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New Collaborations, Responses to SB1070 Mark 2010 May Day Demonstrations

United States, 08.05.2010 02:08

From LA-IMC: May 1, 2010: The air was electrified by a presence not felt since the Gran Marcha of 2006. Tens of thousands marched through downtown Los Angeles in solidarity with Arizona's victims of a new law that effectively legalizes racial profiling. The new Arizona law has been denounced by President Obama, DHS Head Janet Nopalitano, the Mayor of Phoenix, the Sheriff of Pima County (Arizona), and even some Republicans who see it as draconian legislation. Demonstrations were held nationwide and cities throughout the nation are reporting sizable turnouts. Read more with photos

From Rochester IMC: "Today is the day the world celebrates the struggle of workers who won the 8 hour work day. Its a Holiday that started here in America and is celebrated all over the world, except for in America. They took it away from us years ago because it was too scary and too dangerous and we asked too many questions. The last few years in cities around the country workers have been fighting to bring it back, for Immigration Reform, for workers rights, for all the things that we fight for to make our lives better." Read more with video

More US May Day Coverage: May Day March in Buffalo | May Day 2010 in Philly | May Day Boston Rally/March | Clark Students to Walk Out for Worker Rights | Minneapolis: Thousands Rally Against SB1070 | New York Activists Launch New Internet Calendar on May 1st | Immigrant Rights Activists Block Entrance to Downtown ICE Detention Center, Los Angeles

The Angola Three: 38 Years in Prison Hell

Boston, 07.05.2010 23:08

focusing on America's gulag

Call Centers y el nuevo modelo de acumulación de servicios

Argentina, 07.05.2010 22:39

Más que una voz detrás del teléfono

Boletín de Medios Alternativos

Argentina, 07.05.2010 22:09

El mayo que nos parió

The Santa Cruz May Day Riot

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.05.2010 21:39

On the night of Saturday, May 1st, May Day, there was a dance party to mark International Workers' Day, which began at the clock tower in downtown Santa Cruz. During the event, around 250 people roved through the streets in a mixture of dancing, partying and protesting. A smaller number of people, some wearing masks or bandanas on their face, carried torches, spray painted graffiti, broke windows at an estimated 18 downtown businesses, and caused an estimated $100,000 in damage. In addition, a squad car of a cop who responded was reportedly pelted with rocks, surrounded, and paint was poured on the hood.

TUSD Students Protest HB2281 with 24-hour Vigil

Arizona, 07.05.2010 18:07

150+ students remain overnight in front of Tucson High School to defend ethnic studies

Reintegração de posse na Rua do Passo (Pelourinho)

CMI Brasil, 07.05.2010 13:37


Scapegoats, Serco and Solidarity

United Kingdom, 07.05.2010 12:39

Another week of the election, another week of scapegoating migrants equals another week in which the deportation machine strides on; imprisoning men, women and children before deporting them to wherever is most expedient. The mainstream political parties' rhetoric surrounding immigration has become less and less distinguishable from that of the BNP. They point their fingers at migrants, positioning one group of oppressed and marginalised people as the cause of others dispossession of other groups.

This anti-migrant discourse is further developed by the mainstream press - including the Nottingham Evening Post - who seek to flog their rags with sensational headlines which blame migrants for all of society’s ills, unwilling or unable to develop a broader analysis.

Meanwhile, resistance continues in the form of migrant protests within the detention estate and solidarity attacks on the companies profiting from running migrant prisons, such as Serco.

Newswire: Serco goverment buildings attacked | Bristol: Serco van tourched | Serco goverment service office attacked in London | London protest at Serco over Yarlswood assaults | Hunger Strike @ Yarlswood | Women in Yarlswood vow to stay on hunger strike | Call for a European Week of Action against the deportation machine | NSPM Peace Conference Politics of Migration

Previous features: Un-policing the borders | Calais: Repression and Resistance | Urgent Action for Notts Family facing deportation | Fortress Europe, struggles continue

Links: Stop Deportations Network | No Borders Network | Nottingham Student Peace Movement | Brussels No Borders Camp

