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Mal sistema de transporte en Vieques

Puerto Rico, 04.08.2010 21:40

Viequenses exigen un servicio de transporte de calidad

Contra el Gasoducto del Norte

Puerto Rico, 04.08.2010 21:40

Comunidades rechazan el Gasoducto del Norte

Tribunal Supremo de Justicia falló en contra del pueblo yukpa

Venezuela, 04.08.2010 18:07

Este viernes, el Tribunal Supremo de Justicia publicó en su página web el fallo por medio del cual rechaza el amparo constitucional solicitado por la defensa del cacique yukpa Sabino Romero y Alexander Fernández.

Judge to Deliver Ruling on Proposition 8 Today

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2010 14:39

The California Federal Prop 8 case decision is expected today. Judge Vaughn Walker will rule for or against the plaintiffs in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the federal lawsuit pending in the U.S. District Court that challenges the constitutional validity of California's Proposition 8. The plaintiffs sought to have the federal court strike down the proposition, saying it is contrary to the 14th Amendment's guarantee to equal protection. Rallies will be held in response throughout the the Bay Area and elsewhere in California no matter which way the decision comes down.

Develar mitos y el rol del personal de salud

Argentina, 04.08.2010 14:39

Aborto medicamentoso

KSKQ Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Rogue Valley, 04.08.2010 14:10

Moving from low-power to full-power is a big deal. After a decade of planning & prep. So. Oregon's KSKQ has been approved for expansion to full-power. The Multicultural Association of So. Oregon holds the license and is launching an innovative, online campaign to fund a new antenna & hardware using, to complement local efforts including grants and a capital campaign.

Fix Fell Wins Green Bike Lane on Fell Street

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2010 07:39

Responding to weeks of protests and direct action by the grassroots group Fix Fell, as well as lobbying efforts by other community groups, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency on August 3rd painted the bike lane on Fell Street between Scott and Baker Streets green. This is just one more small improvement that is being made to this stretch of Fell Street to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians and improve clarity for motorists.

Dia clave para la Ley de Bosques

Argentina, 04.08.2010 04:09

En Córdoba

Argentina, 04.08.2010 04:09

Día clave para la Ley de Bosques.

despidos injustificados en cadena de supermercados

Argentina, 04.08.2010 03:09

Para Walmart es delito elegir delegado

Has the Most Common Marijuana Test Resulted in Tens of Thousands of Wrongful Convictions?

DC, 03.08.2010 22:10

More than 800,000 people are arrested on marijuana charges each year in the United States, many on the basis of an error-prone test.

DC friends of hikers petition Iran for Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal’s immediate release

DC, 03.08.2010 22:10

A group of friends and supporters of Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Josh Fattal delivered a petition of 150 signatures to the Iranian Interests Section of the Embassy of Pakistan today in Washington, DC calling for their immediate release. They also delivered a letter signed by scholars and journalists opposing U.S. aggression toward Iran and appealing to both governments to refrain from using Shane, Sarah and Josh as political leverage.

&quot;Elliott 27&quot; Sentenced After Forest Road Blockade Last Summer

Portland, 03.08.2010 21:08

Roseburg, Oregon 02 August 2010 - After over one year of pre-trial probation, the activists involved in the July 6-9, 2009 road blockade in the Elliott State Forest have finally faced sentencing. Twenty two of the twenty seven activists arrested plead "no contest," and were found guilty of Criminal Trespassing of the second degree, a class "C" misdemeanor.

The remaining twenty two were divided into three equal groups and seen by three separate judges.

Restitution originally sought by law enforcement and the ODF totaled to more than $100,000 and included costs for catered lunch, transportation, and hotel rooms for the fifty nine law enforcement officers which included members of the National Guard, the Oregon State Police, and the Douglas County Sheriffs office. Most of these claims were found to be unlawful.

BAAM Issue 36 August 2010

Boston, 03.08.2010 18:09

The BAAM newsletter enters its fourth year. Help our monthly publication survive by donating an article or maybe some money. Contact for more info.

Apoie Bradley Manning. Expor um crime de guerra não é um crime!

