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Boston to Hold Public Hearing Investigating the War on Drugs

Boston, 14.11.2004 00:55

Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner is calling for a public hearing this Monday to investigate the War on Drugs. The purpose of the November 14th hearing is to gather data on the resources devoted to the war on drugs by different city, state, and federal agencies...

Sister Helen Prejean: Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues

Tennessee, 13.11.2004 23:42

Sister Helen Prejean C.S.J., author of Dead Man Walking, and internationally known anti-death penalty activist will speak at various functions in Nashville, Monday November 15th. Sister Helen was originally scheduled to appear September 16th but could not leave New Orleans due to Hurricane Ivan.

35 Years is Enough-Free Eddie Conway and All Political Prisoners Rally at UB

Baltimore, 13.11.2004 23:32

A coalition of local activist groups held a rally on Saturday November 6th around the issue of political prisoners within the United States, and educating more people about the plight of Eddie Conway. Conway, a former member of the Black Panthers, has been incarcerated, unjustly, for over 35 years.

Non-profits, community groups, musicians, and artists join together for one-day event

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2004 21:56

We The Planet 2004: Festival of Music and Activism

Community Shares Resources For Doing It Yourself

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2004 21:45

Barrington Collective Hosts DIY Festival

Vanunu Re-Arrested

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2004 21:35

Israel Re-Arrests Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu

New Server(s) Appeal

United Kingdom, 13.11.2004 21:16

The seizure of the hard drives on Oct 7th in London shut down an Indymedia radio station and around 20 different Indymedia websites from Ambazonia to the UK. Thousands of individuals who have posted hundreds of thousands of articles on these web sites suddenly found their voices silenced by an unknown hand. See the server seizure story for an overview...

Following the FBI raid, a number of Web servers have been offered to the UK site and are already in use. Our immediate aim is, therefore, to build a database server to take the load off the existing one. The current database, or 'publishing server,' for the UK and other Indymedias is often overloaded, especially when uploading larger media files. Scores of people give up in frustration when publishing unsuccessfully time and again.

The best way to help is to set up a regular payment into the Indymedia UK Network account: several people are already contributing £10 a month, but whatever sum you can afford would be much appreciated. Read on for information about how to donate to this appeal.

Ahimsa Gone and Returned: Responses to the Seizure of Indymedia Harddrives

United Kingdom, 13.11.2004 21:16

One month after the harddrives were taken out of the servers Ahimsa I and II in London, indymedia had many responses from civil liberty groups and professional journalist organisations. Legal steps are being taken or considered on both sides of the atlantic. The US State Attorney (ie the lawyer for the US government) has responded to a Motion to Unseal the server seizure court order in the US. A solidarity statement has been signed by more than 10,000 people, parliamentary questions have been asked in the House of Commons, and old hardware has been delivered to various Italian Embassies and to the FBI. Check the Electronic Frontiers Foundation for a factsheet and read on for a round-up of a wide range of responses.

Córdoba: Las campesinas y los campesinos se movilizan

Argentina, 13.11.2004 21:09

Sábado 13 de Noviembre 2004 | TIERRA, AGUA, BOSQUE NATIVO Y ALIMENTOS
Córdoba: Las campesinas y los campesinos se movilizan

Córdoba: Las campesinas y los campesinos se movilizan

Argentina, 13.11.2004 20:58

Sábado 13 de Novimebre de 2004
Córdoba: Las campesinas y los campesinos se movilizan

Radio - 'On The Air' with Matt Rossell talking about the foie gras campaign

Portland, 13.11.2004 20:44

Todays show is with Matt Rossell, of In Defense of Animals. He is talking about the efforts to convince local Portland restaurants to stop serving Foie Gras. Foie Gras is produced by force feeding ducks or geese until their liver is diseased and enlarged many times over. Foie gras is then made from the diseased liver. The campaign is currently working to stop the serving of foie gras at Hurley's restaurant here in Portland.

The interview is both informative and funny. Listen to the archived show here.

