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Counterprotesters argue w/ teabaggers, hunt for nazis

DC, 16.04.2010 09:10

On April 15, a few thousand "Teabaggers" gathered in a direct line from the Washington monument to their stage inside the perimeter from the Constitution Ave sidewalk. Maybe a dozen counterprotesters showed up to argue with them-and to hunt for Nazis and other white supremacists.

O militante independentista galego Jurjo R. Olveira será julgado em Madrid no próximo dia 16 com petiçom de 18 meses de cárcere

Galiza, 16.04.2010 07:40

Os tribunais de excepçom do Estado fixárom data para o juízo de Jurjo

Rodrigues Olveira, o independentista galego detido em Salcedo no passado 14 de Janeiro.

Recordamos que Olveira fora detido junto a Óscar Sanches, resultando acusado por dous delitos de “tença de explosivos” e “tentativa de estragos terroristas” em relaçom a um suposto ataque frustrado a umha estaçom eléctrica. O processo judicial celebrará-se na próxima sexta-feira 16 de Abril no Julgado Central de Menores, dependente do citado tribunal.

|Convocadas concentraçons em vários pontos do País para exigir a liberdade dos presos independentistas galegos| |Ugio Caamanho foi desterrado à prisom castelhana de La Moraleja a 476 quilómetros do seu domicílio habitual|

Nuclear Security Detail Kills Bicyclist

DC, 16.04.2010 02:10

@6:00pm on April 12, a National Guard truck, part of the Nuclear Summit security detail at NY Ave/12th St NW, kills bicyclist Constance Holden, resident of Mount Pleasant. In Memoriam: Constance Holden—Journalist, Artist || More

Were you or was someone you know arrested on April 15, 2000 in Washington D.C.?

DC, 16.04.2010 02:10

You may be entitled to $18,000 - but time is running out! Claims must be filed by May 17, 2010 Ten years ago tomorrow, the police swept nearly 700 people off the streets of Washington, D.C., in an illegal mass arrest during IMF/World Bank demonstrations. Now, in the largest class action settlement of protestor claims in U.S. history, totalling nearly $14 million dollars, those arrestees are each entitled to up to $18,000. This case has been litigated for the past decade by the attorneys at the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.

A un mes de su asesinato

Argentina, 16.04.2010 01:09

Justicia por Natalia Gaitan

Asamblea de Estudiantes UPR

Puerto Rico, 15.04.2010 18:10

UPR: Asamblea de Estudiantes aprueba Huelga en Recinto de Río Piedras

Activists Against PVC and Mountaintop Removal Speak at NYU Environmental Forum

NYC, 15.04.2010 16:09

On Wednesday, April 14th: Lois Gibbs of the Center for Health, Environment & Justice and Dea Goblirsch and Jeff Friederich of Climate Ground Zero and spoke at a panel on environmental justice issues entitled, " PVC and Coal Corporations: Poisoning Our Communities & Destroying Ecosystems." The event was sponsored by Students Creating Radical Change @ NYU.


Argentina, 15.04.2010 14:39

“Pero, ¿no es lindo tener tu canillita adentro?”

video/photos- Anti-Tea Party/Palin Protest

Boston, 15.04.2010 13:09

Boston Common-April 14,2010: Progressive activists infiltrated today's right wing Tea Party rally.

Detienen a Elma Beatriz Rosado

Puerto Rico, 15.04.2010 12:10

Hostigamiento y persecución a independentistas que viajan a países latinoamericanos

Experimentos de Cornelius

Puerto Rico, 15.04.2010 12:10

Comentarios sobre la ponencia "El insólito caso de Cornelius P. Rhoads"

Ocupación de Facultad de Humanidades

Puerto Rico, 15.04.2010 12:10

De la UPR de pocos a la iupi de muchos

Anti-Tar Sands Protests Gather Momentum

United Kingdom, 15.04.2010 09:10

This time last year, few people in the UK had even heard of the Alberta Tar Sands. Now they are moving rapidly up the public agenda, thanks largely to a growing grassroots campaign of resistance and international solidarity. The latest example of this has been the national “Fortnight of Shame” (April 1st- 15th 2010) to oppose BP's planned involvement in the tar sands, which came to a head on Saturday 10th with protests in London, Oxford, Brighton and Cambridge, including a Party at the Pumps in Sheperds Bush and which culminates on Thursday 15th April with a BP + Tar Sands = Climate Crime protest, 10:00-13:30 at the Excel Conference Centre [ map | photo ].

