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Argentina, 04.04.2010 05:39

Masiva solidaridad con los trabajadores de prensa

Women in House of Correction in Boston resisting! Call in this week!

Boston, 04.04.2010 04:08

Women at South Bay prison are being served bug-infested food, are forced to live in flooded cells, and daily face unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Women are refusing meals and demanding that the situation immediately be put to rights.

Sea Lion Party and Faux Fish Fry in the Gorge

Portland, 03.04.2010 21:38

What: A sea lion party, faux fish fry, keg and educational Columbia River outing
When: Saturday, April 10th, 11:30 AM (Cool Bus will leave at noon, and return in Portland between 6 PM and 7 PM)
Where: Bus pick up at the IDA office, 1732 NE Alberta St.
RSVP: to or 503-249-9996

Mark your calendars and reserve your spot on the Cool Bus for a road trip party in the Columbia River Gorge with beer, food and friends! On Saturday, April 10th, In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Sea Lion Defense Brigade are hosting a chauffeured day of community building for the sea lion campaign on the Columbia River at the Bonneville Dam, complete with field discussions about the campaign, river ecology, salmon and sea lions with the breathtaking view of the gorge as the backdrop. The designated driver has all been arranged so we can safely share a keg of local micro brew and fire up the deep fryer for a faux fish fry feast with friends. You won't want to miss it so RSVP now for a seat on the bus today! Reserve your spot at or 503-249-9996.

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Solo Still Mourning the Dead Out on the Columbia

It was beautiful up on the Columbia today. The sun lit the edges of huge, dramatic clouds, and the jagged mountains above the dam were laced with snow. Down on the water, both Steller and California sea lions drifted through the jade green water, lazily blowing little puffs of steam out into the crisp morning air. As I sat there on the grassy bank above the water, with three other sea lion defenders, it was almost possible, at least momentarily, to forget the pain we had felt here on this very spot, only a few days before, as we watched two sea lions being hauled away to die.

But just across the water, almost hidden against the dark rocks beneath the wall along Cascades Island, we could see the dark form of a sea lion, silhouetted against gray concrete. This is Solo. We were sobered by the sound of his wailing cries. Growing less insistent now, he seems to be giving up. He went for some time without uttering a sound. But he never left the place of his lonely vigil, all through the day. Now and then, we would hear him and be reminded of what was lost here. He has refused to leave this spot for two days and nights, not even to eat. He watches the traps and calls out for the sea lions who will never return. Every now and then, Solo's song broke hauntingly through the bright day, a reminder of the sorrow that still hangs in the air here.

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BART Art Commemorates Palestine Land Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.04.2010 14:39

Over 150 unauthorized copies of a poster were hung in BART trains in the early morning of March 31st, replacing the usual advertisements. The stark black and white poster showed a woman clinging to an olive tree with a soldier lurking behind her in a jeep. The poster's tagline read "US Funded Israeli Apartheid."


Colombia, 03.04.2010 11:39

IndyTV Interview with Robert Hillary King, Black Panther and Only Freed Member of the Angola 3

Rochester, 03.04.2010 01:37

On April 11, 2009, Robert Hillary King, Black Panther and only freed member of the Angola 3, spoke to an audience at the First Universalist Church of Rochester. His talk touched on organizing in prison, his experiences with prison and solitary confinement for 29 years, his new book, From the Bottom of the Heap: The Autobiography of Black Panther Robert Hillary King, and the struggle to free the other two members of the Angola 3.

In 1970, a jury convicted Robert Hillary King (also known as Robert King Wilkerson) of a crime he did not commit and sentenced him to 35 years in prison. While locked inside Louisiana’s notorious Angola State Penitentiary, an 18,000-acre former slave plantation, he became a member of the Black Panther Party, organizing prisoners to improve conditions. In return, prison authorities beat him, starved him, and gave him life without parole after framing him for a second crime. He was thrown into solitary confinement, where he remained in a six-by-nine foot cell for 29 years as one of "the Angola 3." In 2001, the state of Louisiana grudgingly acknowledged his innocence and set him free.

