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Community Radio

Sydney, 16.11.2004 23:41

2SER to sack staff, change station focus

Paraguay: Yeni yüzleşmeler

Istanbul, 16.11.2004 23:04

Paraguay: Topraksız köylüler sürekli tehdit altında


Arkansas, 16.11.2004 22:38

Recently, I was involved in a project that required a visit to every Independent Media Center in the country. I learned of an enormous movement happening across the United States that literally astounded me. There are protests and marches in every major city in the country.

Having the G8 in Town Justifies Lethal Police Actions

United Kingdom, 16.11.2004 22:16

The judge investigating the Aubonne Bridge case has said that any mistakes made by the police on the bridge were "understandable" because of the stress of the G8 summit taking place nearby, and that the activists shouldn't have put themselves in such a dangerous situation. The report states that it was the activists' fault that the police
cut the rope from which two climbers were suspended, whilst blockading a
delegation on their way to the G8 summit in Evian in May 2003. Despite being warned by activists on the blockade that there were people hanging from it, a policeman took a knife and cut the rope causing a 20 meter fall of Martin Shaw. Fortunately he survived, but was left with very severe injuries to his back, pelvis and foot. Gesine Wenzel on the other end of the rope was saved at the last moment as activists grabbed the other end of the rope. The judge's declaration, which took 18 months to produce, seems to have been written to give "carte blanche to the police to do whatever they want without fear for any legal consequences", the activist's Swiss lawyer said. [Full report]

As a result of the judge's decission, the climbers of the Aubonne Bridge Action entered the Chateau in Lausanne on Friday 12th November - the seat of the government of Vaud (Switzerland) - with a banner saying "Your cops are your responsibility!". The two activists, together with
supporters and the press, asked the Conseil d'Etat to accept responsibility
for the actions of their police force {Report and Pic].

Meanwhile Martin Shaw and Gesine Wenzel still maintain their demands:
* Charges to be brought against both the policeman who cut the rope and his
senior officer.
* Compensation for injuries and loss of earnings

Baskischer Friede ?

Germany, 16.11.2004 22:04

Der illegalisierte, sog. " politische Arm " der ETA , Batasuna bekr�ftigt offiziell den Vorschlag zum Dialog . Hierzu sollen ein politischer und ein milit�rischer Runder Verhandlungstisch geschaffen werden um die Differenzen friedlich und demokratisch zu �berwinden.
Am 15.11.04 wurden 17 Basken verhaftet und 18 H�user durchsucht. Am Sonntag abend wurde der Friedensvorschlag im �berf�llten Radstadion in Donostia-San Sebastian pr�sentiert .

New Grassroots Campaign Targets NYC-based JPMorgan Chase

NYC, 16.11.2004 21:12

(from the Open Newswire): Today, Rainforest Action Network launched the next phase of its Global Finance Campaign, targeting NYC-based mega-bank JPMorgan Chase with ads, action, and a new website at JPMorgan Chase is one of the most environmentally and socially irresponsible banks on Earth, financing the oil industry and human rights abuses from Iraq to Indonesia and beyond.

Challenges for the Peace Movement

Hudson Mohawk, 16.11.2004 20:46

The anti-war movement faces diverse challenges. We must confront these together if we are to succeed in bringing this immoral, criminal, wasteful war to a speedy end. Steve Breyman and Cheryl Bellus were two of the speakers at a recent peace rally in Albany.

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 16.11.2004 20:45

Tanquem les nuclears abans no sigui massa tard!

Els amos del món es reparteixen el pastís de l'energia nuclear fins al punt de matar a qui s'oposa, com s'ha vist a les protestes de Castor on un pacifista fou assassinat. La seva principal arma són els diners: afavoreixen la indústria militar, subvencionen en detriment de l'energia solar, renten la seva imatge amb mentides o la presenten com a solució al canvi climàtic. No importa que aquest tipus d'energia sigui un subministrament poc fiable on el greu problema dels residus estigui encara per resoldre i que pateixi freqüents accidents. Davant aquesta amenaça i irresponsabilitat, la societat es troba amb que l'organisme responsable de la supervisió, CSN, li manca credibilitat i es defensa portant a terme campanyes europees a favor d'aquesta bogeria , on més d'un milió d'europeus ja han firmat . A Catalunya, tancar les centrals nuclears implicaria una revolució, com defensen molts científics,salvant les Terres de l'Ebre i vivint d'una forma realment sostenible sense contaminació radioactiva.

