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Karkonosze - konflikt o budowę wyciągów narciarskich zakończony

Poland, 15.11.2004 15:56

Po wielu latach konfliktu o budowę wyciągów narciarskich w Karkonoskim Parku Narodowym (KPN), doszło do porozumienia pomiędzy władzami Szklarskiej Poręby, inwestorem (spółka Sudety Lift) a KPN, przyrodnikami i ekologami.


Urbana-Champaign, 15.11.2004 15:40

Bow huntiing is not appropiate to kill deer because of over population in Allerton.

Helping our Host

Maritimes, 15.11.2004 15:35

Helping our Host
IMC-Buffalo helps Maritimers with media independence

Rally for Peace Sat. April 13 Noon Federal Building Albany

Hudson Mohawk, 15.11.2004 15:15

Women Against War, and other people committed to peace, will hold an event to remind elected officials that there is still a strong and growing opposition to the war in Iraq and great concern about the latest military developments in Falluja and Samarra. The event is being held at the Federal Building where Congressmember Michael McNulty, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Charles Schumer all have offices. All three voted in favor of the invasion of Iraq.

Happy Anniversary (?) PATRIOT Act

Baltimore, 15.11.2004 15:03

On October 26, 2004 a special anniversary was observed, although there weren't any parties and probably no one baked a cake or sent a card. On that date the nation observed the third anniversary of the USA PATRIOT Act, signed by President George Bush on October 26, 2001. A commentary in Indymedia's ongoing analysis of repressive legislation in the USA.

New <i> Dominion </i>

Maritimes, 15.11.2004 14:03

New issue of The Dominion now availabe online.

Karkonosze - konflikt o budowę wyciągów narciarskich zakończony

Poland, 15.11.2004 13:22

Po wielu latach konfliktu o budowę wyciągów narciarskich w Karkonoskim Parku Narodowym (KPN), doszło do porozumienia pomiędzy władzami Szklarskiej Poręby, inwestorem (spółka Sudety Lift) a KPN, przyrodnikami i ekologami.

Human Rights - Refugees in Detention

Perth, 15.11.2004 11:27

11,000 Broken Hearts _ Refugee Rights Convergence

Video artists dedicate this year's video riot to the Presidential election

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2004 10:02

Video Riot 3: "Last Gasp of Freedom"

Resistance Spreads to Other Cities

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2004 09:47

US Military: "No Civilians Left Alive in Falluja"

Help Us Pay the Bills and Enjoy a &quot;Free&quot; Film

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2004 09:24

About Baghdad: Sunday Nov. 21st

Indymedia Attack Update

Melbourne, 15.11.2004 08:58

US government: "We seize - you can't complain"

Baroque Orchestra Guests Face Clashing Cymbals and Pointed Baguettes

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2004 08:52

"Revolution" at the Palace Hotel

Thousands to Take to the Streets on January 20th, 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2004 07:12

Mass Demonstrations in DC, LA, and San Francisco on Inauguration Day

Medical malpractice is going to effect my future

Urbana-Champaign, 15.11.2004 05:23

Doctors have to pay too much money to practice healthcare and lawyers are the only ones benefiting.

Santana só quer mais dez anos...

Portugal, 15.11.2004 05:02

Santana só quer mais dez anos...

Santana só quer mais dez anos...

Portugal, 15.11.2004 04:58

Santana só quer mais dez anos...