IndyTV caught up with Mr. King and interviewed him before his speaking engagement.

Video: Watch the interview; click me.

Audio: King's Candy: A New Orleans Kitchen Vision

Related: Black Panther and Former Angola 3 Prisoner Robert Hillary King to Speak

A Convergence of Dreams: The Third Encuentro for Dignity &amp; Against Displacement

NYC, 02.04.2010 23:09

Rebel voices from throughout the world came together in East Harlem, New York at the Third New York City Encuentro for Dignity and Against Displacement. Hosted by Movement for Justice in El Barrio (Movement), more than 200 people and 40 organizations joined the gathering.

April 8-9 Days of Action against State Violence

Portland, 02.04.2010 21:38

From the Bay to the Sound: No More Police Killings!
West Coast Days of Action April 8-9
Oscar Grant, Aaron Campbell, and all the others: We Won't Forget!
Freedom for Joel Dow and Holly Works!

Organize protests and autonomous actions in your own city!

The only times the police have ever been held responsible for their murders is when we take to the streets and halt business as usual. Following the law, being peaceful, being quiet, has never discouraged police violence, because it is the function of the police to use violence against the exploited, against the oppressed, against those who fight back.

Huelga UPR 2010

Puerto Rico, 02.04.2010 16:10

UPR: Seamos intransigentes, hagamos lo posible; vencer

Caso de Crispín Castillo

Puerto Rico, 02.04.2010 16:10

¿Acaso se defendía Crispín Castillo?

La violencia en PR

Puerto Rico, 02.04.2010 16:10

Reflexiones sobre la violencia en Puerto Rico

Revisión al Código Civil

Puerto Rico, 02.04.2010 16:10

Exigen un Código Civil para tod@s

Anti-War Protesters Outside Obama Fundraiser-photos/video

Boston, 02.04.2010 13:09

Boston, MA.-April 1, 2010: About 100 anti-war protesters gathered outside the 60 State St. Building where Pres. Obama was appearing at a $500 a plate Democratic fundraiser.

BAAM Issue #32 April 2010

Boston, 02.04.2010 13:09

The April 2010 edition of the Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement Newsletter.

If I can't laugh, it's not my revolution

United Kingdom, 02.04.2010 09:09

Contrary to popular perception, activists are not a humourless bunch. Not completely anyway. To prove this point, this year's April Fools' Day saw a spate of unlikely claims appearing on Indymedia.

We announced that Notts Indymedia was entering "a new era of collaboration with the Northcliffe Group, owners of the Evening Post." This was to see "content taken from the Indymedia newswire appearing in the Post, opening up the radical message of Indymedia to a larger audience than ever before. In return Indymedia will be able to use images collected by the Post's team of roving cameramen." All nonsense of course. The Post won't event return our calls.

Meanwhile, council-watching blogger and regular Indymedia contributor Andy from NCC LOLs claimed that he was planning "to run for election to Nottingham City Council in 2011 on an 'anti-sleaze' ticket." An annual celebration of the 1831 Reform Riots was to be a central plank of his manifesto. At least one local councillor fell for it.

On the newswire: NCCLols is standing for Election | Notts Indymedia announces new collaboration

Previous features: No case to answer after Notts E.On protest | Fossil Fools Take On E.ON In Nottingham

Link: Wikipedia on April Fools' Day

A 34 años del Golpe genocida

Argentina, 02.04.2010 03:39

Miles de personas marcharon a Plaza de Mayo

Thousands get &quot;PEPCO&quot; letters promising Green Energy, no rate hikes.

DC, 02.04.2010 03:10

The Greenwash Guerillas strike again! On Fossil Fools Day, the first of April, several thousand PEPCO customers received letters promising a switch by 2020 to 100% renewable energy, no more MTR coal, and the cancellation of proposed rate hikes, along with a phone number to call PEPCO

Marching for the Future of Public Education

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.04.2010 02:38

On March 29th, Teachers for Class War interviewed students and teachers marching up the Central Valley from Bakersfield to Sacramento. They are making their voices heard to protect funding for public education in California, from kindergarten through university. The Teachers spoke with Jenn, Manny, Clay, Naomi, and Jose about why they're marching.


