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NPA 2010: Taking Back Our Democracy and Reclaiming America!

United States, 26.05.2010 11:07

Source: WNYMedia.Net: On May 15th, we took 40 PUSH members and leaders down to Washington D.C. PUSH joined National People’s Action, a network of community organizations from around the country to hold lobbyists, politicians accountable to Real People. We let them know that enough is enough and that we need an economy that works for us!

As part of NPA, we helped serve notice to lobbyists by shutting down K Street for half an hour before marching through downtown DC! PUSH leaders Bob, Julie, Nico, Jalal, Mitchel, Chivon, and Barbara helped lead workshops on Green Jobs and Cities that Built America which demonstrated PUSH’s innovative and groundbreaking organizing and development work.

We met hundreds of amazing community leaders from Springfield, MAss. to Los Angeles, California and struck up some friendships that will last a long long time! And, we had a great time! Please check out our Flickr Site to check out pictures from the conference/actions. read more


Galiza, 26.05.2010 10:40

Primeiras mostras de represión contra da okupación para centro social dun dos edificios históricos de Massó en abandono, o do antigo comedor e servicios, no Salgueirón, en Cangas do Morrazo. Contra da especulación SALVEMOS O SALGUEIRON

De nuevo la fiesta intercultural Arroces del Mundo, y van siete.

Euskal Herria, 26.05.2010 09:39

De nuevo, una consolidada fecha en el calendario festivo y revindicativo. Una nueva edici�n de Arroces del Mundo, una fiesta intercultural, popular, participativa y autogestionada que este a�o se celebrar� en los siguente lugares y fechas:


M�s informaci�n en: Barrios Altos

Anteriores ediciones en Indymedia: |Munduko Arrozak 2009|, |Munduko Arrozak 2008|, |Munduko Arrozak 2007. Cronicas: [1], [2]|, |[Video] Munduko Arrozak. Iru�ea 2006|, |Munduko Arrozak 2004. Fotos de la primera edici�n |.

Peralta Colleges Set to Restrict Protests and Fliering

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.05.2010 07:39

A proposal at the Peralta Colleges to establish "free speech zones" has evoked Orwellian visions of the campuses' futures. Yet others see the proposal as a necessary procedure to protect free speech. Speakers would be limited to the 150 foot x 150 foot main quad at Laney College, as well as the outdoor quads at COA and Merritt College, and the Student Lounge on the fifth floor at Berkeley City College. Fliers would be restricted to bulletin boards. All fliers would also require an English translation.

Identity of Student who Questioned Michelle Obama on Immigration is Revealed by Peruvian media

DC, 25.05.2010 20:11

Daisy Cuevas is the Indigenous student who declared publicly to Michelle Obama that her mother Natalia Julca is an undocumented immigrant. This happened last May 20th at the New Hampshire Estates Elementary School in Maryland, during a visit of Obama with Mexico's first lady Margarita Zavala. The future of the Cuevas-Julca family is now in hands of the Immigration and Custom Enforcement. I only hope that Daisy Cuevas will grow up next to both her parents, but I believe that ICE is just waiting for the right moment to search for Natalia Julca, who I've been told has moved out of her home in Maryland.

Gatunos S.A. lança mais um empreendimento de sucesso.

CMI Brasil, 25.05.2010 19:07


Richardson Grove Action Camp! May 28-30

Rogue Valley, 25.05.2010 13:40


[W-wa] Demo przeciw przemocy policyjnej

Poland, 25.05.2010 09:10

Dziś o 19.00 rozpoczął się pod wejściem do tunelu dworca PKP Stadion wiec przeciw przemocy policyjnej, w związku z zastrzeleniem wczoraj w tym miejscu przez policjanta, w trakcie operacji przeciw "nielegalnym" stoiskom handlowym, nigeryjskiego handlarza. W proteście bierze udział kilkadziesiąt osób, w tym cudzoziemcy, którzy byli świadkami morderstwa, oraz grupa samby.

Reportback from Rally for Colombia's Displaced

DC, 25.05.2010 05:10

On May 24th, protesters near the White House demanded that Congress pass H Res 1224 asking Colombia's government to address the needs of people displaced by things like death squad activity.

Reportback From the Anticapitalathon Games

Boston, 24.05.2010 23:09

On the weekend of April 23 - 25, the Anticapitalathon Games were held Washington, DC to protest the International Monetary Fund/World Bank spring meetings. The "Games" were organized by the Self Described Anarchist Collective (, a regional anti-authoritarian group. While this year's protest was smaller than in years past, tremendous energy and enthusiasm was demonstrated by all who took part.

