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Argentina, 12.11.2010 02:48

La “Causa de los Trabajadores” del Cordón Industrial

Desaparecimento Forçado: uma realidade na Colômbia

Brasil, 12.11.2010 00:45


Uribe Served Subpoena by Georgetown Students

DC, 11.11.2010 22:19

Last week, students at Georgetown University in Washington, DC succeeded in serving Colombia's ex-president Álvaro Uribe with a subpoena to testify about paramilitary ties in Colombia. The Adios Uribe Coalition has campaigned since September to get Georgetown to drop Uribe as a 'Distinguished Scholar'. Following a rally at Georgetown's Red Square of over 100 students, teacher and activists, Charity Ryerson, former SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience (serving 6 months in a federal prison in 2003) and current Georgetown law student Charity Ryerson served Álvaro Uribe with a subpoena, directing him to testify under oath in a case against Drummond Mining Company. Victory for Justice for Colombia!

Video: Protect Salmon AND Sea Lions

Portland, 11.11.2010 17:45

Today, November 10, 2010, Portland In Defense of Animals called for a demonstration at the Lloyd Center Double Tree to protest a meeting of the Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force, who will make a recommendation to continue, change, or end the program of killings sea lions.

Protect Salmon and Sea Lions

Matt Rossell of Portland In Defense of Animals gives the many reasons why this practice must end. He explains that the project is a failure, as more sea lions are arriving to take the place of those who are killed.

In the past three years this program has been responsible for the removal of 40 sea lions and the government's own data suggests that the program is not working to protect endangered Spring salmon runs.

According to Rossell, it's not the sea lions predation that is endangering the salmon runs, but the human predation. As one sign at the demonstrations declares, "sea lions are only 4% of the problem."

Protest against sea lion killings

Portland, 11.11.2010 17:45

Organised by In Defence of Animals, protesters gathered at the Double Tree hotel in NE Portland where the the Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force met. California sea lions have been targeted for simply eating fish. Portland, OR, USA, 10/11/2010.

The Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force is reviewing data collected over the past three years in order to provide recommendations on whether to continue the program of executing the California sea lions or not.

As predicted, supported by evidence, new sea lions replace those that are killed making the program ineffective.

Matt Rossell, Northwest Director of the IDA (In Defence of Animals) explained how the sea lions are protected under section 120 of the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) which "prohibits the "take" (harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect, or attempt to harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect) of marine mammals in U.S. waters and by U.S. citizens on the high seas, and the importation of marine mammals and marine mammal products into the U.S."

Only a small percentage of salmon are eaten in the run below the Boneville Dam on the Colombia River to the east of Portland.

judiciales y asoma

Argentina, 11.11.2010 16:17

Ultimo momento

Argentina, 11.11.2010 14:17

El día llegó

Argentina, 11.11.2010 14:17

Se trata el polémico proyecto de Ley de reforma de la 8113

Se viene el cospelazo

Argentina, 11.11.2010 14:17

El aparato represivo estatal garantizará el aumento

Richard Shapiro Banned From India For Academic Work On Kashmir

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.11.2010 13:48

On Monday, November 8th, at 11 am, a group of more than 50 protested at San Francisco Consulate General of India against India's banning of Richard Shapiro. Statements were read attesting to the violations perpetrated by the indefinite ban placed on Professor Shapiro's travel to India and called for its revocation. Since 2006, Shapiro has regularly traveled to Kashmir, and interacted with various human rights defenders, scholars, and youth to bear witness and to learn from their experiences. When academics, writers, and journalists are banned, such actions speak to the intent of the Indian State in maintaining impunity, and in deliberately isolating Kashmiris from the world and the world from Kashmiris.

El aparato represivo estatal garantizará el aumento

Argentina, 11.11.2010 13:47

Se viene el cospelazo

Respuesta a Ygrí sobre beca

Puerto Rico, 11.11.2010 13:19

La Beca Pell no es suficiente para pagar la cuota en la UPR


Brasil, 11.11.2010 12:15


11 listopada: relacja na żywo

Poland, 10.11.2010 23:49

Trwają przygotowania do dzisiejszych akcji antyfaszystowskich. O ich przebiegu będziemy informować na bieżąco. W poniższym linku najważniejsze informacje od organizatorów: ważne informacje

Korean Free Trade Agreement on TV in Southern Oregon

Rogue Valley, 10.11.2010 22:19

The biggest free trade agreement since NAFTA in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression!!???

Watch this informative television show available on cable TV throughout Josephine and Jackson Counties

Wednesdays 6PM Nov. 10, Repeats Nov. 17
RVTV Cable Ch. 15


Argentina, 10.11.2010 22:17

Movilización por Mariano Ferreyra

banner niño megaf

Argentina, 10.11.2010 21:47

banner niño megaf


Argentina, 10.11.2010 21:47

Movilización por Mariano Ferreyra

10:10:10 и маркетинг, манипуляции и статус кво.

Belarus, 10.11.2010 20:38

Ниже представлен перевод статьи Кори Морнингстара и Грегори Викрей о текущем состоянии глобального экологического движения.