Argentina, 02.04.2010 01:09

El Grupo Uno despide e intimida


Argentina, 02.04.2010 00:39

El Grupo Uno despide e intimida


Argentina, 02.04.2010 00:39

Escepticismo ante la actuación policial


Argentina, 02.04.2010 00:39

Escepticismo ante la actuación policial


Argentina, 02.04.2010 00:39

El Grupo Uno despide e intimida

Demonstracja antyfaszystowska w Białymstoku

Poland, 01.04.2010 22:40

24 kwietnia 2010 w Białymstoku odbędzie się antyrasistowska i demonstracja organizowana przez grupę Antifa Wildeast, mająca być odpowiedzią na szerzenie się ideologii nacjonalistycznej oraz nazistowskiej. Organizatorzy zapraszają do udziału. Start
niedaleko kościoła św. Rocha o godz.14.00

Op-ed: A student perspective on Monday's protest

Portland, 01.04.2010 21:39

Upset over the local media's portrayals of Monday's protestors, this student writes her perspective of her involvement in the protest.
On Monday evening, I was a student leaving my graduate-level class to meet my boyfriend in the Smith Memorial Student Union. I was tired from a full day of work and then my first class of the term and just wanted to go home and relax.

Four hours later, I was being called a "violent anarchist" on all of the major local news shows.

Fight the Corporate Media!

Portland, 01.04.2010 21:39

Now's the time to get our side of the story out! Folks we must begin printing thousands of our communiqués getting the word out about this past week of amazing community resistance to the brutal police force. Anyone can write a communiqué about their experience, thoughts and perspectives. Its easy!It doesn't have to be the most beautiful or length piece either. It can be a simple note that takes two minutes to write. The important thing is that you get your thoughts on paper and personally hand them out to another human being.

Keep Nestle Out of the Columbia Gorge

Portland, 01.04.2010 21:39

On Monday, March 29, 2010, Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge, a coalition of environmental and social justice organizations led by the consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch, launched a coordinated campaign to prevent Nestle Waters North America from opening a water bottling facility in Cascade Locks.

Solo the Sea Lion Mourns on the Banks of the Columbia

Portland, 01.04.2010 21:39

The last couple days have been really difficult at the Sea Wolf outpost. A couple nights ago, during an evening patrol, I was walking along the bank when I saw a couple sea lions swimming together in the river. I've been out observing the government's trapping, hazing, and killing program for the last couple weeks so I've been watching the sea lions a lot over that time. I've always known that sea lions are very social animals and form close bonds with each other and since I've been here, watching the river and these animals everyday, I've seen the close relationships they form with each other. it's not uncommon to see pairs of sea lions playing, swimming, fishing, and hauling out on the rocks together.

Fossil Fools!

Portland, 01.04.2010 21:39

Late last night volunteers with Portland Rising Tide blasted the city with over 3,000 fake newspaper covers wrapping the Willamette Week. With content including an interview with Bigfoot about pipeline plans through Mt. Hood and a chart explaining the Columbia River Crossing project as understood by Glen Beck. The action was part of Fossil Fools Day, a national day-of-action with the tag-line, "Pull a prank that packs a punch" meant to inspire playful actions targeting the fossil fuel industry.

Portland Anti-Racists: Downtown Shooting was Likely a Neo-Nazi Ambush

Portland, 01.04.2010 21:39

Portland, Oregon - In a city that still remembers the 1988 beating death of Mulugeta Seraw by three racists, a recent downtown shooting may thrust the issue of white supremacist violence into the forefront of public consciousness once again.

A local anti-racist organization claims that the early morning shooting in downtown Portland on March 27, whose survivor remains in Intensive Care,
was most likely an attempted murder by one or more neo-Nazis. The victim of the shooting, Luke Querner, is an entrenched and beloved figure in the
anti-racist community. He has devoted over a decade of his life to opposing Portland's white power movement.