Students, Politicians and Community Members In Solidarity with UC Service Workers

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2004 20:20

UC Service Worker Solidarity


Argentina, 13.11.2004 18:55

Regula y reinarás


Brasil, 13.11.2004 17:45


Irish Women Hostages in Iraq and Afghanistan

Ireland, 13.11.2004 13:09

Should the anti-war movement in Ireland be making the link between these kidnappings and Shannon? Why the silence/inattention on the mainstream media on the plight of Margaret Hassan and Annette Flanagan? Is Bertie hiding something? The anti-war movement in Ireland should be doing more to link the plight of the women hostages with the Shannon issue. From the newswire: Why the silence/inattention on the mainstream media on the plight of Margaret Hassan and Annette Flanagan? Is Bertie hiding something? The anti-war movement in Ireland should be doing more to link the plight of the women hostages with the Shannon issue. With the death of Yasser Arafat and the destruction of the city of Fallujah in the name of ‘freedom’, the plight of the Irish-born hostages Margaret Hassan and Annette Flanagan has fallen to a kind of ‘afterthought’ item, both in the Irish mainstream media and internationally. Some may claim that ‘negotiations are ongoing’, which is not ‘sexy’ news, unlike the pictures of America’s poor driving around Fallujah in heavily armed and armoured vehicles exterminating their Iraqi counterparts for the benefit of capitalists everywhere. However, I think that we here in Ireland are letting a most important story pass us by without even the most cursory of investigations, and those of us who’ve been involved with the anti-war movement over the last two years or so haven’t made the most elementary connection between the hostages and the continued use of Shannon by the US military. When the kidnappers of Mrs. Hassan and Ms. Flanagan made their demands, the Shannon issue was notable for its absence. It was not until last Sunday that I asked the simple question – why? Perhaps the kidnappers don't have any knowledge of what's going on at Shannon and the cowardly minor role Bertie Ahern's regime are playing in the global bully gang's occupation and destruction of the two countries. It only takes a moment to rule this out: the anti-war movement here has done a very good job in publicising the use of Shannon by the chief occupying power. Both al-Jazeera and the al-Arabi TV stations have covered protests about Shannon and many other media organisations throughout the Arab and wider Muslim world have relayed information on Shannon to their viewers/readers/listeners. Furthermore, we have seen in previous kidnappings that these groups are very knowledgeable with regard to media matters and are quite well informed. So, this particular conjecture does not hold water. What if the kidnappers had made the demand that the Irish Govt. deny landing and overflight facilities to the US military, but that this fact is being kept out of Ireland's and the world's media? I think that this may be an outside possibility: consider this – the negotiations with the hostage takers are being handled either by US/UK civilian or military intelligence, and these boys are old hands at the control of information. Also consider that the world's media are most compliant when the hegemony demands it: blow the cover-up and say bye-bye to those exciting juicy 'embeddings' in Fallujah and elsewhere. Another line could be that to bring this matter up would 'jeopardise the negotiations'. This is patently untrue – movement on the Irish Govt's. part on Shannon might be just the thing that saves the women's lives, and perhaps the lives of many more hostages. If the above scenario turns out to be true, the potential effect on public opinion here could be staggering. Any confirmation that Bertie Ahern conspired with the British and the Americans to hide essential facts from the Irish people about Shannon and the connection with the fate of the women hostages will destroy him in the eyes of many, and add to the legions of people that hate this worthless man's guts. Bertie himself is probably scared shitless of what Bush and Blair could do to the Irish economy if he is forced to withdraw facilities at Shannon and thus withdraw from the global bully gang. Mr. Ahern is not noted for possessing moral courage, and he'd sooner avoid a hard decision with the use of subterfuge rather than confront it head-on. I floated this scenario with a few friends and the responses ranged from unlikely but possible to not happening. The person who said the latter advanced this reasoning: as far as the kidnappers are concerned these women are British, they hold British passports, and they will live or die at the cruel whim of the British state – their Irishness is a red herring. My own opinion is that what I've outlined is possible, but not very likely: if Ahern is playing this game, then it's a very dangerous one, and liable to backfire on him, sooner or later. He's a coward, and he'd rather not take the risk. In any case, the inaction of Ahern and his regime on this matter is inexcusable. He may say that he and his Govt. are doing all that they can to secure the release of Margaret Hassan and Annette Flanagan, but it is patently clear that he is not. The use of Shannon by Bush's war machine continues, and each planeload of Marines adds to the risk to security of all Irish people, wherever they are, and adds to our complicity in acts of international illegality and crimes against humanity. Bertie Ahern and Irish Capital (both state and private) are making a killing out of Shannon (literally), and Mrs. Hassan, Ms. Flanagan, and in time, the rest of us will pick up the tab. In the anti-war movement, we've been strangely unheeding of the simple connections that one could make, in fact, one must make in order to link these issues. Were we lulled into inaction by the video-game-style coverage of the wars of occupation that imperialism is waging? Raising the Shannon issue in connection with the kidnappings is not treason, and it is not opportunism. It is the moral duty of all those who say that they're opposed to this war, and all wars, wherever they happen, to make this point. Even the SWooPers should pull their heads from out of their arses, take a break from their recruitment drives and their newspaper sales targets, and make plenty of noise about Shannon and the kidnappings! I'm asking everybody in the anti-war movement to make this connection between Shannon and the plight of the hostages in public at every available opportunity and as stridently as possible, and to mobilise opinion/activists here to shut down Shannon Warport and bring Annette and Margaret home. And don’t be put off by the lie that will be put out that we will be aiding 'terrorism' – is it terrorism to make an attempt to save Irish, Iraqi, and Afghan lives to deny US state terror (the most efficient on our planet) the use of Shannon? Is it 'democracy' to bomb hospitals and schools and homes in Fallujah from the air, however unreconstructed some of the insurgents are? The answer in both cases is no – by making public the link, not only will we save lives, but we will also embarrass a vicarious warmonger called Bertie Ahern!

