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Allanamientos Intimidaciones y Gatillo Fácil

Argentina, 03.11.2010 02:17

Maldita Policía

Ejecución de Ashtiani

Puerto Rico, 02.11.2010 22:49

Repudian la inminente ejecución por lapidación de Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Huerto de Capetillo

Puerto Rico, 02.11.2010 18:19

Las nuevas cosechas de Río Piedras

banner estudiantazo 10

Argentina, 02.11.2010 13:17

banner estudiantazo 10

Scioli vuelve a la carga

Argentina, 02.11.2010 13:17

Actividades en contra del nuevo código contravencional

Anti-cuts Actions against Vodafone stores across the UK

United Kingdom, 02.11.2010 12:47

A series of sit-in actions and blockades last weekend managed to close down at least 21 Vodafone stores across the UK. Bringing a new generation of protest out onto the High Streets in full view of the public, gathering much support, people could see that direct action was effective and we would not sit back and take the cuts.

See upcoming actions and meetings this week.

In London around 100 people gathered at Speakers Corner before splitting into groups to target Vodafone stores. It didn't take long with the first store closing with the arrival of the protestors and by half twelve all three stores on Oxford St were shut down [report 2, 3] Up to 5 were closed during the day, including Brixton [report]. It's a similar story in other places where stores were closed ahead of planned direct action and protests or when demonstrators arrived.

In Glasgow people started early with the store in Buchanan St. Other shut downs include two in York, two in Liverpool, Leicester, Manchester, Bristol [2] [3], Birmingham, Hastings, Oxford [2] and two in Brighton where police made several arrests.

See previous coverage: First Action Report Oct 27th | Leeds Oct 28th | Related Cuts News Plus: Follow: | Live Blog and Archive

Audiencia pública en Uspallata

Argentina, 02.11.2010 03:45

Mendoza dijo no al proyecto San Jorge

Audiencia pública en Uspallata

Argentina, 02.11.2010 03:45

Mendoza dijo no al proyecto San Jorge

ACAB and Oscar Grant

Houston, 02.11.2010 02:15

All Communities Against Brutality organize and agitate against Police Brutality

Demos, a banner drop and a takeover - this month’s Anti-Cuts Campaign

United Kingdom, 01.11.2010 23:15

Oxford's anti-cuts campaign, a network of service users, unions and student groups, rapidly mobilised an escalating succession of protests in the last two weeks against the planned demolition of the welfare state by the ConDem government.

About 200 people rallied during a day of action against the cuts in Bonn Square on 20th Oct, coinciding with the release of the Comprehensive Spending Review. There were speeches and several people gave us their reactions to the cuts. That same morning, activists dropped a banner on Carfax Tower.

The Oxford Education Campaign, a group of hundreds of Oxford and Oxford Brookes students mobilising independently of their student unions, organised over 1000 protesters to march on the day of Vince Cable’s (Government Business Secretary) scheduled visit (28th Oct). Vince Cable embarrassingly cancelled his talk, but the march occurred as planned and police cordons were broken several times.

Within 48 hours of the education march, the local Vodafone shop on Cornmarket was taken over by 30 protesters as part of a national action against the company, in which over 21 shops were occupied around the UK, for its widely reported £6bn tax evasion.

Throughout the month, the Oxford Save Our Services campaign spoke to the BBC, ITV, and others about the prospect of losing their services. SOS also leafleted in central and East Oxford and engaged with the community about the cuts.

Next steps

  • The National Union of Students will march in London on 10th Nov. Over 7000 students and supporters from around the country are expected to attend.
  • The Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance has called a meeting on 16th Nov, "United Against the Cuts" at Oxford Town Hall at 7.30pm.
  • Nick Clegg will be in town on 17th Nov, to speak at the Oxford Union; if he doesn’t cancel then his presence is likely to galvanise thousands of activists in the region.

[ Bonn Sq rally: 1 | 2 | 3 | demotix ] [ banner drop ] [ education demo: 1 | 2 | 3 elsewhere: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]
[ vodafone demo: 1 | 2 | elsewhere ] [ Save Our Services | Oxford Education Campaign | UK Uncut ]

Local Politics/ Issues not discussed

DC, 01.11.2010 22:18

Ingerview with Green Party candidate and Local Journalist Pete Tucker to discuss local elections

Direct action protest leaves Harney seeing red in Cherry Orchard

Ireland, 01.11.2010 21:45

Oppose December's Blood Budget éirígí activist ...

