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Actividad contra la APEC

santiago, 09.11.2004 19:20

Actividad contra la APEC

Baseball vote in DC council CANCELLED! Big defeat for baseball barons!

DC, 09.11.2004 18:27

Today, at the start of business for the City Council legislative meeting it was announced to the packed room that the baseball vote scheduled for today was CANCELLED!

Nov. 10 Emergency Protest vs. Fallujah Attack

San Diego, 09.11.2004 18:11

San Diegans concerned about peace and justice are uniting to protest the U.S.'s latest barbaric attack on the Iraqi people: "Operation Phantom Fury," the assault on Fallujah. Activist San Diego and other local organizations have called for an emergency protest WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 4 to 6:30 p.m., outside the Federal Building, Front and Broadway downtown. The San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice is organizing its own event the following Saturday, November 13, 1 p.m. at the same site.

Download and distribute the flyer

Also, Read about the Nov 3rd Beyond Voting anti-war event in San Diego


DC, 09.11.2004 18:08

As U.S. and Iraqi military forces converged on the center of Falluja Tuesday, November 9th, the fighting was becoming severe and U.S. warplanes stepped up massive bombing of the city. More medical facilities were hit by U.S. bombs or seized by the military, and civilian casualties were mounting. The city’s utilities are all apparently cut off.

Pilsen Residents say no to Environmental Racism

Chicago, 09.11.2004 16:35

Pilsen residents in the neighborhood surrounding the H. Kramer ingot factory on 21st street voted overwhelmingly in favor of a referendum to investigate contamination and pollution from the factory. The H. Kramer factory is notorious amongst Pilsen residents for repeated incidents of blanketing the neighborhood in noxious fumes during the night and day. On several occasions residents have documented smoke literally coming out of cracks between bricks; these occurrences underscore the unsavory and unsafe nature of these fumes.

Quicktime video: Stop the Pollution
Quicktime video: The Air we Breathe in Pilsen

Suit Threatened Over Proposal C

Michigan, 09.11.2004 15:39

An Ann Arbor medical marijuana user has filed complaints against Police Chief Oates and City Attorney Postema over their stance that Proposal C is invalid. The complainant, Mark Rowland, is also considering a class-action lawsuit against the city.

From the Michigan Daily, City could face suit over pot proposal:

Chuck Ream, who led the fight for the passage of Proposal C as chair of the Washtenaw Coalition for Compassionate Care, says the city is interpreting a 23-year-old Ypsilanti case too strictly in order to justify continuing prosecutions against marijuana users.

“(The city’s) premise is unsound when they say there is no ‘wiggle room’ under the Joslin case,” Ream said. For support, Ream points to language in the Ypsilanti case saying police can use “choice and discretion” when deciding whether to prosecute.

In this case, the police should chose to support the proposal, Ream said. He admitted that the Ypsilanti case means that the city does not have to follow the proposal, but he sees its overwhelming passage as a “mandate” from the citizens of Ann Arbor.

Não ao Porto de Granadilla

Brasil, 09.11.2004 13:38



Uruguay, 09.11.2004 09:51

31 de octubre, día histórico en nuestro país

US Launches Falluja Offensive - Chicago's Anti-War Movement Back in the Streets

Chicago, 09.11.2004 09:36

Protest at Federal Plaza On Sunday, US occupation forces launched a major ground offensive against the beseiged Iraqi city of Fallujah. - demolishing one hospital, seizing another and bombing neighborhoods throughout the city - in an all out effort to crush the Iraqi resistance. Over 50,000 men, women and children remain trapped in their homes without food, running water or electricity as fighting rages across Fallujah. US troops have met fierce resistance from the city's defenders, and over 200 Iraqi troops have deserted.

In Chicago, over 180 antiwar protesters gathered in Federal Plaza Monday evening for a hastily called emergency rally and march to protest the attack on Fallujah and the continung occupation of Iraq. Protests will continue on Thursday, November 11, with a Veterans Day Protest against the War in Iraq, organized by VVAW at 11 AM, corner of Wabash & Wacker, Chicago.

