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Informe sobre conflictos en calle 8 y 48

Argentina, 25.07.2010 20:09

“Nos invaden la ciudadela desde la barbarie”

Tent City, homeless swelter in record heat

DC, 25.07.2010 18:10

On the 24th of July, DC temperatures officially rose to 103 degrees according to one WTOP news report. The Parcel 42 tent city continued to hold out, thanks in part to shade provided by the massive pavilion. It was still incredibly hot, even in the shade, anywhere outside in DC on July 24. Tent City and DC homeless sweat while condos, empty offices are cold

Análisis sobre los encapuchados

Puerto Rico, 25.07.2010 14:10

Oda a la “Bendita” Capucha

Represión contra líderes estudiantiles

Puerto Rico, 25.07.2010 14:10

UPR: La represión de la administración no detendrá nuestra lucha

Análisis histórico de atletas en lucha en PR

Puerto Rico, 25.07.2010 14:10

La política del deporte

Malas condiciones en AEE causan tragedia

Puerto Rico, 25.07.2010 14:10

UTIER: Accidente de trabajo cuesta una vida

Desalojos en Barceloneta

Puerto Rico, 25.07.2010 14:10

Defendamos el Barrio Boca de Barceloneta


Colombia, 25.07.2010 08:39


Colombia, 25.07.2010 04:39

Dozens of Tribes Gather to Protest MLPA Task Force Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.07.2010 00:09

On July 21, more than 50 tribal nations peacefully took control of the Marine Life Protection Act's Blue Ribbon Task Force meeting in Fort Bragg. The group of more than 300 stood together to protest the implications of the act on their traditional tribal activities on the North Coast. For thousands of years, these tribes have sustainably gathered coastal resources in their ancestral territory.

Actividad a 2 años de la APDN

Argentina, 24.07.2010 21:39

El hambre es un crimen

SchNEWS 732: Getting Away With Murder

United Kingdom, 24.07.2010 20:09

“After 16 months of waiting, to hear nothing is being done is a complete joke. Today they gave us no hope. This experience has broken our family apart. The DPP has told us there was an unlawful act, yet no charges are to be brought. This is no justice - everyone has failed us.” - Ian Tomlinson's son Paul King.

Ian Tomlinson, a 47 year old news-vendor was killed at the G20 protests in April 2009. His family have waited until now to find out what action the justice system was going to take. The Director of Public Prosecution Keir Starmer stated today (Thurs) that there would be no charges brought against any police officers involved in the death of Ian Tomlinson. This astonishingly bare faced whitewash prompted the director of INQUEST Deborah Coles to say “The eyes of the world will be looking on with incredulity as yet again a police officer is not facing any criminal charges after what is one of the most clear-cut and graphic examples of police violence that has led to death. This decision is a shameful indictment of the way police criminality is investigated and demonstrates a culture of impunity when police officers break the law. It follows a pattern of cases that reveal an unwillingness to treat deaths arising from the use of force by police as potential homicides”

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Urgente: joven desaparecida de en Buenos Aires

Argentina, 24.07.2010 20:09

Herminia Armoa, Edad 16 años desaparecida en la madrugada del 11/07/ 2010

Sheffield Indy Radio Show #2 - Deportations, The EDL and Divide and Rule

United Kingdom, 24.07.2010 12:10

The second Sheffield Indy Radio Show, Deportations, The EDL and Divide and Rule, features a discussion about the recent EDL confrontation at a Sheffield Indymedia meeting, the campaigns to oppose the deportations of two women from Sheffield, Odette Sefuko and Lem Lem Hussein Abdu, a listing of upcoming events from Alt-Sheff, news about the BP gulf oil spill via Democracy Now.

Read on to listen to the show and more details about what is in the show, Intro, Deportations, the BP Oil Spill, the EDL and some Chat. If you missed it the first Sheffield Indy Radio Show came out on 17th June 2010.


Argentina, 24.07.2010 03:09

Seis en el banquillo, miles pidiendo juicio y castigo


Colombia, 24.07.2010 02:39

An Open Letter from Midnight Special

Boston, 24.07.2010 02:09

Dear Friends, Midnight Special has been engaging in months of discussion and critical analysis about the role of law collectives, both amongst ourselves and with other members of the law collective movement. We have also been looking at our own internal process as an anti-authoritarian collective. We have reached various conclusions: that we have been unable to break out of the service provider model; that we are dissatisfied with jumping from action to action, and leaving little infrastructure behind; that we often emulate the oppressive structures we seek to change; and that these problems are much harder to solve than we had believed.

Massey Coal, Not Clean Safe or Forever

DC, 24.07.2010 01:10

National Press Club: Protestors from Rain Forest Action Network, disrupt Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Mines, the one that killed many miners in West Virginia. Massey CEO Blankenship On Mine Disaster: No Regrets"


Athens, 24.07.2010 00:09

Αλληλεγγύη στους κρατούμενους που εκδικείται η δημοκρατία


Athens, 24.07.2010 00:09

Πάρνηθα: Αγώνας ενάντια στη λεηλασία του βουνού και την παρακρατική δράση

Homenaje a Santucho

Argentina, 24.07.2010 00:09


Expor a verdade não é ilegal, a guerra que é!

