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Hoy Juicio Popular a Mauricio Macri

Argentina, 20.08.2010 06:09

Organizaciones resisten ataques a espacios comunes de la ciudad

Hoy Juicio Popular a Mauricio Macri

Argentina, 20.08.2010 06:09

Organizaciones resisten ataques a espacios comunes de la ciudad

Juicio Popular a M. Macri

Argentina, 20.08.2010 05:39

Organizaciones resisten ataques a espacios comunes de la ciudad

A Combat Brigade Leaves; U.S. War of Terror Against Iraq Continues

DC, 20.08.2010 00:10

A Combat Brigade Leaves; U.S. War of Terror Against Iraq Continues Thursday, 19 August 2010© On August 19th the last "combat" brigade left Iraq. This took place more than seven years after the original U.S. imperialist invasion of the country by the Bush regime. U.S. propagandists are trumpeting this withdrawal and many Americans believe the war there is all but over. But the reality is that the U.S. occupation and war of terror against the people of Iraq continues. According to the official U.S. Department of Defense website, the departure of the last “combat” brigade “leaves 56,000 U.S. service members in Iraq.” Those numbers do not count the thousands of employees of the largest U.S. embassy in the world or the tens of thousands of U.S. contractors still there. They also do not count the tens of thousands of troops in the U.S. directed puppet army being trained and advised by the U.S. imperialists.

Clear-cut Logging Road In Jacoby Creek Blockaded

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.08.2010 00:09

Early in the morning on Agust 17th, forest defenders set up a 60 ft high road blockade to stop the active clear-cutting operations of Green Diamond Resource Company in the redwoods near Jacoby Creek Road north of Eureka in Humboldt County. These clear-cut logging plans represent a fraction of the ongoing clear-cut logging operations in Northern California. "We are not coming down voluntarily until the reckless logging in the Jacoby Creek watershed is stopped," said "Fly", one of the activists from atop the 60 ft high hanging platform

Tiny turnout at anti-Gay marriage, GLBT activists &quot;interrupt&quot; them

DC, 19.08.2010 23:14

As of the beginning of the use of their sound system on the East side of the US Capitol, the anti-Gay marriage rally had so small a turnout as to be nearly undetectable from the street.

Free the Cuban 5

DC, 19.08.2010 23:14

The Cuban Five are five Cuban men who are in U.S. prison, serving four life sentences and 75 years collectively, after being wrongly convicted in U.S. federal court in Miami, on June 8, 2001. Audio

Dispatching Justice: Prince George's County Taxicab Drivers' Fight for Justice

DC, 19.08.2010 23:14

Last week, Prince George's County taxicab drivers won another major victory in their fight to have the county issue 400 medallions directly to individual taxicab drivers instead of issuing the medallions to the few companies which dominate the Prince George's County taxicab industry. In a 2005 article on the Prince George's County taxicab industry, the Washington Post highlighted one company: "At the center of the debate is Silver Cab Co., the dominant player in the market. Silver's owner, Bob Nabley, holds 150 of the county's medallions, company attorney John Lally said. Nabley's influence extends beyond his own taxis. Many of the county's independent drivers and small companies link to Nabley's global positioning system dispatch network for $7 a day, Lally said. "They don't use the word 'monopoly,' but the bottom line is it is a monopoly," said Ronald Smith, chairman of the county's taxi board, a government advisory panel." Aurora Vasquez Interview || Lemma Desalegne Interview

Mayor Fenty NO SHOW at mayoral/council candidates forum

DC, 19.08.2010 23:14

On the 18th of August, Communities for Education Organizing held a forum for mayoral and city council candidates. Mayor Fenty did NOT show up, and neither did Vincent Gray.

Peace Village '10 Summer Concert Series Aug

Rogue Valley, 19.08.2010 21:40

Peace Village 2010 Summer Concert Series August 20-22 2pm-11pm (Sunday 10:30pm) ---- Presented in association with WellSprings, CultureWorks, & Earthdance

Peace Village 2010 kicks off on August 20th-22nd with a new format — a three-day concert series (think mini-Tanglewood or Britt Music Series, along with spa and mineral springs) — replete with a wide variety of music including Reggae, World Fusion, Rock, Folk, Kirtan, Gypsy, Latin, Funk, and Electronica, and with a common goal of uniting in the spirit of peace.