2 aniversari del prestige :: [18 i 23 Nov] Jornades a Barcelona de conferències sobre la Catàstrofe del Prestige + Manifestació de Nunca Mais a Compostela + Actes a Barcelona + Sants3Ràdio + La Catàstrofe del Prestige segueix activa + A realidade do Prestige dous anos despois + No Prestige aínda fican máis de 20.000 toneladas de fuel

+info ::: >>>ecologia

ecología (es)

Barcelona, 16.11.2004 20:45

Cerremos las nucleares antes de que sea demasiado tarde!

Los amos del mundo se reparten el pastel de la energía nuclear hasta el punto de matar a quien se les opone, como hemos visto en las protestas de Castor donde un pacifista fue asesinado. Su principal arma es el dinero: favorecen la industria militar, subvencionan en detrimento de la energía solar, lavan su imagen con mentiras o la presentan como solución al cambio climático. No importa que este tipo de energía sea un suministro poco fiable donde el grave problema de los residuos esté todavía por resolver y que padezca frecuentes accidentes. Frente a esta amenaza e irresponsabilidad, la sociedad se encuentra con que el organismo responsable de la supervisión, CSN, carece de credibilidad y se defiende llevando a cabo campañas europeas para parar esta locura, donde más de un millón de europeos ya han firmado. En Catalunya, cerrar las centrales nucleares implicaría una revolución, como defienden much*s científic*s,salvando las Terres de l'Ebre y viviendo una forma realmente sostenible sin contaminación radioactiva.

2 aniversario del prestige :: [18 y 23 Nov] Jornadas en Barcelona de conferencias sobre la Catástrofe del Prestige + Manifestación de Nunca Mais en Compostela + Actos en Barcelona + Sants3Ràdio + La Catástrofe del Prestige sigue activa + A realidade do Prestige dous anos despois + No Prestige aínda fican máis de 20.000 toneladas de fuel

+info ::: >>>ecología

Counter-Inaugural 2005: Bush isn't going away and neither are we!

Michigan, 16.11.2004 20:30

In Washington, D.C., a coalition of social, political, and religious activists have come together to protest the coronation of George W. Bush. You and all your friends and family are invited to join hundreds of thousands in the streets for Counter-Inaugural 2005.

On November 2nd and 3rd as the votes were being counted residents of Washington DC took to the streets to show opposition to an inherently corrupt system, no matter who won the presidential election. Now the inauguration looms on the horizon and in DC where 91% voters rejected Bush energy is high to organize visible resistance to another four years of Bush through linking the national and global struggle against the Bush regime to the local struggle for democracy here in the District of Columbia. Come out and help shape this resistance!

Join us for a week of action January 15-Janurary 20, 2005. Check out for upcoming information on events, planning, housing, and transportation.

FCC Continues Its Attack On Community Radio

San Diego, 16.11.2004 20:02

The location of the pirate radio station 106.9FM in San Diego, California was visited for the third time by members of the FCC, Wednesday, the 10th of November. Agents entered the property, claiming that they did not need a warrant, to inspect the equipment. Subsequently, they issued a verbal order that the signal be shut down immediately, or the broadcasters would be issued a ten thousand dollar fine. Though it is not the policy of the station to honor the "authority" of the FCC, an un-knowing individual allowed the agents into the location. The station does not plan on further cooperation with the FCC and resumed broadcasting immediately.

Polar Regions experiencing severe climate change

Aotearoa, 16.11.2004 19:58

The Arctic and Antarctic are experiencing severe climate change. The Arctic ice cap is melting at an unprecedented rate due to human induced global warming, according to a new study conducted by 300 scientists and elders from native communities in the arctic, released 8 November. Over the last 30 years the ice cap has shrunk 15-20 per cent. In 2003 the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, the largest in the Arctic, broke into two pieces. With the build up of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, the trend is set to accelerate with forecasts that by the summer of 2070 there maybe no ice at all.

