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Madre de Fernanda Aguirre

Argentina, 13.05.2010 00:39

Falleció María Inés Cabrol

Madre de Fernanda Aguirre secustrada en 2004 por las redes de trata y prostitución

Argentina, 13.05.2010 00:39

Falleció María Inés Cabrol

Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair: 22nd May

United Kingdom, 12.05.2010 23:09

Booked for the 22nd May in our lovely city is Sheffield's first ever Anarchist bookfair. If you're anarcho-curious come and meet some local Anarchists. The Greens have conferences, the Left have meetings, the Conservatives have tea parties. So what do anarchists have? Bookfairs?!

These events have run for years in cities from San Francisco to Zagreb. They're a great starting point into the ideas, activism, ethics, creativity and history of the contemporary anarchist movement, with publishers comix, zines, film, art, food and fun stuff. It's at Corporation, appropriately painted black for the event, no doubt with a buzzing after-party nearby.

Read on for the days programme of meetings and see the web site for the bookfair.

[W-wa] akcja solidarnościowa pod ambasadą Grecji; 7 osób zatrzymanych

Poland, 12.05.2010 19:40

Dziś, kilkanaście minut po 12.00 rozpoczęła się pod grecką ambasadą w Warszawie akcja solidarnościowa z aresztowanymi przez greckie władze uczestnikami protestów społecznych przeciw wdrażanemu przez rząd „pakietowi antykryzysowemu”. W zwołanej naprędce pikiecie wzięło udział dwadzieścia kilka osób ze środowisk anarchistycznych i skłoterskich, w tym aktywiści z Grecji (ok. 10 osób), Hiszpanii i Białorusi. Zebrani domagali się zaprzestania policyjnych represji wobec ruchów społecznych i ich kryminalizacji.

Jakiś czas po zakończeniu protestu policja zatrzymała wracającą z niego grupę 7 aktywistów, w tym 6 osób z Grecji.

Police Draw Batons on Bank Bailout protestors

Ireland, 12.05.2010 16:39

Two thousand took to the street to protest at the ...

First Day of Ted Glick Trial

DC, 12.05.2010 16:10

I kind-of had the first day of my jury trial today (5/11) for hanging a banner as part of a demonstration inside the Hart Senate Office Building last September 8th, the first day the Senate returned from their summer recess. The banner said, "Green Jobs Now, Get To Work." Wednesday, will be the time that the actual testimony by government witnesses, followed by testimony by my witnesses, takes place.

Protesters march on White House against offshore oil drilling

DC, 12.05.2010 16:10

On the 11th of May, protesters outraged by BP’s massive oil spill in the Gulf marched on the White House. As Reverend Yearwood (from Louisiana) pointed out at the protest, five years ago, the Gulf Coast was devastated by Hurricane Katrina,and now BP’s unnatural disaster is compounding the damage. Already tarballs from the spill are washing up on shore. Meanwhile, fish are considered too dangerous to eat and fishing jobs are sinking as fast as BP’s blown-up oil rig. Expansion of Offshore Oil Drilling is Dead

Adult Education and the Millionaire's Tax

DC, 12.05.2010 16:10

The Save Our Safety Net Campaign and the Fair Budget Coalition rally at the Wilson Building. In the past two years, more than $100 million dollars has been cut from the budgets of many District of Columbia social service agencies, like DC Central Kitchen. Councilpersons Brown and Graham advocate for the return of higher taxes on rich residents of DC. Video (.mov) ||

Multiplicidad de acciones

Argentina, 12.05.2010 16:09

Protests Against MUNI Cuts and Fare Hikes

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.05.2010 14:39

The Muni Riders and Drivers Expanding Coalition, made up of low income families, youth and elderly organizations in San Francisco, have united to demand an end to MUNI service cuts, demanding MUNI seek more progressive sources of revenue, and an end to MUNI and SFPD "saturation" checkpoints on buses. Last week they held their first public action on the steps of City Hall. A new protest will be held on May 12th at 1pm at City Hall.

