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Nottingham Pride 2010

United Kingdom, 14.08.2010 23:39

Nottingham Pride continues to go from success to success, this year's event was for the first time held at the Forest Recreation Ground, a step-up from the Arboretum where it has been held previously. Following on from last year, the event was preceded by a well-attended march. Encouragingly this year, there was an explicitly political fringe event, with a number of speakers including prominent gay rights activist Peter Tatchell.

On the newswire: Nottingham Pride: more than a walk in the park? | Nottingham Pride 2010 | Nottingham Pride - Political Speakers | Nttm Gay Pride now underway on Forest Rec Ground | Nottingham's Gay Pride Parade | Anti-gay Bollocks, stickers appearing in town

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Colombia, 14.08.2010 23:39

Agenda agosto 2010 (2)

Argentina, 14.08.2010 10:09

Students Storm Candidates Forum for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Arizona, 14.08.2010 09:07

Protesters assaulted; Sen. Jon Huppenthal compares indigenous people to children with Downs syndrom

No hay derecho, &quot;ala&quot; - Jaime Garzón 11 años

Colombia, 14.08.2010 05:09

No hay derecho, "ala" - Jaime Garzón 11 años

No hay derecho, &quot;ala&quot; - Jaime Garzón 11 años de impunidad

Colombia, 14.08.2010 05:09

No hay derecho, "ala" - Jaime Garzón 11 años de impunidad


Colombia, 14.08.2010 02:39


Democrats Say &quot;F#@K You&quot; to Border Communities

Arizona, 14.08.2010 02:37

Congress passes border death bill in Machiavellian election year hijinks


Argentina, 13.08.2010 23:09

Los trabajadores de Crítica siguen resistiendo


Argentina, 13.08.2010 23:09

Los trabajadores de Crítica siguen resistiendo

BTL: Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining No. 1 Issue for West Virginia's U.S. Senate Candidate

DC, 13.08.2010 22:10

A long-time West Virginia politician and progressive activist is running in the Democratic primary Aug. 28th against incumbent Gov. Joe Manchin to be the party’s candidate in the Nov. 2 special election to replace the late U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd. The former legislator has been a long-time foe of surface coal mining, introducing legislation to abolish it in the early 1960s. He was also principal sponsor of the 1969 Coal Mine Health and Safety Act. Audio (Real Audio)

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

DC, 13.08.2010 22:10

While the Coalition of Immokalee Workers has almost 5,000 members and regularly forces some of the largest corporations on earth to the negotiating table, the organization has quite humble beginnings. In 1992, Lucas Benitez and seven other farmworkers in Immokalee, Florida began meeting Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM at a local church to discuss the injustices they faced. Prior to the founding of C.I.W., Immokalee farmworkers did not have an organization they could turn to when growers withheld their wages, or even when they were beaten, Benitez said. The discreet Wednesday evening meetings brought together individuals from different nationalities - Mexican, Guatemalan, Haitian. C.I.W. encouraged pickers not to be divided, but instead to see themselves as the industry saw them. Benitez said, "We saw that the agricultural industry and the companies that buy those tomatoes see us just as workers. It doesn't matter to them what country we're from or if we have a family or not. All that matters is how fast you pick. They look at us as if we were just machines. And so we saw that we also had to look at ourselves just as workers in that same way: That we were all together and unite to change the conditions." Audio

Report on the Cuba Caravan &amp; Film Screening

Rogue Valley, 13.08.2010 19:09

Report on the Cuba Caravan & showing of "The Power of Community - How Cuba
Survived Peak Oil"

Monday, August 16th, 6PM Potluck, 7PM Caravan Talk, 8PM video, Peace
House/Friends Meeting, 543 S. Mountain. Come get a first hand look at the 21st annual Cuba Caravan. Hear from two local Ashlanders, Mary Ann Jones and Regina Ayars, who traveled cross country, through Mexico and into Cuba to participate in the 2010 Caravan to Cuba sponsored by Pastors for Peace.

Resumen de noticias

Argentina, 13.08.2010 16:09

Si no crees en los Medios, se los Medios


Argentina, 13.08.2010 13:09

Vuelve la olla

13 º UAC en Santiago del Estero

Argentina, 13.08.2010 12:09

En Defensa de los Bienes Comunes

Demonization 101: Why There's No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Boston, 13.08.2010 12:09

Whatever our disagreements about priorities, strategy, organization and more, the one thing all anarchists can agree on is that hierarchies suck. Any organizational structure that privileges a handful of unaccountable leaders to make unilateral decisions for an entire group will be unhesitatingly condemned by virtually anybody who calls herself an antiauthoritarian. Yet fewer of us realize that in addition to being inherently oppressive, hierarchies don't work very well. In spite of the enormous amount of evidence of the inefficiency of bureaucracies, many anarchists seem to believe that corporate and governmental organizations are nearly invulnerable.

