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THIS WEEKEND: Beehive Design Collective's Portland Debut of &quot;true cost of coal&quot;!

Portland, 28.08.2010 04:09

A swarm is coming! The Beehive Design Collective heads to Portland to release their long-anticipated "True Cost of Coal" graphics campaign!

Two years in the making, the "True Cost of Coal" is an elaborate narrative illustration that explores the complex story of mountaintop removal coal mining and the broader impacts of coal in Appalachia and beyond. To create the poster, the Beehive interviewed hundreds of community members throughout the Appalachia region. In their interactive picture-lectures, the Bees lead audiences through an engaging, larger-than-life banner version of the graphic, interweaving anecdotes, statistics, and history.

Several events in Portland
* Friday, August 27th, 3-5pm at the Ecotrust Building, Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, 2nd floor (721 Northwest 9th Avenue)
* Sunday, August 29th, 7pm at Autonomy (316 Northwest 4th Ave.)
* Tuesday, August 31st, 2pm - 6pm, Special Art Workshop & Presentation at Tryon Life Community Farm (details below)

Native Forests Under Siege in the Willamette

Portland, 28.08.2010 04:09

Our native forests find themselves under siege yet again. A 149-acre piece of the Willamette national forest called Trapper was sold to the Seneca Jones Timber Company in 2003. The stand is native forest, meaning it has never before been logged, but it is now under serious threat and could be cut any day. The area was subject to a high-intensity wildfire 150 years ago, which left clusters of old growth among an area that is largely 140 year old post-fire regrowth. The area is also habitat to the endangered spotted owl. Our native forests are in and of themselves an endangered species and this particular area is a beautiful mix of mature forest and old growth that provides incredible habitat, as well as pristine drinking water.

There is still time to halt this project!

Call the Willamette National Forest and Seneca Jones Timber Company and demand they drop the sale. Tell them we will not stand for logging in our watershed, and we will not sit quietly and continue to witness the destruction of our last remaining native forests.

Meg Mitchell, Supervisor, Willamette National Forest, 541-225-6300
Rick Ram, Seneca Jones Timber Company, 541-689-1011

Protesters Halt Smart Meter Installation in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.08.2010 03:08

Early morning on August 26th, outraged Santa Cruz County residents gathered at the gates of Wellington Energy at 38th and Portola in Capitola to protest what they say is a forced installation of radiating 'smart' meters against the will of residents and nearly two dozen local governments throughout the Greater Bay Area. Despite the fact that the $2.2 billion program is being funded by ratepayers, and the new meters installed on people's homes, there has been virtually no public consultation in advance of what PG&E itself admits is one of the largest rollouts of technology in history.

Banner Drop and Literature Distro at CSU Monterey Bay

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.08.2010 20:38

Student organizers handed out literature and dropped a banner during the "Presidents Barbeque" at CSU Monterey Bay on Sunday, August 22. This year a group of students contributed to the event by passing out copies of CSUMB's Otter Disorientation Guide, a guide to a more realistic college experience. It also echoed the recent statewide call to action to defend public education on October 7th.

URGENT: No Drinking Water for Recreation

Arizona, 27.08.2010 14:07

AZ Snowbowl plans to destroy the northern Arizona environment & deserate sacred sites

On Women's Equality Day Women in Bay Area Ask: Just How Far Have We Come?

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.08.2010 07:09

The Bay Area is commemorating the 90th anniversary of women's suffrage this week with speakers, films, costumes, and concerns. Members of the national organization Radical Women put out a call on the occasion of Women's Equality Day this year saying, "It's time to reclaim and re-energize a fighting, militant feminist movement!" In San Mateo, US Congresswomen Jackie Speier and Anna Eshoo warned that women's reproductive rights continue to be threatened.

Chicago videographer Gregory Koger found guilty on three counts from attempted video recording

Chicago, 27.08.2010 04:09

Chicago activist and videographer Gregory Koger was found guilty on August 26th on three counts of trespassing, resisting arrest and battery on a police officer, despite being dragged, beaten and maced by police. Koger was recording with his iPhone a statement by New York-based activist and radio host Sunsara Taylor who was making an informal announcement at the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago just prior to a lecture event from which she had been suddenly disinvited.