Call Centers y el nuevo modelo de acumulación de servicios

Argentina, 12.05.2010 12:39

Más que una voz detrás del teléfono


Oost-Vlaanderen, 12.05.2010 12:08

5 mei in Griekenland

Activists protest outside the Australian Uranium summit

Perth, 12.05.2010 03:09

Activists protest outside the Australian Uranium summit

Presentación en La Plata

Argentina, 12.05.2010 02:39

Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito

Miguel Serrano

Argentina, 12.05.2010 02:09

Justica por Miguel Serrano, carcel para Marcelo Palomo

USP de São Carlos e Centro Acadêmico reprimem a rádio livre Alternativa

CMI Brasil, 11.05.2010 23:07


Grécia: podemos!

CMI Brasil, 11.05.2010 22:07


Libertäre Tage Dresden, 1.-8. Mai

Germany, 11.05.2010 19:40

Vorbei. Langsam realisieren alle, dass diese unglaubliche Woche zuende ist. Es war ein Sprung ins kalte Wasser, ein Versuch, ein Experiment,…eine Veranstaltungswoche. Mit Kongress-Charakter. Aber auch wieder nicht, weil: dezentrales Konzept und (zu?) wenig Theorie. Was sollte es werden, was ist es geworden und was wird möglicherweise daraus? Hier der Versuch einer Zusammenfassung, der aber vor allem von euren Eindrücken und Ergänzungen lebt.

World Premiere Screening of WAMM Documentary

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.05.2010 17:09

The world premiere screening of La Vie en Verte: The WAMM Movie will take place on Wednesday, May 12th, 6:30pm at the Riverfront Theater, as part of the Santa Cruz Film Festival. La Vie en Verte documents the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), a "collective of patients and caregivers [who have been] providing hope, building community and offering medical marijuana on a donation basis" for over a decade. In the film, we meet Valerie and Mike Corral, and follow their journey as they dedicate their lives to offering compassionate care despite the antagonism of the brutal federal government. Valerie and Mike Corral will be at the screening, in addition to directors Charlie Hall and Bevin-Bell Hall.

Movimiento Justicia y Libertad

Argentina, 11.05.2010 14:39

Desalojan predio recuperado en Olmos

Boletín de Medios Alternativos

Argentina, 11.05.2010 05:39

El mayo que nos parió


Colombia, 11.05.2010 03:43

Vem pra luta vem !

CMI Brasil, 11.05.2010 00:07

Por Zé da Ruti

Neuquen Unidad de Detención 11

Argentina, 10.05.2010 23:09

Historico juicio a 27 policias torturadores

Jueves, 06 de mayo de 2010 | Boletín de Medios AlternativosJueves, 06 de mayo de 2010 | Boletín de Medios Alternativos

Argentina, 10.05.2010 22:40

El mayo que nos parió

Masa krytyczna sobota 29 maja 2010r.

Torun, 10.05.2010 19:37

Masa krytyczna sobota 29 maja 2010r.

więcej info

Neuquen Unidad de Detención 11

Argentina, 10.05.2010 18:39

Historico juicio a 27 policias torturadores

SchNEWS 721:

United Kingdom, 10.05.2010 17:40

"I told many people in Gaza about the people's strike on EDO MBM... When I recounted this action to people, I saw an expression come over their faces that I hadn't encountered before when talking about international solidarity. It was a kind of respect, a sense of surprised pride at a tiny move towards a leveling between the blood sacrifices and living hell of so many here, and sacrifices made by people in comparative comfort zones on the other side of the world - for them" - Ewa Jasiewicz - human rights activist/journalist eyewitness to Operation Cast Lead

In the early hours of 17th January 2009, during Israel's 'Operation Cast Lead' offensive against Gaza, six people broke in to the EDO/ITT weapons' components factory in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, and caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to the production line. (see SchNEWS 663 and also check out the local paper's video of some of the damage)

On the Newswire: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Indymedia EDO archive

In SchNEWS: 721 | 663

Links: |

Diamondbacks protest

Houston, 10.05.2010 16:10

Defeat SB1070! Thoughts from Two Days of Struggle in Houston

Hundreds of Asylum Seekers to be refused visas

Perth, 10.05.2010 04:47

Hundreds of Asylum Seekers to be refused visas

Ante la oleada de hechos de guerra sucia

Colombia, 10.05.2010 02:38

Ante la oleada de hechos de guerra sucia

Ante la oleada de hechos de guerra sucia

Colombia, 10.05.2010 02:38

Ante la oleada de hechos de guerra sucia

Tensión en acampe por el boleto estudiantil

Argentina, 10.05.2010 02:08

"Ël que se mete a una carpa, va ir detenido"

Announcing Notts Indypendent

United Kingdom, 09.05.2010 22:09

Notts Indymedia are pleased to announce the first edition of the Notts Indypendent, an offline community newspaper reporting on local campaigns.

