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Resistência popular e repressão golpista em Honduras

CMI Brasil, 26.03.2010 21:37


Hank Skinner Stay

Houston, 26.03.2010 20:08

Supreme Court gives Hank Skinner a Stay

Worker Solidarity Protest at Harvard

Boston, 26.03.2010 20:07

On Thursday, March 25th at 5 PM, nearly 70 protesters converged at 1350 Massachusetts Ave. in front of Harvard's Holyoke Center administration building to protest Harvard's policies toward its employees. The protest was called by a group of Harvard United Clerical and Technical Workers Union members.

Support Joel Dow Demo!

Portland, 26.03.2010 19:22

There has been a call out for a demonstration on behalf of Joel at the Multnomah Detention Center in downtown Portland: 1120 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Portland @ 3pm tomorrow- Friday March 26th! Bring signs! We have tons of fliers/pins/stickers to hand out tomorrow.
Spread the word!

In solidarity!

Defeat in Victory: the Democrats' Health Care Bill

DC, 26.03.2010 16:53

What looks like a big victory for Obama and the Democrats may be their greatest undoing. It’s true that the passage of Obama’s health care bill represents a significant political victory for the Democrats. But sometimes a battle won could equal a lost war. It’s telling that Obama had so much trouble in getting his own party to pass the bill on a simple majority basis: the bill was so blatantly watered down with the corporate hose that anyone with their name attached to it feared future electoral doom.

A Confluence of Interests: Jack Evans, Patton Boggs and Northrop Grumman

DC, 26.03.2010 16:53

In his capacity as chair of the Committee on Finance and Revenue, Councilmember Jack Evans is pushing through massive deals which provide huge sums of public funding for the benefit of private interests. With the city facing massive budget cuts that will likely disproportionately impact the most vulnerable, Mr. Evans' dealmaking is problematic. What's possibly even worse is that the very corporations Mr. Evans is enriching - which include Marriott hotels and the defense contractor Northrop Grumman - may be clients of the law/lobbying firm Patton Boggs, which Mr. Evans works for. Mr. Evans' actions, which may amount to a conflict of interest and a violation of the Council's rules, need to be the subject of an ethics investigation, which is long overdue.

FORECLOSURE WARS -- Do not lose your home!

Rogue Valley, 26.03.2010 14:50

We have scheduld another homeowner workshop for foreclosure defense in Central Point
SUNDAY March 28, 2010; 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

"If you are in foreclosure you are not alone. We are getting traction on this foreclosure disaster—We have gotten some of our foreclosures stopped and cancelled and are obtaining transparency on our loan issues in Jackson County so we can put together smart foreclosure defenses." --Southern Oregon Homeowners Foreclosure Support Group

Workshop: Getting Traction
Date: Sunday, March 28 2010
Time: 1:00 p.m.— 5:00 p.m.
Location: Central Point (TBA)
Pre-Registration Code: KT
Donation: $20.00 per household (no children please). Covers cost to put on the program; no one will be turned away.
RSVP: 541-664-8332

Please pass this along to anyone you feel would benefit from this informative workshop.

Site of New UK Coal Open Cast Mine Occupied in Fife

United Kingdom, 26.03.2010 13:49

On Sunday night twenty five activists occupied the site of the Blair House Open Cast Coal Site in solidarity with near-by communities and in direct intervention of the environmental destruction that it will cause. Contractors have been felling trees on the site over the past week, and activists have moved in to stop this work and put an end to UK Coal's plans for mining the Black Wood Wildlife site.

Coal Action Scotland | Black Wood Solidarity Camp | Defend Huntington Lane
From the Newswire:
Eviction Papers | Camp Needs Support | Wrekin Wrecking Coal Hole | Mainshill Camp

ROZBRAT zostaje!

Poland, 26.03.2010 12:40

Dziś o godzinie 10.00 w poznańskim Sądzie Rejonowym, miała odbyć się licytacja jednaj z działek, na której znajduje się skłot Rozbrat. Do aukcji nikt jednak nie przystąpił, teren nie został sprzedany! W związku z faktem, że była to już druga licytacja tego gruntu, na którą nikt się nie zgłosił, prawo zakupu działki po cenie wywołania (3.808.514 zł) ma teraz główny wierzyciel (Mazowiecki Bank Regionalny), analitycy związani z rynkiem nieruchomości twierdzą jednak, że taki scenariusz jest mało prawdopodobny. Procedura związana z wystawieniem do kolejnej licytacji, może rozpocząć się dopiero za rok.

Tensión en Plaza San Martín

Argentina, 26.03.2010 09:09

Fossil Fools Day 2010

Perth, 26.03.2010 03:10

Fossil Fools Day 2010

Minutemen Call It Quits

Arizona, 26.03.2010 03:07

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Announces Plans to Cease Operations, Dissolve Organization

Building Bridges Radio: Breaking the Gaza Blockade with MP George Galloway

NYC, 26.03.2010 02:39

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg


Colombia, 26.03.2010 01:39

Lançado o blog da Rede de Comunicadores pela Reforma Agrária

CMI Brasil, 26.03.2010 00:37


RED CROSS UNDER FIRE! Where's The Money For Haiti?