In Antarctica, while the interior of the continent is cooling, disappearing sea ice and warmer temperatures around the Antarctic peninsula are causing an 80 percent drop in the numbers of Antarctic Krill. This is causing the food chain to crash affecting fish, penguins, sea birds, whales and other animals, as well as commercial Fisheries. The breakup of the Larsen B ice shelf in 2002 has also released several glaciers, increasing their speed up to eight fold, and dumping their loads into the Weddell Sea contributing to rising sea level.

[ Melbourne IMC: Climate Change Features | Perth IMC: Warming in Antarctica | WWF: Arctic Climate Impact Assessment | Climate Solutions ]

Hacienda Luisita

QC, 16.11.2004 19:57

Army and police open fire at Hacienda Luisita strikers: 7 farmworkers killed, scores hurt

baner apec

santiago, 16.11.2004 19:40


santiago, 16.11.2004 19:36


DC, 16.11.2004 19:06

Close Associates Of President Bush Connected To Pier Utilization Also Seek Development Deal At Pier Rumors have persisted concerning the relationship between the 2004 Republican National Convention and the now-infamous Pier 57 in New York City. Speculation has focused on whether or not the Republican National Committee obtained some form of lease agreement for the pier, which was used by the New York City Police Department as a holding facility for protestors arrested during the convention.

oil drilling

Victoria, 16.11.2004 18:19

Stop Oil Drilling Campaign Begins

baner apec

santiago, 16.11.2004 18:08

Represión Policial

santiago, 16.11.2004 17:35

Represión Policial en Marcha Anti Apec

Actividad contra la APEC

santiago, 16.11.2004 17:35

Actividad contra la APEC

La prensa independiente en el contexto de la APEC.

santiago, 16.11.2004 17:35

La prensa independiente en el contexto de la APEC.

Poco a poco se destapa el telón de APEC.

santiago, 16.11.2004 17:34

Bomberos bajo fuego de la APEC.

Se Acerca la Apec

santiago, 16.11.2004 17:33

Se acaba Septiembre, se acerca la APEC, y a pesar de todo se sigue organizando la rabia.

Estrategias Anti Apec

santiago, 16.11.2004 17:33

Una nueva marcha contra el APEC: se sigue acumulando rabia.


Brasil, 16.11.2004 16:09


Tuesay protest in Minneapolis - U.S. Out of Iraq!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 16.11.2004 15:51

Tuesday protest

&quot;Are Citizens of the USA Tired of Democracy?&quot; A Response to the Presidential Elections

Arkansas, 16.11.2004 15:43

Reprint with correction: Joseph McCarthy, not Eugene McCarthy, used threats to cripple the democratic process. With sincere apologies. . . . The public’s tolerance of flagrant violations of candidates’ and voters’ rights indicates yet another instance where sacrifice of individual rights has become acceptable, with the assumption, I suppose, that it will always be the other fellow’s rights that are sacrificed . . .

press freedom and democracy

QC, 16.11.2004 15:41

Filipino journalists under attack: 10 deaths in 9 months

Caribbean Hurricane Relief Party November 18

Urbana-Champaign, 16.11.2004 15:20

Caribbean students and their friends are hoping that Champaign Urbana residents will support a fundraising party to help rebuild islands that were devastaed by Hurricane Ivan and Tropical Storm Jeanne.

Protest November 19: No Mandate For Permanent War--Stop the Siege of Fallujah

Michigan, 16.11.2004 14:25

Mass Demonstration to Stop the Siege of Fallujah--No Mandate for Permanent War, Bring the Troops Home

Friday, November 19, 2004
4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, Jefferson at Randolph

The Micighan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice is calling for a mass demonstration to halt the current siege of Fallujah [ 1 | 2 ] and to bring the troops home now on Friday November 19 at the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel entrance beginning at 4:00 p.m.

Libertarians, Greens to File for Recount in Ohio

Michigan, 16.11.2004 09:41

The Libertarian and Green parties plan to file for recounts of the 2004 presidential election in all of Ohio's 11,360 precincts in 88 counties.