Manila, 15.11.2004 04:28

Just Another day in the Park when people engage in giving away free food, literature to the homeless in the Philippine Republic - with very scarce resources. A Constant theme in a disenfranchised community in QUEZON


Manila, 15.11.2004 04:28

Just Another day in the Park when people engage in giving away free food, literature to the homeless in the Philippine Republic - with very scarce resources. A Constant theme in a disenfranchised community


Maritimes, 15.11.2004 04:01


Noticia Destacada

Argentina, 15.11.2004 03:54

Lunes 14 de Novimebre de 2004
S.O.S: Inminente represa en Chubut

War Tax Resistance Workshop

Portland, 15.11.2004 03:19

  1. November 15th 2004
  2. Time 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  3. Title Introduction to War Tax Resistance/Redirection
  4. Location Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division
  5. Phone Contact 503-238-0605

General Alexander Haig said: "Let them march all they want - as long as they pay their taxes." If you are uncomfortable with the disconnect between your efforts towards justice and peace, and the use to which your federal taxes are put, this introductory workshop may be for you. We'll touch on the many ways and levels of war tax redirection, as well as the supportive community of war tax resisters.

New England Looks North II

Maritimes, 15.11.2004 02:39

New England Looks North II
New England Secessionists Extend Hand to Maritimes


Portland, 15.11.2004 02:31

On August 30th, around 4pm the Kensington Welfare Rights Union held an unpermitted march against the RNC. The March was named "The March for Our Lives: End the War at Home". The idea was that this march was to address the occupation of communities abroad AND at HOME. The unpermitted march was promptly met by police provocation. All individuals snatched were released within 8 to 12 ours of their arrest with no more than misdemeanor charges.

These snatches were clear provocations by the police to break up the march, isolate those willing to defend those arbitrarly detained, and provoke violence from the crowd. The crowd however did not respond violently..... until around 8:30 pm, when plain clothes Detective William Sample, drove his moped directly into the march running over several protestors. The crowd responded and several people pulled detective Sample off his moped, and beat him unconcious. no one was charged with the assault against Sample... local media repeatedly played footage of a young black man in a white t-shirt and ball cap kicking detective Sample on the street. 12-18 hours after the incident, an undercover NYPD officer picked up New York local JAMAL HOLIDAY, who was charged with the assault on Sample. Last I heard, Jamal's bail had been raised from $50k to $250k. Jamal spent his twentieth birthday in jail, and as far as anybody knows, he is still in. He is the only one still in.

I am concered that our movement may have encouraged Jamal to be on the streets the day he was picked up and accused of this assault, yet there was no jail solidarity for Jamal. People had to fly home and go back to school or work including myself. It seems that the criticisms are true about our movement... descending upon communities and creating a false sense of empowerment, than skipping town only to leave open wounds for buzzard police forces to further oppress these peoples. We have just finished a film intended to raise money to this end , yet we don't know where to start. If anyone know's what is going on with Jamal, has information about a bail fund please post it widely.
thanks yo.

Baroque Orchestra Guests Face Clashing Cymbals and Pointed Baguettes

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2004 02:16

"Revolution" at the Palace Hotel

New 21-Page Crowd Control Policy to Replace &quot;Anything Goes&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2004 01:11

Oakland Prohibits Less Lethal Weapons for Crowd Control

Independent Media and the Global Justice Movement

Baltimore, 14.11.2004 23:21

This brief article connects the Media-Reform-Movement-Dot to the other dots that make up the larger Global Justice Movement. Success of the latter depends on taking tangible steps to foster more independent media outlets.

ecología (es)

Barcelona, 14.11.2004 21:50

Cerremos las nucleares antes de que sea demasiado tarde!

Los amos del mundo se reparten el pastel de la energía nuclear hasta el punto de crear terrorismo de estado, como hemos visto en las protestas de Castor donde un pacifista fue asesinado y de tener a la justicia de su lado. Su principal arma es el dinero: favorecen la industria militar, subvencionan en detrimento de la energía solar, lavan su imagen con mentiras o la presentan como solución al cambio climático. No importa que este tipo de energía sea un suministro poco fiable donde el grave problema de los residuos esté todavía por resolver y que padezca frecuentes accidentes. Frente a esta amenaza e irresponsabilidad, la sociedad se encuentra con que el organismo responsable de la supervisión, CSN, carece de credibilidad y se defiende llevando a cabo campañas europeas para parar esta locura, donde más de un millón de europeos ya han firmado. En Catalunya, cerrar las centrales nucleares implicaría una revolución, como defienden much*s científic*s,salvando las Terres de l'Ebre y viviendo una forma realmente sostenible sin contaminación radioactiva.