CMI Brasil, 03.08.2010 18:07


La Quinta Pata - 93.3 FM

Argentina, 03.08.2010 14:39

Nueva radio comunitaria en Córdoba

La Quinta Pata - 93.3 FM

Argentina, 03.08.2010 14:39

Nueva radio comunitaria en Córdoba

La Quinta Pata - 93.3 FM

Argentina, 03.08.2010 13:39

Nueva Radio Comunitaria en Córdoba

Parade Group Challenges Santa Cruz City Permits

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.08.2010 07:08

Lawyers for Wes Modes, charged with participating in the 2009 Last Night DIY New Year's Parade, filed a brief with the court that challenges the constitutionality of City of Santa Cruz rules that require permits for first amendment activities, including parades. In the brief, Modes' attorney Jonathan Gettleman argues that the Santa Cruz City law requiring a permit for parade and protests is "an overbroad delegation of authority to government officials to control free speech and assembly."

Fasting Against Torture on 8th Anniversary of Yoo Memos

United States, 03.08.2010 04:07

August 1 is the eight-year anniversary of the John Yoo/Jay Bybee torture memos. Tackling Torture at the Top (a committee of Women Against Military Madness) and others will commemorate that day by Fasting Against Torture for 24 hours starting at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Aug 1. Coincidentally, the statute of limitations applicable to the Federal Torture Statute is also eight years.

read more

Avanza la obra de FM Zumba la Turba

Argentina, 03.08.2010 02:39

Tiempos de construcción

Saying No to 1070 on the Day It Took Effect

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.08.2010 01:09

Protests took place on July 29th throughout Arizona, and around the U.S. and Mexico, against attacks on immigrants. These protests happened the day that Arizona's anti-immigrant law, SB1070, went into effect. There were actions in San Francisco, Oakland, and other cities throughout the Bay Area and beyond. A federal judge blocked many of the most controversial parts of Arizona's immigration law from taking effect, delivering a last-minute victory to opponents of the crackdown.


Portland, 03.08.2010 00:38

The struggle for Puerto Rican independance lost one of it's true warriors today.

Great sadness...

"I did not come to kill. I came to die."

VIDEO: Ban The Cluster Bomb Interview with Lynn Bradach - Portland Ore

Portland, 02.08.2010 23:39

A short interview about todays event at the Peace Park in Portland Oregon with "Ban The Cluster Bomb" organizer Lynn Bradach

"Travis Drums!" Lynn Bradach gives a quick informative interview about why she is involved in this "Ban The Cluster Bomb" convention. This is one of a few clips from the "Travis Drums!" event at The Peace Park.


The Toxic Legacy From the Siege of Fallujah Worse Than Hiroshima

Portland, 02.08.2010 23:39

Dramatic increases in infant mortality, cancer and leukaemia in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, which was bombarded by US Marines in 2004, exceed those reported by survivors of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, according to a new study.

Iraqi doctors in Fallujah have complained since 2005 of being overwhelmed by the number of babies with serious birth defects, ranging from a girl born with two heads to paralysis of the lower limbs. They said they were also seeing far more cancers than they did before the battle for Fallujah between US troops and insurgents.

Their claims have been supported by a survey showing a four-fold increase in all cancers and a 12-fold increase in childhood cancer in under-14s. Infant mortality in the city is more than four times higher than in neighboring Jordan and eight times higher than in Kuwait.

Democracy Now! Interview

Portland anti-fascists protest outside neo-Nazi's apartment

Portland, 02.08.2010 23:39

Early on March 27th 2010 Portland anti-racist activist Luke Querner was shot in what Rose City Anti-Fascists believe was a well planned attack by members of the Neo-Nazi movement. Following the shooting police chose to focus the investigation on the anti-racist activists allowing the fascists to roam free. Luke is paralysed from the chest down as a result of the brutal attack.

This attack is a perfect example of the growing fascist movement in the US, from Nazis patrolling the border to the Tea Party activists spreading racists views thanks in part to popular talk show host Glen Beck, who has his own show on the Fox network, amongst others.

despidos injustificados en cadena de supermercados

Argentina, 02.08.2010 21:09

Para Walmart es delito elegir delegado

Civil Rights Battle for DC’s Homeless Continues in federal court

DC, 02.08.2010 20:10

Plaintiffs from Franklin Shelter will have a hearing on Wednesday, August 4th, concerning pending allegations of Fair Housing Act, American with Disabilities Act & DC Human Rights Act violations. The need for this case to move forward increases daily. The most recent point in time study released by Metro Washington Area Council of Governments indicates continued increases in the numbers of homeless persons in the District of Columbia.1 And while these numbers have increased, the availability of shelter space and permanent supportive housing has remained stagnant and does not to begin to address the rising need. The result can be seen in a commensurate increase in the number of unsheltered homeless-persons living on the street by 176 persons as detailed in the same MCOG report. Other reports and anecdotal accounts not only confirm this statistical picture, but also reveal circumstances more injurious to the health and safety of greater numbers of homeless persons than are indicated in the report. Wednesday August 4th at 9:00 am US District Court for D.C., 333 Constitution Ave., NW in Courtroom 16