Chicago-area Hilton workers take strike vote

Chicago, 19.08.2010 15:09

From the newswire: "In recent years, Hilton workers in Chicago and across North America have endured staff cuts, reduced hours, and excessive injury rates. Now Hilton, run by one of the largest private equity firms on Wall Street—-the Blackstone Group, wants to take more away, add to the already burdensome housekeeping workload, and lock workers into recession contracts even as the economy rebounds.

"On Aug. 18-19, workers at four hotel properties managed by Hilton are taking a stand to stop the company from taking unfair advantage of the recession. Among those voting to authorize a possible strike are workers from some of Chicago’s most notable hotels -— the Drake, Palmer House, Chicago Hilton, and Hilton O’Hare." Read more

This follows on the cusp of a vote in July by Chicago-area Hyatt employees to strike, which resulted in civil disobedience actions and arrests. Both Chicago hotel strike votes could and would join the longest hotel strike in American history, the Congress Hotel Strike at Chicago's Congress Hotel, which has been underway for seven years and counting. See past CIMC coverage

Additional resources: UNITE HERE website | Congress Hotel Strike


Colombia, 19.08.2010 01:09

A Permanent Housing Collapse?

Boston, 18.08.2010 18:09

The recent chaos that erupted when 30,000 people waited hours in the Atlanta, Georgia heat to receive applications for subsidized housing is a mere symptom of a worsening national problem. The housing market appears to be on a never-ending downward spiral, with the much-discussed "recovery" always around the next corner.

Impunidad consciente y desafiante en el Nuevo Congreso‏

Colombia, 18.08.2010 16:09

Impunidad consciente y desafiante en el Nuevo Congreso‏

save ktru

Houston, 18.08.2010 09:09

Rice University Negotiates Secret Deal to Sell KTRU Radio

Intentan borrar la historia de Lares

Puerto Rico, 18.08.2010 04:10

Lares, cielos y gritos

Breaking: FBI Raids Utah Activist House for the Second Time

Portland, 17.08.2010 23:09

The FBI raids Utah activist house in an A.L.F. investigation for the second time in five months.
The FBI raids my home for the second time in five months.
Today I awoke at 9am to FBI & ATF agents raiding my home in Salt Lake City. This is the second time my home has been raided in an A.L.F. investigation in five months.

Ten agents with the FBI and ATF corralled myself and my roommates into the living room, handed us a search warrant, and spent the next five hours removing belongings from our home.

The warrant indicated they were seeking evidence in recent Animal Liberation Front arsons, including two in Utah.

Federal Judge rules to cut Oregon old growth to save the Spotted Owl!

Portland, 17.08.2010 23:09

Former US Senator Gordon Smith's brother rules to cut old growth forests near Bend to save the Spotted owl. It's back to square one people.

A federal appeals court (9th District) Friday cleared the way for logging to resume in an old growth forest reserve at a national forest in Oregon to protect northern spotted owl habitat from being lost to wildfire.

In a 2-to-1 decision by a three-judge panel, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling that had stopped the Five Buttes project on the Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon.

Judge Milan D Smith (The infamous former US Senator Gordon Smith's brother) says we must cut the forests to save them from insects and fires and other bad things and save the spotted owl habitat. Don't you just hate it when the elite try to play with our minds and souls! I don't know about you, but I am pissed!

This is federal old growth owned by the people of the US, not corporations. This is an ongoing attempt to dismantle the Northwest Forest Plan one forest ecosystem at a time.

Maybe it is time to pull away from the United States Corporation of America. Organize ourselves around our ecosystem called Cascadia.

This was a court battle that was being fought for saving the forests by Cascadia Wildlands Project, The League of Wilderness Defenders-Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, et al.

