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Crossing Into Juarez with the International Caravan for Justice

Portland, 08.11.2004 10:29

A Portland indymedia videographer accompanied the West Coast leg of the International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua City. On October 31 the Caravan marched across the border between El Paso, USA and Juarez, Mexico to demand justice in the cases of approximately 400 murdered women, cases neglected and mis-investigated by Mexican authorities. This is part 2 in a series of reports about the Caravan, which visited dozens of cities in the US and Canada and spent 6 days in Mexico meeting with authorities and the family members of the dead.

[ More from Steev | Mexico Solidarity Network ]


Houston, 08.11.2004 09:52

Breaking News from Fallujah

Black Box Voting makes appeal for help in exposing vote fraud before Electoral College is seated

Portland, 08.11.2004 09:27

report after report after report of vote fraud and hardly a ripple in the mainstream media. reports of reporters being "shutdown", reports of reporters being "threatened". we the people are on are own now.

You're our greatest hope. If you choose to accept it, your job is to spread the word in order to build a fast-growing grass roots movement -- a voting integrity project so powerful that it cannot be mowed down.

CRUNCH THE NUMBERS: Discrepancies please, and hurry. E-mail them to . Pass the word. Need source documents, too. ASAP. Follow your nose, or join the Black Box Scavenger Hunt: Pick a county. Look at small counties, as we are seeing many discrepancies in those. Look in any state. Get the official number of registered voters, Dem and Republican. Get the number of votes cast on Nov. 2, Republican and Dem... We can find out a lot from this procedure, very hard data, that will make a real difference. As soon as you have finished a county, e-mail it to us. Do as many counties as you can.

read more >>PDF about sElection fraud from portland indymedia stories to print & distributePeople have been saying it would be cool to have something about the sElection fraud to print out and distribute to people. I whipped this thing out today as fast as I could. It's not an official indymedia publication or anything like that, but it's got great info, is laid out clearly, doesn't have any misspellings (i'm pretty sure!) and says a lot in a small amount of space. Please download it, print it out, make copies, and distribute wherever you can! Bus-stops, inside corporate newspapers in their boxes, in cafes, to people on the street, on telephone polls, in bathrooms -- everywhere!

I highly encourage other people to make their own flyers/posters/news-sheets, too. The more the merrier. I'm hoping this will encourage other folks to do stuff too. This one is local-to-Portland as it has a story about the protests downtown, and takes some slams at the corporate media for ignoring everything. Anyway, [ download away! ]


related: [ Must read: "None dare call it voter suppression and fraud" | The Election was Stolen; How we know & Why it matters | florida and the machines a breakdown | ohio again | Evidence Mounts That the Vote May Have Been Hacked | more from union county florida | Bush Regime Maintains Power Through Electoral Fraud | Florida's Broward County ES&S Vote Machines Programmed to COUNT BACKWARDS at 32,000 | the results of a day on the computer ]

IndyConference: Austin, TX Feb 18th-20th

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.11.2004 07:36

The Austin Indymedia Collective would like to formally invite you to an IMC gathering. IndyConference is a skill-share/conference/network building event to be held in Austin, Texas February 18th-20th, 2005.

IndyConference seeks to bring together Indymedia activists from across the continent to discuss our progress as a media democracy movement, as well as look at ways we can improve our content and effectiveness as a radical media network. As a collaborative and participatory media project, we see the need to come together and form new directions for our movement. This conference is meant to be both a celebration and introspection of our work as media activists and our methods for how we have accomplished to date. We still have many challenges to overcome if we are to truly be a viable and sustainable radical media network.

[ IndyConference I Austin Independent Media Center ]

6th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance

Michigan, 08.11.2004 05:19

In memory of people killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice in the previous year.

The Transgender Advocacy Project of the Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project (WRAP) and the Univeristy of Michigan (UM) Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Affairs (LGBTA) present the 6th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Saturday, November 20th, 2004 UM Michigan League 911 N. University (at Fletcher St.) Ann Arbor, Michigan

&quot;Ολυμπιακό&quot; ΛΟΝΔΙΝΟ: μαθήματα από την εμπειρία της Αθήνας

Thessaloniki, 08.11.2004 04:48

18 Νεκροί Εργάτες Κάνουν Μια Καλή Ολυμπιακή Πόλη

Social Justice Film Series - &quot;Two Towns of Jasper&quot;

Madison, 08.11.2004 04:10

On June 7, 1998, a sleepy east Texas town awoke to the news of a horrifying crime. Early that Sunday morning, James Byrd Jr., an African-American, was viciously beaten, chained to the back of a pick-up truck, and dragged for three miles to his death. Three men, John William King, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and Shawn Berry - all with ties to the Aryan Nation - were arrested and charged with kidnapping and murder. Two Towns of Jasper is a collaborative documentary between a black and a white filmmaker, with the producers using segregated crews to document the town of Jasper over the course of the trials of the three men charged with dragging Mr. Byrd to his death.