Contra la Europa del Capital

Euskal Herria, 07.05.2010 12:09

Durante el primer semestre de 2010, el Estado espa�ol acoge la presidencia de turno de la Uni�n Europea; una presidencia marcada por la reciente aprobaci�n por "v�a directa" del Tratado de Lisboa. Este tratado mantiene en esencia las mismas pol�ticas y aspiraciones de la Constituci�n Europea que ya hab�a sido rechazada en refer�ndum en 2004. Es decir, desregulaci�n del mercado, privatizaci�n de los servicios p�blicos y desinversi�n en pol�ticas sociales en favor de la industria militar. Adem�s, el Tratado de Lisboa otorga personalidad jur�dica propia a la Uni�n Europea para firmar acuerdos internacionales a nivel comunitario, lo que sin duda har� valer para fortalecer y fomentar sus pol�ticas de libre mercado durante uno de los actos centrales de la presidencia: la VI Cumbre birregional Uni�n Europea-Am�rica Latina y el Caribe (UE-ALC), que reunir� del 18 al 21 de mayo en Madrid, a los altos mandatarios de los pa�ses involucrados, bajo el lema Hacia una nueva etapa en la asociaci�n birregional: Innovaci�n y Tecnolog�a para el desarrollo sostenible y la cohesi�n social. Pero, �de qu� trata realmente esta cumbre? �Cu�les son sus precedentes?

Desde m�ltiples organizaciones y plataformas se est�n organizando la respuesta. Porque todo lo que se decida en esta cumbre nos afectar�. Porque posiblemente nos enteraremos cuando ya sea demasiado tarde. Porque nadie nos consultar�, porque no podemos participar, porque s�lo nos quieren como espectadores, una vez m�s, de este circo "democr�tico" del que penden miles de vidas...: |Campa�a en Euskal Herria Contra la Europa del Capital y las Guerras|, |Programa de las jornadas en EH durante todo mayo: Contra la Europa del Capital y las Guerras |, |Jornadas enlazando conflictos ambientales |, |Cumbre de los Pueblos Enlazando Alternativas IV 14-18 mayo en Madrid|, |Rompamos el Silencio: 16-20 de mayo en Madrid|.


Argentina, 07.05.2010 11:39

Movilización en Defensa de la vida Campesina

May Day 2010 -- Photos from Southern Oregon

Rogue Valley, 07.05.2010 02:40

Southern Oregonians participated in a May Day Caravan for Immigration Reform which started in Ashland and traveled north to Medford...

Here are some photos taken from the Bi-Mart parking lot in Ashland where the caravan originated and there are a few photos after we hit the road...

- - click any photo to make it big - -

The YES Men Fix Houston

Houston, 07.05.2010 01:11

The YES Men Fix Houston: Exibition at DiverseWorks

Mayday in Gulfton

Houston, 07.05.2010 00:39

May Day March for Dignity and Rights for all floods Southwest Houston

Venezuela Bilateral Relations with the U.S.

DC, 07.05.2010 00:10

April 7 2010 Show: Andrew Willis Garces, of Save Our Safety Net -, raises concerns about $100 million in cuts in safety net programs by Mayor Fenty. Garces pointed out that people who make $40,000/year are paying the same DC taxes as those making millions in income, and the Mayor needs to collect more taxes from those with higher income. The main focus of the show is correcting the mainstream media portrayal on Venezuala, specifically addressing these issues: Has the U.S. relations with Venezuela really changed with the Obama administration? Or is it more of the same as with Bush? Livia Suarez, press attache of Venezuela Embassy, and Eva Golinger, Venezuelan-American attorney speak. Audio

DC Doesn't Work Without Child Care For All

DC, 07.05.2010 00:10

Time has almost run out. In less than two weeks the city council will vote on Mayor Fenty’s proposed budget for 2011. If changes aren’t made before then the subsidized child-care program, which has been under-funded for years, will be cut even further. As a result child-care centers, which are also local businesses owned and staffed mostly by women, will close. Empower DC's Child Care For All campaign hosts a press conference to protest cuts in the subsidized child care program. Video || Empower DC

Griechenland im Klassenkampf

Germany, 06.05.2010 22:09

In der deutschen Presselandschaft überschattet eine Meldung über den Tod von drei Menschen die "Berichterstattung" über den Klassenkampf, der bereits seit dem 1. Mai offen stattfindet. Unabhängige Berichterstattung ist schwer zu finden, Indymedia Athen wurde angegriffen, ist inzwischen aber wieder online. Wie schon beim G20 in London werden aber schnell Zweifel an der in Massenmedien verbreiteten Version laut. Augenzeugenberichten von Angestellten der Bank zu folge wurden Menschen von ihren Vorgesetzten in der Bank eingeschlossen, in Österreich wird über Gerüchte spekuliert, der Bankbrand war selbst gelegt um Akten über Steuerhinterziehung zu vernichten. Derweil geht der Klassenkampf auf der Straße weiter. So stürmten gestern Hundertschaften der Polizei das Viertel Exarchia, drangen dort in viele Squats und Cafes ein und verprügelten, wer nicht schnell genug floh. Für heute ruft eine Gewerkschaft der Bankangestellten zum Streik auf.