IMC UK Newswire articles: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 ]

For further information: [ UK Tar Sands Network | UKTSN Blog | Rising Tide UK | Camp for Climate Action | Indigenous Environmental Network ]

New Chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) Forming in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.04.2010 08:10

Roger Mentch, founding member of The Hemporium, a medical marijuana collective in Felton, says that protection for Santa Cruz patients, growers, caregivers, and collectives is long over due. He is helping to form a new chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) in Santa Cruz County to help bring together like minded people to have a voice regarding safe access to medical marijuana. Everyone is welcome to get involved and attend the first meeting on Thursday, April 22nd from 7:15-8:45 at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Media Workers for Social Change, Chapter 5

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.04.2010 06:39

Chapter five of this series by Peter M is a profile of Josh Wolf. Wolf is a videographer who got caught up in a legal case when he filmed a demonstration where a police officer was seriously injured. He refused to turn his tape over to authorities, and spent many months in prison on a contempt citation from a federal grand jury. For taking a stand he was the recipient of several national journalism awards.


Rogue Valley, 15.04.2010 05:10

For 30 years, corporate CEOs and Wall Street speculators have put the squeeze on workers with globalization, privatization and union-busting.

They used their rising profits to buy Congress, convincing them to hand out tax breaks to the rich and gut banking regulations and consumer protections. Then they invented unscrupulous mortgage and investing practices, turning our financial system into a casino. When their speculation didn't pay off, they got Congress to bail them out to the tune of $15,000 for every household in America.

A tax on the speculators of the Wall Street casino could put 3 million people to work fixing our infrastructure, teaching our children, making our factories sustainable and improving our public services.


TAX DAY: APRIL 15, 2010
1PM - US POST OFFICE, 120 N. 1st St.

Currently there are 29 actions around the country * to learn more or find an action near you:

ATENCION!!! Hoy jueves 15 de abril se vota el rechazo o no, al veto de Giacomino.

Argentina, 15.04.2010 04:09

ATENCION!!! Hoy jueves 15 de abril se vota el rechazo o no, al veto de Giacomino.

Nota de esclarecimento

CMI Brasil, 15.04.2010 01:37

What is Tamms? By Joe Dole

United States, 15.04.2010 01:07

·        Tamms Super Maximum Correctional Center, which opened in March 1998, is Illinois’ only “Supermax” prison.  It is located at the southern tip of Illinois, originally opened under the guise of being for short-term incarceration.



Argentina, 15.04.2010 00:39

Nos siguen pegando abajo

Centro de Mídia Independente realiza curso de Comunicação Popular em Tefé

CMI Brasil, 15.04.2010 00:37

Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism Protest The Out In Israel LGBT Cultural Festival

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.04.2010 21:39

Queers who support human rights protested outside the Roxie Theater on Thursday, April 8, the opening night of the Out In Israel LGBT Cultural Festival. Out in Israel is a marketing event series aimed at convincing LGBT people in the U.S. that Israel is a cool, progressive, gay-friendly country. This is all part of a grand scheme by supporters of Israel in this country to repair the image tarnished by atrocities as its massacres in Gaza last year.

Police, prosecutors investigate after video of beating surfaces

DC, 14.04.2010 18:10

County probes police brutality during riot. Prince George’s County Police and county prosecutors are investigating officers who were caught on videotape beating a student during riots following the Terrapin men’s basketball team’s victory over Duke last month. The investigation advanced yesterday after a video was turned over to the police department showing officers beating John McKenna, a 21-year-old student, without apparent provocation. The county State Attorney’s Office dropped charges against McKenna and Ben Donat, a 19-year-old sophomore, during the past few days. Video

Police Raid NY Anarchist Film Festival Collective

DC, 14.04.2010 18:10

April 13 in Brooklyn NY, the NYPD entered without a warrant 13 Thames Art Space, a Bushwick based art and performance space where members of the Independent Anarchist Media (I AM) Collective have been organizing the Fourth Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will. Streaming video via YouTube. Download mpeg4 video file, 3mb.


Argentina, 14.04.2010 18:09

Nos siguen pegando abajo

April 21st; Freedom of Speech Now! &quot;Political Prisoners, Political Repression and the PIC&quot;

Portland, 14.04.2010 17:39

"Freedom of Speech Now!" will feature several internationally recognized political prisoners & the movements they were and are apart of. From black liberation in the 60's, the American Indian Movement of the 70's and the environmental movement of today, they have all faced government repression as they confronted an oppressive status quo. In the end their struggles created lasting positive changes and inspiration for a continued struggle.

Cornelius man dies in police custody after being Tasered

Portland, 14.04.2010 17:39

Police are using Taser© exactly how the Industry expected-- shoot first, ask later.
Another mentally ill person was Taser©ed to death by police.

An unidentified Cornelius Public Safety officer used his Taser© to "subdue the man, who was acting erratic and violent who struggled and continued to walk east on North Irvine Street at 31st Street."

When two Forest Grove police officers were called to assist in apprehending the individual, the was used again multiple times as well as pepper spray. The man died "suddenly" a short while later-- he stopped breathing.

