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Colombia, 29.04.2010 17:39


Carta do Líder Indígena Megaron Txuukarramãe

CMI Brasil, 29.04.2010 17:37


March for Immigrants' Rights on May 1 - Our Alternative to the Tea Parties

United States, 29.04.2010 16:07

Progressives, workers and social justice activists have Latin@ immigrants to thank for revitalizing May 1st in the United States and 2010 is the year to join the marches in high numbers. May Day is International Workers Day, celebrated world-wide but born in the United States in 1886 when there were over 11,000 strikes for the 8-hour day. To draw workers away from the political dissent and international solidarity of May Day, business interests invented the apolitical Labor Day holiday. But, in recent years, hundreds of thousands of immigrants—most from Mexico—have brought May Day back to fiery life. This year, we must not only stand with immigrants but, also, stand up for ourselves.

This is a call for many movements to unite on May Day: those working for immigrant rights and human rights; those active around police accountability; African-American and Native American communities who have been hardest hit by the Great Recession with high unemployment and those trying to organize a union at their job; the peace movement which must call for a re-ordering of priorities from war to needs at home. Read More by Lydia Howell | video from Robert Erickson at Monday's protest against new Arizona law SB1070

Defensa de Sabino Romero anuncia que el juicio contra el cacique ha sido suspendido

Venezuela, 29.04.2010 15:37

Ha llegado a nuestra redacción una nota del abogado Ricardo Colmenares, quien forma parte del equipo legal encargado de la defensa del cacique yukpa Sabino Romero, encarcelado desde octubre de 2009 por una serie de cargos, incluido el de agavillamiento contra el Estado. Colmenares relata un giro favorable a la causa del pueblo yukpa en la proceso judicial, al haberse suspendido el proceso y ordenarse una inspección del lugar de reclusión de Sabino Romero, en las instalaciones de Fuerte Macoa. A continuación presentamos íntegra la declaración suscrita por Ricardo Colmenares:

Día del trabajo

Colombia, 29.04.2010 13:39

Marchamos por la dignidad de los pueblos

Beware of Friendly Investment Advice at your Local Charity

Boston, 29.04.2010 13:09

Can you trust that investment broker at your local charity?

Protesta Mensaje del Gobernador

Puerto Rico, 29.04.2010 08:39

MAS se une a actividad unitaria en respuesta a mensaje del gobernador

Protesta de Niños

Puerto Rico, 29.04.2010 08:39

Porque la Universidad también es nuestra

Asesinan miembros de misión internacional

Colombia, 29.04.2010 04:51

Los paramilitares asesinan y despararecen misión internacional en Oaxaca - México

Movimiento Justicia y Libertad

Argentina, 29.04.2010 04:10

Desalojan predio recuperado en Olmos

Buenos Aires: Seminario sobre aborto con Misoprostol en la atención primaria

Argentina, 29.04.2010 03:10

Misoprostol: Tecnología Social y Popular

Buenos Aires: Seminario sobre aborto con Misoprostol en la atención primaria

Argentina, 29.04.2010 02:39

Misoprostol: Tecnología Social y Popular

Sisters Of The Road Calls for Solidarity TOMORROW, 04.29, to Oppose New Sit-Lie Law!!

Portland, 29.04.2010 01:39

Thursday, April 29 at Noon meet at Sisters for a quick rally and then parade through Old Town spreadin the message that SIDEWALKS ARE FOR EVERYONE and celebrating our community! At 1:30 pm, we sign up to testify against the Sidewalk management Ordinance at City Hall and then pack the council chambers at 2 pm!

Oaxaca: Paramilitaries Ambush International Aid Caravan, Two Dead

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.04.2010 00:09

San Juan Copala, Oaxaca - On Tuesday afternoon at about 2:50pm, people believed to be paramilitaries affiliated with the ruling party of Oaxaca ambushed an international aid caravan en route to San Juan Copala. At least two people are reported dead. The caravan was carrying food, water, and other basic necessities to San Juan Copala, which has been subject to a paramilitary blockade that has prevented anyone from entering or leaving the community since January.

Arrancó la Caminata campesina

Argentina, 29.04.2010 00:09

“Tierra y Bosques en muchas manos, alimento sano para tod@s”.

