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Argentina, 20.10.2010 20:40

La lucha medioambiental en Puerto General San Martín

La burocracia sindical de la Unión Ferroviaria hiere a 4 personas, hay un muerto

Argentina, 20.10.2010 20:40


La burocracia sindical de la Unión Ferroviaria hiere a 4 personas, hay un muerto

Argentina, 20.10.2010 20:09


Will Obama Meet the Resistance in Portland?

Portland, 20.10.2010 19:39

Call for Organization of Protest at the Oregon Convention Center, Wednesday, October 20, 2010

President Barack Obama has scheduled a visit to Portland on behalf of Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee John Kitzhaber. Obama will be speaking to 10,000 or more pre-registered guests at the Oregon Democratic Party-sponsored function in an attempt to bolster the Kitzhaber campaign.

There is a handful of future public school educators organizing to send a message to Obama regarding his Administration's endorsement of the recent film "Waiting For 'Superman'" and the broader agenda it promotes to further corporatize the public education system in the United States for the benefit of multinational corporations that need semi-skilled labor at ever-lower prices. We plan on posting up outside the Convention Center with signs and loud voices.

If there are any other activists who would like to join with us, regardless of your issue/reason for protest[...]

[PIMC related post: A counter protest is planned for 3:30! Meet at the NE corner of NE Oregon St (800 Block NE) and Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, across the street from the entrance to the Convention Center.]

O22: National Day Against Police Brutality

Houston, 20.10.2010 16:39

O22: National Day Against Police Brutality

La municipalidad realizaría una reducción del 50%

Argentina, 20.10.2010 14:39

Hogares platenses denuncian recorte de presupuesto

Ramona Africa on May 13, 1985 and the Legalization of Murder

United States, 20.10.2010 14:07

MOVE is currently seeking murder charges against police and city officials for the deaths of eleven of their family members on May 13, 1985, when police fired 10,000 rounds of gunfire, dropped a bomb that started a fire, and according to the MOVE Commission, shot at occupants when they tried to escape the fire.

Watch the interview with Ramona Africa giving her account of May 13 and read the accompanying written article by Angola 3 News.

Marcha educativa

Argentina, 20.10.2010 13:39

El reclamo no decae

Argentina, 20.10.2010 13:39

Continúa la lucha por una educación pública, laica y de calidad

Video: The Police Cover Up Killed James Chasse

Portland, 20.10.2010 06:39

Portland Oregon Press Conference regarding police brutality and abuse of power in the September 17, 2006 killing of James Chasse. Chasse was a mentality ill person who died in custody after being severely beaten by Portland police and subsequently denied immediate medical attention.
The Police Cover Up Killed James Chasse

The Conference was called by the lawyers for the family, Thomas Steenson and Thomas Schneiger, in order to provide the public and media with evidence that it was not the beating that killed Chasse, but the immediate attempt by the police to cover up their actions, including, but not limited to, lying to the arriving medical team about his injuries and condition.

On the wall there were several large panels reproducing the documentation supplied in the media packets. This documentation provides a time line for the entire episode which culminated in the homicide of James Chasse.

The panels just behind the two attorneys for the Chasse family gave "the stories the police tell" on the left side and "the truth" on the right side.
On the left side of one of the panels, "the officers claim that Chasse runs away after Burton yells or whistles;" on the right side, "the two closest civilian eyewitnesses say Chasse does not run at all."

Ocupación de Humanidades

Puerto Rico, 20.10.2010 06:10

UPR: Facultad de Humanidades Ocupada

Plan de remodelar escuelas para privatizarlas

Puerto Rico, 20.10.2010 05:40

FMPR denuncia campaña engañosa de modernización de escuelas

VFW Post Announces Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners Canceled

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.10.2010 05:39

Veterans of Foreign Wars "Bill Motto" Post 5888 announced that it is unable to hold Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinners, this year, at the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building. For 24 years, this event has helped needy people, veterans, seniors, students and lonely residents during holidays which are based in giving.


