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Colombia, 02.07.2010 07:09


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Colombia, 02.07.2010 03:39

Profile of Record Producer Greg Landau

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.07.2010 03:09

In this chapter of the series "Hidden in Plain Sight," Indybay volunteer Peter M writes about Greg Landau. Landau is a record and film music producer living in the Bay Area. He learned filmmaking from his father, Saul Landau, while traveling throughout Latin America. Greg spent most of the 1980s in Nicaragua, where he was baptized by fire working for the Ministry of Culture in the Sandinista government. He relates the experiences that formed the cultural perspective informing his career today.

Escrache comisaria 4º Berisso

Argentina, 01.07.2010 22:09

La impunidad como herramienta de poder

Desde las minas de Itsasondo contra el Tren de Alta Velocidad

Euskal Herria, 01.07.2010 20:39

Integrantes del movimiento contra el Tren de Alta Velocidad en relaci�n a la acci�n de desobediencia civil que se est� llevando a cabo en las minas de Itsasondo "Hoy, 1 de julio, nos hemos encerrado bajo tierra con objeto de detener las obras del TAV y la destrucci�n que �stas provocan, para denunciar el modelo social de que son bandera. Cuatro personas encerradas bajo tierra en las minas de Itsasondo, sin posibilidad de salir. Pero no est�n solas, fuera nos hemos reunido mucha gente para protegerles y darles nuestro apoyo."

Seg�n ellos y ellas "La desobediencia civil y la acci�n directa son la �nica manera que tenemos de parar esta barbarie y, mientras sigan empecin�ndose en construir el TAV, seguiremos haci�ndoles frente."


Todos los d�as concentraci�n a las 7 de la tarde en Itsasondo

Viernes, movilizaciones en los pueblos

Domingo, manifestaci�n a las 5 de la tarde desde la plaza de Ordizia


M�s informaci�n: / / edo

| Mapa

Otras webs contra el TAV:

| Mugitu | , |aht gelditu|, ||

The Story of My Arrest and Detainment (900 Arrested in Toronto G-20)

DC, 01.07.2010 19:10

The photos of my arrest during the Toronto G20 summit show a small blond lady with purple stockings getting thrown around by police as I was tossed head-first into an unmarked van. These photos have appeared on the front page of the Toronto Star, in the New York Times, and in other newspapers. Footage of the arrest has appeared on CNN and other news outlets such as CBC. My name is Lacy MacAuley, and this is the story of my arrest, including my being violently assaulted, strangled, and punched while riding into the police station in the back of the van.

A meeting for our own black power and self-determination – forward to Washington, D.C.!

DC, 01.07.2010 19:10

From July 10 – 14, black freedom fighters and our allies from all over the world will converge on Washington, D.C. in one of the most important meetings in this era of struggle. The official convening of the 5th Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party will set a black agenda that is separate and independent from Barack Obama’s Democratic Party, and Michael Steele’s Republican Party.

Sea Shepherd Frees 800 Endangered Bluefin Tuna

United Kingdom, 01.07.2010 17:39

Sea Shepherd recently returned from a campaign in the Mediterranean in search of bluefin tuna poachers. During the month long campaign the conservation group patrolled south of Malta and in Libyan waters. On the 17th June they encountered two tuna vessels towing cages full of fish, destined for the tuna farms in Malta. Looking at the time of interception and the distance the vessels were from the fishing grounds, the catch was taken after the closure of the season and thus illegal. Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson decided to intervene.

One of the vessels rammed the M/V Steve Irwin as activist divers prepared to enter the floating cage to inspect the fish. "With two fishing vessels containing angry Italian crews, there were risks involved with getting into the water to assess the bluefin catch. But if the catch was illegal, Sea Shepherd divers knew they must cut the nets and free the bluefin tuna. Sometimes it is necessary to do what needs to be done despite the risks. The risk of losing the bluefin tuna as a species is far more important than the risks to our own lives and freedom. And so we decided to free the tuna."

Articles: Eye witness: Sea Shepherd frees 800 endangered bluefin tuna | Failure to protect bluefin tuna has huge consequences | Direct action? On a boat? Sea Shepherd's got it... | Paul Watson announces aggressive campaign to clear Mediterranean of illegal fisheries

Links: Sea Shepherd Blue Rage website | The Bluefin Bonanza - free booklet (PDF 3MB)

New Nottingham Indymedia site launched

United Kingdom, 01.07.2010 14:39

It is nearly 5 years since the launch of the original Notts Indymedia website. There have been a lot of developments on the internet since then. We want to stay at the forefront of future innovation, as Indymedia was before the popularity of blogging and social networking. We want to make sure you, the users, get the most out of the site.