Colombia, 02.08.2010 05:39


Argentina, 02.08.2010 01:39

Medios alternativos realizarán su séptimo encuentro en Agosto


Argentina, 01.08.2010 04:09

Pueblo qom toma la ruta 86

PG&amp;E Forces Smart Meters On Scotts Valley

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.08.2010 02:09

Josh Hart with Scotts Valley Neighbors Against Smart Meters reports that PG&E continues to install their inaccurate, carcinogenic, and overpriced smart meters onto people's homes in Scotts Valley, despite the City and County demanding a halt to any further meter installation. Neighbors are denying access to PG&E contractors- Wellington Energy- and demanding that the CPUC put a halt to this ill-conceived program.

Latest Update from the IMF Resistance Network

Boston, 01.08.2010 01:09

The IMF Resistance Network is an East coast-based anti-authoritarian group dedicated to organizing resistance to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Primavera qom

Argentina, 31.07.2010 20:09

Santa Cruz Responds to SB 1070, Arizona's Criminalization of Immigrant Communities

Santa Cruz, CA, 31.07.2010 05:09

On July 29th, a diverse showing of Santa Cruz, California residents rallied and marched in protest of Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, a legislative act that is said to be the broadest and strictest anti-immigrant measure in decades. The demonstrators proclaimed solidarity with all communities resisting SB 1070, a law they say scapegoats migrants, and also voiced outrage to local police and sheriffs working with the federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) within Santa Cruz County neighborhoods and jails.


Colombia, 31.07.2010 03:09



Colombia, 31.07.2010 03:09

Nurses United To Vote On Authorizing a One-Day Unfair Labor Practice Protest Strike

DC, 31.07.2010 02:10

This past March, nurses at the Washington Hospital Center were scheduled to begin negotiations with MedStar Health, the company which owns the Washington Hospital Center. Just weeks before negotiations were set to begin, February's record-breaking snowstorms hit D.C., crippling the region. In what may have been a 'shot over the bow,' the hospital violated its own existing policy and fired 18 members of Nurses United who were unable to make it to work during the blizzard. Of these 18 nurses, nine have had their positions reinstated. Audio

Dream Act, Voting Machines, Walter Reed

DC, 31.07.2010 02:10

Voting Machines, Dream Act, Walter Reed Army base being relocated or close what happens to the land? Privatization of public housing Discussion with Peter Tucker, Linda Leeks.

An Appeal to Bolivia: Withdraw from the U.N. Occupying Force in Haiti

LA, 31.07.2010 01:39

On July 20, 2010 members of Women of Color in the Global Women's Strike, GWS/LA and the weekly vigil for Haiti visited the Bolivian Consulate in L.A. Their concern: Bolivia's ongoing participation in the U.N. force that's been occupying Haiti since the 2004 coup which removed the democratically-elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The recent earthquake has been used as an excuse to further militarize most aspects of Haitian society, say sources on the ground there.

[. . .] Bolivia's participation in the occupation has been contrary to the efforts of President Evo Morales to oppose war and exploitation. Bolivia's own constitution is against war (and thus occupation). The delegation asked why Bolivia, which is fighting for self-determination at home, would want to associate itself with the occupation of a country whose president was removed with the backing of the same foreign power which has been trying to topple President Morales of Bolivia and President Chavez of Venezuela?

Full story: An Appeal to Bolivia: Withdraw from the U.N. Occupying Force in Haiti by Ross Plesset

Votorantim: cimentando agricultores tradicionais de Imbituba.

CMI Brasil, 31.07.2010 01:07


La Quinta Pata - 93.3 FM

Argentina, 30.07.2010 23:39

Nueva Radio Comunitaria en Córdoba

Now One Step Closer to Developing West Hayden Island Wildlife Area

Portland, 30.07.2010 22:39

Thank you to everybody who wrote Portland City Council and came out to the hearing last night. Council received hundreds of emails opposing development on West Hayden Island and well over 150 people came to the hearing to express their opposition as well. The letters and testimony have been outstanding and demonstrate an amazing depth and breadth of opposition to West Hayden Island Development.