1% Network Find The Pot Of Gold On Shewsbury Road

Ireland, 01.11.2010 21:45

A larger than expected crowd turned out for la ...

Asesinato de Brad Will sigue impune

Puerto Rico, 01.11.2010 20:48

A cuatro años del asesinato de Brad Will

Local Groups Fight Voter Suppression in Fresno County

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.11.2010 19:48

In a dramatic "October Surprise" that community activists say is certain to decrease voter turnout in Fresno County, 200 out of the normal 400 polling places have been closed. Hardest hit is southwest Fresno, which is predominantly African American and Latino, where activists say that 75% of polling places have been eliminated. Sabina Gonzalez, who is the campaign director for Communities for a New California, says some residents in SW Fresno will be forced to walk over 2 miles to find a polling place that is open.

Ontruiming Konigin Wilhelminalaan 7

Netherlands, 01.11.2010 17:15

Koningin Wilhelminalaan 7 wordt op dit moment ontruimd. Politie heeft het pand afgezet en BraTra is inmiddels binnen. Iedereen wordt opgeroepen om te komen steunen.

Updates op twitter:

Hacia la Asamblea de Estudiantes UPR

Puerto Rico, 01.11.2010 16:17

UPR: A dejar las pestañas compañeros(as)

Polícia está tentando despejar famílias que ocuparam prédio do INSS nesta madrufada no Rio

Brasil, 01.11.2010 12:48

Rio de Janeiro

Peregrinación Grace 2010 - Esperanza para Colombia. CDP San José / Comunidad Tamera / Fund. GRACE

Colombia, 01.11.2010 03:45

Peregrinación Grace 2010 - Esperanza para Colombia. CDP San José / Comunidad Tamera / Fund. GRACE

El viernes por la madrugada las autoridades cerraron el establecimiento

Argentina, 01.11.2010 01:17

Estudiantes de comunicación garantizan el funcionamiento de la ECI

Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear - Interviews - Open with the Dragon

DC, 31.10.2010 21:20

Abraxas the magical Golden Dragon parades down Pennsylvania Avenue carrying Sixty gyrating Samurais seeking Sanity followed by thousands. Then rally participants are questioned about the meaning behind their hand-drawn rally posters and banners. Many talk about the polarization of extremes leading to the degeneration of political discourse in the United States while others blame the Republican Party and the Tea Party Movement for the disintegration. Video

Homenagem a Carlos Pronzato: A realidade Através de Suas Lentes

Brasil, 31.10.2010 20:45


Leegstaand kantoor in Utrecht gekraakt

Netherlands, 31.10.2010 15:17

Vandaag heeft een groep woningzoekenden bezit genomen van het oude KPN gebouw in Utrecht. Het pand staat, na een ontruiming vanwege brandveiligheid, alweer ruim een jaar leeg. “Met deze actie willen we laten zien dat kraken nog altijd noodzakelijk is.” aldus kraker Rogier: “Het alternatief werkt niet; de gemeente is verantwoordelijk voor deze leegstand.”

60 aniversario de la Revolución de Jayuya

Puerto Rico, 31.10.2010 14:49

A 60 años de la Insurrección Nacionalista en Puerto Rico

A 4 años del asesinato de Brad Will integrante de Indymedia Nueva York

Argentina, 30.10.2010 23:16

¡Juticia! ¡Justicia! ¡Justicia!

Jailed Chicago videographer Gregory Koger is out on bond

Chicago, 30.10.2010 23:16

From the newswire: "The Appellate Court of Illinois has granted Gregory Koger’s motion for bond pending appeal, and Gregory was released from the Cook County Jail! In accepting the motion, the Court acknowledges the fact that Gregory is not a flight risk, that he is not a 'danger to the community,' and furthermore that his appeal raises substantial questions of law or fact 'likely to result in reversal or a new trial'.

