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From the Newswire

Perth, 11.11.2004 00:15


Bredesen Announces Plan to Eliminate TennCare

Tennessee, 10.11.2004 23:50

Governor Bredesen, the Republican want-to-be Democratic Governor of Tennessee, announced today his intentions to eliminate TennCare, the generous health care program which provides health insurance to 1.3 million Tennesseans. Bredesen said Tennessee will instead return to a cheaper basic Medicaid program. This will leave over 400,000 formerly insured poor and disabled Tennesseans without any health insurance.

Corrib Gas Go Ahead Granted to Shell

Ireland, 10.11.2004 23:22

Broadhaven Bay - Shell's Next Target . Shell have been given permission to build a massive refinery, and accompanying pipeline in north-west Mayo, posing a danger to the local community from landslides, traffic and water supply pollution, and threatening the marine ecology, including whale and dolphin populations. The background on the issue is here Saga of the Corrib Gas Field. Almost needless to say they are getting a very cushy deal off the Irish government, as detailed here: Corrib Gas Go Ahead Granted to Shell. Shell became internationally notorious in the 1990's due to destruction, repression and resistance in Ogoniland, Nigeria: Shell in Nigeria: What are the issues? Related Info: Shell fined 150 million for lying about oil reserves To the Victors go the spoils of war: Shell wins Iraqi Oil Contract

Media Gallery Now Fixed

NYC, 10.11.2004 23:21

The media gallery for the NYC IMC site is now fixed. We apologize for all the recent problems with the website; those of you who have tried to upload media (pictures, video, etc.) in the last few days may wish to try again. Thanks again for all your patience.


Houston, 10.11.2004 23:19

Electoral Problems here, Electoral Victories in South America

forum 2004(en)

Barcelona, 10.11.2004 22:29

Will everything end up like this???

Forum 2004 is finished and the next one will be in Monterrey where they are already warned of the speculative operation which is coming for them. Here, in this unsustainable Barcelona, they want to make us believe it's over, even though so many people expressed their opposition against Forum2004, with the last demonstration on September 26th (photos 1-2) or during the Mercè's opening speech [the Mercè is the patron saint of Barcelona. During the days around sept 24th, hundreds of activities happen in the streets in the old city] (photos of the boycott during the opening speech1-2) and City hall admits that Forum2004 has not been accepted by the citizenship. But City hall continues with its monologue and does'nt uphold his responsibilities against the multiple demands that Clos resign. Will they falsify the accounts like they did with World Cup Swimming? So far, they advanced 42 milions euros from our money to eliminate the deficit and clean their public image. Also, they used sell-outs like Susan George, Ignasi Ramonet and Bernat Cassin (as opposed to other ones, like Attac, who didn't participate) to hide that many others refused to take part in this great lie. And if it that wasn't enough, they auctioned the little that could be used after by the people. Do you want to do something about the fact that Forum2004 was giving all the money to those "smart" ones who always take it!!???
Everyday you can demand the resignation ::: don't be resigned!!! collaborative @rt :: scream for a campaign :: Clos resignation

Play with Fotut 2004 ::: ask for resignations!!!

+info:: >>>Fòrum 2004

El escuadrón de la muerte de Don Torcuato

Argentina, 10.11.2004 21:28

Miércoles 10 de Noviembre 2004 | LIMPIEZA SOCIAL EN EL GRAN BUENOS AIRES
El escuadrón de la muerte de Don Torcuato


Argentina, 10.11.2004 21:10

III Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española


Uruguay, 10.11.2004 20:16

Más del 60% contra la privatización del agua

U.S.A. Out of New England

Maritimes, 10.11.2004 17:17

New England Looks North

Falluja Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2004 16:57

Protesters Respond To Falluja Attack: US Military Sends Tanks Into Streets Of LA To Confront Protesters

Caso Sandra Cabrera: liberan al policía Diego Parvluczyk

Argentina, 10.11.2004 16:47

Miércoles 10 de Noviembre de 2004
Caso Sandra Cabrera: liberan al policía Diego Parvluczyk

