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ONPRC Vivisectors Demoed at Their Homes

Portland, 27.10.2010 06:09

On Sunday evening, October 24th, approximately twenty compassionate animal rights activists from Portland Animal Defense League visited the homes of two of Oregon National Primate Research Center's (ONPRC) most notorious primate vivisectors. The demos ended a successful week of action in coordination with National Primate Liberation Week

Olympia Climate Activists Hang Banners Against Biomass

Portland, 27.10.2010 06:09

Olympia, WA - On October 25, activists from Olympia Rising Tide hung two banners at the Evergreen State College in opposition to a proposed biomass gasification facility. Olympia Rising Tide opposes biomass because it is a false solution to climate change and would lead to a massive resurgence of clear-cut logging in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere.

Olympia Rising Tide opposes biomass in solidarity with residents of Shelton, Port Townsend, Port Angelos, Forks, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Tacoma, who are also facing potential biomass facilities. We say no to biomass in Washington and no to biomass anywhere!

"Cutting down and burning our forests is not a solution to climate change," says Jo Lillian of Olympia Rising Tide. "Biomass is a greenwashed false solution that distracts from the real work that needs to occur to stop climate change and curb energy consumption, namely ending war and dismantling capitalism. Natural gas isn't a viable heating fuel either, but replacing one form of pollution and eco-destruction with another isn't progress."

To get involved, contact

The Demarest Factor: US Military Mapping of Indigenous Communities in Oaxaca, Mexico

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.10.2010 06:09

On Thursday, October 28th at 7pm will be a screening at the United Presbyterian Church in Watsonville of Simon Sedillo's new documentary, The Demarest Factor: US Military Mapping of Indigenous Communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. This film and workshop presentation discusses a recent investigation into U.S. military mapping of communally owned indigenous land in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Video: RNC 8 Case Concludes

United States, 27.10.2010 06:08

Today, October 25, was supposed to be the beginning of the trial of the RNC 8.  Originally facing terrorism charges under the first (and so far only) known use of the Minnesota PATRIOT Act, the eight anti-RNC organizers then faced four charges each before pressure on county attorney Susan Gaertner sent the terror enhancements packing.  In the end, Gaertner dropped charges against three of the eight completely, and in doing so found it easier to secure a final plea agreement on a lesser charge.

At the final hearing last Tuesday, supporters packed every seat available to them.  Afterwards--shown in this eight minute TCIMC/Chicago IMC video--the RNC 8 Defense Committee spoke to the media and supporters to wrap up the case, look back on the last two years, remember the reasons for resisting the 2008 RNC, and send a message to the Democratic National Committee, which is considering Minneapolis as the site of its 2012 spectacle.

Related: Blinded by The Law, by Steve Clemens | RNC 8 Events Still On | Community, Solidarity, Resistance | Nov. 5: COINTELPRO 101 Film Screening | read more

субъективное мнение простого пользрвателя независимых ресурсов

Belarus, 27.10.2010 06:07

уважаемые друзья и товарищи! информационная война между индимедией, революционным действием и прочими независимыми интернет-ресурсами перешла все границы. На одном сайте пишется новость, потом на другом сайте появляется её опровержение, на третьем обвиняют оба сайта во вранье, а на четвёртом вообще противоположные сведения. Потом вообще проводиться цензура и удаляются посты! В итоге мы имеем недосказанность с одной стороны, противоречия с другой и, честно говоря, вся эта канитель очень напоминает обычные СМИ: не знаешь кому верить, кто больше врёт и что скрывает.