As such, we have launched our new Nottingham Indymedia website. We think that it's easier to use and has better features than our old site. The new site runs using the Hyperactive content management system currently used by London, Northern and Denmark IMCs. Many thanks are due to Northern, London & Sheffield for giving us loads of help in getting up and running.

The old site hasn't disappeared - it will stay archived here - but you won't be able to publish to it any more.

Agenda Julio 2010

Argentina, 01.07.2010 13:09

Milk Not Jails: Rural-Urban Partnerships Oppose the Prison Industrial Complex

United States, 01.07.2010 10:07

I'm back home in Minnesota after the conclusion of the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, Michigan, last Saturday. Host to this historic gathering of 15-20,000 social justice strugglers from progressive business owners to anarchists, Detroit was and remains on the front lines of capitalism's crisis. It's a city of contradictions. Thriving community gardens dot otherwise overgrown lots and abandoned buildings; friendly smiles mask neighborhoods plagued by violence and one of the nation's highest rates of police killings.

In my last article about the Forum, I mentioned Threat Management, the paramilitary-style firm hired to provide security at the USSF's official tent village. From a friend connected with the bicycle caravan camping there, I learned more.

"One of my friends on the caravan showed up at the village, saw the paramilitary guys, said 'Uh-uh,' and left to find housing on her own," she told me. "But in that village, there were also three full busloads of youth from out east, all under 18. The paperwork they had to do to just to get to Detroit was incredible, and all their parents had to sign waivers. So I guess the Forum needed those security guys to prove to the parents that the camp would be safe."

To us, that raised the question: Could we create a sort of safety without fences and guns, or prisons and police--a safety from below?


Argentina, 01.07.2010 05:39

“Están matando a nuestros dirigentes”

Doña Esperanza Nieva

Argentina, 01.07.2010 04:39


Argentina, 01.07.2010 01:09

Doña Esperanza Nieva

Argentina, 01.07.2010 01:09

Historic conviction of cop torturer only partial justice, say activists

Chicago, 30.06.2010 23:09

In an historic development in the decades-old effort to win justice for more than a hundred police torture victims in Chicago, former police commander Jon Burge was found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice on Monday. To find Burge guilty of the perjury/obstruction charges, the jury clearly had to find that Burge lied when he claimed he and his henchmen were innocent of torture.

Charges first began to surface in the 1970's that Burge and his accomplices ran torture rings out of two police districts on Chicago's south side. While Burge was fired for misconduct in 1993, neither he nor any of his crime partners has ever been held criminally accountable for those atrocities. There is no law in Illinois or nationally that explicitly makes torture of people by cops a crime, and the statute of limitations has run out on crimes with which Burge COULD have been charged at the time, like assault. Now, human rights groups want criminal prosecutions for lying about the torture ring expanded to the other members of Burge's torture rings, and they're also demanding new federal and state laws that would explicitly criminalize torture by government agencies and their employees — with NO statute of limitations on those crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, dozens of Burge's victims — wrongfully imprisoned after he and his fellow criminals forced false confessions from them — remain behind bars. Read more.

Related Links: Jail Jon Burge | JJB Torture Archive: Background articles by John Conroy, (Chicago Reader) | People's Law Office | Illinois Coalition Against Torture
Video: Democracy Now: Trial Begins For Ex-Chicago Police Lt. Accused Of Torturing More Than 100 African American Men | Labor Beat: Burge is indicted.
Radio: Guilty verdict in Chicago police brutality case. Free Speech Radio News/Pacifica


Athens, 30.06.2010 18:09

Αλληλεγγύη στους διωκόμενους αγωνιστές της ελευθερίας


Athens, 30.06.2010 18:09

Μισός μισθός, μισή αποζημίωση, μισή σύνταξη, ΜΙΣΕΣ ΘΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΟΙ ΩΡΕΣ ΣΑΣ!