Peace Camp 2010 Relocates from County Courthouse to Santa Cruz City Hall

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.08.2010 08:38

Red, a participant in the Peace Camp 2010 protest against the Santa Cruz Sleeping Ban, said that she and about 15 other demonstrators moved to City Hall at 3am on August 11th. The Peace Camp had been at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse since July 4th, and persevered through six Sheriff raids. Although Sleeping Bans have been ruled unconstitutional and overturned in several California cities, including San Diego, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles and Richmond, it is still enforced vigorously in Santa Cruz.


Argentina, 13.08.2010 04:09

Afirman que el glifosato causó una epidemia de cáncer en Santa Fe


Argentina, 13.08.2010 03:39

Paraná Metal: salvataje y plan de lucha


Argentina, 13.08.2010 03:39

Paraná Metal: salvataje y plan de lucha

Summer Camp for Zionist Vigilantes

DC, 13.08.2010 02:10

Is Being Gay a Crime?

DC, 13.08.2010 02:10

Kushaba "Moses" Mworeko is an activist from Uganda who wants to help the people of his country avoid the scourge of HIV/AIDS. In a country and continent that have been ravaged by this disease, Mworeko's work is invaluable. Yet Mworeko cannot safely return home because in the eyes of his government he is a criminal. His "crime"? Being gay. And Mworeko may have committed a second "crime": he is outspoken. Mworeko first concealed his identity when speaking out, but now he is revealing his true identity.

Prefeitura rompe convênio e deixa mais de 1.400 crianças fora da escola

CMI Brasil, 13.08.2010 00:07

NEST update!

Portland, 12.08.2010 22:08

[T]he NEST volunteers who were arrested were released and all their gear returned by the linn county sherrif's department.
The four members of the Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team who were arrested were cited and released by Linn County, and all their gear returned.

The Linn County Sherrifs had thought that NEST was camped illegally on private land, but were in the Willamette National Forest, according to maps provided by the Forest Service. As it turns out, the maps were inaccurate. Even so, the camp was still so close to the boundary of the Forest land that it would be close to impossible to determine which side of the boundary the camp had been set up in.

Linn County will certainly be hearing from our wonderful friends at the CLDC!

Prop 8 Rally

Houston, 12.08.2010 20:09

Proposition 8 Day of Decision Demonstration Celebrates Victory

Migra Round ups in RGV

Houston, 12.08.2010 19:39

Immigration Round-Ups Cause Terror in Rio Grande Valley Colonias

This Saturday! Civil Liberties Defense Center Benefit in PDX

Portland, 12.08.2010 19:09

The Civil Liberties Defense Center has been at the front line defending several Green Scare political prisoners and was key in winning the early release of prisoners such as Jeff "Free" Luers.
The CLDC provided free legal representation to over 35 people arrested for civil disobedience - 30 were acquitted. Represented over 80 environmental, animal and social rights nonviolent civil disobedience protesters in 2006 alone among other victories. Come out and show your support for the CDLC!

*Becky White- Rootsy Folk Punk Devotional Music*
*Tre Arrow- Musician and Former Eco Political Prisoner*
*Jeff "Free" Luers- Former Eco Political Prisoner*
*Dapper Cadavers- Local Portland Folk*
*Mic Crenshaw- MC and Poet*
*Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits- Bay Area Acoustic Duo
*Holy! Holy! Holy!- A Dancing Gypsy Crazy Hazah
**And late night Interspecies DJ Dance Party*

*Where:* Autonomy 316 NW 4th Portland, Oregon 97209
**Generous donations taken at door and all night!!*
*Contact:* (503)-750-0523

[** PDX Event Date: Sat August 14 2010]
[Eugene Event Date: Thurs August 12 2010]

Video: Navigating the Security Culture

Portland, 12.08.2010 17:38

Lauren Regan, founder of the Eugene Oregon based Civil Liberties Defense Center speaking at the recent Roots of Resistance Conference held in Portland Oregon, organized by Jesus Radicals.

The Conference, held in Portland Oregon on the week end of August 6th and 7th, explored themes of Christian Anarchism, violent vs non violent strategies, among others.

Lauren, along with Tre Arrow, spoke Sunday morning on a panel entitled, "Navigating the Security Culture, Activism in a Posts 911 World."
According to the flyer for the event, "the aim of this session is inform people about laws that criminalize dissent and that make it exceedingly difficult to work for social change." Regan, who is a public interest attorney specializing in civil rights, criminal defense and environmental law, has successfully represented hundreds of political activists in both civil and criminal litigation. After first discussing some of her cases, she enumerates 4 main methods used by law enforcement to infiltrate, intimidate, marginalize and discourage organizations seeking to bring about social change as well as ways that activists can evade and neutralize these methods.