Argentina, 20.10.2010 04:40

Comenzaron las testimoniales

National Primate Liberation Week

Portland, 20.10.2010 03:09

October 15th, 2010
Contact: Justin Kay, Portland Animal Defense League-

Portland, OR- During the week of October 16th to the 24th activists from the Portland Animal Defense League will target Oregon Health Science University and its Oregon National Primate Research Center in recognition of National Primate Liberation Week (NPLW). NPLW is an annual week of protest, education and action to end the use of primates in laboratories.

Portland Animal Defense League has long targeted OHSU for dealing in exploitation, death, and scientific fraud. For several years, ADL has engaged in a campaign of education and exposure, illuminating the public to the torture, fraudulent science and "scientists", and wasted tax dollars that characterize the Oregon National Primate Research Center. Those efforts recently culminated in a road blockade outside of the ONPRC in late June that resulted in the arrest of five activists.

Yet activists are not done. There will be a surprise action during the week. The media will be alerted. As long as there are animals imprisoned at the primate center, OHSU will have to answer to the demands for their liberation. ADL has scheduled events for National Primate Liberation Week:

RELATED: Action Alert - Contact OHSU & ONPRC Administration and Staff!

Stop the suits: Resistance within El Salvador

Portland, 20.10.2010 03:09

Stop the suits: Resistance within El Salvador
author: The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
Orlando Velasco, anti-mining leader from San Isidro, El Salvador, will give a firsthand report on the resistance to mining in El Salvador, the $200mil lawsuits filed against the Salvadoran government by North American mining companies, and the links between U.S. free trade policy and metallic mining in Central America.

Thursday, October 21 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Urban Grinds Coffee House, 2214 NE Oregon St

Un reportaje de primera mano sobre la resistencia a la minería en El Salvador, las demandas que se han iniciado en contra del gobierno salvadoreño por $200 millones por parte de las compañías mineras y los vínculos entre la política de comercio estadounidense y la minería metálica en Centroamérica. Una peligrosa amenaza esta siendo impuesta.

La calle es nuestra

Argentina, 20.10.2010 02:39

Un camino de encuentro en el que escribimos la historia en primera persona

A.L.F. Raids Oregon Deer Farm

Portland, 20.10.2010 00:39

In a communique received today by the Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for cutting fences and releasing an entire herd of deer from a farm in Molalla, Oregon. This is the second recorded deer liberation in the U.S. The first occurred in 2005, when the A.L.F. liberated an entire herd of deer from the GNK Deer Ranch in Monterey County, California.

This A.L.F. action is the first reported in Oregon since the July arson at the Ylipelto's Fur Farm, in which several pieces of equipment, a vehicle, and a building were set on fire. The full communique for this week's Oregon deer liberation is as follows:

"On the morning of October 9th, we raided a deer farm located at 32155 S Grimm Road in Molalla, OR. A large section of fencing was stripped away allowing the captive deer herd a chance to escape into the surrounding forest. The venison meat industry remains small in this country, but as long as they exploit sentient animals, they will remain a target of the ALF. For the animals enslaved, mutilated, and murdered by this society: we will be tearing down the fences to set them free. --Animal Liberation Front"

Portland High School Redesign -- Questions to Consider

Portland, 20.10.2010 00:39

uPortland has been rather quiet about the high school redesign issue. As of last evening, it was formally decided that Marshall High School (all three academies) in the struggling Lents neighborhood of Southeast Portland will be closed. Benson Polytechnic High School will become a smaller magnet school, although it will remain a four-year vocational high school.

Jefferson High School will become a focus school. The affected student communities and their families have been vocal. However, where was the rest of the Portland community? Were people silent because they did not have children in the schools? Did they not care because their children's schools were not targeted? It takes a village to raise a child. Where was the rest of the Portland village during the high school redesign process? Here are some questions to ponder as the high school redesign takes effect.... Your silence will not protect you (or yours).

We could learn a lot from Chile

Portland, 20.10.2010 00:39

Responding to disaster runs much more smoothly when done in the light of day. Like most people, I was riveted and inspired by the joyous rescue of the 33 Chilean miners yesterday. Yet I couldn't help but make some comparisons ... why didn't we have these guys cap the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico? Chile did everything right that the U.S. did wrong when it came to addressing disaster.