Находясь перед бездной апокалипсиса, мы должны очнуться и осознать, что то, о чем большие зеленые умалчивают, куда важнее нежели то, что они говорят. Отрывки из новой спорной книги выходящей в 2010-2011. Статья – одна из серии, мы обсуждаем связь между экологическими кампаниями и их корпоративными спонсорами.

10:10:10 и маркетинг, манипуляции и статус кво.

Belarus, 10.11.2010 19:08

Ниже представлен перевод статьи Кори Морнингстара и Грегори Викрей о текущем состоянии глобального экологического движения.

Находясь перед бездной апокалипсиса, мы должны очнуться и осознать, что то, о чем большие зеленые умалчивают, куда важнее нежели то, что они говорят. Отрывки из новой спорной книги выходящей в 2010-2011. Статья – одна из серии, мы обсуждаем связь между экологическими кампаниями и их корпоративными спонсорами.

UPR: Asamblea en Centro de Convenciones

Puerto Rico, 10.11.2010 18:49

UPR: Dilatan asamblea y la recesan hasta mañana

Earth First! Protests Hydrofracking with Guerrilla Theather &quot;Dump-in&quot;

Rochester, 10.11.2010 17:40

Imagine what would happen if you dumped a barrel of toxic chemicals in or around the drinking supply for hundreds of thousands of people. Of course, you'd be arrested, heavily fined, and prosecuted. In addition, you'd likely be marked by the government and corporate media as a domestic terrorist. Now imagine what would happen if a natural gas corporation were to pump thousands gallons of toxic chemicals into ground and dump thousands of gallons of toxic sludge in and around people's water supply across the country. In the United States the result would be a gas industry turning over billions in profits with complete impunity and no accountability to the affected communities. There's really no need imagine this second nightmarish scenario as this the everyday reality of communities that experience hydraulic fracturing—a method natural gas extraction involving the high-pressure injection of water, sand and toxic chemicals underground to break up shale rock formations.

Se trata hoy en la Legislatura el proyecto de Ley de educación

Argentina, 10.11.2010 17:17

El día llegó

14º Encuentro de la Unión de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Argentina, 10.11.2010 17:17

12, 13 y 14 de noviembre de 2010 en Andalgalá - Catamarca

Marcha de la InterEstudiantil

Argentina, 10.11.2010 16:17

Marcha por Mariano Ferreyra

Argentina, 10.11.2010 15:47

Con autores intelectuales libres, no hay justicia

Daniel Migone/Marcha del Orgullo

Argentina, 10.11.2010 15:47

Rally to Save Coney Island's Oldest Bar, Petition Launched

NYC, 10.11.2010 14:15

Nine businesses lost their leases. But there is a chance the developers will sell back the land if we can convince them, so please forward this and show up today. Demolition on two other historic Coney Island buildings has already begun so get there fast, this is your LAST CHANCE to see them! Can we preserve ANY American structures anymore?


Argentina, 10.11.2010 10:47

Reclaman elevar la causa de Silvia Suppo a la justicia federal


Argentina, 10.11.2010 10:47

Reclaman elevar la causa de Silvia Suppo a la justicia federal


Argentina, 10.11.2010 09:47

Reclaman elevar la causa de Silvia Suppo a la justicia federal

Age of KPFApocalypse

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.11.2010 07:17

Marc Sapir writes, "The core paid staff (representing perhaps 30-50 staff people at KPFA) essentially seized control of KPFA this morning [November 9th] to rally their listener base to resist efforts that could restore KPFA to financial solvency for the first time in 2 years, and bring it back from the brink of collapse (KPFA does not now have cash income to pay the staff regularly). What goes unstated is that the majority of staff at KPFA-over 150 programmers and producers--the people who keep the station on air 24/7 are volunteers are not represented in these antics."

Ato público contra o despejo das famílias de pescadorxs pela Usina Trapiche em Sirinhaém-PE

Brasil, 10.11.2010 03:45


Acto y movilización

Argentina, 10.11.2010 03:17

Los estudiantes del Normal 2 repudian las amenazas

Interviews with students on Wednesdays march

Ireland, 10.11.2010 02:49

2,000 strong break-away from student demo, occupy, ...

Desrespeito ao ciclista faz vítima em Tefé

Brasil, 10.11.2010 02:15

CMI Tefé

&quot;Encarceramento em massa: símbolo do Estado Penal&quot;

Brasil, 09.11.2010 13:15


[W-wa] 11 listopada: faszyzm nie przejdzie!

Poland, 09.11.2010 12:20

Jak co roku, 11 listopada nacjonaliści i neofaszyści z różnych organizacji planują przemarsz ulicami Warszawy. Środowiska, które przystąpiły do antyfaszystowskiego Porozumienia 11 listopada - organizatorzy Tygodnia Antyfaszyzmu, apelują o aktywne przeciwstawienie się rosnącemu w siłę ruchowi narodowemu i zablokowanie marszu zwolenników ksenofobicznych i rasistowskich ideologii, którzy z dumą odwołują się do przedwojennych organizacji o jawnie faszystowskich sympatiach.