Мы все, я думаю, понимаем, что из-за ситуации с репрессиями движение трещит по швам. Но времени с их начала прошло достаточно, пора бы уже прекратить истерику и лихорадку, и собраться! Неужели всем, кто вчера стоял в одной шеренге, а сегодня гавкают друг на друга по разные стороны забора, не понятно, что власти именно этого и добиваются? Что цель репрессий - посеять хаос и смуту, рассеять движ, который только-только начал…

Solidariedade da Rede contra a Violência com Deley de Acari

CMI Brasil, 27.10.2010 06:07



CMI Brasil, 27.10.2010 06:07


Aparecidos Políticos: os ex-sem-voto

CMI Brasil, 27.10.2010 06:07


Un paso más en la batalla

Argentina, 25.10.2010 06:09

El jueves entraria al parlamento el polémico proyecto de Ley

Artículo realizado por &quot;Lanzallamas&quot;

Argentina, 25.10.2010 02:39

El (nuevo) intento de reforma del Código


Venezuela, 24.10.2010 22:37

Audios en apoyo a la lucha de los pueblos yukpa y del Hermano José María Korta

Detienen a Pablo Díaz y Favale se entrego

Argentina, 24.10.2010 21:39

Urgente: Detienen a sospechosos del Asesinato de Mariano Ferreyra

Detienen a Pablo Díaz y Favale se entrego

Argentina, 24.10.2010 21:39

Urgente: Detienen a sospechosos del Asesinato de Mariano Ferreyra

Panelists Discuss Antiwar Movement Then and Now

Rochester, 24.10.2010 20:37

October 20, 2010 Writers and Books held a panel discussion Antiwar Activism Then and Now. The event was in conjunction with author Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carry. The panelists were Jack Bradigan-Spula, a 1969 graduate of Eastman Music School who served in the US Marine Corps after losing his student deferment. Since then he has been an activist and journalist in the peace, human rights and environmental movements. Spula currently is a professor at RIT. Steve Huff, the second panelist is also a professor at RIT as well as a poet and educational director at Writers and Books. Mara Ahmed, the third panelist is a documentary film maker originally from Lahore, Pakistan. Her film The Muslims I Know aired on public TV last year. Ahmed is now a US citizen and lives in Pittsford. The fourth panelist, Brian Lenzo, is one of the founding members of Rochester Against War. Lenzo also accompanied the July, 2009 Viva Palestina tour as a journalist. His writing can be found at the blog The Sitch ( and also in the International Socialist Organization's publication, Socialist Worker.

Un paso más en la batalla

Argentina, 24.10.2010 16:09

El jueves entraria al paralamento el polémico proyecto de Ley

Mark Kennedy/Stone exposed as undercover cop

United Kingdom, 24.10.2010 10:09

Mark Kennedy AKA Mark Stone, who lived in Nottingham, has been exposed as having worked as an undercover police officer and this has been confirmed by Nottingham Indymedia and endorsed by other activist groups.

From 2000 to at least the end of 2009, Mark Kennedy was a well-known face in the local activist community and was actively involved in various environmental, animal rights, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist groups and campaigns.

Investigations into his identity revealed evidence that he has been a police officer and a face-to-face confession has confirmed this. The people involved in confronting Mark and getting his confession from him make clear that for security reasons no more information can be made public at this stage.

Activist Security Advice: Infiltrators, Informers and Grasses how, why and what to do if your group is targeted (PDF) from | Informants, Infiltrators & Provocateurs from

Related Infiltration Articles: Heathrow Protesters Uncover Spy Plot | Indymedia and British Intelligence Services | Police caught on tape trying to recruit protester as spy | Antifa Statement on Police Informant Matthew Gibbons | NZ: The beauty of hindsight - police informant caught after 10 years | Undercover policeman reveals how he infiltrated UK's violent activists | Observer exposes police spy in the Socialist Party

Aplicación de Pena de Muerte en PR

Puerto Rico, 24.10.2010 03:40

Advierten que Fiscalía Federal busca ejecutar personas

Students Confront Chancellor/Kick Off New Mascot Now! Weekend

United States, 24.10.2010 02:07

About 50 people met outside Swanlund Administration Building on Friday, Oct. 22, at noon. A group calling itself “Students for a United Illinois,” made up of 19 different local organizations, is holding a series of events this weekend to protest a pro-Chief rally this homecoming weekend and pressure the University of Illinois administration for a new mascot. They are holding a counter-demonstration outside of Assembly Hall on Saturday at 5 p.m. and an after-party at ARC.