Perth, 28.04.2010 23:40

Born Free.

¿Argentina trabaja?

Argentina, 28.04.2010 23:39

Organizaciones de desocupadxs exigen trabajo

Georgetown Divest! coalition marches to President DeGioia’s office

DC, 28.04.2010 20:10

4/26 At 2:30 p.m., a group of approximately fifteen students marched from Red Square to President DeGioia’s office as part of the Georgetown Divest! campaign. Georgetown, Divest!, a coalition comprised of Students for Justice in Palestine, Georgetown Solidarity Committee, Georgetown Buddhist Meditation Sangha, and Muslim Student Association, demands that Georgetown to end their investment of endowment money in companies guilty of human rights violations in Israel and Palestine. 4/27 Response from President DeGioia: "…divestment of individual investments in companies is not possible…" || Georgetown Divest!

DC Local Teacher's Union Exposes Union Prez and WaPost

DC, 28.04.2010 20:10

On April 24, 2010, Washington DC AFT Local 6 Vice President Nathan A Saunders charged that Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers has been taking tens of millions of dollars from the Walton Foundation, controlled by Wal-Mart, to push privatization of the schools in DC and throughout the country. Weingarten is supporting merit pay in the DC contract. Video || thewashingtonteacher Blog

Rock cordobés

Argentina, 28.04.2010 18:39


Marchers Protest Syracuse Drone Base

Rochester, 28.04.2010 16:38

100 or more marchers walked over 3 miles through Syracuse, New York on April 25 to protest the use of Hancock Air Field as a base of control for the unmanned aerial drones being used to attack targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan. A drone is a small propeller driven remote controlled aircraft. It has no pilot or gunner. It is controlled by video and computers from the other side of the world. The “pilot” can sit down at what looks like a video game console, destroy an entire village, and then go home. Meanwhile those in the village that was hit, if they survived, have no home to go to. The event was organized by the Syracuse Peace Council and brought in supporters from Albany, Utica, Watertown, Binghamton, Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo and New York City.

Oakland Teachers to Strike April 29th

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.04.2010 07:10

After having worked for over two years without a contract, Oakland teachers watched the Oakland Unified School Board unilaterally impose a labor contract last week. The new contract largely ignores the recommendations of a recent fact-finding panel, allows for no pay increases for teachers, increases class sizes, lays off teachers, and threatens adult education programs. A one-day city-wide strike has been called for April 29th. Oakland teachers are asking community members to join the pickets at neighborhood public schools in the early morning then rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza at noon.

From The Trenches radio for April: Barbara Kessel, Jamie Kalven, Alexander Cockburn

Chicago, 28.04.2010 06:09

The April episode of Chicago Indymedia's radio program "From the Trenches" features excerpts from the 2010 conference of the Illinois Coalition for Justice, Peace, and the Environment, including presentations by prison activist Barbara Kessel, police brutality and public housing journalist Jamie Kalven, and a portion of the keynote address by writer and columnist Alexander Cockburn of The Nation magazine and Plus headlines from the worldwide Indymedia network in April 2010.

Download April episode | Chicago Indymedia's radio page | CIMC / FTT Radio podcast feed

piss off indy media staff

Boston, 28.04.2010 03:09

Caminata Campesina en marcha

Argentina, 28.04.2010 02:09

FarmWorker Freedom March Report

Houston, 28.04.2010 01:10

Reportback from Rio Grande Valley Caravan to Farmworker Freedom March

CMI Curitiba faz formação interna: Rádio Tarrafa e CMI Florianópolis farão capacitação para Rádio Livre

CMI Brasil, 28.04.2010 01:07

AZ Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wear Nazi Uniforms in New Ad This Week

Portland, 27.04.2010 21:39

April 27, 2010


See R.E.M.'s "AZ1070" ad at

PHOENIX, AZ: In response to the signing of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 last week, a new ad is set to run this week in Phoenix depicting Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Nazi uniforms with the message, "We Need A Regime Change." The ad, placed by the nonprofit group Responsible Education and Media (R.E.M.), will appear in the Phoenix New Times beginning Thursday, April 29.