Hintergrundberichte und Zusammenfassungen: Heute Griechenland, morgen wir | Krieg dem Krieg der Herrschenden | Hellas Wahnsinn
aktuelle Berichterstattung: IMC-Athen | IMC-Patras | occupied london (englisch) | Libcom (englisch)
Berichte: LehrerInnen brechen in staatliches TV | Lage in Griechenland eskaliert | General strike paralyses Greece |
Videos: Vergeltungsschläge der Polizei 1, 2 | Besitzer der Bank unter Polizeischutz | Eindrücke der Demonstration 1, 2
Fotos: Demobilder | Piazza del Popolo | Tagesspiegel
Audio: Was in 100 Jahren erkämpft | We wont stay back
Solidaritätsaktionen: Köln 1, 2

Boletín de Medios Alternativos

Argentina, 06.05.2010 21:09

El mayo que nos parió

Breaking: Civil Disobedience against deportations and SB 1070 Going on Now

LA, 06.05.2010 19:39

About 100 people are protesting in front of the Downtown Los Angeles ICE building with 14 people chained together in the street blocking the entrance and exit of ICE buses. The protest is a civil disobedience action against deportations and SB 1070.

Reports From the Newswire: CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE:14 Chained together BLOCKING ICE ENTRANCE IN LOS ANGELES by phuk minutmen | | Breaking: Cell phone photos of lockdown in street | 10:30 am - BREAKING: 100's take street at downtown detention center

UPDATE - At 12:00 Noon: Protesters still holding the street. Alameda Blvd sill closed off. Police appear to be getting ready to give dispersal order and start cutting people in lock down out of metal tubes. Police horse units reported in the area. Situation peaceful at this time.

Por Roberto Martino, los 5 compañerxs anarquistas y los detenidos de Las Heras

Argentina, 06.05.2010 18:39

Movilización por la libertad y el desprocesamiento de todos los luchadores populares

Ocupação Alagados do Pantanal: PM corta a luz e intimida famílias na madrugada

CMI Brasil, 06.05.2010 14:37


&quot;No cesan la tortura y el aniquilamiento de personas&quot;

Argentina, 06.05.2010 13:10

Desesperante situación de Cocó

Huelga UPR Carolina

Puerto Rico, 06.05.2010 08:40

Estudiantes de Carolina denuncian que les quieren sabotear la huelga

Huelga UPR Bayamón

Puerto Rico, 06.05.2010 08:40

Recinto de Bayamón se une a Huelga Indefinida

Huelga en UPR de Ponce

Puerto Rico, 06.05.2010 08:40

Estudiantes de Ponce denuncian posible agresión a estudiantes con armas Taser

Radio Huelga

Puerto Rico, 06.05.2010 08:40

Primera transmisión de Radio Huelga

Huelga UPR Humacao

Puerto Rico, 06.05.2010 08:40

Artistas cantarán en Humacao por la defensa de la Universidad

Huelga UPR Cayey

Puerto Rico, 06.05.2010 08:40

Reclamos de la comunidad universitaria de Cayey

Carta aberta aos movimentos populares, sindicatos e centrais, organizações e partidos, estudantes e demais camaradas em luta

CMI Brasil, 06.05.2010 08:07

Ocupação e acampamento ALAGADOS DO PANTANAL

Hunger Strike at UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.05.2010 06:40

On Monday, May 3rd, the Chican@/Latin@ community at Cal, which includes RAZA, Mecha, Xinaxtli, and others began a hunger strike in front of California Hall in response to the new Arizona SB1070 Law and to the charges imposed on student protesters this school year. The six demands issued include that President Yudof and other UC Chancellors publicly denounce Arizona's SB1070 and that charges be dropped against student activists. Strikers have issued a call to action against racism and oppression for Friday, May 7th.

Rabbi Michael Lerner's Home Attacked by Right Wing Zionists

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.05.2010 04:51

The Berkeley Hills home of Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the progressive Tikkun magazine, was vandalized on May 3. Posters attached to the rabbi's door and on his property attacked him personally. They also berated liberals and progressives as being supporters of terrorism and "Islamo-fascism".