CMI Brasil, 23.07.2010 23:37


135+ Tucson Businesses, Organizations Declare &quot;We Reject Racism&quot;, Non-Compliance With SB1070

Arizona, 23.07.2010 20:07

Businesses, community groups, neighbors pledge not to allow police to check immigration status on their premises

Seven arrested outside SB1070 court hearing; Arizona groups call for nationwide day of action July 29

Arizona, 23.07.2010 18:37

Groups in Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson call for pledge non-compliance with the law, call for protests, vigils, civil disobedience

20 Anos do Caso Acari: Não ao Esquecimento, Sim à Justiça!

CMI Brasil, 23.07.2010 17:37

Rede contra a Violência

Mendoza: Canal 13 comunitario, interferido por una señal empresarial

Argentina, 23.07.2010 15:09

En defensa de los medios comunitarios

Prince George's County is Arizona

DC, 22.07.2010 22:10

* Attention: Lawyer Needed Immediately. Please read and listen to the details of Benjamin's case (below). If you know of an immigration attorney who could help out with Benjamin's case, please get in touch with Heather Bradley Kubo asap at or 301 588 1399. Benjamin needs to file certain papers this morning to stop his deportation to El Salvador, which may be a death sentence for him. Kubo said, Benjamin "is the sixth young person who I've seen deported… in the past three years. … some of them under the age of 18, most of them under the age of 25; most of whom haven't been criminally charged or haven't been convicted of any criminal charge. But for the simple fact of being Latino, for the simple fact of being foreign born, for the simple fact of being, of living in a particular neighborhood, they are being profiled for that and because of that they're being detained. People are so preoccupied with Arizona and we don't realize that Arizona is Maryland. Arizona is Virginia. Arizona is D.C. There is absolutely no difference really in the policies that Arizona has and the policies that Maryland has." Audio

Carl Hampton 40th anniversary

Houston, 22.07.2010 19:39

Carl Hampton Lives! Commemoration of 40th anniversary of Carl's assassination

Marilyn Buck released from prison

Houston, 22.07.2010 19:09

Poet/Political Prisoner Marilyn Buck Freed After 25 Years in Prison

Trabalhadores da Flaskô conseguem evitar Falência

CMI Brasil, 22.07.2010 19:07


Continua ciclo en Bataclana

Argentina, 22.07.2010 17:39

Continua ciclo en Bataclana

Mendoza: Canal 13 comunitario, interferido por una señal empresarial

Argentina, 22.07.2010 17:39

En defensa de los medios comunitarios

Radioo cumuntitaria

Argentina, 22.07.2010 15:09

Lanzamiento Oficial de "La 5º Pata"

Mendoza: Canal 13 comunitario, interferido por una señal empresarial

Argentina, 22.07.2010 15:09

En defensa de los medios comunitarios


NYC, 22.07.2010 15:08

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 actor Ephraim Benton and his “Chillin on da Corner & Beyond” screening series present award winning documentary “Malcolm’s Echo: the Legacy of Malcolm X” directed by Dami Akinnusi. “Malcolm’s Echo”, a festival favorite is a powerful and timely discussion on how Malcolm X's thoughts and philosophies are being used as a foundation to create a new vision. The film looks beyond the stereotypes of Malcolm X and attempts to understand the real message of his legacy echoed through those who knew him.

In Walnut Creek Counter-Protesters Outnumber Pro-Mehserle Demonstrators

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.07.2010 13:09

Early this week, approximately 80 to 100 people rallied in the parking lot of the Walnut Creek courthouse in support of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle. Counter-protesters, estimated to number about 200, showed up to demonstrate for victims of police brutality. The rally was prompted by the conviction of Mehserle of involuntary manslaughter in the New Year's Eve shooting death of train rider Oscar Grant.

USA Mental Health Agency Cancels Journalist Robert B. Whitaker as Keynoter of Alternatives 2010

Boston, 22.07.2010 12:09

Bob Whitaker's Book "Anatomy of an Epidemic" Criticizes Psychiatric Pharmaceutical Claims A major annual conference funded by the US government since 1985 advertises itself as "organized by and for mental health consumers and survivors." The goal of this popular "Alternatives Conference" is to support empowerment, self-determination and choice by mental health clients. But MindFreedom International News discovered that after Alternatives 2010 organizers confirmed their choice of keynote speaker as journalist Robert B. Whitaker, author of a new book with a scathing critique of psychiatric pharmaceutical claims, upper-level federal officials objected.