The SB 1070 is a controversial new anti-immigration law signed by Brewer on April 23, making illegal immigration a state crime and allowing law enforcement officers to inquire into the immigration status of any person within the state. Individuals found to not have valid identification are subject to arrest and may be charged with violating this new law.
Read More >>>

Racist Arizona: report back from Phoenix protests Friday-Sunday 4/23-25

Brief notes from the protests I am from Eugene and drove to Phoenix to protest SB 1070, a law that was passed on friday which now makes it illegal to be in Arizona if you do not have papers. There are supposedly 500,000 undocumented workers, motsly from Mexico, in the state.

The rallies were large for a conservative city like Phoneix, mostly Hispanic, but with a few white people. Friday was a youth rally and youth march; mostly highschool students walked ten miles, from Glendale to the capitol. There was a twenty-four hour vigil on saturday, and huge crowds on Sunday to hear congressmen Grijalva and Guttierez speak.

Read More >>>

Arizona's Attack on Immigrants

Arizona's recently passed law as of Friday allows police to racially profile and sets dangerous precedent for the rest of the country. How we should respond. Arizona has opened the way for Gestapo tactics to enforce immigration laws. As of Friday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the toughest law against undocumented workers or "illegal immigration" in this country. The law once it takes affect would make it a crime to be in the state illegally and requires police to check suspects for immigration paperwork. The law will clean up everything law enforcement has not been able to do in the past few years obligating officers to determine immigration status often through racial profiling or if they have "reasonable suspicion" that someone is an "illegal immigrant". A person could be subject to an immigration check without breaking any laws and charged with state trespassing. Arizona has become the leader of anti-immigration legislation and a laboratory for anti-immigration measures that sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country.
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Police Abolition March Communique

Portland, 27.04.2010 21:39

We took to the streets yet again last night (4/26). This was an anarchist police abolition march, which meant no reformist chants and no holding back. We went to the military recruitment center on 14th and Broadway, smashed every available window, and pelted the computers. This target is relevant because soldiers are the cops of the world. Just as the Portland Police commit racist hate crimes and enforce and oppressive social order, so to do soldiers abroad.

We also hit two Wells Fargo bank branches. Wells Fargo is the largest financial backer of G.E.O. group, which owns a majority of the privatized prisons in North America. G.E.O. group owns the northwest immigrant detention center in Tacoma, which every year kills immigrants through deplorable living conditions and denial of medical services.

A Bank of America branch was smashed as well. Their recklessness alongside other banks has caused a crisis of foreclosure and unemployment that is endemic of capitalism.

Акция протеста в Минске против АЭС в день Чернобыльской катастрофы

Belarus, 27.04.2010 20:37


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Сегодня, 26 апреля, в день трагедии на Чернобыльский АЭС беларуские Анархисты провели акцию протеста против строительства новой Атомной Электростанции в Беларуси. Возле станции метро “Пушкинская” были развернуты баннера “Антиатомное сопротивление”, “Альтернатива Есть” и “АЭС – бомба замедленного действия”. Пикет продлился около 15 минут и в нем приняло участие около 60 человек.

Upcoming DEQ Hearing on PGE's Boardman Plant

Portland, 27.04.2010 20:09

Portland General Electric (PGE) operates Oregon's only coal plant located in Boardman, Oregon. The Boardman Coal Plant emits 5 million tons of carbon dioxide, over 15,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide and over 200 pounds of mercury every single year making it Oregon's largest stationary source of air and global warming pollution.

„Überall da, wo sie uns nicht haben wollen“

Germany, 27.04.2010 19:40

Nach langen Jahren der Agonie hat sich die Anti-Atom-Bewegung mit voller Wucht zurückgemeldet. Bei den für Deutschland größten Anti-Atom-Protesten aller Zeiten demonstrierten rund 150.000 Menschen bundesweit gegen die Pläne der schwarz-gelben Bundesregierung, den Atomausstieg aufzukündigen. Überall, wo die Parteien das Bild nicht beherrschten, gingen die Forderungen aber deutlich weiter – so wurde bereits im Aufruf zur zentralen süddeutschen Demonstration im südhessischen Biblis der sofortige Ausstieg gefordert. Auch wurde vielfach der Zusammenhang zwischen der Atomenergie und unserer kapitalistischen Gesellschaftsordnung thematisiert. Prompt provozierten Nazis in Biblis. Schon im Vorfeld kam es zu einer Demonstration in Frankfurt a. M. und zu einem Anti-Atom-Flashmob in Heidelberg. Für den Schrottreaktor Krümmel gab es eine Woche zuvor einen neuen Transformator, wogegen sich Treck und eine Menschenkette formierte.. Auch nach Ahaus wurde mobilisiert.
Berichte: Menschenketten | Graswurzel TV | von der BI | RWE Hauptversammlung | Vattenfall & Greenwashing | Ahaus baut Hütten!