Portland Community Liberation Front Targeted by PPD for Copwatching

Portland, 13.11.2004 10:38

Portland, OR - IN ANOTHER CLASH with the Portland Police Department [PPD], Portland Community Liberation Front [PCLF] successfully provided legal, non-violent observance of over five traffic stops on or near the intersection of MLK and Killingsworth Thursday, November 11 between 10pm and 1am. PPD's extreme response resulted in over $1,100.00 in minor traffic citations. This is not the first time the PPD has attempted to stifle the activities of PCLF and other community patrolling/Copwatching organizations. The events of the evening are indicative of PPD resistance to community involvement in police accountability.

On Thursday nights, PCLF (a police accountability organization by and for people of color that formed in response to the killings of James and Perez last year) holds its routine community patrol in North and Northeast PDX. They observe and document the activities of police officers during interactions with community members. The goal of community patrolling is to inform community members of their rights - which eventually may prevent another tragedy of police violence. When asked by police about their presence PCLF responds consistently in accordance with their rights, "We are here to observe, we do not intend to interfere."

During these patrols, PCLF has been subject to harassment, disrespectful actions and a lack of professionalism from the PPD.

Ecodefense Update: Blue River Face Tree-sit is now Blue River Face Tree Village

Portland, 13.11.2004 10:36

Activists continue to occupy the upper canopy in unit 5d of the Blue River Face Timber Sale located in the Mckenzie Ranger District, Willamette National Forest. More treehouses have recently been installed at the 150 ft. level in hopes of offering the 40 acre unit protection from the chainsaws. Traverse lines running through the treetops are in place as a deterrent to cutting.

Our wish is to bring about increased awareness of the continued cutting of native and old-growth forest in the Mckenzie Watershed. The tree at Blue River Face are massive and the forest is lush. Owls can be heard hooting in the cool night air. Flying squirrels are visiting the tree-sits and telling us they would rather live in an intact forest than a managed stand of trees.


previous stories: [ Occupation of Blue River Face Timber Sale continues (Oct. 10, 2004) | Active Logging at Blue River Face (Apr. 18, 2004) | Rosboro Lumber steals trees, logs some of last Willamette Old Growth in Blue River Face (Apr. 30, 2004) | Cascadians occupy Unit 5d of Blue River Face timber sale (Aug. 31, 2004) ]

Regiões Polares Enfrentam Alteração Climática Forte

Portugal, 13.11.2004 07:38

Regiões Polares Enfrentam Alteração Climática Forte

Seven Dogs Found With Muzzles Taped Shut

Portland, 13.11.2004 07:36

Suspect(s) Unknown - Need your help!
Seven dogs were found chained to a pole with their muzzles wrapped in duct tape early Wednesday in Salem and police are trying to figure out who is behind the animal abuse.

Community Shares Resources For Doing It Yourself

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.11.2004 06:07

Barrington Collective Hosts DIY Festival, Nov. 13-14, 2004

entrevista a J. Petras

Peru, 13.11.2004 04:47

Entrevista a James Petras

Why We Are Seceding

Portland, 13.11.2004 04:45

I've seen many arguments, claims and retorts for and against the secessionist movement.? I'd like to address those arguments, especially those which are fallacious, and then move on to the actual reason for secession. ? It has been argued that we are seceding because we lost the elections.? Our detractors say that Kerry was our candidate and now that Bush has "won", we are unwilling to accept defeat.? This argument fails for many reasons, not the least of which is gross elections fraud.? However, since our argument does not depend upon the question of election fraud, let me address the argument assuming for a moment that our detractors are correct when they claim that Bush "won" the elections. ?