Luke Querner was shot at approximately 12:20AM on Saturday morning, in an unprovoked attack on SW 5th Avenue, between Stark and Washington Street.
The shooting appears to have been well-orchestrated; the assailant concealed his identity, fleeing at least initially by foot in a closely-surveilled area.

The attempted murder of Querner occurs in the context of escalating activity from a racist underground that believes it can operate with impunity.

Contra a Especulação Imobiliária: Squat Toren em Fortaleza

CMI Brasil, 01.04.2010 20:37


Boycott Actions Mark Continuing Oppression of Palestine.

United Kingdom, 01.04.2010 17:40

The International Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has been growing, as Israel continues to beseige Gaza, and take land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The call for BDS was issued by Palestinian civil society in 2004 in protest at the occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land, the unequal status of Palestinians, which has been likened to South African Apartheid which ended in 1994.

On Tuesday 30th March, about 50 activists 'occupied' a Waitrose Supermarket in London's Barbican, in recognition of the Second Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Day of Action. Activists distributed leaflets to customers and explained the action to staff and shoppers before leaving the supermarket to chants of "Free, Free Palestine".

Corporate Watch | EDO Decommissioners | BDS Day of Action | Gaza Demonstrators Support Campaign | ISM London
From the newswire:
Defend the Gaza Protestors | Pickets against Ahava build momentum | UK Company Exporting from Settlements | Russell Tribunal On Palestine

Election madness begins

United Kingdom, 01.04.2010 09:39

The coming months will see a general election and local elections across Notts. The normally dormant and unresponsive political classes are being brought out of their boxes and wound up for the occasion, giving rise to all manner of unlikely promises and public appearances.

On Saturday, Gordon Brown made an amazingly brief and security-shrouded stop at the University of Nottingham, as part of his pre-election tour. Before local political veteran, Lord Biro, could find him he was on his way to Glasgow.

The zeal of the Labour-led City Council's cut backs on community spending are allowing Tories to set themselves up as unlikely saviours. Their prospective Parliamentary candidate for Nottingham South, is promising to save Radford Unity Complex from closure. Not all of the electorate are convinced though - the Broxtowe Tory chairman was savaged by a dog whilst out leafleting in Beeston.

Meanwhile the nasties are on the rise. The fascist BNP have put up a record number of candidates across the East Midlands, although they still can't hold a meeting without attracting major protests.

Newswire: Brown Launches Manifesto under media security blanket | BNP announce candidate in Mansfield | BNP candidates in the East Midlands | Radford community on the march | Report on protest against BNP Sutton meeting | It's a dog eat politician world

Previous feature: Don't vote! It only encourages them

Prosecutions of Shell to Sea campaigners collapse

Ireland, 01.04.2010 07:39

25 out of 27 people prosecuted for resisting Shell ...

Oh shi..

Perth, 01.04.2010 05:18

Upcoming service disruptions

Aafia Siddiqui: Victimized by American Depravity

NYC, 01.04.2010 04:39

criminal depravity

Medida tomada desde el municipio y con el rechazo de l@s vecin@s

Argentina, 01.04.2010 02:39

Nuevo depósito de basura en la zona sur de Córdoba

Mothers March &amp; Speak Out

LA, 01.04.2010 02:39

On Saturday, March 13, about 150 mothers, grandmothers, women who are not mothers, children, and men, came out for the Mothers March and Speak Out in Los Angeles. This was an International Women’s Day event called by the Global Women’s Strike and Women of Color/GWS.

Story/pictures: Mothers March & Speak Out by Ruth Todasco

From The Trenches radio for March: Federal Plaza rally, David Swanson from

Chicago, 01.04.2010 01:08

The March episode of Chicago Indymedia's radio program "From the Trenches" features excerpts from the rally against war and occupation in Chicago's Federal Plaza, on March 18, 2010, commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the War in Iraq, and a presentation by activist David Swanson who spoke at Northwestern University about his work with and with progressive activism and mainstream politics. Plus headlines from the worldwide Indymedia network in March 2010.