2 aniversario del prestige :: Manifestación de Nunca Mais en Compostela + Actos en Barcelona + Sants3Ràdio + A realidade do Prestige dous anos despois + No Prestige aínda fican máis de 20.000 toneladas de fuel

+info ::: >>>ecología

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 14.11.2004 21:48

Tanquem les nuclears abans no sigui massa tard!

Els amos del món es reparteixen el pastís de l'energia nuclear fins el punt de crear terrorisme d'Estat, com s'ha vist a les protestes de Castor on un pacifista fou assassinat i, fins i tot, han tingut la justícia de costat. La seva principal arma són els diners: afavoreixen la indústria militar, subvencionen en detriment de l'energia solar, renten la seva imatge amb mentides o la presenten com a solució al canvi climàtic. No importa que aquest tipus d'energia sigui un subministrament poc fiable on el greu problema dels residus estigui encara per resoldre i que pateixi freqüents accidents. Davant aquesta amenaça i irresponsabilitat, la societat es troba amb que l'organisme responsable de la supervisió, CSN, li manca credibilitat i es defensa portant a terme campanyes europees a favor d'aquesta bogeria , on més d'un milió d'europeus ja han firmat . A Catalunya, tancar les centrals nuclears implicaria una revolució, com defensen molts científics,salvant les Terres de l'Ebre i vivint d'una forma realment sostenible sense contaminació radioactiva.

2 aniversari del prestige :: Manifestació de Nunca Mais a Compostela + Actes a Barcelona + Sants3Ràdio + A realidade do Prestige dous anos despois + No Prestige aínda fican máis de 20.000 toneladas de fuel

+info ::: >>>ecologia

Elecciones EEUU

Puerto Rico, 14.11.2004 20:51

La resaca post-eleccionaria estadounidense

Elecciones EEUU

Puerto Rico, 14.11.2004 20:49

La resaca post-eleccionaria estadounidense


Argentina, 14.11.2004 19:45

Regula y reinarás

Institutionalised racism

darwin, 14.11.2004 18:33

A country worth protecting?

Homeless &quot;Tidied&quot; Up by Mayor? No Way!

DC, 14.11.2004 18:16

Two shelters have been closed, and this means the homeless are being driven out of DC's downtown by the mayor. Mayday DC is calling for a meeting at Cafe Mawonaj, 624 T St. NW at Thursday, November 18th 6:30 PM regarding the need for action around these and other homeless issues this winter.

Public hearing to investigate the War on Drugs

Boston, 14.11.2004 17:41

This Monday, November 15th, the Boston City Council will hold a hearing to investigate the effectiveness of our nation's War on Drugs, and the Boston component of it. The questions to be raised and addressed will include how much money has been spent nationally and in Massachusetts since 1973 and in the last ten years on the "war," this will include drug rehabilitation paid for by the state in this year's budget. The information gathered from these and other questions will be used to attempt to answer the ultimate question of this hearing, which is whether it is now time to admit that the War on Drugs has failed and that it is time to develop a new and more effective approach to the use of drugs in this country.

Launching of new Aegis destroyer at BIW protested

New Hampshire, 14.11.2004 14:40

About 25 witnesses protested the launching of another Aegis destroyer today in Bath, Maine.

criminalization and repression (en)

Barcelona, 14.11.2004 12:59

Laura and Zigor: Acquitted

Laura and Zigor were acquitted of the charge of having collaborated with the murder of a councillor of the local government of Viladecavalls (Catalonia), the sentence asked for by the prosecution has been dismissed. We should remember the people who took responsibility for this offence said that Zigor and Laura were not involved.