Encontro de Ocupações em São Paulo

Brasil, 09.11.2010 12:16


hof Den Haag verbiedt ontruimingen

Netherlands, 09.11.2010 10:17

maandag 8 november heeft het gerechtshof in Den Haag uitspraak gedaan in een hoger beroep tegen de staat, aangespannen door een aantal panden in amsterdam, den haag, en leeuwarden. het betreft een mondelinge uitspraak, omdat een aantal van de panden op 9 november ontruimd zou worden. de schriftelijke onderbouwing komt later, de echte uitspraak is pas over twee weken.
het hof heeft hier besloten dat de panden niet ontruimd mogen worden. dit omdat iemand uit zijn woning zetten zonder dat daar een rechter naar heeft gekeken in strijd is met het europees verdrag voor de rechten van de mens.

deze uitspraak is officieel geen jurisprudentie, omdat het geen uitspraak van de hoge raad is. echter, de perswoordvoerder van het hof geeft al aan: 'Maar het hof heeft wel een principiële uitspraak gedaan waarom die ontruimingen niet mogen'.
hieruit valt af te lijden dat het de staat zou passen om zich koest te houden, in ieder geval tot er een uitspraak van de hoge raad is.

meer info en links na de klik

A Talk on African-Native Americans

LA, 09.11.2010 07:46

“The lives of Africans and Native Americans have been intricately intertwined for at least 500 years. The relationship has been one of rescue, mutual assistance, and sometimes abuse and strife. . . . “ – The Red-Black Connection by Valena Broussard Dismukes

Dismukes (African, Choctaw, Scottish, Irish, and French) is a retired school teacher, prolific photographer, author, lecturer, and community activist. She recently spoke in Pasadena about various aspects of African-Native Americans, including the 500+-years of shared history by Native Americans and Africans and genealogy.

Audio/photos: A Talk by Valena Broussard Dismukes on African-Native Americans by RP

Local retail cleaners demand code of employer conduct, march to Lunds, Target, SuperValu

United States, 09.11.2010 07:40

Chains have refused calls to establish standards against abuse

[Watch for an update here about CTUL’s new campaign]

On Saturday, three hundred retail cleaners and allies marched through south Minneapolis to Lunds, Supervalu and Target.   The Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL), the workers’ organization which called the march, says that cleaners in local stores have been systematically denied overtime, have lost wages over alleged “accidents” and  have steadily seen wages lowered while workload has increased.  Workers have submitted multiple letters to Lunds, SuperValu and Target asking for a unified code of conduct, but none of the retailers has responded.

Before the march, union representatives, student activists and an organizer from the Coalition for Immokalee Workers spoke to the crowd.  “When workers and students and people of faith and people from the community unite, the structure of any corporation starts to tremble,” said the CIW organizer.   The CIW has recently won a strong code of conduct with tomato growers in Florida, after organizing against withheld wages and abuse of workers.

CTUL would like to see a similar victory for local cleaners. Since 2005, the organization--initially an offshoot of the Workers’ Interfaith Network--has helped low-wage workers gain more than $250,000 in unpaid wages and has worked with over a dozen companies to reverse policies that were in violation of federal labor law.  In 2009, CTUL and workers at Hot Stuff foods--a frozen food preparation company with revenues of $130,000,000 heavily staffed by temporary workers--won wage increases, back pay, vacation and a code of conduct to end abuse by managers.

Retailers subcontract their cleaning services, so that the contractors are  nominally responsible for wages and working conditions while the company has clean hands.  But majors retailers like Target and local giant Lunds have the power to create and enforce minimum wage standards and a code of conduct.  This is especially important since a chain may employ multiple cleaning services--workers should not have to negotiate with each service.

read more

Propuesta de Rivera Schatz sobre cuota UPR

Puerto Rico, 09.11.2010 05:53

UPR: La caridad y el fondo para estudiantes

Movimiento Unido Soberanista

Puerto Rico, 09.11.2010 05:35

La MUS[a]… reconstruyendo los paradigmas electorales

Mañana 18HS en periodismo

Argentina, 09.11.2010 04:47

Proyección de "El raty horror show"

PM Promove Tortura e Intolerância Religiosa na Bahia

Brasil, 09.11.2010 02:48


Elecciones en la UNLP

Argentina, 09.11.2010 00:16

Duro golpe a la izquierda y avance del kirchnerismo

&quot;Renewal&quot; of Iberville: Same Old Redevelopers

New Orleans, 08.11.2010 20:49

"Renewal" of Iberville: Same Old Redevelopers

VIDEO: Stopping the Nuke Train in Germany

Portland, 08.11.2010 20:15

"Dozens of protesters have been injured after clashing with police while trying to prevent a consignment of nuclear waste from being transported to a storage dump in Germany."


Actividad presos políticos con Carlos Alberto

Puerto Rico, 08.11.2010 17:49

Un encuentro con Carlos Alberto por la Libertad de los Nuestros

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