[ Another Reader Posted ]

entrevista a J. Petras

Peru, 13.11.2004 04:45

Entrevista a James Petras


Uruguay, 13.11.2004 00:28

Para que todo un pueblo los escuche


Uruguay, 13.11.2004 00:17

Campesinos sin tierra bajo amenza constante

Rádio Livre

Brasil, 13.11.2004 00:00

Radiola Livre: a primeira rádio livre de BH

Redwood Grove Occupied Since March 2002

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.11.2004 23:15

One-Year Anniversary for Tree-Sitter in Jerry

The creep in the global cellar

Boston, 12.11.2004 22:59

Still reeling from the election, a crowd of radical artists recently discussed the debacles in Ohio and Florida in a panel mistakenly called “What’s Next?” Lamentations over the demise of John Kerry clog the newswires of grassroots Indymedia outlets around the world. The world itself, from the Global South to the Social Democratic North, reacts with surprise and fear to the news of the President’s second term in office. But is Bush the real problem? Is he the root of all evil? Does anyone remember a little term called Globalization?

1st Degree Murder in Death of Laci, 2nd Degree in Death of &quot;Conner&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.11.2004 22:20

Scott Peterson Found Guilty in Death of Wife and Fetus

Piqueteros toman la municipalidad de Trelew

Argentina, 12.11.2004 22:02

Viernes 12 de Noviembre 2004 | TRELEW, CHUBUT: TOMAN LA MUNICIPALIDAD
Piqueteros reclaman trabajo y ayuda social

1st Degree Murder in Death of Laci, 2nd Degree in Death of &quot;Conner&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.11.2004 21:51

Scott Peterson Found Guilty in Death of Wife and Fetus

Solidaridad en Tribunales

Puerto Rico, 12.11.2004 21:41

Frente a tribunales, solidaridad con los presos anti-COLONiales

Media launch preemptive strike on election fraud &quot;conspiracy theories&quot;

Portland, 12.11.2004 21:30

Looks like a new offensive in the battle for public opinion has begun in earnest. After a week of deafening silence on anomalies and irregularities in the 2004 Presidential Election, the "mainstream" media has opened up with a salvo of "in depth reporting" aimed at creating a public mindset that those who think the election results deserve close scrutiny are just a bunch of internet conspiracy theorists.

NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw tonight aired a special segment on the election issue, the thrust of which was "Nothing to see here. Keep moving." This followed a similar report on NPR earlier today.


previous sElection 2004 Theft features: [ Greens & Libertarian Presidential Candidates Demand Recount in Ohio (11/11) | Urgent: Act Now To Unhijack The Presidential Election (11/9) | PDF about sElection fraud from portland indymedia stories to print & distribute (11/8) | Black Box Voting makes appeal for help in exposing vote fraud before Electoral College is seated (11/8) | Nader/Camejo Challenge Electronic Voting Results in New Hampshire | The Election was Stolen; How we know & Why it matters (11/5) | Karmic Blowback and the Democrats (11/4) ]

Willow marks one year anniversary in Jerry

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.11.2004 21:09

One year anniversary for tree-sitter in Jerry

Remembrance Day

Sydney, 12.11.2004 20:04

Stop the War in Falluja

Piqueteros toman la municipalidad de Trelew

Argentina, 12.11.2004 19:16

Viernes 12 de Noviembre 2004 | TRELEW, CHUBUT: TOMAN LA MUNICIPALIDAD
Piqueteros reclaman trabajo y ayuda social

Groups Urge Bruno to Support Senate Override of Pataki Minimum Wage Veto

Hudson Mohawk, 12.11.2004 18:16

Labor and community groups are urging Senator Bruno to raise the minimum wage when the Senate comes to town on Thursday admist a Republican power shakeup over their poor NY showing in the election; up to 4 Senate Republicans may have lost. Governor Pataki vetoed legislation to raise the wage to $7.15 an hour; Pataki is now circulating a compromise plan to expand the subminimum wage for young workers. A call in day to Bruno and Pataki is planned for Monday. A vigil will take place at the Capitol on Wednesday night at 5 PM

Pro-democracy demonstration and public hearings in Ohio this Saturday

Michigan, 12.11.2004 16:25

They might have conceded - but we haven't conceded our right to a free and fair democratic process. Public hearings are convening in Columbus to investigate voting irregularities and voter suppression in Ohio surrounding the 2004 General Election. THIS IS A NONPARTISAN STATEWIDE CALL TO ACTION. VOTERS AND POLL WORKERS FROM AROUND THE STATE ARE INVITED TO TESTIFY. Saturday November 13, 2004 - At 10:30 am there will be a demonstration at the State House in Columbus, OH, followed by a march to the New Faith Baptist Church, where public hearings will be held at 12:30 pm (see full hearing info below).