"Jed Stone, who is representing Gregory on the appeal, said, 'I am encouraged by the court's decision to release Greg on bond. It is a clear indication that his appeal has merit. This appeal speaks to the importance of people to gather in protest. It is an appeal to protect our rights to videotape and speak out. And it is an appeal to protect us from police aggression and over reaching. I look forward to presenting these claims to the appellate court.'" Read more

Additional coverage: CIMC feature: Chicago videographer Gregory Koger found guilty on three counts from attempted video recording | | WHPK interview with Shirlee Rubenstein about the Gregory Koger case

Free Taita Juan

Houston, 30.10.2010 22:47

Free Taita Juan - Indigenous Leader Detained in Houston

O22 report back

Houston, 30.10.2010 21:17

Houston We Have LIFT OFF - Report Back From O22

SchNEWS 745: Serious Organised Crime

United Kingdom, 30.10.2010 07:46

The six defendants in the second SHAC trial were hammered with vicious sentences this week. The harshest sentence was the six years handed down to 53 year old Sarah Whitehead. Sentences for the other defendants Tom Harris. Nicole Vosper, Jason Mullan, Nicola Tapping and Alfie Fitzpatrick ranged from a two year suspended sentence for the youngest, Alfie, to three and a half years for Nicole Vosper. All the defendants also copped lengthy ASBOs, which will prevent them from any further participation in animal rights activism.

On the Newswire:

In SchNEWS: 581 | 586 | 616 | 630 | 652 | 660 | 663 | 666 | 667 | 688 | 738

Links: | |

Callout to Defend Huntingdon Lane!

United Kingdom, 29.10.2010 20:47

There has been a callout on the newswire to defend the Huntingdon Lane protest camp. The coal protest camp based at the foot of the Wrekin near Telford in Shropshire is resisting attempts by UK Coal to destroy an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. UK Coal plans to extract 900,000 tonnes of poor quality coal, in a huge open cast operation over the next few years. The plans include destroying parts of an ancient woodland and will be responsible for a minimum of 1,500,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

The Huntingdon Lane protest camp has been preparing since March, digging tunnels and constructing defences. The National Eviction Team now appears to be maintaining a continuous presence on part of the site. The National Eviction Team have already cleared an unoccupied part of the camp. Support is urgently needed to defend the main camp. Defend Huntingdon Lane protest camp are encouraging any concerned individuals to pay a visit to camp whether it be to stay on, help out with defences, leave a donation or lend their moral support. Food and supplies to take underground would be very useful.

Links: Defend Huntington Lane: Photo report and call-out (Part 1) | Defend Huntington Lane: Photo report and call-out (Part 2) | Defend Huntingdon Lane

Previous feature: Don't Wreck The Wrekin

Building Bridges Radio: NYPD Doctors Crime Stats

NYC, 29.10.2010 19:15

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

Asamblea Interestudiantil

Argentina, 29.10.2010 17:47

Asamblea Interestudiantil

banner proy del doc &quot;a cielo abierto&quot;

Argentina, 29.10.2010 17:17

banner proy del doc "a cielo abierto

Miami Music Festival Nov 11-14th

Miami, 29.10.2010 15:10

Miami Music Festival Nov 11-14th

Chevron Gas Stations Site of Anti-Prop 26 Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.10.2010 14:47

Protests in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Berkeley at Chevron gas stations will feature handmade "No on 26" placards, as environmental activists redouble their efforts to defeat the initiative they are calling a "stealth" proposition.

Restore Sanity Rally Dragon Abraxas Behind the Scenes Look

DC, 29.10.2010 12:18

Before the main Colbert and Stewart rallies start, join the Washington Peace center, don your favorite costume and march through DC with The Abraxas, a 50 ft golden dragon, 10,000 watt sound system and rode by sixty samurai wielding nuclear weapons. Rumors are that electronic music icon MIA and/or Michael Franti will be performing on the dragon as it slowly drives towards the National Mall. You won't want to miss this Woodstock moment! Glenn Beck Top This! Video

verzamelpost EDL-demo amsterdam

Netherlands, 29.10.2010 12:17

zodat niet de hele rechterbalk vol met EDL-posts staat, en om te zorgen dat wel alle posts over dit onderwerp vindbaar zijn, hebben wij deze geruisd, en hier gelinkt.