Anti-War Action

Melbourne, 16.11.2004 08:46

Peace Protester to Face Court

Twin Cities Indymedia back to full strength

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 16.11.2004 05:33

Been bumming because we've been temporarily disabled? We're pleased to announce that we are back and fully functional!


Argentina, 16.11.2004 05:32

Martes 16 de Noviembre 2004 | RESUMEN DE UNA SEMANA EN ROMA
Encuentro Benetton - Mapuche: La nube y las palabras

Experimentos climáticos del Imperio en la Isla

Puerto Rico, 16.11.2004 04:51

Del cielo a la tierra


San Diego, 16.11.2004 04:47

Recently, I was involved in a project that required a visit to every
Independent Media Center in the country. I learned of an enormous
movement happening across the United States that literally astounded
me. There are protests and marches in every major city in
the country.

Experimentos climáticos del Imperio en la Isla

Puerto Rico, 16.11.2004 04:37

Del cielo a la tierra

Indyzine nas ruas

Portugal, 16.11.2004 03:42

Indyzine nas ruas

media manipulation and communication

Barcelona, 16.11.2004 03:29

Criminalization of the movement okupa

The ma$media produce stereotipes and create opinion based in disinformation. The real estate speculation is clear, at the same time, and instead of reporting about the causes, show solutions and denounce the ineffectiveness and corrution of the politicians, they are cleaning the face of speculators like Porcioles, using always police as the source of informationwithout questioning this information, and criminalizing or silencing the movement okupa (squats movement) who denounce this corruption and the privatization of public spaces and take action around these ideas. They criminalize using adjectives like "guarros" ("pigs"), "vagos" ("bums"), "gamberros" ("hooligans"), "nens de papà" ("daddy's boy"), "violent", etc. After all this, the people of the media don't understand or are confused when they try to cover an eviction and people reject them because of their collaboration with criminalization (ABC - Levante, both are newspapers from the ultra-right wing). Also, they forget the part of this society which supports the movement okupa. Looks like the journalist profession is near to be wiped out, because if you give true information, probably you will be fired, or you will be suffering harassment. Those who really want to give accurate information should search for new ways to do it.

+info:: >>>communication

&quot;Are Citizens of the USA Tired of Democracy?&quot; A Response to the Presidential Elections

Portland, 16.11.2004 02:52

Prior to elections in Afghanistan, U.S. politicians asked, "Are the people ready for democracy?" implying that life under the rule of a repressive regime had stunted their capacity for participating as free people in the running of their government. In the reverse, those of us who are dismayed by officials' and citizens' conduct during recent U.S. elections are asking, "Have the citizens of the United States decided that authoritarian rule is to be preferred over Liberty?" Read More...A Movement and Country in DenialWith it's 11,000 lawyers and millions of dollars the democrats are doing virtually nothing about the stolen 2004 election. Instead they are once again blaming someone. This time the 'red states'. And they are already talking about strategies for 2008 as if that one will somehow magically be fair. Knowingly or unknowingly they work to prevent real dissent, and protect the status quo. This sort of thinking permeates many leftist media outlets and indymedia is not exempt. If you go to NYC Indymedia, their front page has not a single headline about vote fraud. Likewise if you read the latest NYC Indypendent, there is almost no mention of vote fraud in this post election issue which is billed as an election wrap-up.

This while hundreds of stories are accumulating from many states, and dedicated individuals nationwide work to raise the issue to national prominence and challenge the results before the Electoral College convenes on Dec. 13th. Not only do they have to struggle against the mainstream corporate media nearblackout, but against the denial of much leftist media as well. Bush is not yet (s)elected. Now is the time to ACT!


Pdx Indy Election Fraud Page

Vote Fraud Articles: [ GOP Wants to End Exit Polls | The Mother of all Vote Frauds | Patriotic CBS insider says that her corp. & others on "lock down" about Nov. 2 vote fraud! | Media launch preemptive strike on election fraud "conspiracy theories" | | 2004 COLLECTED VOTE FRAUD STORIES | ELECTION FRAUD SECTION | Ohio Vote Fraud: More Bush "Voters" Than Residents | more counting fraud updates | John Kerry sits on 51.6 million while third parties scramble for recount funds | New Hampshire approves Presidential recount for Nader | Florida county vote totals don't look right | RECOUNT IN OHIO A SURE THING! | Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reading List ]

Media Analysis: The Fog of Falluja

NYC, 16.11.2004 02:51

Seven days into the American offensive against the city of Falluja, one thing is clear: nothing is clear.