In spite of this absolution, they will remain in jail for 7 and 9 years, which was the sentence from the first trial. This sentencing comes from Audiència Nacional, the same institution which acquitted them of murder. Now Laura remains in the serious situation of solitary confinement. For these reasons so many forms of support are being developed: demonstrations, declarations and others by collectives, individuals...and, like so many other cases, this fight and constant solidarity is the best way to help them.

Other related information:::Demonstration in Terrassa of the campaign "Absolució Inmediata" (Absolution now!):::Spanish State is accused of torture in Strasburg:::The judge calls Pep Muste back to trial:::Antimilitarist in València:::Report about two youths in jail from Hospitalet del Llobregat:::Call against the abuses of power in Cornellà:::Trial of Gabriele Kanze:::The anarchist Roger is liberated on bail:::Liberated Solidario con Itoiz:::Juanra is moved into another prison in Valladolid:::Trial with Egunkaria:::Zigor in hunger strike:::Sentence to Juanra and Peru

+info :: >>>criminalization

Protesters at &quot;Not My President&quot; demonstration block traffic downtown

Portland, 14.11.2004 09:12

I like many other PDXers have noticed the flyers around town pinned to the local coffee shops bulletin boards, in the store front of local bike shops and strewn about other various places of community affiliation all gearing up for Today's "NOT MY PRESIDENT rally taking place 12:00pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square NOV 13th. S0o what happened?

'una' writes: The reason you did not see people at 12:45 is because we all talked and made a plan at 12:30 in the square, to leave in small groups and meet up again afterwards at 1pm at 2nd and Burnside. We left some people to tell latecomers the plan, but apparently that did not work out. The strategy worked pretty well and the cops did not arrive at Burrnside until about 40 minutes later when we had been blocking half of the intersection for 10 min. Pictures will hopefully appear here soon. There were about 60 0f us. I think we all agree that more planning is needed, I got a fair amount of contact info from people, hopefully everyone else is networking too. We were talking about the day after Thanksgiving (Buy Nothing Day) as a possiblity for the next large action.

stories+photos >>

Dois anos do desastre ecológico na Galiza: e agora?

Portugal, 14.11.2004 09:12

Dois anos do desastre ecológico na Galiza: e agora?

Biotech Industry Takeover of the USDA

Portland, 14.11.2004 09:06

A new report released today finds that regulatory policy at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been "hijacked" by the agribusiness industry, which has seen to it that many key policymaking positions at the agency are now held by individuals who previously worked for the industry.

The report, titled USDA INC., was commissioned by the Agribusiness Accountability Initiative (AAI), a network of family-farm and public- interest groups concerned about the growing power of the big agri-food corporations. It is being released today at a conference in Omaha sponsored by the Organization for Competitive Markets. The report can be found online.

"In its early days, USDA was known as the People's Department," said Fred Stokes of the Organization for Competitive Markets, which first proposed the paper. "Today, it is, in effect, the Agribusiness Industry's Department, since its policies on issues such as food safety and fair market competition have been shaped to serve the interests of the giant corporations that now dominate food production and distribution."

"It is not surprising that USDA is slavishly following the agenda of agribusiness when you consider who holds many of the top jobs at the Department," said Philip Mattera, director of the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First and author of the report. "The upper ranks of USDA are filled with industry veterans, while people formerly associated with family-farm, consumer or public-interest groups are just about nowhere to be found."


[ Agribusiness Accountability Initiative ]

Black Box Voting's efforts to expose sElection 2004 vote fraud continue apace

Portland, 14.11.2004 08:58

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting has launched a fraud audit into Florida. Three investigators (Bev Harris, Andy Stephenson, and Kathleen Wynne) are in Florida right now. We will initiate hand counts on selected counties that have not fully complied with our Nov. 2 Freedom of Information request by Monday (Diebold counties) or Tuesday (other counties).