Lauren Regan, Navigating the Security Culture

Portland CLDC Benefit Show Sat Aug 14th | Eugene CLDC Benefit show in Eugene Thursday August 12th


Argentina, 12.08.2010 13:09

Government to Restart Program to Watch Peaceful Civilians

Boston, 12.08.2010 12:09

by Joseph Caye TALON(Threat and Local Observation Notice) was a program ostensibly created to track the activities of those deemed potential terrorist threats. The aim was to gather loads of raw, unfiltered data from citizen reports, and use it to stop disruptive or violent activity. The TALON program grew out of Eagle Eyes, a program created by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation that called on the denizens of each air force base to keep an eye on their scheming neighbors and report suspicious activity. TALON was essentially the same thing, but it was run under the Department of Defense, and so was no longer specific to Air Force bases, and it required hundreds of people and more than a billion dollars to collect and catalog the thousands of reports they received every year. While it existed, if you had reason to believe someone was involved in any activity you deemed “suspicious,” you could call the toll free number, 1800-CALL-SPY, and leave an anonymous, unverified voicemail for the Pentagon. Like many government programs created in response to 9/11, it attacked our personal freedoms and instilled anxiety and distrust in many people. This is the program they’re going to revive.


Portland, 12.08.2010 07:38

On September 1, 2010, TriMet, according to one source a $2.5 billion transit agency, is set to cutback on 60 bus routes and implement a five cents per ride fare hike. One transit group has set a 'wake' of sorts, mourning the loss and fare hike, for AFTER the austerity measures occur. Transit Riders Union is organizing NOW against the cuts and the fare hike.

TriMet's unelected board of directors voted 6-1 (Lynn Lehrbach with the Teamsters voted no) to implement the Sept. 1, 2010 five cents a ride fare hike. The unelected TriMet board also voted to cut back on 60 bus routes Sept. 1. This will be the third round of service cuts and second fare hike in the past two years. New TriMet board president Rick Van Beveren has voted for all five 'transit shock doctrine' austerity cuts and fare hikes.

So far, TRU has held one picket at Portland Business Alliance to protest TriMet cuts and fare hikes. PBA pushed for the elimination of Fareless Square, year after year (along with sit-lie 1 amd 2). PBA just donated $5,000 to the campaign of Tom Hughes for Metro president, and Hughes has been endorsed by the Tribune and the Oregonian. A new, appointed-in-secret member of the TriMet board is Steve Clark, president of the Portland Tribune.

Come help transit riders and organizers stop the cuts and the fare hike!

13ª UAC

Argentina, 12.08.2010 04:09

Cobertura de Medios Alternativos

Short update on the case of the AETA4

Portland, 12.08.2010 02:39

On July 12, 2010, Judge Ronald Whyte ruled to dismiss the indictment of the AETA4. His ruling stated the indictment violated federal rules of criminal procedure, as well as the defendants' fifth amendment rights by not providing detail into the alleged crimes that were committed. In the days following the ruling, the Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case stated to the AETA4 defense team that the government would contact them with their plans by August 13, 2010.

However, yesterday, one of the defense attorneys received a call from the U.S. Attorney. The call was to the effect that although she had promised us some kind of communication on or about August 13 regarding status, she is still working on it and we should not expect to hear anything regarding status before mid-September. She would/could not go into any details about what is going to happen.

We'll keep you posted. Continue to support those facing charges under the unconstitutional Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Update on Eric McDavid's Appeal

Portland, 12.08.2010 02:39

Yesterday, August 9th, oral arguments for Eric's appeal were heard at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Most of the discussion focused on the incorrect written response to a question the jurors asked during deliberations at Eric's trial (the oral answer to a jury question was the complete opposite from the written answer - the jury reached a guilty verdict soon after). The presiding judge on the panel seemed particularly interested in this issue (she wrote a previous decision for the 9th circuit in which a case was reversed due to an erroneous jury instruction).

The prosecution, lacking any solid arguments about why this issue was "harmless error," resorted (as they usually do) to their typical bag of tricks and lies. We know we probably don't need to go into detail here - but just keep this in mind if you choose to listen to the arguments.

If you are interested in listening to yesterday's proceedings in their entirety, they are posted on the 9th Circuit's website at:

IMF Resistance Network Update

Boston, 12.08.2010 01:09

Greetings from the IMF Resistance Network! Preparation for the October mobilization continues at a rapid pace. Here are the latest developments.

