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Diciembre caliente

Argentina, 08.12.2010 02:42


Argentina, 08.12.2010 02:42

¿Punto de no retorno para la Amazonía?

Budget Cuts Day of Action

United States, 08.12.2010 02:29

The budget cuts that we are seeing are one of the many masks that hegemony wears. They are another form of the institutional racism that seeks to erase our historical memory so that we don't know our people's and other people's struggles, victories, and resistance. From the moment we enter schools, a white supremacist, patriarchal, hetero-normative, and hierarchical view of the world is normalized and reinforced. When students enroll in area studies courses or programs, it often represents the first time they have had the chance to see themselves reflected in the curriculum and to learn their stories. This knowledge gives us the strength to organize, unite, and resist, all of which endanger the hegemonic forces that seek to breed ignorance and apathy.

Budget cuts, increased fees, and increased tuition are decontextualized and separated from the legacy of discrimination that prevented poor people and people of color from having access to education. They are separated from the living, breathing human beings who will be affected and converted into dollar signs and percentages that indicate how much money the university will allegedly save. Cut back? Fuck that. We’re here to fight back. Read More | Photos | Past Coverage: Students Organize In Resistance Cuts to Peoples' Studies at UT

Ato pela liberdade de Julian Assange

Brasil, 07.12.2010 23:22


Juicios en La Plata

Argentina, 07.12.2010 20:28

Nuñez / Suarez Nelson

Ato dia 13/12 contra despejos, remoções e latifundiários urbanos

CMI Brasil, 07.12.2010 19:11


Wikileaks founder jailed

Perth, 07.12.2010 17:30

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange refused bail

WikiLeaks Mirrors!

DC, 06.12.2010 23:24

Please add your mirror.

Grecja: relacja na żywo z dzisiejszych demonstracji

Poland, 06.12.2010 23:24

Dziś upływa druga rocznica zamordowania przez policjanta 15-letniego Alexisa Grigpriopolulosa, którego śmierć wywołała w grudniu 2008 r. falę masowych buntów społecznych. Dziś w Atenach, w związku z tą rocznicą zwołano kilka demonstracji, w tym marsz uczniów i nauczycieli (start o 11.00), główna demonstracja (start o 16.00) i zgromadzenie w miejscu zabójstwa Alexisa o 21.00.

W Salonikach demo studenckie ruszyło w południe, główna demonstracja o 15.00. Podobne akcje ogłoszono w niemal 20 greckich miastach

Poniżej relacja na żywo z Aten z serwisu From the Greek Streets i ateńskich Indymediów

Um Golpe na Dignidade dos Moradores da Estrutural

Brasil, 06.12.2010 19:18


Round up of this weekends Tax Dodger actions

United Kingdom, 06.12.2010 17:51

In the run up to Christmas Tax Dodging stores across the country were closed in protest, amid growing public anger over the cuts.
Protests over tax avoidance by big business and wealthy individuals have hit high streets up and down the country today including Topshops flagship store in Oxford Street, London [2 | 3].
Vodafone, Boots and Topshops stores were closed in - Nottingham, Birmingham, Bighton, Leeds, Sheffield [2], Manchester, Oxford, Newcastle and Haringey - with protests occuring in an additional 13 locations - Southampton,  Stroud, Portsmouth, Lewisham, Reading, Wood Green, York, Liecester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Cambridge and  Edinburgh.
Many also made the connection of these Tax dodging actions and the Student occupations, in Sheffield and Nottingham.
Find out upcoming actions in your area. Some background information: UK Uncut | Tax Justice Network | Tax Research UK Blog ]  

Cmi-Brasília lança o filme Sagrada Terra Especulada - A luta contra o Setor Noroeste

Brasil, 06.12.2010 17:46


Anarchist Potluck and Networking Session Tuesday

Boston, 06.12.2010 16:19

Come to the Lucy Parsons Center for a night of delicious food and anarchist discussion! 7 PM at 549 Columbus Ave in the South End. Feel free to bring a dish.

Hacia el Paro de la UPR

Puerto Rico, 06.12.2010 07:08

Llamado a defender la Universidad este martes en el Paro

Censuran a Cultura Profética

Puerto Rico, 06.12.2010 04:55

Policía y alcalde censuran a Cultura Profética en Cataño mediante la fuerza

[Recife] Ato amanhã no Casarão da Tamarineira: famílias podem ficar sem moradia

Brasil, 06.12.2010 01:52

Amigos do Casarão

La megaminería de la inequidad.