Koger was convicted without bond and was sent immediately to Cook County Jail. Koger's case has been aggressively pursued by the Cook County State's Attorney and has also been a cause célèbre of Chicago and national activists rallying to his cause, with ramifications related to police surveillance and media making. Koger's sentencing is scheduled for September 8th, and Koger could face up to three years in jail. Koger's attorney has promised an appeal.


Colombia, 26.08.2010 22:39

Library Busters -- Who Ya Gonna Call?

DC, 26.08.2010 22:10

August 19, 2010 Mount Pleasant Library — The ONly Library in Ward One

Follow-up: Photo protest at Miami Dade Metrorail - A rousing success

Miami, 26.08.2010 16:07

Follow-up: Photo protest at Miami Dade Metrorail - A rousing success

City of Portland spins web of deceit for Alberta's Last Thursday festivities

Portland, 26.08.2010 07:39

Molly Pettit a Northeast Portland musician, sound consultant and long time volunteer for the Last Thursday street fair on Alberta Street in Northeast Portland chronicles how the City has repeatedly and purposefully stifled any attempt to use space creatively for entertainment purposes combining art and politics. Portland, Oregon, 25/08/2010.

In February 2010 a vacant lot at 20th and Alberta Street was eyed up as a location for festivities on Last Thursday - a street fair which occurs on the final Thursday of each month where vendors and performers from the local community transform an already funky street into a festival like atmosphere during the space of an evening. Miss Pettit secured permission to borrow the land and proposed a solid plan that would involve music combined with the distribution of political literature from local and national groups such as the Beehive Art Collective, Climate Ground Zero, Indymedia and the Jericho Movement. She would also organise a stage and beer garden whilst following strict codes imposed by the City.

Copyright for the story and pictures remain with the creator © Alex Milan Tracy 2010. All Rights Reserved. Story and pictures not for use without direct permission. Contact

Back from Gaza, the West Bank, &amp; Israel

Rogue Valley, 26.08.2010 04:39

Hear about Kate’s diverse experiences in Palestine and Israel

Learn about:
• Inspiring initiatives Kate encountered firsthand
• How you can support peace in the region

Saturday, August 28
2:00-4:00 pm
Ashland Public Library, Gresham Room
Free, Donations Accepted for Birthing Center & Ambulance

Tasers in Nottingham and elsewhere

United Kingdom, 25.08.2010 22:09

Tasers are becoming an increasingly prominent tool in the arsenal of police in Nottinghamshire and elsewhere. This should raise important questions, regardless of whether you accept the anarchist critique of the police as a tool of state control, view them as a necessary evil or actually regard the boys in blue as good for society. However, these questions do not seem to be asked. Despite a number of high profile incidents when tasers have been deployed, we continue to creep towards a situation where police are routinely armed without any public debate on whether this is actually what we want or not.

McCarley Gardens Tenants Begin Campaign to Save Their Homes

United States, 25.08.2010 22:07

On Thursday, April 19th, a crowd of around 60 made up of McCarley Gardens Tenants and their supporters gathered across the street from St. John Baptist Church on the McCarley Gardens property to voice their opposition to the sale of their homes. The rally was called by the McCarley Gardens Tenants Association along with Buffalo Tenants United, and was the first mobilization in a campaign to defend McCarley Gardens.

Participants of the rally were asked to sign petition cards to Housing and Urban Development (HUD), asking HUD to keep to their restructuring agreement with the owners of the property, St. John Baptist Church. This agreement calls for the land where McCarley Gardens sits today to remain affordable housing until 2035.

Rev. Chapman has stated his interest in selling the land to the University at Buffalo for their medical corridor, a plan that Chapman believes will help to revitalize the Fruit Belt neighborhood. The McCarley Gardens Tenants Association however, cites concerns of gentrification, and of course, the mass eviction (or possibly relocation) of the McCarley Gardens community. read more

Rhee's Great Disappearing Act

DC, 25.08.2010 18:10

James Boutin is a talented young teacher. He's precisely the type of young professional who Mayor Adrian Fenty and Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee have been so eager to recruit into District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). But after one year at Columbia Heights Educational Campus, Boutin is leaving DCPS to teach in New York City's public school system. "I decided that what was going on in D.C. was a big political game. It doesn't seem to me that any real efforts towards improving education are really going on," Boutin said. While he does not dispute that reform has taken place throughout DCPS under Fenty and Rhee, Boutin feels that it has done more harm than good. "I think there has been reform. I think things have changed in Washington, D.C. But I think things are changing for the worse," Boutin said. Audio

Cuccinelli launches attack on reproductive choice!