Rally for Peace Sat. April 13 Noon Federal Building Albany

Hudson Mohawk, 12.11.2004 15:50

Women Against War, and other people committed to peace, will hold an event to remind elected officials that there is still a strong and growing opposition to the war in Iraq and great concern about the latest military developments in Falluja and Samarra. The event is being held at the Federal Building where Congressmember Michael McNulty, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Charles Schumer all have offices. All three voted in favor of the invasion of Iraq.

At-Large Seats Don't Deserve a Spot on Our Ballot

Urbana-Champaign, 12.11.2004 15:46

I wrote what I had to say about the sides of the at-large issue before election day.

US Government tries to keep Indymedia seizure order secret

Pittsburgh, 12.11.2004 14:43

US Government tries to keep Indymedia seizure order secret

Słowackie wilki i niedźwiedzie zagrożone

Poland, 12.11.2004 14:30

Sytuacja słowackich wilków i niedźwiedzi jest co raz gorsza. Wcześniejsza decyzja ministerstwa o odstrzeleniu 63 niedźwiedzi została zmieniona. Ostatecznie limit odstrzałów ustalono na poziomie 80 sztuk. Myśliwi wnioskowali o zabicie 124 niedźwiedzi. Polowania na wilki będą prowadzone bez limitów ilościowych.

Słowackie wilki i niedźwiedzie zagrożone

Poland, 12.11.2004 13:22

Sytuacja słowackich wilków i niedźwiedzi jest co raz gorsza. Wcześniejsza decyzja ministerstwa o odstrzeleniu 63 niedźwiedzi została zmieniona. Ostatecznie limit odstrzałów ustalono na poziomie 80 sztuk. Myśliwi wnioskowali o zabicie 124 niedźwiedzi. Polowania na wilki będą prowadzone bez limitów ilościowych.

Thinking of going to D.C. to protest Bush's inauguration?

Portland, 12.11.2004 13:20

Sunday, November 14th at 7pm there will be a meeting at the Back2Back Cafe on 6th and E Burnside to begin planning for getting out to D.C. for the inauguration on January 20th.

We filled the streets the day after the election, and we need to keep the momentum going. On January 20th Bush will begin his second term in the city where he received only 9% of the vote. On that day we will be there with all the rage and frustration we displayed on November 3rd; but this time we will be more prepared.

We will not be silent and watch this happen.
We will resist.

AUDIO FILES: The National Security State

Portland, 12.11.2004 13:15

Friday evening, November 5, 2004, a presentation was held at the First Methodist Church in Portland Oregon concerning the erosion of Civil Rights in this country and the emergence of the National Security State. Much of the material was concerning the USA PATRIOT Act.

After giving a brief biography of both speakers the moderator introduced the first speaker, Elden Rosenthall.
Elden Rosenthall, according to the moderator, is the premier civil rights lawyer in Portland. "He's been involved in several police accountability cases over the years. He represented the family of Mulugeta Seraw, an Ethiopian man who was killed by....a Neo Nazi group back in the early 90's, and obtained a multi million dollar verdict on behalf of the family....." Rosenthall is also currently involved with the Perez case, James Perez being an unarmed African American man murdered by the Portland Police Department during a routine traffic stop.

Indybay benefit screening

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.11.2004 11:59

About Baghdad: Sunday Nov. 21st

Indy 101

Melbourne, 12.11.2004 10:26

Indymedia Events

No Nukes

Sydney, 12.11.2004 08:47

Anti-Nuclear Map of Australia (V2) Released


Colombia, 12.11.2004 08:33

Cartagena: lluvia, lodo y miseria

WTC Collapse: A rebuttal to the NIST report

Portland, 12.11.2004 07:55

The following letter was sent today by Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratories to Frank Gayle of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Underwriters Laboratories is the company that certified the steel componets used in the constuction of the World Trade Center towers. The information in this letter is of great importance. Dr. Gayle,
Having recently reviewed your team's report of 10/19/04, I felt the need to contact you directly.

As I'm sure you know, the company I work for certified the steel components used in the construction of the WTC buildings. In requesting information from both our CEO and Fire Protection business manager last year, I learned that they did not agree on the essential aspects of the story, except for one thing - that the samples we certified met all requirements. They suggested we all be patient and understand that UL was working with your team, and that tests would continue through this year. I'm aware of UL's attempts to help, including performing tests on models of the floor assemblies. But the results of these tests appear to indicate that the buildings should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel.


related: [ CNN poll- Do you think there is a Gov cover up on 911? | pdx indymedia 9.11 investigation stories ]

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