<font color="#800000"><b>RHYTHM AND RAFFLE FOR REFUGEE RELIEF</b></font>

Rogue Valley, 17.08.2010 19:10

Benefit for Collateral Repair Project

Ashland Community Center

Saturday Evening, August 21st

58 Winburn Way (lower Lithia Park) beginning at 6:30pm

This Saturday Collateral Repair Project (CRP) hosts an evening of music, food, prizes,
and a silent auction to benefit desperate Iraqi families living in squalid conditions in Jordan.
All proceeds will go to support CRP operations in Jordan in their ongoing assistance of
refugees. Your help and support is urgently needed !!


Argentina, 17.08.2010 16:39

Vuelve la olla en La Plata

Disability Rights Advocates Continue Encampment to Protest De-funding Center for Disability Rights

Rochester, 17.08.2010 16:37

Disability Rights Activists, CDR (Center for Disability Rights) staff and consumers, and community supporters continued their encampment in front of the Monroe County Leg Building on Main Street in Downtown Rochester on Friday. This enters the 5th day of the round-the-clock encampment.

Last Thursday, July 22nd, CDR (Center for Disability Rights) was hand delivered a letter from a Monroe County Attorney declaring that CDR’s contract for the "Consumer Directed Personal Assisted Services Program" with the county would be terminated, with no explanation. While the letter CDR received included no explantion, the County did provide explanation to the media- citing alleged lapses in services that CDR is responsible for. Letters were also sent out to the 303 people who receive services from this Program though CDR informing them they had 14 days to switch to one of 5 other agencies.

Letter to County Executive Maggie Brooks written by one of the participants in the encampment.

Video of Speak out and March to County Building

Center for Disabilities Rights,Inc. Wins 2 Week Stay for CDPAS Program

Rochester, 17.08.2010 16:37

On August 2, 2010, Judge Richard Dollinger of the NYS Supreme Court awarded Center for Disability Rights, their consumers and their attendants a 2 week stay for the CDPAS program. The stay is in effect until August 13, 2010, preventing Monroe County from moving forward with its plan to close CDR’s CDPAS and transition every one of CDR’s consumers to other agencies. The Judge's decision also ordered Monroe County to send letters to consumers in English and Spanish. The original letters that Monroe County sent out to the CDPAS consumers were only in English, causing confusion for consumers who only read in Spanish. “We were confident going in to court this morning that we had enough evidence that Monroe County’s decision to end this contract is both arbitrary and capricious,” said Bruce Darling, President/CEO of CDR. “In layman’s terms, what they’ve done is potentially illegal.” The Center for Disability Rights, Inc. stated they will continue to fight Maggie Brooks' decision. The Center filed briefs in NYS Supreme Court for permanent reinstatement of funding of the CAPAS by Monroe County. video: After a Week Encampment, Center for Disability Rights, Inc. Wins First Battle Against Maggie Brooks, Monroe County Executive, for Funding of CDPAS additional information: Center for Disability Rights, Inc.

July-August AARM Newsletter OUT NOW!

Rochester, 17.08.2010 16:37

Greetings! Thank you for checking out the latest issue of the Activists Against Racism Movement (AARM) Newsletter. We are committed to keeping the Rochester community informed of anti-racist activity in the city and surrounding areas on a regular basis. Look for this newsletter each month.

THIS ISSUE of the AARM Newsletter is a product of the rich discussions our members have had every Monday evening for the past month or so. These “critical thinking sessions,” as we’ve dubbed them, attempt to combine the theoretical with the practical in anti-racist struggle, and move us to appropriate and much-needed action. The discussions take place every Monday from 6-8 pm at the Flying Squirrel Community Space (285 Clarissa St) and are open to the public. Please join us in educating ourselves and those around us while we work toward a multi-racial, multi-generational movement against racial oppression. All are welcome!

Video Report: Community Gathers to Remember the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagaski

Rochester, 17.08.2010 16:37

For nearly 30 years, on August 6, Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace have met at the traffic circle in Avon, NY to hold vigil in remembrance of the victims and survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II.