Some observations on state repression

Ireland, 27.04.2010 18:40

Not really sure where to post this—just got thinki ...


CMI Brasil, 27.04.2010 18:37


Palestinian Human Rights Block-Ed From Human Rights Festival

DC, 27.04.2010 18:09

Updated 4/27: Tom Block states he now realizes the film should never have been excluded from the festival, and is helping with a re-scheduling. Artist and political activist Tom Block, producer of the Amnesty International Human Rights festival in Silver Spring this weekend, canceled a film about Palestinians slated for screening Sunday at the festival because he considered them to be "anti-Israel polemics".

About 100 march on DOJ for Mumia

DC, 27.04.2010 18:09

On April 26, an estimated 100 people marched from NY Avenue Presbyterian Church to the Dept of Justice. On Penn Ave they took three lanes of traffic-with not a cop in sight!


Colombia, 27.04.2010 16:39


Colombia, 27.04.2010 16:39

Los campesinos de Sumapaz

Colombia, 27.04.2010 15:39

Los campesinos de Sumapaz están siendo estigmatizados, perseguidos y judicializados

Coordinadora Internacional

Colombia, 27.04.2010 15:39


Help Influence the New Forest Plans for Eastern Oregon's Blue Mountains Forests!

Portland, 27.04.2010 15:39

Hi everyone, Help protect three Blue Mountains National Forests from long-term Forest Service management harms. Spread the word & attend the [LAST] public meeting in Portland on [Wed] April 28 at the Red Lion Convention Center, 1021 NE Grande Ave, 5 to 8 PM

The new Blue Mountains Forest Plan will guide management of over 5 million acres of our public lands for the next 15 to 20 years on the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests. Your public comments are essential - it is of paramount importance that the new Forest Plan is founded on sound science; protects old growth forests, roadless wildlands, and salmon waterways; maintains biodiversity; and provides for the recovery of imperiled wildlife, fish, birds, and plants. Sierra Club members, volunteers, and allies are a powerful influence helping ensure the protection and resilience of these 3 Blue Mountains national forests! Comments are due by or before May 25.

Based upon public involvement, the Forest Service will issue a draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for additional public comments in 2011. The final decision is expected in 2012. Help us ensure this process gets off to a sound conservation beginning!

Talking Points for your comments at meeting and in writing
Another place to send your opinions to Obama Administration about Forest Service Policies

Officer Norbits Suspended 30 Days for Killing of Kiwane Carrington

United States, 27.04.2010 14:07

Champaign City Manager announced that Officer Daniel Norbits, who shot and killed Kiwane Carrington, has been suspended for 30 days. This is the maximum suspension that can be enforced according to the police union contract. The justification was that Norbits "failed maintain control of his weapon." The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police promptly responded, saying that Norbits was now the "victim" in the case. Read More | Recent Coverage: CUCPJ Makes Proposals to Champaign Police Union Contract in Wake of Kiwane Carrington Killing

Whose streets? Our streets?

United Kingdom, 27.04.2010 13:09

Mayday, 1st May, is a day of anti-capitalist workers' struggle. Traditionally, Nottingham's contribution has been a march through the town centre and a rally of anti-capitalist campaigns and agitators. For the past few years, this gathering has taken place in Brewhouse Yard near Nottingham castle. However, this year the City Council have been putting all manner of obstacles in the organisers' way.

Permission for a rally in Brewhouse Yard was refused because "there were going to be Robin Hood activities in other places"! Permission was finally granted for the rally in Victoria Park on the St Ann's end of town but only subject to restrictive conditions such as displaying the Council logo on all publicity, displaying Council banners and was subject to a charge... all for using a 'public' park. In addition, organisers are having to pay to get roads closed for the march.