Argentina, 06.12.2010 01:26

Conferencia sobre el agua y la energía, insumos del despojo

Expresiones de Secretario Gobernador contra estudiantes

Puerto Rico, 05.12.2010 20:55

Comité de Representación Estudiantil exhorta a Fortaleza a echar a un lado su intolerancia

Sheffield University Occupation: Anti-Cuts Protest and Rally

United Kingdom, 05.12.2010 11:56

On Saturday 5th December 2010 students from the occupation of the Richard Roberts building at Sheffield University were joined by others in a protest against rise in tuition fees and tax dodging companies. Tax dodgers Vodafone and Topshop were targeted as part of the action with protesters blockading the entrance to both stores on Fargate and, as a result, the Vodafone store was forced to close.

Sheffield University have been granted a posession order but does not come into effect until Monday 6th December and in the meantime the space is still open and they welcome supporters (or just those curious to find out what it’s all about) to join them. There is a Public Rally to support the Sheffield Occupation, on Sunday 5th December, at 4pm in the Richard Roberts Building.

Newswire: Sheffield Occupation and Anti-Cuts Protest | Sheffield students protest against tuition fee rises and tax dodgers - Photos | Sheffield Occupation Marches Against Austerity | Sheffield Vodafone and Top Shop targeted in tax dodge demo

Related Features: Students March on Nick Clegg's Office and Occupy the Richard Roberts Building | Sheffield University Occupied in Opposition to Education Cuts

Continúa lucha contra el Marriott

Puerto Rico, 05.12.2010 07:29

Continúa la lucha ante el peligro de privatización la playa pública de Isla Verde


Argentina, 05.12.2010 00:09

“Hace 518 años que nos matan para robarnos la tierra”

Ponce y Mayagüez rechaza la Huelga

Puerto Rico, 04.12.2010 23:38

Modernidad líquida o Huelga sólida, Se apunta una el posmodernismo pragmático

A morosidade e invisibilidade na questão quilombola em Minas Gerais.

CMI Brasil, 04.12.2010 22:40


CMI Brasil apoia Wikileaks e Julian Assange.

Brasil, 04.12.2010 22:15


PayPal Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks Donations

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.12.2010 21:43

After web host Amazon and DNS host Dyn Inc. terminated service to earlier this week, San Jose-based PayPal announced late last night that it has "permanently restricted" WikiLeaks' account. In a statement released on its blog, PayPal accused WikiLeaks of violating its acceptable use policy by "encourag[ing], promot[ing], facilitat[ing] or instruct[ing] others to engage in illegal activity." WikiLeaks has struggled to stay online after initiating the slow release of over 250,000 leaked US diplomatic cables known as Cablegate, and is now available on several mirrors such as

November in Oxford - it's not all cuts

United Kingdom, 04.12.2010 21:42

Clearly opposition to the cuts has been at the forefront of many people's thinking during November. This opposition is welcome, and much needed, but let us not forget all the other struggles and positive alternatives that are going on. Here is a round-up of non-cuts news in Oxford during November - peace, migration, zines, water, and food.

Is the FBI Out of Control?

DC, 04.12.2010 16:02

The search warrants for the FBI’s coordinated raids of 14 anti-war activists on September 24th in Minneapolis and Chicago cited federal law which prohibits “providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.” Two of the seven homes the FBI targeted on Sept. 24th were Joe Iosbaker’s in Chicago and Anh Pham’s in Minneaopolis. After a long day lobbying congress members on the Hill, Joe and Anh sat down for an extended conversation. Anh said, “Literally, for hours… they searched through everything in my house. They went through my clothing, they went through… just about every sheet of paper, including pages and pages [of] my cookbooks, my knitting patterns, they looked through photographs, they took my computers, my cellphone, my husband’s computer and cellphone, which, he was not named in the subpoena, but they took that anyways and he’s a graphic designer, that happens to be his livelihood.” Audio of Joe Iosbaker and Anh Pham 12/5 5pm: Criminalizing Dissent: WikiLeaks, FBI Raids, Maryland Police Spies and YOU, Busboys & Poets 5th/K NW

Censored Art Video Protest at National Portrait Gallery

DC, 04.12.2010 16:02

Documentation and Interviews with demonstrators organized by the Transformer Art Space in Washington, DC against the Smithsonian Institution decision to remove the video by David Wojnarowicz. The video imaged ants crawling over a reclining Jesus paired with homo-erotic images to represent the devastation of the AIDS epidemic on the body and on the Gay community. After a story appeared in the conservative Cybercast News (a project of the L. Brent Bozell III and the Media Research Center), the Catholic League complained that images were offensive to Catholics and other conservatives took up the crusade against the Video. In no time the National Portrait gallery removed the video. The Transformer Gallery on P Street NW responded to the censorship with screening of "A Fire in My Belly". Video DC Marches against censorship of National Portrait Gallery exhibit Culture Wars: Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) and CSN News on “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” exhibit


Argentina, 04.12.2010 15:58


É impossível parar Wikileaks!