Construyendo la memoria

Argentina, 06.05.2010 03:39

Cada vez, Natalia...

Activists Occupy Cargill HQ, Shutting Down Business for Cutting Down Rainforest

United States, 06.05.2010 03:37

Wayzata--(press release from Rainforest Action Network)--In the wake of a damning report linking Cargill to the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests, activists with Rainforest Action Network occupied the suburban Minneapolis executive offices of the nation’s largest private agribusiness company today. Playing a loud recording of chainsaws cutting down rainforests and holding signs reading “This is the sound of your supply chain,” and “Mr. Page: Rainforest Destruction Stops with You,” five activists locked themselves to the staircase of the Lake Office, blocking the entrance to the company’s executive offices for over two hours. All five activists were arrested.

The protest was accompanied by a dozen demonstrators at the front of Cargill’s Wayzata headquarters, greeting employees as they entered with a sign reading: “Rainforest Destruction Starts with Cargill.”

“Cargill is cutting down irreplaceable rainforests, driving critically endangered animals like the orangutan to the brink of extinction,” said Ashley Schaeffer of Rainforest Action Network, who was one of the arrested activists. “And then, they’re lying about it to their customers and to the American public. We found out what Cargill is doing and we want it stopped, now.”

Previous Reports at TC Indymedia: RAN Targets General Mills, Cargill Over Palm Oil | Video: Does Your Breakfast Cause Rainforest Destruction? | Business News? Cargill the Corporate CitizenOrangutan Activists Visit Cargill || TC Daily Planet: RAN ART Targets General Mills with Substance

Greens MLC sexuality smeared in The West Australian

Perth, 06.05.2010 03:10

Greens MLCs sexuality smeared in The West Australian

Construyendo la memoria

Argentina, 06.05.2010 03:09

Cada vez, Natalia...

Desesperante situación de Cocó

Argentina, 06.05.2010 02:09

"No cesan la tortura y el aniquilamiento de personas por parte del personal penitenciario "

DC Council Votes for Medical Marijuana With Limits

DC, 06.05.2010 00:11

May 4, 1020: Twelve years after 69 percent of DCvoters passed a medical marijuana initiative, the City Council took its second vote on a bill that will regulate and enact Initiative 59, the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative. The Council rejected several amendments including explicit civil protections re employment, housing etc. An amendment for distribution centers to be operated on a nonprofit basis was also rejected. A final vote, is still expected before the bill is sent to the Mayor. A provision of the bill allows the Mayor discretion to increase the amount from 2 to 4 ounces. A provision that would allow patients to cultivate their own was rejected. MD April 2010: A bill to legalize medical marijuana did not make it through the last MD state legislature. "There were 22,042 arrests for marijuana possession in Maryland in 2007, and 2,668 arrests for marijuana sales." Marijuana in Maryland (pdf) False Positive Drug Tests Exposed || Crime lab fallout: Drug defendants go free

Greece Erupts in Riots, Three Dead in Fire

Boston, 05.05.2010 22:09

Today in Athens, street battles broke out between police and protesters, as marches approached the Greek Parliament building. Numerous cars and buildings were set on fire, including a branch of Marfin Bank, where three employees were killed by smoke inhalation. Greek authorities were quick to blame protesters for the deaths, but as ( points out, n a similar case thirty years ago the fire turned out to have been started by a tear gas canister fired by police. An anonymous employee of Marfin Bank released the following statement, with the request to disseminate it widely to counteract government propaganda.

CP&amp;J screens Frozen Dreams documentary May 6

Rogue Valley, 05.05.2010 21:41

Families torn apart by Fresh Del Monte ICE Raids

Citizens for Peace and Justice will screen the documentary "Frozen Dreams" on May 6 in Medford, Oregon. The 30 minute film tells the story of the ICE raids at Del Monte in North Portland, Oregon on June 12, 2007. CP&J's film night in May is co-sponsored by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice. The evening welcomes participants from UNETE a volunteer-led movement of farmworkers and immigrants in rural Southern Oregon. A light snack will be provided.

Frozen Dreams producer Emiliana Aguilar Reynosa will be traveling down from Portland for the film and she will be joined by three of the factory workers who were targeted in the 2007 immigration raid.

Following the film the Portland travelers will be joined by local activists for a panel discussion about the Del Monte raid, what has happened since and the ever growing need for comprehensive immigration reform. There will be ample opportunity for audience Q&A..