All of this has led one of the organisers to question whether the streets and public spaces of Nottingham really do belong to the people or are just an extension of the City Council's private fiefdom. These restrictions have very serious impacts on people's freedom to protest and assemble, as demonstrated by recent police crackdowns on festivals, such as the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge.

MayDay rally and march from 11am, Victoria Park, Bath Street.

Newswire: The Future Of Protest In Nottingham : Whose streets? Our streets! | May Day Discussion | MayDay 2010 in Nottingham : Fight Back | Strawberry Fayre Fight Back! | Police Stop Strawberry Fair

Previous features: Mayday! In The East Midlands | Our Square Isn't It?

Акция протеста в Минске против АЭС в день Чернобыльской катастрофы

Belarus, 27.04.2010 10:38


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

Сегодня, 26 апреля, в день трагедии на Чернобыльский АЭС беларуские Анархисты провели акцию протеста против строительства новой Атомной Электростанции в Беларуси. Возле станции метро “Пушкинская” были развернуты баннера “Антиатомное сопротивление”, “Альтернатива Есть” и “АЭС – бомба замедленного действия”. Пикет продлился около 15 минут и в нем приняло участие около 60 человек.

Rally for Oregon Jobs

Portland, 27.04.2010 09:39

Recently, Congressman Kurt Schrader said he wants to expand Free Trade Agreements to new contries - the same type of agreements that have cost Oregon thousands of jobs. He told the "Oregonian" that he is unwilling to continue unemployment benefits for people who can't find work.

Please join with Jobs with Justice, the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, Union of Unemployed and others to demand jobs and unemployment benefits for those that have lost their jobs to the Republican/Banker/Wall Street economic collapse.

Rally for Oregon Jobs
Thursday, April 22 - 12 noon
Congressman Schraders's Office
8th & Main - Oregon City, OR

The Chicago Conspiracy West Coast Tour 2010

Portland, 27.04.2010 09:39

The Chicago Conspiracy begins on March 29, 1985. On this day, two young
brothers and militants of the MIR, Rafael and Eduardo Vergara, were gunned down by police as they walked through the politically active community Villa Francia. The Chicago Conspiracy is about today. Following a national plebiscite in 1988, the dictator Pinochet ended his rule in 1990, yet the struggle against both dictatorship and democracy continues.
Red and Black Cafe
Portland, OR

TUESDAY, APRIL 27 at 8:30 PM
Lewis and Clark
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR

Know Your Kitchen! FREE job skills workshops

Portland, 27.04.2010 09:39

The Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA) is proud to present Know Your Kitchen! a series of free job skills workshops. The workshops will educate workers on the kitchen techniques they need to advance in the restaurant industry, and allow already familiar workers a chance to hone their skills.

The Know Your Kitchen! workshops will be led by award-winning chef Andrew H. Garrett in the test kitchen of Bargreen and Ellingson: Fodservice Supply and Design.

Audio of Ashanti Alston @ PSU

Portland, 27.04.2010 09:39

Ashanti gave one of the most inspiring talks at PSU today. For those that could not make it, BURN got permission from Ashanti to put this out there.

Candlelight Vigil Held Outside the Home of Notorious Vivisector

Portland, 27.04.2010 09:39

Portland, OR- To finish off a week of actions, education, and entertainment the Portland Animal Defense League visited the home of Eliot Spindel very early in the morning of Saturday, April 24. Activists were armed with their voices and with candles to mourn all of the animals systematically murdered at the Oregon National Primate Research Center.

Oregonians' Bias Coverage on Confederate Bed Store/EyeSore

Portland, 27.04.2010 09:39

Dixie Mattress Co., the bed store with the two confederate flags out front located on the 3300 block of SE Belmont, has been bought & sold. The new owners have yet to be identified, & their plans for the long shuttered store-front are as yet unknown. The Oregonian had an article about this in yesterdays' edition, Friday April 23, 2010 Metro section page B3. The article, as typical for the corperate, slowly dying paper, was extremely bias to the point of obscene. In 2008 a decent citizen took it upon him/herself to cover up the two conferderate/klan flags with decals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many of you may recall this

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