COINTELPRO and the Omaha Two --An interview with Michael Richardson

Boston, 22.07.2010 10:09

Since 2007, local Boston journalist Michael Richardson has been writing a series of articles about Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa, who are two Black Panther political prisoners known as the Omaha Two. Richardson argues that they were framed for the 1970 murder of a policeman as part of the FBI’s notorious counterintelligence program, dubbed “COINTELPRO.”


Colombia, 22.07.2010 06:09


200 AÑOS...

Colombia, 22.07.2010 02:39

200 AÑOS...

Congressman Blumenauer stand up for peace

Portland, 22.07.2010 01:39

Protesters from Individuals for Justice and the Oregon Progressive Party demonstrated outside the office of Congressman Earl Blumenauer and delivered a petition to pressure him to sign on to bills H.R. 2404 and 3699. Portland, OR, USA, 21/07/2010.

One protester, Joe Roe held and wore a diaper with Earl and 4899 referring to the bill H.R. 4899. The bill was passed by the Senate in May and if signed by Obama would provide, "$34.7 billion to support US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in addition to providing non-military assistance and building up State Department Operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

It also provides $24 billion to help keep teachers, police, and firefighters employed during the recession, $13 billion to Vietnam War veterans that have been exposed to Agent Orange, $2.8 billion for Haiti relief, $5.7 billion for PELL grants, $677 million to strengthen the border, $275 million for the Gulf oil spill, and $725 million to offset other needs."


Argentina, 21.07.2010 23:09


População se levanta em Brazlândia/DF na luta por moradia!

CMI Brasil, 21.07.2010 05:07

Movimentos em apoio ao MTST

May Day Protest Documentary

Portland, 21.07.2010 00:39

Short documentary I made of the May Day 2010 protest.

Callout to Seattle area for Court Solidarity! {7/21}

Portland, 21.07.2010 00:39

"Two folks who were arrested in connection to this incident: ( are now being formally charged for Class C Felony level Malicious Mischief. On Wednesday, July 21st at 8 AM we will be meeting outside of the King County Courthouse for court room solidarity. King County Courthouse is located at 516 3rd Ave, and the arraignment will be in court room E1201."

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 21.07.2010 00:39

SO WHAT IS THIS RULE WE ARE SO PISSED AT? March 24, 2010 Roll call number 186 in the House (Blumenauer voted yes to 4899) Question On Passage: H R 4899 Making emergency supplemental appropriations for disaster relief and summer jobs for fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and for other purposes Ayes: 239 (Democrat: 234; Republican: 5) Nays: 175 (Democrat: 8; Republican: 167) Abstained: 14 (Democrat: 10; Republican: 4) Result: Bill Passed

In the Senate{.} H.R.4899: Making supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and for other purpose{...} May 27, 2010 Roll call number 176 in the Senate Question On Passage of the Bill (H.R. 4899, As Amended) Ayes: 67 (Democrat: 53; Republican: 12; Other: 2) Nays: 28 (Democrat: 2; Republican: 26) Abstained: 5 (Democrat: 2; Republican: 3) Required percentage of 'Aye' votes: 1/2 (50%) Percentage of 'aye' votes: 67% Result: Bill Passed

This is where the Senate passed amendments to make this bill into a Supplemental for the War/Occupation of Afghanistan, (Obama's Surge.) The Bill HR 4899 is now a way for the President to get his blood money, but there are problems in the House, some "Anti-War Dems" do not want to vote for a war supplemental, but could be bought off with some social programs. The GOP will vote for more killings but not for more social programs; the Bill HR 4899 could fail.

Oil is not well in the Gulf

Portland, 21.07.2010 00:39

hot oil plus frozen clathrates equals trouble{.} BP is defying Admiral Thad Allen to keep the pipe closed at their oil catastrophe site. They are proudly announcing that the oil disaster is over, and that the 'seeps' nearby are not expressing oil. Their own live feed looks ominous this morning, however, with dark clouds moving occasionally from left to right across the camera image; the image as a whole is much murkier than in the past.

See for yourself:

VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10

Portland, 21.07.2010 00:39

The monthly sidewalk sharing advisory committee meeting is open to the public every 1st Monday{.} This meeting was filmed on July 12 2010 in The Portland Building, (2nd Monday due to Holiday){.} It is an open public meeting hosted by Commissioner Fritz office{.} The topics were the camping laws, arrests and citation regarding the sidewalk sharing laws, and private security, their training and their policies being used in Portland{.}

Teach-in on Gaza in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.07.2010 08:09

On Thursday July 22nd at 6pm at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz, the Resource Center for Nonviolence & the Palestine Israel Action Committee, will host a Gaza teach-in to discuss solidarity with Palestine, including what happened during the Peace Flotilla. Paul Larudee, a co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement to break the Israeli siege of Gaza, will be one of the featured speakers.

The Release &amp; Homecoming of Pat 'The Chief' O'Donnell - Photo Essay

Ireland, 20.07.2010 04:41

Selected photographs of the triumphant homecoming ...

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