The publication was unveiled at Nottingham's Mayday demonstration. Further copies will be distributed to homes in Nottingham in the run-up to the general election. Copies are also available from the Sumac Centre and the Sparrows' Nest. Alternatively, you can read it online or download a copy and print your own.

Get it online: Download pdf (7.7MB) | Online viewer (via Northern Indymedia)

Previous features: Nottingham Mule Rides Into Town | Alternative Media Blossoms in Nottingham | Notts Indymedia Launches Radio Show

Lançamento da Rádio Livre Antena Negra em Porto Alegre dia 14/5

CMI Brasil, 09.05.2010 19:37


VIDEO: May Day 2010 - footage from Portland's protest

Portland, 09.05.2010 18:09

These are videos from the Portland protest march and speeches on May Day

Over 5,000 people attended this event Non Violent - Family Friendly - No Robo Cops

[Click the READ MORE Link below for a list of videos.]

Sit Lie - PDX Sidewalk Use

Portland, 09.05.2010 18:09

After hearing from the variety of concerned groups and citizens (Sisters of the Road, Portland Human Rights Commission, Portland Copwatch, ACLU, downtown construction workers, preachers, media activists, political activists, homeless folks and people with a home) all encouraging the city to NOT ...pass this sidewalk law... they did so anyway

And just so you know[.] Only 2 spoke in favor, and the city council reports that they are all fine with their compassionate, thoughtful concern fro the poor and homeless when they voted FOR THIS LAW. To me it seemed their minds were made up, and rather than postpone (or just scrap the whole thing)[.] It appeared to me they used the meeting to prop up their position of backing the PBA as they pat their own backs while telling the room they ..."really do care"[.] Shameful Outcome! How soon before the first lawsuit is my question?

FIght to Survive May Day Demonstration Video

Portland, 09.05.2010 18:09

A short video of May Day's Right to Survive action, including interviews explaining the event. Enjoy!

[Click the Read More link below for links to the video]

Announcing Another &quot;Name Those Sea Lions&quot; Contest

Portland, 09.05.2010 18:09

Nine more sea lions have just been added to the growing list of animals whom the State plans to execute, should they be able to catch them. The addition to the kill list is a dire matter for these animals. Less than two months ago, Freddy (aka C00) was added to the kill list, and this week he was captured in a trap. He was put to death as a result.

Support HS Students in Their Struggle for Educational Equity!

Portland, 09.05.2010 18:09

Attend the School Board meeting on Monday, May 10 (this Monday), at the Portland Public Schools Administration Offices on North Dixon. There will be student speakers at this event. The School Board meeting is scheduled from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m

Help support the ones most affected by Portland Public Schools Redesign Plan -- the students, their families and their neighborhoods. Listen to their voices and support them in their right to be heard and listened to. It is their future at stake!

Marshall High School in outer-Southeast Portland and Benson Technical High School are the high schools which are going to be most impacted by the High School Redesign Plan. The proposal for Marshall High School includes making it a "focus" (which focus is as yet undisclosed) school with a student body of 400. Lents neighborhood teens not attending the Marshall High School "Focus" School would be attending Madison or Franklin High Schools, a substantial commute from their neighborhood. Marshall High School is a vital part of the struggling Lents neighborhood. The effective closure of Marshall High School would negatively impact the Lents community.

The proposal for Benson Technical High School is to transform it from a four-year technical high school and make it a two-year vocational school for juniors and seniors. These juniors and seniors would attend other schools but would enroll for tech classes at Benson. Both Marshall High School and Benson High School serve large populations of low income and minority youth, who will suffer from these changes.

Buffalo Community and Labor Attend Showdown on Wall St.

United States, 09.05.2010 17:07

On April 29th members of People United for Sustainable Housing and local labor, organized by the Western New York Area Labor Federation attended a massive demonstration on Wall St. Just as discussion about financial reform is building in Washington, 11,000 union and community activists took their demands directly to Wall St.

The key message between the various groups was that the banks and financial institutions that were responsible for the collapse of the economy should be the one's that pay for the recovery. Instead of benefiting from the collapse, as Goldman Sachs and others ensured they would, banks should not be rewarded with massive handouts after failing so miserably.