FBI and DHS Attempt to Seize Colorado Indymedia Server and Silence Our Users 6.17.10

Portland, 30.06.2010 16:39

On Jun 17, Colorado Indymedia was contacted by Special Agent Adam Kowalski of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)/Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As part of an "ongoing investigation" by Federal Protective Services, they attempted to seize the Colorado Indymedia server, believing that we kept logs (such as IP address access logs) that could identity users on our site.

Original article at:


Oost-Vlaanderen, 30.06.2010 13:38


El contaminante negocio de la basura

Argentina, 30.06.2010 13:09

Resistencia a INNVIRON

Fusilamientos en la UP1 Penal San Martín

Argentina, 30.06.2010 01:39

Juicio a Videla, Menéndez y 23 represores más


Colombia, 29.06.2010 21:39


HAITI HUMAN RIGHTS FILM TONIGHT: &quot;In Defense of Justice&quot;

Portland, 29.06.2010 20:39

Portland filmmaker and Haiti activist Paul Reineke presents In Defense of Justice a film about the work of the Haitian grassroots human rights organization AUMOHD. Following the film will be an open discussion of the current situation in Haiti: post-quake activities (will Lavalas be excluded again?), upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, and the threats (and hopes) for justice and democracy in Haiti. This is a free event, but please bring a contribution for AUMOHD's continued work.

Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm
People's Food Co-op Community Room
3029 SE 21st Ave (between Powell and Division)

View the trailer here:

Related PIMC Post: Here

Stand with Honduras

DC, 29.06.2010 20:10

- Photos of Solidarity At the Solidarity Action in Washington, DC One year anniversary street theater action at the Capitol South Metro station

New AETA4 Support Video

Portland, 29.06.2010 02:09

Matthew Strugar (Center for Constitutional Rights), AETA4 co-counsel discusses the case of the AETA4, indicted for allegedly participating in home demonstrations to oppose University of California animal experimentation

link to video

VIDEO: Our Budget, Town Hall, Protest, 6.26.10. Portland Oregon

Portland, 29.06.2010 02:09

Filmed outside the Convention Center on 6.2.10 in Portland Oregon: A doctor and two activist/citizens talk with me about why this *lack of discussion inside the meeting is critical to the meeting being honest and meaningful and how it is being billed as democratic when it is not.

This video has three people explaining what is happening, which is sad to say, is actually they explain that which is not being talked about at the private funded Town Hall meeting inside. Things like Social Security, Health Care, Military Spending, Wall Street& housing bailout, Medicare and more in regards to this deficit and real honest solutions.

10 min video

Announcing the 16th Annual Anti-Racist Action Conference: July 22-25 2010 Portland OR

Portland, 29.06.2010 02:09

Rose City Antifa is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 16th annual Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Network Conference in Portland, Oregon from July 22 to the 25, 2010. The conference will include ARA's annual plenary, caucuses, and discussion on current issues facing antifascists. We are also organizing several workshops and social events that will be open to non-members. We hope all ARA members as well as anti-fascists who agree with our four Points of Unity will join us in July!

5 Protesters Arrested At OHSU Lockdown

Portland, 29.06.2010 01:08

5 animal rights activists lockdown a road block at OHSU's Primate Research Center. 30 protesters join in support.

Early this morning around 8:30 AM, five activists held a road block lockdown at the entrance of Oregon Health & Science University's National Primate Research Center. Thirty protesters showed up in support shortly after the lockdown. Workers at the center were delayed for well over an hour as the activists held their ground.

For more information on the animal experimentation going on at the ONPRC, please visit:

Against Patriarchy, Beyond Feminism July 9th-July 17th

Portland, 29.06.2010 01:08

9 days of events for Our Bodies, Ourselves... at the M11, 1212 S. 11th St. Suite 24 Tacoma

Factors of our society such as patriarchy -a family, community, or system that is governed and dominated by men- and the concept of human capital places each one of us in a submissive position in our daily lives. Whether woman, queer, person of color, or poor we are either victimized, criminalized, or pacified by the dominant culture. Most of the time this goes unnoticed, and is acknowledged as "just the way it is." There is no solution in perpetuating this sentiment, or merely replacing those who are dominant over others. There is no satisfaction in relying on politicians and the police. Within their existence and infrastructure, they will always be at the top and we will keep sinking lower into the their trenches.