Chicago protest documentary &quot;Where We Stood&quot; wins Emmy nomination

Chicago, 08.11.2004 03:33

Emmy Nominee The noted local documentary "Where We Stood" -- a chronicle of the historic March 20, 2003 Chicago protests against War in Iraq -- has earned a Chicago Emmy nomination. The nomination stands as a testament to the film's four producers and contributors (with numerous ties to Chicago Indymedia), as well as everyone who was involved with the film and the protest.

Read More | National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences -- Chicago /Midwest Chapter

Resist the Unacceptable

Madison, 08.11.2004 02:14

The mandate is a myth. The election was stolen. America is now a country under occupation by an illegal regime. It is our patriotic duty to resist.

Maxxam/PL faces new lawsuits

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2004 01:40

Maxxam/Pacific Lumber found itself facing two new lawsuits


Argentina, 08.11.2004 00:11

Lakeview, Oregon: A New Ecomomy of Mercenaries and Prison

Portland, 07.11.2004 23:04

I spent much time in this tiny Eastern Oregon desert town. I have seen much change sweep over the town, but the newest "economic development" scam will change the landscape and the people forever. A new player in town is a mercenary training school. Along with the new prison, the town will likely be a new frontier in the emerging USA police state.

Lakeview politicians have had plans before. In the fifties they encouraged the nuclear weapons industry to come mine the heavy veins of uranium. The mining companies came to town for a short time. They discovered the veins of Uranium were not that deep. They left town quickly leaving behind piles of uranium tailings that blew across the farmland and town contaminating everything. People in the town, including the children began to experience high levels of leukemia: cancer of the blood. The whole dirty story was hushed up. The towns people did not want to loose the summer tourist trade.

Now the powers that be have a new economic plan for this dying town. Prisons and mercenaries.

North Western Wisconsin district to teach more than evolution

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 07.11.2004 22:47

GRANTSBURG, Wisconsin (AP) -- School officials have revised the science curriculum to allow the teaching of creationism, prompting an outcry from more than 300 educators who urged that the decision be reversed


Brasil, 07.11.2004 21:50

Sem-teto ocupam prédio em SP: situação muito tensa

We Demand! Radio - 11/05

Madison, 07.11.2004 21:32

We Demand! Radio airs every Friday, 5-6pm on 91.7FM WSUM Madison Student Radio. News and commentary on the left end of your radio dial. On this week's show, the We Demand! crew discusses various tactics and options after the the recent elections. Callers also offer support and advice to activists across the country.

Amy Goodman Speaks to a Full House

San Diego, 07.11.2004 21:08

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! spoke to a sold out crowd at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, Friday, November 5. Though Democracy Now! is not officially broadcast on the commercial or public radio stations in San Diego the power of Goodman’s journalism has reached many. The church was filled to capacity with the audience spilling into the choir loft and sitting along the walls and on the stage. Goodman was repeatedly interrupted by applause from the audience. Following the speech a group convened to begin efforts to bring Democracy Now! to the San Diego market.

Photos: 1, 2
Articles on Goodman event: 1, 2
Articles on 90.7 signal: 1, 2
Audio: 1

Sunday Oregonian Commentary section reads like a transcript from Fox News

Portland, 07.11.2004 20:52

This Sunday's Oregonian made the Presidential election and the 72% disappointment rate among Portland area voters front page, second only to a coverage recap of the Ducks and Beavers action from Saturday. I couldn't resist exchanging six quarters for the grid-iron action that must be taking place within in the Commentary pages inside. What's more, I thought I'd give the Karl Rove's of the world my own invisible middle-finger by ordering a mucho grande latte, made more liberal by an extra shot of espresso. Bush may have stolen another election, but this is Portland, Oregon, and our little bastion of free thinking is now getting dug in for its own Christmas in Bastogne.

Unfortunately, The Oregonian continues to sink to new lows in editorial journalism. The Sunday (after the election) Commentary reads like a transcript of Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes," a semi pulp fiction in which the left is so skewed to the right, that the center of the argument essentially ends up being somewhere between moderate Republican and extreme Republican.