Download March episode | Chicago Indymedia's radio page | CIMC / FTT Radio podcast feed

Medida tomada desde el municipio y con el rechazo de l@s vecin@s

Argentina, 31.03.2010 20:39

Nuevo depósito de basura en la zona sur de Córdoba

Health Care Battle Ends; War on Social Security Begins

DC, 31.03.2010 19:10

Drunk with success over their Health Care bill passing, the Democrats are now lusting after even greater conquests. With the celebratory hangover still aching, the Democrats lurch forward towards a hasty drive to “reform” Social Security. The Social Security reform will no doubt resemble the health care reform, the details of which remain a mystery to most Americans. The essence of both policies will be based on one principle: reduce the debt of the United States by any means necessary.

Biggest Music on the Smallest Stage in Town

Rogue Valley, 31.03.2010 17:10


WHAT A TREAT -- Two dozen concert goers heard the best music around when they came to the Headwaters Environmental Center on Fourth St. in Ashland.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I N * C O N C E R T -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

HERE is the Concert Announcement:

This report back is in the form of a few photos... It is suggested you go to the artists' websites to hear their music and to acquire their tunes for your future listening pleasures... this was nothing short of an infomercial--moving to local community based economies includes supporting independent musicians!

(click any foto to make it larger)

Stop White Stallion

Houston, 31.03.2010 15:39

Stop the White Stallion Coal Plant in Matagorda County, TX!

Marcel Szary: działacz IP nie żyje

Poland, 31.03.2010 13:40

Dziś rano po długotrwałej chorobie zmarł Marcel Szary, działacz Inicjatywy Pracowniczej w zakładach Cegielskiego. Jego macierzysty zakład pogrążony jest w żałobie. To wielka strata dla polskiego ruchu związkowego i robotniczego.

Window Cleaners Locked Out After Raising Safety Concerns

United States, 31.03.2010 12:37

Twin Cities window cleaners who clean the majority of high-rise office towers in Minneapolis and Saint Paul were locked out of work this morning by Marsden Final Touch and Columbia Building Services after fighting for stronger safety enforcement. The companies have claimed that the lockout will continue until a new contract is signed, but have refused to agree to stronger safety enforcement and are demanding wage cuts of 10%-28%.

“When my co-workers and I pointed out to our company that there was no safe place to tie our safety lines to at our worksites, my manager got very angry,” said Luis Fragoso, a window cleaner with Marsden/Final Touch. “He said, ‘you are playing with fire’ and sent many of my co-workers home. Two days later, they told us we were being locked out.”

Police Brutality: Passover/ Easter celebrate transcending oppressionfear for liberation

Portland, 31.03.2010 06:39

One individual's right thinking and revolutionary morally courageous action can profoundly change events and has changed history.

Misfit Moses with the speech impediment, a fugitive wanted for murder, member of a slave colony, a lonely shepherd, almost murdered in infancy, distrusted or resented by all sides, boldly faced his greatest fears and demanded freedom to worship his God, and after a lot of plagues, finally, the thousands of intimidated, self-centered slaves moved in mass from all they found comfortable and familiar for the scary and hard unknown wilderness. After forty years the survivors outgrew the slave mentality. The most powerful military empire, wealthiest global trading center, most advanced technology, most sophisticated culture and enforced religion was not strong enough to defeat this one man and those he led to freedom.

Witness To Innocence

Portland, 31.03.2010 06:39

Juan Melendez-Colon spent 17 years, 8 months and 1 day on death row for a crime he did not commit. He will be sharing his story as part of a larger discussion on the death penalty and the criminal justice system on Wednesday, April 14th at 7pm at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland. Please join us and bring your family and friends.

The Anti-Police Demo has come and gone. Now what?

Portland, 31.03.2010 06:39

The demonstration has come and gone. So where do we go from here?
The Anti-Police demonstration last night was many things. First off, it was... well, it was long. But more than that, it was a sign that Portlanders would not be deterred by the torrential rain that poured down from the clouds for nearly the entire day. And it was a sign of a potential larger movement being born, comprised of different communities uniting under their shared goal of freedom from the police state of america.