Video Report: Vigil Commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23

Additional Information: Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace | Please Sign this Petition to President Obama for Nuclear Weapons Abolition | US and Russian leaders hail nuclear arms treaty | Study: Fallujah’s health fallout ‘worse’ than Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Abu Obeida obit

Houston, 17.08.2010 04:39

Mourning the Death of Abu Obeida

Un viernes distinto y otros articulos

Argentina, 17.08.2010 04:09

Activist Convicted of Marching in Parade

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.08.2010 02:38

Anarchist activist and former parade organizer Wes Modes was found guilty on August 16th of walking in the DIY New Year's parade on December 31, 2009. Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge Jeff Almquist rejected arguments that the citation was discriminatory and that the city's permit requirements were unconstitutional. Almquist also denied a lengthy challenge to the City's permit requirements without addressing all of the points it brought up.

No All-Stars in Arizona

DC, 16.08.2010 22:10

The Arizona Diamondbacks are slated to host the 2011 All-Star Game, but a growing number of individuals and groups are calling on Major League Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig to move the game due to Arizona's passage of the anti-immigrant legislation known as SB 1070. Sunday, the Washington Nationals' ace pitcher Stephen Strasburg took the mound against the Diamondbacks, but he was pulled before the start of the sixth inning after activists disrupted the game. Nationals' manager Jim Riggleman told the Washington Post, "Once that stuff was going on, I decided I'm not going to throw him back out there."


Argentina, 16.08.2010 21:39

Afirman que el glifosato causó una epidemia de cáncer en Santa Fe

Кинопоказ документального фильма &quot;The Yes Man Изменяют Мир&quot;

Belarus, 16.08.2010 20:07


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

The Yes Men Иправляют Мир – это новый документальный фильм коллектива The Yes Men. В фильме рассказывается, как участники Yes Men, представляясь членами той или иной крайне неприятной корпорацией, делают заявления, которых мир ждет с нетерпением уже долгие годы.

На английском о коллективе можно почитать на их сайте – и на википедии

Кинопоказ документального фильма &quot;The Yes Man Изменяют Мир&quot;

Belarus, 16.08.2010 19:37


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

The Yes Men Иправляют Мир – это новый документальный фильм коллектива The Yes Men. В фильме рассказывается, как участники Yes Men, представляясь членами той или иной крайне неприятной корпорацией, делают заявления, которых мир ждет с нетерпением уже долгие годы.

На английском о коллективе можно почитать на их сайте – и на википедии

Climate Camp Cymru

United Kingdom, 16.08.2010 18:39

Evicted Climate Camp Cymru now on new site

Climate Camp Cymru, which was due to continue until Tuesday 17th August at Glyn-Neath in South Wales, was evicted by the police on its second day (Saturday 14th) over alleged complaints about possible damage to the site chosen by the campers, a Roman Hill Fort. The camp was re-established by Sunday 15th on a new site on the Gower Peninsula near Swansea.

Кинопоказ документального фильма &quot;The Yes Man Изменяют Мир&quot;

Belarus, 16.08.2010 18:07


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

The Yes Men Иправляют Мир – это новый документальный фильм коллектива The Yes Men. В фильме рассказывается, как участники Yes Men, представляясь членами той или иной крайне неприятной корпорацией, делают заявления, которых мир ждет с нетерпением уже долгие годы.

На английском о коллективе можно почитать на их сайте – и на википедии

La Plata

Argentina, 16.08.2010 02:09

Un viernes distinto

Los chicos se reunieron con música mientras la policía los miraba

Argentina, 16.08.2010 01:38

Un viernes distinto

Conspiracy Tour 2010 Slinks Into Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.08.2010 21:39

The Scott and Carrie Support Committee, along with the RNC 8 Defense Committee and friends, are excited to "bring The Conspiracy to Santa Cruz!" On Monday, August 16th at 7pm at SubRosa, the Conspiracy Tour 2010 will feature presentations about the cases of the Scott DeMuth, Carrie Feldman and the RNC 8, as well as information on AETA, grand jury resistance, dealing with state repression and more.