Associate Editor Doug Bates mocks Portland's progressive community by calling it an extension of Canada.

Activist killed in anti-nuke protest.

United Kingdom, 07.11.2004 20:17

A train carrying "Castors" of nuclear waste from France to Germany ran over a protestor who had chained himself to the tracks, severing one of his legs.Paramedics offered him emergency treatment and tried to get him to surgery but he died before reaching hospital.

The 23-year-old lay down and chained himself to the track as the train passed near the town of Avricourt, eastern France. The train was carrying nuclear waste being sent back to Germany after reprocessing in northern France and had already been delayed for two hours while police cut free two other protesters who had chained themselves to a section of track.

Thousands of demonstrators have been gathering since the train set off on Saturday from the La Hague reprocessing plant in Valognes, north-western France, on its journey to the German town of Dannenberg.

From Dannenberg the trains' 12 containers - holding 175 metric tons of atomic waste - are due to be shipped to a nearby dump at Gorleben, 12km away.

The French protests followed a protest by 10,000 people at the Gorleben site in Saturday.

Background to Castor protests.

Se ratifica y crece la toma en la UNCo

Argentina, 07.11.2004 20:15

Se ratifica y crece la toma en la UNCo

Four Days in November

Pittsburgh, 07.11.2004 20:10

Four Days in November

Se ratifica y crece la toma en la UNCo

Argentina, 07.11.2004 20:03

Se ratifica y crece la toma en la UNCo

Video The Vote - Documentation from Cleveland Polls

Michigan, 07.11.2004 19:24

This Time We WERE Watching

Video report on voters' experiences in Cleveland on election day: [ (same file, different sources) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

From Video The Vote: "Our thanks to People for the American Way and Election Protection. My apologies to the Jayhawks for not clearing the music first. (I'm still waiting to hear back, their rights person is in transit, I'll do it next week). The decision to go ahead was mine. This was shot by a dedicated group of 20 volunteer filmmakers, but any faults in the editing or focus of this video are my responsibility. The organizers of the trip will release a longer selection of statements by voters who had problems voting."


LA, 07.11.2004 19:23



LA, 07.11.2004 18:37

ANOTHER STOLEN ELECTION? - Was your vote counted?

Lessons of the 2004 Elections

Michigan, 07.11.2004 18:33

George Bush has been re-elected. Workers in the United States and around the world will suffer another four years of Bush. Why was Bush re-elected? What lessons can workers learn from the struggle against Bush in the election? What is the road forward?

see also: Nader post-election statement

Puppetmaster and Editor David Solnit in Atlanta Nov 11 with new book Globalize Liberation

Atlanta, 07.11.2004 18:23

Globalize Liberation Roadshow presents Book Release Celebration and Discussion with puppetmaster David Solnit. #media_7181;right# Thursday, November 11, 7 pm @ American Friends Service Committee (92 Piedmont Ave, corner of J.W.Dobbs, downtown Atlanta) Please join us for a discussion and booksigning with David Solnit, puppetmaster and editor of the new book “Globalize Liberation”. PLUS- logistics for School of the Americas Protest (Nov. 20-21) Copies of the book will be available. Free!! Refreshments provided.

The Importance of Gay Marriage?

Portland, 07.11.2004 18:04

A critical analysis of the topic of gay marriage needs to take place. On November 2nd, the gays and lesbians were told by a straight people through a straight government that their relationships didn't fall into their category of normalcy and they wouldn't be validated. Queers can either accept this and go back to the way life was before marriage and think 'well, it was worth a shot,' or we can move on to the next step.


Documents reveal voting system test lab omitted test for tamperability

Michigan, 07.11.2004 18:02

Freedom of Information requests at Black Box Voting have unearthed two Ciber certification reports indicating that security and tamperability was NOT TESTED and that several state elections directors, a secretary of state, and Dr. Britain Williams signed off on the report anyway, certifying it.

Electoral Challenges for the Peace Movement

Hudson Mohawk, 07.11.2004 16:36

The peace community not only lost the 2004 Presidential election, it largely supported a candidate and party that argued they could do a better job in finishing up the invasion of Iraq and creating the global American corporate empire. Never again can the peace movement be so marginalized, while actively supporting policies that it opposes. As the bombs rain down on Falluja, Kerry and the Democratic Party are silent, refusing to call for peace.