Despite a letter sent to Students for Chief Illiniwek by University of Illinois lawyers asking the group to “cease and desist” from using the school’s symbol, the so-called “Next Dance” is still going on. They were holding the event at Assembly Hall “for the children,” they said. Early reports are that ticket sales have been low.


Argentina, 23.10.2010 23:39

SanCor: corte total, cruce de declaraciones y tregua hasta el lunes


Argentina, 23.10.2010 23:39

SanCor: corte total, cruce de declaraciones y tregua hasta el lunes

Portland Lecture with Campaign Finance Reform Expert and Founder of Fix Congress First

Portland, 23.10.2010 20:09

Lawrence Lessig, founder of Fix Congress First, professor at Harvard Law School, and acclaimed campaign finance expert, is coming to Portland next week.

Lawrence Lessig, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fix Congress First is currently the Director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, and a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Prior to returning to Harvard, he was a professor at Stanford Law School, where he founded the school's Center for Internet and Society, and at the University of Chicago. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. His current academic work on "institutional corruption" (relationships that are legal, even currently ethical, but that weaken public trust in our institutions) led to his founding of Fix Congress First in April, 2008. Additionally, he has worked as a columnist for Wired, Red Herring, The Industry Standard and The Huffington Post.

Thursday, October 28th, First Unitarian Church (1011 SW 13th Avenue) in Portland. Doors open at 6:30pm and the event begins at 6:45pm.
Sliding scale entrance fee $5-$25 (nobody will be turned away for lack of funds)

*Proceeds will benefit the Voter-Owned Elections (Yes on 26-108) campaign and are not tax deductible for income purposes

Oregon doctors support Measure 74

Portland, 23.10.2010 20:09

Solicitation for support of Oregon's Measure 74 (medical marijuana dispensary regulation) Happy Friday, Beaver Staters! What are your weekend plans? How about voting YES on Measure 74 and submitting those ballots! Many leading Oregonians have spoken out in support of Measure 74, including several physicians. Doctors Frances J. Storrs, Peter Goodwin, Glenn M. Gordon, John Pearson, Nancy Crumpacker, Philip Newman, Susan Katz, and James P. Scott all agree that "Measure 74 will enhance the care and well-being of thousands of seriously ill patients. It will reduce pain and suffering and improve quality of life."

In effect, Measure 74 will provide both doctors and patients better information and better treatment options. It is crucial that we pass this compassionate measure in Oregon. The most important thing you can do now is VOTE! If you are registered to vote and have not yet received your ballot, call your county elections office right away. Please voice your support for Measure 74 in any way you can -- forward this message to a friend or two or post about it on your social networking sites. Have a great weekend, and remember to VOTE YES on 74!

Marijuana Policy Project

Photos of Obama protest on 10-20

Portland, 23.10.2010 20:09

Photos of the hardy 50+ who bravely stood their ground against over 100 right-wing Tea Party or re-packaged Americans For Prosperity protestors and over 5,000 Obama supporters. Also photos of the right wingers to show how utterly confused and misled they are, in spite of their real anger/grievances. Sometimes, you don't know whether to laugh or weep! What will it take for ordinary Americans to wake up and stop being conned/manipulated by the elites and their pundits.