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: We have reports that both David Cobb (Green Party) and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party) will be filing for official recounts in Ohio. Black Box Voting is also launching a fraud audit in Ohio. Gotta be replaced: Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. Please invoke the following name change on Blackwell immediately, as he is 2004's Katherine Harris. He should now be referred to at all times as "Katherine Blackwell." Please retain this moniker for any future runs for governor. How to be your own media. Spread the word. Latest Katherine Blackwell outrage: Failure to properly account for provisional ballots, and refusing to allow citizens to see the pollbooks.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is implementing fraud diagnostics on the state of New Mexico. Information we recently received is indicative of widespread vote manipulation. We are not going to publicize the specifics here.


related: [ Found -- Diebold's Source Code ]

Central Valley Protests Invasion

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.11.2004 08:28

Central Valley Opposes War on Fallujah

Photos from War: Truth and Consequences

Urbana-Champaign, 14.11.2004 06:43

Photos from AWARE-sponsored Veteran's Day event My name is Robert Wahlfeldt. I was in the US Military during WWII from 1943-1946. I volunteered to go as a 17 year old who left high school early to avoid being drafted at 18. I joined the Navy and after boot camp was assigned to new construction destroyer duty. The USS Waldron. Our ship was sent to the South Pacific to join up with the Third and Fifth fast Carrier fleet as a picket ship since we had the new and latest radar equipment. We were placed at the perimeter of the task force as a lookout and to draw fire away from the rest of the fleet. We were expendable. As a member of AWARE, Anti-War Anti-Racism Effort this former Navy man says, “NO MORE WAR!” Let's help the next generation find ways to work with the world in more positive ways. I plan to offer my life as an example that you are never too old to learn. Support our military by bringing them home now!

A Comment on the Formation of the Progressive Muslim Union of North America

DC, 14.11.2004 05:43

Buy Nothing Day Marks the Beginning of Anti-Christmas Season

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.11.2004 05:35

Christmas Resistance and Others Seek to Subvert Consumerism

21-Page Department Policy Replaces &quot;Anything Goes&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.11.2004 04:10

Oakland's New Crowd Control Policy

100 march through Squirrel Hill despite chilling police repression and rain

Pittsburgh, 14.11.2004 04:10

100 march through Squirrel Hill despite chilling police repression and rain

HCAP Demands Affordable Housing

Maritimes, 14.11.2004 03:02

HCAP Demands Affordable Housing

Mel &amp; Floyd, November 12, 2004

Madison, 14.11.2004 02:44

This week's edition of Mel & Floyd features self-help for orangutangs, John Ashcroft's resignation letter, more post-election analysis, and so much more. I'll update this post later with more information about the contents of the show; for now, I present a recording of this week's Mel & Floyd.

US government: &quot;We seize - you can't complain&quot;

Michigan, 14.11.2004 01:11

(November 9) The U.S. government responded to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF) Motion to Unseal the court order that led to the seizure of two hard drives that hosted more than 20 Indymedia websites. The government claims that the order to Rackspace should remain secret because: (1) EFF and their Indymedia clients lacked "standing" (the legal right to initiate a claim) to contest the seizure, (2) the request came from a unnamed foreign government pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), and therefore was not subject to the protections of the Bill of Rights; and (3) disclosure would endanger "an ongoing criminal terrorism investigation." EFF intends to oppose these arguments and will file a legal brief responding to the government's letter. It's then up to the court to decide whether the court order should be unsealed or not.

The government response also contains details suggesting that the order may have originated in Italy. While the government refuses to identify which government prompted the court order, the letter cites language from "Article 8" that corresponds to the Italy's MLAT and not to Switzerland's. (As reported earlier, Italy and Switzerland were the two prime suspects.)

Meanwhile, more than 10,000 individuals have signed the Indymedia solidarity statement and at least 17 of the downed websites are back up and running.

[ previous feature | EFF motion | EFF blog | US government response (pdf) | The Register article (2, 3) | solidarity statement ]

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