Massentierhaltung und Gegenwind - Besetzung

Germany, 24.05.2010 22:39

Zu den vielen tausend bestehenden Massentierhaltungsanlagen sollen in den nächsten Monaten und Jahren in Deutschland noch hunderte dazukommen. Allein im Jahr 2009 wurden mindestens 120 neue Anlagen beantragt, beraten oder genehmigt. Bei diesen 120 handelt es sich ausschließlich um Großanlagen. Die Auswirkungen, dieser Anlagen sind schlimm und genauso vielfach wie gute Argumente gegen diese Anlagen: angefangen damit, dass Tiere keine Waren sind - oder nicht sein sollten - und schon gar nicht auf diese Weiße gequält werden sollten, über ökologische Argumente, da Massentierhaltung einen erheblichen Anteil am globalen Klimawandel verursacht (aber auch versäuerte Böden und Gewässern) bis hin zu den Negativauswirkungen vor Ort wie Gestank, Feinstaub, oder die Umstrukturierung der Landwirtschaft hin zu immer größeren Einheiten (ohne eine kleinbäuerliche Struktur idealisieren zu wollen, ohne dahinterstehenden Wirtschaftsstrukturen zu beachten). Auf alle diese Argumente will dieser Artikel näher eingehen.
Nun bekommen die Pläne der Tierquallobby Gegenwind: Nachdem schon vielerorts lokale Bürgerinitiativen gegen einzelne Anlagen kämpfen, haben nun AktivistInnen die Tierhaltung komplett ablehnen, allen geplanten Anlagen den Kampf angesagt und führten in Wietze bei Celle eine Bauplatzbesetzung durch.

El silencio no es una alternativa

Colombia, 24.05.2010 20:09

Miguel Ángel Bletrán Villegas, preso político.

Green Party Nominates Clark, Lawrence for US Senate; Willebrand Comptroller

NYC, 24.05.2010 19:39

Gloria Mattera, a long time peace activist from Brooklyn was nominated to run for Lt. Governor on a ticket with Syracuse labor activist Howie Hawkins ( Colia Clark was nominated to run for the US Senate seat presently held by Chuck Schumer, while Cecile Lawrence was picked to fill out the Senate seat previously held by Hillary Clinton. Julia Willebrand, a long time environmental activist from Manhattan who received more than 117,000 votes for Comptroller four years ago, was chosen to run for that seat again.

Anti-war activists challenge Obama at West Point graduation

NYC, 24.05.2010 19:39

During a visit by Obama to West Point, he was greeted by protestors who called attention to the fact that he is as culpable as George Bush for the illegal killings taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nottingham anti-arms trade activist convicted

United Kingdom, 24.05.2010 19:09

On May 20th at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, anti-arms-trade activist Kirk Jackson was found guilty of aggravated trespass for his part in a protest that shut down an arms company for a day. Jackson was given a twelve month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £350 court costs.

The charge arose from a February 18th protest at the Nottingham warehouse of international arms company Heckler & Koch. Before dawn, four activists locked themselves to the gates, preventing employees from entering, while Mr Jackson and another activist climbed onto the roof and displayed banners accusing the company of "arming repressive regimes".

Newswire: Nottingham anti-arms-trade activist convicted | Nottingham anti-arms-trade campaigner on trial

Previous feature: Direct action shuts down H&K

Links: Shut Down H&K | Notts Anti-Militarism | Notts Indymedia Anti-militarism newswire

Mobilização contra a Veja e em defesa dos povos indígenas

CMI Brasil, 24.05.2010 16:37


Transmisión en vivo de la RNMA

Argentina, 24.05.2010 15:39

El Otro Bicentenario

Mas alla del “Bicentenario” oficial

Argentina, 24.05.2010 15:39

Prison time for activist over green jobs banner. No kidding.

DC, 24.05.2010 04:11

Despite the Gulf disaster, no one from BP has been arrested and sent to jail. Despite safety violations at coal mines, no one from Massey Energy has been handcuffed. But today I write to inform you that one of America’s best global warming activists is probably facing several months of jail. He’s been convicted by a D.C. jury, and now he awaits sentencing on July 6th. Why? Because he peacefully dropped two banners on Capitol Hill that said: “GREEN JOBS NOW” and “GET TO WORK.” Video || Chesapeake Climate Action

Conscientious Objector Exposes Treatment of Prisoners at Gitmo

DC, 24.05.2010 04:11

Daniel Lakemacher is a conscientious objector. It was the abuses at Guantanamo Bay that made him so. While serving as a behavioral health professional for the detainees at Gitmo, Daniel Lakemacher was appalled at witnessing forced feedings and Forced Cell Extractions. Audio

PESTICIDE FREE PARKS - Opportunity in Ashland

Rogue Valley, 24.05.2010 03:41

The Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission will hear comments and is scheduled to make a decision regarding the current draft of their Integrated Pesticide Management (IPM) policy.