In participating in this week of events, we want to build relationships with those around us that are ready to take an assertive position in taking control over our lives and how we are treated as human beings. There is no expectation of things changing over night, but this is a beginning... This is about communication, mutual respect, and having fun. We hope to see you there, and in the streets.


Argentina, 28.06.2010 23:09

El contaminante negocio de la basura

Argentina, 28.06.2010 23:09

Resistencia a INNVIRON

Gera: Infos zum größten Nazifest der Nachkriegszeit

Germany, 28.06.2010 22:39

Gera: 10.Juli 2010 – The Party Is Over

Am 10. Juli 2010 wollen zum nunmehr 8. Mal Neonazis aus dem gesamten europäischen Raum wieder ihr „Rock für Deutschland“ unter dem Motto „Deutsches Geld für deutsche Ausgaben - Raus aus dem Euro !!!“ in Gera (Thüringen) zelebrieren. Nachdem im letzten Jahr mit der Marke von 4000 (NPD intern ist die Rede von 5000) von Naziseite her ein neuer Besucher_innenrekord aufgestellt wurde und ein kompletter Stadtteil im braunen Sumpf versank, wird es in diesem Jahr breiten antifaschistischen Widerstand dagegen geben.

Mobilisierung: | |

Kampagnenstart gegen Europas größtes Nazifest
RfD verhindern! Mobi läuft weiter!



Brandanschlag auf Opferberatung
Probesitzen des Aktionsbündnis Gera gegen Rechts

Interview Christian Dornbusch

Gera: 4000 Neonazis auf NPD-Fest
„Rock für Deutschland“: „Gera bleibt deutsch!“

Einmal Nazis? Ständig nur Nazis!

Polizei duldet erneut Neonazikonzert in Gera

Open Air & Demo gegen Nazikonzert in Gera


Massiver Widerstand gegen 3. NPD Open Air
Antifaproteste gegen das NPD-Open-Air in Gera

Aktionen gegen "Blood & Honour"- Konzert am Samstag in Gera
09.07.2010 | 19 Uhr | Hauptbahnhof | Gera

Jack Evans' Possible Conflicts of Interest Exposed

DC, 28.06.2010 22:10

Jack Evans earns more than $125,000 as a DC Councilmember. He makes an additional $240,000 a year on the payroll of the country's largest lobbying firm, Patton Boggs. In a three-part series in themail ("Jack Evans and Patton Boggs: Questions of Conflicts of Interest"), former Washington Post reporter John Hanrahan examines Mr. Evans' dealings and asks why the press - of which he was a member - has turned a blind eye. Audio Part I of the series can be found HERE:

Cobertura Colectiva

Argentina, 28.06.2010 19:39

A un año del Golpe en Hunduras

A todxs companheirxs, a todxs as flores e espinhos

CMI Brasil, 28.06.2010 19:07


ebate Intergaláctico - Rádio: Potências, Frequências e Modulações - Dia 5/7

CMI Brasil, 28.06.2010 16:07


Chase Bank Target of Environmentalist Action in Palo Alto

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.06.2010 13:09

Activists concerned about the close ties between Big Oil and Big Banks protested at a branch of JP Morgan/Chase Bank in Palo Alto on June 26. Demonstrators encouraged customers to move their money to community banks or credit unions, telling passersby that not only did Chase take bailout money as a "too big to fail" institution, but that it is the chief depository bank for British Petroleum.

Street Delivery : cultura libera, arta si &quot;ecologie de piata&quot;

Romania, 28.06.2010 10:38

Street Delivery este o initiativa a librariei Carturesti din Bucuresti,

Protest pentru oprirea genocidului indreptat asupra palestinienilor

Romania, 28.06.2010 10:38

“Ti se pare corect ce se intampla in Gaza? Ti se pare normal cum au fost furate/confiscate pamanturile palestinienilor? Esti de acord cu tacerea unei lumi intregi martore la genocidul si nedreptatile comise in Palestina? Daca nu, vino si striga-ti nemultumirea impreuna cu noi, la ora 10:00, in parcul Carol. Fa asta pentru dreptate, pentru poporul palestinian, pentru omenia ce ar trebui sa ne caracterizeze!”