Vanderbilt Community Coalition to Rally for a Living Wage

Tennessee, 10.11.2004 16:30

Vanderbilt University student organization, Living Income for Vanderbilt Employees (LIVE), will stage a major demonstration at Vanderbilt University’s Kirkland Hall at 11:30 A.M. on Wednesday, November 10, 2004. LIVE will be joined by university employees, faculty, community-based organizations, and local union members in an effort to highlight the need for Vanderbilt University and its administration to provide a liveable wage for all of its employees . Currently, Vanderbilt University falls short of national standards and employee pay grades as it relates to both actual wages and the frequency of cost-of-living adjustments provided for its staff.

Fighting continues in Fallujah, Mosques bombed

Michigan, 10.11.2004 16:02

The U.S. assault on Fallujah continues into its third day although news reports have had few verifiable facts to report. Most of the mainstream news reports are coming from reporters embedded with U.S. forces. Independent, verifiable reports are not readily available. The U.S. military's initial moves to take control of the hospitals, which it consideres to be sources of "propaganda", i.e. casualty figures, shows that the they are determined to control whatever information comes out of Fallujah.

The total number of Iraqi civilians and insurgent fighters killed are as yet unknown (update: Democray Now! reports 41 Iraqi soldiers killed). Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld claims that there will not be large numbers of civilian casualties, as U.S. forces are using "precision attacks" against specific targets. This claim seems doubtful considering U.S. military reliance on helicopters, rockets, tank fire and air strikes. Al Jazeera is reporting that U.S. firepower has already destroyed almost half of the Mosques in Fallujah, a city with an estimated 120 such holy sites.

ongoing independent coverage of Iraq: [Democracy Now!]