DC, 25.08.2010 14:10

We knew this was coming. Ken Cuccinelli has launched his first attack on reproductive choice as attorney general! On a week when the rest of us are commemorating the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and women’s suffrage in the United States, Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is trying to take rights away from the women of the Commonwealth.

Port of Portland Disposing of Contaminated Waste Dedge Material On West Hayden Island

Portland, 25.08.2010 04:09

Two weeks ago Audubon Society of Portland and Willamette Riverkeeper publicly called on the Port of Portland to immediately cease disposal of contaminated dredge materials from the Portland Harbor Superfund Site on West Hayden Island. At Audubon's request the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has agreed to hold a public hearing on this issue.
When: Monday, August 30th at 6:00 PM
Where: University of Oregon Building, Room 142/144, 70 NW Couch Street, Portland, Oregon

Please attend this hearing and help us send a strong message to the Port, the City and the regulatory agencies that West Hayden Island is the wrong place to dispose of contaminated dredge materials.
Background: The Port is currently in the process of disposing of 30,000 cubic yards of dredge materials containing lead, zinc and pesticides from the Willamette River at Terminal 5 and has requested permission from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to add an additional 75,000 cubic yards of dredge material containing DDT, PCBs, PAHs and petroleum hydrocarbons from the Willamette River at Post Office Bar (river mile 2.2)


Portland, 24.08.2010 23:38

Under the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, schools receiving federal funds MUST release students' personal information to military recruiters if they are to continue to receive federal funds. Students may "opt-out" of this provision by so indicating on their registration form or by submitting an opt-out form amending their registration form.

The deadline for opting-out is October 1.
WHAT IS OPT-OUT? Under the provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act, schools receiving federal funds MUST release students' personal information to military recruiters if they are to continue to receive federal funds.

* Students must opt-out EVERY YEAR.
* Traditionally, the deadline for opting-out for the year is October 1
* Students do NOT require parental or guardian consent to opt-out.
* EVERY high school students' personal information is being released to military recruiters -- not just that of juniors and seniors!
* Girls are NOT exempt from this provision.

* At registration -- before the beginning of the school year. There is usualy a checkbox on the registration form that allows for opting-out.
* By going directly to their school main office and amending their registration form if they have not checked the box to opt-out. (If they don't remember whether they opted-out or or not, students can go to the main office to verify the information on their form.)
* By submitting an opt-out form (either that supplied by Recruiter Watch volunteers or by download at to their school's main office.

Nurses Accuse St. Luke's of Discriminating Against Filipinos

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2010 21:09

The California Nurses Association held a press conference Thursday, August 19th accusing Sutter Health's California Pacific Medical Center, which operates St. Luke's Hospital, of discriminating against Filipino nurses. The nurses presented sworn declarations from three former hospital managers documenting a policy of discrimination and data showing a precipitous decline in the number of Filipino nurses hired at St. Luke's. Union and community leaders suggested that the decline is related to Filipino nurses' leadership in the 2008 campaign to save the hospital.

Climate Camp: Breaking the Bank

United Kingdom, 24.08.2010 16:09

The Camp for Climate Action is happening now on a site right next to the Gogarburn Headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland near Edinburgh. RBS is one of the world's largest investors in oil, gas and coal and recipient of a £50 billion bailout from public funds. Climate Campers secured the site on Wednesday night in advance of the announced 'swoop' and the camp is now well underway. Everyone is invited to join in four days of training and direct action from 21-24 August.