First of all, they accepted outside help. They had several contingency plans and there was actually a friendly competition between different firms as to who could drill the escape route first. This was all done in the light of day instead of like how BP did everything, including somehow enlisting the U.S. Coast Guard, to chase away anyone who might be so curious as to know what the hell they were doing to fix one of the worst environmental catastrophes in history.

In recent months, Chile has been exemplary in showing the importance of good preparation. Remember the earthquake they had earlier this year? It measured 8.8 on the Richter scale, 501 times stronger than the quake that devastated Haiti. Yet Haiti lost a quarter million people while Chile's death toll was in the hundreds. That shows how important building codes are. That's why you regulate companies instead of having them write the rule books for you. BP pretty much wrote their own regulations. See where that got us?

Crude Awakening Blockade

United Kingdom, 19.10.2010 21:10

On Saturday 16th October, Climate campaigners gave the Oil Industry a Crude Awakening, taking direct action against the industry for its role in exacerbating climate change, as well as its devastating impact on local communities and environments around the world. Three blocs starting from three different places, one mass action - "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty". 

Reflexión sobre el rol de los medios

Argentina, 19.10.2010 18:10

Monopólico Vs. Alternativo

UPR: Retención de ayudas estudiantiles

Puerto Rico, 19.10.2010 17:10

UPR: Denuncian retención arbitrárea y caprichosa de préstamos estudiantiles

Nueva marcha de los estudiantes | La Plata

Argentina, 19.10.2010 15:39

Los secundarios no dejan correr el tiempo

Evo Morales no practica lo que predica

Puerto Rico, 19.10.2010 15:11

Gobiernos progresistas siguen apostando al extractivismo

Nueva marcha de los estudiantes

Argentina, 19.10.2010 14:39

Los secundarios no dejan correr el tiempo

Sheffield Protests Against the Cuts

United Kingdom, 19.10.2010 13:09

On 23 Oct 2010, 12.30-3pm, the Yorkshire and Humber TUC are holding a Expenditure Cuts Protest In Sheffield at which Brendan Barber and Ed Milliband will be speaking. In addition to the leader of the Labour Party and the General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress, the rest of the platform at the protest will, no doubt, be filled with people who have, for years, failed to lead effective campaigns for public services under both Labour and Tory governments.

The Right to Work campaign, which was set up by the Socialist Workers Party, have called a feeder march from Sheffield University - meet outside Sheffield University Student Union 11.30am.

At the start of September there was a Sheffield Trades Council protest against Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem MP for Sheffield Hallam also outside the Town Hall.

Castor 2010 - Sie kommen nicht durch !

Germany, 19.10.2010 10:39

Statt endlich abzuschalten wollen die Energiekonzerne RWE, EON, Vattenfall und EnBW ihre Atomkraftwerke noch jahre- und jahrzehntelang weiter betreiben und täglich eine Million Euro für jedes Atomkraftwerk extra kassieren. Der Regierung und den Konzernen geht es nur um eins: Profite auf Kosten der Sicherheit. Doch jedes Atomkraftwerk ist eine Zeitbombe, und jedes Quäntchen Atommüll, das beim Weiterbetrieb anfällt, ist ein Gramm zu viel. Trotz massiver Sicherheitsdefizite will die Regierung Gorleben als Standort für ein Atommülllager durchsetzen.Deshalb ruft ein breites Bündnis aus Umweltorganisationen und Bürgerinitiativen, Parteien, Gewerkschaften, Kirchen sowie der Branche der Erneuerbaren Energie auf, mit Kind und Kegel am 6. November zur Kundgebung nach Dannenberg/Wendland (13 Uhr) zu kommen!