Related Links: Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism | Peace Pledge Chicago | Vietnam Veterans Against the War

IRAK: La modalidad de guerra que enfrenta E.U. en Faluya

Puerto Rico, 09.11.2004 06:16

IRAK: La modalidad de guerra que enfrenta Estados Unidos en Faluya

Anti-racist struggle continues at UMass Amherst

Boston, 09.11.2004 06:09

UMASS AMHERST – At a joint press conference Nov. 4, two leading unions at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have charged the administration with collaborating with racists in the Student Government Association to undermine the Office of ALANA Affairs. ALANA advocates for institutional support for African, Latino/a, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American students.

IRAK: La modalidad de guerra que enfrenta E.U. en Faluya

Puerto Rico, 09.11.2004 06:09

IRAK: La modalidad de guerra que enfrenta Estados Unidos en Faluya

Governo planeia acesso portajado a cidades

Portugal, 09.11.2004 05:55

Governo planeia acesso portajado a cidades

Bio-Diesel: Salvation or Disaster?

Portland, 09.11.2004 05:35

Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel in the U.S. For the proponents of biodiesel, it promises to deliver us into an age of clean and renewable fuel. If present trends continue, biodiesel is more likely to escalate human misery around the world for years to come.

Is biodiesel renewable? Any resource is renewable only if it is extracted at a rate no greater than it is replenished. Overcutting a forest or overfishing a fishery renders a renewable resource non-renewable. Given that biodiesel potentially involves taking human food from the top of the ecological pyramid and feeding to automobiles, the renewability issue is paramount.

Website Up For Campaign To Ban Less Lethal Weapons

Boston, 09.11.2004 05:28

Visit to sign the petition to ban less lethal weapons and for up to date information on the campaign to eliminate these tools of police brutality.

Race and Truth at the Polls: The Real Election Results

Boston, 09.11.2004 05:17

If we look past the partisanship of the Republicans and Democrats, this election will go down in history as a huge victory for the impulse of US democracy and a huge defeat for actual democracy. The largest turnout figures in the our history. The biggest get out the vote efforts. Unprecedented forces coming together to turn out those most disenfranchised. Unlike the official story, an incredibly close election with both Bush and Kerry getting more votes than any president in the U.S. history. And more voters were actively disenfranchised probably than ever before. The election was called with over 1.6 million ballots uncounted in Florida; Bush only won by 380K and Democrat-leaning forces had been telling folks to vote by absentee ballot for months to avoid the electronic machines – how might that have affected the outcome? The election was called with 175K and growing uncounted ballots in Ohio; if you add Ohio’s undervotes and overvotes (majority people of color who overwhelmingly voted for Kerry) which would have to be hand-counted, well, Bush only won by 140K officially…

Bush Administration Shuns Latest Global Warming Studies

Madison, 09.11.2004 04:45

"This study is the smoking gun. Skeptics, polluting industries and President Bush can't run away from this one," said Philip E. Clapp, president, National Environmental Trust (NET), in assessing the results of the latest global warming impact study: the "Arctic Climate Impact Assessment" report. "The President can't hide behind scientific uncertainty after this report. This is going to require a reassessment of the Administration's global warming policy. It is a top issue for our European allies, and if he wants any level of increased cooperation in Iraq, they are going to want him to give on this one," Mr. Clapp said. Yet President George W. Bush continues to stand by his rejection of the Kyoto Treaty, as is holding fast to his rejection of mandatory curbs on greenhouse gases that are blamed for global warming, the president's advisors claim.

Eye-witness narrative from a U.S. citizen currently in Palestine

Portland, 09.11.2004 04:28

a friend of mine is in palestine right now, working with the international solidarity movement. because audio, video and written material are nearly impossible to get accross the border, she is e-mailing people in the states about her experiences doing community and direct action work with palestinians in the occupied territories. these are the first two e-mails i recieved... Two days ago I finished my ISM [International Solidarity Movement] training in Ramallah, which was attended by about 15 activists from the US and europe. It was one of the most intense two days of my life, in which seasoned ISM activists tried to prepare us for anything and everything that might happen to us and around us in the occupied territories. One of the most important aspects of the training was learning about the history of nonviolent resistance in Palestine, how ISM fits into this framework, etc. Most of us from the US are used to all Palestinians being categorized as terrorists. Obviously our presence within ISM shows our resistance to this idea, but most of us still have no background or sense of history. It is useful to realize that the first suicide bombing was in 1994, and that there has been a rich history of nonviolent opposition since the twenties. The second day of training was a little bit harder to take, as it dealt with what weapons might be used against us during protests, how to deal with arrest, interrogation, deportation, etc. A lot of people have never even witnessed this much violence before, let alone been put in direct confrontation with soldiers with M16's. It's a givem that everyone is scared.