May 6, 7:00 pm
Medford Congregational Church of Christ
1801 E. Jackson St., 2 blocks above Hedrick Middle School

Club Atlético, Social y Deportivo Ernesto &quot;Che&quot; Guevara.

Argentina, 05.05.2010 20:40

Para ponerse la camiseta

DD: Libertäre Tage - Noch 1 Woche

Germany, 05.05.2010 19:09

"In einer Woche beginnen die ersten Libertären Tage in Dresden. Dieser Artikel gibt einen kleinen Überblick über das Programm und organisatorisches."


Argentina, 05.05.2010 19:09

Caminata Campesina / Lucha contra Botnia / Megamineria y resistencias

Proposed Leicester animal lab attracts protests

United Kingdom, 05.05.2010 17:39

Animal rights activists dropped banners and protested on the roof of the construction site of a new animal lab in Leicester on Monday. Banners were also hung on other University of Leicester buildings.

The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) claim that 101 animals already die in the university's labs each day and that the proposed £15m facility will add to this. The university claims that only rodents will be used at the new facility, but NAVA say they believe that dogs will be used as well.

NAVA was rapidly formed following the university's announcement that it was going to be building a new animal lab on Lancaster Place. Whilst the university claims that "vital" research will be carried out at the facility, NAVA say that the new lab "is squandering money away from potentially life-saving research which is accurate and does not involve abusing animals."

Newswire: Activists Scale Leicester Animal Lab in Rooftop Protest | Action Alert #1 - Stop the Leicester Animal Lab | Location of the Leicester Animal Lab Building Site | New animal lab at Leicester; New nationwide campaign to start

Links: NAVA | Notts Indymedia Animal Liberation newswire

Día Internacional del Trabajador/a

Argentina, 05.05.2010 17:09

Sobre el 1 de Mayo

Merseyside May Day Festival A &quot;Wonderful Event&quot;

United Kingdom, 05.05.2010 15:39

May Day was celebrated in fitting style over the weekend, as the festival organised by the Merseyside Mayday Collective attracted around five hundred to St Luke's ('bombed-out') church on Berry Street.

Mayday Roundup

United Kingdom, 05.05.2010 13:10

With the national elections less than a week away, Mayday celebrations to remember the Haymarket massacre of 1887 (and in support of worker's movements internationally) took place in many towns and cities across the UK. Despite that fact that the authorities had banned the planned march in Coventry, a spontaneous event took place marching from the Council House to Millenium Square, with a No Borders slogan reading 'Asylum is not a crime' at the head of the procession. In Nottingham, hundreds joined a procession which managed to overcome the City Council’s bureaucratic machinery. Several hundred people joined a march in Chesterfield and 400 braved the rain for Dublin's march which ended with a speech by Arthur Scargill. In Bradford people gathered on Infirmary Fields and in Manchester up to 200 joined a march, and enjoyed a firework display, and in Edinburgh about 100 joined a rally at West Princes Street Gardens.

In London, trade unionists and Communists marched from Clerkenwell Green to a rally in Trafalger Square. The four horsemen of the apopcalypse, last seen out at the G20 protests last year, were central to the 'Election meltdown' which saw effigies of party leaders dragged from their party HQs to Parliament Square for public execution, before an estimated crowd of 500. While some stayed to set up a Demockracy village in the square, many others were led to a tunnel by the samba band, for a Rave Against the Machine.

Links: Northern Mayday Roundup | Chesterfield | Coventry | Dublin | Edinburgh | London | Manchester | Nottingham

Running From A War Zone

Rogue Valley, 05.05.2010 10:40

One of the greatest tragedies of the Iraq war is the displacement of more than 5 million Iraqis. Yet this humanitarian crisis is largely ignored by the US government and media. But recently, Collateral Repair Project, locally based in Medford, Oregon and providing assistance to Iraqi refugees in Amman, Jordan, came to the attention a local reporter.

Mayday!!! 8,000 March in Tucson, 10,000 in Phoenix

Arizona, 05.05.2010 06:37

Flagstaff City Council votes to sue state over SB1070, UofA students organize rally for tomorrow; resistance is growing across the state

Welcome to the New Arizona

Arizona, 05.05.2010 05:37

Many people have been talking about leaving the state since 1070 was passed, but other are talking about fighting. Something is new here.

Sobre el 1 de Mayo

Argentina, 05.05.2010 02:39

Día Internacional del TrabajadOr/A

Día Internacional del TrabajadOr/A

Argentina, 05.05.2010 02:39

Sobre el 1 de Mayo

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