Commander Ed Jensen insists that Cornelius police get sufficient training in dealing with mental health crises and using Taser©s, these police officers appeared to be either unaware or unable to recognise and respond to a person clearly exhibiting behavior of a person in a mental health crisis and they were also unable to 'properly' use the Taser©. Namely, in this very situation the weapon would not produce the desired response ESPECIALLY the MORE it is used. The lack of response from the first usage is a direct result of the man being in an altered state. The cardiac arrest is a direct result of using a Taser© in such a way.

Until We Win: West Coast Solidarity Emerges in Response to Police Violence

Portland, 14.04.2010 17:39

Anarchists and other radicals in Oakland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Olympia picked up the banner of anti-police sentiment bravely after the March 29 march in Portland received much corporate coverage as a "riot." Friends of friends of friends exist in every major city. People were talking.

Within a few days, a call-out occurred for West Coast days of solidarity on April 8th and 9th. It is unknown which city first made the call. Pre-existing relationships between anarchists of different cities were used to coordinate action, as well as independent media websites such as Portland Indymedia and Indybay.

VIDEO: Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting

Portland, 14.04.2010 17:39

The meeting was titled "Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee
It is an open to the public meeting held monthly on the first Monday of the month, in The Portland Building. The discussion was on sharing the public sidewalks in Portland

&quot;But wasn't the latest killing justified?&quot;

Portland, 14.04.2010 17:39

This is something that's been asked a lot lately: "But wasn't the officer's use of deadly force justified? I can see why people got angry about something like the beating of Rodney King, which was obviously breaking the law. But the shooting of Jack Dale Collins, for example, was by the book, and as such justified." So why continue protesting? Aren't masked anarchists really just hooligans looking for any ridiculous excuse to cause trouble?
Well it's technically true that all of Portland's recent cases of death-by-cop have been "justified." And that's exactly the problem.

Community Forum on the Police: April 14, TODAY 6:30 PM

Portland, 14.04.2010 17:39

In response to the recent deaths of Aaron Campbell and Jack Collins by members of the Portland Police Bureau, a group of concerned individuals and community organizations, with support from the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods will facilitate a series of community speak-outs in April. In the first of a series, Community Report Part 1: A Call to Action will be held on Wednesday April 14, 2010 at Curious Comedy Theatre 5225 NE MLK at Vanport Plaza, beginning at 6:30pm.

Police Raid 13 Thames Art Space, arresting members of Anarchist Media Collective

NYC, 14.04.2010 16:39

On april 13 in Brooklyn NY, the NYPD entered without a warrant 13
Thames Art Space, a Bushwick based art and performance space where members
of the Independent Anarchist Media (I AM) Collective have been organizing
the Fourth Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will

Manifestación de Grupo Pro-Inmigrante en Santa Clarita

LA, 14.04.2010 16:09

SANTA CLARITA - El 10 de Abril el grupo local pro-inmigrante Hispanos Unidos de Santa Clarita tuvieron una manifestación que fue al centro municipal de Santa Clarita con aproximadamente 25-30 personas. Ellos fueron apoyado por la Coalición Derechos Plenos por Los Inmigrantes con representación en parte de LIUNA(El El Sindicato Internacional de Obreros de Norteamérica) y la coalición ANSWER.

La activista local, Maria, hablo de la represión actual en la comunidad y como el temor palpable en que la gente vive les hacen miedo aún de salir de sus casas para comestibles. Tres de los candidatos que se presentan por las posiciones políticas de las elecciones de 13 de abril tienen una plataforma política contra los inmigrantes. Maria he hablado especialmente de dos propuestas políticas. Una propuesta quiere hacer lo que las mujeres inmigrantes indocumentadas que están embarazadas no pueden recibir servicios públicos en el futuro. Otra propuesta quiere negar el empleo de los jardineros sin documentos. Mas con fotos y en Ingles: Santa Clarita Immigrants Rights Demo April 10 by Nati

Hacia el 1ero de Mayo 2010

Puerto Rico, 14.04.2010 09:10

Jornada en saludo al 1ero de Mayo reitera la urgencia de luchar

Resolución 99

Puerto Rico, 14.04.2010 09:10

Truenan contra legisladores que pretenden revivir la Resolución 99

Estudiantes del RUM contra recortes

Puerto Rico, 14.04.2010 09:10

Estudiantes del RUM dan ultimátum a Junta Administrativa

Protesta 15 de abril de 2010

Puerto Rico, 14.04.2010 09:10

A protestar este jueves 15 de abril frente al Departamento de Hacienda

Foro: ¿Por qué el socialismo?

Puerto Rico, 14.04.2010 09:10

¿Por qué el socialismo?