My experience passing out copies of &quot;The WORD on the Street&quot; in Portland today

Portland, 09.11.2004 04:14

Yesterday there was a post on this site called, "PDF about sElection fraud from portland indymedia stories to PRINT & DISTRIBUTE", at It contained an upload of a newsheet called "The WORD on the STreet" for people to print, copy and pass around. Taking stories from indymedia, it exposes the fraud of the stolen election.

Today I printed one up, took it downtown where a friend of mine let me use the copier in his office, and made over 400 copies. Then I walked around Pioneer Square passing them out. About half the people I approached took one, and of those, about half were really excited. It was easy to offer it to people. "Hey, you want 'The Word on the Street'?" I'd say. That was fun to say.

Anyway, I left a stack of 100 or so at the Red and Black Cafe (22nd & Division) for other people to go get some if they want, to pass out themselves. They're on the white lit table by the computers. Come and get 'em!

Assualt on Fallujah begins: hospitals targeted

Michigan, 09.11.2004 04:03

Today the attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah has begun. Reportedly a insurgent stronghold, Fallujah has repeatedly been the target of U.S. attacks and had suffered high civilian casualties. This past weekend the U.S. carried out airstrikes against "suspected insurgent strongholds", reducing to ruble the Nazzal emergency hospital. Also targeted in the initial phase of the attack was the Falluja General Hospital. U.S. forces and units of the newly formed Iraqi army converged on the hospital on Monday. Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi claimed that 38 people were killed in the Hospital seizure, a figure later reputed by a U.S. military spokesperson. When asked why the hospital was selected as one of the initial targets for the attack on Fallujah, a senior American officer said, "It's a center of propaganda." The Hospital was reportedly one of the main sources for figures on Iraqi civilian deaths in Fallujah.

see also: Media Mouse Iraq Watch

N10 Tegentop Europese integratieconferentie Groningen

Netherlands, 09.11.2004 04:01

In het kader van het Nederlandse EU-voorzitterschap staat er alweer een Europese Top op de agenda. Deze keer is het integratiebeleid aan de orde. Van 9 t/m 11 november komen onder andere Europese Ministers van Justitie en andere ministers verantwoordelijk voor het Integratiebeleid in Groningen bij elkaar om te proberen een Europees Integratiebeleid uit te werken. Ook Maxima zal op 10 november aanwezig zijn.

Omdat men vreest dat dit de zoveelste oefening wordt in het "dwingen" van immigranten tot assimilatie en het verstevigen van Fort Europa, hebben diverse sociale bewegingen zich georganiseerd in het platform N10. Dit platform organiseert een driedaagse tegentop met veel debatten en manifestaties.

Het integratiethema ligt vooral in Nederland gevoelig, gelet op het harde beleid van Minister Verdonk en de brede waaier van protesten hiertegen. Die acties lopen uiteen van grote demonstraties vanuit allerlei organisaties verenigd in Van Harte Pardon tot directe acties zoals die op Schiphol en bij Zestienhoven.

[ N10 actie-verslagen en ontwikkelingen | website N10 | overzicht EU toppen | Features Nederlands voorzitterschap: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

Emergency protest in Minneapolis: Stop the Attack on Fallujah

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 09.11.2004 03:54

Protest the attack on Fallujah, Iraq Monday, November 8 at 4:30pm Mayday Plaza - 301 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls.

Anti-gay discrimination set to be written into state's constitution

Michigan, 09.11.2004 03:32

DETROIT - It was a day that will go down in gay rights infamy. After 20 weeks of urging Michigan voters not to write discrimination into the state's constitution, organizers with the Coalition for a Fair Michigan conceded at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night that that's what the state had decided to do. Proposal 2, which sought to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman in the state's constitution, won by a margin of 59-41 percent.

Halliburton wants to bottle the Great Lakes for use in the Middle East

Madison, 09.11.2004 02:29

This is a multi-state sign-on, as all great lake states will have to bear the brunt of the precedents that are set by this plan.

Peer-based, Grassroots Drop-in Center Loses Funding Under Care Not Cash

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.11.2004 02:07

Care-Less: City to Close Tenderloin Self-Help Center

US Election 2004: <br/>This is Not What Democracy Looks Like

New Hampshire, 09.11.2004 01:35

Less than a week after the presidential election was declared over and Kerry quickly conceded, evidence and analysis is pouring in from around the country of major flaws in the election.