Marcha trabajadores Walmart

Argentina, 11.08.2010 22:09

Marcha trabajadores Walmart

Marcha trabajadores Walmart

Argentina, 11.08.2010 22:09

Marcha trabajadores Walmart

An invitation to fertile resistance – the Peach Tree Project story

NYC, 11.08.2010 21:08

The "Peach Tree Project" is a decentralized community agricultural program created by Long Island Food Not Bombs that is making strides in creating new ties of solidarity. From fruit trees to tomatoes, Food Not Bombs is upholding the truth that food does grow on trees, scarcity is a lie, and that food is a right & not a privilege!

SchNEWS 734: Grassroots Struggle

United Kingdom, 11.08.2010 19:39

Yet another independent festival has been cancelled after a concerted campaign by bureaucrats, nimbys and the fun police.

The Grassroots Feastival is a small volunteer run event due to take place in Cambridgeshire in early September. Organisers had lined up three days of revelry, running from poetry to Drum 'n' Bass and culminating in a communal banquet replete with juggling waiters.

The Feastival faced determined opposition from the very start. According to one of the organisers, Mooney, when the application process began in January the council made it clear they would do all they could to stop the festival taking place. Martin Ford from the police licensing board went one step further and told organisers, “I'd rather put pins in my eyes than have this festival in my county.”


“estrategias de resistencia y lucha”

Argentina, 11.08.2010 17:39

Organización, ante la represión


Argentina, 11.08.2010 13:09

Medios alternativos realizarán su séptimo encuentro en Agosto

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.08.2010 07:40

Caravan of compassion heads for Leonora

SB1070 in Full Effect

Arizona, 11.08.2010 07:37

Arpaio-style enforcement actions spread across the state

Чиновники сажают людей, а не деревья!

Belarus, 11.08.2010 03:37

Несколько публичных пространств г. Минска были временно преобразованы с помощью одноимённых постеров и листовок, а последние также были размещены рядом с российским консульством.

Click to enlarge
Причиной для данной акции стали репрессии в отношении активистов и антифашистов Алексея Гаскарова и Максима Солопова, находящимися под арестом по делу атаки на администрацию г. Химки (Подмосковье), являющейся одним из проявлений протеста против вырубающегося леса в этом регионе.

Кампания мирно проходила вот уже более трёх лет – но вырубка, затеянная чиновниками в “зеленых легких” Москвы несмотря на альтернативные варианты прокладки скоростного шоссе, продолжается, и сопровождается как юридическими нарушениями, так и беспределом в отношении активистов. Не так давно на палаточный лагерь протеста в Химках было организованно “сверху” нападение правых футбольных хулиганов, а ещё в 2008-м серьезно пострадал журналист Михаил Бекетов, писавший о проблеме вырубки. И это только два вопиющих факта – при…

Sunflower Ceremony Closes Ashland Vigil

Rogue Valley, 11.08.2010 03:10

Following a weekend of vigil in memory of the horrific atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago came Monday's closing ceremony in Ashland's Lithia Park. In the Japanese Garden sunflowers were carefully placed one at a time in a pool of running water to signify a future free of nuclear horror. The sacred event was highlighted for all as Nancy Spencer played "Where have all the flowers gone" on her saw.

Vigil organizer Jill Mackie read the following letter from her Daughter Linda Richards who has been attending 65th anniversary events in Japan:

Humboldt County Sheriff's Officers Kill Unarmed Man

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.08.2010 23:39

Redwood Curtain CopWatch writes: "Humboldt County Sheriff Officers shot and killed Robert Garth in the morning of Saturday August 7, 2010. CopWatchers and friends of the Garth family went to Blue Lake, after learning of the shooting. We took lots of video and photos. We want to share what we learned, in brief. First this: As we write this post, we anticipate two things. The first is that the media (i.e. Thadues Greenson of the Times-Standard who was in Blue Lake) will parrot, stating as fact, the police story. That's what the media ALWAYS does."

Retaliation Arrest of Linda Leaks for Seeking Health Assistance of Heat and Seizure Victim

DC, 10.08.2010 23:10

Friday, August 6th, Linda Leaks was the victim of a harassment arrest by District of Columbia’s police, charged with driving an automobile with an expired car registration, and detained for more than ten hours.

Reportback from Bradley Manning solidarity rally at Quantico

DC, 10.08.2010 23:10

On August 8, 2010, antiwar protesters showed up at Quantico Marine Base, staging a protest in the civilian area of the town demanding that PFC Bradley Manning, held at Quantico, be released. The military believes he is the one that released the Wikileaks "Pentagon Papers II." Video on liveleak

Violencia contra personas trans y travestís en cárceles bonaerenses

Argentina, 10.08.2010 23:09

Estado Transfobico

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