Reports on the newswire: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Photos: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | Other camp links: | Website | Call-out | Twitter | Directions | Timeline |

Represión a estudiantes en Chile

Puerto Rico, 24.08.2010 07:40

Solidaridad con la juventud combatiente chilena

Reflexión sobre conferencia de PPD en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 24.08.2010 07:40

Colonizador y colonialista: consagrados en el cielo, consumados en el infierno

Caso en corte contra San Juan Star

Puerto Rico, 24.08.2010 07:40

Tribunal Federal ordena al San Juan Star compensar empleados despedidos

Cancelan graduación en UPR Aguadilla

Puerto Rico, 24.08.2010 07:40

UPR: Recinto de Aguadilla cancela actos de graduación

Refugee Rights Action Network - ACTION: DEATH IN DETENTION!

Perth, 24.08.2010 04:41

Refugee Rights Action Network - ACTION: DEATH IN DETENTION!

Code Pink founder arrested at Eric Prince (Blackwater)home demo

DC, 24.08.2010 03:10

Erik Prince of Blackwater has been rumored to have fled to the UAE to escape possible criminal prosecution, but on August 22, Code Pink found him at home when they dropped by for a home demo demanding he stay and face charges for Blackwater's crimes. Video of home demo against Erik Prince

Fix Fell Demonstrators Shut Down Arco/BP Station for Three Hours

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2010 03:09

Five people were arrested on August 20th for chaining themselves to bicycles and blocking an entrance to the Arco/BP gas station at the corner of Fell and Divisadero in San Francisco. Friday evening's action was the 11th since the group Fix Fell began demonstrations to demand that the city and the Department of Public Works take measures to make the street safe.

Washington Orders Shahbaz Airbase Saved, not Pakistan's Flood Victims

Boston, 23.08.2010 23:09

Washington letting thousands of Pakistanis perish

Liberaron a lxs militantes detenidxs en el escrache al consulado de Chile

Argentina, 23.08.2010 11:39

Movilización popular en la capital riojana

Argentina, 23.08.2010 05:09

La asambleas continuan resistiendo a la mega-mineria

Un año de lucha por la dignidad

Argentina, 23.08.2010 03:09

Aniversario en el barrio "Comunidad Marta Juana González"

Un año de lucha por la dignidad

Argentina, 23.08.2010 03:09

Aniversario en el barrio "Comunidad Marta Juana González"

Un año de lucha por la dignidad

Argentina, 23.08.2010 02:09

Aniversario en el barrio "Comunidad Marta Juana González"

baner marta juarez gonsalexz

Argentina, 23.08.2010 02:09

baner marta juarez gonsalexz

New &quot;No Trespassing&quot; Zone Closes City Hall Grounds at Night from 10pm to 6am

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.08.2010 01:09

In another move clamping down on public use of previously public space, the city of Santa Cruz posted "closing hours" on the City Hall grounds for the first time, without any kind of public hearing, announcement, or rationale. When then-Mayor Mike Rotkin tried to close down City Hall in 1996 to end another homeless protest against the Sleeping Ban, the City Council declined to back him and Judge Samuel Stevens ended up granting a very limited injunction requiring that folks there "obey all laws." This time, without a hearing, Parks and Recreation, which controls virtually all the public space around public buildings, issued an edict closing the area.

Сказ о том, как бюрократы радиацию побеждают

Belarus, 22.08.2010 21:37


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

Сильнейшая жара этого лета не только создаёт дискомфорт для простого населения Беларуси, но и не проходит бесследно для чиновничьих мозгов. Вот только последствия этого, к сожалению, затрагивают всех, так как свои безумные планы они с особым усердием и пеной у рта пытаются воплотить в жизнь. Невзирая на их полную абсурдность, конечно.

На этот раз взор чиновников упал на территории, загрязнённые радиацией в результате аварии на Чернобыльской АЭС. Если быть точными, внимание на них они обратили уже давно, ещё во время планирования государственной программы по преодолению последствий катастрофы на Чернобыльской АЭС на 2006-2010 годы. Но, как и следовало ожидать: сроки программы подходят к концу, толком сделано ничего не было, деньги закончились, а начальство ждёт результатов. Однако беларуских чиновников это совсем не смутило, они, наподобие Мюнхгаузена, верят в то, что безвыходных ситуаций не бывает, тем более подобные проблемы для них не впервой и опыт уже есть.


Чиновники сажают людей, а не деревья!

Belarus, 22.08.2010 21:37

Несколько публичных пространств г. Минска были временно преобразованы с помощью одноимённых постеров и листовок, а последние также были размещены рядом с российским консульством.