WHEN: MONDAY - MAY 24 -- 7:00 pm

WHERE: City Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main St., Ashland

Please make every effort to attend and speak.

The Ashland Parks and Recreation Department's draft policy will not lead us to pesticide free parks. The draft policy will continue the current practice of spraying our parks, playgrounds, schools (Parks Dept. is contracted by schools to spray) and public areas. There simply is no
language that bans or requires the reduction of pesticide use.

Sit-Out Against The Sit-Lie Sidewalk Ordinances, 5/26

Portland, 23.05.2010 22:39

There is a Sit-Out planned against the new Sit-Lie Ordinances that further criminalize Portland's homeless population. We are targeting the Portland Business Alliance because they are the biggest proponent of the ordinance, claiming sitting or lying homeless people interfere with business and prevent potential customers from entering their businesses.

The sit-out will take place at 7AM-9AM at the Portland Business Alliance located on SW 2nd and Market.
We are starting EARLY at 7 AM!!

Stop Arizona! Day of Action against SB 1070

Portland, 23.05.2010 22:39

Two events will be held in Oregon on Saturday, May 29th:

Salem March and Rally
Capitol Building, 11am
Coordinated by CAUSA and others.

Portland March and Vigil (with speakers and music)
SW 3rd and Madison, 5pm
Coordinated by the Portland Immigrants Rights Coalition
and Portland May Day Coalition

Programul Stockholm al Uniunii Europene

Romania, 23.05.2010 20:07

publicat de Christine Wicht in:

Happy Birthday Indymedia!

United Kingdom, 23.05.2010 19:39

Happy Birthday Indymedia! Party location has been announced: a 10th birthday party for Indymedia in the UK will take place in a new social center space off Camberwell Green, in south London, on Saturday 22 May (hosted by Dissident Island). People who can't make it to this party are encouraged to hoist a beer for IMC-UK wherever they're at!

Photos: [ 1 | 2 ]

Escuela Normal N° 1

Argentina, 22.05.2010 23:09

Sin sillas, sin mesas, sin educación...

Miguel Serrano sin justicia

Argentina, 22.05.2010 22:39

“Lo piso como a un perro”

BP and Administration Lies, Deceit and Coverup in the Gulf

Boston, 22.05.2010 21:09

The Gulf is now a crime scene.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.05.2010 21:08

Monsanto wordt aangepakt

Underground in H-Town

Houston, 22.05.2010 20:09

Underground in H-Town: Houston Radical Press

Huelga UPR Arecibo

Puerto Rico, 22.05.2010 18:40

Solidaridad de decanos UPRA tras renuncia de decana

Huelga UPR Aguadilla

Puerto Rico, 22.05.2010 18:40

Ordenan desalojo de huelguistas en Aguadilla

URGENT UPDATE - Neoliberalism hates indigenous autonomy: some history of the situation in Oaxaca and a call for support

United States, 22.05.2010 18:07

Breaking:  San Juan Copala leader and wife found assassinated on Thursday, May 21. (Please click through--article describes more about San Juan Copala) Timoteo Alejandro Ramirez and his wife Cleriberta Castro were found dead in their home.  Mexican investigative journal Contralinea reports that the murders were done by members of MULT.   San Juan Copala's blog coverage is here

"The indigenous, autonomous community of San Juan Copala has been in a desparate situation for a while now," writes a Minneapolis activist working in Oaxaca.  "They have been surviving persistent paramilitary attacks and are close to death as the paramilitaries have cut them off from food and water supplies.  The solidarity caravan had intended to support them and try to bring attention to the attacks, but the government is so hell-bent on destroying this community that there was no hesitation to send paramilitaries to murder the participants. These were assassinations, not random shootings. This will continue to happen in communities like San Juan Copala that are resisting, there is knowledge that there are more attacks planned of higher severity. The need for international solidarity is so desparate as it is so important to bring attention and acknowledgement to what is going on down here."

She is describing the April 27 paramilitary assault on a humanitarian caravan in which Oaxacan CACTUS (Center for Community Assistance Working Together) director Bety Cariño and Finnish international observer Juri Jaakkola were murdered and others seriously injured. The caravan was bringing supplies to the blockaded autonomous Triqui community of San Juan Copala, along with teachers planning to reopen the schools shut down by right-wing paramilitaries. The state government has since claimed that Oaxacan organizers murdered their own people to discredit the state.