* [Antifa!-A*dam] Zaterdag 30-10 in Amsterdam: Be there!
* Meetingpoint voor onbekenden
* EDL wil kort geding aanspannen om museumplein
* AFCA roept op tot TEGEN DEMO aanstaande ZATERDAG!
* Arrestantengroep voor zaterdag 30 oktober in Amsterdam
* Antifa!-Amsterdam: update zaterdag 30 oktober.
* de vrienden van DDL woordvoerder Bert Jansen
* persbericht Antifa-A'dam nav beslissing burgemeester
* EDL demo wordt verplaats naar Westelijk Havengebied


Argentina, 29.10.2010 10:17

Patota de la UOCRA atacó a empleados de comercio y militantes del Partido Obrero


Argentina, 29.10.2010 10:17

Patota de la UOCRA atacó a empleados de comercio y militantes del Partido Obrero

Proyecto 2982 de la Cámara

Puerto Rico, 29.10.2010 05:10

Exigen se reevalúe proyecto para mujeres sobrevivientes de violencia doméstica

Mini documentary about activists shutting down oil refinery in Britian

Portland, 28.10.2010 23:38

This is small documentary about a project called "Crude Awakening" which was about shutting down an oil refinery.

The participants succeeded in shutting it down by using flash mobs. The activists there have also created some new ideas in claiming public space, namely in using bamboo tripods. I think this is fitting given that BP is located in Britain.

Also National Geographic had an article about the oil spill in the gulf this month worth reading. It compares it to the Ixtoc oil spill in Mexico and states that they are still able to find oil tar in the region where Ixtoc happened in 1979. The information there gives no such a pretty picture about the future of the gulf region after Deep Water.

Miami Music Festival Nov 11-14th

Miami, 28.10.2010 23:37

Miami Music Festival Nov 11-14th

Miami Music festival Nov 11-14th

Miami, 28.10.2010 23:37

Miami Music festival Nov 11-14th

Provincia construye cárcel al lado de escuela

Argentina, 28.10.2010 18:39

Por políticas de educación frente a las de seguridad

Is there a civil right to examine DNA evidence before you are executed?

DC, 28.10.2010 17:10

On October 13th, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Skinner v. Switzer. Hank Skinner, convicted in a triple homicide and facing a death sentence in Texas, wants access to DNA evidence from the crime scene. The court will determine if Skinner's request for DNA evidence is properly filed as a civil rights suit or must be filed as a petition for habeas corpus.

Boston Anarchist Potluck, Tuesday at 7pm

Boston, 28.10.2010 17:09

Come to the Lucy Parsons Center at 549 Columbus Ave, Boston, for this month's anarchist potluck. Bring a dish and friends to discuss ideas for movement building and to meet new people.

1 mes de lucha contra la 8113

Argentina, 28.10.2010 13:39

Заявление друзей задержанных анархистов 6 сентября

Belarus, 28.10.2010 12:37


Рано утром 3 сентября 2010 года сотрудниками КГБ Республики Беларусь и милиции были арестованы несколько человек, подозреваемых в причастности к инциденту с российским посольством в Минске 30 августа. По форме задержание напоминало похищение, так как о задержании правоохранительными органами не было сделано никакого заяления и долгое время друзья и родственники задержанных не имели никакого представления о том, где эти люди находятся.

Впоследствии стало известно, что задержанных допрашивают в Минском изоляторе на Окрестина.

Сегодня истекли 72 часа, положенные по законам Беларуси для того, чтобы задержанных или отпустили или предъявили им обвинение.

*Сегодня никого из задержанных не отпустили. Несмотря на то, что обвинения так никому и не были предъявлены, заключение продлили еще на трое суток. В изоляторе на Окрестина находятся семеро наших друзей: Игорь Богачек, Валерия Хотина, Сергей Слюсар, Николай Дедок, Алексей Жингеровский, Александр Францкевич и…

UPDATE: Two More UNO Students Arrested Amidst Mid-Year Budget Cuts

New Orleans, 28.10.2010 04:10

UPDATE: Two More UNO Students Arrested Amidst Mid-Year Budget Cuts

Estudiantes rechazan el apoyo de la UNC al proyecto de Ley provincial

Argentina, 28.10.2010 01:39

Incidentes en el rectorado de la UNC

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