Spin Doctors Unable To Replace Doctors

Ireland, 10.11.2004 15:45

Patients Together Appeal for Help on A&E Crisis Patients Together look for help: IMC-Ireland newswire report from Janette Byrne about the appalling conditions facing patients in the Mater Hosptial and other Irish Hospitals. Report details the conditions faced by Janette's mother and Janette's own experience as she faced chemotherapy for cancer. Protest details announced by the recently formed patient's rights group "Patients Together". From The Newswire: My name is Janette Byrne. Up until four weeks ago I had a pretty stress free life -- then my mam was rushed by ambulance to the Mater hospital and everything changed in a day. My mother was very ill and continuously passing out and vomiting. The doctor thought it could be minor strokes. I will try take you back with me and hope you get a feel for the upset our family and others went through. We arrived at A&E terrified our mother would die even as we travelled. On arrival we found her on a trolley having been moved from a chair as she repeatedly collapsed in my brothers arms. We have since heard of elderly people falling from the chairs and smashing their faces on the ground. The hospital was packed. It was as if some major catastrophe had happened and everyone was panicked. No doctor came to see my mother for a long time and we felt issolated. The staff were rushed off their feet. We were barely able to get their attention for a bed pan and my mother was lucky she had us to help.We organised to stay on a rota through the night even though we all worked and have families. My mother is a very no-nonsense woman and i have never known her to show fear so when she asked us to stay we knew she was terrified. The noise level is unbelieveable: fights breaking out; phones ringing; unfortunates with drug or alcohol addictions roaring through the night. It is mad. There is one toilet between everyone, no soap, and the winter vomiting bug is rampant. My mother's back was killing her from lying in the one position flat and I asked for an extra pillow, only to be told there were none. There was blood splattered on my mother's trolley and around the floor, not hers might I add. At one stage the nurse could not find a container so my mother could be sick, so she had no choice but to vomit on the floor. It was still there the next night. When the doctor told us he could not carry out the necessary test on my mother and that he needed her on a ward but could not get her a bed it was like a nightmare returned for me as I had gone to court three years previously to access a bed for myself to get chemotheraphy for my cancer. It all became to much for us and another family (the Mulreanys whose 84 year old mother lay approx two feet away from my mam). We took to the street for a protest and phoned anyone we could get at short notice. There was about fifty of us with handmade banners our children or friends had produced. It was amazing the support we got and when we went to the main entrance of the hospital to collect signatures, it seemed everyone had a horrible story to tell. The next day we organised a protest to the Dáil with the support of the Irish Nurses Organisation and TDs. We cannot stress enough that we are a non-political group and will take to the streets with anyone who is looking for change to this horrendous problem. At one stage as we protested outside the hospital someone came running out to tell us our mother had nearly choked on her vomit. We felt guilty for leaving her even for a short spell. The newspapers and telly thank God had an interest in our plight and before long it seemed like we opened a huge can of worms. TV showed the disgraceful conditions the people in Cavan are suffering with no dignity or privacy. As someone said - animals are treated better. After nearly five days of torture my mother got a bed, at this stage my sister had the bug and my dad was unable to visit my mother as he also was sick and two of the Mulreany family ended up sick -- one taken to the hospital. We were all exhausted and I think my mother summed it up when she said she would rather die than go back there. She ended up with the winter bug and blisters from lying flat. She was also bruised from the trolley's restrictions. All in all, it's something that hangs over all our heads and I always worry that it could be me tomorrow. Please come with us Saturday at 2 oclock when we will march from the Garden of Rememberance to the Dáil to support the hundreds of people across our country who will try to sleep on chairs or trolleys for days - some, as we have heard, spending their last days there. It can't go on. We cannot wait weeks or months for it to be addressed. We met with the Minister last Friday and she assured us the hygiene area was being addressed as we spoke, changing to a 24/7 rota. I am shocked it had to be higlighted first to be addressed and secondly that it was not in place already. It goes without saying that if the hospital with its crowded space and hygiene problems was a hotel or a bar it would be closed immediately. I will finish with one of my worst memories: I also was left on a trolley for two days having been told i more than likely had cancer and was facing a life saving operation the next day. I shared a tiny room with two strange men -- a situation i would never put myself in by choice. I walked from my trolley to the outside toilet used by everyone, even those coming in from the street. It was freezing and I was embarassed and frightened, feeling very vunerable in my night dress. I went into the ladies to find a poor unfortunate man lying there shooting up. My legs were shaking as there was no lock on the door. I thought the nightmare would never end. Now remember, I am a young woman and live in a not-so-quiet area of Dublin but can you imagine this happening to your grandmother? It does not bear thinking about. Please, please support us. Give one hour of your time for change. yours in hope, Patients Together Janette Byrne. Background links: Irish Times report on J. Byrne's chemotherapy battle RTE report on delayed start of J. Byrnes chemotherapy after court battle Dail debate July 2001The Minister's (Martin) tenure in the Department of Health and Children has been one of reports, strategy documents, steering groups, project teams, consultative fora, submissions and partnership facilitators. They are all a mechanism to avoid and delay the delivery of services. The Minister has failed to tackle obvious unbelievable shortcomings in the service. -- U. ByrneThe then Minister for Finance, Deputy Quinn, and Minister for Health and Children, Deputy Noonan, sat down and discussed their priorities. They discussed what they wanted to do with the health system and made decisions. The key decision was to cut by 20% the funding dedicated to reducing public waiting lists. The men who now say this is the number one issue which takes priority over everything else put it at the bottom of the pile and, even though they were engaged in a failed attempt to spend their way back into power, chose to implement a decision which directly disadvantaged public patients. -- Martin

Berlin: Anticolonial Africa Conference 2004

Germany, 10.11.2004 15:42

Vom 11.-15.11.04 findet in Berlin die 'Anticolonial Africa Conference 2004' statt. An vier Tagen gibt es Diskussionen, Veranstaltungen, Filme, eine Gedenkveranstaltung f�r die Opfer der deutschen Kolonialkriege in Afrika, Asien und Ozeanien, eine Antikoloniale Demonstration und noch viel mehr. Eine Gruppe von Menschen mit und ohne EU-Pass bereitete seit �ber einem Jahr die Konferenz vor und organisierte gleichzeitig viele vorbereitende Veranstaltungen auch au�erhalb Berlins, eine monatlich stattfindende 'antikoloniale City-Tour', und die begleitende Filmreihe, die in drei Berliner Kinos im November zu sehen ist.