Transbashing at HCC

Houston, 28.06.2010 06:09

Transman Bashed at Houston Community College During Pride Week

Mientras arden las sierras y los bosques se siguen devastando

Argentina, 28.06.2010 04:09

Se espera la aprobación de la Ley de Ordenamiento Territorial de Bosques Nativo en Córdoba

| Mientras arden las sierras y los bosques se siguen devastando

Argentina, 28.06.2010 03:39

Se espera la aprobación de la Ley de Ordenamiento Territorial de Bosques Nativo en Córdoba

Israel Massing Planes, Weapons for Iran Attack

DC, 28.06.2010 03:10

Israeli warplanes are being massed in the Caucasus while military preparations are underway in Azerbaijan and Georgia for a military strike on Iran, according to new reports over the last several days.

Save our Postal Service! -- Southern Oregon 5-Day, No Way Picket July 1st

Rogue Valley, 28.06.2010 03:10

On July 1st, postal workers and letter carriers are converging on several southern Oregon post offices to rally against United States Postal Service efforts to reduce postal services by eliminating Saturday mail delivery.

Pickets, informational handbills and drinking water will be provided.

US Education Secretary Arne Duncan Draws Protesters at Foothill College Graduation

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.06.2010 02:39

Last week United Public Workers for Action (UPWA) called for a demonstration against the privatization of public education when it was announced that US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan would be the keynote speaker at Foothill Community College's graduation ceremony. After the UPWA initially received permission from the college administration to stage a peaceful protest, Foothill College president Judy Miner called organizer and Skyline Community College instructor George Wright to ask that he cancel the planned demonstration. Wright was also contacted by counsel at the office of the Education Secretary.


Colombia, 27.06.2010 22:39


��29J: Huelga General!!

Euskal Herria, 27.06.2010 20:09

Las centrales sindicales ELA, LAB, STE-EILAS, ESK, HIRU, CGT-LKN y CCOO, multitud de movimientos sociales de Euskal Herria y algunos partidos pol�ticos hacen un llamamiento a una jornada de huelga general para hoy 29 de junio de 2010. Las razones son evidentes, dar una respuesta desde la clase trabajadora, desde los estudiantes, desde los parados y paradas para dejar claro que contra la crisis econ�mica que estamos viviendo la �nica salida es la solidaridad y la movilizaci�n, y no la reforma laboral neoliberal, los despidos, los EREs o las ayudas a la banca.

Como ya sucedi� en la pasada huelga general, se est�n coordinando diferentes medios de contrainformaci�n para dar cobertura en directo a trav�s de Se podr� seguir minuto a minuto las noticias de la huelga, noticias en otros medios y una televisi�n en streming creada para esta ocasi�n, adem�s de videos y fotos. Desde IndymediaEH animamos a participar en esta iniciativa

Noticias sobre la jornada de Huelga General llegadas a Indymedia: |Entrevista a Adolfo Mu�oz, �Txiki�, y Ainhoa Etxaide, Secretario general de ELA y secretaria general de LAB: La huelga general es necesaria y ser� masiva en Euskal Herria |, |Greba orokorra Trapagaranen ek29|, |10 razones para la Huelga General del 29 de junio|, |No pasa nada (contra la crisis ... Independencia)|, |Huelga General 29J: Panor�mica 1: �reforma laboral?�Y que es eso?|, |Las respuestas a Boltxe y a Sara, y la Huelga general del 29J|.

Smash EDO solidarity in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 27.06.2010 17:39

In the early hours of 17th January 2009, during Israel's 'Operation Cast Lead' offensive against Gaza, six people broke in to the EDO/ITT weapons components factory in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, and, allegedly, caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to the production line.

The EDO decommissioners’ court case finally kicked off at the start of June. EDO CEO Paul Hill has been extensively cross-examined about his company's arms deals and one of the defendants has already been acquitted after no evidence was produced to prosecute her. A solidarity demo has been organised to take place outside Hove Crown Court on the day of the verdict - expected to be some time next week.

In Nottingham, anti-arms trade activists showed solidarity with the EDO decommissioners by targeting the Radford premises of EMICS, a company involved in the global arms trade. The gates were chained shut and graffiti saying "SMASH EMICS" was sprayed on the walls.

Newswire: EMICS offices in Nottingham targeted | EDO decommissioners trial update and verdict date demo | EDO Decommissioners Round 2. | Smashingly good start at Decommissioners trial.

Previous feature: Hammer Time: The EDO Decommissioners go on trial

Links: Smash EDO | Support the EDO decommissioners | UK Smash EDO Newswire

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