As American commanders declare victory in the Iraqi city of Falluja, it is becoming increasingly obvious how little anyone knows about what is actually going on there. The American media has been blinded by U.S. military restrictions, the inevitable difficulties of reporting from a war zone, and the extreme dangers faced by reporters in Iraq. As a consequence, insights into events in Falluja and the rest of Iraq are almost impossible to obtain.

The sharp-eyed hunter for news about the battle, scanning multiple online sources, would soon realize how many of the stories filed from Iraq these days contradict each other if not themselves. Just today, the New York Times wrote that rebels in the city had been "routed", while Reuters noted that rebels battled on.

Much of the confusion is deliberate. In September, Iraq's Prime Minister expelled al-Jazeera from the country. And as its first move in the Falluja offensive, US marines captured a city hospital, claiming that they wanted to stop propaganda (read: news) about civilian casualties from escaping the city.

A good deal of information is unknowable or just not reported. What is happening to the civilians in Falluja? How fierce was the fighting? And what do Iraqi politicians have to say about the attack?

Equally disturbing is the lack of transparency from the media about the extent and nature of the "military restrictions" that their Falluja correspondents are under.

OPINION: From the Newswire

Manila, 16.11.2004 02:49

The Irrationality of Rice Rations

OPINION: From the Newswire

Manila, 16.11.2004 02:49

The Irrationality of Rice Rations

Profane Existence 15 Year Anniversary Party

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 16.11.2004 02:45

News Analysis: Lynne Stewart 'Frame-Up' Unravels?

NYC, 15.11.2004 23:27

(from the Open Newswire): Almost 17 weeks after some dozen federal government prosecutors had begun their marathon presentation charging progressive New York attorney Lynne Stewart with aiding and abetting terrorism, Stewart finally took the witness stand in her own defense.

On Oct. 25, before a packed courtroom of her supporters and a myriad of attorneys who were similarly outraged at Stewart’s persecution—ordered by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft—her defense counsel, Michael Tigar, methodically queried Stewart to expose the fraud of the “evidence” against her. In four days, shortened by technical and procedural delays, Stewart effectively tore apart and reduced to ridicule every aspect of the government’s frame-up.

Neiman-Marcus threatens to leave DC if taxed for stadium

DC, 15.11.2004 23:17

It was reported in the Washington Post that Neiman-Marcus(the notorisous fur-selling departemt store) has finally done something useful: They have taken an aggressive antistadium position!

Videos from the Resistance at the Backspace, This Wednesday Night

Portland, 15.11.2004 21:07

Yes, the "election" was a cruel joke, the forests continue to fall, fascism is rising, and imperialist war rages in our own streets and those of the middle east. But enough despair. Time to shake off the dust of apathy and get back to work. Come to the Backspace this Wednesday night - 7p.m. - to see what's happening in the resistance, and get inspired to act.

Revolutions In Computing

Brisbane, 15.11.2004 18:34

Revolutions in Computing

Green Party Raises $150,000; Cobb, Badnarik Seek Ohio Recount

Portland, 15.11.2004 18:08

On Thursday, David Cobb, the Green Party's 2004 presidential candidate, announced his intention to seek a recount of the vote in Ohio. Since the required fee for a statewide recount is $113,600, the only question was whether that money could be raised in time to meet the filing deadline. That question has been answered.

"Thanks to the thousands of people who have contributed to this effort, we can say with certainty that there will be a recount in Ohio," said Blair Bobier, Media Director for the Cobb-LaMarche campaign. "The grassroots support for the recount has been astounding. The donations have come in fast and furiously, with the vast majority in the $10-$50 range, allowing us to meet our goal for the first phase of the recount effort in only four days," said Bobier.


Colombia, 15.11.2004 17:19


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