Frauenwiderstand - Austellung im Rahmen der AAC
Do: Gedenkveranstaltung Neue Wache (Fotos) | Begr��ung | Fotos und Bericht
Antikolonialer Stadtspaziergang (Fotos)
Fr: Antikoloniale Demo | "Fortress Europe"
Sa: "Ausbeutung von Afrika"
Mo: Antikoloniale Aktion am Reichstag
Die anderen: junge welt 12.11. | taz 13.11. (1) (2) | junge welt 17.11. | jungle world 17.11. 17.11.

Antikoloniale Kundgebung in Braunschweig
Fotos vom Umbruch Bildarchiv

A bold new civil liberties strategy for Portland

Portland, 10.11.2004 14:01

It's time to focus the energies of the thousands of people in our city who don't agree with the policies of the federal government regime, and who even suspect foul play in these elections. At the local level, there are fresh faces on the City Council and a chance to start afresh with a strong new program. Here are some specific ideas for that program.

United States of Canada

Maritimes, 10.11.2004 14:00

Blue states to join Canada?

Lockout at 14 San Francisco Hotels

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2004 10:45

Hotel Workers Solidarity Updates

Activists seek to expose voter suppression and fraud, have all votes counted

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2004 09:07

Democracy Defense Committee Demands Investigation of Vote Fraud

Those affected by his policies rejoice

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2004 08:12

Ashcroft Resigns

US Attack On Falluja

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2004 07:44

US Attacks Falluja: Protest In SF Tuesday Night

US imperialism

darwin, 10.11.2004 07:22

US Oil war - 'Vietnamising'

US imperialism

darwin, 10.11.2004 07:22

US Oil war - 'Vietnamising'

Activista anti-nuclear morto em França

Portugal, 10.11.2004 06:52

Activista anti-nuclear morto em França

El escuadrón de la muerte de Don Torcuato

Argentina, 10.11.2004 05:10

Miércoles 10 de Noviembre 2004 | LIMPIEZA SOCIAL EN EL GRAN BUENOS AIRES
El escuadrón de la muerte de Don Torcuato

ΓΕΡΜΑΝΙΑ: Ο &quot;Κάστορας&quot; των πυρηνικών αποβλήτων

Thessaloniki, 10.11.2004 05:09

Νεκρός διαδηλωτής ενάντια στα πυρηνικά

El escuadrón de la muerte de Don Torcuato

Argentina, 10.11.2004 05:01

Miércoles 10 de Noviembre 2004 | LIMPIEZA SOCIAL EN EL GRAN BUENOS AIRES
El escuadrón de la muerte de Don Torcuato


Santa Cruz, CA, 10.11.2004 04:40

The 2004 Presidential election is NOT over! There's evidence the election may have been "hijacked" by fraud and that Bush has NOT won. A nationwide grassroots movement is underway to uncover the fraud, get the votes counted (or recounted) and file lawsuits, and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW. Please spread the word, pitch in some volunteer time, help recruit volunteers with legal and/or computer expertise, and consider donating money. The Presidency won't be decided until the Electoral College meets on December 12; it's not too late to Redefeat Bush Again.

CUPHD Employees Continue to Protest Anti-Union Policies of Management

Urbana-Champaign, 10.11.2004 03:21

CUPHD employees and friends from the community conducted a protest at the Satellite Office on Randolph St. in Champaign prior to the November meeting of the Board of Health. They expressed concerns about the slow pace of contract negotiations, the anti-union practices and costs of the law firm Seyfarth Shaw, the continued layoffs of 2 dental hygienists, and the leadership abilities of CUPHD Administrator Dave King.