IMC Maritimes: Vacation Over?

Maritimes, 09.11.2004 01:27

IMC Maritimes: Vacation Over?


Scotland, 09.11.2004 01:08

U.S. forces launched a major offensive on Monday night 8th November to regain control over the Iraqi rebel-held city of Fallujah, after Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi authorized the U.S.-led assault on the city. Many civilian deaths are expected. Meanwhile today Monday another Black Watch soldier has been killed. In response today in Edinburgh red paint and anti war slogans were sprayed on the US consulate. 100-150 protested in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, while protesters blocked roads in London and demos were scheduled for this evening in at least 30 locations Britain-wide. Protests are being called for town and city centres across Scotland from 5pm on Tuesday 9th November. In Glasgow meet in George Square. In Edinburgh meet in Parliament Square, marching on the Scottish Parliament around 5.30pm. Anti war demos are being called for town and city centres across Scotland from 5pm on Tuesday 9th November.

Bush and Kerry Made Me Want to Ralph: An NYC Activist Explains Why He Supported Nader

NYC, 09.11.2004 00:58

(from the Open Newswire): Wearing a Nader button or t-shirt around town was met with scorn more often than not in 2004. This was quite a different political climate than in the year 2000, when Mr. Nader garnered enough support to throw a super-rally in Madison Square Garden, filled with over 10,000 admiring adherents of his platform.

Jornadas: a-n-t-e-n-a-k)))))))+ Nuevas tecnologías y movimientos sociales

Euskal Herria, 09.11.2004 00:49

Del 8 al 14 de noviembre Amatau TB ha organizado unas jornadas de debate en Bilbao (Programa y texto introductorio ) sobre el modo en que la ciudad y los medios de información se articulan e interactúan. En una época de proliferación de medios tecnológicos y nuevos tejidos urbanos, donde cuerpos, maquinas, imágenes y llamadas perdidas se dan cruce.

Junto con estas jornadas y en los mismos locales el sábado 13 de Noviembre se realizara un día de talleres y debates organizados por los colectivos Amatau TB, Indymedia y Metabolik sobre Movimientos Sociales, Comunicación y Nuevas Tecnologías. En ellos se tratarán diferentes temas como software libre, televisiones comunitarias, cibercontrol,....y se celebrara la primera asamblea de hacklabs y otros movimientos sociales relacionados con la tecnología de Euskal Herria.

Peer-based, Grassroots Drop-in Center Loses Funding Under Care Not Cash

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.11.2004 00:01

Care-less: City to Close Tenderloin Self-Help Center

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.11.2004 23:35

Human rights activists falsely imprisoned - RELEASED

Four More Years: The Good News

Tennessee, 08.11.2004 23:04

We, the people of the US and of the world are living in a Double Bubble world, upon which some few are floating and under which many others are being crushed. Many people in other countries understand this. The Bush/Cheney regime has convinced (apparently) more than 50% of the American people to agree that this Bubble-world is good, and more Bush/Cheney is just what our country needs.

Antarctic climate change cause for concern

Melbourne, 08.11.2004 22:51

Antarctica: Krill numbers crash, Glaciers on the move

Actividad contra la APEC

santiago, 08.11.2004 19:57

Actividad contra la APEC

Portland Animal Rights Activists Try To Save Chickens

Portland, 08.11.2004 19:48

Commercial truck driver Dean Giddings, 42, of Oak Harbor, Washington, was towing two trailers on Highway 213 Sunday night, loaded with about 6,000 chickens when he reportedly ran a red light and crashed into two other vehicles at about 7:30 p.m. Several hundred chickens died at the scene and many suffered severe injuries. Animal rights activists appeared on the scene with animal carriers and video cameras as they attempted to liberate the animals from the Highway.

