION Nowadays a newspaper cannot be opened — or a TV turned on — without one being subjected to anti-teacher misinformation. The anti-teacher hysteria looks diverse on the surface, but underneath, this public controversy seeks to dislodge teachers unions: the right-wing trashes teachers’ unions outright, while the “liberal” media takes a more subtle, sophisticated approach, blaming the state of public education on “bad teachers” who must be fired and replaced. Both styles are the same in essence.

Single-Payer Activists Ambush, Rip New One Out Of Conyers, Dean

DC, 19.03.2010 01:10

SINGLE PAYER ACTION REPORTS: In the wake of the Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) flip-flop and flameout this morning, single payer activists were in no mood for lecturing from Howard Dean and John Conyers (D-Michigan). At a gathering on Capitol Hill earlier today, Dean had just started in on his talk – titled “Why This is the Moment for Reform?” – when single payer activists began criticizing him for supporting Obama’s health care legislation. Dean wrote in December that the Senate bill would do “more harm than good” and that if he were a Senator, he would vote against it. Single Payer Action’s Russell Mokhiber accused Dean of being a “shill for the biotech industry.” Over the past year, Dean has been with the corporate law firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge – representing biotech companies seeking to defeat regulation of biologic medicines… VIDEO streaming out of YouTube, 06:44

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