CMI Brasil, 04.12.2010 14:56


&quot;What Does 2009 Traffic Stop Data Tell Us About Police Behavior in Champaign-Urbana?&quot;

United States, 04.12.2010 14:27

The sixth annual state report on Illinois Traffic Stop Statistics was recently released by the Center for Research in Law and Justice of the University of Illinois at Chicago.  The statistics provide a window into local traffic stop data that helps local communities answer a fundamental question:   “Are the number of traffic stops and searches involving motor vehicles operated by members of a racial minority disproportionate to the number of traffic stops involving motor vehicles operated by persons who are not members of a racial minority?”

What does the data tell us about traffic stop behavior of the Champaign, Urbana, and University of Illinois police departments?

Wikileaks Indymedia

Perth, 04.12.2010 09:05

WikiLeaks cannot be stopped - Indymedia

Voto de huelga en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 04.12.2010 04:44

UPR: Asamblea de estudiantes aprueba Huelga para derrotar la cuota

Dark Side of Chocolate Showing in Medford

Rogue Valley, 04.12.2010 02:30

A nice sized group of more than 20 people turned out Thursday evening, Dec 2nd, in Medford for a showing by Medford Citizens for Peace and Justice of "The Dark Side of Chocolate", and the very informative discussion of the world chocolate trade that followed.

Video: Forest Service is Privatizing Bagby Without Public Input

Portland, 04.12.2010 02:23

The United States Forest Service in the Mt. Hood National Forest has recently began remodeling the scenic and historic Bagby Hot Springs without seeking public comment. Further, they wish to Privatize this popular hot springs by handing it over to a for profit company. <BR>

<A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Forest Service Ignores Public in Bagby Changes</A></FONT>Speaking to this issue during the November Bark hike to the proposed crossing of the Palomar pipe line site, hike leader Amy Harwood provides background and contact information for viewers to both weigh in on this privatization and request a public comment period.<BR><BR>

<A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Forest Service Ignores Public in Bagby Changes</A></FONT><BR><BR>

<A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Bark </A></FONT> is calling for the Forest Service to hold a public meeting and comment period in the coming months before deconstruction of the remaining bathhouses occurs. Currently both group bathing areas have been rebuilt with the iconic log baths being removed and destroyed. The private baths remain, but with plans to replace those with baths rather than logs, as well. Remember that since Bagby Hot Springs is on public land, any citizen of this country can let their voice be heard on this issue.<BR><br>

Please contact the Forest Service and demand public input, <A HREF=" link to COLOR="#6633cc">using Bark's comment tool</A></FONT><BR><BR>

Or contact Kathleen Walker at 503-622-3191, Ext. 641<BR>
email: <a href="mailto:"></a>

Doctrina del Shock en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 03.12.2010 23:19

La Política del Shock en la UPR

Wikileaks: A &quot;Teachable Moment&quot; for Anarchists

Portland, 03.12.2010 21:55

As anarchists, we often say that the freedoms in bourgeois society are a sham. Most of the time, non-anarchists can easily just laugh this off as the delusions of nutty radicals. Not so much right now. Not when "democracy" after "democracy" is chasing their site out of their borders, for doing nothing more than non-violently refusing to stay silent while the worlds' elites conspire to kill, torture, and oppress. Not when Julian Assange is being dragged into what is a quite obviously dragged into a politically-motivated trial. Not when Assange will probably end up being killed in the next year. Not when both "left" and "right" governments are cooperating in the effort to muzzle Wikileaks. It's the bourgeois concept of freedom: we'll let you have freedoms only so long as you agree not to use them for anything truly meaningful. Then we'll revoke them from you. Are these the hallmarks of the sort of system that can be changed peacefully and non-disruptively from within? It is, I think, an ideal time to make these points to our friends who are not currently radicals. Missing Wikileaks? [link] | WikiLeaks Mirrors => | ||| ||

Problemy Wikileaks

Poland, 03.12.2010 20:58

W zeszły weekend portal Wikileaks opublikował olbrzymią ilość materiałów, ukazujących rzeczywisty obraz współczesnej dyplomacji. Opublikowane noty są szczególnie kłopotliwe dla administracji Stanów Zjednoczonych, której dyplomaci pozwalali sobie na dosadne uwagi na
temat swoich partnerów politycznych lub podejmowanie działań o charakterze wywiadowczym (np. sprawa inwigilacji sekretarza generalnego ONZ na wniosek Hillary Clinton). Władze zainteresowanych krajów zareagowały oburzeniem lub potępieniem działań aktywistów.

FBI Closes Investigation into Iowa A.L.F. Lab Raid

Portland, 03.12.2010 19:07

From Voice of the Voiceless

Investigation into the Animal Liberation Front raid of UI labs ends with no one caught

Six years, over 200 FBI interviews, and several house raids and jail terms later, the FBI has officially closed the investigation into the 2004 Animal Liberation Front raid of the University of Iowa ? without a conviction.