U.S. Government Argues Gag Order Should Be Upheld

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2004 02:14

Secret "Criminal Terrorism Investigation" Targets Indymedia

US Abandons Geneva Conventions in Fallujah: Destroys Hospital; Prohibits Ambulances

Portland, 10.11.2004 01:59

In Fallujah, U.S. declares war on hospitals. The U.S. has captured the main hospital, destroyed another and prohibited the use of ambulances. U.S. spokesperson Prime Minister Allawi has declared a strict curfew, and the U.S. military has declared that during curfew hours any and all civilian vehicles are free-fire targets with no prior determination whether they are hostile required.

U.S. soldiers have targeted medical personnel and ambulances. U.S. forces block ambulances from coming to the hospital and have prevented doctors from the captured hospital from moving to other clinics to treat patients. The civilian residents of Fallujah are without healthcare except for a few small clinics and risk their lives to get to them.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S. the New York Times lead editorial calls for an increase of 40,000 in the number of U.S. troops in Iraq. Rather than stand by moral and ethical principles and oppose this illegal and brutal occupation, the pro-war NY Times wants to escalate the barbaric treatment of the civilians of Iraq.

The NY Times promoted the lies regarding 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' that helped launch the war, and now they support an escalation of this war which is based on lies, which routinely violates the Geneva Conventions, and which has made a mockery of U.S. rhetoric regarding democracy and freedom.

Peaceful Protest Shuts Down Victoria's Secret Event in NYC

NYC, 10.11.2004 00:41

(from the Open Newswire): Victory on the Streets of NY Monday! Students and activists interrupted the launch of Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Angels Across America’ tour today with a rowdy protest by people dressed in angel wings and lingerie and wielding chainsaws, and including a large banner reading “Victoria’s Secret: Their Catalogs Destroy Endangered Forests.” The so-called supermodels and Victoria's Secret cancelled the event apparently to avoid the protest.


Arkansas, 10.11.2004 00:38

The 2004 Presidential election is NOT over! There's evidence the election may have been "hijacked" by fraud and that Bush has NOT won. A nationwide grassroots movement is underway to uncover the fraud, get the votes counted (or recounted) and file lawsuits, and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW. Please spread the word, pitch in some volunteer time, help recruit volunteers with legal and/or computer expertise, and consider donating money. The Presidency won't be decided until the Electoral College meets on December 12; it's not too late to Redefeat Bush Again.

net and freedom (en)

Barcelona, 10.11.2004 00:12

Hackandalus: hackmeeting Sevilla 2004

During the last weekend in october, in Sevilla, the hackmeeting 2004 will happen. It's an event autoorganized to experiment and share knowledge around mediactivism, free software, privacy, collectivization of knowledge, ethics and freedom in the network...a network focused on comercialization, how it could be seen when the free wireless net of the Ajuntament de Barcelona was shut down, and a priviledged place to impose "intellectual property" and privatize knowledge and cultural goods, such as SGAE. Goverments are also favour this privatization, like in Catalonia, where the Generalitat (autonomic catalonian goverment) is a major client of private software regardless of tripartit (actual group of goverment formed by three political groups, aparently from the "left wing"). Otherwise we're advertising a backslide of basic rights (free speech, privacy, process guarantees...), that seemed consolidated in other areas, but obviously it isn't as we have observed in the recent reform of the penal code, during on second birthday of LSSI, or during the kidnap of the Indymedia servers.