Well, there were over 5,000 Obama supporters, 100 right wing Tea Party/Americans for Prosperity, and 50 of us at the protest two days ago when Obama came to town to stump for Kitzhaber. But the progressive activists from Veterans for Peace, PCASC, SUPER, ISO, immigrant rights groups and others bravely stood their ground in spite of their small numbers, and did their best to get their message out. No more wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan, no more corporate giveaways and bailouts, Money for jobs and education, and no more voting for the two-party con men, Democrats and Republicans, soaking in corporate money and corruption. If we want real change, we've got to do it ourselves, not depend on politicians, leaders and cheerleaders. Look at what the French students and workers are doing right now to fight back against the cutbacks and attacks on them by the ruling elites. Strike, Blockade, Sabotage! Enough said!


Argentina, 23.10.2010 17:39

Contra la creciente represión a los sectores más desprotegidos y oprimidos


Argentina, 23.10.2010 17:09

Contra la creciente represión a los sectores más desprotegidos y oprimidos

G4S guards accused of killing deportee

United Kingdom, 23.10.2010 16:09

Three G4S security guards are accused of causing the death of Jimmy Mubenga, who died during his forcible deportation on a British Airways flight to Angola on 12th October. Eye witnesses told the Guardian how the 46-year-old man was being "heavily restrained by security guards and had complained of breathing problems before he collapsed." The three men have since been questioned by police and bailed until December pending further inquires.

In response to the government's deafening silence, on 15th October activists from South London plastered the area from Elephant and Castle to Peckham with posters holding witness statements and other info about Jimmy's murder.

From the Newswire: Group 4 murder Angolan migrant during deportation | Unacceptable death of Jimmy Mubenga | Jimmy Mubenga posters in South London | Dover detainees demand 'proper investigation' | The Angolan death on BA77 at Heathrow

ACLU-PA Defends Immigrants’ Right to Drive

United States, 23.10.2010 13:37

ACLU-PA representing six immigrants in their fight to keep their driver's licenses.

In 2009 the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) attempted to revoke the licenses because the individuals used tax identification numbers instead of Social Security numbers in their applications. Pennsylvania law does not require non-citizens to have a Social Security number to obtain a license.

SchNEWS 744: To The Manor Osbourne

United Kingdom, 23.10.2010 09:09

Thousands have marched, a government department has been broken into, and a Scottish branch of Lloyds TSB has been occupied by pissed-off pensioners...It must be the (OK, somewhat quiet compared to France) start of the anti-cuts revolt!

On the Newswire: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


CMI Brasil, 23.10.2010 04:38


Massive Banner Hang Against Vivisection

Portland, 23.10.2010 03:38

October 22nd, 2010

Portland, OR- In the early morning of October 22nd, activists hung a
massive banner over the Willamette River that read, "OHSU: Stop Killing
Monkeys Now!" The action was done in solidarity with National Primate
Liberation Week. For more information on NPLW:

reclamaron castigo a los responsables materiales y políticos del asesinato de Mariano Ferreyra

Argentina, 23.10.2010 02:39

Más de 60.000 personas marcharon a Plaza de Mayo

Más de 60.000 personas marcharon a Plaza de Mayo

Argentina, 23.10.2010 02:39

Marchas en todo el país en repudio del asesinato de Mariano Ferreyra


CMI Brasil, 23.10.2010 02:37


Trial of police charged in 2006 shooting begins

United States, 22.10.2010 23:38

Four years after the shooting of Minneapolis resident Dominic Felder, the wrongful death trial of police officers Jason King and Lawrence Loonsfoot began this week in federal court in Minneapolis. Attorneys for the officers say that they acted correctly in the shooting of the 27-year-old African-American father of two.  Felder, who suffered from an unspecified mental illness, experienced a paranoid episode on the night of September 20, 2006.  His family called 911 for help, explaining to police that Felder was mentally ill.

Felder had threatened neighbors and had apparently broken one neighbor’s window--a frightening situation for everyone.  Felder’s parter and the mother of his two children, Tiana Wilson, repeatedly told police that the short, slight 27-year-old was delusional and not in control of himself.  Felder ran away from police but turned and walked back to them, lifting his shirt to show that he was unarmed.  Police allege that he grabbed for a police officer’s gun--then they shot him dead in front of his partner.