NYC, 25.03.2010 23:09

“We have been on the ground and we know the people are in need of shelter. The money collected by the Red Cross for Haiti is not getting there. We are tired of the excuses. That's our blood down there and our money. We demand immediate shelters for our people,”

Fee Policy Protest at UC Regents Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.03.2010 22:39

On March 23rd, students from across the UC system protested the UC Regents meeting at UCSF Mission Bay and their proposal to rewrite the UC's fee policies with little to no public input. Currently, a student can reasonably expect that the fee levels when one enters school will stay consistent throughout one's education. However, the new policy would give the Board of Regents the right to "establish fees at any level it deems appropriate." This new policy will have implications for the future accessibility of the UC system.

No to Proposition 16 PG&amp;E Power Grab

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.03.2010 22:09

On Tuesday, March 23rd some San Francisco Board of Supervisors, community groups and local residents held a press conference on the steps of City Hall to denounce the "lies and manipulations" in Pacific Gas and Electric' mailers and television commercials over Proposition 16. Supervisors also took this time to re-iterate their commitment to Clean Power SF, which is a plan adopted in 2007 that will set San Francisco on the path to using clean renewable energy from cheaper sources.

Chris Chandler &amp; Paul Benoit concert Saturday

Rogue Valley, 25.03.2010 20:40

Chris Chandler & Paul Benoit concert
Special guest and Ashland favorite performer Frankie Hernandez opens the show.
Saturday, 03/27/2010 -- 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Headwaters Environmental Center, 84 Fourth St., Ashland
Admission is $10 suggested donation.
Presented by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

Chandler and Benoit have performed on thousands of stages, working with such diverse figures as Allen Ginsberg to Mojo Nixon and Pete Seeger to Ani DiFranco. The duo's shows in the Rogue Valley are far too infrequent and always unique and not-to-be-missed. For more information, call 541-301-2924.

Benefit Party in Scotts Valley for War Objector Marc Hall

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.03.2010 19:39

Army Spc. Marc Hall, who had been jailed in Georgia county jails since December 12, 2009 for producing an angry hip-hop song about "stoploss" was placed on a military flight bound for Iraq on the night of February 26, 2010. The Army has made it clear that Marc will face a General Courts Martial that could result in years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. Local musicians, artists, and GI rights supporters are coming together in benefit of Marc Hall on Friday, March 26th in Scotts Valley.

Milícia armada da Aracruz mata trabalhador rural na Bahia

CMI Brasil, 25.03.2010 18:07


Nueva embestida hacia los asambleistas de Catamarca

Argentina, 25.03.2010 13:39


Colombia, 25.03.2010 05:51

Comunidad de paz 13 años


Colombia, 25.03.2010 05:10


Estudiantes de la EMA-ULA intervienen edificio y exigen que se les adjudique como sede

Venezuela, 25.03.2010 04:37

La Escuela de Medios Audiovisuales (EMA) de la ULA, pese a ser la única que ofrece carreras relacionadas con el quehacer cinematográfico en el país, no cuenta con sede propia desde su creación, de la que ya han transcurrido casi 12 años.


Argentina, 25.03.2010 03:39

Represión en la marcha de los derechos humanos


Argentina, 25.03.2010 03:39

Represión en la marcha de los derechos humanos


Argentina, 25.03.2010 03:39

Represión en la marcha de los derechos humanos


Arizona, 25.03.2010 03:37

Demonstrators Hold Banner Stating "War is Not a Show"

JWJ demo

Cleveland, 25.03.2010 03:08

Cleveland Jobs with Justice joins National Day of Action

Tribunal Supremo ratifica victoria de los trabajadores

Puerto Rico, 24.03.2010 22:40

Gobierno no podrá despedir empleados de Comisión de Relaciones del Trabajo

7mo aniversario de la Guerra

Puerto Rico, 24.03.2010 22:40

Manifestación en el Día Internacional de Denuncia a la Guerra

Programa de Bellas Artes en escuelas

Puerto Rico, 24.03.2010 22:40

EDUCAMOS apoya maestros(as) de Bellas Artes

Portland Queers Take To The Streets Against Police

Portland, 24.03.2010 16:39

Dirty anarchists queers of Portland, OR, alongside other anarchists, have spent the last two nights in the streets exploring the rupture caused by the second murder by the Portland Police in as many months. We have been engaged in direct confrontation with the force of the police state while sharing our rage at our social conditions and the organized campaign of violence enacted upon our city by the armed enforcers of the Totality.

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A Clarification on "Cascadia Convergence Networks March" post on the update wire

CCN takes no ownership over the march or anyother actions or decisons of the individuals at the peoples assemblys called in response to the second murder in 2 months by the Portland Police Department. The decision to march was arrived at by the peoples assembly earlier today and not CCN. In our comunique we intened to get the word out about the peoples assembly and regret the mis-communication that we possibly had ownership of the peoples decision to march. Again this was not our march rather it was a response to the recent waves of police violence community members who participated in the assembly felt was necessary.

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I-5 Banner Drop- "Police Murder Again. This Must End. Take Action!"