Unfortunately, City Council voted 4-0 (Randy Leonard was absent) to adopt the Mayor's resolution assigning the Bureau of Planning to develop a legislative proposal to allow 300 acres of industrial development on West Hayden Island. The resolution was improved to be more explicit that all development activities would be included within the 300 acres and to require additional analysis into cost/ benefits, alternatives and community impacts, but the bottom line is that the City is now going to spend hundreds of thousands of additional tax dollars moving West Hayden Island closer to development.

Someday this could all be pavement! What's Next

This is far from over. Annexation is still at least a year away. We intend to fight development on West Hayden Island every step of the way and we are planning lots of events over the next year to send an even stronger message. We will continue to need your help.

Protest in solidarity with Arizona against SB 1070

Portland, 30.07.2010 17:09

On the day that the controversial immigration law SB 1070 was introduced in Arizona, over a hundred people demonstrated in Holladay Park against the new law. Portland, Oregon, 29/07/2010

Originally the Act was signed into law by Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer on April 23rd 2010 and it came into effect today ninety days after the end of the legislative session. Shortened to either Arizona Senate Bill 1070 or SB 1070 it is otherwise known as the 'Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighbourhoods Act.'

Members of local collective B Media staged a 'Wedding of the Doomed' in front of the media and demonstrators to symbolise the marriage between the local law enforcement agencies and ICE (Immigration and customs enforcement). The marriage wouldn't have been right without some community intervention, which ended up stealing the show and standing up against the marriage of ICE and the Police.

Sobre la cumbre del G20 en Canadá

Argentina, 30.07.2010 15:39

Bienvenidos a Torontanamo

Galiza Contrainfo - Dia da Pátria 2010

Galiza, 30.07.2010 11:39

Publicamos umha série especial de vídeos que recolhem as mobilizaçons independentistas em Compostela polo dia da pátria galega.

Campaña espacio Juicio y Castigo

Argentina, 30.07.2010 08:09

Banner asesinos buscados

Medical marijuana patients protest Oregonian OpEd

Rogue Valley, 30.07.2010 03:40

Patients Protest Oregonian OpEd

Medical marijuana patients protest Oregonian newspaper calling medical marijuana a “charade.”

Medical marijuana patients plan to protest at the Oregonian newspaper office at 1320 SW Broadway at 11am Thursday morning July 29. Patients are angered by a July 25, 2010 editorial about Initiative 28. that described medical marijuana as a “charade.”

Fire &amp; Explosions Rock Former Oregon Mink Farm

Portland, 30.07.2010 03:09

Fire and explosions tear through the twice-raided Ylipelto Mink Farm in Oregon[.]

After two successful raids, activists may have once again visited the Ylipelto Mink Farm in Oregon - this time to burn it down.

In the early hours of July 27th, a boat, car, two forklifts, front-end loader, and a barn were all damaged by fire. investigators have not yet ruled it arson, but have noted the farm has been targeted by the Animal Liberation Front in the past.

Owner Henry Pelto stated he awoke at 3 am to the sound of explosions, and found several pieces of equipment on fire.

The owner revealed new information after the fire: after being targeted twice by activists, the Ylipelto farm shut down in December 2009. While the there may be numerous contributing factors in the closure, it may be largely or wholly credited to the A.L.F.

This marks the second Oregon fur farm to apparently shut down after an A.L.F. raid. The S&N Fur Farm in Scio, Oregon was found to be empty in a summer 2009 investigation as part of the Fur Farm Intelligence Project (although there is conflicting evidence indicating the farm may still be open, or reopening in the near future). That farm was raided by the A.L.F. in September, 2008.

Boycott Umpqua Bank

Portland, 30.07.2010 03:09

A banner drop was made today opposite the Umpqua bank on 18th and Alberta street in Portland to raise awareness of the fact that the Chairman of the Board, Allyn Ford, is a timber baron of the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon, USA. 27/07/2010.

Not only is Mr. Allyn C. Ford Chairman of the Board of Directors for Umpqua Bank, but he is also President of Roseburg Forest Products. According to their company history, "The company owns some 800,000 acres of timberland as well as processing plants in and around Roseburg, Dillard, and Riddle, Oregon, and in northern California."

People would like to see a boycott imposed on the bank for a number for reasons stemming from Mr. Ford's forestry company which has used methods such as clearcutting the forest combined with the use of toxic pesticides. Clearcutting or clearfelling is when all of the trees in a harvest area are cut down.

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