The trial coincides with the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality Friday. read more | | | 022 Advance Coverage: Indybay | Houston IMC

Building Bridges Radio: Black Farmers Speakout for Justice with Alice Walker

NYC, 22.10.2010 22:09

It’s been more than a decade since Black farmers filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, because of decades of discrimination. Thousands of farmers have not yet had their day in court or been allowed to file a claim even though the second phase of the suit (known as Pigford v Vilsack) was settled in February 2010. The reason for this is that Congress has not provided the $1.25 billion for farmers, who through no fault of their own, suffered discrimination from the same government that now denies them relief.

Ocupaciones de Sociales y Educación

Puerto Rico, 22.10.2010 08:40

UPR: Estudiantes ocupan facultades de Sociales y Educación


Argentina, 22.10.2010 07:09

Masivo repudio a la violencia de la patota sindical

Four SCPD Officers Issue Citation to Woman for Spitting

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.10.2010 07:09

On the night of October 20th, four Santa Cruz Police Department officers ticketed a woman for spitting on Pacific Avenue. No warning was given, and she was issued a ticket for nothing more than spitting. However, the municipal code states that a person is violating 9.50.02 "after having been notified by a police officer, public officer or downtown host that he or she is in violation of the prohibition."

October 22-23 Days of Action Against Police Brutality

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.10.2010 23:10

Marches, rallies and vigils around Northern California will mark the days of action against police brutality on October 22nd and 23rd. On Saturday, the ILWU will shut down the Bay Area ports to join a Justice for Oscar Grant Rally in downtown Oakland. In Eureka, organizers have announced two days of marches and rallies.

¡Basta de impunidad!

Argentina, 21.10.2010 18:10

Marcha en repudio al asesinato de Mariano Ferreyra


Argentina, 21.10.2010 16:09

Repudio al asesinato de Mariano Ferreyra

Jornada nacional

Argentina, 21.10.2010 14:39

Paros, cortes y marchas para repudiar la muerte de Mariano Ferreira

Jornada nacional

Argentina, 21.10.2010 14:39

Paros, cortes y marchas para repudiar la muerte de Mariano Ferreira

Asesinato de Mariano Ferreyra

Argentina, 21.10.2010 12:09

Salidaridad y reclamo

Masacre de Río Piedras

Puerto Rico, 21.10.2010 04:40

Breve Historia de los sucesos del 24 de octubre de 1935: Masacre de Río Piedras

RPD Surveillance of Picket Raises Concerns

Rochester, 21.10.2010 03:37

On Saturday, October 16, 2010, members of the Community Education Task Force and anti-mayoral control allies picketed the Monroe County Democratic Committee on University Ave. in order to demonstrate their unequivocal disapproval of the Duffy-Morelle-Gantt-Cuomo-led and continued efforts to push mayoral control of the Rochester City School District down the throats of the people.

The picket was being taped by the Rochester Police Department, which prompted a discussion between RPD Sergeant Charles Zlotkus and Picketers about the RPD Policy of video taping People attending protests in Rochester. Video

Environmental Group Pulls Political Prank with Hoax

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2010 23:40

Environmental activists at San Francisco-based Rainforest Action Network (R.A.N.) pulled off an elaborate hoax on San Ramon-headquartered Chevron on Monday. Together with spoof specialists The Yes Men, R.A.N. created a look alike web site mocking Chevron's new "We Agree" advertising campaign. The political prank included phony press releases and a slogan attributed to Chevron "We Agree: Oil companies should clean up their messes."

Premio de Ana Elisa de GAIA

Puerto Rico, 20.10.2010 22:40

Joven puertorriqueña gana Premio Ambiental a nivel federal


Argentina, 20.10.2010 21:10

Comenzaron las testimoniales


Argentina, 20.10.2010 21:10

La lucha medioambiental en Puerto General San Martín

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