New information: ::: Audio and texts of the discussions during hackandalus ::: The musicians join in a hackmeeting with a free show ::: BBA 2004 ::: [Kernel Panic] a toast for Sevilla ::: photos: friday : saturday : saturday night : sunday: mix :

More information: ::: Letter to Hipàtia (about intellectual property) ::: Reform of the penal code ::: Patents of software in EU ::: The new bar codes ::: The limits of free software ::: The limitations of the MS Windows ::: Explore Internet without Internet Explorer ::: Ten steps to leave the private software

More information on xarxa i llibertat

Tag X in Gorleben

Germany, 10.11.2004 00:00

This year?s struggle against more nuke waste to Gorleben

Latest News im NiX-live-Ticker | Wo ist der Castor? Streckenticker
Activist killed. All German IndyMedia coverage in English

Sonntag: Aktivist vom Castorzug �berrollt und get�tet

In diesen Tagen wird ein weiterer Atomm�lltransport mit 12 Castorbeh�ltern von La Hague nach Gorleben durchgef�hrt. Was in den letzten Tagen geschah + Hintergr�nde ...

Wie schon in der Vergangenheit [2001 | 2002 | 2003] versucht die Polizei, mit Falschinformationen und Eskalationsversuchen die Stimmung im Wendland anzuheizen. Polizei-Einsatzleiter Nieh�rster erfand am Freitag angebliche �berf�lle auf Polizisten, um die "Allgemeinverf�gung" wieder durchzusetzen. F�r einen weiteren Skandal sorgt die Falschdeklaration des Castor-Transportguts".

Am Freitag gab es Demos in L�neburg, Dannenberg und L�chow statt, an denen sich insgesamt mehr als 1500 Menschen, va Sch�lerInnen, beteiligten. Die Auftaktdemo in Dannenberg am Samstag zog mit gut 6000 TeilnehmerInnen mehr Leute an als im letzten Jahr. F�r die letzte Phase des Transportes ist mit einigem Widerstand zu rechnen: die Camps sind bezogen [eins | zwei], tausende Menschen sind in der Region unterwegs und bereiten sich auf unterschiedlichste Weise auf die n�chsten Tage vor [Bilder eins | zwei].

Mehr Infos f�rs Wendland gibt es hier, auch im S�den ist mit Aktionen zu rechnen.


LA, 09.11.2004 23:41


Geweld tegen moslims na oorlogstaal Kabinet

Netherlands, 09.11.2004 23:11

Een golf van haatdragende vernielingen en brandstichtingen treft momenteel de Nederlandse samenleving [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]. Deze pogingen om terreur en angst te zaaien, vallen samen met 'oorlogstaal' van prominente politici, na de moord op cineast/schrijver Theo van Gogh. In navolging van VVD-fractievoorzitter Van Aartsen verklaarde vice-premier Zalm (VVD) namens het kabinet: "We gaan de oorlog aan om aan dit soort extremisme en radicalisme te bestrijden".

Met dit soort uitspraken en de genomen maatregelen naar aanleiding van de moord draagt de regering bij aan de toename van het antimoslim-klimaat, schrijft een vaste bijdragerster op Indymedia NL. Ook veel media, zoals het NOS-journaal, gooien nog een schepje bovenop het anti-islamitische klimaat. Het is te verwachten dat de Nederlandse regering deze "oorlog" ook op de agenda plaatst van de 'integratietop' in Groningen, 10 november.

Velen voelen dat het racisme in Nederland doorschiet. Zo is een actie begonnen onder het motto "Ik ben woedend". Ook is er Actie 7, een speciale button voor "een open samenleving, waarin tolerantie, de dialoog tussen culturen en de vrijheid van het individu essentiele kenmerken zijn."

update: Vrijdag zullen in Eindhoven buurtbewoners en scholieren een menselijk schild [ 1 | 2 ] vormen rondom een basisschool die getroffen werd door een bomaanslag. Aan de stille tocht in Uden, naar aanleiding van een afgebrande school dinsdagavond, namen de volgende dag zesduizend bewoners deel.

Een aantal Kristalnachtherdenkingen in Nedeland stonden maandag ook in het teken van de toenemende racisme [ verslag Groningen | Zwolle]. Op deze dag werd tevens de racistische partij Vlaamsblok verboden verklaard in België.