To put it another way: the A.L.F. pulled off one of the largest lab raids in U.S. history ? and got away with it.

One false arrest and several house raids later?

This news from the FBI comes less than three months after they dropped charges against Scott DeMuth, the only person charged for a role in the raid. DeMuth was charged just three days before the state of limitations was to expire, despite DeMuth being just 17 at the time of the raid.

During the investigation the FBI interviewed over 200 people, subpoenaed at least three to a grand jury (jailing Scott DeMuth and Carrie Feldman for refusing to testify), raided my home in Utah, and more.

Animal Liberation Front walks free

The announcement should bring to a close the investigation into the monumental lab raid, which saw the largest rescue of animals from a lab in over 15 years. The raid closed the Spence Labs research building for over a month. It also cost the university and researchers $500,000, [...]

Student Resistance Spreads

United Kingdom, 03.12.2010 11:56

A weekend of action against the cuts will take place this Saturday and Sunday, 4/5 December. Students, workers, claimants, pensioners, children and all others are invited to take part in their towns and cities. Day X3 is Thursday 9 December, when Members of Parliament will vote on increasing tuition fees to as much as £9,000 per year for students in England. Protest at Parliament. Protest everywhere. For more information about both these days, read whole article.

Edinburgh University Occupation is keeping a list of all occupations regularly updated. For more information about resistance to the cuts, see the anti cuts website.


Argentina, 03.12.2010 04:09

Sancor desconoció el acuerdo y los obreros vuelven al corte


Argentina, 03.12.2010 03:39

Sancor desconoció el acuerdo y los obreros vuelven al corte

Aumentam as denúncias de violações de direitos na Vila Cruzeiro

Brasil, 03.12.2010 01:13

Rede contra Violência

Policías violan política de no confrontación

Puerto Rico, 03.12.2010 00:22

Ante la intervención de la Policía y Capitol Security en varios recintos de la UPR

Ratcliffe on Trial

United Kingdom, 02.12.2010 19:46

A year and a half after their pre-emptive arrests, 20 climate change activists began their trial at Nottingham Crown Court last week. The defendants were part of a group of 114 people detained by police in Nottingham last April, suspected of organising to shut down Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. The defendants are arguing that their planned action was necessary to reduce the environmental devastation of Ratcliffe's emissions.

Newswire: Opening 1 | 2 | 3 | Prosecution 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Defence 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Previous feature: Mass Arrest of 114 Climate Activists in Raid

Links: Ratcliffe on Trial

Goldman-Sachs seeks, gets injunction against HLS/Fortress protests

DC, 02.12.2010 19:19

Not satisfied with the proposed legislative ban on protests at residences, Goldman-Sachs has secured court injunctions against DC area animal rights activsts. If these injunctions, granted on the grounds of "nuisance" are allowed to stand, injunctions against first fur protests, then IMF/World Bank protests, and finally against unions and social oerganizations protesting city budget cuts are sure to follow.

Posmodenismo y reacción

Puerto Rico, 02.12.2010 18:24

UPR: Respuesta a una "sublevación carnavalesca"


Argentina, 02.12.2010 17:18

Militantes detenidxs en Villa María

Uni of Nottingham occupied in anti-fees protest

United Kingdom, 02.12.2010 13:48

As part of a second day of action against fees and cuts, students at Nottingham University have occupied The Great Hall in The Trent Building on University Park. Occupiers are encouraging to supporters to visit them. Donations of food, bedding etc are welcome.

A third day of action is planned for Saturday 4th December (note this was originally planned for Sunday, but has been brought forward).

Links: Voices from occupied Nottingham | Uni of Nottingham Occupation: Update | Interview with occupier | Photos from Student Rally and Occupation | Uni of Nottingham Occupation

Previous occupation: Nottingham Gaza solidarity occupation violently evicted | Nottingham university occupied in solidarity with Gaza

National action: Student Resistance Spreads

В Москве задержан Игорь Олиневич

Belarus, 02.12.2010 07:17

Более двух часов назад в Москве был задержан Игорь Олиневич. Олиневича разыскивают беларуские спецслужбы по подозрению в участии в анархистской акции на генштабе, а так же по нападению на российское посольство в августе этого года. Его подставил один из бывших товарищей А. Л., которого ранее в сентябре этого года задерживали на 9 суток. Похоже А. оказался тем мудаком, для которого 9 суток и учеба в университете были достаточным фактором запугивания, чтобы продать свои мечты мусорам.

А. договорился встретиться с Игорем сегодня для разговора. 6 агентов пока непонятно беларуских, либо российских спецслужб набросились и схватили товарища в районе километра от изначального места встречи.

На данный момент месторасположение Игоря неизвестно. Так же неизвестно что будет с ним в дальнейшем.

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