Click to enlarge
Причиной для данной акции стали репрессии в отношении активистов и антифашистов Алексея Гаскарова и Максима Солопова, находящимися под арестом по делу атаки на администрацию г. Химки (Подмосковье), являющейся одним из проявлений протеста против вырубающегося леса в этом регионе.

Кампания мирно проходила вот уже более трёх лет – но вырубка, затеянная чиновниками в “зеленых легких” Москвы несмотря на альтернативные варианты прокладки скоростного шоссе, продолжается, и сопровождается как юридическими нарушениями, так и беспределом в отношении активистов. Не так давно на палаточный лагерь протеста в Химках было организованно “сверху” нападение правых футбольных хулиганов, а ещё в 2008-м серьезно пострадал журналист Михаил Бекетов, писавший о проблеме вырубки. И это только два вопиющих факта – при…

Кинопоказ документального фильма &quot;The Yes Man Изменяют Мир&quot;

Belarus, 22.08.2010 21:37


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

The Yes Men Иправляют Мир – это новый документальный фильм коллектива The Yes Men. В фильме рассказывается, как участники Yes Men, представляясь членами той или иной крайне неприятной корпорацией, делают заявления, которых мир ждет с нетерпением уже долгие годы.

На английском о коллективе можно почитать на их сайте – и на википедии

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.08.2010 18:10


Encuentro de Mujeres y Pueblos de las Américas Contra la Militarización

Colombia, 22.08.2010 07:09

Encuentro de Mujeres y Pueblos de las Américas Contra la Militarización

Mahomet Seymour Education Association on Strike

United States, 22.08.2010 07:07

MSEA PicketMSEA Picket

The first day of school for Mahomet Seymour students did not happen today because the Mahomet Seymour Education Association (MSEA) has been out on strike since 7 am.

The union has had previous struggles with the school board over employment issues. The summer of 2009 was spent pressuring the district to bargain with MSEA about staff performing medical procedures like the insertion of catheters. The district board had refused to negotiate the matter and expected non-medical staff to perform medical procedures.


Argentina, 22.08.2010 01:09

¡Julio sigue presente!


Argentina, 21.08.2010 22:39


Solidaritate Sociala si Ra-sism/tiune de stat

Romania, 21.08.2010 13:07

Recenta ofensiva a administratiei franceze impotriva nomazilor, a romilor si a imigrantilor fara acte intampina un val de proteste din partea colectivelor autonome, a asociatiilor pentru apararea drepturilor omului, a sindicatelor, inclusiv a catorva partide politice.

Perseverenta unei Iluzii. Replica la articolul din Romania Libera

Romania, 21.08.2010 13:07

Articolul “Biblioteca Anarhistilor” de Adrian Schiop si Manuela Golea din Romania Libera, 30 iulie 2010 ,


Athens, 21.08.2010 02:39

Γαζα, η μεγαλύτερη ανοιχτή φυλακή

Arte / Política

Argentina, 20.08.2010 23:42

La lucha política también una batalla cultural

The Fight Against Mayoral Control: Celebrating Victories, Pushing Forward

Rochester, 20.08.2010 22:37

The Community Education Task Force (CETF) has a lot to celebrate. At the beginning of the year, it seemed inevitable that the mayor would control the Rochester City School District, rather than an elected Board of Education. However, after a defeat in the NY State Senate, the plan is off the table — for the time being at least.

Victories like this can be rare for grassroots community groups, but the CETF is not resting (although they did throw a party in Genesee Valley Park with free food, games, and music). They hope to use their current momentum to promote bottom-up control of the city schools.

At the CETF's Free Food For Free Minds party, I talked with several members of the CETF about the past eight months and their plans for the future.

Fue porque protestaban en las puertas del Consulado de Chile en Córdoba

Argentina, 20.08.2010 20:09

5 militantes detenidxs

75th Anniversary of the Social Security Act Celebrated

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.08.2010 08:09

Social Security was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935. Originally a plan for retired workers, it soon became a program to provide monthly income to widows and widowers and their minor children as well as the disabled. Calling the plan "America's promise to its citizens" and opposing any movement to privatize the program, activists in San Francisco and San Jose held demonstrations around the 75th anniversary of Social Security this past week.

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