Vigil in Memoriam of Aiyana Jones

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.05.2010 17:39

On Sunday, May 23rd, community members will hold a vigil from 11 am to 1 pm in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza to mourn the death of Aiyana Jones and all victims of police violence. 7-year-old Aiyana Jones was shot and killed by police on May 16th during a no-knock raid on her family's Detroit home. The incident was filmed by the crew of the reality TV cop show "The First 48," which had been following the Detroit Police Department, and the Jones family lawyer claims that the footage contradicts the police account of the incident.

Conflicto educativo en Neuquén; ATEN aceptó el acta acuerdo

Argentina, 22.05.2010 11:39

Ante la conmemoración oficial del Bicentenario

Argentina, 22.05.2010 06:09

Descolonización e independencia

En en el Bicentenario

Argentina, 22.05.2010 02:39

Actividades Contra el Saqueo y la Contaminación

Chevron Shareholders Meeting

Houston, 21.05.2010 23:39

Built to Spill: Chevron’s corporate slobs

Rally for Oregon Values at NW Natural Shareholder Meeting

Portland, 21.05.2010 22:39

Residents of the Pacific Northwest oppose NW Natural's Palomar pipeline in an effort to protect Oregon values: clean water, protected salmon runs, healthy forests, family farms and a clean energy future. NW Natural, in partnership with TransCanada Gas Transmission, is proposing the Palomar pipeline, a 217-mile natural gas pipeline that would connect to a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal on the Columbia River to the California-bound pre-existing GTN pipeline. With the LNG Palomar pipeline, NW Natural threatens hundreds of landowners in the Willamette Valley with eminent domain, while bringing heavy construction to cross 300 rivers and streams, and a 47-mile long clear-cut through Mt. Hood National Forest. A broad coalition of NW Natural ratepayers, shareholders, environmentalists, fishermen, foresters, and farmers are demanding that the company cancel the unnecessary and unethical pipeline plan.

What: Hundreds of Oregonians and Washingtonians protest at the 3rd Annual Rally to Stop the Palomar Pipeline at the NW Natural Shareholder Meeting.

When: May 27 1-4pm. Political speakers and media invited at 2:30pm.

Where: Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE MLK BLVD Portland, Or


Arizona, 21.05.2010 22:37


Videos: Miners target Massey Energy in Richmond, Va

DC, 21.05.2010 22:10

For one day Richmond became a union town as the city was flooded with union members, labor activists and community members in solidarity with the 29 miners who died in April at a coal mine owned by Massey Energy Company. The protesters gathered to demand that the company's CEO, Don Blankenship, be removed from power.

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign National Coordinator Cheri Honkala Spoke in Rochester

Rochester, 21.05.2010 20:38

On Wednesday March 24th 2010, Cheri Honkala, the National Organizer of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC), spoke at SUNY Brockport. After her “Homelessness in the Age of Foreclosures” lecture she made her way to the Flying Squirrel Community Space to speak with members of the Social Welfare Action Alliance (SWAA), Rochester Students for a Democratic Society and other organizers in the Rochester community.

Cheri Honkala is the National Coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. She speaks worldwide about the struggle against poverty in the U.S., and the denial of basic economic human rights.

Video: Coming soon

Audio: Coming soon

Additional Information: Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign |

A batalha indígena no Congresso Nacional

CMI Brasil, 21.05.2010 20:07


Paulo Octávio exige indenização de estudante de baixa renda

CMI Brasil, 21.05.2010 19:37


Trabajadores toman fábrica textil ante vaciamiento patronal

Argentina, 21.05.2010 16:09

Sniafa: una empresa de bajos salarios y altas ganancias

Trabajadores toman fábrica textil ante vaciamiento patronal

Argentina, 21.05.2010 14:39

Sniafa: una empresa de bajos salarios y altas ganancias

‘There is a narrative that’s missing’ Laura Flanders tells grassroots radio gathering

United States, 21.05.2010 13:37

Television and radio host Laura Flanders ripped into what she called "the all-about the-money media" and encouraged 150 radio enthusiasts to work harder at storytelling in a keynote address to the Grassroots Radio Conference May 14.

Calling the Obama administration "a veneer of new backed up by the same old same old," Flanders took shots across the political spectrum garnering bursts of applause with her characteristic mix of humor and breaking news.