Police said the truck struck the driver's side of the passenger car, then continued northbound where it struck a second car that was in the southbound left turn lane on Highway 213. After colliding with both vehicles, the truck and two trailers rolled into its left side and came to a stop blocking all three northbound lanes and two southbound lanes. The driver of one of the vehicles and a passenger in his car suffered minor injuries.

read the full article...[ Chicken Industry I pdx imc animal rights page ]

women (en)

Barcelona, 08.11.2004 18:33

Social claim of the affection and the care of people

In the 21st century it is women who "almost exclusively" develop the systems for caring for dependent people: at home, mothers and grandmothers do it, outside serving and cleaning other's houses and working in different associations or occupations. The progressive incorporation of women doing remunerating work, leaves an empty space, it should be revalued and recovered by everybody to prevent imbalances, creating new world networks of caring for people without this new international division of work to make another type of inequalities. Between all of us we must find solutions to achieve a wide public coverage of service to people, but without resulting in the state controlling the care of people.

[Sept. 24th-25th] 1es JORNADES DE TROBADA DE DONES, ART I ACTIVISME (1st Days of women's meeting, art and activism)

+info :: >>>women + media + program

Theo van Gogh: his views; and after

Netherlands, 08.11.2004 17:48

Holland: famous film+ TV maker & writer assasinated


Colombia, 08.11.2004 17:44

Comenzó el asalto "final" a Faluyah

School of the Americas Protest Nov. 20-21

Atlanta, 08.11.2004 17:13

Preparations for Annual Demonstration Underway #media_7182;right#Its that time of year again, when thousands of people get ready to trek across the country to a small city in Georgia for the largest annual demonstration in the Southeast. Columbus is home to Ft.Benning and the notorious School of the Americas- SOA (now called the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation), an army training facility which graduates students cum laude with the finest skills in human rights abusing and dictatorship propping up. The yearly protest usually draws participants from as far away as Maine to California. While Georgia has a history of under-representation at the event, local organizers hope this year will be different. Check out info about local events, and activties already underway in Georgia. And stay tuned as Atlanta Indymedia brings you great coverage for the 5th year running. Local Events: Nov. 11- Meet Puppetmaker David Solnit, Nipponzan-Myohoji Atlanta Dojo annual peace walk, Footprints Peace Run from Cordele, GA
For more info on the protest

The Will of the People Was NOT Expressed In This Election

Arkansas, 08.11.2004 16:43

Stunned anguish ... bitter disgust ... even despair. We try to find the words and we can’t. And yes, it is as bad as you think. Almost certainly, it is worse.

On November 3rd, George Bush called up the newly elected Republican senators who believe in such things as the death penalty for abortion providers and banning gays from teaching and said: “It’s time to get the job done.” Capitalism personified, Bush told the press “Let me put it to you this way: I earned political capital in the campaign and now I intend to spend it”. He is full of himself—on a mission to take this whole nightmare to an even more intense, more repressive level.

Contra el muro del apartheid / Euskal Herria-Palestina elkartasuna!

Euskal Herria, 08.11.2004 16:34

El 9 de noviembre es el Día Internacional Contra el Muro del Apartheid en Palestina. Desde el pasado fin de semana comenzaron las protestas y los actos de solidaridad con Palestina, pero será mañana cuando en todos los herrialdes de Euskal Herria se desarrollarán la mayoría de los actos y movilizaciones que se están preparando.

Además de la inmediata demolición del Muro, quienes organizan estas movilizaciones quieren denunciar el todas las caras de la política criminal desarrollada por el Estado de Israel contra el territorio y el pueblo de Palestina exigiendo también el reconocimiento del derecho de retorno de los refugiados (según la resolución 194 de Naciones Unidas), la retirada inmediata de Israel de los territorios ocupados en 1967, incluida Jerusalén Oriental, el desmantelamiento de los asentamientos ilegales de colonos y el reconocimiento de un Estado Palestino, soberano, independiente, democrático y viable.

Estas son algunas de las convocatorias de mañana martes 9 de noviembre:

  1. Iruñea, 19:30 h. Concentración en el Paseo Sarasate.
  2. Donostia, 19:30 h. Cocentración en el Bulebar.
  3. Bilbon, 19:30 h. Concentraciónen la Plaza Circular y actos durante todo el día (exposiciones, reportajes...)
  4. Gasteiz, 20 de noviembre, 13:00 h. Concentración en Correos.

Protest Against Fallujah Massacre!

United Kingdom, 08.11.2004 16:17

Today Monday the 8th at around lunchtime the Iraqi interim (puppet) Prime Minister Ayad Allawi closed Baghdad's international airport for 48 hours and the borders with Syria and Jordan, he declared a curfew in Fallujah and gave the order for U.S. and Iraqi forces began a ground assault. Last night US and Iraqi forces seized the general hospital, Major Kris Meyle a us marine is quoted ``There were no shots fired and no casualties'' whereas even the BBC said that 35 people had been killed there.