Daarnaast is er een aantal opinieartikelen op Indymedia NL verschenen [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], alsook een open brief van vrienden van Van Gogh. Articles in English: [ 1 | 2 ]

Oorlogstaal ministers tegen Islam

Netherlands, 09.11.2004 23:11

Wave of racist attacks in the Netherlands while government speaks war-language against 'extreme muslims'.

Government Responds to Motion to Lift Veil of Secrecy Concerning Indymedia Server Seizure.

Urbana-Champaign, 09.11.2004 23:05

The United States Government responded to a motion filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center Foundation to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the seizure of two Indymedia servers last month. The US Government claims that (1) the movants have no standing; (2) that the MLAT, as a treaty obligation, supersedes the law cited in the EFF/UCIMC motion; and, (3) that there is an ongoing investigation that needs to be kept secret.

Honor Veterans, Support our Troops, End the War

Rogue Valley, 09.11.2004 22:52

Veterans' Day Silent Vigil

Join Women in Black, Veterans, friends and families of Veterans and many other concerned citizens in a silent vigil on Veterans' Day, at Vogel Plaza in Medford at 2:00 pm.

Urgent: Act Now To Unhijack The Presidential Election

Portland, 09.11.2004 21:50

The 2004 Presidential election is NOT over! There's evidence the election may have been "hijacked" by fraud and that Bush has NOT won. A nationwide grassroots movement is underway to uncover the fraud, get the votes counted (or recounted) and file lawsuits, and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW. Please spread the word, pitch in some volunteer time, help recruit volunteers with legal and/or computer expertise, and consider donating money. The Presidency won't be decided until the Electoral College meets on December 12; it's not too late to Redefeat Bush Again. Read More...Florida - We need a recount in the optical scanner counties!If you add up the data from?, you can see that in the touch screen counties Republicans got 28.6% more votes than expected, while Democrats got 26.47% more votes than expected. In the optical scanner counties, Republicans got 45.84% more votes than expected while Democrats got only 0.92% more votes than expected. If we adjust the optical scanner counties to have the same percentages as the touch screen counties, then Bush loses about 230,000 votes, while Kerry gains about 366,000.

Adjusting the totals for Florida, Kerry wins the state by over 200,000 votes.

According to Liberty of Death, Bush averaged 7.25% over the exit polls in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire and North Carolina. The calculated odds of this happening by chance are astronomical. Then factor in that discrepancies are consistently in Bush's favor, and oddly enough, happen most in states where there is electronic voting and no paper trail and one might conclude that Kerry won a landslide victory!


Related Articles: [ Things to DO while STRIKING Jan. 20th | jan 20 th is way way way too late | Stay informed on the 2005 Counter-Inauguration | Why did Florida voters with one type of machine vote one way | Proof of vote fraud -- look at the numbers | Outrage in Ohio: Angry Residents Storm State House! | General Strike - USA ]

SuperSize Your Thanksgiving!

San Diego, 09.11.2004 21:36

Who SuperSized Thanksgiving?

Hungry for information on issues of consumption, cultural imperialism and American Thanksgiving?

Join the San Diego Independent Media Center and Food Not Bombs for a screening of "SuperSize Me," a canned goods drive and a vegan Thanksgiving feast!

wednesday, november 24
7:00 p.m.
voz alta – 1544 broadway
questions? email for more details!

immigration (en)

Barcelona, 09.11.2004 21:14

Might not racism be an invention of the rich to separate the poor?