José María Korta en Huelga de Hambre por los Derechos Indigenas

Venezuela, 19.10.2010 05:37

José María Korta Expreso oportunamente las razones de mi decisión. En primer lugar debo decir que mis sentimientos son de una gran admiración a las expresiones orales que el Presidente Hugo Rafael Chávez expresa respecto a su política indigenista. Entre otras muchas palabras o discursos entresaco la siguiente:

Profile of Journalist and Talk Show Host Larry Bensky

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2010 03:39

Bensky has had a varied journalistic career, marked by his association with KPFA-FM in Berkeley, where he played many roles, including station manager. Best known as a talk show host, he is famous for anchoring the Iran Contra Hearings from Washington for the national Pacifica Network, for which he won the coveted George Polk award. Less well known is his early career in mainstream journalism, his activism against the Vietnam War, and his role in the struggle for People's Park in 1969.

Continúala lucha por una educación pública, laica y de calidad

Argentina, 19.10.2010 03:39

Estudiantes toman la Escuela de Trabajo Social de la UNC

La calle es nuestra

Argentina, 18.10.2010 17:09

Un camino de encuentro en el que escribimos la historia en primera persona

El juicio contra Sabino es montado por el Ministerio del Interior y Justicia

Venezuela, 18.10.2010 15:37

1. Desde el proceso de demarcación del hábitat y tierras de los pueblos Amerindios Barí y Yukpa (2004-2010) profundiza el Estado gobierno y los ganaderos de GADEMA la criminalización contra los defensores de los derechos de ambientales y de los pueblos indígenas Sabino Romero Izarra y Lusbi Portillo, coordinador de la ONG Sociedad Homo et Natura, aliado desde Mayo de 1985 de los pueblos indígenas en sus luchas por sus derechos territoriales.

Reflexión sobre el rol de los medios

Argentina, 18.10.2010 13:39

Un paso adelante

Baner Indy Cba

Argentina, 18.10.2010 13:39

Colégio Unificado apóia vivisecção e expulsa aluna

CMI Brasil, 18.10.2010 03:37


Abaixo do concreto está o Toren: 8 meses de resistência

CMI Brasil, 18.10.2010 03:37


After 35 Years Service to the LGBTQ Community, New Leaf Has Closed

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.10.2010 22:39

New Leaf, a 35-year-old San Francisco center that offered mental health and substance abuse services for low income, queer, and trans folks for the last 35 years, has closed.

Jueves de Río Piedras

Puerto Rico, 17.10.2010 21:40

Llega el Circo a los Jueves de Río Piedras

14-20 октября. Неделя солидарности с белорусскими активистами.

Belarus, 17.10.2010 21:37

С начала сентября продолжается беспрецендентное давление на социальных активистов в Беларуси. После попытки поджога российского посольства в ночь с 30 на 31 августа 2010 года и начала президентской предвыборной кампании около сотни активистов из разных городов: Гродно, Бреста, Гомеля, Минска, Солигорска прошли через беседы, допросы в КГБ, аресты, некоторые до сих пор остаются в заключении. Используя возможность задерживать без предъявления обвинения на 3 суток, власти снова и снова “перезадерживают” активистов каждые 3 суток. В общей сложности 13 человек провели под незаконным арестом уже 153 дня. Во время допросов и бесед активистов избивают, оказывают психологическое давление, не дают встречаться с родственниками, угрожают отчислением с мест учебы.

Лишь спустя месяц после ареста, 1 октября, Николаю Дедку придумали обвинение в участии в акции около ген. штаба Министерства Обороны по ст. 339 ч.2 — хулиганство (до 6 лет лишения свободы).
20 сентября Александру Францкевичу

Хроника текущих событий - октябрь

Belarus, 17.10.2010 21:37

Последнее обновление — среда, 6 октября 2010, 18:00

Денис Быстрик и Борис Ощепков после 6-ти суток задержания освобождены. Обвинения не предъявлялись.

Задержанный 3 сентября Николай Дедок с 24 сентября находится в СИЗО на Володарского. 1-го октября ему было предъявлено обвинение по ст.339 ч.2. об участии в акции возле Генштаба 19.09.2009. Примечательно, что с момента задержания до непосредственного ареста прошло 29 суток!
Николаю можно писать письма поддержки по адресу г. Минск, 220050, ул. Володарского д. 2, СИЗО-1, к.42, Дедку Николаю.