Gatherings Planned for 4/20, International Day of Marijuana Celebration

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.04.2010 09:08

Four-Twenty (including 4:20, 420 and 4/20) has long been associated with marijuana use and marijuana activism. 4:20 is a time of day when people smoke marijuana. April 20th has evolved into a counterculture holiday, known for large gatherings of people celebrating and consuming marijuana, a.k.a. cannabis. Thousands of people gather annually in Boston, Boulder, New York, Santa Cruz, Seattle and many other cities in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere around the world.

As forças do golpe militar hondurenho continuam em ação

CMI Brasil, 14.04.2010 00:07

Grecja: polowanie na anarchistów

Poland, 13.04.2010 21:10

W sobotę we wczesnych godzinach rannych rozpoczęła się w Atenach szeroko zakrojona operacja przeciw domniemanym członkom organizacji Walka Rewolucyjna (WR). Aresztowano jak dotąd 6 osób wykorzystując w tym celu paragrafy ustawy antyterrorystycznej. Jednocześnie w mediach rozpoczęła się kampania oskarżeń wobec całego ruchu anarchistycznego i aresztowanych osób – dziennikarze wbrew prawu i zasadom etyki ujawnili ich personalia i przed wyrokiem sądu oskarżyli o przynależność do WR. W odpowiedzi na tę nagonkę, anarchiści w ramach akcji solidarnościowej rozpoczęli okupację ateńskiej politechniki - wczoraj wieczorem znajdowało się tam ok. 500 osób.

UCSC Students Slapped with Large Fines, Suspensions and an Expulsion

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.04.2010 21:09

On February 8th, 2010, the UC Santa Cruz judicial affairs office sent approximately 45 emails to various undergraduate and graduate students. The emails present a list of ten of the university codes of student conduct that had been allegedly broken by these students; these emails were identical, all including allegations of theft, destruction of property, disorderly or lewd conduct, among other codes said to have been broken at the November 2009 occupation of Kerr Hall at UCSC. Then on April 7th, 36 students received a resolution stating that they were each responsible for breaking all ten codes and would need to pay restitution. Of the 36 students, seven are faced with not only a restitution of $944, but other sanctions as well, including being immediately barred from campus, at least one suspension, and an expulsion.


Colombia, 13.04.2010 17:40


Denúncia: Mesmo com violência miliciana e ilegal, fracassa tentativa de desalojamento a Squat Toren

CMI Brasil, 13.04.2010 16:37


SFSU: Eleven Students From Budget Cut Protests Still Face Fines

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.04.2010 14:09

On Wednesday, April 7th, dozens of protestors at SF State held a rally in defense of the 11 occupiers who have been charged with over $8000 in fees related to the occupation of the business building in December of last year. The administration is using political intimidation and repression to strike fear into the campus community, effectively making it so that anyone who stands up and fights back against the budget cuts and the privatization of the university.

Napa Students March for Education and Immigration Reform

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.04.2010 06:39

On March 21st, students, teachers, workers and other members of the Napa community came together for a rare march through downtown Napa to raise awareness about cuts to education. The marchers rallied on he sidewalk of Soscol Ave for about an hour, where protesters waved signs and chanted slogans such as "What do we want? Education! — When do we want it? Now!"

Maryland Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

DC, 13.04.2010 02:10

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND — Apr 10, 2010, with no discussion or objections, the Maryland Senate voted 35-12 to pass SB 627, a bill that would allow qualified patients to be recommended medical marijuana by their doctor and receive safe access to their medicine through state-licensed distribution centers. The bill now moves to the House. The General Assembly’s session ends Monday night.

TV Piolho re-existe!

CMI Brasil, 13.04.2010 01:37

Community Members Join Together With Nurses to Demand Temple University Put People Before Profits

United States, 13.04.2010 01:08

On Thursday, members of Act-Up Philly, Geo-Clan, Public School Notebook, Workers United, The Taxi Workers Alliance, Philadelphia Student Union, Media Mobilizing Project and many others, joined the striking nurses on the picket line at Temple Hospital. The event came eight days after the nurses went on strike on March 31. Community members are supporting the striking nurses because of the recent behavior of Temple University Health System. To see images of the event go here

Communique/Statement Of Responsibility

Portland, 13.04.2010 00:38

We smashed your "community corrections" center. We smashed it to send a message. Our message is that all cops are murderers and all prison is torture.
Allow us to elaborate: though the anti-police movement may use individual instances of murder with guns, tasers, and pepper spray as catalysts for revolution, we hold every cop or cop-supporter culpable. This is because on a daily basis cops are killing people slowly, with handcuffs and pens; killing them 5, 10, 20 years at a time but killing them still the same. We believe that a life in prison doesn't even come close to anything resembling a decent human life. Humans are a social animal, and forced isolation (whether that isolation is from ones peers, friends, family, or trees, grass sunlight, and the natural world) is an abominable act that must be forbidden by any society which held justice in any regard.

We believe this movement will be successful, and that the key to its success will be cooperation.

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