The Buffalo delegation was made up of members of PUSH, the Coalition for Economic Justice, the Western New York Council for Occupational Safety and Health, the Western New York Area Labor Federation, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and the Service Employees International Union. In all over 50 people traveled from the Buffalo area to participate in the call for a massive overhaul of bank regulations rather than a superficial change. These organizations and many others rallied to call for substantive change in the financial systems that are so obviously working against the common good.

read more

New Porkbolter hits streets of Worthing

United Kingdom, 09.05.2010 13:39

THE May edition of Worthing's radical newsletter, the Porkbolter, has hit the streets of the West Sussex seaside town. The front page article reflects on the planning victory in the battle to save Titnore Woods - a battle The Porkbolter is keen to stress is not over yet.

A RECENT  report from two university psychologists showed that being a political activist makes you happier (The Guardian, March 2).

And that was certainly the case for everybody involved in the battle to save Titnore Woods when the impossible happened and on March 15 Worthing Borough Council rejected the developers’ planning application for 875 homes at West Durrington.

The fact that the war is clearly not over yet should not detract from our celebration of a truly magnificent victory.

Notts Pension Fund linked to tar sands extraction

United Kingdom, 09.05.2010 11:39

The pension fund run by Notts CC and including several other major employers in the region invests in BP. As supplies of easily obtainable oil dwindle, companies are investing in more high risk methods of getting oil. One of these is tar sands in Canada.

Notts CC pension scheme has admitted it invests in BP. John Pearson, the Investments Manager has admitted as much in an email to a member of its pension scheme. Nottinghamshire CC is part of a scheme called Nottinghamshire Pension Funds (NPF) and other contributing employers include Nottingham City Council, all the district and borough councils, the police and Nottingham Trent University.

BP is on the point of making a big decision – whether to invest in the tar sands in tar sands in the Athabasca region of Alberta in Canada. Campaigners have been mobilising to ensure they do not do this.

Newswire: Notts County Council Pension Fund invests in BP

National Feature: Anti-Tar Sands Protests Gather Momentum

Links: Fair Pensions: Tar Sands | No Tar Sands | Tar Sands in Focus | Indymedia UK tar sands topic page

Estimated 100 ride in Critical Mass

DC, 09.05.2010 05:52

DC Critical Mass rides are growing, just like that oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico that more bicycle use could have prevented. On May 7, an estimated 100 riders took to the streets, winding through Downtown and Georgetown. Video

Code Pink Women for Peace Shut Down Military Weapons Exhibit on the National Mall

DC, 09.05.2010 05:52

U.S. Army shuts down their weapons exhibit, closing it to public access while Code Pink women march and sing for peace on the Mall outside Congress

&quot;Frozen Dreams&quot;

Rogue Valley, 09.05.2010 03:41

"Frozen Dreams" is an eye-opener about how ICE terrorizes Latino workers and why we need real immigration reform.

Brasil, 09.05.2010 01:11

Suns of Anarchy

Arizona, 08.05.2010 22:38

Phoenix Suns protest SB1070, and State Senator Russell Pearce blankets bill opponents as "anarchists"

Oaxaca Caravan Attack: The Militarization And Paramilitarization Of Mexico

DC, 08.05.2010 19:05

Thursday, May 6, 2010 On April 27, gunmen opened fire on an international aid caravan that was bringing food, clothing, medicine, and teachers to the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca. The attack left two dead: Oaxacan indigenous leader and media organizer Alberta "Bety" Cariño and a Finnish observer, Jyri Antero Jaakkola. Gunfire injured three other Oaxacans during the attack. The attack was the latest in a series of assassinations in a region where shootouts are a frequent occurrence. While the attack on the caravan attracted international media attention, the other murders (at least 23 since 2007) were lost in the wave of violence that has gripped Mexico. Ever since President Felipe Calderon deployed 40,000 soldiers to fight the US-funded war on drugs, all violent murders in Mexico are automatically chalked up to the drug war in the media and in the government's official numbers. Drug war violence provides a too-convenient cover for the political violence that also pervades Mexico.

Club Atlético, Social y Deportivo Ernesto &quot;Che&quot; Guevara

Argentina, 08.05.2010 07:39

Para ponerse la camiseta

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