From the Newswires

Perth, 07.11.2004 11:59

Alcoa records eighth refinery spill in 5 months

Bush Regime Maintains Power Through Electoral Fraud

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.11.2004 09:11

Electric voting machines in a precinct in Columbus, Ohio gave George W. Bush 3,893 votes while giving John Kerry 260. Yet only 638 ballots were cast. This is according to Matthew Damschroder, director of the Franklin County Board of Elections.

An indication of how widespread this problem may have been may be found in the exit polls in Ohio. All of this data taken by different networks showed Kerry the winner of the election in this key state.

Yet the corporate media giant of CNN went so far as to change these polling results in the early morning hours between 1:05 AM and 6:41 AM. The network had the data broken down by gender showing Kerry the winner at 1:05 AM. At that time Kerry was shown to have a lead of 53 percent among women to 47 percent for Bush, and similarly 51 percent of men voted for Kerry with only 49 percent voting for Bush. Suddenly at 6:41 AM CNN turned these polling results on their head with a 50 – 50 split between Kerry and Bush among women and 52 percent of men voting for Bush and only 47 percent voting for Kerry.

[ Liberation News ]

Video/foto hilites, DAWN and others peace demo, Nov 6 '04

DC, 07.11.2004 08:59

Another zesty militant pro-peace and democracy crowd converges at Dupont Circle this time, and marches to the White House, on the way engulfing and swarming past a helpless motorcycle cop whose PA squawker wouldn't work so that he was unable to demand that we get on the sidewalk.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Cause Arctic to Melt, Sea Levels to Rise

Portland, 07.11.2004 07:53

While we're all in hysterics over the sElection here in the States, the state of the World moves on, in a way that wouldn't have been different if Kerry were to have been selected. Check out this feature article from Melbourne (Australia) Indmedia:

The Arctic ice cap is melting at an unprecedented rate due to human induced global warming, according to a new study conducted by 300 scientists and elders from native communities in the arctic. Over the last 30 years the ice cap has shrunk 15-20 per cent. With the build up of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, the trend is set to accelerate with forecasts that by the summer of 2070 there maybe no ice at all.

Testemunho de desilusão de um desempregado em Portugal

Portugal, 07.11.2004 07:37

Testemunho de desilusão de um desempregado em Portugal

N6 Update on Arrestees

Portland, 07.11.2004 07:07

We've been here since 11:30am, providing jail support for todays' noontime rally. There were three arrests today, two at the start of the rally at Pioneer Sq and one under the Burnside Bridge near Saturday market. It is now 8:30pm and all three arrestees have been released. We sent a team of people to the Justice Center downtown in order to meet, greet and drive people home if they need a ride. We are concerned about the health and wellness of one of the arrestees in particular and we've made arrangements for the arrestee to be looked at by a nurse. If anyone has video or photographs of today's event, please send copies to either Alan Graf with the NW Constitutional Rights Center and/or the GDC of the IWW. Anyone that witnessed the arrests from today, we really need eye witness accounts emailed to us at

Our phone number is 503-234-4518. Please feel free to call or email us with questions or with any assistance you can offer. We can't do it without your help.

Yurimaguas En estado de emergencia

Peru, 07.11.2004 05:08

Declaran Estado de Emergencia en la Selva


Colombia, 07.11.2004 03:48

"Política antidrogas"... lejos del “éxito”

el enfermo

Colombia, 07.11.2004 03:46

Arafat... ¡Palestina Vencerá!


Colombia, 07.11.2004 03:30

Agresión contra las Universidades Públicas

ΙΤΑΛΙΑ: Επισφαλής εργασία και εκμετάλλευση

Thessaloniki, 07.11.2004 03:26

Κινητοποιήσεις των επισφαλώς εργαζομένων

postelecciones UNLP 2004

Argentina, 07.11.2004 02:41

Sabado 6 de Noviembre de 2004 | Resultados de las elecciones estudiantiles
¿Las apariencias engañan?

Space War

Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:06

Space Wars: Apocalypse Soon?


Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:04

CanWest Global Accused of Changing Context of Reuters Newswire Reports


Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:04

The FBI Raids

BK - in the can again

Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:03

Betty Krawczyk Gets Additional Six Months

BK - in the can again

Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:03

Betty Krawczyk Gets Additional Six Months


Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:01

Agriculture Canada's Investment in Monsanto GM Wheat


Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:01

Agriculture Canada's Investment in Monsanto GM Wheat

Tree of Life

Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:00

Rainforest Action Network & WC2 bring Tree of Life to Walbran Valley

Tree of Life

Victoria, 07.11.2004 01:00

Rainforest Action Network & WC2 bring Tree of Life to Walbran Valley

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