LATEST :: End (of chapter) in the conflict of the mosque of Santa Coloma :: Reflection: Singuerlin's illness :: Open letter to the Mayor of Santa Coloma

Local people at Santa Coloma protested for more than 15 days and boycoted a space rented by the Moslem community as a mosque. Other local people attempted to defend then and expressed solidarity.No newspaper, newscast, or Left politician dared at any time to call the incident by its name: a breakout of racism; in Barcelona of 2004. Read the news, commentaries and discussion in indymedia barcelona or

Latest from the Singuerlin mosque::: Solidairy with the Singuerlin mosque:::Continuem a la mesquita de Singuerlín:::More on the Singuerlin mosque: rampant racism- Oct. 27:::news update - Oct. 27:::what's going on - Oct. 26:::chronology of the conflict :: Paper for all (Papeles para Tod@s) coming up with new protests

DEBATE>>What is racism? :: express your opinion in the right hand column

+info :: >>>cultures :: >>>immigration

criminalization (en)

Barcelona, 09.11.2004 20:36

Jail with no release date for the young people of Hospitalet

After an action with cocteles molotov cocktails molotov cocktails against the Sants police office on the morning of October 4, two young people from Hospitalet were arrested. Along with them, a young man from Cornellà was also detained. The three of them were held in isolation and subjected to physical and pèsychological torture. The Information Brigade of the National Police tried twice, with no success, to have the Anti Terrorist law applied to the case. After they were transferred to the magistrates jurisdiction, on October 6 the judge ordered the two from Hospitalet to be hjeld in jail awaiting for trial, basing his decision on the precarious situation and as a preventive measure. Police pressures, however, succeeded in having the judge deny their appeal against pre-trial detention, which may last ntil the final verdict. A call for active solidarity :: release :: signature sheet :: Mobilitaions: Saturday November 6, 11 am, Passacalles en Pç Sants :: >Saturday Nov. 13, 5 pm, Pç Universitat

Mobilitations :: Saturday November 6, 11 am, Passacalles en Pç Sants :: Saturday Nov. 13, 5 pm, Pç Universitat

Related news :: City police charges after the demonstration for the Hospitalet Two :: Castañada of Fear in the Hortet de Santa Eulalia

Read the whole item...

The Liberal Holy-Roller Gospel Hour

Boston, 09.11.2004 20:34

Bible Study for the Left: How political leftists can use the language of the bible to persuade their fellow citizens of a progressive agenda and resources for understanding that religious language. Well, after having had to quit my job teaching theology for the Archdiocese of Boston because I couldn't stand 1. not knowing when the funding for my school was going to end due to the Archdiocese having to pay lawsuit settlements for priests who raped kids 2. wondering when I was going to get fired for teaching my kids that homosexuality was not a sin and neither was birth control or abortion, I've finally got another excellent use for my Master of Divinity degree: helping the progressive, liberal political movement understand the other half of the country. Stay with me here. I'm bewildered. There are plenty of folks in North Carolina, Kansas, Idaho, and Alabama, among other places, who just don't understand me, nor I them. To them, I am just an arrogant, elitist, intellectual, heathen, liberal northerner with no moral compass and no faith in Jesus. To me, they are just ignorant morons who follow an intolerant, stupid religion. I don't know where any of this so called "national healing" is going to come from because you know what, I do have trouble lately thinking of those deep red-staters in kinder terms. But - being the one with the elitist, intellectual brains in this strained relationship of a country, it's up to me to make the first move. So, I've got to stop calling names, understand my neighbor, and find some way to talk to them in small words sprinkled with terms they like, such as God, Jesus, good, bad, morality, etc., and get them to realize electing folk like W is hurting both of us.

IMC Film Night

LA, 09.11.2004 20:17

The End of Suburbia

Stay informed on the 2005 Counter-Inauguration

DC, 09.11.2004 20:11

Counter-Inaugural 2005 Bush Isn't Going Away and Neither Are We!

Slaves to Consumer Prosperity

Melbourne, 09.11.2004 19:45

Australia's House of Debt

Anatomy of a Sliming: Andrew Sullivan Slimes Noam Chomsky

Madison, 09.11.2004 19:39

Andrew Sullivan Slimes Chomsky on Real Time with Bill Maher Welcome to the world of Andrew Sullivan-- slander, slink and then hide from accountability for his own dismal, truly pathetic words.

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