She stressed that there is a failure in the media to report on important news from the perspective of the public, and insisted that those stories can be told better at the grassroots level. "There is a narrative that's missing," Flanders insisted. "Rupert Murdoch bought the narrative when he paid $5 billion for Wall Street Journal... And we are being played and played and played and played." Full Report with Audio by Gavin Dahl

&quot;Niemand ist vergessen!&quot;

Germany, 21.05.2010 06:39

Am 25. Mai 2000 verübten vier Neonazis in Berlin, im Stadtteil Buch, einen brutalen Mord. Dieter Eich, der damals Sozialhilfe empfing, fiel den Neonazis zum Opfer, weil er aus ihrer Sicht ein „Asozialer“ war. Erst schlugen sie ihn in seiner Wohnung zusammen, später erstachen sie ihn, um eine eventuelle Zeugenaussage zu verhindern. Anlässlich des zehnten Todestages von Dieter Eich wird an den Mord erinnert. Am 23. Mai wird darum in Berlin-Buch unter dem Motto „Niemand ist vergessen“ eine Demonstration statAnspruch der Veranstaltungen, der Gedenkdemonstration am 23. Mai und der Gedenkkundgebung am 25.Mai , zu der überregional in Städten wie Rostock, Greifswald, Cottbus, Magdeburg, Potsdam mobilisiert wurde, ist eine umfassende Beschäftigung mit dem Mord und seinen Ursachen. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt hierbei auf einer kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit der (deutschen) Leistungsgesellschaft, die Arbeit zum höchsten Gut erhebt und somit den Ausschluss von nicht arbeitenden Menschen permanent vorantreibt. Der andauernde Ruf nach mehr Zwang für Erwerbslose, schafft den Rückenwind für die Gewaltexzesse gegen so genannte „Sozialschmarotzer“. Die aktuelle Hartz IV-Debatte, die Behandlung so genannter „Asozialer“ im Nationalsozialismus und die Kritik an der Arbeitsgesellschaft im Allgemeinen sind Schwerpunkt der Veranstaltungen und des Gedenkens. Außerdem soll über die Hintergründe des Mordes sowie die aktuellen rechten Aktivitäten in Buch und Umgebung berichtet werden.

1. Teil: "Der Mord an Dieter Eich" || 2. Teil: Rechte Gewalt und ein “unpolitischer Messerstoß”? || 3. Teil: „Asozial“ - Über die staatliche Legitimierung zu Morden || 4. Teil: Abwertung und Gewalt gegen „Asoziale“ || ... weitere Folgen

Aufrufe, Bürger_innen-Flyer, Texte:
Bündis-AufrufNiemand ist vergessen!“ || Nachbarschaftsflyer || Aufruf der North East Antifascists (NEA): deutsch // schwedisch // niederländisch // tschechisch // polnisch

Aktuelle Presseerklärung zur antifaschistischen Gedenkdemonstration vom 19.05.2010 || Presse aus dem Jahr 2000: Tagesspiegel, 15.11.2000, Prozess gegen Rechtsextrem // Berliner Morgenpost, 15.11.2000, Saufen, raufen - töten // taz, 15.11.2000, Motivsuche bei rechten Tätern

Mobilisierungsvideo von Leftivsion || Video: Dach-Aktion bei LL-Demo || Gedenken in Buch 2009

Bilder von den Aktionen im Gedenken an Dieter Eich 2000 – 2009

Radiointerview bei Radio Corax (18 MB)

Ältere Aufrufe:
2009 NEA || 2008 NEA || 2003 AANO || 2002 AANO

Links: || || siempre antifascista || ... weitere Linkstfinden.

Chicago turns out in force for May Day protests

Chicago, 21.05.2010 05:09

The annual Chicago May Day protests and marches, an annual tradition going back to 1886 with its connections to workers' struggles and immigrant rights, returned resoundingly in 2010. Participants this year highlighted, galvanized by a number of factors including frustration over inaction by the Obama Administration (despite campaign promises of solidarity) and fury over the controversial SB 1070 law in Arizona mandating racial profiling in that state.

Video coverage: May Day March Video | The Sights and Sounds of May Day 2010

Chicago Protests in Solidarity With African LGBTs

Chicago, 21.05.2010 05:09

From the newswire: "[On May 16th, 2010, Chicago] activists chose to highlight the LGBT rights issues in three African countries – Uganda, Kenya and Malawi – as part of the city's third annual observation of I.D.A.H.O., International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. About 50 marchers held a picket in front of the city's popular Millennium Park interacting with rush hour commuters, several of whom joined the event." Read more / See photos

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