По имеющейся информации Александру Францкевичу 20 сентября предъявили официальное обвинение в совершении нападения на милицейский участок в Солигорске. Следователи не разрешают матери Александра встретиться с ним, предоставить свидание они согласны лишь в обмен на “ценные показания”.

Александра перевели в СИЗО на Володарского. Ему можно писать письма поддержки по адресу *г. Минск, 220050, ул.…

Photos-Anti-War Protest At Obama Boston Rally

Boston, 17.10.2010 21:09

Boston, MA.-Oct.16, 2010: Peace activists braved a cold, strong wind to bring their anti-war message to Pres. Obama.

Sentencia Juicio a los carceleros de la Unidad 9 | La Plata

Argentina, 17.10.2010 19:09

"Hoy hay juicio y condena"

Video and Report Back: October 9, 2010 Rally, March and Teach-In

Portland, 17.10.2010 18:39

Video and report back from the Portland Rally, March and Teach on October 9, 2010, commemorating the 9th year of the war and occupation in Afghanistan.
BR> Report Back by Peace and Justice Works
Thanks to all the hearty individuals who braved the rain and rallied in the South Park Blocks on Saturday, marching over an hour to our teach-in at PSU! I counted about 100 people in the park and between 100-150 marching down the park blocks, toward the waterfront, and back up Broadway. It was a spirited crowd who didn't let a little "Oregon sunshine" get in the way of getting out the message "Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation!"

The march went by a surprising number of pedestrians given the inclement weather. The No War Drum Corps kept a steady and upbeat pace as the "End Wars" banner made the 30-plus-block trek, stopping at the World Trade Center to denounce Wall Street's war on workers and the Oregonian building to call for "no more lies!"

[Related Videos on PIMC here]

The People Victorious!!! Diop Free!!! No Jail Time!!

DC, 17.10.2010 03:10

On October 13 the movement for social justice throughout the world won a critical victory for the democratic rights of African people, oppressed and freedom loving people everywhere when Diop Olugbala, International President of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), walked out of his sentencing hearing in a Philadelphia courtroom with two years probation. He could have been sentenced to up to ten years in prison.

ATENCION - Escuela Garzón Agulla

Argentina, 17.10.2010 01:09

ATENCION - Escuela Garzón Agulla

A Very Ecuadorian Coup

Ireland, 16.10.2010 22:09

Amid the hum of words spoken and written here ...


NYC, 16.10.2010 19:09

FREEHOLD, NJ - On July 29, 2010, Amit Bornstein, age 22 of Marlboro was arrested at his home by Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers on a bench warrant for failing to appear in Court for minor misdemeanor and traffic infractions. Seven hours later Correction Officers dropped Amit’s dead body at CentraState Hospital. Little is known about what happened while in custody, as surveillance tapes were seized by the Prosecutor’s Office and have not been released. Two months after Amit’s death, Sherriff Shaun Golden has yet to make any statement about the incident; now the Bornstein family is demanding accountability for the death of their son.

SchNEWS 743: Leicester Is More

United Kingdom, 16.10.2010 17:09

A thousand EDL supporters rampaged through the streets of Leicester on Saturday (9th), attacking locals, anti-fascists and police.

On the Newswire: 1

&quot;HOPE IN THE MIDDLE EAST&quot; - Kate Gould presents during UN Week @ SOU

Rogue Valley, 16.10.2010 06:40

Hello fine folk,

I'd love to have you attend--and/or let others know who may want to come--my talk on my 8 mo. in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza on Mon Oct 18th. This time the talk will be about my experiences in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories with a particular focus on my encounters with various UN agencies.

Of course, I particularly want you to come to *my* talk :) But it's just one of the presentations that is part of this year's UN week at SOU, and if you scroll down you can see the full schedule of exciting events below in the media release sent out by the SOU UN club.


Southern Oregon University - Ashland, Oregon
Meese Room (Rm. 305, 3rd floor of SOU/Hannon Library)
Refreshments served at 5:30, Presentation from 6-8 PM

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