I was pleased to see a decent turnout - about 100 people at the start, eventually growing to 150 people by 10pm that night, though from what I could tell, the crowd wasn't extremely diverse. The debates over tactics that heated up on Indymedia and elsewhere in the days before the march were, as usual, pretty pointless. People ended up doing their thing, and caused no more harm or provocation from the cops than everyone's mere presence did. Some of the most violent actions by the cops, including arrests, were not directed at and in fact had nothing to do with the black bloc. Instead, their frustration was aimed at Indymedia videographers, students and even a random passerby.

Republicans Convening in New Orleans in April

New Orleans, 30.03.2010 22:11

Republicans Convening in New Orleans in April

Portland Police Assault Protesters with Bicycles!

Portland, 30.03.2010 21:39

Everyone who was assaulted by the police in tonights march should file charges against the officers who assaulted them. They jailed someone for assaulting a police officer with a bike, then the same week use the same tactic against civilians. We have video of the police using their bicycles as weapons against unarmed nonviolent protesters. Even the mainstream media posted video of the police hitting people with their bikes. Lets get a roll call of all the assaulting officers, they were all repeat offenders. Lets coordinate some actions against the Portland Police Bureau. Infringing on freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, use of excessive forces, assault...

We can't just let them get away with these tactics!

Read More >>>

Send your stories from tonight's protest to the Portland Alliance

Tonight was an amazing experience. I'm in the middle of putting together the April issue of the Alliance and it will be filled with stories and photos showing the many facets of this growing movement for police accountability. I would like to print short statements and photos from as many people who were at this rally as possible. You can submit anonymously or use your real name, whatever makes you comfortable. Send any contributions to I can give folks until Wednesday to get stuff in. Thank you for being in the streets! Solidarity Forever! Andrea, Editor

Read More >>>

Breaking News Archive Anti-Police Brutality/Murder March 3/29/10

5:52PM PDT: bike cops beginning to catch up, banner is blocking some cops way. cops again slamming bikes into people to push them out of the road
5:52PM PDT: moving away from back-up destination. marchers very angry. heading up columbia running, broken free from police line. YEAH
5:50PM PDT: on 3rd and salmon heading to main police presence ridiculously overwhelming, bike cops, horse cops, motorcycle cops.
5:50PM PDT: marchers not being allowed to approach justice center destination, cops blocking that area. back-up area may be used
5:49PM PDT: almost to destination, people attempting to cross the street are being slammed by police's bicycles over and over again
5:45PM PDT: police slamming bikes into peoples bodies, even though they are on the sidewalk they aren't riding, but holding these bikes no provocation by protesters, no property destruction, police acting pre-emptively
5:42PM PDT: march taking off, cops already getting agressive, pushing people back onto sidewalk with their bikes... forcing people onto sidewalk
5:25PM PDT: Jail support numbers are (503)246-4270 & (503)493-6050
5:13PM PDT: currently about 100 people gathered at the park blocks between SW Salmon and Main. lots of corporate media. LOTs of cop

Read More >>>

Portland Police Bureau News Report of Portland 03/29 Protests

Portland Police Respond to Downtown Protest - 03/30/10
Last night Portland Police Officers responded to protesters in Downtown Portland. The protest went on for several hours and eight people were arrested for various crimes that included Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief and Riot. Officers are continuing to investigate property damage that did occur but a report was taken for damage to broken windows at the Bank of America located at 1001 SW 5th Avenue.

Three officers were injured during the protest and investigators are continuing to investigate these assaults in order to make future arrests of the individuals that assaulted the officers.

Read More >>>

Legal Support For Protesters

Lawyers for last night's arrestees Thanks everyone for your participation in last night's protest. For those who are arrested, your contact to get hooked up with a lawyer is Paul Loney, 503.234.2694. If you need to get through to someone right away, my cell number is 503.944.9779. I'm out of town at the moment, but Paul's agreed to coordinate during my absence.

Please call Paul and he'll hook you up with an attorney for free, as always.

Read More >>>

An hour of audio from tonight.

VIDEO: stop the killing "police anti violence protest"

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