Active Community Member and Youth Leader Detained by ICE for Deportation

United States, 15.08.2010 18:37

South Philadelphia — On Thursday August 12 at 6PM, community members, leaders and advocates gathered at 6th and Ritner Park to rally for the release of Hov Ly Kol, a man who is an "asset to the Cambodian community and to the community at large", states Mr. David Seng, Glenn Wrighten, and Chris Keo staff member of United Communities Southeast Philadelphia. Read More | | | Video: 1 | 2 | | |

Related from Arizona IMC: Congress passes border death bill in Machiavellian election year hijinks

Stop Removal of Native American Cemetery in Huntington Beach

LA, 15.08.2010 17:09

A developer is building a housing complex in Huntington Beach and is removing the remains of some 80 Indigenous people.

Bolsa Chica is a significant Southern California Native American Site which dates back about 9,000 years and was once a thriving ceremonial site of the Tongva and Acjachemen Nations. The site is referred to archaeologically as the Cogged Stone site (CA-ORA-83) which once covered over 120 acres of the Bolsa Chica mesa.

Cogged stones are unique to Bolsa Chica. The only other place in the world they have been found is Chile.

Please write letters expressing your concerns or offense to the coastal commission Call to action: Please Stop Removal of Native American Cemetery in Huntington Beach by not necessary | YouTube video

Fire Liar Dyer

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.08.2010 15:39

On Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. the Fresno Brown Berets and CA Prison Moratorium Project will be presenting a petition to the City Council demanding Police Chief Jerry Dyer be fired and that reforms be made like drug testing the cops. You are invited to show your support or share your own story. Police are public servants and should be held accountable.

Internet Freedom Defenders Protest Google Proposal

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.08.2010 14:09

Demonstrators swarmed the Googleplex in Mountain View on August 13th. They converged on Google headquarters to protest the giant search engine company's proposal to the Federal Communications Commission that would exempt wireless communication from most government regulation.


Argentina, 15.08.2010 09:38

Amenaza de countries en el bosque milenario de Las Huaytekas

Countries en Las Huaytekas

Argentina, 15.08.2010 04:38

Abuso policiaco contra pacientes en ASSMCA

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2010 01:10

Emplazan autoridades tras actos ocurridos en centro de metadona ASSMCA

Contra nombramiento de Rivera García

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2010 01:10

Nominado al Supremo no debe ser confirmado

Contra la homofobia en los medios

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2010 01:10

Piden se erradique la homofobia mediática

Casa de Isabelita Rosado

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2010 01:10

La casa de Isabelita Rosado

Sanciones contra estudiantes UPR

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2010 01:10

Administración UPR radica querella administrativa contra portavoz de la UJS-MST

Abuso sexual contra profesora UPR

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2010 01:10

UPR: Estudiantes informan caso de abuso sexual contra profesora

Dissident Island Radio's 3rd anniversary

United Kingdom, 14.08.2010 23:39

Mostly from London Action Resource Centre the capital's most cheeky radio crew have netcasted a lively radio show every other Friday for the past three years.

On Dissident Island's third birthday, the crew brought a nice mixed bag of happenings from the UK and beyond.

In the History corner this week we have Martyn Everett discussing the life and work of revolutionary Frechwoman Louise Michel.

We hear about the upcoming anniversary of Sean Rigg's death in police custody as well as some of the inspirational and defiant speeches from last week's vigil for Ian Tomlinson.

Finishing off the talking we had an exclusive follow up with members of the Belgrade 6 on their acquittal. Ronin rolled up to the studio at around 10 to help us celebrate our birthday in style - raise a toast to three years of radical radio!

Check it - click here to download (132 mb),


PFI Turns Into Ongoing PR Disaster for Barclays

United Kingdom, 14.08.2010 23:39

Having spent £25m on the branding rights to London's new cycle hire scheme, the bright sparks in the Barclays marketing department have started a dialogue with the public and which could last for several years. The scheme is part of a private finance initiative providing thousands of rental bikes in return for painting London's roadways in the bank's corporate colours.

Only minutes after the bank unveiled the bikes-for-rent in partnership with the city's Conservative administration, situationist guerrilla teams struck in the night to add their own mobile advertising messages under the Barclays logo. One of the messages, "Funding depleted uranium birth defects in Iraq", was particularly timely. New studies suggest that the ongoing genetic damage caused by the U.S. attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004 may be worse than that caused by the atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago.

Barclays was also targeted in Cambridge on Friday 30th July 2010.

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