As the US marines prepare to enter Fallujah to destroy the
resistance, supposedly to prepare the way for democracy, protests are
already starting around the UK. Fallujah has been almost continuously
attacked from the air since Thursday November the 4th, including razing a
hospital. US marines now surround the city, awaiting the order of
the puppet Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi to invade. A state of emergency
has now been declared. The number of civilian casualties can only be
guessed at. Fallujah was not included in the recent Lancet
paper that estimated 100,000 as the low end of the range of
estimates of Iraqi dead. (ZNet
on the Lancet). The people of Fallujah have written to the UN asking it to
"intervene immediately to prevent another massacre."

Student-led Coalition Bake Sale Protests Regents' Misplaced Priorities, November 5, 2004

Madison, 08.11.2004 15:32

In response to the Board of Regents proposal to hike tuition an additional 2% over two years solely to pay for raises for top UW administrators, the growing coalition of concerned students, TAs, and faculty held a bake sale and press conference at 8:30 am on Friday, Nov. 5th. Coalition members attempted to make a deal with the Regents: the students would give the Regents the proceeds from the bake sale (maybe $20) in exchange for the Regents giving back the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are planning to give to the administrators and instead using it for new classes, new diversity programs, good contracts for all UW workers, and a rebate on tuition.

&quot;Foundations and Public Policy&quot; A Book Review

Boston, 08.11.2004 15:04

If the economics, sociology or political science courses you took in college did not devote much time to discussing the role foundations play in the world, then reading Foundations and Public Policy: The Mask of Pluralism by Joan Roelofs might be one way to quickly learn about foundation power. Roelofs, a professor of Political Science at Keene State College, notes that she "wrote the book primarily to reveal the power that has been largely obscured both in popular accounts of our society and in the more specialized political science literature."

Sevilha: Hackmeeting

Portugal, 08.11.2004 13:57

Sevilha: Hackmeeting

Pelo menos 80 mortos em manifestação na Tailândia

Portugal, 08.11.2004 13:44

Pelo menos 80 mortos em manifestação na Tailândia

Falluja Assault Begins, New Yorkers Again Take to the Streets

NYC, 08.11.2004 11:35

Hot on the heels of a Bush election victory, the assault on Falluja has begun.

The Falluja Witness Vigil is calling for a candlelight vigil for the civilian population of Fallujah - many of whom will be killed by US forces taking the city - at Washington Square Park, starting 5:30 the day the ground assault begins.

The International Action Center has also organized a number of protests.

Local Press Now Ganging Up on Critical Mass

NYC, 08.11.2004 11:22

Lost in the hoopla surrounding the latest Presidential election, several NYC newspapers and the mainstream Transportation Alternatives (TA) are the latest groups to gang up on Critical Mass. A recent New York Times article took a long look at Critical Mass, and quoted Noah Budnick of TA saying that the Mass rides " potentially paint bike riding in a very confrontational, not mainstream, sort of fringe light."

AM New York, New York's rather pathetic "free daily," followed suit with a front page rant masquerading as an editorial, claiming that the Mass needed a police escort. Of course, it didn't take long for the NY Post to weigh in.

Meanwhile, an open meeting about the future of Critical Mass was held on Saturday at Union Square. And Times Up! is hosting free Thursday movie screenings at their Manhattan space.

Protests, Scattered Violence Mark Bush 'Victory'

NYC, 08.11.2004 11:00

In the five days since the end of the 2004 Presidential election, protests and scattered acts of violence have greeted the triumph of the conservative agenda.

In the New York region on Wednesday, a small group of demonstrators in Union Square were greeted by the ESU armed with machine-guns [Pictures] The War Resisters League once again marched from Ground Zero, protesting war. In Red Hook, 200 Bard students shut down the main highway out of town. In Buffalo, vandals attacked the Republican Party headquarters.

Nationally, in Toledo on Wednesday, hundreds of Ohio residents stormed the statehouse to demand that all votes be counted. In Portland, thousands protested Bush. In Raleigh, North Carolina, hundreds of anarchists trashed the Republican Party headquarters. Plans are underway to protest the Bush innauguration. Read more at US Indymedia.

Meanwhile, IMC readers are debating the merits of violence and protest in a second Bush term.

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