Read More >>>

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Shell ignores the law but gets campaigners jailed

Ireland, 24.03.2010 13:09

This week as it was revealed in the Irish Times th ...


Oost-Vlaanderen, 24.03.2010 13:08

17april: @lternatieve Boekenbeurs

IMF Resistance Consulta April 3rd

Boston, 24.03.2010 11:09

Come to the Lucy Parsons Center for an afternoon of consultations, trainings, and food! Organizers from Washington, DC will be in town to talk about the Anticapitalathon Games, aka the anti-IMF/World Bank protests, on April 23 - 25. At the Lucy Parsons Center, 549 Columbus Avenue, Boston, April 3 at 2 PM.

Londyn: policja zapłaci odszkodowanie za nielegalny nalot

Poland, 24.03.2010 07:40

Londyńska policja może być zmuszona do wypłacenia aktywistom do £250,000 odszkodowania, po tym jak zmuszona była przyznać, ze brutalny nalot na centrum zbiorcze Climate Camp dokonany 2 kwietnia ubiegłego roku, dzień po protestach przeciw G20, był nielegalny.

Portland Police Abuse Protest for Police Accountability 3/23/10

Portland, 24.03.2010 07:39

Chinese Report Documents Human Rights Disaster In The United States

DC, 24.03.2010 07:10

POT, MEET KETTLE The United States is the only country in the world that claims to be superior in every aspect, especially in human rights, and that lie is again exposed, this time by a report from China on the United States, all from US sources. The US is in fact a stinking cesspool, the most backward country in the industrialized world.

Anarchists at thursday's No Layoffs rally at Harvard

Boston, 24.03.2010 04:09

The Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement is calling on our friends and comrades to join us at the rally for Harvard Workers, March 25, 5pm at the Holyoke Center, a Harvard Administration Building (1350 Mass. Ave, next to Au Bon Pain, steps from the Harvard T).

profesorul, intre umilinta si bani

Romania, 23.03.2010 21:07

Legea care prevede majorarea salariilor profesorilor din învăţământul preuniversitar cu 50% a trecut, marţi, de parlament. În ultima lună de activitate legislativă, deputaţii au aprobat în unanimitate ordonanţa 15/2008 cu amendamentele propuse de PSD. După ce actul va fi promulgat de preşedintele României, salariile ar trebui să crească începând cu 1 noiembrie 2008.

exploatarea muncitorilor imigranti in romania

Romania, 23.03.2010 20:07

In prezent mii de muncitori straini lucreaza in Romania, suferind de pe urma atitudinii exploatatoare a companiilor angajatoare care ii forteaza sa lucreze ore suplimentare, refuzand sa ii plateasca si santajandu-i cu desfacerea contractelor de munca si deportarea. In absenta existentei unor structuri care sa le protejeze drepturile, acestia sunt nevoiti sa se descurce pe cont propriu...

&quot;Der Kapitalismus ist die Katastrophe&quot;

Germany, 23.03.2010 17:39

Santiago de Chile. In den frühen Morgenstunden des 27. Februar erschütterte ein Erdbeben weite Teile Chiles. Mehr als 500 Menschen kamen dabei bisher zu Tode, Tausende werden nach wie vor vermisst. Das Beben ließ ganze Städte in Trümmern zurück, Hunderttausende wurden obdachlos. Die Grundversorgung im Krisengebiet ist zusammengebrochen und in weiten Teilen nach wie vor nicht wiederhergestellt. Ein Tsunami verwüstete zahlreiche küstennahe Städte.
Die staatlichen Autoritäten offenbarten ein durch und durch krisenreiches Krisenmanagement.
Infos [de]: Plünderungen und Repressionen | Propaganda als Benefiz | Repressionen nach der Katastrophe | Amtswechsel in Chile | Interviews: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Infos [es]: Hommodolars: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] | IMC Santiago: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] | IMC Chile-Sur: [1] [2] | El Mostrador: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] | El Cuidadano: [1] | interaktive Karte von El Mercurio
IMCs in Chile: IMC Santiago | IMC Chile-Sur | IMC Valparaíso

CIR march on East Side ONA

Houston, 23.03.2010 16:09

March For Dignity and Reform on Houston's East Side in Solidarity with March on DC

Exigen puestos de trabajo

Argentina, 23.03.2010 16:09

Cooperativas sin punteros

Convocatorias a marcha 24

Argentina, 23.03.2010 15:39

A 34 años del golpe civico militar

Emergency Response to another Police Murder

Portland, 23.03.2010 07:39

There are about fifty people currently gathered (as of 9:45pm) at Colonel Summers Park on 20th and Burnside. Community members angered at ongoing murders by police will be marching to send a message--we refuse to take it anymore.

OTHER ARTICLES: Portland Police kill again! March on the South Precint!

População ocupa audiência pública contra Plano Diretor da prefeitura

CMI Brasil, 23.03.2010 01:37

En coincidencia con un nuevo aniversario del histórico plebiscito en Esquel

Argentina, 23.03.2010 01:09

XII Encuentro de la Union de Asambleas Ciudadanas

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